Lisa’s Chart Realized, and More [UPDATE1]


Remember Lisa Gawlas’ end-of-year chart?

Check out this past week’s muon meter:

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 1.36.53 AM

A whole chunk of time is missing from the data logs — for all meters:

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 1.39.58 AM

And another:

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 10.25.13 AM

And another:


Timeline jumps galore. Sure felt like it, too. There were other oddities:

No idea.
More Knock-Knock.



These Etna magnetic field charts are just crazy.
Knock-Knock and a SWOOOP.

Don’t expect things to calm down. At all. Things will get crazier and crazier until BOOM: The SHIFT. Maybe SOURCE will take pity on us and Divine-Time it sooner rather than later.

IMPORTANT: Note that with every timeline jump, those future things we said we saw in previous viewings are obsolete. This is the case for everyone. We have to keep revisiting the same things… and now we have to do it again. It’s why foretelling the future is simply impossible: you never know what it’s going to be, and you never know what’s going to happen. So, expect the unexpected. We’ll keep you as updated as we can. Try to take the discombobulation in stride while people around you lose their minds. You’ll find their heads laying about. Just pick them up and hand them back to their respective owners and say: “Excuse me. You dropped this.”

Um… your head is right there, where it’s always been. But hold onto it. You never know.

Happy 20/20, all. Here’s to OTHERS finally getting their own vision corrected.



FYI, Tomsk is stuck at 1:00 am PST. Someone will hit it with their shoe shortly.


This one appears up to date. Note the mini jumps.



Sorry, we started another post without finishing this one out. The big jump (above) finally ended:


Here’s how the Schumann (in Tomsk) looks now:

This is up to date. 

Don’t forget, these meters are measuring the Schumann Resonance in TOMSK; there are scads of local variations. In an ideal world, we’d have (enlightened-run) scientific instruments all over, but we’re stuck with using ones from other countries. The US media demonizes the Russians for all manner of crimes, but this is total crap propaganda. Unfortunately for the US military, the Russians have better stuff at the moment. — AND they have well-made scientific instruments across a large area of the earth AND they share their findings. Much better neighbors than the West’s population is led to believe.


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  1. Alrighty then, getting really close. Supertramp was already claimed so I’ll have to do with übertramp, fitting in a way. I sort of chickened out of Rome last time, but this time I’ve scheduled an overnight to make the buses fit with the embassy schedule. I wonder if the Poop is home, I’d love to have a word with it.

    A weird light crossed the sky diagonally yesterday, like something cut through the upper atmosphere and then went out again. Too slow to be a falling something and to fast for anything else. Sort of looked the same as last time I got Riggolt. I did invite him to drop by a couple of months ago when I was feeling really lonely down here, either busy or the yellow sub needed repairs I guess.

    Which reminds me. There’s a really cool feature in my ancient Nokia phone. Right next to ‘Call contact’ and ‘Send message’ there’s a menu item that reads ‘Request presence’. Haven’t tried it yet, though I have felt tempted at times. Yay for ancient technology, try that on your iPhone.

    I’m bringing oranges, lemons, a huge jar of honey and a huger container of olive oil for the trip. The huges where not my idea (I think), more gifts; but now I see no other choice than to drag them with me until I can figure out why.

    Watch out Rome, change is on it’s way 🙂


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