Well, well. One CAT asked a question and everything changed.

You may recall this recent energy thingie:

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 12.28.38 PM

That’s a big blast of energy from Portal One inside the sun. So… one CAT asked if that was how The SHIFT will happen, with energy from that portal… just like that, but bigger. They also wondered if there will be TIME factored into The SHIFT. That is, will we see it coming?

The M’s said: “YES. We do think it will come from that direction. You may even see the ‘burst’ [similar to the above] a day or two in advance.”

Expect a lot of disinfo to be released before and during it. But all of us (and all those who read this blog) know what’s what, so we can act as guides for all those with questions. And boy will there be questions!





26 thoughts on “You Might SEE IT COMING

  1. Hmm… for me things have felt very strange since last Sunday. I felt things were stuck but now the days seem to be progressing to something. I’m sure I’ll have questions but just going to sit with this awhile. Thanks Cats!

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  2. So, the recent blast is almost 100% a dryrun/warning then? And if that’s true then we must be close.

    Loving the last pic.


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    1. Well… we wondered that, too. One CAT did have a vision of a white horse (mare) running past her house, and then a bunch of darker horses following after her right at the same time this energy event happened…

      -CAT Eds.

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  3. Im ready, I think lol. We have a little angel on her way in March. I wonder if she wanted to be born in flesh just in time for the SHIFT? Or… we are staying to help others. Either way, I know SOURCE knows and soon we will.
    Blessings and Love to all 🙂

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      1. If there are “New Year Babies”, how about those who’ll be born just at the exact time of the Shift? “Shift Babies”? ☺

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      1. Thank you so much Dugan! We accept your NE offer 🙂

        I must say that I did not plan on having kids in this wild world, but, I met someone who’s light called out to me during a rough time for them and well, a few years later and lots of conversations and lots of guidance from my guides, sometimes very pushy guidance lol. Now we have a little one on the way. She was a surprise considering lots of things, but she is very welcomed. Actual, my SO and I had dreams about what would happen. its uncanny, It confirmed many things for both of us. So I call our little angel, our miracle. what had to happen, what had to be resolved, My premonitions and dreams, My SO dreams, our shared dreams.
        This place, This illusion is so beautiful, so mysterious, so darn awesome.

        Dugan you can always stop by our place on NE, warning though, I feel we will live in a tree house lol, I hope you dont mind heights 🙂
        Everyone is welcome, CATS and Ms and AM, ALL YALL. I will also have a pretty sweet rope elevator for anyone that needs an assist, like me lol.

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        1. @DMP. I’VE dreamed about coming down from a huge city by way of trees. So I’m thinking we’ll be neighbors! I have lots of God-children and kids love me. I think it’s bc I’m so little or vertically challenged! Lol. 😁

          I wonder what it will be like to raise a family on NE!? I worries? Will the baby be able to telepathically SPEAK to you and say, “hey get over here and play with me?!”😃

          or instead of crying, the baby can use telepathy saying, “mom I’m hungry I just wet myself! Hahaha


  4. Thank you for the confirmation!
    If I may ask, Did anyone have any major physical symptom/reaction to the energy thingie!?
    Thank you!

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      1. Thank you for your reply. The energies were the most intense I have experienced……
        It was the first time my physical body had a “MAJOR” reaction! I use to get cold sores during times of intense stress when working in my old corporate job. And I haven’t had one in 10+ years sense I left.
        The one that came through on Saturday night/Sunday morning created a small out break. My physical body was literally squirming to push out the remnants of old density from my physicality. The cold sore normally would take 10 days, took only one day to heal/clear! Completely healed sense yesterday.

        I am assuming this is our preparation so when the final shift arrives we will move through it with ease and grace!?
        I appreciate you ALL!
        Again, thank you!
        In Sovereignty & Love💥

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  5. I also felt that something is coming last night (Monday night). I felt terrible. Tired to the point of exhaustion.
    Did not sleep well during the night and still feel exhausted today…

    On the positive side… I LOVE the image of the Cat and the Angel sitting on the tree! ❤
    I’ve seeing it before at the end of a heart worming story. 🙂
    It makes me smile every time I see it now… 🙂 Thank you for posting it!

    Love, ❤

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    1. June. That’s just how I felt Monday. It’s taken until Thursday to feel human again. Hope you have improved.😊💕

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  6. It dawned on me:

    c0r0na v1rus … CME blast from sun = Corona(l) Mass Ejection

    “Them” like to do plays on words, to “plant” emotional energy pertaining to certain things/circumstances.


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    1. I’ve been off the grid for a couple days. So I didn’t know the CATS posted such JUICY info! 🐱

      My doctor says, according to my labs, my kidney/liver looks like I’m starving to death. I’m SO not. I’m quite fluffy. Lol. Anyway, it looks like I’m in renal failure. my dr. Called me a MEDICAL MYSTERY. 😁 Makes me laugh. Happened when I was a kid too. Anyway. So I was on a DETOX strict diet Sat/Sun. Sleeping for two days straight. No coffee, no salt, no deli meat, no peanuts, no eggs, no butter. No nothing. No BACON

      qhht, One of my past lives I starved to death as a baby, I wonder if it would actually show up in labs.

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  7. whoopie-well it was intense-down for 2 days and slow since then-some questions-where do you get your cat pics-they are very cool-and unique so manythxs for smiles on this side-as for doubling up when shift happens with cats-we already doubled(from 3 to 5/6) here-tryiNg to allow them to stay semi wild-the new ones-as for the old ones from before-they down with last shift and sleeping next to fireplace all night-will be planting seeds for spring garden – lots of flowers and veggies this year-hope is alot on this side of time-re kidneys and lemon yogi water gr8 insights as with avocado paste-recommend if there are infections in kidneys -chaparall and uva ursi tea-small amounts but eliminates deep infections and cleans kidneys-and for inflammation/fluffy skin turmeric-lemon-pepper-and cranberry juice (with no sugar) does a great job on slow and low cleaning or daily maintenance-what i have found interesting is that this last period of activity especially has been down and low- with not much mental activity or drive available-psychologically it hurts but the body needs to nuetralize and heal-so i learn to live with it-and keep aware-manythxsGR8WORKS&SHARES- PS wonder if these shifts are not only effecting our mental and physical but also the those earth elements like water which is what we need-to exist-a prayer of thanks before each glass and also very old technique of imbuing the water-think japanese experiments with water-and put a love tag on the glass-let it sit-then drink-

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