Meterage for 2-11 to 2-13-20 [UPDATE5]



Oh, boy. The energy is “drawing up”…

We’re in totally new energy territory, so… we’re gonna cite anything and everything.

First off, there’s this:

The “knock” gets shorter and shorter… but then what?
(Some “UCLA Bruin” energy started around 20:00 UTC on 2/10. 😉

Also, seems folks of a certain vibe are feeling debilitated by energy below 20 Hz:



Well, WE definitely felt all this…

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 9.38.39 AM
This is Tomsk-time (so 15 is midnight PST, 8:00 UTC).

…last night.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 9.49.25 AM


We weren’t sure at first, but are now: Lots of CATs (and some of you) are “on the New Earth” right now, and have been since late January… existing in a kind of dual reality. Some are seeing it in dreams, while others are experiencing it in the moment (the sky is so BLUE!)… as well as sensing sights and sounds of realms in-between! We can definitely smell it! It’s like we’re here and there simultaneously. At the SHIFT, we will see only the one (4d, or Fourth Density) layer, though we might be able to see both for a short while before the split between the two worlds puts enough distance between here and there.

Also, from today till the 14th is supposed to be a “major energy influx.” We’ll see.

Did you see THAT??




Well, this is an odd glitch:



More jumps (and we might know why). A busy day:




Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 10.11.41 PM

And a bunch of Wave X energy:

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 10.16.23 PM


And to round things out, we had a CME, how quaint:

We’ll probably feel this in 3 or 4 days; just a glancing blow.


Another (interesting) jump:



And this last night at midnight PST was interesting.
And the end of the KNOCK nears?


And another jump:




217 thoughts on “Meterage for 2-11 to 2-13-20 [UPDATE5]

  1. OK, so here I am this morning sitting at my desk writing this. I have a deliciously blooming hyacinth sitting with me being assailed by the most delicious sweet scent imaginable. I very highly recommend this aroma therapy! Other than that, I know nothing. Cheers!

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      1. To me it has its own particular hyacinth scent, no grape overtones. You were, perhaps thinking of that fine Merlot I mentioned previously. Har!

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        1. @J – seems I’m confusing my childhood – I looked it up – Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) refers to small woodland cluster flowers on stem that look like a cluster of grapes, but not in the Hyacinth family – early spring growth -, but I confused it with the hyacinths, bluey purple that we bought around Easter, very sweet smelling – and confused all that with these wild, blue/deep purple small – (flowers only about 2″ high) – Irises that grew in swampy areas around us – THEY did smell just like concord grapes – gorgeous…


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    1. It’ll be a good three months before my own hyacinths are in bloom, so thank you for the chance to vicariously experience yours! One of the best scents on Earth….(although lilacs come close)

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  2. Hi everybody,
    I want to share what I experienced this morning.
    I didn’t wake up yet and I was in a ‘limbo’ between dreaming and awakening; during this dream-like scene a woman, in front of me, became suddenly a man with a white tunic, white sandals, brown belt.
    I was astonished…
    But suddenly, the background dreaming scenario became my room: this man was floating in front of me and my bed with his arms open (like Brother J) but in that moment I wasn’t able to see his head (it was out of the roof).
    My legs and my arms opened like Da Vinci’s Uomo Vitruviano and I wasn’t able to move… around it seemed to be a lot of white light.
    After a few seconds this man went away and I saw some Red and Black faces in front of my face, screaming…
    In these case I use my inner Light to shut out this energies.
    Then I woke up.
    I was shocked.
    I’m changing home bcs this is not the first time I see this kind of energy here.
    I’m getting used to it.
    What do you think about Guys?

    Gratitude and Love to All.

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    1. I forgot to write that I saw a strange sky in the dream: it was blue, violet, purple, orange, turquoise all mixed.
      And the Sun, it was enormous, reddish and orange… marvellous!
      I looked in it for a while, just standing there looking that Sun..
      Now that I think to it, I recognize that the sky was like a nocturne sky but there was the sun…ahah
      I’m confused LOL

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    1. Lynn seems to think that reincarnation will be required in order to live in 4D. The veil is thinning now for some who are heading to 4D in their next life where it is possible to experience psychic abilities and unity consciousness

      @CATS this would appear to contradict what you’ve been seeing for the SHIFT… will the transition be a seamless experience for some or do we start a fresh with a new incarnation? Some QHHT sessions have described it like waking up in a dream. I thought that our lightbodies were coming online so we could make the jump in our existing vessels (with a period of adjustment on NE). Would love to hear your current understanding…

      P.S. I’d highly recommend a subscription to Lynn’s Patreon, only $5 a month for regular exclusive readings on top of all the amazing info available on her blog and youtube channel.

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      1. Well… we don’t make a big deal about this one item, as it’s a little scary for some… but Lynn is right in a way. We aren’t sure exactly what’s going to happen, but we’ve been shown that… something… happens to some of us… and then we’re there. Like we suddenly go POOF and vanish, then POOF we’re there. Sounds like The Rapture, right? It kinda will be a new incarnation, but it will be an instantaneous non-birth one (as far as we know) where we STOP being here and START being there. Otherwise, who’s going to be on the NE to give birth to these new humans? Again, as far as we know. We will disappear here and reappear there. This process might take time in between; it might take an hour, five minutes, a week… no idea; it will probably depend on the person. There are so many accounts of The SHIFT, and so many dreams we’ve all had… that no one will really know what’s to happen until it happens. This is esp. tough to determine now, as we’re seeing things for 3d AND 4d AND for various timelines for both and those in between…it’s crazy making. We’re actually going back and forth on something now, but we can’t tell what timeline it’s on! [sigh] How’s that for vague?

        And… there’s something complicating all this. We’re going to have to tell everyone in the nest post.


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        1. I have poofed out before I freaked out and came back I didn’t even go anywhere just a blackness like an in between place I guess. This happened to me last year. Other times I just closed my eyes and my consciousness was elsewhere. It is weird and scary I remember Candace Craw Goldman another QHHT person said she looked down last year and her body was disappearing and she freaked out so it stopped. So…whatever that all means lol.

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  3. Something strange is going on tonight. First my younger son came to me saying that he felt something strange when he touched the outer wall off our house, but he couldn’t explained it, I as was that like vibration or similar, but still, he could not explain it, and there was ni earthquake, nothing going on so I dismissed the story.

    But not long after that, I was still lying on the sofa and my arm was touching side off it when I felt like electric vibration in arm, but as it was coming from sofa and it transferred to my arm, similar to electro/magnetic vibration, and as electronic engineer, I had a fair number off contact with electricity and magnetism, first hand experience, up to 2000V, I even blow out my tooth metal filing by touching 220V AC with top off my head, so I know very well that feeling 😁

    It was not that intense, but I felt exposed (at least my arm) to some kind off electro magnetic field. I do not know what was that about, but I surely hope that something good is just around the corner ✨

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  4. CATs, Ms, Am?
    I’m wondering if my energy is becoming incompatible with my family – I’m sort of used to it with my daughter – not wanting to be near me – and maybe son-in-law, now last few weeks more so with’ house-guest, but now – since full moon?? grddaughtr pushing me away in various ways – not in the old funny kind of play/but not way – now like she really doesn’t want me near her… even last week was smiling and welcoming, accepting hugging, seeking my aid with her head stuff – it’s changed – I keep feeling like I need to allow them all as much space away from me as possible living in the same apt.

    Am I just insane, oversensitive… don’t know words…
    Help, maybe?


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    1. Wow my friend and I just had this conversation people we know and don’t really just like get away when you are always nice. Very sad. Laura W. said similar things a few videos ago. Even said some guy wanted to fight her and her husband? Yikes.

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  5. Not sure if it has been mentioned before or noticed, but, the knock knock that is currently decreasing in amplitude, well, I can also see a variation in the decreasing rate of it. I can see a wave type pattern over time in the variations. draw a line under the bottom “peaks” and a slight wave is present.
    lol just an observation, I like finding things in things 🙂

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  6. btw – last hr+ have had sick headache and some undefined emotion thing – don’t think related to my recent question – – there is a single thin line on my favorite
    Schumann about when it started…


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  7. Is anyone else experiencing that time seems to be slowing down? Could be just me not fully engaging with things anymore, but this last week I noticed everything slowing down. While teaching, I have time to fill at the end of the lesson, when normally I can’t fit everything I planned for. During choir rehearsal, time is just creeping along. Detachment? More ‘MEH’ in action? It feels weird, I’m not rushed all the time anymore, not trying to catch up constantly…

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    1. Yes, few days ago it happened to me also 😉

      Alarm was on to wake me up for a work, I turned it off, roll in the bed to catch more sleep time, and usually the time would pass quickly, and I would harry to quickly put some close on, drink some coffee, smoke 2 cigarettes and rush out to car to be on time for a job 😣

      But not this time, I checked the clock again while in a bad, and there was a plenty time left, went downstairs, drink half a cop off coffee, smoked few cigarettes and could easily catch the time to start a job in office, strange ✨

      I was thinking to wrote here about it, but decided not to, going in my mind about what was going on, and maybe we are starting to vibrate on higher frequency, so the regular time now seems like it is slowing down, maybe I am wrong about it, I will appreciate other input as maybe better explanation for this phenomena ✨

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      1. That’s exactly what keeps happening to me in the mornings as well, Perica! Hitting the snooze button and then, when checking the time and expecting it to be way late, it’s not late at all and I have plenty of time to do what I need to do! So glad others are experiencing this, too! Thanks for responding, Cat Eds and Perica!

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  8. Okey dokey – I ended up watching the Amanda Ellis 5g, no fear video (above in comments somewhere) – kept feeling like there was ‘something’ good to pass on… I think one main goody was a white light – SOURCE light torus of the heart meditation/tool that will act to transform 5g energy to 5d energy then act as a lighthouse spreading that out throughout the word ‘ high-jacking the towers to spread the 5d energy instead of 5g energy – yahaha… other good stuff on crystals that would be helpful with 5g stuff & more. – watch if curious…


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  9. Okay Left Behind movie a flash and they call it the event and people disappear it is campy but still kind of amazing they put this out seems to differ from the books.

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      1. Oh I know lollll but the part with the flash and people popping out shocked me they put that in a film from several years ago.


        1. Well… we don’t see people disappearing exactly (on THIS timeline), but instead we’ll be able to “toggle” to higher dimensions. We ultimately come back here as our “home” dimension in the 3d/4d (on the NE)… for now. Can’t say I understand how any of this works. Like living on several levels simultaneously. This seems to be a longer process than we were expecting. We’re going to have some learning to do after The SHIFT. We’ll have to be flexible in our thinking.


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  10. Blessings in the Light to All of Us experiencing all these new energies!
    The Galactics told us 40 years ago earth would be entering a new area of space where the frequency would take Us into 5D & beyond. I’m so ready! Let’s go gang!
    Love & Light so wonderful!

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  11. I have been reading past posts from you guys. It is amazing how your information is directly related to what I’m feeling! Wobbly and wonky. Dizzy, nauseous, and “out of place” killer headaches and strange new backaches. My biggest concern/question is what happens to my 3 year old if we Shift while she is still young? Does she go where I go?

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  12. I have weird glitches with my posts…WordPress does not let me to log in, I am not getting replies…

    Is it just me or the construct is going down!! ;))))

    ❤❤❤❤ Happy Valentine to All! ❤❤❤❤


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  13. Yeah, I was scheduled with Lisa today, too so rescheduled. My body is going through the wringer, headache, backaches, wonky and dizzy this whole week has been a blur of sorts. Flashing in and out in. Time does seem slower. Seems to me it is getting closer however that manifests for you. Read this daily to keep informed. You all are awesome! Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope we all get some relief soon.


  14. I’ve been wondering if I was taking part in things on the new earth. I’ve definitely been experiencing smelling wonderful smells in the strangest places at the strangest times. The other day I smelled the most wonderful floral smell in my backyard, but there aren’t any flowers blooming yet. I went out later to the same spot and the smell was gone. Maybe it was from the new earth.

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  15. This is really interesting, I never taught of it before, but I noticed some strange behavior for both me and my cat. This explains it all indeed.


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