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  1. Let us all rise UP from our ‘feel like we’re dying’ energies… Occasionally I breathe ‘can’t get enough’ great smelling, refreshing air from my window – looking forward to the time that’s all I’m breathing – Ahhh, be here now… thank you…



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    1. Kg, Interesting turn of phrase “feel like we’re dying” I had that thought just before I opened up this site. Methinks that the old, dense parts of us actually are. I look in the mirror and I’m going Who is that? The physical me sure doesn’t resemble the inner me. Hmmmmm. (Just random synaptic firings) Up from nap out into garden w/latte. Hugs.

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  2. Happy Easter, CATs, readers, all. Feeling detached from everything. I hope this is how I’m supposed to feel, ascension wise because it really is not a comfortable way to live in the 3d world.

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    1. Detached is a diplomatic way of putting it, I’m barely here.

      Last few days I’ve spent more time asleep than awake, I wake up around 7am and 3pm for no good reason, stay awake a few hours and then go back to bed since I can barely keep my eyes open.

      And while I’m awake I have zero motivation to do anything beyond staying alive. I wouldn’t say uncomfortable from my perspective, more meaningless.


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    2. I went from feeling great and super connected to my higher self last week, to the opposite. Saturday I woke up in pain, so bad I just wanted to disappear.

      Today the pain has let up, but now I feel “blocked” and empty inside. I have tried to meditate and can’t seem to connect. I can’t really be blocked though, can I? I haven’t done anything different.

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      1. It’s often difficult to connect when you’re either going through a recent energy download and integration, or an energy blast… or both. Some of the CATs hav bad headaches tonight given their energy schedules. We’re all still undergoing changes and will right through The SHIFT — and probably keep going on the NE, too. What we’re all doing is not easy, and it is recognized as such by beings far and wide.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Thank for clarifying what I might have been experiencing, too – last evening and night (Pacific time) was brutal for me physically for a reason that I could on discern was external. Glad that has passed…

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      2. Try the garden/yard, I’ve been seeing Butterflies/Flowers. Takes My mind/body away from the justice timeline(pain goes bye bye). Peace in Harmony.

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  3. Oh Wow, what a beautiful photo CATs!

    The sky here has not been quite so dramatic but amazing all the same! The clouds looked biblical earlier and there was a vertical, perfectly starlight line running down my entire vision of one part of the sky, pale blue on one side and more of an indigo on the other! I have also seen lots of triangle formations amongst the clouds and the air is ‘fizzing’. Some is going on up in there them yonder heavens!

    Much Love ALL and Happy Easter! ❤️🙏❤️🌻❤️☀️❤️

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  4. Happy Easter back at’cha! Pretty quiet around here. Pottering around in the garden. It’s almost a full time job keeping the bird feeders full. Can’t let the little darlings down. Will sun myself in hidden garden 2 after nap. (just my feet are nekked. Har! You can all breathe a sigh of relief.) Cheers

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    1. I once believed that Potters made pottery as a form of meditation(getting close to The Creator). Now that I know You, I See Source in Godden(as They say in Boston). Potters=Creators. Peace My Friend.

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  5. Happy Easter, Wester, Norther, Souther, Everywhere! To everyone. Including the numerous orbs in the stunning picture, which look suspiciously like craft…


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  6. Happy Easter everyone! Much love and rainbow light. Also if you are ready this Laura hope you had a great 40th birthday, I missed you not posting a video this week, does anyone know if she is OK?

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    1. Also thank you cats for my new favourite nightime hobby as well as painting which is connecting to the elephants live via the Web cams.

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  7. Okay, here it comes: As I was doddering out to hidden garden 2 w/ my latte, I was absolutely gob-smacked by both the profound quiet and the absolute crystalline quality of the air. The heavily snow-packed mountain across the valley was phasing with incredible radiant energy. I think I was seeing a vast portal opening up. It certainly wasn’t your typical 3d scene. (And I hadn’t even had a sip of my latte yet) I guess it’s just another day at the farm. Har! BTW, that chipmunk that passed under my chair the other day, did the same thing while I was sitting in a totally different area. (I guess he likes me) I came in after that garden experience and had a piece of key lime cheesecake as a salute to you ALL. Cheers

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  8. Met with Lisa Gawlas briefly. She is not seeing the field, so my reading was postponed. She did say she got a brief glimpse of what appeared to be crystal/crystalline seed ‘rain’ pouring into the field. It seemed right — as after all, April showers bring May flowers. For me energies feel dense, surreal, full of potential: the tip of the diamond, center of the vesica piscis, and/or the eye of the needle. Rebirth? Resurrection? Reclaiming?

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  9. I think I read she lost her voice from talking with friends and family all day on her b-day! She’s been on twitter a bit over the weekend.

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  10. Thank you CATS and Super Friends for the HAARP shutdown!!! Love the pic of the Swedish sun – it reminds me of a beautiful star sapphire!

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  11. Happy Easter, Everyone! I have been sleeping like the dead at night and then dozing off and on during the day. Must be working somewhere else I’m thinking.
    Going for walks, puttering in the garden (lots of veggies and herbs coming up) and feeding birds. Sounds like a few others here. Going on 4 weeks in lock down. Not minding one bit. : ) Lots of love and laughter to All.
    – jane xx

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  12. Amazing picture CATs!
    Awesome update on HAARP too! Thank you SuperFriends!

    Happy Easter everybody and brother J ;)!


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  13. Easter greetings to all!
    Nothing to report except another school dream in which a friend of 30 years and I were parting ways in university setting. I was going back to work seeing patients and having difficulty keeping up with the patient load, hard copy paper charting (and computer imputing of same info). Resigned myself to staying late to finish computer input after hours. Last time I saw her she was going down stairs and I knew we were on different paths/ timelines from now on.
    Life is good so far. Cay

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  14. Happy Easter to All w/Love/Gratitude. Fed the birds/squirrels, then a new feeder/salt lick/water trough for Deer and others. Replanted 6 fruit trees, What a Beautiful day in Pa. overcast yet warm. Peace.

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  15. happy happy easter blitzing-amazing the push pull of the cosmos-on a moment by moment-amazing pic above here is southwest desert yesterday we had an extremely thick fog-before sunrise-very very rare-went out walking and clicking pics-in awe and wonder-impressed on how things can and do evolve and if allowed can morph from this to that-so many possiblilities and variables-happy to just continue experimenting and resolving the futures unknown with the desires of need and the the creativity of now-manythxs-merry-east-er-lies

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  16. Blossom Goodchild last week in her channeling, it was expressed that we would begin seeing the words: WE ARE HERE WITH YOU! Appearing on our tv screens. Well last night, 4/12, as watching A&E channel, a Willie Nelson concert, those exact words appeared on the top right hand corner of my tv screen. Stayed for maybe a minute (about 8:30 mt) and then appeared again about 5 minutes later. It was so awesome! Confirmation that we are being prepared for contact. Everyone keep a watch out for the words appearing on your tv screens! And share with us here. Blessings in the Light to All the Cats!

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    1. Re’Esha ❤️ Thank you for sharing, I was wondering if anyone had seen this! I want to see it too please! I would also like an envelope please! Has anyone else received an envelope? What was it?

      Apologies, so excited! 😀

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Re’Esha and Lily144, Yes, I’ve seen it too. I commented about it here on 4/6. It was a nice confirmation! For me it happened during one of those phases the Cats mentioned where I was having difficulty “connecting “….going through the energy download/upgrade thing like we All are. Some days feeling so much clarity and other days feeling really out of it. So it’s always nice to get an uplifting confirmation! Love and blessings to you both and to All here!

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        1. Mike ❤️ That’s amazing! We really do have support from our galactic friends! I will keep an eye on my screen! I wonder if it’s just TV screens or whether the message may appear on our phones or computers etc…

          Much Love to you and ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. “Everyone keep a watch out for the words appearing on your tv screens!”


      I haven’t watched TV in over 10 years, now.

      Once my frequency rapidly blasted into the upper high dimensional levels, (which only took a few months) ~ I physically could NOT tolerate it.
      It’s literally like nails on chalkboard, even being forced to *hear* the sound of TV from a distance.

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  17. Hey, guys! I dreamed of a purple ( something between purple and violet) circle in the sky. I don’t know if it was the Sun or another type of sphere, but there was something very strikingly purple tones appearing among the clouds. Anybody know?…

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  18. Has anyone else noticed that the light today is like peacock feathers, that’s only way I can find to describe it, beautiful but I am still headachy and grumpy, nevermind

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  19. My day yesterday started with husband playing Amazing Grace with bagpipes on his computer while I was still in bed (I thought, that will be my anthem should I ever reach NE) — followed by several different versions of the Hallelujah song. So that set the tone for me picking up a book by the bed I’ve been meaning to get to, written in 1953. Alice Bailey’s “Esoteric Healing.” First thing I see past the Table of Contents:

    The Great Invocation

    From the point of Light within the Mind of God
    Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the Heart of God
    Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May Christ return to Earth.

    From the centre where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide the little wills of men —
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the centre which we call the race of men
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

    phew! — You know it’s Easter when the day starts that way!

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      1. I have only just begun this journey with A.B., but as I understand it, her writings / transmissions have been attributed to “the Tibetan” Djwal Khul.

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    1. I have carried a copy of this invocation for years. Actually have a bookmark taped to the wall just above my computer monitor. Let Light and Love and Power restore the plan on Earth!

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    2. Ark2arcturus, amazing that you found this, too! Well, I should get used to synchronicity by now. I just recently rediscovered this poem/song after having loved it as a teenager long ago. I never quite understood it back then but it intrigued me. I came across it in the David Spangler/ Findhorn version linked below. It popped into my awareness about one or two weeks ago, I vaguely remembered it, looked it up and there it was! And it made complete sense now. I have been humming it to myself ever since…

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      1. I see on Wikipedia that Alice Bailey died in 1949 and the Invocation dates back to 1937! So it has no doubt inspired many thousands of people over the years. It truly does seem tailor made for our Now though, doesn’t it.

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  20. ark2arcturus … no kidding, what’s up with Amazing Grace? My Mr. hummed the exact same song this morning while we were having our coffee. A little softer version than bagpipes ; )

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  21. Whoooah Nelly! As I was sitting out in the garden tonight (as usual) in the absolute stillness, the entire scene I was looking at was becoming transparent and diffuse. The illusion appears to be thinning. (or it could have been the chili relleno dinner followed with a few remaining bits of the (here it comes) key lime cheesecake. Who’s to say. As I said yesterday, just another day at the farm. Cheers!

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  22. Dear SOC lovelies, I have been cut off from the crew by a digital re-birth, but today am enjoying my new set-up for the first time, and naturally I had to come and take my fill right here…. thanks for all your contributions, everybody, everything is unfolding exactly as needed – even this forced 2 months of non-computer time for myself. The Invocation was so beautiful to bask in once again, and thank you for posting the digitally re-mastered one. Exquisite.

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