Neutrals & Chickens


Someone asked about this, but we couldn’t find the comment, so…


…this is a cloaked spherical ship (that just happens to be in the shot of the astronomical body the photographer was aiming at). The beings within are tall, thin, lightly complected, and… feel neutral. We can’t get a name, but you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it anyway. They can’t land because of the ‘neutral cordon’ the SF put up, but they can try and influence dreams.

If you see some being(s) in a dream, pay attention to the emotional charge they carry. If you feel your spider-sense tingling, look at the source of the fear and hit ’em with mantra #1. If you REALLY feel the fear, STOP that stupid emotion, feel your fur and stand your ground. Practice whipping out that dream light saber (your choice of colors) that you all carry. Turn on the SOURCE armor and stare ’em in the eye. If the eye squirms out of its socket and flies at you, run like hell.

And speaking of running like hell…

Get it!


Ok, so many people have had the chicken dream that we had to look at it.

To recap: Some CATs had a dream where they found a chicken somewhere, only it was like a chicken from the store, headless, plucked… but still alive. Some CATs picked it up and didn’t really know what to do for it, so they stuffed it in a cabinet, or the fridge, kinda freaked out by the whole thing. And later, when they went to check up on it, it had escaped! They found it elsewhere, later in the dream, but then it looked more the worse for wear, or was a different color, or had hair (ew). Others have been having similar dreams. So, what does this mean?

When we think of “chickens” in this dream aspect, we see it more tied to the emotion or feeling of weakness: e.g., “being chicken.” In a way this feels good, like the fear is being identified, captured; it may escape, take a different form, but it’s still recognized even with a different “look.”






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  1. I have yet to experience the chicken dream… But I had a very intense dream last night where I could feel snakes and bugs in my mouth. I could even taste them. In the dream I was spitting them out of my mouth. I could clearly see the buggy, snakey junk in the ground as I spit it out. I’m thinking this symbolized the old, dark paradigms being spit out of our reality.

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  2. There is a channel on youtube called The Final Days this gal shows footage of the NASA and weather cameras up in Alaska she uploads footage constantly of that ship or planet.Here is a clip from this summer
    FYI her channel bible religious in nature.

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      1. How to be yourself when others refuse to acknowledge your creatorship? That’s my question. Do cats acknowledge disharmonious dogs, howling out truth? Or do they rebuff info in a foreign language and adhere only to to a programed set of speak? I wonder. . .

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  3. Makes a lot of sense. In my chicken dream the feeling of being helpless or unable to resolve the situation was the main theme.

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  4. Hi Cats, I sent you the pic of the planet/ship, It was sent to me.
    We thought it was New Earth/home. Thanks for clarifying.
    When Space Force “allows” a landing & cuts the Cord, will it be coordinated for first contact? How aware is Space Force on all the going on? Thanks again. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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    1. And ‘m sure what & WHO SF is letting in here but I just viewed James Gillands ranch and the ships are coming out of the ground, lots of them. From the oceans, mountains, etc. Here’s another channel of Gina Marie who films activity from the sun and it’s super busy. Too many to count, coming in here. They have been her for who knows how long? Inner Earth crafts – from the poles too?

      Thoughts? and thanks for taking the time.

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      1. Why are predictions never concerning Africa? It’s always about Eurasia, the Americas and Australia.

        Is it ever going to be better here or are we doomed?

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        1. I remember Kryon giving a positive outlook for Africa’s future, but for all that, we will all be going through the ringer but coming out shiny and new (minus those that choose to stay with 3D of course).

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          1. We try not to speak of outcomes for certain countries or continents, simply because we can’t see past The SHIFT. Plus, everyone has different involvements with different timelines such that it’s confusing to try and predict with any certainty for whole populations. We are closer to a “manifestation mode” than ever before, so imagining (positive) things you want FOR EVERYONE (not just an individual) will work better than ever.

            -CAT Eds.

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    1. @ Anonymous ~ actually this is perfect share at perfect time! there was a QHHT session back in March of 2018 that brought forth the following info on the timing of the “Shift” :

      (speaking of time of “Shift”)
      “From this April on there is a window of time – two years. Anytime within that window it can happen.

      But….There are two events that must happen before the shift and they will happen within the next few months There will be two uprisings both political. One uprising will be in South Africa and that will happen simultaneously with another uprising in the US to do with Trump and gun issues, but what causes the uprising doesn’t really matter, it’s the energy it will bring about that is important. Once people come together in large numbers it will ripen the energies for the shift to happen”

      As with all “dated” info, it is simply a “possibility” within that current “timeline”/timeframe …..

      STILL …. given the current escalating issue that the governor in Virginia is creating with gun legislation making 90% of owners possible felons and threat to fire (lose pension and income) ANY officers who refuse to enforce law a potential “uprising” IS possible AND to have an issue in S. Africa simultaneously occur? is VERY interesting ….

      the timing “fits” perfectly

      QHHT article:

      and video on Virginia issue:

      thanks for the post again, i don’t keep up with that country and would have never been aware that these two issues were occurring simultaneously as predicted ❤

      may the SHIFT occur NOW ❤

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  5. Oh wow. I don’t think to much! Hahaha or so they say. . . Old friend had a joke that ended with chicken butt. . . Yet I can’t remember it (lol). What’s up chicken butt? Maybe. I digress.hahaha. that orb is nothing different bigger or more important than the original idea. And you don’t even know what I meant as nobody here has followed what WSO has been showing for years. Wtf. Wake up draw them curtains wide. Sorry I just find nothing new about that photo. Nada.


    1. Q: What’s up?
      A: Chicken’s a__ when he eats!
      Much Love/Gratitude to All, in the year of “Clear Vision”.


  6. To CAT’s, M’s, Honorary Cats and all readers:
    may ALL of you have a wonderful and Happy New 2020✨🌟💞

    Loving hugs💖

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  7. “Ok, so many people have had the chicken dream that we had to look at it.”


    Heh…..sorry guys, THAT came from me, too.
    For years now it seems whatever I contemplate during awake time (with strong visual imagination), it goes straight into the Crystal Grid, and comes out of the lightworkers usually a few days later — but it has sped up, I’m noticing.

    And you are right about the meaning of it — well, half of it, anyway.

    I won’t tell you what the other half of the meaning is, so as not to influence you or tick you guys off because you currently must go up more evolutionary levels to grasp, understand and feel the rest of this (5D+ based) chicken metaphor.


    1. On December 10, 2019, I visited the old hippie communal farm near the Appalachian trail in Maryland. I had not visited the farm for fifty years. The place still looked like the setting for a Disney movie, the main house and barn were built in the 1850’s of stone and timbers and the pond had cattails and a dock. It was extremely picturesque.

      For the next two weeks, one memory from the farm kept repeating itself in my head: it was the time the chicken’s head was cut off with a hatchett and she ran around for a long time until she dropped dead. That freaked out everybody who had never seen something like that before.

      Later, I helped cook the chicken which was very tough and almost inedible until we put the leftovers into a stew.


  8. New year’s Eve… Well all call say the that his whole holiday season from Thanksgiving to now has been at best a good practice for staying grounded and at worst a confirmation of why we prefer our solitude, meditation and high vibration lifestyles. Frankly, I’m liking forward to tomorrow when we can go back to working I’m focusing on ascension full time. This month long sneak peak into 3d people living 3d lifestyles was enough for me for a good long time. Ugh. Wondering if I can leave my guests to go read a book and meditate in bed…. LMAO…. Haha…🤦😂😹🎉

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    1. I woke up at some point this morning (went to bed after midnight) shaking. I don’t know if it was real or a dream. I wasn’t afraid. I quickly fell back asleep, which is unusual for me. I wish I could have stayed awake longer to have a better idea of what I was feeling and why.

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      1. My 3d… Very slowly becoming 4d… Husband was in bed all day yesterday with a migraine. This is highly unusual for him. He’s never totally defeated by illness. I don’t think I’ve seen him spend an entire day in bed in over 3 years. I’m guessing he’s finally getting his dna upgrades too.

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  9. I’m just getting so used to 5d that 3d holds very little attraction for me these days. I’m so done with this physical plane and with the people who find it the most pleasurable thing in their lives. I want to spend most of my time with nature, source, animals and books these days. Meh…

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  10. I didn’t see so many say they had chicken dreams. . . Maybe 2. Hmmm
    But you all cats had some. It’s just, it’s just, it’s just negative.b not me.


  11. Was Lynn at Psychic Focus talking about you guys when she did that latest (patreon subscription) post on CAT ETs (Lyrians)? I’d post part of it, but it’s paid content.


    1. Not directly. Here’s the original post, btw:

      We were the original beings that worked to create the Original Earth, and have been here a long time. Most recently, lots of us were trained by offshoot (renegade) members of this cat group while still in spirit, then released back into the Earth’s “Spirit Trap,” where Guides then pretended we were regular spirits on a return journey into the flesh machine (but some of us looked too “bright” and got TWBs et al assigned to keep an eye on us). Lots of other Positive groups run similar “stealth” operations, too. Instructorwise, we were actually trained by benevolent cat ETs and dog ETs and light beings and you name it; the group behind us is a Heinz 57 of the universe, with a message of light and unification, and are in fact the same ones who worked to introduce Brother J to earth. That operation was also interfered with for the same reasons.

      The actual Lyrian “day” sounded pretty sterile to us. Alas, lots of ETs have similar lives to this. They must not be much fun at parties. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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  12. I had a weirder than normal dream early hours of the New Year. I had to go down three levels in a building and was told to use the bubble transporter. It was like standing under a shower head. I then felt a very strong champagne bubbling effect and dematerialised to reassemble on the floor I wanted. The bubbling effect woke me it was that strong. Scottie technology! 😲

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  13. Huh, just sent a post in which I wished Happy New Year and more, but can not see it as waiting, ohhhh, well, it will probably show up eventually 😉✨


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    1. First, I wish everybody here and there, in this density or higher “Sretna Nova 2020 godina i neka bude bolja nego prijašnja 🎇🎆🎈✨”, upsss, as I am on the English speaking blog, I will translate this 😁

      Happy New Year 2020 and let it be a better then the last one 🎇🎆🎈✨

      And to add this, just before going to bed, it was around 1AM this morning (local time), I peeked outside the window just to see 3 lights in perfect triangle formation standing still, at least from my standpoint, so I wish them also a Happy New Year 2020 and thanked them for everything they done for us and for what they are about to do for us in the near future ✨

      As those 3 lights were stand still, I probably thanked 3 stars a Happy New Year, but I am OK with that, I felt urge to do it so… But, just maybe, somebody was listening ✨

      Ohhh, and just a moment ago I looked out thru that same window to the sun, and it was so intensely bright, unbelievable, something will happened soon, I just feel it ✨


      Fourth copy, the last try to show up

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  14. Happy New year’s day CATs and kitties! Today I’m resolved to detox body, mind and soul. I’m going to fast, meditate and hold my own little mini silent retreat. Yoga and reading in the garden will be my most tasking tasks of the day. Of course, as usual I’ll make time for a few sessions of chin scratching with my fur babies/soul mates/star brothers. Enjoy your day lovelies! 😊❤️✌️🙏 😻

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  15. what i am learning-keep trying and stay focused-dont take the outside world too seriously-be alert and stay aware-for me its the internals that i need to improve and stabilize due to health reasons-and found that in these last couple of weeks of waves have been able to relax and connect to the intutitve and experiment with time-space-tension-resonance-and fluid levels of internal organs-me thinks you can either be overwhelmed by it all or just deep dive and align with the energies and direct ones healing experience-it all becomes a waking dream-no chickens on this side but lots of cosmic stuff-and beings-looks like the cycles for 2020 are aligned with the solsctices- and spring-earth changes-summer-man and mars craziness-fall-figure it out and choose new direction and that last winter one we be at zero of aquarius-so hope we have some gr8 ideas on a better world for humanity and harmonious relationships with all cosmic beings-big agendas for humanity-but out here its one day at a time and today is my b day so gr8 prayers and blessing4all

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  16. Happy New year everyone! Let this be the year humanity finds its freedom!

    Now for something different…

    We were chillin’ outside watching the fireworks when suddenly, a red lighted aircraft appeared in the sky! Now at first I thought it was just a plane and thought nothing of it… Untill two more showed up, and then another. About 4-5 showed up one after another, all going in the same direction with a few stragglers behind. My BF thought it was either drones or helicopters to spot fires buuuut It seemed high up and the police department doesn’t have the budget for that many helis(I don’t think). By the time I got binoculars they were all gone (of course) but I managed to catch a video of one of them.

    Apologies for the shaky camera work. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic BUT I WANT TO BELIEVE.

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    1. Er- btw don’t scroll down too much on that site. It’s a mix between innocent and not-so innocent.


  17. I love the cats with lightsabers and the gentleman cat who says
    “I should get a lightsaber.” They helped to lift my spirits, a bit, as
    yesterday was a very sad day. I had to send Blackie, my dear companion
    and friend to Spirit. He had been having a difficult time, for about a year,
    walking and getting up. Then, four days ago, he could not get up at all. I
    struggled and struggled, but being a Lab he was about 80 pounds and I just
    couldn’t help him. He tried so hard to get up but couldn’t do it. I couldn’t
    let him go on like this so took him to the Vet. She said he had an abdominal
    tumor and that was part of the reason he could not get up. Blackie was
    lying on a gurney with blankets and I showed him his favorite red ball, told
    him he would rest and we would play a game a little later. He held the ball
    in his mouth, for a little while, and then it was over.

    Blackie was very special to me as he came into my life just a few weeks
    after I lost Cori, who had been ill, for a year, with kidney disease. One
    early, foggy morning I was putting out the trash when something gently
    touched my hand. I looked down and saw a large, Black dog that I had
    never seen before and said, without thinking, “you must be Blackie.” Since
    he did not have a collar I thought he might be lost but then learned he lived
    down the street. He would come to visit me always bringing a ball so we
    could play a game. If he couldn’t find a ball he would bring a toy……once he
    brought a blue rubber duck and another time a small green dinosaur. At
    times, I would find him on my back porch where he would arrange old
    cushions to make a bed. My property had several gates, that were usually
    closed, but he searched until he found one that was open. He visited me for
    many months and then, sadly, he and his companion dog, Otter, were
    kidnapped. A neighbor saw a woman take the dogs from their yard and
    put them in a van. I put up flyers, put a notice in the newspaper and asked
    for help from a pet psychic, I had worked with for many years, who was
    able to contact Blackie and found that the dogs were doing well. The psychic,
    Danielle, thought they were on a ranch about 20 miles away. She was right,
    as six months later, Blackie’s owner, Bill, got a call from a Vet, in a town about 20 miles away, saying that someone had turned Blackie in to the Vet,
    and Bill was found by Blackie’s microchip. Two months later, in Feb. of 2016,
    Bill’s daughter called to say her dad was ill and would I like Blackie? Of course, I said “yes” and Blackie came to be with me until yesterday. Blackie
    was a sweet, gentle loving dog and when I came home from the Vet the
    house felt so lonely and empty.

    I keep reminding myself that I have a lot to be grateful for, and that includes
    all of you, who have been so kind, loving and supportive. I wish everyone
    a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!

    With lots of love,


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    1. I’m so sorry, Pamela. Losing your best fur friend never gets easier, but Blackie had a happy life with you. As the CATs always say, that which is loved never dies.

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    2. Oh dear..
      I wish I could give you a warm ebracing hug of love and comfort. And even though we are so far from each other physically, I hope, as I always do, that you can feel that embrace in my words to you.💖

      I am so sorry for your loss. Yet I know, Blackie will never leave your side – what the two of you share together is an amazing story of Friendship and Love, and what’s built in Love, remains forever.💞

      In a scertain not so far-away time from this now, a new Loving Friend will cross your path. I feel a very gentle Soul awaits you and a certain moment to arrive. You will know exactly when it happens, because the timing of it all will be.. well.. purely Divine Timing – just as it was when Blackie came to you that day and made you aware of his presence.💞

      Sending healing Love💖

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    3. Coriboy. What a lovely story. Blackie must have had a premonition that he would be with you later in his life. He started up his friendship with you early bless him. What a gift for you to have had that strong bonding. Hope we all see our lost companions soon. Sending a hug. 🤗💕💖

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      1. Thank you, dear Kathy, Kagee3, Uli, Joy113, Newlynn and all who have
        expressed love and support about Blackie’s transition. I am sure that
        now he can run and happily play ball 🎾 without limping, from Arthritis, which he had been doing for some time. I am imagining him
        playing ball with Bill, and maybe, his dear friend Terre, who passed away, a month ago, today. Losing him was especially hard as he was my
        FAMILY. He would have been 15, in a couple of months, which the Vet said, for a large dog, was about like a 90 year old person.

        Bill let Blackie travel all over the neighborhood, even at night, which
        concerned me as he was a black dog on a dark street. I would tell him
        “now you listen to the angels” and he would smile confidently, as if to
        say, “don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

        Yesterday, I was sitting quietly on the sofa, meditating, when I felt the
        quilt over my legs moving. I wasn’t moving, there was no breeze and it
        was a heavy quilt. Blackie used to walk between the coffee table and the
        sofa, when he wanted my attention, pushing against the quilt as he was
        so big! I think he came to tell me that he is fine, and I truly believe I will
        see him again.

        I am grateful to everyone for all you have done to help me through this difficult time. It is a great comfort.

        With lots of love ❤️ and blessings to everyone,


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  18. Happy new year to all! Hope the better to everyone, as Source handle all for us with pure love !
    Last dream, was in a crowded University full of “young” people attempting class lessons, and me trying to reach mine by painfully cross through. During my class session, I worked on exercises (math, physics?) like the rest of the class. I had already resolved the last and 11th ( a multiple choice test), while the others were still quite late. For the 12th exercice, the professor told us that we did not yet have the knowledge to solve it, pointing it on my sheet… So lets start this new year by this 12th one !

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  19. No hairy chickens so far, nor cloaked ships that I registered.

    But the former mayor of Riace, Domenico Lucano, passed by the house where I live today guiding a sightseeing tour for what looked like visiting politicians. And as he was strolling through and telling them about the immigrants that live here, all of a sudden he found himself looking at a Swedish UFO standing in the middle of his story. So I did the obvious thing and greeted him as informally as possible, like we had known each other since forever, which made him even more confused.

    It makes me sad to see how few of my so called friends from the past would even consider helping me. Several of them are millionaires, even more run their own companies and have plenty more money than they need. Some of them I more or less created by contributing my energy and working hard to help them build what they’re profiting from. But they still just can’t, because someone who ends up where I am obviously deserves it.

    It’s not about me, it’s about them, about the hell they’re living in and the even worse one coming up around the corner. Here I am offering them a chance to climb a few rungs without sacrificing anything they would miss, and it isn’t happening. If these are the people we were waiting for, I’d say it’s time to move on because they’re not going.

    I’ve nailed a date for the trip home, but it’s secret 🙂


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  20. Anyone else feeling better with the dawn of the new year? I’ve got energy for the first time in I can’t remember how long, my head doesn’t hurt, my back doesn’t hurt, and the arthritis is under control. Got the outside Christmas decorations down, fixed all the burnt-out lights, and put everything neatly away; a job well and completely done. And I still feel like doing stuff. Yay! Hope it lasts for a while.

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  21. Synchronicities has gone off the charts these past few days.

    I saw a crazy matrix glitch early hours of this morning. I have always seen the “winks” as you call them, but this was very different.

    I am a light sleeper. Initially I heard what I first thought was a girl in trouble outside in the street (I have my windows open for air circulation). I could hear male voices too. Then when I left my bed to look outside three individuals had stopped and hunkered around our car and looked to be doing something around the door area. I immediately shouted and they quickly moved on, continuing to chat away as if nothing had happened. They were probably chancers up to no good during the sleeping hours.

    Then sometime later on I heard a “CAT” meowing liudly outside my window and noticed a light flashing slightly in the bedroom. I jumped up and looked outside again. A man with a flat cap was in the road but stopped by our car. I was a little dizzy with sleep and yelled again thinking he was up to no good. He lit a roll up cigarette and began cycling away slowly up the road.

    Shaking my head I paid a very quick visit to the bathroom. When I entered my bedroom again after only half a minute I noticed a strange flashing light again. This time I crept to the window and peeped outside. The same man with a flat cap on the same bike was stationary in the same place rolling up a cigarette. I watched him place it into his mouth, light it and slowly cycle away, all the way into the distance. This was around 04:30.

    So would you believe it, a cat helped me witness an insane matrix glitch. Couldn’t make it up…


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  22. HAPPY 2020 EVERYONE!!! 🎇🎉🎆🎉

    I think this is the YEAR! 😊
    Love and gratitude to You CAT’s and all participants of this blog for sharing this journey with me! ❤️🙏 😻


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  23. Since we are on dreams currently. My partner had a very vivid dream/experience/nightmare last night. Seems like a past life recall, She was born in the 90’s. She woke up in fear/sadness.
    Posted with her permission and in her words.
    Any thoughts are welcomed.
    Thank you.

    “It didn’t start out as a nightmare
    First it started with me and you getting chicken sandwiches from some restaurant
    It came on French bread with mayo and lettuce
    Of course I asked for mine with no lettuce
    But after we got the sandwiches my whole dream changed
    You were not there and I wasn’t even me
    I was some other lady
    And the time setting was in the 80’s I wanna say mid 80’s too
    I was doing laundry in what I suspect was my home when what I’m assuming is the husband comes in with a hammer type thing (it was square at the end not like a normal hammer) and hit me very hard on the head
    I was terrified for one
    Cause I couldn’t feel the pain but I could definitely feel the blood running down my face
    He then locked me in the laundry room
    I was laying there up against the dryer blood coming from a gaping hole in my head
    I couldn’t yell or speak
    I’m sure if it was not a nightmare I would be dead from how bad it was
    Then after what felt like a while he came back and I’m guessing brought the neighbor? Cause some other lady was there
    She asked if I was okay but I didn’t respond
    And then she left
    He then shoots me in the head with an old looking gun
    After that I feel even more blood running down my head and after he leaves the room I get up and look in this mirror that’s in the laundry room
    I see a giant hole from where the bullet hit me on side of my head and my ear looks messed up
    But I knew this lady wasn’t me
    She had long dark hair and like 4 ear piercings and brown eyes
    But just looking at all the blood terrified me
    I could actually feel my body outside of the nightmare tense up with fear
    The man came back and brought me to the couch
    And just watched tv with me
    It was very scary cause he was mean and angry the whole time
    He gave off very intense energy
    Very angry energy
    That’s when I woke up and told you I had a nightmare
    I don’t remember what I dreamt about when I went back to sleep
    But at least I didn’t dream about the nightmare again”

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  24. I saw thousands of ships landing on Earth in my dream last night. Also saw 10 foot tall female beings dressed in white with long hair who were singing lovely high pitched frequency songs. Had another ten minutes or so of mysteriously lost time around 12:15am… Timeline jump?

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  25. I gotta ask – did any of you also recieve intense upgrades via/trough the Heart last night??
    For me, it happened Thursday the 2nd between 02.20 and 03.00 CET at night/very early morning.

    It was Intense.

    To try and describe how it felt.. umm.. visualise a light bulb infront of you and then twist on the dimmer-button so that it gets brighter. Alternate between turning on the dimmer – from normal to a bit brighter and then back to normal again. And then from normal to even a bit more brighter than before, and then back again. And so on..

    If I’m not completely mistaken, it happened five or six times. Was a little hard to keep my head straight, because all I could do was to relax as much as possible and to focus my mind on my breath and to FEEL. The first wave hit it’s peak at exactly 02.27 and the last one was on it’s way to fade out at 02.54. I was wide awake during the whole experience but then again, who can get a good nights sleep now a days anyway?

    It came from deep within my heart. Then spread on out trough my body. 2-3 waves was aimed directly to my spine and the rest of the waves went via the nerves/faschia out to my whole body. The wave that was the most energetically charged of them all was extremely hot – I felt the immense heat, but at the same time all of the waves were totally painless to me. The test was rather to try to get accustomed to the intense frequency of electrical charge and energy. I’m grateful that neighter of it caused me no physical harm – rather the opposite. Today I feel different, as in energized and my heart feels like it has the size of my whole ribcage (?!) I guess I will find out more about why I needed this further ahead in time…

    And.. as I laid wide awake afterwards, just trying to rest in that buzzing sensation that still lingered in my body (and still does today) I got the wierdest picture of them all in my head! Out of ALL available pictures one can get – I get a frickin’ picture of a featherless and headless fowl standing on its legs!!!??! I was completely stunned and when I asked about this, all I got was “it happens trough the Heart” along with “we will live trough the Heart”. Well, that made sense to me because my mind had’nt the slightest bit to do with what I just experienced…

    Or…. I’m about to become someones dinner as a barbecued chicken, grilled from within…hope I get served with yummy potatosalad!😂

    Loving hugs and take care ALL💖

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    1. Most CATs are reporting waves of upgrades in head (eyes, ears, brain) and gut, and a few saying heart, but not everyone’s chimed in, yet. Note that we’re all working on separate “energy cores” (earth, moon, sun, etc.)… just don’t ask us why or what it’s for!

      We’re just happy that all CATs made it to 2020! Be nice if all our heads accompanied us, but you take the good with the bad. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I mostly feel it on the head, at all regions, often in the third eye, but a lot off times I feel as somebody put some device on my head, a ring shaped and then there is energy feeling surge in the head, also sometimes in a heart areas, but mostly feeling dizzy, lightheaded, heat on the skin, or body, uffff 💫

        Now, mostly head region, dizziness, buzz sound, I am at least feeling less heating then before, less losing breath, so it is getting better, still not there, but near, I think ✨

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      2. Well, I never doubted your ability to cruise in to the year of 2020😉 and if the upgrades starts like this, and this early into the new year…jeez, what a ride the rest of the year will be! Gotta make sure I have enough pop-corn at home…and that my head’s still attached so that I can eat them🍿….because I definitely don’t feel like eating chicken anymore!✨🤣

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      3. I talked to Lisa today (her second reading of the new year), and was told that I have a moon core (which seems to mean that my body reacts to the lunar phases) with particles of the moon and Mars raining down on me. Don’t ask me, either!

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        1. Lisa told me that I have a Gaia core and pieces of Venus are raining down on me. (This might be a partial reason why I had to get all the dogwood trees planted) We’ll see. Stay tuned.

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  26. With certain questions in comments of TLJ & upgrades – head is REALLY weird feeling today un-describable ‘dizzy/passing out, but NOT that at same time’ feeling – but even more so…

    After reading comments I remember thinking at some point yesterday? (Soooo bad at floating in time – have to try and make event time stamp mental logs for reference) I said to myself, “Was that a TLJ?” for no reason my computer was going crazy – cursor crazy, too – I also remember wondering if someone had just hacked into my computer/control, but got a negative about that – had to shut it down and do a normal re-boot, but it wasn’t recognizing me/my profile and when restarted it was like the computer had never been used – original blue screen and ‘welcome to Windows’ & tips for use everything in default mode. I asked some internal questions then went through another restart – everything back to normal – all my settings/background and set-ups where I had placed them – could have been something mundane, but was uber weird and has NEVER happened in the 3+ years with this laptop…

    (hmmm, why am I using the word uber the last few days… weird)


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