Meditation Aftermath [UPDATE2]


Well. If you’ve read Blossom’s latest, you know that the global meditation was about as successful as we could all hope for, but we thought you might like to see some meterage of it, too. (FYI, one of the CATs already got an “envelope,” with “more to come.”)

First off, there was a major timeline jump because of our global meditation:



Yow. This occurred during the meditation. You can see the timeline jump toward the end, which corresponds with the UTC times in the above GOES-16 satellite images.
This nicely illustrates the meditation LIFT.
Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 11.48.08 PM
This meter isn’t set up properly (no date/time), but we picked up right before the timeline jump.
Here’s the classic jump telltale from LYRA. Mind the gap.

These are from today:

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 1.48.06 PMScreen Shot 2020-04-05 at 1.48.25 PMScreen Shot 2020-04-05 at 1.48.36 PM

Things are just getting warmed up.  😉



So, remember this?

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 3.40.19 PM

All those white lines to the left of the main timeline jump are themselves timeline jumps! There some 40+ jumps (there were more at lower frequencies) before the main jump.


FYI, the reports of children being rescued en masse from ca8al underground facilities are TRUE. Typically it’s the negative reports that are false.

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  1. It felt amazing to connect with you all and gaia, I could feel the energy pulsing out through the universe and my body took quite a while to stop pinging afterwards, I got the image again I have been having for a while of gaia expanding out like a red giant. Love and grateful hugs to you all.

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  2. OH, What a night! And a Great morning/day today has been. A Friend and I picked up a camper for My Wife this morning. Have not hardly seen her since, for She is camping in the yard. We Are The Laughter/Love/Light, We Are THIS, We Are! Much Love/Gratitude To All. Peace.

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  3. The worldwide meditation felt good. I continued on afterwards for awhile, loving all the colors! Thanks for providing the meterage response. I wonder how many beings participated? I’m going back to bed…still feeling strongly in many dimensions…Love it!
    It was fun knowing we were all meditating simultaneously.

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  4. The meditation was powerful…. I had tons of energy vibrating through me during the whole session.

    The first things I saw after G+P was a dove with an olive branch in its mouth flying over an image of the Earth, and then a HUGE Rainbow…..

    I saw huge pillars of light all over the globe. I went to view the map from John Hopkins and I changed the red dots all over the map to white dots and then watched them disappear…..

    My skiddish / sensitive cat ‘Bella’ came downstairs and sat outside the room I was meditating in…. I guess she wanted to help too and felt all the energy. She was meowing LOUDLY! I telepathically told her I was helping heal the earth. She stopped meowing and got quiet and let me finish.

    The end of the meditation was the earth from above and it shining with new brilliant colors….

    Namaste~ ❤

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  5. Har! Talk about an envelope delivery system! Needless to say major stuff happened to me last night. I awoke every hour and a half the entire night just like clockwork. My mission (should I choose to accept it) is already beginning. And, yes, I drove to my favorite nursery today once again and did stuff. Cheers!

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      1. @The CAT(s) That Lived


        Here the devastating proof, that you, wonderful CATS, are all HUMANS!

        Bronx Zoo tiger tests positive for COVID-19
        A 4-year-old Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for COVID-19 and five other tigers and lions developed a dry cough after interacting with an asymptomatic caretaker who was infected with…


    1. I did the meditation as requested at 10:45 AM EST on my front porch among the six beautiful plastic souvenir light houses I had found in the alley about three months ago; four of them represented famous light houses the east coast and two on the west coast. I always wanted to collect these type of souvenirs, but never had the chance.

      During the meditation, frankly, I grew bored. I’ve done so many meditations over so many years with so many groups in so many parts of the country that soon into the meditation, my focus started to wander. I was on the front porch the row house where I now live in Baltimore after being away for 40 years. My life here has become very simple and blessed.

      During the meditation that morning, the sky was clear, the day was bright. What I had wanted most to do that morning was to go the landscape store to buy flowers for the garden. But because of the quarantine, I was limited in my movements: Governor’s orders.

      Yet the alley across the street, beckoned me. This alley is over one hundred years old and the house across the street is large and abandoned.

      I felt a little guilty, like I was skipping out on you guys, but I couldn’t stop myself. In the alley was an old van from the early 70’s that was gradually becoming part of the landscape. All around the van grew a flowering plant that I recognized from my childhood. I pulled up one plant and it came up with ease, almost like it wanted to come with me to my garden. Then I pulled another half of dozen plants and took them with me to plant in my garden.

      I went back across the empty four lane street which usually holds 20,000 cars a day; but since I moved here, there’s been a detour because of construction. Now, with the quarantine, there’s even fewer cars and traffic.

      As I walked across the street, my arms were ladened with flowers. I walked around the house to the back alley. I saw a large black plastic bag of garden debris from a neighbor’s yard. I opened it. It was full of Tiger Lillies, just what I wanted. I took some to add to the garden.

      Then I realized the meditation was over.

      The sky was so blue. The flowers were so vibrant everywhere. It seemed my task was complete.

      May each of you find what you need for your garden.

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      1. Thank you, Cheesy Kitten. As I read this just now, I vividly pictured each of your movements and tears came to my eyes. I was supposed to be there now for my only grandchild’s 1st birthday, a week from today. I spent a month there last Spring when he was born and know the smell of the rain on the cobblestone streets, the smell of the magnolias and the wisteria in bloom, the miles of row houses with the alleys behind them. My daughter, husband and grandson live in the Ednor Gardens neighborhood and are safely working from home and sheltering in place. But there will be no gala celebration with friends and family and grandparents from MI. [It breaks my heart] We will instead attempt a Zoom and send Love, Light and Truth across the miles, still connecting hearts. ❤ ❤ ❤ Our Spring here in MI is just beginning with forsythia and daffodils in bloom. But in my mind, I visualize that every Spring on the New Earth will be a Baltimore Spring. In gratitude,

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      2. This is interesting, Cheezy Kitten! I had a somewhat similar garden related experience during the meditation. (Love the tiger lilies btw…) First of all I had planned to join in the evening and then simply ‘forgot’ about it. I was going to join mainly to support y’all and do a lighthouse meditation. Well, when I realized the following morning that I missed the event I joined there and then, better late than never…The lighthouse thing never really happened, instead I immediately connected very strongly with Brother J and then the weirdest thing happened. My spiritual friend, a green dragon, showed up, and Brother J and he said it was time to give me a gift and he took the heart out of the dragon and put it in my chest. I tried to refuse, but they insisted. The dragon was fine still. I know this sounds a lot like that cheezy movie series, and I was surprised and reluctant, but they assured me this was important and I had to find a particular piece of land in the vicinity of my town, move there and take care of it. That dragon heart was a sort of key that would fit the land energy and it would activate something. All I had to do was be there, learn to communicate with nature spirits and more than anything radiate out peace into the world. I kept seeing this peaceful scene of absolute quiet, only the sound of a cow chewing her cud, and little birds fluttering around in the midday sun. That was the feeling I was supposed to send out. This was my job, nothing else. The whole thing was accompanied by a lot of tears and emotional release and a sense of complete clarity and peace. It seemed like my whole life made sense now.
        Afterwards, either that same day or the next I read Blossom’s post upon your prompting. More tears…
        With much gratitude for all y’all’s presence in this world,

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  6. Before the meditation, Blossom sent a voice message to the members of her dolphin group and suggested that we see ourselves as pillars of rainbow light all holding hands. Gotta say, it was the easiest meditation I’ve ever done. I usually have a very difficult time visualizing things like that, but my pillar just shot up with no effort at all on my part. As others have mentioned, the energies were amazingly high; it would have taken effort NOT to meditate. So, there we were, rainbow light pillars on the ocean, dolphins leaping around us with the colors reflecting on their skin, when a portal of the most brilliant white light opened in the sky. It flooded the Earth, going into all the dark places above and below until everything was lit up with the brightest light, and nothing dark could hide. It shimmered gently on those rescued and yet to be rescued, and touched them all with hope, grace, and a bit of rainbow light. It felt powerful!

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    1. @ Kolibri
      Beautiful meditation, where Water was engaged with the Light! Thank you.
      When in the beginning created, our world was meant a Water World.

      Sun was also donning a huge Light Halo around, in pure Joy!

      “Earth mass achieved”, Gabriel Rajo Lunar says.

      As for me, the flood of Light felt so well, I exploded
      some deep underground tunnels with the Violet Flame,
      to help liberate our poor sweet children there.

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  7. This song just came to my attention – seemed appropriate – it is the main song to the sound track of this?future? movie:
    – Creators – The Past.
    An alien object spins out of the Gods’ control and starts revealing the true story of humankind. A girl will have to find it and protect it.

    First words of the trailer:
    “How can you mend a broken planet… cut off all the poison…”

    Lyrics below for those that don’t care to listen…
    Sad eyes lost
    Into the dark
    I miss to tears
    The source of my creation

    My soul free
    From space and time
    Ready to ride across
    Endless Dimensions

    So fly me high
    And hold me tight
    From empty days
    To light

    Show me stars
    Oceans of love
    Show me the way
    To reach the core of my life

    So fly me high
    And hold me tight
    From empty deserts
    To light

    Take me home
    Back to my soul
    Give me gold wings
    So I can touch the sky


    Dimash Kudaibergen – Across Endless Dimensions Lyrics

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    1. @M7… I just saw your post on the previous ‘thread’. I was tempted (perhaps by experience) to comment on mind set or motives of posting the image you almost deleted – I breathed SOURCE for a bit, as I was encouraged NOT to.
      It was very shortly after that that this song came across into my life – I’m thankful for that intervention.


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  8. Now that we’re on the optimal timeline, I hope the shift is soon.
    Or was the meditation the shift?
    I was unfortunately asleep at the time the meditation happened.

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    1. Hm. We wondered the same thing when we read Blossom’s post… for a moment. No, it’s supposed to be obvious, even to people who don’t know what’s going on. However, while we’ve all seen it in a number of ways, we often wondered if this was more of a general, metaphoric viewing… until a Guide said: “No, it will be unmistakable.”

      -CAT Eds.

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  9. Awesome mediation. I really felt the download starting to happen after I connected in… and then went into a very deep sleep. woke up feeling drunk

    I found Wages World on YouTube attempting to describe what the Sun is doing and how to read the data. somewhat helpful. He talks about the blank sun as is shown above past the 20:00 mark.
    May your day surprise you with rainbows!

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  10. Thank You Guys to You too 🙏🌈
    In these days after the meditation I feel brighter! Stronger! And such a peace of mind!
    I feel in my – more hot now- heart to help people, to listen to them, to smile to them…
    Something’s changed!

    Blessings 🌞
    Gratitude 🙏
    Peace 🌈
    Love 🔥
    To You All 🌐🌍🌎🌏🌐

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  11. Hmmm, has anyone else seen this? Not sure what to make of this especially due to my experiences after the meditation. Simon Parkes is saying that:

    ‘The recent meditation called 4.4.4 and organised by the group – points of light – turns out this is the group that also sponsored George Bush senior’s New World Order initiative.

    Becky did comment to me when she saw it that it was – just too slick – with colours – graphics – and a ton of money behind it.

    So looks like the bad guys are trying to take over the New Age in a full out effort to capture meditation energy and feed the vampires.’

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Yeah, lots of us experienced a funny resistance to the meditation until we all sorta… broke through something… but each thought it was them. What the Dopes of Hazard don’t realize is that we all, once again, hijacked their bad intent and turned it into sunshine.

      We wouldn’t worry about it. But it we’ll def check into things deeper next time.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Before the meditation, I was kind of casting about for a guided meditation to do, but I didn’t see like anything I liked. The worst one was calling for people to concentrate on eliminating the freaking virus and I knew that was just about creating fear. Cobra was involved with one of them; don’t know which one, don’t care. His meditations always sound off to me. Frankly, none of it seemed auspicious, but a lot of good people were excited about it, so with Blossom’s rainbow light pillar suggestion, I just did my own thing. Never was much of a joiner….

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        1. We had a similar feeling, and just tried to concentrate on peace, and waking people up. We looked at this a but more and the deep state is indeed trying to worm its way into everything, trying to somehow survive. They failed miserably, of course, as they always do. We all seemed to have sniffed it out rather easily. Luckily, they only get one shot at things. We’re all alert to their attempted meditation manipulation, now. As it was, we all turned it into something special.

          -CAT Eds.

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  12. Yeah, I’m stoked people rallied. It felt good. I even was called to go anchor in various points in the city before it began so I could activate a few points that I assume needed some love. Interestingly enough there was quite a bit of opposition from some groups about this mass meditation. Some people were afraid it was a harvesting. What these people fail to see, that if you come in grounded and protected — no one will f— with you.

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    1. It’s the CAT consensus that this is why this meditation was seen by Spirit as such a huge success, since we hugely overcame any pot’l meddling and manipulation and pushed the light so far back into the dark’s faces that they won’t ever try that again. We outnumber them a million to one — and the light is already a million times stronger than the dark. In the illusion, that is. Technically, there is no separation between any of us.

      -CAT Eds.

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  13. hmmm-humming and breathing-happy as i can allow myself to be-expecting the unexpected and embracing universe-cosmos-moma earth-fellow humans cats dogs birds trees garden plants and all the other wonders of life-manythxsCATS

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  14. What ALL of you did who participated in that meditation was absolutely remarkable!
    Even though I was’nt able to join you, I felt that something major had happened during the time I was asleep because when I woke up, my whole body was trembling and buzzing like crazy and my ears was ringing and I felt such a harmony both within and in my surroundings here at home.. You are ALL so amazing!!✨💖

    And.. you also helped me. Thank you🙏
    You helped me to gain strength and focus so that I could do what I had hoped to do yesterday on Sunday the 5th – to go back in time to my memory of Sunday the 29th of Mars from around 19.10 CET and re-live the whole experience again. But this time I would watch the whole thing from the outside so that I could step into the drama that took place, “pause the screen” and hold them in my arms and hug them while I tell them how greatly they are loved.. And it worked because as my hands became hot and started to buzz I looked at the watch – it said 19.15. It was time. As i talked to them while I hugged them and wrapped them in LOVE, Martin stepped onto the sceene next to me. He watched himself on the floor, then looked at me and explained, he “wanted to be free”.

    Our male neighbour hung himself in the railing to the upper floor in their house. It was his five year old daughter who found him. She told her mom to “please help dad to get free of the rope” but her mom got into such a severe shock that she and her daughter walked for over five minutes to get to our place and asked us for help since she “did’nt know how to get him out of the noose that was around his neck…”
    Mr H and I preformed cpr for over twenty minutes untill the ambulance, firefighters, police and a helicopter came and they could get a lucas-cpr on him. When the helicopter lifted off of the ground with him at 19.58 CET, his heart was beating on it’s own. I spoke the two mantras to him as we watched the heli fly away. On the first of April, they removed the respirator. All that’s left now is a tiny hope for a miracle..

    Sending LOVE to Martin, Annika and little Phen💕

    Loving hugs & take care ALL💖✨

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    1. OMG Uli, that is so sad.

      We have to be strong for the little ones, they depend on us. I pray he makes a recovery and sees the light.

      Mark x

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    2. Dear Uli,
      I am so sorry to hear about the terrible experience that you had with your
      neighbors. What you and Mr. H did to help was more than I, and I imagine
      many of us, could have done in those circumstances. It has been said, for a
      long time, that the energies that we are dealing with, on a daily basis, would
      be more than many could withstand, and although I do not know what factors went into Martin’s decision and desire to be free, the shock and
      sadness of his choice will always effect the lives of his wife and daughter.
      I am sure that we will all pray that this family be helped in whatever way
      would bring them the greatest comfort and healing. And Uli, please rest and
      continue to heal as you have gone through a very traumatic event.

      With great love, light, healing and blessings,

      🥰 ❤️ 🥰 ❤️ 🥰 ❤️ 🥰

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    3. Oh dear Uli …!! How sad for Martin’s family. You and Mr H are amazing. Sending all of you Love and Light and prayers for that miracle to happen.
      Big hugs to you, jane xxx

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    4. Uli,
      You are the light , you are the love and you are the truth. You gave all of these things from yourself to those in need. It is all that could be done for those affected. Being a light house is not easy at times. I have often asked Brother J and guides for assistance and strength in witnessing another’s pain. It can be anguish for an empath. Do not forget to ask for help. Cay

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    5. Uli. So sad when someone defends that deep into hopelessness. We affect so many others with our decisions as a result. Sending heartfelt love and compassion to everyone affected.💖💖💖💖💖

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    6. Uli ❤️ So sorry that you experienced such a traumatic event. Sending so much Love & Light to you and all involved in that situation. Healing to everyone, that little girl, I hope he makes a swift recovery.

      So much Love ❤️❤️🙏❤️🙏

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    7. Sending Love, peace and healing Light energy to you Uli and your neighbors especially the little girl.

      Much ***Love***and***Light***

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    1. Huh. That’s a new one on us. We haven’t seen three worlds split. Anything’s possible.

      As for the “3 days of darkness,” the CAT consensus is that this is a metaphoric “darkness” that we’ve already gone through. All done!

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yes, I was curious about the three world split too, maybe it’s another timeline?

        I am glad you say the ‘3 days of darkness’ have passed now, yes it makes sense that it is metaphoric, with all that has been happening!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  15. I think “the shift” is lined with Q. I believe we will all know because we will be told. I believe higher pay grades are in charge of this situation and we know when we are supposed to.

    It will be soon.

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  16. So…I got sort of a package instead of an envelope, with a pair of inline skates and the outlines of a mission. I was hoping for wings, but whatever it takes to get through this is fine by me; at least I’m finally back to flying in my dreams.

    Summer break is approaching fast here, my software project is almost done at I can’t see anything else on the horizon. I really look forward to spending less time with computers. Just a couple of months ago I would have been really worried about money, but now I feel like everything will be fine.


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  17. @Cats, Ms and any others with insight?
    I can not see the use of writing this comment, but I’m not being let out of it –
    Overnight after the(intentionally) disturbing comment on the previous thread and the posting of the song… in my dreams, I think I was originally doing something productive, but began in segments to wander progressively more in a ? fugue ? state. eventually being picked up, examined and watched over in a type of care facility – state continued outside of dreaming and lay in that state, not really wanting to get out of it. I think it lasted for maybe as much as 4 + hrs. in ‘real’ life.

    If this wasn’t a triggered reaction to that post it would probably be good to know what else it was. I’ve been getting this may not be the last time this happens – maybe a few more times, and feel I need to let family know if they find me unmoving and unresponsive – not to do anything (that was the procedure when I used to have seizures as there wasn’t anything anyone could do other than me just riding it out and the usual recovery period, hrs to a day or so for things to settle (they were not epileptic seizures- no brain damage, I think)

    My daughter is either being very ill with either the pregnancy, 2nd trimester or energies, not even keeping much water down last few days… she resents and judges anything physical going on with me, if something is going on with her – like she thinks I’m trying to compete with her or getting out of caring for her or any of them – hard to explain.
    Things had been so much more positive lately – don’t care for this to come up now…
    I’ve just gone through my double/triple/quad…. etc checking if I need to post this – not getting out of it…
    If it’s not just a trigger reaction I’d be glad to know what else may be going on and deal accordingly… thank you…


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  18. I’ve been feeling somewhat out of it lately but still got into some uplifting vibes during the meditation. This morning I had a waking dream of someone giving me a big friendly dog as a gift…and I was wondering how my cat would react..? (I’m very loyal to my cat). Then I saw a brief glimpse of a rainbow in the sky…and woke up. This evening I was eating supper and had the History Channel on and was thinking about Blossom’s post…and looked up to see “We are here with you” in the upper right corner of the screen. It was there for about a minute. It feels like pieces of a puzzle coming together…. Still feeling kind of discombobulated but hanging in there.

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  19. Happy we all joined in the meditation, and grateful for everyone who participated. I did several meditations during the day, and then joined in the group one in the evening. There was a lot of pulsing in pineal, crown, tones in ears, and a swelling of love in my heart. I was feeling the flow of energy waves in my body and raised my hands, and could feel it in the palms, very strongly. It was similar to the feel of energy healing work. It’s great to see the results on the meters, hear of all the lovely experiences, and wowzers, not surprised there was all those jumps. I’m still integrating it all, and so grateful for this online community, it’s creators, moderators, commenters, and readers, Infinite Love!

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    1. From what I can tell via my experience and guides he has always been a deep state player, he also looks very similar to Richard Branson… Weird.


    2. Wow! I love you Nyla! You are so right and make a lot of excellent points. I watched some of his videos in the 2000 years which were pretty good but then they became repetitive and she is right–not much positive news–so I usually found others that were more uplifting. Yes, I do remember him talking about transhuman stuff and that was a red flag for me as well. Whenever someone starts with that I usually know that something is off with them. Good work Nyla.


  20. Dear CATs,

    I had a dream today morning. Me and my wife were sitting near a beach (or may be a sandy terrain because i dont remember seeing the ocean) . I saw a round disk like structure parked in a slanting position supported by a pole on one side and the other side half submerged in the sand. It was not huge. I immateriality recognized it as a UFO and felt happy about the finding. Then I turned to my wife and asked her to look back . Suddenly there was this wind blew along and the sand underneath the craft started disappearing , revealing its entire underneath structure. It looked liked a round water color pallet upside down with many compartments. Then I told my wife this is a space craft for sure. We were not scared or that surprised , but only felt peace and happiness. Also, we were curious to know about whose craft it was.

    We noticed a small house like structure adjacent to the craft and its door opened when we looked at it. And then THIS happened. A white cat came out of the door. A pure white cat who was biped. A puffy one with lots of long fur. He was calm, compassionate and immensely wise is what we felt. The craft belonged to him. And the dream ended.

    I had many positive UFO dreams in the past but never saw a CAT. What would this dream may mean?

    Love and Light

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      1. There is this meaningful coincidence happened yesterday night.

        I am now working from home due to the lock down situation and had a bit more official tasks to finish than the usual. After completing the work by around 2 in the morning and was about to hit the bed and then I noticed that the window curtains are off the place. I went near the window to put it back properly, but spontaneously decided to watch the sky and stars. Suddenly the cat and the ufo dream I had the other day poped up in my mind. While I was thinking about it, suddenly a CAT walked over the stairs ( just outside the windows) in front of me . I was going up in the building. We both looked at each other for few moments in complete stillness. Maybe we said “Hi”, or send light or shared love. Then we both parted away to our dens. Amazing synchronicity.

        Love and Light

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  21. Hope everyone is okay ❤️

    Elsie is in bed today after a few days/nights of pretty challenging behaviour, meltdowns etc… She looks worn out, little love. Not much sleep at all the last few nights.

    I saw Simon Parkes update about certain PTW using the meditation to syphon energy. After our experiences personally I thought this may have happened. Then I came across this very moving article about the children. Getting quite choked up just writing this.

    I have a feeling that we are picking up on the energies of the circumstances in our world, they are really intense right now. Knowing Elsie and I and many of us here are empaths, it makes sense that we would soak some of this energy up. Poor Elsie is so pale, dark around her eyes. I could barely lift her out of bed to change her nappy, she was so heavy and so shaky, trembling and could not take her own weight at all.

    The sheer amount of suffering that has gone on and is now coming to light of those beautiful children AND everything else that is occurring is pretty overwhelming. When I did the meditation, I focused on the children and their rescue/healing/release and the feelings that came through were quite indescribable.

    Here is the article, Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Yeah, the PTW can’t pick up any of our energy, as its 100% LOVE. And even if they could vampire love off of us, all expressions of love are maximal, so… there’s tons more where that came from!

      It won’t be much longer, Lily. We feel the same way you both do.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thanks CAT Eds so much for everything!
        ‘It won’t be much longer, Lily. We feel the same way you both do.’

        I think you’re right! I keep getting this earworm!



    2. Lily, you and Elsie are never far from my thoughts and always in my heart ❤️ Hang in there dear.

      Thanks for Lisa’s article. I greatly respect her work.

      Love love love, Jane

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      1. Thank you Jane ❤️

        Elsie is better although extremely tired. We’ve been having fun with play doh and playing nursery rhyme songs which is very uplifting!

        Much Love to you too, big hugs ❤️🙏🤗🙏❤️

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  22. Just asking for some good thoughts… my daughter went to the hospital last night…
    granddaughter has yet to sleep,up forever…


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    1. I hear and feel you, Kg💕
      Sending so much LOVE💖
      Have also just asked Brother J and AA Michael to help her✨

      My heart is with you💞

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    2. Kg, praying your family and you are doing well, and can get some rest, thoughts of loving peace and light for you all

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  23. Some CATs (4) have reported that they had inexplicable pain in both elbows/arms (at the top of the forearms) yesterday, without having any excuse for it. And it’s gone today. No idea what that’s about.

    -CAT Eds.

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  24. Glad everyone had a good meditation…i had no net access for days so didn’t know, but woke up Sunday morn with a spinning gyroscope and spiral in my 3rd purple neon that seemed to zoom up..very cool. Lots of hot ho t flashes last few days, but doing lots of gardening in the sun n life is Good! So glad the children rescues are real😃

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    1. kt1111,
      Me too, except rainbow colors. Let me know if you know what the package means of contains. I am planting an almond tree in celebration. Cay

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      1. Hi cay, I don’t know but it also morphed into a merkaba so I’m hoping to journey the stars soon! I’ve also dreamed about my dad at our family camp (we always talked but never got one) and he was young n happy and all my dreams are awesome last few days, please let us know if you notice anything.

        Isnt this exciting?!

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  25. Just read this: A group called Unify
    April 5 at 9:25 AM ·
    We did it family… 15 hour 4/4 broadcast reaching over 2 million people….From the 4th to 5th of April there was a spike in the Earth’s geomagnetic field, bringing the Schumann Resonance power to the highest point of 76.
    During this time window Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked 1.3 billion Indian citizens to switch off electricity and pray. counted a million meditators on theirs. Kind of exciting.

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