Meterage 4-7-20 to 4-12-20 [UPDATE12]


We had another jump in the night…

…and in fact, it’s still going on. Or something is. But isn’t something always going on?

This again. Timeline flipped as it has every day for about the past week.
And this went bye-bye. And is still gone.
Gone (in the jump void).
Then we noticed these “energy goalposts” pop up all over the place.





Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 8.52.04 AM
And this after the jump.

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 8.52.13 AM

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 8.52.23 AM

More as we find it. Note that the recent truth about what happened with the meditation (failed) hijack attempt is causing the site to be suppressed again. Whatever.

Btw, if you feel happy and want to have fun… go ahead. As WhiteCloud says: “Don’t feel guilty about being happy during this difficult time. You don’t help at all by being sad and without energy. It helps if good things emanate from the Universe now. It is through joy that one resists.”

Playful serenity in the storm… which will soon pass.



We also had a CME a day ago that didn’t show up on the CME meter:


As most who read this site know, the sun is our multidimensional “reality projector,” and when these CMEs happen, it’s a mess of fresh new programming. We’ll probably be experiencing this later in the week, into the weekend… or Monday, if this is a slow one. Could also be why the recent jump has blotto’d some of the meters, since there was actually a smaller one right before this:



When one CAT saw the morning’s energy signatures…


… she said she thought of energy “baffles” — “Something to moderate big surges so they don’t wipe out what is on shore — like us.”


Btw, someone asked about that Bronx Zoo tiger CV thing. It’s fake, just for attention. Pathetic, really.


We don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, because timeline jumps happen daily, but ALL CATs feel like we are extremely close to The SHIFT. It’s easily within the next 30 days, if not (a lot) sooner. We are getting really excited.


Watch the moonrise for the next few nights… people are reporting seeing TWO moons. We haven’t seen this, yet.


Their world is melting down around them and the PTW still (futilely) tries to create their own splinter timeline, burning “operators” inside their Antarctic device for absolutely nothing gained.


So it goes.


Pre-Event activity from the sun:



That’s a sudden energy event, facing us, with a twice-Jupiter-sized ship monitoring things. You may recall this from February:

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 12.28.38 PM

Hmm. Also, the easy LASCO sites (like the one above) are now down — on purpose.


Interesting timing on this story from the SpaceWeather site (which is a PTW asset):

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 12.44.00 PM


Hooboy, did we feel this last night:

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 11.05.44 AM

Most of the CATs were awake for much of this. At one point everything went BLACK for a short time, then we all popped back out. All pre-SHIFT stuff. Expect more of this.


Lots of satellite instruments are “down” or “forbidden” at the moment; all those look at the sun. However, they can’t lock down everything. Note the Lyman-alpha Filter jump:


And other telltales of energy happenings:

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 11.15.54 AM



This s one of the instruments that’s now down. Note the WaveX “snow.”





Note that the following XXX filter shows in ten minutes blocks, but a whole time chunk is missing:



It was right when this happened:



Some last-minute anomalies:








This is rather shocking. These latest “Mercury probe” images… are fake! There was apparently a flyby as the probe was slingshotting past the earth and it looked funny to us.




More as it happens.

298 thoughts on “Meterage 4-7-20 to 4-12-20 [UPDATE12]

  1. Feeling weepy this morning, cold to the bone (however, I was out at 6:30 this morning sitting with the birds. quite chilly then) Plus seeing lots of purple/violet orbs. Somethings up!

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    1. I woke up to a floating sacred geometry shape you would see on a crop circle and I saw big orange ufo last night wild stuff for an earther lol.

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  2. I’m hanging on by a thread.

    Seems I’m really being tested here at this late hour. We had a drone being flown low over our garden the last few days. Its annoyed all the neighbours. I bought some Guinea pigs for my children to take their little minds of the virus fear but we couldn’t even enjoy the moment because of being spied on. In frustration, I’m afraid I marched around to the owner of the drone.

    This guy has terrorised our street for years, causing criminal damage and violent behaviour. I leant over his fence and told him to quit it. He sat with his friend laughing and drinking alcohol. I KNOW I shouldn’t have said it, but after he said he could do what he wants I asked him if he was a paedophile watching my children all day.

    Then he exploded. His daughter screamed he should stop. I saw there was absolutely no reasoning with this man and walked away. As I did he was screaming he was going to kill me. He had also targeted an Asian family that same day by repeatedly throwing water over the fence at them.

    My wife and I agreed it was stupid of me calling him a peadophile as it inflamed the situation. The drone had mercifully stopped flying however and we hoped that was the last of it…

    About 11 p.m. he was at my front door screaming death threats, smashing my front gate and kicking my front door in. My children ran downstairs crying in fear. My wife and I were in the middle of wrapping presents for my sons birthday the next day. My wife told me to call the police and told me to protect the kids. She opened the door to stop it breaking through as he wasn’t relenting (yeah, she’s from a tough background.) We both knew if I had confronted him it would have ended very very badly. He was screaming for me to come out and I was poised too, if he had got physical with my wife or tried to gain entry. I was on the phone requesting police presence and simultaneously comforting my four children. My son had seen his presents 😦

    Eventually this man walked away and then began kicking my neighbours front door in, shouting racist comments. Their toddlers were screaming. The mans daughter and wife were now trying to stop him but he began attacking them. More neighbours were coming out. He then shouted back to us he had posted on social media about me and I had trouble coming to my door and how he was going to do time for killing me.

    Thankfully the police arrived and arrested him. A friend caught screen shots of his posts and he was rallying others who also said they were coming to kill us. Apparently he knows a bad biker gang etc.

    None of us hardly slept last night. I felt so bad for my children and my sons birthday. I wished I hadn’t said anything. We gave a police statement today and they told us he was on special watch for being so vile to them and smashing his head off the walls. Later we were informed he was charged with public disorder and criminal damage which he denies and is now awaiting a court hearing. When he was shown his behaviour in footage we filmed he just shrugged it off. We were told if he approaches us and tries anything verbal or physical we should call the police and he will be remanded in custody.

    We explained to the police he will not be able to leave this alone. Everyone knows what he is like. We are now living in fear he will seek revenge using others or himself.

    I’m finding myself thinking about doing something about it, and not wanting to because I want the NE.

    I could really do with some extra protection for my family if there’s any going please?

    Had enough of this world.


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    1. Mark ❤️ So sorry that you and your beautiful family had to go through that, just horrible. I will try and send some protection your way through meditation tonight.

      Can you try the Mantra? Ask your guides, AA Michael for assistance?

      My thoughts are with you.

      So much Love & Strength ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Sorry mark, I wish we could remove people like that from our reality (hopefully soon)
      Sending protection and light to your family and neighborhood.

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    3. Mark, release your inner rage, and it will release your connection to him. Won’t be easy. But it may save your life. Depends on how set you are on your course.

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    4. Mark, sorry you’re dealing with that, sending Love & Light. You will rise above this, in the world, but not of it.

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    5. Mark,

      What a frightening experience you and your family had with your
      neighbor. Although you realize that confronting him inflamed the
      situation, don’t beat up on yourself as we all do things that we regret.
      Whenever you can, visualize a force field of peace and protection all
      around your home. Call on Archangel Michael, with his legions of
      light, and Mighty Victory, who is a powerful cosmic being embodying
      the quality of victory. I think it would be fair to say that this neighbor
      will NOT be a neighbor on NE. Hang in there…you can do it!

      With love and healing to you and your family,



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    6. Hi Mark. I mantra’d everyone involved last night. Keep calm and trust all will resolve for the best.😟☺️💕

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    7. Damn, sounds like a test to me. And the thing with tests is that when you fail they come back ten times worse. Been there, done that.

      Imagine the best possible outcome. Imagine what kind of hell this guy must be living in to behave like that. Forgive and move on. Worrying and hating can only make things worse, better to spend that energy on your family.

      Even if you should be forced into a physical confrontation, feelings are better left out of it, you win fights by remaining calm and doing the right thing at the right time.

      No shit, I’ve had enough of this world for 42 years. But we’re finally there, it’s just around the corner, I can smell it.


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    8. I think the test has done its job of making you aware of your own feelings. And that protection of your family may not just be call-to-arms, as in 3-D protection. That has been the manly job, given to men, up until now. Maybe this is you phase-shifting into knowing that’s not necessarily how it’s going to be, from now on.

      Certainly my heart has compassion for the perp, as his reality is negative mountain-building, until an avalanche of his own stuff will come and drown him. Sifoo’s advice was cool – forgive and move on.


    1. That is what my friend had last night in KY it was so loud shook her house good with no quake in the area and then she heard tons of military activity. She reads this blog so good to see others are experiencing stuff too.

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    2. Interesting.

      Couldn’t divert another quake towards that lunatics house could you… 😉


      P.S. Be safe out there guys, people are going crazeeeeeee.

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      1. When are you going to learn to STOP your Attack Thoughts? They do you no good. Identify them, attach a rock to them, and drop them to the center of the earth. C’mon, Mark. You are to vibrate to the highest level you can muster AND STAY THERE until further notice.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. I will.

          Soz guys. I’m like two people at once sometimes.

          Will sort it out. If it’s any consolation, I still have absolute faith, because what will be, will be.


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          1. Hi Mark,
            I’m so with you on that one and in a sense, you are a hero, you did the right thing, to raise above the fear in love for your family and your neighbourhood, so I guess you’re a heart warrior, which is absolutely perfect. I also struggled with this problem for years, until I heard my teacher’s answer, regarding “How to deal with tyrants” and he was all about heart, love and peace. He said: “Tyrants have to be stopped, absolutely, but it has to be well planned and executed precisely. Never in a state of emotional upheaval, because it bears a high risk of making things worse”. I know, this is easier said than done, but when you take this event as a lesson, it is much easier to get back into your heart centre. Nevertheless, I have the strong feeling, that there are already good forces taking care of the situation…

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        2. Cut him some slack, he just had his family and himself threaten by some low-vibe cretin.

          Hell his story was giving ME attack thoughts. I cannot stand people that act like complete animals!

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          1. No. Mark needs to pick a lane. We are telling him what Guides are telling him. You don’t need to save anyone but yourself. If people act like asses, or like saints, you say the same thing: “Is that so?” This is illusion, so try not to let it get to you. Breathe in SOURCE and let things go. However, if someone attacks you, kick ass. Until then, be the calm within the storm. The path to salvation is as a razor’s edge.

            -CAT Eds.

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            1. Yeah I get it fundamentally. Don’t bring yourself down to their level and whatnot. It just sucks that he’s being “tested” right at the breaking point so to speak.

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      2. Yep the gremlins are coming out to play like never before I guess all you can do is pray for a solution. It is so hard to see the bad guys always get away with everything. 🤨 Might try a Jesus loves you people hate that ROFL.

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  3. Uhhh, I definitely felt the last energy surge, so much that I was thinking to immediately post about it, bud decided to wait, checked Schumann chart, and it was somewhat reflecting what I felt, I even expected to see more white area as I really felt it hard ✨

    Tonight, out with a dog and at one point I looked up and saw one moving shiny dot, then another one following it, then another one… I counted at least 7-8, but who knows how many passed before ✨

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  4. Response to Lily’s comment about curtains and full moon. I too close not only the curtains, but lower the light-blocking shade when the full moon is about. It has always felt very invasive to me and some what disturbing. Thanks for the confirmation. Hugs!

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  5. Mark! Brother, remember and TRUST your spiritual tools! Fortify your shields and call in your Light Family , Guides and Big Guns for help. Please. Blast the guy with love, mantras and light. It Works. We got you. You can do this. You are not alone. Sending strength and big love -jane

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  6. Thanks Pam and Lilly.

    My trouble is, if I see an injustice, I struggle to turn away.

    One of my earliest memories is walking through a park with my Nan. These skin heads were throwing stones at my Nan and laughing. I pulled away and confronted them, yelling at them to stop. I was around five or six. They stopped.

    I’m hard wired and it’s really difficult for me, really difficult. This world’s so broken, it’s not right, none of it’s right.

    But I tell you this, I’m not the revenge type of person. When all these sickos will be outed soon, I will not be baying for blood.

    All I’ve ever wanted, is for it all to be stopped.


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  7. I was up most of last night as well, had some dreams when I was able to sleep, but not able to recall them. When I saw update 7 and the image from Feb. checked my journal, that was when we had 30 or so timeline adjustments in 2 days. It was interesting that in Feb at that time, there were also some sleepless nights, and an unusual dream about meeting with some beings, reviewing human genetics, and biological status, a sort of update on responses to the frequencies, and changes. It was very scientific, objective, or academic, I recall traveling up and down through a portal or doorway, and the data was relayed to a council or board? A few days prior there was a dream with beings and I was asked to help get a waterfowl to sit on a blue egg to hatch it, then another night, walking down a large hallway with glass on both sides, like an aquarium, and amoebas, or embryonic cells were flowing in through the glass, spawning new life, and we were helping them? I set protection before sleep, and ask guides, Brother J, and AAM to guide me. I haven’t looked any up in dream books, but am open to suggestions, no spicy food or pizza those nights, lol. Happy Good Friday, and Easter, Love and Light to All!

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    1. Well, Anon, I don’t think any dream symbolism books are of much use these days! Sounds like you’re looking in on some interesting projects (you may be involved with) going on elsewhere (?) No bad guys chasing you, all is well. — Happy holy days!

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    2. Anon, I remember a connection of thunderbird blue eggs to the new earth. This is from 8-9 years ago.
      Xx jane

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      1. @ark2arkturus, Jane, Thanks, scott here, I logged in using WordPress, dunno why it came up anonymous, & my likes didn’t take, on others comments. User error likely. I woke and went back into that same dream, just can’t recall much, was very busy in dreams Jan/Feb. scott

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  8. hi Cats, n M’s, n all the reader…
    do you guys know that the krakatau mount is erupt last night,…
    all the people around that place (even the people that 200 km away) reporting that theyre hearing some explotion sound many times,… it even make their house vibrate.. the sound its so big and happens to many times.. but im too far away i dont hear any..
    what do you guys think about that..??
    love n light..

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    1. This is what happens when the earth gets tons of WaveX energy and releases some pressure all around the globe (lots of volcanoes are going off) to keep us from a disaster. Gaia knows we’re close and won’t do anything to mess up our Ascension –nor her own.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yess thankyou for the explanation cat eds… People keep saying that they heard alot of explosions sound… And they think that’s not from the mountain… They said it came from the ground and suddenly fear mongering everywhere… #facepalm… I really hope that we get through this asap… I cant with people… I need to be the calm center but i think it doesn’t work at all.. Imma keep trying… 🙏🌼

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  9. Thank you gang for all the well wishes and good advice.

    I’ve awoken today with the perspective I need once again. All is clear.

    I WILL see you all on the new Earth.

    Mark x

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    1. I had the feeling that somehow this would turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you!
      With much love and wishes for a Happy Easter for you and your family,
      Victoria ❤

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  10. I’m going to be honest. I’m a very nevous worry wort of a person. As we get closer to showtime I can’t help but feel anxious and a bit fearful. I’ve read the description posted on here. But I’m actually very sensitive to sudden changes and a “too hot bath” doesn’t really bring me peace. Lol

    Could I perhaps ask for the gentle cycle?

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  11. a quick share in these quantum times of shifting waves of cosmic lights- this as of 04102020
    The Earth Struck by 4 Waves of Energy/God Frequency.
    The Real BPEarthWatch a moving thru visual vid interpretation just increase anyone gets the question of whats happening-let them watch the vid and read the post here and for this month and 1+1=3xyz/abc(OM) PEACE2ALL

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    1. Bp earth watch has a pretty good band. I am not sure if this is them playing but I enjoy this simple song regardless. Cay

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  12. Fididlydee! A shipment of hostas arrived yesterday waaaay off the mark. It necessitated a 11/2 hour to the Sound (the long way) to pick them up. It was easier than trying to deal with fedex. After April showers, the sun is out. It was a delightful excursion to the Skagit Valley. This year’s Tulip festival month is cancelled over some silliness. Just think, all those bazillion tulip blooms going unviewed. Well! I viewed them. Anyway, stopped in my local supermarket for – get this–Key Lime cheesecake. Boy was I excited!!! I am restraining myself from trying it until after my nap.. I hope it’s tasty! cheers. (Totally excited about Life currently.)

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    1. OMG!!! I think I’ve gone to Heaven a little early! This Key lime cheesecake is sublimely well balanced. Wow. The local supermarket carries these cheesecakes made in a small facility up near the Canadian border. I think they’ve found their niche market. I’m going to call them Monday to see if they will make me a bunch. It’s a gentle drive up there. (This way, I’ll have an ample supply for when you ALL come for a visit. I also just got a new coffee freshly roasted which has notes of molasses and apricot. My new favorite) So, until youse ALL start showing up at my door, I lift a latte cup to you and wipe some cheesecake crumbs from my smiling lips in salute. Happy journey!

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      1. J. Hey, you certainly know how to tempt us. Latte, key lime cheesecake and a group get-together. Oh and your garden and feathered friends. Heaven.😊🌈💖

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    2. You are always talking about your key lime pies and I haven’t had one in ages so I bought one the other day at the natural grocers in the big city and just had a piece tonight. Very tasty. Thanks.

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  13. Hello Cats & Ms thank you for all the updates 🙂 nearing the end of gridwork from February, the past 3 days have been quite intense focusing on harmonically balancing & stabilising Gaia her Magnetics are shifting big time due to the polarisation. On the 9th the Golden Thread was restored connecting all of life from top to bottom – bottom to top, this is occurring within each & everyone the fluidity of energy is like a crystal river it starts at the bottom makes its way to the top & flows from the top back down. Spirit calls it our new grounding mechanism our lower 3 chakras in unity with our upper chakras 9,10,11 the Sun activated thru the Crown & why many will feel light headed nauseas & heart pressure for the Heart is what harmonically stabilisers the top & bottom. Akhenaton mentions we all have a Solar Temple within our Solar Sacrum & it is being activated, the solar temple provides just what the Sun does but internally as a healing tool. Also DNA signal codes where released which had an A tone sound to it (like open your mouth & say Aaaa) interesting how you mentioned the A in the 3rd Eye 😉 so many codes are being released. The energy coming in is a very high Source frequency, I had trouble holding it myself, on the 10th in the middle of the activation I thought I was gonna have a heart attack the pressure was so much I had to ask to be adjusted so I could continue, thankfully I did but slept for nearly 10hrs afterwards. On the 11th I made it thru the activation then afterwards I felt nauseas like im going to pass out. The energy will continue for a few more days then calm down, it is a vital step forward 🙂

    On another note when the V started I didnt loose my job, im still working not in full lockdown, however as grateful as I am, to keep my job I now have to have the flu vaccine, I had a melt down for 2 days refusing to do it to myself not at this crucial stage, I couldn’t even do grid work I was such a mess 😦 when I finally pulled myself together I realised I have the power to expel it from my body. I surrendered & made peace with it knowing all will be ok.

    its a blk sun virus there has been a “tap dance battle” going on, little did they know Source are undefeated tap dancers lol its getting more intricate with each new tap 🙂 I am shown end April the merging of the timelines the polarisation is neutralised. I am also told Trump will appear to be playing the game he is only doing what he has to do there is a divine plan in action, the ****** are looking in the mirror thinking they have it all in the palm of their hand however they cant see whats really going on. good to know Bgates is in under arrest he is one of em & interesting how he stepped down as ceo like many others recently its all part of their agenda along with 5g. I say blk sun because their stronghold’s are in china & iran.

    Love to All the Heart knows no distance 🙂

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    1. Appreciate it, but your timeline is way too low for me, as are the 3D experiences you have chosen, and particularly your current very low frequency tolerance for the highest Source frequencies.

      By now you should be a fully open free-flowing Source human conduit with NO RESISTANCES whatsoever (that also means no more nausea or heart issues),
      — being slowly cooked and zapped and burned and crystallized alive in daily/nightly torture, if you were at your highest levels.

      This also means that your predicted ‘dates’ don’t apply to my timeline as well.


      1. Sorry, “Source aspect” but this isn’t a race. Everyone will have a completely different experience up to The SHIFT, as we all have different paths and missions. There is no “should.” Lots of us are actually still helping people on lower planes so we’re not riding unicorns and having our feet rubbed. We’re undergoing some discomfort because of our missions, not because we’re at a lower vibration.

        -CAT Eds.

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  14. man, yesterday evening/night (4.10) was _really_ intense for me. Seems you guys experienced the same/similar. I got so nauseous that I threw up a handful of times and couldn’t keep any food down for quite a while. At some point I decided to try meditating, and surprisingly feel asleep for around an hour, feeling MUCH better when I awoke. I have severe insomnia and pretty much NEVER fall asleep unless I’m intending to sleep through the night (and even then, it doesn’t happen unless I take several supplements like melatonin, 5-htp, and magenesium – none of which I took at this time)… so I’m very surprised it happened yesterday, as this seems to also mirror the “blacking out” effect that was described. Anyway, just wanted to say glad I’m not the only one, because man was that intense.

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      1. I’ve had two migraines in less than a week. The last time previous to this was years and years ago!


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      2. yeah, I know exactly what you mean about the “bone aches” lol. I’ve had inexplicable fatigue lately and feeling utterly exhausted during the day, even when I’ve gotten what should be enough to sleep (or at least, what has been “enough sleep” up until this point). This did get particularly bad for me along with nausea yesterday, but for me the nausea/digestive issues seemed to overshadow everything else. Hope that all of you feel better soon and that this passes with as little discomfort for all as possible. Sending positive thoughts/prayers for everybody feeling this lately.

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      3. Ugh, bone aches during the night… and I thot it was all the digging, shoveling yard work. I was pondering calling my buddy for a chiropractic treatment and then thot, ” I can just go get Dad to treat me” I felt very good about that until I remembered on awakening that Dad exited in 1997. Meditation is a deep, unconsciousness experience. CATs blog is a buoy of validation! When I go outside and see the beauty of spring, I feel such a surge of exuberant JOY.

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  15. @ Mark:

    What you experience in your self-created “reality” — is the outer projection of what is inside of YOU.


    “and not wanting to because I want the NE.”

    If you want the NE bad enough, then stop playing the “victim” and stop choosing the Descending Catastrophic 3D Old Earth Timeline.


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    1. No. For example, those children didn’t ask for what they’ve gone through. There are other things at play here. You have not walked in Mark’s shoes, or any others. If I remember correctly, the CATs may have mentioned, as a response to one of the commenters, something to the effect of: what they were experiencing ( a lot of negative things) was just showing that they were actually a very powerful being, and very strong, and it was taking a lot to hold them down…


    1. Are you serious with that guy? I’ve tried to watch 5 or 6 videos and I wanna throw up, not sure which is more disgusting, his language or his arrogance, but I’ve no intention to find out anyways… What is he even swearing about?


      1. He is just showing the three suns interacting with the earth I thought it was cool but to each his own.


  16. After an early morning (4/12) call of nature to the sounds of ONLY doves, which are not the normal birds in my area, I went back to sleep, woke and looked at time 8:08 am to PROFOUND silence, no birds, no traffic, no barking dogs or human activity. this lasted til about 9:07 when I looked (don’t think anyone gets to sleep at night til after 3 am); very slowly sounds of normal birds and human activity returned and my daughter was stirring (sleeping on floor – grddghtr still stubbornly active all night no matter what is tried to get her back on a sleep at night schedule – also misbehaving, doing everything she knows she’s not supposed to do (Friday was the worst)… she got out the front door the other day and knocked on the neighbors door 20 ft from the BUSY road past our parking lot – he brought her back rang the doorbell – I’m usually a VERY light sleeper and my bedroom by the front door – sooo front door is barricaded again, so at least there will be noise – she can unlock anything now… Have had very heavy working dreams; a few hard to wake up from, esp when grddghtr comes in and shakes a box of Cheerios in my face – clawing up from the depths and getting my body to work is not normal for me…

    ‘Good’ Friday was a day of emotional unearthing, disclosure and purging of past hidden feelings between my daughter & partner that only had added to the last 5 yrs of misunderstandings and emotional pain – hope it was productive purging – I stayed in my room all day out of the maelstrom (giving space and privacy, using mantras and asking assistance for them) eating oatmeal and peanut butter – body doesn’t care to look at the stuff mow. 🙂
    Yesterday was my daughter crying and wishing to get in the car and DRIVE… back East to say goodbye to her dying father.
    Energies here smoothed out later in the day and evening – I’m on grddghtr watch as tired pregnant mom tries to get some sleep-
    Son-in-law’s work screw*d up and didn’t put his pay through(paid bi-weekly and I think reduced in the quarantine – supposed to be reduced hrs at Coop, but hasn’t worked in three weeks) – now we’re down to less than $30 in his account – I don’t feel panicked, so maybe it will be resolved or something else will happen.

    End of ‘tales from the quarantine’ for today…
    much love,

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  17. I thought the same thing about the Mercury probe I thought wow they like copy and pasted that stuff out of a high school text book it looks so fake lol. With all their tech for faking you would think they could do better but I guess the b squad is running things for them.

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  18. I would like to make a personal point:
    Every one of us here had to lower our native angelic vibrations to come here, to these realms and to be of service. As these bodies are simply not to carry certain frequencies.
    It is not an honor to claim to be of the higher timeline. This could be very discouraging for others. Love is always encouraging
    No one cares of the level of your vibration. It is how you make people around you feel. Making someone feel bad for their experiences (it is just an experience) almost instantly lovers your own vibration. I can say it, have done it myself plenty lot of times.
    Service to others requires to be at the same or close frequency as those you are serving, even being at the same timeline. Because that´s what we do! We love them and when you love someone, you´ll go through hell with them no matter what.
    So strech this out of your family to the whole world and this is how everyone should act. Not saying it´s easy

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      1. Neither do I. The most frequent oracle card coming out for me is: do not let pride stand in your way. Haha so…

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      2. Pretty sure those editors on duty (haven’t checked the board) meant that we’re not enlightened vs. we’re not humble!

        (Psst… we actually are enlightened. We’re at all the meetings. 😉


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        1. I think it is important to be a humble ✨

          Everything you do, it is not important how good you are, leave it to other to judge that, and always have in mind that there are out there (on world, off world) somebody who is better, only then you can be the most successful in what ever you do, knowing that there is out there somebody better and try to achieve its greatness ✨

          But also be humble and kind to everybody around you, it is strength not a weakness, then you are really great, even if it is not immediately obvious, it will be on the end ✨

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        2. M2 ❤️ Curiosity is getting the better of me. There have been many references to ‘the meetings’. Can I ask what these meetings are and who goes to them? I think it was the CAT Eds who replied to me a couple of pages back saying I wasn’t being naive, that I wasn’t at any of ‘the meetings’. Am I being really daft, are there actual meetings or is it just a figure of speech?

          Perhaps I am just overthinking things, staring at 4 walls a lot and feeling very strange today!

          Much Love ❤️

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