Auto-Mantra, Meterage, Jumps/Glitches [UPDATE5]


Many of you know the “Coursian” mantra…

You are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent.
All is forgiven and released.

…but some haven’t applied this to THEMSELVES:

*I* am perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent.
All is forgiven and released.

You deserve this mantra, too. Try doing it on yourself — and believing it! — right now, or in your next meditation. (And for those who think they don’t need to meditate anymore… good luck with that.)

A little help?

Knock Knock

Note that what CATs call “knock knock” (the coded energy coming from Portal One inside the sun) is stepping up again… and becoming more complex.. and kinda crazy. Getting us ready for the Roaring ’20s:

Nearly everyone can feel this, now… in one way or another.
It shows up here as those metered lines.



Whoa. That’s crazy.


Calm calm calm.. then BLAM.
Whoa. Not sure if that’s a jump or not. We aren’t exactly seeing it anywhere else… yet. UPDATE: Guides said this was a “glitch in the matrix.”


And here’s more of the Wave X knock, but on a longer wavelength:

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 10.08.27 AMScreen Shot 2019-12-28 at 10.08.47 AM


Some of us are experiencing headaches, some skeletal creakiness, while others are feeling it in the gut… and some have no symptoms at all, luckies.

There was also this:


There was this interesting bit of twist on Xmas day:


And we’ve also had five good-sized GRBs in the past three days:


And with Gaia relaxing her magnetic field, we’re getting most of that GRB energy right between the eyes… and it feels like it. But it’s all good. Still, we’re gonna hide in our boxes till the Rose Parade starts.



Nice legs, Merlin.


The perils of the clairaudient cook. One of the M’s said they were watching TV with the sound off in an adjacent room to the kitchen while a lasagna was in the oven… and they heard their oven’s timer go off (the oven is an LG, so it has this annoyingly distinctive ring), but… the sound was off (fainter, muffled), making the M think that the oven was malfunctioning. Then they checked the timer… and there were still over eight minutes left. Seems they’d heard ANOTHER M on ANOTHER TIMELINE, but they’d put their lasagna in earlier!











Aaaand we had yet another jump:





And Etna snapped to green.

What a day.

Btw, here’s Antarctica AFTER the SF shielding:


Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 11.55.25 PM


It’s starting again. Buckle up. We’re all feeling it, bigtime.







Oh, and the Schumann has paused for the moment:



  • Anybody else dream about a plucked headless zombie chicken? (It wasn’t threatening, it just kept escaping.) Two CATs have reported this.
  • Another reported people randomly reading menus out loud — reading them WRONG, in an odd manner.
  • Ten CATs reported experiencing the recent timeline jump LIVE, as did a commenter (where the room went inside out/felt like reality vanished/blacked-out for a moment).

Like we said: buckle up.


We had a CME, non-earth-facing, but no biggie:


268 thoughts on “Auto-Mantra, Meterage, Jumps/Glitches [UPDATE5]

  1. Gordon Bennett! That lot explains why I have felt exhausted, breathless and aching today. Eating has been difficult too for the last couple of days. I had a strong feeling that I should plan as much rest time as I could this Xmas an turned invites down. Not that I am a very sociable animal. I like home and peacefulness. Thank you Cat Eds for the charts and the grand cat photos.💖

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  2. Well these charts explain it all. It’s been bumpy over the past four days. And it seems to still be going on. I’m doing what I have to do … cooking, resting, having tea, trying to keep my sense of humor intact (which seems to have gone away) … Huh. Christmas, therefore, was “odd” and now we get to move forward into the “roaring 20’s” Holy furballs. I can’t wait to see what’s next … belated Merry Catmas, and blessings for a magnificent 2020, all you cats and kittens.

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    1. As a curious aside, the room just went inside out here. It was about 2PM Mountain Time. Suddenly I couldn’t talk, couldn’t walk, and the floor turned to jell-o, so I did what’s normal at Christmas time and had a cookie. And a sit on the sofa. Now that’s passed by, but the headache is back. ROFL … what an interesting series of days this has turned out to be. Good thing we kitties have more than one life to give for our ascension processes. Meow!

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      1. On Friday December 27th, the Trader Joes turned into a kaleidoscope and I watched people and veggies swirl into patterns and I thought a door was opening into another dimension.

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  3. IS Hauser the reincarnation of Beethoven? HAUSER (@hausercello) • Instagram photos and videos 

    | | | | | |


    | | | | HAUSER (@hausercello) • Instagram photos and videos

    1m Followers, 0 Following, 921 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from HAUSER (@hausercello) |



    Or is it Joshua Bell?  PLease tell us! Thanks for all you do !! love and gratitudeJAINE 

    Wm James (1842-1910) was meant to be a lead in the 19th century reset. He was bumped for pavlovian skinnerian ideology. But we can still consider his works. He understood habits so well, because he understood fatigue.        That said, stay well,          get some rest,          and water matters         to let your light shine!   Maslow warns that stereotyping cannot be confused with cognition as William James said a similar thought in that some people think they are thinking because they are aligning their prejudices. ~JB 2015

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    1. fortifietoi,
      I thought this really is a good quote for how people are nowadays!
      “Maslow warns that stereotyping cannot be confused with cognition as William James said a similar thought in that some people think they are thinking because they are aligning their prejudices.”

      GOOD ONE. Thanks for writing.

      Yep, I’d like to know who the reincarnated Beethoven is, too. 😉 I guess we’ll have to wait for a big concert on the New Earth to find out?


  4. Does anyone know how many portals the sun has?
    The ships coming in & out are many & continuous.
    I’d say we need to meditate more now since we are in “the zone” & mantras are very powerful. I do 108. Thank you & love to all!

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  5. Apparently I’m one of the “lucky” ones feeling it in the gut. This has been the hardest December I can remember but not for the usual reasons. My body seems to be getting the message thru to me LOUD and CLEAR: stop eating that! Stop drinking that! Quit thinking those thoughts! Higher levels! UP UP UP. Ok, ok, I get it. Enough with the pain already. Always knew I was stubborn but this is ridiculous.

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  6. I should also say that during one of my painful bouts earlier in the month I decided to apply the Ho’oponopono to myself for the first time. Kind of had a mini-breakdown (thankfully I was home alone). Really showed me that there is more Forgiveness and release work to be done. I guess it can hide itself really well as I thought I had conquered it awhile back. Thank you Cats, M’s and All here for sharing the Love and Light that We All Are.

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    1. Yes, I think that has been the theme from Source during this period… To finish releasing all those things we thought we had beat, but that we still had a little more work to do on. I had a reoccurrence of anxiety and fears that I thought I’d also gotten past a long while back. Good luck to all of us. I’m finding I need to meditate more, not less to stay balanced. I’m trying hard to give it all to Source and just focus on holding the light within myself.

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      1. @ Jupiter Daisy

        Indeed! it is patently obvious that ANYONE who encouraged us to STOP Healing? was to be COMPLETELY disregarded …. o.O

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        1. Yes! And there have been plenty of people along the way who have told me I was crazy… That I shouldn’t be taking this path of healing… That it wasn’t necessary and would be too hard. I have completely disregarded them all. And many of those people have fallen out of my life recently. Thank God I haven’t listened to them because I am now a totally different person than I was 7 years ago! My new light body is beginning to feel like a warm coat on me! 😊

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  7. Ohhhh, it was a big traffic in the sky tonight, and my first sighting off what seems to be a rectangular ship ✨

    Out with a dog off course, and as I am always looking up in the sky (sometime that is the reason for a wet feet), one moving light caught my attention, but also, there was a faint line semi visible at some distance behind that light, but both were moving synchronously and, it felt strange, and then I realise there are 3 other faint lights and together with that faint line it had a rectangular form, which was not apparent immediately, was there some clocking technique enabled, I would say Yes, as when I concentrated more closely at that 4 lights and that faint line, only then I was able to see that faint rectangular shape ✨

    But, beside that, I saw additional 5-6 separate lights moving, which was strane, as I usually see only 1 to 3, but tonight it was exception, who knows why ?


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  8. Wow, yes CATs, the ‘Knock, Knock’!

    It has been a challenging day but most of all I feel for poor Elsie. She started a fever last night and was shaking and shivering. I was up with her half the night. This morning she could not stop vomiting (neon yellow bile). She gets so scared when she is sick as she does not understand what is happening in her body. She managed to throw up on every blanket and quilt and the washing machine has been on all day. So grateful we have one!

    Mum came over to help out (thank you Mum!) and I managed to get my head down for about an hour. When I did, I was literally flooded with a non -stop stream of codes, moving so fast as if they were pouring in through my third eye, looked vaguely like Celtic symbols and Hieroglyphics although they were moving so fast it was hard to tell. I opened my eyes at one point and there was a pulsing light coming from somewhere as if there was a strobe in my bedroom.

    On another note, I think we may have a very unusual kitty! Last night she went behind the sofa for a while and I saw a blue light reflecting off the radiator! Either I am really losing it or she is quite special and we are getting some serious downloads/upgrades, whatever they are called!

    Anyway, hoping and praying that Elsie will sleep the night through and be beaming with light and happiness tomorrow!

    Much Love ALL and thank you for yet anther fabulous update! I have tried the Mantra on my myself but may well do it again!


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    1. Oh Lily… I am feeling you, sweetheart. I pray that little Elsie recovers soon. It’s bad enough being sick when you’re aware of the process (personally I hate it) but if you don’t know what’s happening, oh my… My little grandson Beau, aged 3 had it for a couple of weeks and so did granddaughter Evie (his sister). Their dad then got it and it’s been a rollercoaster for their poor mummy looking after two kids and her hubby! I started with a ‘throat’ last night and a cough (which I am desperately hoping doesn’t turn nasty) so I’m having to batten down the hatches and stay close to home. I do feel it’s for the good though, in the long term…

      Big love to you and Elsie (and your lovely mum) xxx

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      1. ladybirdbeau ❤️ Feel well soon 🤗❤️🤗

        Elsie has only been sick like this once before so I pray it won’t happen again before or after the Shift! If only she would lean forward and not throw herself backwards, quite a challenge keeping her upright! She is sleeping now and has had some food so I am keeping everything crossed that she sleeps through the night. Thank you so much for your thoughts/words/support.

        Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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    2. Sending dear Elsie a prayer from Italy and telling her everything is alright and there’s nothing to be scared of. I know from my own experiences how important but super difficult it is to not get pulled in when they’re sick; because they pick up everything, every trace of worrying or suffering. Just please don’t let this turn into guilt. One thing that always worked with my son was giving him a spoon of honey now and then when sick, which always seemed to raise his spirit and give him a much needed energy boost.

      Not even having the possibility to be there for my children is very painful. But I’ve told them both I’m always in their heart and they are always in mine, and I know that’s true.

      I’m having much more success with the I am-mantra myself these days. About a month back it did nothing for me, but now repeating it three times makes me feel like I’m about to pop out of my crown chakra any second.

      You’re doing fine, she will be fine.


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      1. Sifoo ❤️ Thank you for your kind words, you are a shining light! ✨ I know that your children are carrying you in their hearts always and I am so sorry for your situation, sending so much Love ❤️

        Elsie has gone off to sleep after nibbling some ginger biscuits and dry toast earlier. I think I managed to break the vomiting with your advice as I gave her the tiniest bit of honey before anything else, great advice! Water, even the smallest sip was causing her to throw up and this stopped that so thank you 🙏

        Apologies if we writing is all over the place, I’m beyond drained lol! Going to try and get some sleep but so grateful to ALL here, you’re all fabulicious! ❤️✨❤️

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    3. @lily144. If I were near you, I would be he!ping you day and night with your baby girl! I feel So much for you. You are very strong! And you r the cheerful voice on this blog!!! You are gonna make it and so is Elsie! We all have your back!

      Happy New Earth Year! 😉…. The roaring 20s lookout!

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      1. duganknows ❤️ Thank you so much for those words, means such a lot! You know, I have nearly been in tears after reading replies/comments because the support I have received on here has been truly amazing, I am so grateful. It’s like I told Mum who feels she is not doing enough sometimes that it is such a relief to just be able to let it out sometimes and just say ‘I am really struggling’ without expecting anyone to do anything about it, just to express it and for someone to understand just helps immensely! Thank you 🙏

        Yes, Happy New Roaring Earth Year may we all SOAR HIGH in LIGHT 🙏✨🙏

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    4. Hi Lily. I agree with J. Yours and Kg’s challenges make mine pretty insignificant. Hope the new kitty was sending out a blue light to heal you both. Hugs to you, and Elsie. Hope she has a quick recovery. 🤗🤗🤗💖

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you 🙏 We all have our challenges…

        I just wish I wasn’t so exhausted so I could cope better with Elsie’s difficulties. Like Kg’s Granddaugter, Elsie is tall and strong for her age! She comes up to past my chin now. When she was vomiting, she kept trying to throw her boday backwards so I was desperately trying to keep her upright to avoid her choking. Really tough on my back and nearly broke my wrist (it is already weak from breaking it years ago!)

        She has managed to keep down gluten free ginger biscuits and dry toast and is currently sleeping so I am keeping everything crossed for a quiet night and some sleep! i was helping her last night in the early hours and half collapsed on the floor next to her bad. Had to lie down on the floor for a bit. It’s getting tougher and tougher to keep going as my tap has been well and truly drained. Sorry to whinge, have to keep looking forward to that magical day when we see that Shift and in the meantime try and see the good in everything!

        Much Love & Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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        1. Lily. It’s heartbreaking to read your reply. I know you won’t want to do this, but you really need to arrange some respite care for a week for Elsie, just to get some sleep. If you don’t care for yourself soon you won’t be well enough to look after Elsie in the future. It’s not admitting failure to do this and you might find Elsie copes better than you expect. Please don’t neglect yourself to the point of collapse. We all love you petal. 💖💖💖💖

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          1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you. Mum came over today and we had a good chat. Elsie cannot cope with strangers at all, she hasn’t seen her cousins, uncle/aunt etc… in over three years. A really good friend visited (who Elsie knows) with her daughter (same age as Elsie) and Elsie just screamed until they left. I take her to hospital apps with Mum and we have to find a separate room to wait in as she cannot stand the noise and people. If anyone comes to the home she just cries and screams until they leave. She has even started screaming when her grandma is here. If we try and speak she will scream, if we sit in silence she is a bit calmer. Whilst mum is here she will keep saying ‘Bye bye’ and today took her hand and pulled her to the front door! I took Elsie for an Orthotics app recently to see if we could get leg braces to help with her walking. She screamed her way through the entire appointment. She gets herself in such a state that she will literally vomit and self harm so I have to be really careful. Her autism is severe and she has such high anxiety

            There is a lady I have spoken to on the phone that may be able to help us. She works with parents of autistic children to try and use strategies to make life easier. I am also going to find a private, holistic paediatrician because I think Elsie needs something to calm her down. She has melatonin to sleep and I have tried CBD balm but I have read some success stories with homeopathy. That is the first step otherwise she is just going to scream her way through everything! It all costs money but I have to do something. I am trying to get funding for sensory integration therapy, have managed to get nearly enough for an initial assessmment. With Christmas, my own health, things have been delayed. Currently, the only respite I can realistically get is when Mum is here. Its been paricularly bad at the moment because of Christmas (she cannot cope with the changes to routine etc..) because of me being unwell and of course becuase she has also been pretty poorly. Normally (whatever that is!) We do manage to muddle through and with plans in mind can see things positively most of the time.

            Thank you so much for your concern and kindness ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. Medical marijuana! She does not have to smoke it. Cook some desert of choice, for cbd is not much different than other “good 4u” oils. Heat activates the thc, so the oven does the trick. The research points to the thc, not cbd alone. Use Your discernment, not ours, for best options. Good Luck, We’re with You.Peace.

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            2. Thank you Christopher 🙏 Yes, I’ve heard that you do need some THC. I think the balm, tincture I have is pure CBD so perhaps a bit useless! I will look into that. Really appreciate you ALL! Much Love, Light, Peace ❤️✨🙏

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            3. Lily. Your plans sound good but you still need sleep in the short term bless you. You should start a Go Fund Me page for the sensory therapy and any other therapies. I’m sure plenty of people would love to help you out in this💕

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            4. Newlynn ❤️ That is such a good idea 💡Thank you 🙏 I am waiting to hear from a charity I applied to before Christmas so if nothing comes from that I will seriously consider a go fund me page! I also had a thought. There are baby sitting services available and I found a site where there were young women that wanted experience with special needs children for their education etc..If I could find someone with a really fun but gentle nature, Elsie might like it if they came and just did her alphabet games with her for an hour or so once or twice a week. Just that little amount of time would make a huge difference. I could read a book or have a cup of ‘HOT’ tea! I think someone younger might be good. I remember volunteering ages ago at a Saturday group for children with special needs. This one girl (who had non verbal autism) made a bee line straight for me, grabbed my hand and basically non verbally bossed me around for an hour or so! she knew what she wanted and got it! If Elsie had someone in the comfort of her own home, knew mummy was in the next room she might be okay!

              Our situation is quite unique because from birth up until the end of 2018, we were going through legal battle after legal battle and Elsie just had the most stressful start she could have had. I was on my knees for the first 6 years of her life and she withdrew into herself so much. It’s all behind us now but it has left it’s mark and somehow I have to turn this around. Love her so much!

              Big Loves & Hugs and Thanks! ❤️🤗🙏

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          2. Hmm, thank you Newlynn ❤️ I just wrote a reply but it’s vanished. I will see if it turns up and then if it has gone I’ll send it again (it was a long one!)

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. Lily. That is a great idea regarding “baby sitters”. How about voluntary natural therapists. As I know that some retired therapists give their services to hospices. Maybe try reflexology, but more massage based. I used to treat an older autistic lady at a clinic I worked at. She loved her “foot rub” bless her. She used to smack me occasionally lol, but I didn’t mind. Hope the charity helps you. 😊😘💕

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  9. wow, meterage – no wonder the so loverly headache and dead-ish body – granddaughter won’t wake up today (yes, she’s alive) – took off diaper and lower clothes sometime and wetness everywhere managed to get a pull up on her asleep (outgrowing them – she’s up to my chin and has 24-26 in waist/not overweight) – trying to source affordably diapers Ha!, Lily size 8 pampers only in UK – think I found a medical source, blathering on…) and get a towel under her – fun later – house needs much cleaning and no energy/tipping over etc… working parents working til late – sick preggo – BUT Christmas had no meltdowns or yelling only ‘thing’ before bed (I think stirred by son-in-law’ mom’s death memories – did not die well…)

    survive best you can…


    Have odd feelings just end? feelings… really hard to want to do anything or anything is of interest, not…

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    1. Kg, really feeling for you, big hugs ❤️🤗❤️

      I do NOT recommend Tena Slips/nappies, I got some for Elsie and they just leaked everywhere! I am using Libero 8 but we are very lucky to have them on prescription. I top up with the Pampers though as they do run out quickly. Hope you can find some that work for you ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. I expect youve thought about them but have you tried reusables ?much better for enviroment and A LOT lot cheaper…. I found them great and i thought less work in some ways 🧡 not for everyone though i know 🧡

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        1. redhorseyogi ❤️ It would be absolutely wonderful to be able to use re-useables and nearly every time I do Elsie’s nappy I feel incredibly guilty for contributing to the global nappy piles but in all honesty I am so exhausted from just washing soiled bedding, clothes, Elsie’s care needs etc… that washing nappies as well would just push me over the edge! Now if the human race did get overtaken by AI and I was suddenly robotic I would probably be able to do this 😉❤️🙏

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        2. redhorseyogi ❤️ I do apologise for my comment. I realised your suggestion was for Kg? I was pretty exhausted, very discombobulated and a wee bit tetchy! So sorry! ❤️❤️❤️


  10. Well I’ve had three nights… Since the eclipse of solid sleep… Don’t remember any of my dreams… No strange occurrences. My body feels heavy and grounded. Although I’ve been anxious and emotional. I’m dealing all right though, thanks to meditation and healthy foods/water/yoga. This weekend I’m fasting and doing extra meditation to further ground myself.

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  11. Last few days have been pretty rough. I was being pretty happy-ish until Christmas around 9pm PST when I suddenly got hit by a wave of sadness and feelings like I missed out on life. Not sure if there was some sort of energetic wave at that time.

    And now I’ve been freaking out because I discovered that I’m quickly losing my hair. Have been shedding like crazy and now bald spots have appeared. I’m in my 30’s and everything was fine until a few months ago. Oh great more things to worry about lol.

    Am thinking of getting finasteride from a doctor to fix my hair but the side effects seem extreme. I’m probably going to be prescribed high blood pressure medication too. I’m kind of hoping the Shift happens and I get off this planet soon, since big pharma destroyed my career a decade ago and the thought of taking more drugs doesn’t really sit well with me.

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        1. As much as I like my hair, I would happily trade it for that. Thinking about it, maybe I am, because I’m also lo(o)sing a lot these days.


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          1. Hair falls out (temporarily!) when a person is under a lot of stress and you, my friend, have been under a ton of stress recently!

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            1. Dang, I sort of prefer the 10-foot-tall all-energy light-being 🙂

              Back in 2010 I was working as a well paid software developer in Sweden while living a VERY comfortable life with my then pregnant partner. Then I started practicing Yoga and Meditation, really going all in; as well as digging into Theosophy and other esoteric literature.

              Before I knew what happened I was begging for any kind of life that made me feel more alive. You tend to get what you ask for, but it’s never what you expected. One year later I had left the relation, logged out of the system and was practicing hard core Yoga full time in an ashram out in the middle of nowhere.

              I’ve flirted with the idea of logging in again on several occasions, held several well paying jobs for a few months in different countries and this time I even managed to start a new family. But every time I try to fit into a box I get restless; dealing with any kind of bureaucracy makes me furious; and if I push it life always seems to find a way to pull the rug from under my feet.

              And the bar keeps rising, each adventure more difficult and terrifying than what came before. Which is how I absolutely know something epic is around the corner, because I spent 10 years being prepped for it in ways most people don’t dare to imagine.


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            2. @Sifoo

              I didn’t realize we had a similar backstory. Also in 2010 I was a well paid engineer for a major Silicon Valley tech company. Then ran into health issues and fell off the turnip truck. Started investigating “esoteric” things like meditation, spirituality, channeling, and ended up here. Then tried to push myself for new experiences through travel, retreats, festivals, etc.

              I literally had a dream earlier this month that I was a DevOps engineer working a 9-5…it’s like my subconscious was showing me what happened if I stayed in the industry, tying up the loose ends in my head I guess.

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        2. But what if I saw myself as 10m (30 feet) tall being, white/grey skun, completely bold, as from movie Prometheus ?

          That happened 6 months ago, out with a dog, and at one point I saw projection off myself in front off me as I was that being, at one point in the time, disturbing to say at least ☹

          I hope that what I saw was my past and not my future ✨


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          1. During my time in the ashram we used to practice something called mirror meditation where you sit completely still in front of a mirror with only a candle for light and focus your vision somewhere in between your face and the mirror.

            What happens for many, including me, is the face in the mirror starts morphing. I got several faces, some human, some not so much. To me it was obvious that these were faces I wore at some time, because they all felt somehow familiar.

            Feel free to try, it’s not dangerous but can be a tiny bit scary depending on how hard you cling to the illusion.


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            1. @Sifoo, after I came home from Kripalu Yoga center/ashram from my first month long massage therapy training I was sitting on the floor talking to my mother about things there and she said I looked like a young girl with red hair, freckles and twin braided pigtails… fast forward about 15 yrs, in Ruebenfeld Synergy therapy and my multiple ‘Alters’ started popping out, there was an alter of this exact description that used to deal with my grandfather a lot – my ‘mirror work’ might be a very long recognition process – the therapist and I stopped counting the number of alters at some point. lol – my daughter theorizes that I was picking up on others abuse… possible… – I have a different theory…

              much love – and bestest wishes for your new year, Sifoo
              ((( ❤ )))

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            2. Sifoo,
              I did this once and was shocked to see a smooth scaly reptile head staring back at me. (I was hoping for a cat or horse) That was then replaced by another woman’s face with features similar but different from my own. These two faces appeared back and forth throughout the meditation. You get what you get.
              I got to look at my judgements around reptiles. Cay

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        1. If I can be Yoda and spend all my time with trees, I’d be willing to give up the 10-foot-tall all-energy light-being. I’ll even speak backwards if that’s what it takes.

          Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

          When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.

          Named must be your fear before banish it you can.

          You must unlearn what you have learned.

          The greatest teacher, failure is.

          Do or do not, there is no try.


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    1. You can get some really good wigs now a days, with a whole variety of colours rather than medicating it you could use it as a chance to explore.

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      1. Or just shave it all off, did no harm for vin diesel or Bruce Willis, I presume you are male as that medication should only be used by men, certainly in the UK any way

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    2. @elemental,
      Sudden hair loss is often a symptom of an underlying disease, go to a doctor and get a THOROUGH checkup and some standard screening lab tests, esp. for thyroid conditions.

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    3. Elemental,

      I am sorry you are losing your hair and since I am also not
      a fan of meds I wonder if there are supplements that might
      help? I don’t know as I have always had the opposite problem –
      lots of straight, thick hair. A few years ago, my hairdresser asked
      if I would donate some of my hair to Locks of Love, an organization
      that makes wigs for children. I said I would and donated a 10 inch
      pony tail, and still had plenty of hair left over. Now I wonder if
      a child is wearing my dark blond hair. At least I hope it went with
      a good vibration and blessings.

      Although I don’t have a problem with hair, I do have a problem with
      lots of other things, and am just holding on hoping to make it to New

      With love to all,


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      1. Regarding supplements, biotin helps thinning hair. Not sure if it would do much for hair that’s actively falling out, though. Also, a friend of mine recently told me that she uses pine tar shampoo for her thinning hair. Apparently it worked for her once upon a time when she was in her 20s and she’s hopeful that it’ll work again now that she’s closer to 70. Worth a shot!

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      2. @Coriboy, My daughter and I donated hair when she had her first haircut at~ age 8 – my hair was also about waist length then – my hair grew very fast back in the day – sad, very thinning now at age 70 after 45+ yrs with thyroid disease, (got the diabetes from that, too) most probably Hashimoto’s I got in college years (was tested several times for things and sent back east right before semester finals because they thought it was cancer – no test for Hashimotos’s back then…

        I loved to donate the hair – my daughter’s hair was gorgeous dark blonde with copper highlights – SHONE!


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    4. Elemental ❤️ Sending a load of Love and De-stressing hugs! Kolibri is right, you can lose hair through stress, I’ve experienced it too.

      Maybe after the Shift we will all be able to have as much or as little hair as we like ! Now if I could stop it growing from certain places altogether and have more hair growth on my head I would be a very happy bunny!😉🤗🙏❤️

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    5. @Elemental…I’m sorry you are experiencing these challenges. You may want to look into fruit/veggie/whole grain based vitamins and minerals, especially sea veggies. The blood pressure could be electrolytes being off. I agree with the other people who posted, you should be evaluated by a doctor. That way, you will know what you need to work on specifically. Don’t avoid it because it won’t go away if it needs to be addressed. A low thyroid can cause anxiety like issues, blood pressure issues, depression or the blues and the way your body metabolism functions. Also, make sure you drink enough pure water. Be active in your wellness. Much of health is dietary, most of the rest is attitude. Best wishes for your improvement. By the way, if your hair loss is thyroid related, it will grow back when fixed.

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    6. Thank you all for your support and suggestions. I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for the week after the New Year. I can’t say I have much faith in the American medical system, but we’ll see!

      Would rather wake up a 10-foot-tall all-energy light-being, like many other people here 🙂

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      1. I also have issues with western medicine but use it to find the source of your body stressors. Then, use that information and find a Naturopath, Homeopath or Herbalist to help you.

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    7. @Elemantal Hi. As others have said, I would definitely check with a regular Dr about the hair loss. In the meantime, I have used a supplement called PriaPlex made by a company named Tango. It really helped me when I started to lose hair when I used an anti cancer cream on my face for a month. Apparently it targets fast growing cells…which you hair is also. I had to even use a shower cap at one point because showering was too hard for my hair. Taking them helped stop the loss pretty quickly. Hope it gets better! (((Hugs)))

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  12. Yikes, Lily and Kg!!! My piddly little gut issues and rapid heart beat seem to pale in comparison with what you are dealing with. Only 3 more days (plus today) until the 1st. We ALL will make it. (He said fervently) Chins up!

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  13. Decided to make a sweet potato pie today to offset GRB’s and low magnetic field. Baking is my treatment which varies due to symptoms. Also my back is finally recovering from cutting back a Mexican sage plant 3 weeks ago. Someone said that after 60, you have to stop doing stupid stuff. I am a slow learner when it comes to gardening, as I enjoy it. Roll with the waves folks and bob to the surface when possible. Cay

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    1. I absolutely love sweet potato pie! When I was a child my mother (a southern American) told us that it was pumpkin pie because she thought we wouldn’t eat it if we knew it was made from sweet potatoes. My sister and I never knew the truth until we went to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving one year! We kept asking my mom why their pumpkin pie tasted so weird. Haha. 😂

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  14. Well, I was adding another comment when my computer went all wonky. I had to take the battery out and do a total reboot. What I was saying was that I have been increasingly entertained with the frequency shifts these past few days. The wheers, the whangs, the ziips, the whaaas, etc. have been less than dull. Perhaps the funniest one was the sound that a very large portal makes when it opens somewhere. It was a bigg’un! Of course, it’s impossible to describe verbally how these shifts sound to me. On another subject totally (or not) The light codes that other commentors have mentioned, I was downloaded with them during the second harmonic convergence in 1997 followed by another download some 6 months later. What they mean is anybodies guess. Perhaps if I am able to shake the cobwebs out of my head, they will become apparent. They have obviously been shuntled into an unused part of my brain. If they are activated sometime in 2020, you ALL will be the first to know. Har and cheers!

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      1. All I can remember is that I was lying in bed watching a movie so it must have been between 8:00 and 10:00 PST. (of course, now I can’t even remember the day!) The closest approximation I can say is almost like a large hollow whistle with a decided open noise. (This doesn’t really describe it. It was really more a hear/feel thing.

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  15. Whatever the energy is doing and whoever is showing up outside is now a scary place for my little dog she keeps seeing stuff I do not. It is like it is right in front of us and all around us going by her reactions. This is new for her started up 2 days ago when all the big GRBs started coming in. Tonight she even pulled up her right foot and did an oh my goodness to the whole street. And she is no stranger to odd things you would see on the xfiles which is standard in Kansas it seems.

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      1. Working in the old(1915) caboose today, with much action outside in the “yard”. Looked, yet, nothing there. It sets @ an old farm, not a railroad in sight! Thin veil? Peace.

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  16. Yay, you’re all back! Really missed your posts CAT’s, and all the comments from the Honorary Cat’s❤️

    Yesterday (Fri 27th) I felt so “off” for most of the day. Was so incredibly tired and did’nt feel like eating at all. And today (Sat 28th) has been the total opposite – besides nausea, palpitation, white and electric blue orbs around me and my loved ones, joints aching a bit and music/tones in my ears, I’ve had serious vertigo all day combined with this immense feeling of pure joy and happieness, and I’ve felt like I wanted to express it in the best way I know of as a human – by laughing it out loud…! But I can’t do that – Mr H will seriously wonder what I’m laughing about all day for no apparent reason..
    Heaven knows what’s in theese waves, but it feels like I enjoy swirling around in them this time… what a ride! Wohoo!!😆😂

    With loving hugs and take care ALL💖

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    1. Also having some dizziness 12/28/19 while sitting and not moving head. Eyes only involuntarily tracking something swooshing by in visual field which makes me dizzy. Cay

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      1. I think Your high frequency/energy Friends are swooshing by in your visual field to ecourage you, as to say “Hi Cay, we’re with You. Keep adapting, you’re doing just fine, Sister”💞

        In this moment of now (for me it’s Sun 29th at 20.02 CET) mild symptoms of vertigo is on the rise. The High Waves are back. As I close my eyes and feel them in my body, I get a visual of me standing at the shoreline next to the ocean. I can see the gusts of wind rocking my body, because that is exactly how I feel these Waves of Frequency. And so I spread my arms, lean my head back, and in total joy I let the waves in the air lift me from the ground and carry me along..

        Come fly with me, Cay💖

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        1. Love your visualization. I am adopting it for future incoming waves with I AM mantra.
          I was dreaming of being chased by a tall white bald male in last night’s dream through a leafless deciduous forest. I was running so fast (back to my friend’s house for safety) that I scarcely remember my bare feet touching the damp leaf strewn path. I knew he could not catch me. I knew the way in the darkness. Cay

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            1. I believe his clothes were black but it was dark. The only thing reflecting light was his pale white bald head.

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            2. Ummm.. CAT’s, may I ask a question about these TWBastards?

              Do they only appear during sleeep in peoples dreams, or can they be seen “in the flesh” so to say?

              You see, at my job there is a dude thats about 195 cm tall, quite heavy – as in thick, and bald-headed (his head always looks like he’s waxxed it – shines more brightly than a polished car!) and he has these sort of hollow-looking, staring eyes wich are coloured in an odd mix between light-grey and light-brown. He is creepy as heck and equipped with a very sick and twisted mind! He sees people as “things”.. Especially women! He has no boundaries at all and he makes both me and the other women at my job extremely angry at times! Sorry, but he is definitely not sane. That’s why I thought I’d ask..

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            3. Hm. They’re a higher vibration (which is totally amazing given how thick they are), so they don’t often appear to regular people. But TWBs have black eyes. They typically try to mess with people in their dreams. They are what some might term “subcontractors” for the akrons, and used to be one of the most feared beings, the scourge of this part of the galaxy. We got rid of 99% of them, but that last 1% is pesky… and not worth mopping up: they have no mojo anymore. All our vibes are too high now for them. You and yours have whole orders of magnitude more power. Hit ’em with the first mantra in your dreams… or make a light saber and have some fun.


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            4. Hmm..when I ponder about what you’re written and compares that to this dude at my job..I sort of see shadows behind this dude, as is “darker blobs”?! Could it be that twb’s are preying on this dude, like influencing him to be/act like he does?
              I feel I’m on to something here!

              I’m thinking that when I see this dude at my job the next time, I will switch my vision (it’s really an endurance-test to stay high-vibe there at my job because it is such an “lov-vibe-nest”! Probably another reason why I love to work there – gotta get them UP you know😉) and and ground that dude good, and then show myself to those shadows thats behind him and give them a good dose of high vibrations with the help of the mantra….and yeah, I will definitely build a cool light saber to poke them with!💪✨

              Thank you M6💖

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            5. I don’t know if my reply posted so sorry if this is a repeat.
              Large thick (not extremely tall) male in dark clothes. It was dark outside so clothing color not noted. Only light reflection was from a pale white bald head. Cay


          1. Yep, because nothing is faster or more powerful than Light!💪✨😉

            It’s been a while now since I remembered a whole dream, or atleast the better part of it.. But apparently I’m doing stuff while I’m sleeping because in the few seconds before I wake up, I get chrystal clear glimpses of me sort of “returning back” in different ways, from being somewhere.. whereever that somewhere is? Gotta laugh about it because sometimes I’m more tired when I wake up than I was when I got to bed!😂

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            1. MeasMeandu. I said that to my partner this week. I never wake up feeling rested. Always tired and like I have spent all night doing hard physical stuff. Dreams are weird but ok as I say the dream Mantra every night. I remember when sleep healed and made you feel better in the mornings, but that was at least 25 years ago. 🤔

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  17. Jeeze! Look at those meters! But really, who needs meters anymore to tell us we are getting whomped? Lol. I wonder, does anyone perceive any more specific info about January 12th? That happens to be my birthday, and I’ve been hearing wide range of things as we approach. Some have put it this way: When we look back we will talk about pre 1/12 and after 1/12. Like there will be a very big demarcation, and lots more people waking up. Myself, I’m hoping for a big blast of Light to break out of this prison system. Maybe I’ll get New Earth and Freedom for my Birthday! I’d totally share! 🌎🎁💕✨💃🏼🎶🎉

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  18. having a lil dilemma! My memory is fading. When I had a reading with Lisa last year, she said I had a couple people, spirits “sweepers” wiping away my memory from day to day. Well now it’s affecting work and day to day life. I can’t remember words, simple things. I couldn’t remember a liner. Boss at work laughed at me and I laughed it off with him but I honestly couldn’t remember something I did every day. How do I make sweepers to stop?

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    1. @CATS continued….LIKE that mantra ..we are perfect immortal spirits, I can’t remember it. I say it daily. Can’t remember it. I can’t remember the sayings too g into meditation…you know where we have to protect ourselves!? Only those with my highest good…what? Blank! Frustrated

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      1. @duganknows – it’s 3:11 am mt time(MT) – just wanted to let you know – if you happen to be one who’s one’s own worst judge-er – give the Mantra time – I started doing it with family besides others AND for/on myself when we got our first ‘assignment’, back when… Most of my life I have been in the ‘not enough’, ‘you’re to blame for it’ ‘ programmed – was told flat out on repeat – no subtle programming in that( well, subtleties, too). Sooo, I couldn’t even say the mantra to begin with, even reading it, would forget it, etc. Carrying it with you is great idea, since ‘I’ RARELY go anywhere it worked to copy it onto a ‘note’ onto my laptop desktop and open it as needed – it took a while – being patient with yourself isn’t always the easiest, esp if you had family or other programmers/manipulators in your life environment…
        I am TOLD I’m having other memory issues – of course with our brains being fried pretty constantly wouldn’t be surprised if the grey matter looks like Swiss cheese and interrupted synapses, etc.

        So, patience? – unless that is a trigger work for you, then “never mind”
        (I used to have massage clients that the word ‘relax’ was a trigger word – would just about pop you one if you forgot NOT to say that one, LOL, 🙂 )

        Just keep at it, find any way to mean it, even a little bit or think of someone else saying it to you that you feel COULD mean it. – for a while – then ‘own it’ for yourself…

        much love,


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      2. I’m having trouble lately focusing on my mantras and remembering them as well with all these intense energies. I find it helps if I ask Source to help me remember. As I breathe deeply and wait… I usually get an answer.

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      1. I read somewhere that jumping dimensions causes memory loss, but I can’t remember what article it was from, not being funny. It was years ago that I read about it. Seriously!

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    2. duganknows. I’m also struggling short term memory wise. I figure it will pass. I read somewhere years ago that this would happen. Try not to worry.🙄💖

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  19. I am bored and lonely (and I’m usually neither), but feel like doing nothing about either issue. After sleeping soundly all night, I’ve been dozing on the couch most of the day. I’m thoroughly sick of everything and just feel like I’m done. In a holding pattern waiting for something, anything, to happen.

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    1. All Is Good, sleep is the “best” for Me, although in spurts! If I catch a sunset, I stare @ the Sun for 5 to 10 min. I feel “alive” and thirsty, spring water hits the spot. We have springs all over this area(God’s Country). Peace.

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  20. And to that one commenter who keeps calling us arrogant every time we suggest the need for meditation… it seems we’re disturbing your peace of mind. Perhaps you should meditate on that. Anything that disturbs your peace of mind needs to be looked at — and released.

    -CAT Eds.

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  21. So glad everyone is back! I was going crazy with the energies yesterday (Saturday, Europe time). I felt anxious and hopeless and cut off from everything good. The days before Saturday I felt fine, very connected with Source in fact. Oh well…with a little help from your friends…(you guys!) I’m grateful for your return. 🙏🏻
    Love & Light, Jur

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  22. I have a sad confession to make.

    The forest and woods do not hold the same appeal for me anymore…

    There has been a gradual decline in the “pull” to visit them. I feel ashamed and guilty for it. To me it’s the one place I hold above all else.

    It feels as if the magic or soul has left.

    Is this part of the split? Maybe it’s me that has partly left here instead?


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    1. Yes, Mark, I have noticed the same lately. It’s not everywhere or every time I go into the woods, but in some areas. Then again, the whole world feels off sometimes…

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      1. Yes, same here, plus, I feel also loosing connection and interest in a lot off people around me, I am like detaching from everything and from almost everybody as days are passing buy, I am feeling more and more alone here as I do not belong here anymore, I am not enjoying a life here anymore, it is kind off sad somewhat, but I just hope whatever is there in near future it definitely is going to be better for everybody, more honest, more peaceful, with more joy in our life… ✨

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    2. I used to get a very exhilarated and relieved feeling when I watched nature videos and thought of being there. I still enjoy them but the feeling isn’t it strong anymore. Hopefully I go with her.

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    3. thanks Mark for mentioning that .. i noticed too :/

      @LightGuardian …. it has “felt off” for me since 2012. And the changes that each timeline shifted brought about :/

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  23. Just peeked at you know what before I go back( hopefully ) to sleep –

    Yup, still going – blizzard-y white out – should have said earlier…

    “Holy Schumann, ‘Catmen’ ( no political correctness in 60’s campy tv shows, hehe… ) night, all… again…


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  24. Looking at Schumann Resonance Tomsk chart, it is awesome, but somehow I do not feel that as I would be feeling it earlier, when I could feel even smallest change ?

    Why is that, am I now more in synchronization with that higher frequencies, and now it is becoming normal for me ?

    I do feel them, but more like constant energy, no dizziness, no nauseous feeling, maybe only high tension feeling, but that is all, is that normal, expected ?


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    1. To correct myself, when I went outside and it was sunny day, to buy some groceries, I immediately felt dizzy, and the buzzing sound is still there, so it is still not over for me, just that some symptoms are gone, which is not bad 🙂✨

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  25. Any explanation be grateful to hear, 😁 Ooo bjee, very odd feeling about 4pm uk yesterday /sat like something big has changed/shifted, no idea what but felt positive, been feeling slightly nauseous and dizzy, not horrid but odd, like Im walking along sideways or something quite entertaining when I havent got much to do!! Eyes are behaving strangely too 🤣
    Thank you all for these posts and comments, they really truly help me 🙏🙏🙏

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  26. I have been in a daze like Sleepwalking last few days. I saw this today and was struck with the opinion that if this star does nova, it would like up our world for days.

    “To be clear, dimming alone isn’t all that odd for a star like Betelgeuse. It’s what’s known as a variable star, and its shifts in brightness have been closely studied for decades. However, it is unusual for one of the sky’s most prominent points of light to fade so noticeably, prompting scientists to consider the possibility that something more exciting could be about to happen: Betelgeuse might explode and die, briefly blazing brighter than the full moon before vanishing from our night sky forever.”

    Could this be the Light of the Event? Source is so very Clever 🙂

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        1. Say it with me, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse! Now the flash ensues! (OR is it just Hollywood programming?!)

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  27. On a whole ‘nother subject, I am still in compulsive planting mode. Gardener is coming tomorrow and we are going to plant new rhododendrons and hydrangeas. (I guess to celebrate the new year. Must get done!)

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    1. Gardening is the one thing I feel like doing, but since winter is in full swing here, it’s quite impossible. It’ll be at least 3 more months before I can do much of anything outside, so color me jealous!

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      1. @Kolibri, I used to be VERY interested in indoor gardening – even considered teaching some simple kinds in the senior centers associated with the senior housing complexes that I lived in at the time – there’s a hydroponic DIY system made with pvc piping and a forstner drill bit (makes nice neat holes) – Back when I was researching the subject I found LED grow lights (I think full spectrum, a bit expensive, but saves on electric) don’t give off much heat and not much electric juice usage. A maybe option for winter gardening and for me it was because of spine disease, no land and soil here dry, anemic desert type soil if you can dig into it at all, lol… 🙂


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        1. Love my indoor plants, especially the orchids, but what I really want is an excuse to dig around in Gaia while soaking up the warm sunshine! I feel so much better after a good grounding session in the dirt. It’s okay; spring is coming. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were on NE?

          If you’re still into gardening but the soil is bad, look into straw bale gardening. That’s how I’ve been growing my veggies the last couple years. Works great and it’s kind of unique!

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          1. @Kolibri – my old landlord had a straw bale compost area on his yard – his dog like to go ‘shopping’ in it occasionally 🙂 Yes, I’ve seen the straw bale gardening – I would do it 2 bales high, do no bending for my spine… 🙂
            I used to design straw bale and underground houses and other types as a hobby – I used to love doing that…


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            1. How cool is that! When we get to NE, will you design a straw bale house for me? Can’t see myself wanting to hang out in a yurt for very long….

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            2. sure thing, Kolibri – they are lovely organicaly shaped walls and end up with GREAT deep window sills, I’ve always liked for all sorts of things – display, plants, window seats for reading, lol… and you always leave a truth window in one wall on the inside to show the straw bale inside… 🙂

              .PS. I live in a yurt for a little while when taking my final training in one of the modalities I used to do – not bad, but get you – no sound or other privacy – could be remedied, though… – if just a single person living there, not as much of an issue…

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  28. Hey All, had quite the headache yesterday, spent most of the day in bed. A while back I posted about missing my Nala Mootz, who’s part of that tuxedo cat group spirit. That night, I was out back sky watching at night, and decided to take a picture of the sky. Didn’t realize the flash was on, and as I took the picture, this black tuxedo cat darted out of the bushes. She looked so much like Nala! We stared at each other for a few, then she jetted out of the yard under the fence. I left a can of food out back for a few days, but she never came back. Guessed it was a gift for that night, like she was letting me know she’s still around. Anyway, two nights ago I left another can across the yard, near the fence she climbed under. I’m sure she has a few humans, but I just wanted her to know this is a safe yard where she could stop by for a snack if she needed one. Yesterday when I went out, the can was empty. 😸❤️ . It was a feel good moment on a day where I wasn’t feeling good at all. Here’s to my new cat friend.

    Thanks for the updates, and the reminder about the mantra. It works. I can only speak for me, but I absolutely have to meditate, use mantras, and crystals when guided to. Headaches’s gone today, and am only feeling partly out of body. Have a great day All!! One Love ❤️

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  29. slow and low with conscious awareness on healing through breath and release-forgiveness and release-ever closer//dreams on full throttle full of wonder and amazement-yet elusive and foggy-the wisdom of no escape and embracing what is an interesting dance in the darkest freezes of night and the brilliance of the sunlit mornings-cats woke me up at 2am to load the stove with wood-glad they did-learned to listen alot closer to them and their recommendations-has helped-pulled back all drive ahead forces and entered balanced repose a couple of days back due to upcoming b day and recreate self thing-healing the past is releasing the knots twists tieups in the tissues and internal organs-amazing how it effects the light body energetically-heal on-ps watch out for flying cats-

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  30. I just had a dream where reality disappeared my dog was with me when it did. Then I was told nobody has a soul contract for 2020. Then poof I was watching all these politicians have meetings because they wanted to keep this going. Then I was looking at a flip book of different great apes like if people want to do this they have to become animals again.

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  31. Wow, the meters look totally crazy!! 🤪

    Love the cat in box! At first glance I didn’t notice anything odd about the picture…lmao!

    CAT’s, can you remind me please what WHOMP stands for? 😌

    Oh, such times…! Hang on to your hats and stuff! 😁

    Love & Light, Jur ✨✨✨

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  32. Interesting that this came into my awareness this morning – it is a presentation by the Russian gentleman that was touched by the ‘Anastasia’ books and was appalled(my word) by the extremely poor translation first available and understood why they weren’t spreading in America (he went to college for his forestry? doctorate in Illinois ) – he worked and was only accepted by the author when he found the ‘right’ translator – and a long journey of only getting enough money in dribs and drabs to pay for each book translated by the pre-sale of just enough books. 🙂 He explained that the original Russian language is about the same age as Sanskrit and contains both an emotion and energetic component and contains more information the just a literal linear meaning to words as English or Western languages – I wonder if this is why I was dreaming in Russian in high school – downloads??
    There is some really interesting control of peoples info of the last 1000 yrs history how a peoples without the concept of government and property rights?, If I’m remembering that part right, were subjugated and how the meanings of some of the language changed or was changed for control – interesting.
    He mentions a Canadian article that called the Anastasia books a dangerous (nature? – can’t recall the word – growing your own food in family and nature – heavens 🙂 ) cult – lol…

    Anyway the books are great if you haven’t read them – My old landlord (a computer programmer that has had some Shamanic trainings and ‘therapies’ – he is who I dog sit for ) – had/has the series of books and let me read them while living there the first year –

    I think some of this information is valuable for life WITH Gaia in/post 2020…
    – If interested I’ll just post the title of the video, so you can find it if you so desire on Ytb…

    ~~ ‘The Wisdom of a Siberian woman named Anastasia’ [FULL VIDEO] ~~

    hope you days are good,


    P.S. interesting… I have some age spots here and there – one about a bit less than dime sized in the top web of my left thumb – this morning I noticed it is almost faded to nothing as are other small ones on my hands, so checked my face and those few are almost gone, too – the one above my left elbow as well. 🙂
    – verrry in-ter-est-ing… Guess the 'bleaching' effects of the Schumann blizzard??
    ~ in gratitude,

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    1. Kg,
      I started reading the “Anastasia” series and have finished books 1 and 2 (which I love). But I am taking a break from them and reading “Collected Works of the Wingmakers”, by James Mahu. A real page turner regarding past and future human evolution. It is a masterpiece of weaving probable fact with fiction. Each reader must discern truth from fantasy for themselves. It discusses humanity discovering the inner “Sovereign Integral” by aligning the human instrument: 1) relating to everything in the universe with gratitude 2) observance of Source in all things, 3) nurturance of life. Anyway I am compelled to read it at this time as I feel it has many answers to mysteries as well as manipulations on Earth at this time. Cay

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      1. @Cay – enjoy your reading – I read the ‘Anastasia’ books about 9 or ten years ago – spurred my landlord to go with me to BIG store and buy about $400- of BIG pots to container garden in – he’s not the patient type – in that way – so I mostly cared for them – we did get a few yummy things eventually. 🙂


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  33. Um, I never thought I would have a similar dream as yall amazing folks. But… Yes!
    The zombie chicken.

    I had this dream Thursday night. Woke up and told my SO about it since it was vivid and strange.

    The zombie chicken dream…

    I was in a restaurant/deli? By the front counter and they were trying whole chicken. I was standing there and they placed one of these fried (plucked but the head and neck were still on) chickens on a bed of ice in a plastic container. I looked down at it and it started twitching its legs a bit, like in the movie “Eraserhead” I stared in shock, how could this animal be alive after being fried. Its legs moved more and more and then it lifted its head and looked at me. I could see its fried neck and ligaments, skin partially hanging off. I k we at that point I was not imagining the chicken movements, I called for the staff so we could help or end its pain. My biggest concern was this animal was still alive and suffering, we needed to end this (by means of cutting its head off, best fastest way in the dream) right away. I recall the people/staff in my dream didnt think much of this, like it was ok or normal? I was perplexed at the non action or care from the others. I did not have a knife or means to do it myself. I felt helpless in a way and this chicken was suffering, Calling for help. Dream ended soon after my realization. It was clearly a zombie chicken that either was trying to get up or I just dont know.

    Had to posts this for yall. What do yall Cats think it means?

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  34. This afternoon I went with my younger son to watch Star Wars 9, and also it was a first time that we went to 4D theater to experience it.

    The movie itself was the best from the last 3 NEW ones and I really enjoyed it, and the 4D effects were good, specially the light rain, the wind, the scents, did not liked the moving chair too much, at some scenes it was a distraction, but everything ended well, the good guys won, the light won 🙂✨

    But at some point with the dune scenes, they released one smell which gave me the flashback from Egypt, the pyramids, the Nile, I saw inside pyramid some chamber, huge walls but narrow passage, like I was there, huh, I never been in Egypt, maybe that was recollection from some past life, I surely hope so, if that is true, that I was on light side at that time ?✨

    Before today in the movie theater, I remembered that smell from a hotel in Abu Dhabi in Emirates, where I spent 3 days last year, while waiting to board the ship on which I spent one and half months working as electrical assistant (I already posted some images from that tour). Here where I live in Croatia, I never smelled nothing even close to it, only there, I think it is specific for that region in the world, I do not know the name off that scent, but it is really unique.

    After having that short episode where I returned to Egypt, I was back enjoying the movie.

    If that was, what I think it was, and not just my imagination, is there a way to find out what was I doing in Egypt at that time, or that information we will access only after the Event ? ✨✨✨


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  35. No dreams of escaped zombie chickens running around with their heads chopped off, thank goodness, but it does make one wonder what’s coming down the pike. [Well, what isn’t coming down the pike, probably!]

    The leopard has reappeared in my dreams lately, moreso suggesting the use of fear in the role of judicious caution, rather than dealing with outright fear. I think that’s good, given that fear prep seems to be a theme for me right now (-great). A few weeks ago I found a bookmark in my beside table that I do not recognize at all, which has the quote: “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.” It seemed to have a zing attached to it, so it really got my attention — and made me wonder.

    So, going into 2020 I am torn between uh-oh and bring it on… I am quite done with the status quo though, so — bring it on with judicious caution! lol

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  36. More airport, trying to get a flight, getting lost in traffic (I don’t think I really wanted to be at my destination anyway) and flooding dreams last night. But In between that I was at a meeting in a living room with other mostly women I think discussing something then had to go, not sure if i barged into a cat meeting, if so I apologize.

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  37. Something just blew half the circuits downstairs before it was upstairs now the downstairs. Have to have it all repaired man alive.

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    1. As above, so below…
      As below, so above…
      Entropy ensues from the physical low,
      Into the highest realms too and fro!
      Perhaps an Event it makes at last,
      As karma cleans up its dirt quite fast!

      In other words, Souls are processing their karmic debt in the non-physical to their own behest! What happens when lost Souls own up to their own debts? A shift in consciousness is only left!

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  38. A little off-topic.. is it true that having an “M” symbol on the palm is rare? And how about having it on both palms?

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      1. From my vast vault of “where did I ever come across that bit of knowledge” I read that people who lived in Mu have m’s on their palms. Just sayin’

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      2. I have a birthmark on my right palm, which is the ohm sign. 🕉️ Always wondered what it means for my path in life.🤔

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      3. Spent some time poking around on palmistry websites today. No M’s on my hands, but I have a guardian angel line, a couple of mystic triangles, and health lines, which are indicative of a charmed life, a spiritual path, and healing ability, respectively. Kewl!

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      4. I am also in M palmistry club – however the two hands have a difference – both fate?(the more vertical) and the heart line top horizontal? line both start(or end) in a feathered pattern under the middle finger – on the right hand the vertical line stems down off (or joins up with – don’t know which way it’s read) the heart line after about an inch… on the left the fate line has overlapping parallel… breaks crossing the head line(mid palm horizontal) left has three fate sections middle of three doesn’t reach the head line outer left one stops at head line and right outer fate line starts slightly below(wrist direction) middle one and crosses the head to join in finer/tinning end to the heart feathered ending under middle finger – right hand the whole pattern a bit different in clearness of ‘cuts’ and reversed.

        I once knew what was considered which hand was coming into life potential or innate stuff and which was what you made in life – don’t remember anymore… Back in my twenties I had a GREAT palmistry book – the best I ever found on medical palmistry – it was ‘borrowed’ permanently from me by an Indian(from Kasmir) engineer tenant of my mother’s – apartment made in home after my father’s death to have some income – never was able to find that book again – don’t remember the name or author at this point…

        All that probably interesting only to me, lol –

        Love to all,


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        1. Well I have a weird hand! I always wondered why my life line starts as two life lines which then merge into one life line. Then about three quarters of the way up to the thumb where the life line goes it suddenly stops, then there is a new one slightly in towards the thumb going straight up! So a double life, then a single life, then a brand new life all on one hand!

          As my Mum always says, well you just would be different wouldn’t you!

          With Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. @Lily, I have something a ‘bit’ similar; my lifelines are inverted ‘Y’ s – the branching down by wrist end, about an inch long(2.5-3 cm?) before it’s just one line – on the rt hand fate line starts further toward heel of hand with thin line connecting to left lifeline branch (there’s a small line in between the two Y branches toward wrist, not connected to lifeline Y) – on left hand the fate line crosses the rt branch of Y and another branch off the fate line crosses the left lifeline Y branch and continues almost to wrist… a couple of other faint lines down from both to wrist…
            I’m sure that’s totally clear, LOL 🙂

            much love


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          1. So. There is no Fate line. There is no M on any of our palms. There is no palmistry, because there are no palms. We have no hands. We are spirits in an Illusion, dreaming this highly sophisticated group-dream with a little bit of Mind we borrowed from SOURCE. Differences and details are part of the Illusion. There is only All of Us. And SOURCE. And Our Memory of SOURCE. All three of Us are infinite beings, whole and innocent and immortal — and ONE.

            This is all an Illusion designed to allow us to learn and grow and reconnect with SOURCE. It was once designed for something else (to hide in, basically), but We as One changed the programming. In the meantime, while We awaken everyone everywhere (it’ll take a while) you can use your hands to hold other hands. The really good news: you can CONTROL the Illusion with your mind. You just need to practice. And we must all learn to be careful with our thoughts. It’s the main reason the PTW sew fear through the media and movies. There really is only one emotion.


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            1. M2 – thank you – just bored with the 3d fear attempt programmed trying to influence – can’t even find any movies or books that tempt me – contemplating illusory patterns on my hand is a temporary, somewhat benign SHORT activity, somewhat like candle flame watching – lasts about as long as a candle flame in the wind – I figure we put the lines there anyway, like choosing what eye color and height we were going to be – so enjoying my ‘Art’ – not attaching meaning to it all – like abstract art, lol..

              Thanks for the reminder.

              I have to remember the ‘only one true’ emotion when interacting with my daughter, she’s so unhappy, can’t let herself see any positives – THEY are the illusion and will be snatched away if she lets herself think they are real – ( the mantras and grounding cords don’t seem to have that much effect on her, unless the depth of her well is just THAT deep they only keep her semi-functional?)
              I know, she has her own journey to walk, colored by feeling she is poison to everyone around her, which is just about THE very thing that causes most of the strife – I wish the light could touch her more or her feel it – hoping the BIG LOVE WAVE will be so strong she can’t ‘not’ feel it. And she stays sane…
              in gratitude,


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            2. No, sometimes there really is. So many things are happening simultaneously that occasionally two or more waves will crest at the exact same time. It’s totally random, and designed to be that way. This fact alone shows who the real architect of this reality really is: All of Us. If SOURCE did it, it would be perfect. WE did it, and We ARE SOURCE, but We wanted it to be slightly chaotic… so it is.

              But you’re right: most times it’s NOT coincidence. But coincidence does happen, albeit rarely.

              Wow, the things we have in our heads. Like Dr. Who’s real name.

              -CAT Eds.

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  39. Thank you CATS and Ms for helping us get through these challenging times. No one said birth was easy…or rebirth. It is nice to see such a diverse yet cooperative group of folks doing this together.

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  40. Earlier this fall, I helped my partner refinish the back of the house. We each had to climb to the ladders, two stories above the ground, I handed him tools. This was a new skill for me, climbing tall ladders; I am an older woman and was grateful that I was still able to be challenged physically. I spent a lot of time high above watching the birds come and go from the bird feeder way below while my partner nailed up siding.

    I was daydreaming about seeing the birds from the ladder when I read the Cats entry about standing at the top of a ladder.

    I thought the rest of the journey into 2020 would be easy. HA!

    Off and on since August, I get very dizzy. Yesterday, I dropped a full bottle of expensive whiskey on the floor, a gift, then knocked a drink out of someone’s hands and broke two glasses.

    While shopping at Trader Joe’s, the store became a kaleidoscope, and the veggies and people became swills of color. I hoped I would make it home before the event. I did.

    It seems I have a lot of friends who have completely lost their memories. I am embarrassed over forgetting small things, they have forgotten whole decades. Curiously, I have also discovered for myself that eating white potatoes causes the most significant memory losses, overnight. Like really serious memory loss. No more French fries.

    Thanks for the reminder of the Mantra. I needed it today. Last night, as I tried to sleep, my dreams were frightening and scary beyond any previous nightmares. Panic set in with intestinal cramps and a fiendish headache on the right side of my face. The Mantra stopped the confusion and the pain. I do not need to assist by sacrificing myself.

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      1. Interestingly I had some pringles at a friend’s house yesterday, not had them in ages and both me and my son had severe indigestion from them! No more pringles.

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        1. Most name-brand food has been coopted by the PTW and corrupted with GMOs, both to save money and poison people. Same goes for all fast food places… though the new Burger King “Impossible Burger” offers 18 million percent more estrogen, for those (females) who need estrogen-replacement therapy. 😉

          -CAT Eds.

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    1. Thats interesting, I realised in the last couple of years if I eat potatoes in any form I get major depression 24hrs or so later 🤔

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      1. I sure hope potatoes don’t become an issue for me; they’re my favorite things to grow. Like digging for buried treasure, and so delicious when freshly dug. Gonna plant purple ones this spring!

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        1. @Kolibri, I’m with you – potatoes are one thing that will STAY with my body and satisfy for hours – doesn’t take a lot either – interestingly don’t care for French fries much anymore, maybe because the sources. Maybe combining the white with sweet potatoes/yams(unsweetened – how could anyone want MORE sweetening on them) or Peruvian Purple would make people feel more favorably towards them nutrition-wise.
          I could probably live on potatoes, Yogurt & berries and oatmeal – maybe add some spinach souffle? – not too much, can’t handle the oxylates…
          Now If I can just get to the store, lol – I’m sure I can if I put my mind to it in 2020…


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  41. What a weird day. I lost like 3 hours out of nowhere. Not kidding, like one minute its 1:30 and the next its 4:30. I have been having weird days where either time goes forever or I randomly loose a few hours these past couple weeks.

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  42. Those charts are off the hook!! 😳I dont know what some of them mean,but seeing wavy gravy lines like that is a first for me! Plus the pure purple and of course Schumann going white is always nice:) It certainly explains my headache for 3 days now, slept in til 7:30 which I rarely do . I can’t believe how these last few days have layed me out! Hasn’t let up yet either. Nice to know I’m not alone in these symptoms/feelings.Hang in there all. Thanks Cat’s and M’s for all the updates and community here for all the comments💗

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  43. Hello Cats & M’s 🙂 thank you for all the updates … I felt the blast on the 29th gave me a headache & a tenderised stomach (like I’d done 100 sit ups).
    On the 27th I finished phase 2 of the gridwork, this involved a magnetic shift, Source & You, opposite poles merging as One – Magnetism … of One Mind with Christ Consciousness. the Horn Torus 🙂 later that evening I felt the glitch in the matrix you mentioned & Spirit said a similar thing “Switch off the mind – Switch On the heart” as we move through the ‘magnetic shower’ bathing All with liquid diamond rainbow droplets containing Sun Christ Codes 🙂 Divinely timed & signalling We are ‘right on target’ as we enter the New Year … 3rd phase gridwork 31st Dec – 11th Jan.
    Love to All

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  44. “All is forgiven and released” – I don’t like this part. It means I have something to be forgiven for, something is wrong with me. No! I am perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent. You see how our guilt is embedded in our best affirmations?


    1. No, it means that all is OVERLOOKED. Not considered. Because it doesn’t exist. To forgive means to “overlook.” You overlook various “realities” because this is all illusion.

      Guilt-wise, we all have unconscious guilt we’re not fully aware of, from an act looooong ago that we’ve forgotten, but this is a more advanced topic. By saying the mantra, you cut through all that and give yourself the fastest path back to SOURCE… but you’re free to omit it and take the long road if you wish. Brother J doesn’t embed guilt in The Course, he removes it.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @-CAT Eds.

        wishing you and everybody on the blog a “Happy New Earth” he he
        I thank you cat’s for everything you are doing, your awsome work and guidance through this some times rough sea.

        Every night when I wake up I meditate: “I am the light, I am love, I am.”

        And I feel this deep bond between us all here, even when I am coming just for reading, but we all are in this togehter…. we are one.

        LOVE LOVE LOVE to all of you friends and a special hello to @Lilly


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        1. Alnilam ❤️

          So much Love and a Happy New Earth to you too!

          So funny as I have been really tempted to say Happy New Earth to people instead of New Year!

          I got my new 2020 wall calendar today. It is by Eckhart Tolle and the title of the calendar?

          ‘A NEW EARTH’!

          The front cover has photo of a huge blue dragonfly! Since we moved here, we have been visited frequently by an electric blue dragonfly, usually whilst I wash up, it would come to the kitchen window to say hello!

          On the cover is also written:

          ‘Your inner purpose is to awaken.
          You share that purpose with
          every other person on the planet-
          because it is the purpose of humanity.”


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          1. thank you Lily ❤️

            wishing you all the best for you and your lovly daughter. Hopefully better health and good speed for our shift to NEW EARTH.

            I allways read all the posts and specially yours.

            Alnilam ❤️❤️❤️

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  45. Here’s the crux,
    In only an isolated system can entropy increase, thus…
    We must realize that the darkness inside is only a misnomer to abide and in accordance with, MINIMIZE!
    When done… we have WON!

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  46. I took several courses long ago were pretty aligned with ACIM without the spiritual overtones. Such as:

    ” I see only the past” etc
    (ACIM Lesson)

    Anyway, one of the points to provide access to Being “empowered” in Life revolved around the release/cessation of “resistance”

    When we “resist”
    it is like holding our hands in front of us, BOTH of them, as if trying to STOP something

    What can we do when we are doing that?


    we are ALREADY “doing” something
    we are “doing” THAT

    WHEN we choose instead to simply “acknowledge” a situation instead of resisting it? NOW what can we do?

    Well, we can “Create” the possibility of ANYTHING we want!
    Both hands are down now, access is provided TO Create!

    (Please NOTE: i did NOT say:

    I said “Acknowledge” that things “Are AS they Are”

    Best reason to do this is because things are, in fact, AS they are
    and so this is a step AWAY from living in denial

    (Like the floor IS on the floor) just is … no emotion involved


    Like some here, my family dynamics have their fill of “drama”, in the past, i have resisted this

    since we act as antennas broadcasting out what is going on within, it is pretty certain family “picked up” on BOTH my judgement of them
    this further “cemented” it in (made it “real”) in my personal reality

    Been there
    Done that

    THIS year, i decided that loss of my son was ENOUGH “loss” and i wanted the “comfort” of a loving united family

    so i set about the task of creating just that

    First energetically
    I “acknowledged” what “is so”
    thanked EVERYONE for their part
    (some played it “masterfully” to a hilt!)
    EXCELLENT work!

    AND time to move on …

    THEN, I began to dissolve ALL of the “chords ” of attachment EVERYONE was SO insistent on “making real” and keeping them SOLID (BOTH sides, i tell you BOTH sides ALWAYS play a part)

    Released Charge from EVERY point
    in EVERY timeline (since we keep jumping)
    for EVERYONE

    specifically, i chose to Create that ALL family member’s (blood related or NOT) interactions reflect to one another ONLY the “inherent love and appreciation that we had for ourselves, and that others had for us PRIOR to our incarnation on the planet”

    did ho’oponopono:

    “I AM Sorry”
    “Please forgive me”
    “Thank you”
    and “I love you”

    while walking my puppy on EVERYONE about a month leading up to Thanksgiving

    EACH day, i sent them LOTS of love and reached out with a small loving gesture of some sort sometimes physically, sometimes privately sending and generating love within but ALWAYS with INTENTIONALITY


    when it came time i took on being the “host” for the family affair

    27 people gathered in my home

    MANY who had NOT been in the same room together (at least not without daggers in their eyes) for a good (16 yrs)

    (this was an undertaking, as i don’t even cook! )

    with my presence there, continuously generating peace and love and playing frequency of 528 hz and 639 hz in background (couldn’t hurt, right?) it was quite beautiful, peaceful and at some point i stepped outside to the moonlight by myself and feeling quite moved by it all, allowed tears to flow ( i didn’t even realize til that moment the pain of having things in conflict before had been so strong, and like a WHOOSH of release came out)

    AND so it was once again, that the WHOLE family gathered to celebrate my mother’s birthday AFTER being together AGAIN for Christmas! and the sister that she had mortal conflict with, was the one who drove with me to pick up her cake! and yes, i STILL had to nudge my mother to acknowlege and THANK her sister … but baby steps … sigh

    my friends told me after i looked a tad exhausted BUT very peaceful
    AND i was very grateful

    been VERY sleepy ever since ❤

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    1. P.S. i don’t want to give anyone the erroneous impression that this was a walk in the park! because it wasn’t. my friend was being kind when she said i looked “a tad” exhausted. …. i was EXTREMELY exhausted!

      Whenever we set about to “Create” something “new” … something positive? you can BET that forces WILL arise in opposition

      that’s just a given

      almost with EACH interaction with a relative as i was attempting to interject compassion and understanding for another relative, i’d invariably have that “REALLY?” expression on my face!

      you know, where your brows furrow and you’re a bit deflated at their response … :/

      i had to remind EACH of them that there are SEVEN BILLION people on the planet!!

      and out of those?

      NOT ONE was identical in EVERYTHING

      NOT ONE

      SOOO … the chances that at SOME POINT, the person they were interacting with was going to THINK, ACT or CHOOSE “differently” than them was pretty darned high!

      so could we PLEEEEASE STOP being “shocked”

      WHEN that happened?

      Let’s just take it for granted that it WILL, ok?
      and can we PLEEEEASE remain unfluttered (flabbergasted) that it did?

      so the freaking what?

      we’re adults now
      we REALLY CAN “handle” it

      is it THAT difficult to MAKE that choice?
      HOW does one even function in life without realizing this by age oh … 30?

      and even i lost it with my mother at one point
      she made me REALLY angry!

      i “felt” like calling her invitation off!!

      SHE was one of THE main ones excluded regularly anyway!

      her only “in” was ME!!

      So i HAD to remind myself that “feelings” are NOT an accurate measure of reality
      they are just a VERY individualized perspective
      a poor basis for “choice”

      SOOO had to breathe in

      “things ARE exactly the way that they ARE”


      “Things are NOT the way that they are NOT”


      CEASE resisting!

      the floor is NEVER going to STOP BEING ON THE FLOOR

      THAT isn’t even the problem!

      MY “resistance” to the fact that “the floor is on the floor”

      THAT is THE “problem”

      AND ask myself:

      WHAT was i COMMITTED to?

      “Being right”?
      “Family unity” i claimed to desire?

      AND i put on my “big girl pants” on

      took a deep breath
      and REfocused

      yea … pretty exhausting

      BUT worth it ❤

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      1. EVERY experience is “part of the process”

        and they ALL have but ONE purpose:

        to allow us to see where we are yet “holding on” to a bit of darkness
        (wounds yet unhealed)

        the mission in EACH case?

        SHINE the light to dispel the darkness!
        (HEAL ~ HEAL ~ HEAL)

        ALL that is presented to us, irrespective of the particular details
        serve but to allow us to bring light (love) to dispel the darkness
        or another’s
        (i say almost always ~ BOTH)

        there are no exceptions ❤

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  47. I still don’t understand why I seem to be the exact opposite of most people with the effects of the Schumann resonance. I feel calm and grounded, happy and connected to Source when the resonance is higher. It’s when it’s in the lower frequencies that I feel uncomfortable, depressed, anxious… Etc. Someone said that this might be because I’m actually integrating the upgrades better than most and that I now feel unsettled in the lower, more normal frequencies. Maybe that’s am explanation? I don’t really know. I have spent about 7 years doing some really, really difficult inner and outer work. But I’m sure I’m not “there” yet. Lol.

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    1. CATs typically get the energy 2-5 days before everyone else. Perhaps so we can guide. Perhaps because we live closer to portals. There is no “ahead” or “behind.” We get there when we get there. Are we there, yet?

      -CAT Eds.

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  48. sharing is caring-safe [email protected] lots of questions some clues magnetics-2 sources a/ sun b at south pole from that direction

    @3.40mins start

    2/ prior to event above with ie sun magnetic portal efxs- and contains a compilation

    3 for current written run of events relative to SCHUMANblockDOWN event

    3/ magnetic wave interactions from sun source and south polar region-definition of sources- ie current magnetic anomolies noted on/inof/with sun and if possible to define factors TYPE/ MAGNETICS AND OR FREQUENCY AND OR DIRECTION AND OR AMPLITUDE-can cycles be defined based on compilation of 2019 in video 2-OTHERS CAN BE ADDED WITH REFERENCE TO ABOVE FACTORS AND QUANTUM EQUATION CONCEPTS-

    ONCE sun magnetics influences defined and translated into energies then SOUTH POLAR define direction/type/duration and relative amplitude of wave anamoly and denote possible cyclic events and recognized effects THEN perhaps we could balance these two cosmic wave functions in relation to 2020 planetary movements-conjunctions/squares/ect-mass/gravity of combonational celestial objects all being influenced by those two above below forces with their vibrational effects on our planet earth/gaia

    could be as easy as new moon full moon correlations-just amplitude and intensity changes-but cyclical close to mayan calendar functionality-

    on web download Mayonics 2.0, copyright c k mark…
    blog search archives for 2019 for references or correlations of noted activity for comparison2data
    NOW weather for earth based above ground weather monitoring
    physical alignments worth the watch original with translation-ps all his work from 2012 well worth review for understanding of mayan perspective of unfolding events
    magnetic fluuid flow practice makes perfect-me still slow and low

    thats about all for now-out to move in sun-much warmer than inside-are there ways of finding data relating to measurement of sun light/intensity/luniosity/brilliance for note on health effects of balancing the magnetic anomolies-also will look for daily waves during sunlight exposure efx on health-

    recommended research for health adjustments and alignments
    english interpretation came up first on list but not original am review myself-

    manythxs best of search and learn for 2020

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  49. On a question of ‘accidents’ – I had checked on grddaughter some time previous this morning (Lily thanks for ‘nappy’ advice) then heard her upset or crying – she does sometimes after waking up – maybe from not being not that pleased with being awake here? I walked out of my room because my daughter was in bathroom dealing with severe pregnancy cr*p symptoms – I tripped on my rt too long pant leg and crashed face first into corner of counter right under my nose above front teeth – I’m surprised, but still have them… blood letting ensued – lengthy dripping into kitchen sink for a while til my son-in-law could get me a roll of toilet paper ( and of course put it in back of me, not seen, while he cleaned blood off the floor – lol, *sigh*)
    I hope it knocked something useful out of me – will see what my face looks like later…

    Yesterday was ‘fun’ – morning was ~8 inch long drill bits drilling through head diagonally from top/front between crown and temple through eye toward teeth – tooth pains returned – followed by drilling opposite diagonal up from between mastoid and occiput toward center brain – evening increased dizzy/passing out feeling – neither accurate to describe feeling and a bit later stomach pains like ingested ground glass… Today better except for headache, but no drills – things tend to get worse toward evening for me…

    I do wish SOMETHING would hold my interest – just plodding through necessary 3d stuff…

    Hope all goes well or better for everyone – keep your faces away from forceful en’counters’ with counter corners … 🙂


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    1. Kg – will you please-please-please consider doing a very important thing? Could you take those pants of yours, with them too long pant legs, with you into the kitchen and cut them off into the right length? Pleeeease?!

      I nearly choked on the lemonade I was drinking while reading what you wrote!! Two years ago, my mom got exactly the same injury in exactly the same place! Only she misjudged the distance to the pavement, took a too short step, tripped and fell face first into a corner-stone right beside the pavement. She scared me to death when she phoned me from the hospital. Her scar is a constant reminder..

      Please pay attention to any worsening or your injury. I’m thinking about the roots of your teeth.. just so there are’nt any cracks in your jaw-bone or so from the impact..

      Sending you healing love and care, Kg💖

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      1. @MeasMeandu, I thank you greatly for your reply of concern – yes, it could have been nastier – esp onto pavement – whoa! I’m glad your mom is ok.
        The object of impact was a wooden microwave cabinet on wheels that was against another long cabinet my daughter found on/off the street – the innocently offending immovable source of injury had rounded edges, so that helped not produce a cutting action and my very smart talented body seemed to do some martial arts type of slapping motion to spread force of impact with my hands – considering how much my right base thumb joint hurts today, that took a good deal of the brunt of fall – I think the left missed or slipped – these things happen so fast… After bleeding into the sink for a while I lay down with a frozen sauce packet to different areas around my nose ( good to save those unused sauce packets, lol. I think this one had been raspberry vinaigrette that came with a salad mix SEVERAL YEARS AGO 🙂 A use for every thing… One doesn’t always have frozen petite peas on hand 🙂 )
        BTW… I did get guidance (there is also a small split in the inside seam that an ‘other foot’ toe got stuck in) to fix the pants, even recently to use a safety pin, but the only ones I had were to a cheap tiny sewing kit that never seem to stay closed on anything I used them on, so figured I’d end up stabbing myself at some point – Yes, that would have been a lesser injury. I could have hemmed them, but I have great difficulty threading a needle and sewing is difficult because of essential tremors. Not a great excuse… Pants(trousers to you UK peoples, not undies) got too long because I keep shrinking due to spinal disorder. I did pin it up. I only have two pair plus one that is too big all round and looong, someone gave me, that are even worse, that I don’t wear.

        Thus ends the ‘end of year/decade’ cautionary tale – listen to your guidance and don’t argue with it’s wisdom – the nose you save may be your own, lol…

        thank you, again, MeasMeandu –


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      2. Yeah, I damaged the root of a tooth in a similar accident when I was 16, nasty affair, huge swelling of the face the next day, lots of dental work…
        Sending love and healing, Kg! Hang in there!
        And I agree with Uli, let’s be safe everyone! With all these energies coming in it’s easy to get distracted and have an accident, a friend of mine recently broke a femur because she tripped over her untied shoelace! Think OSHA ( work safety) rules, all that good stuff, preventing accidents, lifting techniques, clear paths, no rushing…
        I remember reading Mary Summer Rain’s book ‘Phoenix Rising’, which describes the visions of a blind Native American Shaman about Gaia changing into her new self. In it there was a chapter devoted to people having a lot more accidents than normal, something about the ‘safety-gloves’ coming off, guardian angels being kept from helping and saving people. I have no idea how accurate these visions are or what timeline they describe, but being a little extra careful and alert can’t hurt!
        Love and hugs, everyone!

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  50. PSS

    AND i had my own “bitter pill” to “swallow”

    i set the example

    my aunt (mom’s “nemesis”) remarried after my favorite uncle passed away about 30 years ago

    i have NEVER acknowledged him AS my “uncle”

    no animosity from me (last decade anyway)
    just “nothing burger”
    don’t even speak to him

    SOOOO … in family text i put out that ON Thanksgiving Day, i was braving the supermarket that was known to be a circle of “insanity” for the EXPRESS purpose to buy Coke Zero ~~~~ FOR Dave (the heretofore ignored “uncle”) ~ trust me this raised eyebrows .. (sinister grin! 😀 )

    i also invited a couple of friends i KNEW he would get along with (i’m not the only one that ignores him, i’m just more blatant about it )

    AND when they came and i was introducing? i VERY casually said:

    “this is my uncle Dave”

    he was sitting on a bar stool in my kitchen and almost fell off!

    the UNexpected “shock” of his was totally worth it! 😀 😀 😀

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    1. If You bought me a “soft drink”, I’de fall off the stool(thinking Your trying to poison me). Peace!

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      1. @Christopher Schneider

        and one with Aspartame in it no less! o.O puts a whole new twist in the “killing them with kindness” thing huh? 😀

        i may have to plead the 5th on this one 😀 😀 😀

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  51. Well, this post came out just at the time I won the prize for the worst mother award, Mantra needed on myself in bucket loads.

    Another rough night with Elsie and I made things so much worse…

    Was going to try and meditate before bed in an attempt to get some serenity and calm back into my head. Just as I closed my eyes and started deep breathing Elsie screamed and I had to go and see that she was okay. We were up a while before I finally collapsed into bed and fell into a major nightmare the whole subject centering around the control/abuse I experienced from ex partner (I have spent the last two years forgiving and releasing using ho’oponopono and more recently the Mantra, had reached a point where I saw him and I as just characters in a play/this game of life etc…and hold no judgement/resentment just awareness that in this life I still need to protect Elsie and myself and to let everything go that does not serve our highest good.) If I hadn’t got such a good shield around our home I would have been convinced he was sending some kind of harmful psychic stuff last night but seems that I haven’t quite managed to clear stuff from myself yet and am exasperated by it all.

    I woke up from the nightmare to screaming and went in to see Elsie who had wet the bed. She was screaming and lashing out a bit, I think angry that i had not gone in sooner. I tried to calm her down but instead triggered more anger. I tried to be calm but through sheer exhaustion and the pitch of screaming, hitting, I responded with anger and desperation and a smack on her leg. In that second, I was just not thinking and was so utterly exhausted. feeling absolutely terrible now. Poor Elsie, she deserves so much better.

    Mum came over today thank goodness as I needed to just get a break and lie down (for everyone’s sake). Elsie has been screaming on and off all day and lashing out. It’s been like this for weeks on and off, just recently around Christmas day it has all intensified. Trying so hard to keep my head above water but feeling such incredible guilt for not being a better mum and am quite literally crawling through each day. Will have to try the mantra again on myself BIG TIME! Sorry, babbling on, just in a nightmare that never ends…and wish I could be better for Elsie…just want her to happy but I am failing miserably.

    Love to ALL and apologies for the babble ❤️

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    1. It’s ok, you are not alone, I know a lot of mums struggling at the moment, the daughter of my best friend has Asperger’s and she is also having a hard time, just dragging herself through the days, a single mum of three, but both you and her are amazing people and I take my hat off to your love and dedication, even though all this. I send you big hugs and lots of love, hang on there you can do it.

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      1. Pam141 ❤️ Thank you so much for your words of support, so grateful! Today is better. Actually got some sleep last night and have no idea how, but managed to get us out for a little walk down a country lane. Pushed Elsie along in her buggy all wrapped up like a little Eskimo! She was smiling again thank Sourceness! We got home and she totally floored me with something she said. I had just washed her hands and she turned to me with a smile and got out the words…’You are so beautiful!!!!’ Blimey, oh Riley, I love her so much, she is just astonishingly amazing. Am determined to help her as much as I can and when I feel it’s too much I need to just remind myself make sure she is safe and just go and sit in another room and breathe deeply for a few minutes!

        So much love to you and your friend and her daughter and other children too! ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Oh, Lily, this made me all teary. I’m barely making it through this Holiday season and it’s just me and my spouse. My girls are grown and married. I don’t know how I would cope with all the energy and symptoms they bring. You’re doung your best and it feels to me like your best is pretty darn awesome! Sending lots of love and hugs!


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      1. Brigitte ❤️ Thank you so much for your support and huge hugs to you, I know everyone is struggling with something and these energies are kind of off the scale!

        On a positive note, sometimes when you go through the tough stuff it can kind of catalyse inspiration, new found strength and determination to keep going. I can fall apart very easily but will get up twice as strong as I was before if that makes any sense!

        Big Loves and a ton of light (can you have a ‘ton’ of light?!) ❤️✨❤️

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    3. @Lily, – as far as I’m concerned – babble on – physical nervous systems can feel shredded and I certainly don’t know what is really going on with them ‘elementally’ with these energies – add stress and exhaustion – you’d have to be a literal Saint not to react in a way we both would rather we could resist totally and forever – I did yesterday, also, in at least 1/10th or lesser fraction of severity of your situation grddaghtr came into my room and played on the cracked iphone on my bed – I try not to mess with this as she does this only occasionally – with what my body was doing the constant flipping around, jumping and sounds/verbalizations she was using esp jumping motions on the inflatable bed weren’t helpful – trying to hold it together – something bothered her about the game or phone and she was having a meltdown, to the shaking point – happy 10 secs before. I probably have to learn NOT to help – probably made it worse – we have a bit of a mad/frustration dance, kind of like a spastic gorilla we can do if she hasn’t lost it totally and mom isn’t home or putting her head back on/pull offs and crown tickles help at times, but not in these cases – I have also been reduced to a bit of a light swat on a very padded diapered bottom esp to do with a particularly back breaking diaper change – I generally don’t have the troubles you content with that way – and she CAN cooperate or at least not be obstructive. I think at times all we can hope for is minimum strength in those “hey! I need your attention and less motion here” moments. When your exhausted and just want a room not to be covered in poo and more work to be done, because of, made. The ONLY thing I envy you is having a washer dryer – we have a tiny washer spinner only big enough for a few clothes or one sheet and towel.
      I think the hardest part of is not knowing how to help them, because we don’t know what’s going on when they can’t tell us, but I don’t think that helps even with non-autistic kids either.
      Apologies to anyone that gets tired of our sharing –

      Maybe Cats Eds could send you my email – I give permission – I’m getting the ok to post this, but maybe you’d feel less inhibited and have my full invite to ‘spill’ over to me by email, anytime… who knows maybe our ‘spilling’ our guts serves some weird purpose to someone, somehow…

      much love, Lily


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      1. Kg ❤️ Huge thank you and supportive ‘back to you’ hugs! Today is better, it is amazing what some sleep can do for your mind!

        I really appreciate the email offer 🤗 but to be honest I’m just rubbish at keeping on top of stuff (friends get a bit fed up with me I think as I am not on the phone much/do not email much unless its a link to the latest Laura Whitworth video or Blossom Goodchild channeling, then they ALL get bombarded! I can’t do much to help awaken anyone but I do what I can, if I think there is a little chance lol! P.S CATS have sent everyone a link to this blog!) I just have this little window in the evening if I’m lucky and sometimes during the day I can get a quick peek at this blog if Elsie is happy reading for a few minutes! I do appreciate it though, really do 🙏

        Elsie used to put her hand down her nappy to see what was there! I found some sleep suits from M&S (Can you get M&S stuff where you are?) They are basically onesies and are designed specifically for children with special needs, they zip up at the back so it’s pretty difficult for them to get to the nappy and are quite inexpensive compared to the companies that specialise in adaptive clothing! Mind you all specialist equipment is just ridiculously priced; buggies, special seating, everything!

        Re, the washer dryer. I got this through a charity called the Family Fund in the UK. They are a godsend and will give funding each year for whatever you might need, could be clothing, electrical stuff etc…Is there anything like that where you are, that you could apply for. It all makes such a difference ❤️

        Much Love & Soooo much Light Kg, you’re a Super Soul Super Star !!! 🤗❤️❤️🤗🙏✨🙏

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      2. KG and Lily,
        I’m sure that, like me, others are sending love to you both.
        I feel sure that is the purpose of these posts.
        That’s why you get the ‘go-ahead’ even when you are doubtful.

        And did you know, each time I see one of these posts, my heart goes out to you and I am grateful to you for taking the time and energy to write it all down. How many people have similar stories, but no place to write them down? You two are writing all of their stories along with your own.

        You are a reminder to everyone of all those others who are in the middle of a terrible struggle, too, but are not here to tell us about it. They can use our love, too. Your posts are reminders to us all to send love and energy to those who are hidden away and needing love and support.

        Others here have written their stories, and I was glad for them to do that. Glad to see people make supportive and loving comments in reply.

        I bet you can use all the positive energies we can send.
        You are doing a monumental job!
        You and Lily and others who are unsung heroes.

        Anyone who is “tired” of your sharing can just scroll on down.
        Scroll wheel is easy-peezy, isn’t it????

        I salute you both and pray for easier times for you and for everyone, everywhere.

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        1. Thank you anonymous for your love and energy – yesterday (31st) was uber difficult
          I managed, along with other things to trigger increased suicidal ideation in my daughter – she managed through them and the day ended with all alive, but sadness everywhere – I won’t go into it further, but ugh/sigh. Just doing mantras for each AND myself for seeming to make things worse. There was a relaxing/lightening of energy after she said some tearful words after something, so maybe she needed the release of those words out loud to someone…
          I welcome positive change coming into our lives from SOURCE-I-LY unexpected directions – may they be seen and felt…
          love to all – 2020 …yipee


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    4. While reading what you’ve written down.. I feel turmoil inside.

      But Lily – under these physical, mental and emotional conditions in wich you’re struggeling so hard – no one could do it better than you, Lily! No one!
      Don’t you ever doubt yourself, nor your ability of being a good Mom because Elsie knows how much you love her and she loves you just as much in return, because You are Her everything – You are Elsies beloved Mom💖.. and.. I really don’t need to say this to you at all Lily, but in this very moment of now, I feel it is the only way I perhaps can help you feel better about yourself, because you see.. You are a Perfect, Immortal Spirit, Lily. Whole and Innocent. Everything is Forgiven and Released.. because.. You are the Light – You are the Love – You ARE, Lily💖

      Sending Strength, Serenity and Love💖

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      1. Uli ❤️ Thank you so much! I was hoping someone might offer to do the Mantra on me! I think it worked because I feel so much calmer today, it’s like a dark cloud has just been puffed away (Puff the Magic Dragon comes to mind!)

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        We are the Light, We are the Love, We ARE! 🙏✨🙏

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        1. I expect several of us have been doing the mantra for you and Elsie. I did it for both of you last night and surrounded you with light for good measure. I see the despair in your posts, and it’s the only way I have to help, at least until you set up a Gofundme. Very glad you got some sleep!

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          1. Kolibri ❤️ Thank you so much 🙏 I did notice a light surrounding us a few times over the last few days! It was a beautiful blue/white and very calming, it sort of followed us around from room to room ☺️

            Much Love & Light & Happy New Year/ New Earth 🙏❤️🌎✨

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    5. Lily,

      I’ve never commented before but really want to let you know about a blog that might help if you are interested in biomedical treatments for your daughter. You may have already read/seen it but it has helped my son tremendously. It’s called There is a lot to read and digest but it has made all the difference in the world for us. I truly hope you are able to find some treatments for Elsie that help alleviate some of her symptoms. There is always hope for our precious children.

      Sending lots of anonymous healing love your way~

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      1. k ❤️ Thank you so much for commenting and for your suggestion, I will have a peek 😉

        I am at that place where you kind of know what you’re dealing with but there are so very many different options/paths to take and you have to really weigh up the best way and stick with it, especially with Elsie. When I was diagnosed with UC it started an eye opening journey into healing, diet, alternative therapies, so much information. I was essentially a guinea pig and trying new things all the time. Some worked, some made me much worse. Funny to have gone on this journey before having a child that would really benefit from their carer to have some knowledge of various treatments etc… I have to research everything so carefully. I realise that Elsie and myself are incredibly sensitive to everything so I don’t want to get it wrong!

        I’m babbling again|!

        Thank you and much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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  52. WAIT WOT
    That just triggered my memory

    Rustic large veggie garden
    Waist high fence with a lot of large trees around it. A few people scattered among the veggies. I’m facing the fence and all the people are behind me on my left
    Wots with the weird chicken?
    It’s unthreatening but keeps escaping is wot I heard……it was getting dark I think.

    Last thing I remember was thinking
    Ha, after all that it’s still just a chicken.

    That dream felt like last week for me. I’ve since watched pirates of the Caribbean with the zombie sharks scene that I hadn’t seen before.

    Repeating zombie animal scenes is a new one for me

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  53. Is it just me or what? This afternoon between 3:5 and 4:30 PST, I experienced three momentary “glitches” in the matrix. They typically last only a few seconds or less, but they are like a brief interruption of flow. Almost like a speed bump. They have become more frequent these past few days. It feels that we are racing towards “something” with increasing speed. Ya’ think?

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    1. That’s happening to lots of people, they just don’t know it, or what it is. CAT7 calls it “winking.” It’s like falling asleep for a split second then suddenly waking. It’s like a mini personal timeline jump or reset.


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      1. Saw the striped blanket that was covering my ottoman turn fuzzy blinky like the way the tv would turn electrical fuzzy striped if we lost the channel (back in the day before cable) as my dog jumped up on the ottoman. Just for a millisecond. Was weird. Like the matrix turned off for a second right there and back on. Told my husband what I saw. He said he thought I had had ENOUGH cold medicine for one day. Lol.

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  54. Hello Cats & M’s about the headless zombie chicken dream 🙂 I’ve been having weird moments on & off the past 5 days like I am in dream state, have no brain or losing my mind/memory so I was questioning all this just now … spirit answered you are feeling detached from your body & personal identity (switching off the mind) the heart is the known & the knower … you are becoming the observer (switching on the heart) made me think of the headless chicken – to become the observer we need to be detached from our heads to live thru the heart of Source Mind-fullness.
    Then I remembered when I was a kid I witnessed a chicken having its head cut off, the moment it happened the chicken took off running so we ran after it, then the darn thing turned & started chasing us, it was following Vibration 🙂 I stopped but my little brother kept running & it chased him around & around he was terrified zombie chicken lol

    Keep hearing the Seekers song Morningtown

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    1. OMG…I just woke from a dream about having a huge hole at the top of my head… Almost like the top part of my head was sliced off. I couldn’t get back to sleep for wondering what the heck it meant. I never thought about the possibility of connecting it to being more heart centered. Awesome explanation! Also, a headless chicken chasing me would’ve scarred me for life… Lol. 😂😱 🐔🧟‍♀️

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      Now it’s getting super freaky
      3 times the last 10 days I’ve seen the “Seekers” on tv

      Just yesterday was the last one.


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    1. Some CATs have Laura Whitworth crushes. And Allison Coe crushes. They both have some Gaia energy. And LOTS of us have Gaia crushes. Gaia is GORGEOUS (spiritually, and every other way). I’d walk through lava for Gaia… but she wouldn’t let me, of course.


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  55. Can you take a look at for today 12/30/19, at those big glowings above Sweden? Is that really just PSCs, or is there more going on here? I mean, it’s OK if it’s really just a beautiful weather phenomena but . . . wow! I’ve never seen anything like it! It made my heart sing. Thanks!

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  56. Does mantra – “You are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent.
    All is forgiven and released.” works remotely?
    I really need to ground one very spacial person who is out of emotional balance right now 😦 I do not know how else I could help…
    I feel helpless and extremely sad about the situations this person is in right now…
    I wish I could help!!…Very sad….
    Does anyone has any other suggestions?!

    Thank you in advance!


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  57. Very much back and forth here lately.

    Yesterday was freezing cold, winter in Northern Sweden cold. Today the sun is shining and it feels more like Southern Spain.

    Day before yesterday I slept like a rock from 9pm to 9am, couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized it was already morning. Yesterday nothing happened; I was up twice, once to draw and once to write code; and finally fell asleep at 7am and woke up at 11am feeling fresh. And what little sleep I got was very restless.

    Yesterday the donation situation was really, really frustrating. Lots of back and forths with their distributed, disorganized support team to resolve software glitches. In the end I gave up, emailed them the information and told them to do it themselves. And today I got confirmation that they did, and now it looks like I’m back on track to get out of here.


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  58. Hey Y’all!
    Weeeeeeeeee!! What a ride!!
    Between the whomping and winking (good one 🐈 7!), been spending much of my time grounding in garden, creating gemstone art or baking (y’all inspired me to make sweet potato brownies!)
    Dreams have been soooo vivid. Woke up 2x when SR whomped to write them down. Last night, before I went to sleep, asked my HS to help me remember the important ones.
    This morning (4-4:30cst), my big black cat, Jet, woke me up. After thanking him for keeping me safe, I got up and wrote this:
    Menacing woman on huge black horse, whose long mane was swirling in the wind-but there was no wind, and a big black wolf nearby. She turned and looked at me but turned her attention back to my friend who hurried through a fence gate. I was helping that friend carrying packages through the woods and it was super muddy so I was focusing on walking on a narrow dry path. After angry woman shooed friend through gate, she turned and looked at me, threateningly. I was not intimidated and kept walking. She then spurred the horse into a gallop & charged at me, wolf in the lead, using same path I was on. I didn’t leave path, just kept walking towards them. As they got close, she screamed “You’re late!” I looked at her and calmly replied, “I’m not enrolled.” They got close but as soon as I replied they vanished into thin air!
    Nice to know I didn’t need that sword y’all suggested. Thanks to my HS and Jet, this dream reassured me that I am powerful and the bad ‘things’ can’t hurt me. Feeling really happy these days!
    Wishing All Y’all an Auspicious 2020!
    Oh, almost forgot to tell ya…going to see Laura Whitworth for a QHHT session in the spring! I’m so excited to meet her and have her delve into my psyche!!
    Light, Love & Laughter!!

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  59. Hoo boy! Now I’ve gone and done it! This morning as I was putting on my socks, I noticed that my arm was glowing with a luminescent blue/lavender color. EEEeeeeeeeeee!

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  60. I think the mantras may be the ONLY thing one can do at times. They are a source of comfort for sender as well as receiver.
    On another level Do Terra “Balance” grounds me immediately. After placing it in my atomizer I feel myself slow down and sink into stability. One does not need to use an atomizer, just sniff or mix with unscented hand lotion. Cay

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      1. Firstly, yes you did.

        Secondly, I meant it like a playfull “well, darn”.


    1. Also, my dog would not pass one area where we normally walk near sea, yes, they were firecrackers thrown around, but not at that time and not in that area.

      She (Luna is a dog name, and she is the girl 🙂), was so stubborn that she did not want to move at all at one line, and I tried to pull her, but she slipped under her collar and went back to the house, fortunately, a year ago I would run for her if that happened and she is quick 😁

      I wonder, was there something that she seen, there was only one person there and that moon with that halo effect, was there something / somebody also there, which she could see, and I couldn’t, hmmmm ?

      Anyway, I tried it for a second time, but same thing happened, so I left her home for now ✨

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  61. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Portals of “New Beginnings” for Gaia open and are traversed by the Higher Vibrationals.

    Segue-ways assist in the transitions.

    Partners of Light engage the depths.

    Storms of revelation come.

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