Jumps, TTYB Alert, Ugh… [UPDATE8]


We’ve had another significant timeline jump…

…but we can’t tell you why just yet. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. Here’s the oomph:



Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 10.49.40 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 10.53.05 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 10.53.29 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 10.53.44 PM



It started right at the edge of that active patch on the far right… just as we had something interesting happen. More on that tomorrow.





And another jump:



MORE jumps. These are all ‘jumps to the NE’ jumps:




This is just energy… but it’s kinda pretty.


Another jump.





Oh, crap. We’re having a serious WHOMP/timeline jump-storm. We can’t even upload graphs as we seem to be in-between jumps! Everyone be sure to ground often, and ask Brother J and Guides to enjoy the energy with you. Even CATs who don’t have energy issues with Wave X and the jumps are having symptoms. Breathe through it. It’s gonna be a bumpy night.

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 10.08.45 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 10.08.54 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 10.09.04 PM



We’re issuing our first TTYB alert: Take To Your Beds!


Ugh. CATs got roasted last night, all night. The portals were turned up almost as high as they can go. This is the main downside about living within proximity of a (Gaia) portal.



And we had yet another timeline jump at the same time, yay:

It’s either a break, or a pause before a WHAM. Please tell us there’s cake on the other side.

There was also this new meter (which we aren’t quite sure how to read, given how vague itis); it’s only been turned on for three days, but…

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 8.20.27 AM



Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 9.11.32 AM copy
Uh… ok.


Some weirdness.



Had another jump around midnight PST (8:00 UTC) last night.


That is a ton of adjustment.
And we found this FLEX interesting.
Here’s this, beginning to end.
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 6.41.17 AM
And now this looks like THIS. It used to look…
Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 8.20.27 AM
…like this. Fine tuning and all that.


97 thoughts on “Jumps, TTYB Alert, Ugh… [UPDATE8]

      1. Me too! I was bumbed about Chinese killing off their domestic pets one day and then I felt a calm the next day with a knowing that they’ll all be coming with us to NE. All the drama stays “out there’ – it’s as if I’m shielded from it all. Love to all on this journey! xox.

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  1. Strange picture?

    “Filling in holes.”

    Completing something?

    Inhibiting something?

    DIY time?

    Healing meditation for France? (Plaster of Paris 😂)


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  2. Hmm… interesting. Got woke up at 5 am by husband telling me that both dogs had been horribly intestinally sick in the carpet overnight. Was a rough way to wake up. But on the other hand, got “told” by higher up not to worry so much about this virus thing. And that there is some energetic thing to all this. Song on a video this morning saying “we’re going home, we’re going home” gave me goosebumps.

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    1. amazing strong winds in my country all night,
      trees bending…
      horizontal energy dross wiped away full force,
      liberating feeling…

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  3. While in Los Angeles visiting with family and friends, the winds blew so vigorously, the streets had dozens of piles of palm fronds, many six feet tall, stacked like hay stacks. Several people complained about their alarms being set off in the middle of the night and waking to the thought of intruders and finding doors blown open. The GPS on my phone went a haywire and showed my auto in a completely different neighborhood. It was strange to watch the little circle of my vehicle keep moving erratically up a canyon on the other side of the freeway.

    I thought this is it, what a beautiful day, what fun.

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  4. amazing how the personal waves here go from bliss to internal compression-hard to say just being quiet and watching and aware-cant see it coming but feel its infusion-impressive how here in my space i can bank on it never being the same the next day or night-on the gr8 days much gets addressed and even on the bad ones but the nights bring some unidentiable stresses-a kinda of locked in bubble with clarity and forward movement only as the invisible walls dissolve-sensitivity seems to be a vital resource in these changing times with focus and disciple the motor control needed for just being sane-manythxs4posting-many across world watching and wondering-as we all are-are there any ways to define the changes in frequency from the 7.8 to those higher currently occuring frequencies-there was a mention that 68-75 for a duration of 3 days is the transfer/transcend stage-but have seen other posts shared where the changes are noted in energy changes not frequency correspondences-what CATS insight-pls resPond if possible-manythxs4gr8SHARES/ING-SHARING IS CARING-interesting to note here my cats are calm and distant-they disappear and sleep till food times-very different than last few weeks-

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    1. Hi pataniki, the Schumann resonance fundamental frequency is always within a range of +/-1.0Hz from 7.83Hz… What is spiking is the amplitude, NOT the frequency. Compare this live frequency chart http://sosrff.tsu.ru/new/srf.jpg with the amplitude chart http://sosrff.tsu.ru/new/sra.jpg and you’ll see that the recent amplitude blast of 55 corresponds with a slight dip in the fundamental frequency (shown white, the other colours are harmonics). The schumann resonance power or amplitude is just an indication of how much cosmic energy is hitting our atmosphere, but the resonant frequency is a constant due to the size of the atmospheric air cavity.

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      1. Mark. Thanks for the explanation. I understand those charts a lot more now. Fascinating. Just what you need to occupy your mind at 2.30am! Oh for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. I vaguely remember that in the distant past.🙄

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      2. @ Mark,
        How lovely to have this explained in two words, thank you!
        what do you mean by “atmospheric air CAVITY”, please?

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        1. By cavity i mean the enclosed volume of air within our atmosphere, from the sueface of the Earth to the edge of the ionosphere. The size of this is what determines the fundamental resonance frequency and the related harmonics. A simple analogy is the air cavity within a half-full beer bottle. When you blow across the bottle top the air cavity vibrates and a tone is produced at its resonant frequency. You can alter the pitch (frequency) of this tone by adding or removing liquid which thereby changes the size/volume of the air cavity within the bottle. You can make the tone louder in volume by blowing harder, thus increasing the power/amplitude of the resonant frequency. So in summary, because our atmosphere is a fixed volume the resonant frequency (aka schumann resonance) is fairly constant. All of the extra energy that is hitting our atmosphere is like the Sun blowing across our beer bottle planet which is shown on these charts amplitude spikes. The schumann frequencies are just ELF (extremely low frequencies) tones below the range of human hearing, mostly background noise created by excitation in the atmosphere from lightning storms etc. Hope this helps, i have lost count of how many articles erroneously imply that the SR frequency is rising from its baseline of 7.83Hz, its a very common misunderstanding. The blue/green/whiteout chart is actually a combination of the amplitude & frequency plots for the fundamental and the harmonics but for me the amplitude chart is the most informative, especially as i find that activity levels in each of the different harmonics affect different parts of my body (e.g. green usually affects my digestion)

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  5. Just a minutes ago I went outside to the store near by, looked up as usual, it was very cloudy night, full of dark clouds, but, there was a small white, somehow lighted cloud, strange as all other sky areas are full off dark clouds, so it is popping out.

    But what was even stranger that it followed me to the store and back. It was even becoming lighter then before, and I went in the house to took my phone and made few shots, it was so interesting to watch, so I wanted to share with You ✨

    The second one is set to maximum digital zoom on my phone and focus was manually set to infinity ✨

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    1. Now seeing the moon outside when the clouds are cleared by the wind, I wonder if it is a moon in my pictures behind clouds, hmmm, it could be, not sure now ?

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      1. I have seen a ufo so big it looked like another moon even my dog was looking at it but the moon was on the other side of the sky. This mother ship could move around and then just opened up the sky and was like bye. This happened several years ago but these types of beings probably have always been around.

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    2. Perica – we’ve had an amazing and most peculiar showing by Venus at night (at least I’m assuming it’s Venus). I’ve never seen it so late in the sky, but in Arizona it’s now setting at about 8:45PM … and it’s bigger than I think I’ve ever seen it. Maybe it’s New Jerusalem (or something like that … you know, a city of light). It’s spectacular. Perhaps that’s what you experienced … just a thought.

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      1. It could be, I could not see properly if it was a moon or not as it was very cloudy that night, but when clouds were mostly blown off by the winds I could see it more clearly and it was like 2/3 off the full moon.

        So, I do not know was that moon I took a shot at or not, but it was more round then when I saw moon later that night, and what was interesting was that when I took each shot (and there were several off them, I just picked up this two), I had an impression that after each shot it seems like I got flash back off light frim that “object”, like it was taking back a shot at me.

        At least I had a feeling that is going on looking at my mobile phone screen at that moment, like flash off light after each mine shot at it, well, I do not know now, but that was something strange going on, definitely ✨

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  6. The effects of these jumps seem to be centred around my head. Feel like it may pop from the pressure. The all day headache isn’t agonising but it’s affecting my sinuses and teeth again. Thanks for the charts Cats. At least I know the reason why. So pleased you put the goofy puma on the pic. I love seeing him. He is much prettier than Frankenstein. 😁💖

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  7. Mind chatter:
    I have no idea how to get from this ego based existence back to Source. Just trying to wrap my thoughts around any possible process makes my mind go blank. Maybe blank mind is the answer. Hopefully some part of me knows how this is done as I cannot reason a way out.
    Silence the ego and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me now..
    Mind chatter:
    Easier said than done. Trust must carry this through.
    Maybe the last TLJ caused whiplash brain injury. Cay

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  8. Thank you CATS, really felt this!

    Dream time was interesting. I was looking out of a large window out onto some sort of waterfront. It was quite drizzly and rainy. The sky was filled with so many ships/UFO’s all different shapes and sizes…

    Then, I saw the Statue of Liberty fly through the air and land in some shallow water. A lady waded out to have a closer look and I realised the statue was no bigger than her! Hmmm!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Heheheheh……I did (and thought) the very same thing as this guy, only I wasn’t 7 — I was around 5 years old:

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  9. Noticing more spirit activity with the jumps dog woke me up growling at one and the hallway last night was a regular party station again.

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  10. Well, for me, experience more winking this morning around 11:14 Am PST (give or take) Crikies! It feels so damned weird to have “reality”shift momentarily and in succession for a split second. If I didn’t now know what it is, I’d think that I was loosin’ it. (I’m still here, right?) Anyone???

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    1. J. Yup still here. The reality shift moments feel like a wave passing through my head and being off balance for a second. I get the urge to lie down when it happens but I’m not sure the boss would understand! We need beds at work nowadays.🤔😉😊

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  11. I am looking everywhere for information on what happened last night. I live in the US, and it started with a very small earthquake and VERY loud bang at 5:35am UTC (11:35pm where I live). Some people in the house felt and heard this while others did not. I wasn’t one of the ones who experienced the earthquake/bang, but at the time this was happening, I was being woken up out of sleep by a strange and VERY uncomfortable feeling in my body. I felt numb, inflated, and “wired”. It’s very hard to describe how this felt, but it was uncomfortable enough that I had to get up and walk around. That is when I found out there had just been an earthquake – my daughter heard me get up and asked me if the earthquake had woken me. Immediately within the hour following, all electronic devices malfunctioned. Electricity and wifi had not been interrupted, but the devices themselves did not operate like they should. Apps wouldn’t open, keyboards did not respond to keys being pressed, updates that were waiting to be installed disappeared, and Bluetooth connections disconnected. This morning, I noticed that my laptop had been rebooted and all my customizable settings were gone. I had to redo them. Someone else in my family woke up to all of their Windows preinstalled applications and files being completely corrupted and having to do an entire Windows reinstall. Personally, today my head is killing me, my body still feels “wired”, and I have such a pressure in my head that my teeth hurt. I am also experiencing extreme anxiety and panic today for no reason. Something happened last night, and I would appreciate any insight as to what it was, please. Does anyone know? I don’t know how to read the charts and graphs on this blog, but I figure if anyone knows, the people here would. Thank you.

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  12. As I woke up from a nap today I saw a brilliant red dragon flying before me in my imagination. Oh my! Maybe a spirit guide presenting herself at this time? I felt wonder and peace when I saw her. Definitely the veil is weakening.

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      1. Few nights ago I saw sam white object in the sky, but it looked as it is changing shape during its movement and it flying pattern looked more organic then craft I seen before, first thing what popped in my mind was, is this a dragon showing off ✨

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  13. Well at the end of this day (which was probably Tuesday, but wouldn’t state that categorically) I didn’t get out of my bathrobe. I did, however, feel a desperate need to bake a batch of lemon butter cookies. They and the lattes tasted mighty fine! With that, I am most assuredly taking to my bed. (Oh, as an afterthought, those wonderful lavender-blue globes of light were featured most prominently today. They were quite abundant for a while. I’m always happy to see them.)

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  14. Feels like I can still see people that are clearly on other timelines. They appear to be in a completely different reality than what I experience. Is that possible? I did not expect to still need to interact with the unaware.

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  15. @dear Cat’s

    We’re issuing our first TTYB alert: Take To Your Beds!
    What does it mean: ITYB alert?

    I felt a lot of energy this night like champaign bubbles
    but the night before very much fear that I meditated with the Iam the light, I am the love, I am.
    And high beings of light told me, that it was indeed a huge timeline jump and I jumped to the timeline of NE.

    Thank you cat’s for your awsome work.

    much love to everybody here


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      1. it is funny, cause I go to a chinese doktor for acupuncture
        after she positioned the needles, she allways Say:


        love Alnilam ❤️

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      2. Try living (actually ‘dying’) like that, for 8 years NONSTOP.
        And I mean literally…..not one bit of *relief*
        Crawling in and out of bed, is all you can do, if you can even manage to do THAT.
        You can’t wear clothes, because your skin is being radiated and burned and fried and dried and crystallized every single second.

        Is it any wonder that the highest of us, are always screaming in agony for this to END?????

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  16. I had a weird surreal feeling today while driving, realizing that I really wasn’t moving at all because I am in Source and it doesn’t matter where I go, as this is not real. Just for a moment this reality wasn’t real, I was moving and yet not moving if that makes sense, my awareness was somehow recognizing the stillness of the observer while driving, very strange sensation! Calm, peaceful, just noticing the construct…
    Kids in school went bonkers today, all of them, fidgety, chatty, out-of-sorts!
    On a different note, my voice is slowly coming back, yay!
    Overall I am feeling positive and pretty relaxed, a little amused by things, like someone being jostled around sitting on a big trampoline while others are jumping, laughing because they can’t get up and it’s getting a tad bit crazy…

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  17. Muchly wobbly this morning. Especially the legs. Heart a bit random and I seem to need more food at the moment. On the energy pummelling chart last night was a nine. 😣🙄🤗

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  18. This explains a lot. I woke up at 3:33 today, and felt like the next two hours were like six until I had to get up for work. I had many dreams in that time, one where I was laying in the most comfortable bed, with a really nice person telling me I could stay there all day if I wanted. I had that sleep paralysis thing which (if I’m not focusing on trying to move) usually leads to a flying dream/me traveling in my Light Body, note to self. ❤️

    Another was a graduation of some sorts, where my grandmother (who transitioned in 1990) was there. She was clairvoyant, or clairesomething, and has spoken to me a few times throughout my life with present day advice in meditations and dreams. Hear her voice as clear as day. She was a very wise woman, and our Matriarch. It runs on my Mom’s side of the family, as my Mom used to keep a dream journal before the onset of her dementia.

    Today feels…different, like Lighter than in days past. Don’t have much of an appetite, but sometimes a coffee and water breakfast will do just fine. Have a great day All! Thank You!! ❤️One Love ❤️

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  19. Hey Cats, any ideas as to whether Betelgeuse might go super nova? And what that might do to our sun?
    Exciting times,indeed!


  20. Wow, yesterday and last night wins for the most timeline jumps ever ~ these were very intense. I get the fun feeling of it all inside my body, lol. Lines snip snapping… Felt like hours of birth… Lots of lamaze breathing and more breathing and then grounding and more grounding and dreams were very vivid all about a new place, new people.. An airport with Christmas lights lights and people were turning into rainbows and golden orbs. Lots of new friends and nice people 🎉

    Much ♥️ to all and high heart hugs, that was one rough ride yesterday! 🤗 🙏

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    1. Beautiful dream!

      I do not remember my dreams…I have only feelings from them… I feel like all is well. Also I feel that during my dreams I live somewhat similar life but it unfolds in a different way…My dreams do not feel like dreams, they feel so real. Unfortunetly, most of the time I forget my dream the moment I open my eyes…Sigh… 😦

      For a past few day I feel so tired and exhausted in the morning it feels like I work at night during my dreams…

      But I am here with all of you for the ride!!! 🙂

      June 🙂

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    1. My bed is ready and the cupboards are stocked in case I have to shelter in place this week during reality adjustments (due to energetic influx.) cay

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    2. Arrived in Snowdonia last night as visiting friend for a week. Outside looking at the clear sky, few stars with very bright moon. Out of the darkness a light appeared it sparkled and slowly indulated in effortless fluid movement which was beautiful in itself to watch. Other commenters have seen dragons and I was really hoping this experience was I looked away briefly and when I turned to look again it became linear with large lights which I have seen before so no Dragon.
      Went to bed and the inner part of my head started to vibrated and was a colour and shape not able to describe. A tone sounded inside my head with the buzzing vibration colour shape and frequency all going at the same time, I took the opportunity to use this and send love forgiveness through all timelines,dimensions streams to all pieces and parts of myself calling them back. This inner head experience lasted about 5 minutes.
      Big fan of you CATS snd M’s thank you for all you do and providing this place where we can share and read others experiences.

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  21. Yes, glad there’s an energies explanation… I didn’t know the last couple of days if what I was going through was related to having spent Monday(02/ 03) from 8 am to about 2 pm in my wheelchair waiting for senior rides to go forth to get blood tests, back to main senior center to reinstate my participation in senior ride program paperwork, back out to the pharmacy to get my medication that makes me semi-functional back-wise Takes hrs to wait for rides, esp if I have to use the wheelchair they only have 2 or 3 such vans and a lot of need – back was protesting vigorously to sitting that long esp in wheelchair – even 1/2 hr sitting usually causes problems, plus the rolling, rolling, rolling of those wheels around places trying not to have things fall off my lap or bag dump – happened twice – people were nice enough to help me put things back together – only drawn to use #1 mantra with one couple, man and woman, unknown relationship – seemed complicated – don’t know if affected them, but had the relaxation response in me I get if something is working… got home and collapsed out for rest of night, yesterday worthless body wise and last night – *sigh* kind of drained/depressed? feeling, but not really the same.
    Had two songs today, so far – both ‘do whop’ era songs – first early was
    ‘Life is but a dream’, The Earls
    then as I was trying to remember the first one I was getting:
    ‘In the still of the Night’, The Five Satins

    Dreams over the weekend? of family member related all night theme of euphemistically – ‘eliminations of solids from bodies’
    last night themes after abundant fancy or savory prepared food displays in shops – had dreams related to men ad woman seeking possibly chancy or perverted relations – seems if could get their interest reduced before they did things they were free of something… my old counselor showed up in the last one seemed to be to help with a massage/body therapy session, but really same theme…

    @Cats , etc – I haven’t done the exercise – I keep getting steered gently away from certain things and what is normally thought of as meditation practices – I don’t know why – I suppose I’ll find out ‘someday’ – I feel kind of bad about it in a way like lazy or something (but I know the lazy thing if a definite programming family thing for me) I’ll continue to listen to guidance and I DO do the, esp ‘I AMs mantras esp before sleep and do g+P+C thing and grdg cords if drawn to… – dang ‘not enough’ programming?

    much love to all,

    PS: family if going to use their tx return to move somewhere then they say city will HAVE to find a place for me because I'm in their system as disabled eligible for assisted housing thingy – I won't be able to stay here as it is a 3 bedroom… don't mind – they still want to drop off gddaughtr in that case, for me to watch – esp with new baby stress – *sigh* it would be nice if shift happened before all that stress…

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  22. So, does snoring count as a wave X/ timeline jump symptom? Apparently I snored up a storm last night, which I normally only do when VERY intoxicated, and that hasn’t happened in a looong time. Not a drop of alcohol last night, really no change in diet at all, so what was that all about? Poor hubby, he said that I
    “found ” just the right frequency to make our wooden loft bed vibrate, o my word!
    I would have gone bonkers and thrown him off the bed, bless his heart, he was so good-natured about it!
    Now I’m worried about next week, I might have to sleep on the couch….😁

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  23. It’s really ramping up. I’m shaking, wobbling, blissed out, cranky, forgetful, restless, exhausted, stupified.

    No change then… 🤭

    Oh, seeing a lot of movement around my periphery, even a white orb.

    Dreamt of teaching others how to move objects with the mind. Showing how the process is identical regardless of size and weight of object.


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  24. If I TTYB (my bed), what will I do there? I certainly can’t sleep or get any rest. How long can a HUman body continue to function with only an hour/ hour and a half sleep at a time? My nighttime’s are like being in a blender. Getting to be ridiculous!🥴

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    1. From my own experience during the last great adventure, about three-four days with no sleep at all is perfectly possible. Far from optimal, but possible. And the body will force sleep if it gets critical, it knows what it’s doing.

      We walk different paths, but I used to have the same experience in Riace, as well as the hostel where I lived for a while when I came back. But in the apartment where I live right now I sleep much better. I would ask spirit if there’s any way to improve the situation, maybe something can be done to your environment, diet, routine, schedule etc.

      Besides meditating before going to bed, adding more blankets to make it really toasty helped me. Even at neutral, seemingly comfortable temperature my body can’t settle these days, and if I force it I usually wake up freezing at some point or get a cold the following days.

      I usually take a 1-2h nap in the afternoon, stay up late working and go to bed around 2-4am, and wake up around 9am. I’ve fallen into the same rhythm whenever I get the chance for most of my life. Not very normal, but normal went Dodo a long time ago.


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  25. Were there few time jumps around 19:30-19:45 UTC ?

    I was out, night is full off clouds, but they are not so dark, so the moon is clearly visible, about 2/3 off the full moon, and at some point it started to move !? To be sure it is a moon moving (as strange as that sound), and not the clouds below it, I stood firmly with my eyes up, looking straight at the moon and using my glasses frame as reference point, and it was really visibly moving, I felt like it was fast forwarding in time or something like that 😵

    And same thing repeated maybe 15min after 😎

    In the between, it was standing still as it “should” be doing, what is going on tonight ? ✨

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    1. So according to update #8, I was almost at target, maybe off for 15-30min as I observed that moon movement at about 7:30-7:45PM UTC, but that at least somehow explaining what happened, still, it was strange phenomena to observe 😎✨

      But it seems that TJ is more pronounced outside off the Earth, or outside off Van Alen belt, or at least that is my conclusion, but why is that, or it is not always the case, just sometimes ?


  26. Hey if you do run into a tall shadow being just ask them if they have ever had the theme to the movie Arthur stuck in their head. LOL I ran into one in the hallway and that was the first thing that came out of me. 🤣 Gotta say whatever is coming through the portals is some tough guys of the universe.

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  27. I got really really sleepy and tired at the exact moments of the graph times. I feel asleep listening to/watching Laura’s video around 8pm CST. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. I hope this doesn’t continue.

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  28. After much wakings from extremely painful/itching joints – mostly feet and hands, some long bone involvement – I finally got up – ~ 4:55 am my time MT – – I don’t know how many ‘invitations’ I extended to Brother J & ‘breathing’ SOURCE – I just now slathered feet with a Benadryl stick(least expensive anti-itch thing I could find the other day and some of the last dabs of pain cream – I didn’t have $ for more of any type pain cream or ointment(after paying plumber). That has helped some. There’s a VERY weird feeling in bones after the most extreme sensations reduced – can’t describe – now low back is kicking up… going to try to find some sleep –
    = much snow yesterday – tonight extreme (for here) cold – down to 10 degrees F tonight…

    Family energies were bonkers yesterday/last evening – in a way felt like some things were trying to be resolved or at least addressed – granddghtr had extreme stress yesterday had me pressing down on head and alternating forehead very hard – pulling off energy from feet even put my feet on her palms and pressed down hard – just tried to follow her direction – asked from much help, she was crying for hours – tried to find some peppermint oil to try that behind ears – I know I’d had some – may have disappeared – daughter can’t tolerate mint, ginger turmeric, other things – I think she has a very different body make up than most – not from around here… 🙂

    do the best you can everyone…


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  29. Dream time has been interesting. The night before last I was flying a lot and I was finding it was easier to do. Last night I was in a James Bond scenario. Lots of derring do stuff including being given a car that had all the gizmos including a complete shield that appeared all over it when someone tried to blow it up. Whut! 🤔

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    1. You mentioning flying triggered a memory from a few nights back, I was actually flying again. First time I can remember since forever. But it was some weird Star Wars-like scenario where I was flying around chasing something slimy with a laser gun, not the good old cruising over tree tops. Dreams are getting VERY weird.


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      1. Sifoo. Aren’t they just. Last night I dreamt I saved a white tiger from drowning in a pool where lots of white cows had perished. Weirdest part was that I used my bra as as lassoo to help pull it out! I was also driving up a country lane in another part of the dream, but couldn’t see the road, only the tops of the high hedges. Driving pretty blind but didn’t hit anything. Dreams seem to be easy to remember at the moment.🤔

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  30. A new one for me: I was in bed in the wee hours of this morning whilst I was doing some viewing. I saw the net or veil thin and slowly break up until it was gone. I woke up as I was starting to look thru the distance. To be continued. The experience was, shall I say, most interesting. Me thinks we’re almost there!

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    1. I have noticed when I just go outside for a little walk with the dog reality starts to disappear around me and goes into light. I guess I could blame this on the sun but it is doing it at night. The minute it does it I am not cool about it I get home quickly lol. Like where would the dog and I go to if I just go with it? I never get a feeling about any kind of shift it is just weird.

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  31. I saw a few comments about dragons. A few nights ago I dreamt about being attacked by dragons, but they were little, like 3 feet tall. And yes, they did come out of the sky.

    And last night I dreamt I portaled through a fish tank.

    Way crazy stuff going on!

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      1. I don’t remember how they attacked. I know I climbed a tree hoping to escape as they were chasing people. They were all white, translucent, small, almost chubby.


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