38 thoughts on “De-Focus

  1. Was there something big happened today or tonight ?

    I went outside to the store and on the way back I could feel incredible joy emanating from the skies / space, like whole universe is for some reason happy for us. I returned back that feeling and immediately after that there was light in the sky happily blinking back, what a treat ✨

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  2. Gosh, Youse ALL have this seemingly uncanny ability to put out there what I’m experiencing. How come???? I was just going to the site to comment on my “winking out” this morning seems to be increasing. I just wanted to put it out there. EEEeeee! Anyway, as usual, THANKS again.

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    1. Because they harvest your intent to belong. That’s why they agree to emotionality. That’s why they let you ask for the assistance and love of their website. Another slave for their bubble. Just like tann and gia Sophia.
      I will watch and wait. I know who I am. I don’t need cats. I will forever watch you fall back.


  3. Hello All! 👋🏻
    When I was little, I did this often (sometimes I do this in my adult life). Only I wouldn’t close my eyes. A vision, like a movie would play before my eyes. When the vision was finished, my subconscious mind would acknowledge the message. But when I snapped back into “reality” I wouldn’t remember what I saw, or it wouldn’t make sense to my conscious mind.
    I will try it your way and see what happens.
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. What a coincidence!!
      Yesterday, I smelled violets. The smell chased me for hours.
      First I thought it was a lady’s perfume, since I was in the supermarket. Then in the office. I thought it was a new fashion perfume. Although it was not the artificial smell of perfume. It was a natural smell.
      Finally at home I smelled it again.

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      1. yess yesss… same here.. i thought somebody eating watermelon or something. its in my office tho, theres no one eating it and it keeps coming to me,. we’re getting closer,,.. oh my source.. 😆😆

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  4. I closed the book but my mind keep reading it. I could see my finger following the words but couldn’t make much out. I closed the book and it was titled “in the woods “

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  5. Was a great day here, creative joy, then I ate dinner! Out like a light, when I came too, S R meter had come to life during dinner. So happy that things Are moving. Joyous Love to All. Peace.

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  6. That was easy. Defocus – take off my glasses – lol. Message – go out and “do” – basically do anything because that brings my energies into a broader arena.

    I opened a book (Grout’s E squared) to a random page that I had not read before, and did not see anything because I took off my glasses. What was the passage – the dowsing exercise showing how our energies move. BTW, my Grandfather was an accomplished dowser.


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  7. I used to defocus all the time aS kid!! Lol. When I did this experiment, I felt my 3rd eye pressure and had a flash of a vision of a huge white sun burst in front of a blue sky! The center of the Sun burst was small yellow but burst out in white

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  8. Dear Cats,
    I did the exercise three times. The first night. another one at dawn and the third now before breakfast.
    The first time I used the text in which the exercise is described. As you say any written text serves, not necessarily a book, I used the computer. I followed the steps. I went into meditation. But nothing out of the ordinary happened.
    So I thought maybe I was too tired.
    I slept and at about 3 a.m., I woke up and decided to try again. This time with a book by Eckar Tholle that I have on my nightstand. Again nothing different happened.
    I have done it again while my coffee was being made, and the same. A good 5 minute meditation (my meditations are brief but very deep) and I have not noticed anything special either.
    Could you tell me what to expect from doing meditation with exercise?
    I love the games you propose, and I’m crazy about solving this one.

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  9. Defocusing is important, focus is the opposite of awareness.

    My Yoga teacher encouraged us to play around with defocusing the eyes in all sorts of contexts; it let’s you catch more of what’s going on when watching the sky, or in a crowded room, the supermarket line etc.

    It’s also key to doing mirror meditation, as soon as the vision focuses the special effects go out the window instantly.

    I usually come out of my meditations with defocused vision, takes a couple of minutes for it to adjust back to 3D.

    Gave away my last book, The Course, to a friend in Riace. I’m still trying to figure out what to try this on. Rental contract?


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  10. I did your exercise and immediately my hands started to get really hot, to the point I could feel them pulsing. Kind of like I could feel the aura of the hands instead of seeing them. I had been chilled earlier and my hands had been cold so this was interesting. Then the heat slowly started to go up my arms to the rest of my body. I’ve had the heat waves go through my body before, but this was somewhat different. Didn’t do it very long and haven’t tried it again to see if I get the same response. May try later.

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