Lighthouse Meditation for 4/4 [UPDATE3]

piccit_pigeon_point_lighthouse_in_t_943041989-Tyler Wescott

Blossom let us know there’s apparently a worldwide meditation for peace, etc. on 4/4, so we might as well add some of our own lighthouses to the mix.

We’ll be in and out of meditation all day, but there is an organized Mass Meditation planned, called “Ascension Timeline Meditation” [isn’t that what we’ve already been doing?] organized for April 4, 2020 at 10:45 pm EST (7:45 PDT, or 2:45AM UTC on April 5) for 20 minutes. Who are we to stand in the way of Ascension? 😉


There was some dramatic timeline prep and jump late last night:

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 3.40.19 PM
Lots of us were awake for much it this.

Meanwhile, whereas the cosmic pressure on our local system looked like this last night, right before that jump:


It looks like this now:


We’ll take it.


Btw, we thought you might like some good news for a change.

Please be advised that HAARP and DEW have been removed from use on this planet by humans or otherwise (meaning no more weather manipulation, no more fake earthquakes, no more artificial fires, etc.). It’s been taken care of by our friends from out of town. We have also placed a potent “light ring” around the entire continent of Africa to assist with light operations there. The SuperFriends and CATs have been busy. In these cases, no news is good news.


Please also note that one of the CATs had visions of children riding on white swans, being dropped off at a river bank into the arms of many healers. As they held the children, they could see the faces of the children contort into fear and pain… and then release. White swans are representative of the higher self, so we believe we were being shown the extraordinary healing that was happening, in addition to the physical healing. SOURCE knows we need some of that.

This evening, this same CAT had another one:

I was not in a great mood — irritable and uncomfortable, watched tv for a while and turned it off, read for awhile, and fell asleep — then — the TV came on by itself and it was the last part of the movie “Miracles from Heaven.” The little girl suffered terribly with an illness, fell 30 feet from a tree, and was miraculously cured. She hit her head, blacked out, went to heaven, and talked to God.

My first thought was of all those children. Maybe the vision of them coming along the river on white swans was showing this — that they have been touched by a miracle. Also, I realized that I don’t even feel the virus exists any more.

Something happened here.

Something indeed.

Again, please note that date and time — 4/4 at 10:45 EDT — for the meditation. We’ll see you there. Let’s concentrate on raising everyone UP in vibration.

Some of us need all the help we can get.


For those with headaches…

  1. Ground + Protect + Connect to Guides. (Grounding will help with a lot of it.)
  2. Imagine an “A” with the point between your eyes, in the middle of your head, the letter extending down to your jaw. Compress the sides of the A to make the point sharper. (This is an old technique British private schools used to use called, “Minds on point!” It helps shape your pineal gland into an Xmas tree, its optimal shape. You may feel a funny ‘grains-of-sand’ feeling as the crystals there orient themselves.)
  3. BREATHE in SOURCE, exhale through the point of the “A.”
  4. Whenever the energy peaks, enact the “A.” It will get easier and easier. This is the beginning of FOCUS, which will open up all kinds of things.


Whoa. We were all shown in earlier meditations that Brother J was going to be a *major part* of tonight’s meditation! He was there, front and center!


If you haven’t already, please everyone read the latest from Blossom.

99 thoughts on “Lighthouse Meditation for 4/4 [UPDATE3]

  1. I am still up at 2:50 am EDT and saw this pop up in my email. [I don’t seem to sleep at regular times anymore] I have had this meditation on my calendar for a month. Now day #24 of my self-isolation. I am in need of some uplifting. I’ll be there and meditating with you all! Let’s do this! WATL,WATL. WE ARE! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Lauraksmi – I had another crazy night last night and experienced a huge timeline shift or whatever the heck it was. Felt as if I were morphing between dimensions and other weird stuff. The night before, I spent the whole night in NEW YORK. It wasn’t pleasant, but the next day I was told by a friend that Comfort Ships had entered NY Harbour…

      Will meet you in the Everywhere for a virtual hug!

      Much love, Jay xxx

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      1. Ready to meet you, ladybirdbeau, and all of you brothers and sisters, Cats and Ms, SFs, and Soul friends in the Everywhere for that Virtual Hug! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Not sure if you know, there are white medical ships that are currently taking on the children that are being saved right now. Once all are saved and physically healed (and the truth revealed), they will come onto the mainland and be embraced by the rest of humanity.

    This is probably what you were getting visions of.

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      1. True, it just seems the spiritual and physical are getting closer and closer.
        I’ve recently had visions with both a spiritual, emotional and physical meaning

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        1. Any proof of that, or just the typical ‘take your word for it’ kinda thing?

          I guess we’ll never know. Tra la, tra la, tra la.


          1. Sorry. First responders are a little averse to snapping pics of terror-stricken deformed children (it’s also ILLEGAL). But is this the kind of “proof” you’re looking for? If so, that’s tough. If your mind is open to all of us — ALL of us — simultaneously seeing AND FEELING the same thing at the exact same time (a rush of emotion because of what people were seeing), then you’re in luck. Otherwise, we suggest you visit some other site. We’re pretty sure we’ve earned the benefit of the doubt by now.

            -CAT Eds.

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  3. Thank you for the light ring around Africa.. The forgotten but powerful continent..Some of us live here and have been doing our fair share quietly during this Earth shift.
    Peace and Love to you all.

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  4. Will not be able to join you this time. Have too much to process, to heal from…
    But I’m with you in my heart❤️🤗

    May LOVE shine it’s LIGHT over ALL✨💖

    Re Update1 – as I try this now, I feel the whole top of my head, my crown chakra open up immediately and I feel such relief – just what I needed and longed so much for😌
    From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU CAT’s for telling about the “A” technique🙏💕

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  5. Yes! Oh so good to hear the white swan news. Thank you Thank you. The children have been on my so heart very heavy. I have been thinking/sending Light and Love to them all, and to all the empaths affected.

    (My 2 little gkids were whute swan black swan for halloween last fall, their choice. This over all princess, unicorn etc choices. They were magnificent but i wondered where that idea came from. Now i know)

    I wanted to mention re connecting to Source/meditation, and esp after reading i think Perica’s request in last blog, that another thing I do is “talk” to Source and Spurit Team in betwern meditations, intermittently throughout the day and way more often these days. Just touching base, “saying hello”, if you will, or sending a quick “please help so-and-so, the whole world, the children, my dear ones”, etc. I use a visualization of an orb of light also. Which i use in my meditations during Protect. Light orb these days is sparkly rich green with sparkly gold on the outer surface. And, last few days ive added an outer layer of mirror like large size “mail”, that reflects ANY//ALL negative energies back to originator transformed into the Divine Light of utter Transformation.

    I also do a fairly elaborate grounding visualization when beginning meditation, (tho quick) which includes ‘saying hello” to 9 chakras after renewing grounding chord (which in my case i add grounding ovaries and other feminine ‘accoutrements’), paying a bit more attention to pituitary and especially pineal gland these past few days but i also include hypothalmus sometimes as i think those 3 work as a trio but that’s just my own idea.

    Btw, i think the female grounding technique can be very very helpful especially now for assisting the empath response so as to mitigate pain and suffering for the empath. I’m not famiiliar with the male grounding technique for the men here, but I’m sure an intention to include would suffice.

    (If anyone would like more descriptive female grounding let me know tho again i think just intending is good)

    I don’t spend a lot of time in specifying all this everytime, it’s kind of just built in with intention at this point. (Cats please advise if my methods meet with approval, I’m just making it up as I go, drawing upon years of practice/teachings/ideas, albeit intermittent practice)

    I just had the thought that the sparkly green and gold light i visualize could be associated with new earth. Until a few months ago i used pink and purple, for years. Maybe once New Earth energy had become more pervasive, i switched. I also want to add that I use this visual for others also, surrounding them with this protection, healing. Including the earth, and whole groups etc

    I also want to include the fact that I am not the best meditator, or even Light Bearer, etc. as I have had dark times throughout the years and even lately intermittently, where I question EVERYTHING. But then I rally, dust myself off, and get back on that horse, ready to ride once again. (Can you tell I’m a horse person?😉) Just wanna keep it real. And maybe my somewhat elaborate meditation process (tho really i do it all very quickly) is to help anchor, commit me to the process ….of connecting to Source. I don’t know, i just know it’s what I’ve created from bits and pieces over the years. And each person will create their own process.

    Anyway, I am again, so grateful for your dedication to service CATS, Ms, SFs, All here, ❤❤❤ and will be joining in holding Light throughout the day today, and especially this evening (I am in AZ).

    Love, Light, and Healing to All

    PS i hope no typos this time. 🤣 i compose this on my teeny cell phone screen. 🤤

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    1. Well so much for no typos

      Anyway, during this morning’s meditation the light orb color changed to almost all sparkly golden light. Like the green had served its purpose, and now we are raising the vibration, because that golden light is definitely a higher vibration . May have a tinge of green in there just to keep it “real”, ie grounded a bit.


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  6. 10:45 Saturday, Eastern Time (ET) is
    14:45 Saturday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

    Just a little reminder for anyone (in the UK) that is like me… a complete Numpty when trying to convert time zones! 🙂

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  7. My understanding is the children are some of the most advanced souls in any dimension or density to volunteer to be in their situation. One of their roles in the great awakening is to unite all people to remind us we are One, and to love each other. Our collective human desire and emotion to love children is uniting the the world in one voice and to stand in our power to change the world.

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  8. Great, 03:45 tomorrow morning for UK!

    Do you think we can get it changed for me please? 🤭

    Not like my diary is busy…

    On another note, I’ve always been plagued with the odd bout of anger, sometimes rage I’m embarrassed to say.

    When a dark cloud hits, in the past it’s taken considerable effort to rise above it.
    But interestingly, as of late (not that it happens often you understand) when I feel this dark cloud descend and take grip it goes very quickly. Also it is not gradual, it is ripped away in an instant.

    I can only conclude it is my team helping. Which further indicates this dark cloud is separate to me and not my own doing. Why so easily now? Dark is weak, light is strong I suppose.

    I’ve always held rage inside, I think it is to do with the injustice on this planet. There is pain everywhere. I’ve never understood how everything hunts and kills. And of course this is precisely what team dark want. They depend upon this reaction to feed their appetites. When I have been drunk on alcohol in the past I have been wide open to attack and this rage has regrettably manifested. We drink to forget, and then we are lambs to the slaughter.

    I do not believe that there is anyone on this planet who does not healing in some way. We have all been affected by the virus, and I don’t mean Covid blah.

    Can’t wait to hug JC, I suspect the queue will be ludicrously long. Poor guy 🤭

    Mark (My lighthouse see’s your lighthouse and raises, um, a lighthouse at 03:45… whoop, whoop… )

    P.S. Always HATED Disney’s Pinocchio as a child. The scene with the children on the Island would terrify me, and as it transpires, for a very justifiable reason.

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      1. Sorry to correct You again CAT10, but @rusirus44 is correct, in UK meditation will be at 3:45AM local time as UK is now at UTC +1h ✨

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            1. Perica. Spot on correct. Had to laugh at the confusion. I wish they would just stop messing about with the clocks and leave it on the summer time so that it’s not dark at three thirty pm mid winter. I hate the dark afternoons at that time. 🙄😟🐱

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  9. Yup! I’ll be on it. (Altho, being here on the farm, for me, is being in what I call a “waking meditation” It’s like always meditating or another level awareness. [except when I’m crabby] Har!)

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  10. Yay! I am soooo HAPPY! 🙂 Children are safe and healed or will be healed now! World feels like much better and happier place. 🙂
    ❤❤❤❤ Sending them my Love, Light and lots of (((((HUGS)))). They are love and they are loved! ❤❤❤❤

    We are so close now!
    Lets make it even better with our collective meditation.

    I’ve also felt the preparation for the jump and the jump itself yesterday. I felt like something has changed dramatically…just do not know what…It still feels different now.
    Getting goosebumps just writing about it…

    I hope you are all well!❤


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  11. Lovely & thank you. There is also talk of the good military factions rescuing children from underground tunnels & other places of imprisonment for the ‘business’ the dark ones have with children. Lots of talk of the children now. A huge renovation/clean out going on. We are on our way!

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  12. Upon waking this morning I was bathed in LOVE. My higher self had me participating in the love wave automatically. I must have set a timer with intention. Bliss is welcome. I will join in around noon again. Cay

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  13. Strange thing here, the female animals are very very sleepy, males seem fine, anyone know what thats about? 🧡

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  14. This notification was in my email this morning from:
    – Maureen Moss, founder and creator of the World Puja Network (a no longer, I think, platform for many, many at least 8-10 yrs ago, and probably older – I think she had to shut it down for health reasons 2012 – didn’t have the strength to run it anymore – what I remember, anyway –
    Only mentioning why I was familiar with the name and why it appeared in my email…
    Probably only one of many such virtual gatherings of meditations today – Probably we could set an intention to add our attuning to any participants across the globe and more, esp those not that practiced in meditation, linking to those you know and trust that are/have been practiced and more intune/familiar with SOURCE energy might be helpful – using the intention ANY time you can to join in with those you know and out to all who are linked to the right frequencies for most beneficial outcomes today (and beyond).
    ~~ Only adding this – not to join it through necessarily, but for the timing of THIS meditation event…


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  15. @CATs, etc… thank you or the headache advice…
    G+P+C and the ‘A’, “Minds on point!” technique –

    It has been helpful just now – a spontaneous nod + relaxation response follows using it, but the crown area ‘fill’s again with pressure in short order – I will continue working with it,
    Thank you,


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  16. I realized in an earlier meditation today that NO LONGER will one’s life force be allowed to be taken by another. I think the human emotional charge following the outrage will finalize this decree. Get ready to embrace a lifestyle asking for permission from food sources before eating if you have not done so previously. Shine on. Cay

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  17. Wow, thanks for sharing the visions CATs, I got a little choked up when I read that, really beautiful, may the healing come in abundance and may they all find peace and love…❤️🙏❤️

    Am onboard for the meditation (3:45 am ouch!) Will have to set the alarm but it’s worth it.

    Yes, to the headaches! Phew! I meditated earlier, grabbed 5 minutes whilst Elsie was reading her books. Sat in our tiny lean too off the kitchen in the direction of the late afternoon sun. Felt like pure bliss but as I came to again, the headache/migraine came and it’s still her! Have a lot of tension in my shoulders from dealing with a bit of a meltdown this eve from Elsie. I always tense up! Tried the pineal gland exercise (thank you CATs!). It’s eased everything a bit. I also saw, whilst doing it, a tiger’s pink nose!?

    Much Love ALL, see you later for the lighthouse gathering! ✨

    We can do this! 🙏

    WATL, WATL, We So ARE! 🙏❤️🙏

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      1. M2 ❤️ Yay, thank you! I could also feel movement up there, like something wriggling around! Must be the Pineal ‘Sand’ you mentioned!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Thank you for dream reminder Lily. I now recall touching nose to nose with a gentle sweet brownish dog, choc lab? In last night’s dreams. Softest nose, funniest thing to do. Very very sweet.

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        1. Lily, you might be right about that. A comfortung warm and fuzzy guide. It was a very sweet interaction.
          Thank you. ☺💕

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  18. Update 2! Wow, that is fantablously fantastic! Brother J will be joining us!

    Thank you also for the reminder that we can do this meditation at any time with intent for it to be sent to the actual linear time! I will try and set my alarm but am quite exhausted at the moment and Elsie’s care needs can be quite full on these days!

    Will do my best, will absolutely definitely do the meditation, but may be sending it forwards a few hours so I can get some rest!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  19. CATS, with so much shut down and people staying home, I feel the air is becoming cleaner and clearer. Do you have access to any satellite images to share with us to show how Gaia is self repairing from a view from orbit? The blue marble is probably beautiful, especially with HAARP and chemtrails decreasing. I haven’t seen either for many weeks now.

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  20. Olay, the energies were huge and intense, buzzing crazy, then about ten minutes in something happened? Like a critical mass was reached. Did anyone else get this?


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  21. I connected to the days meditation energies a few times during the day (2020-04-04) then started feeling the pull into the above mentioned,“Ascension Timeline Meditation” about an hr ahead of time – was up and down into it until about 1/2 hr ago – 4+ hrs – (there had been a few times where family ‘discussions’ 10-15 ft from my door pulled my attention away for a bit.

    One of the recurring visuals became the Christ statue on the hill in Rio. attention on it ?merging? with it becoming the lighthouse through it – passing the energy out to the world, Gaia, all peoples and life, etc. that way…
    I had done the G+P+C and joined Brother J, (I think others) in the beginning…

    Did the “I AMs’ a number of times during the day…


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    1. Kg, I had the same sort of vision of joining our energy to a very tall bro J, shared a wink with him even. 😉 WATL!

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  22. I joined in the meditation. Felt very peaceful afterwards.

    Interesting energies in Tomsk around the time of the meditation.

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    1. AC. Yes the Schumann is going for it at the moment. The meditation seems to have kick started something wonderful I hope. Love to all, this bright sunny morning.🤗😸🌄🌻💖💖💖

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  23. I joined the meditation 4 hours early and made the intention to join ALL other lights at the linear time. It’s a good job I did as I had a VERY topsy turvy night with Elsie up most of the night! Perhaps she is picking up on the energies. She was not a happy bean, I think the neighbours will be a bit tired today! Wish I could communicate with her better, I was unfortunately a bit grumpy but we had a nice cuddle this morning…

    The meditation was quite powerful though, I felt a definite Shift! Everything was very quiet and still after and the sky outside was like a velvet indigo, very beautiful…

    Here is Blossom, very interesting!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  24. Uhhh, I hope that we made it and that we made a breakthrough, that sufficient number off us were meditating ✨

    I tried my best at 4:45 AM, but at the beginning, when I entered meditation I start to sneeze, like allergic sneeze, so I restarted the meditation few times, but also, beside that, hole day my eyes are dripping, not sure if others had those symptoms ?

    At one point I got mild headache, so I tried to envision letter A way off meditation and at one point I could here the crack sound, like something ceramic moved significantly in my head, in the middle off my head towards the eyes, it was strange, maybe the crystals in my pineal gland moved, but it was not like you stated “You may feel a funny ‘grains-of-sand’ feeling as the crystals there orient themselves.)”, it was much more intense for whatever reason ✨

    In the morning, my brain is a mash and so am I, but I know it was for greater good, so I am OK with that 🙂✨

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  25. Last week I was thinking about commenting how miserable I was feeling; I had an adverse reaction to an antibiotic which threw my system out of whack. I still managed to be competent at my day job and get my first poetry collection onto Amazon. I stopped that antibiotic immediately didn’t take allergy medicine yesterday, and am feeling much better. I have garden work today, so who knows; I’m just happy the sun is shining and that I have a couple of trees and some Egyptian walking onions to plant.

    I did two meditations last night; the first was personal calling in helpers and colleagues. The second was Magenta Pixie’s 4-4-4 guided meditation ( that – holy moly – was amazing. After I stepped through the ring of light I was in what appeared to be my back yard. I meandered down the path to an open green where hundreds or thousands had gathered. We joined hands and created a wheel of light and sent it out to the world/universe/beyond time and space. As I drifted off to sleep I heard promises of meeting up in the physical.

    This morning I woke to Three Dog Night singing “Joy To The World.”

    Looks like the Schumann resonance was off the charts, too – Joy indeed!

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  26. Woke up this morning with a shimmery rainbow hued swirling tetrahedron in my third eye (with eyes closed). So far unsure what it is. Perhaps my merkaba for dimensional travel or pineal activation of some sort? We will see. Exiting times. Cay

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  27. In Blossom’s latest post of April 5, 2020, which was after the meditation:
    “From our perspective for the first time ever in our experience…..we saw
    the colors of your world change into rainbow light. “🌈

    Blossom: “That has brought instant tears as our Hawaii Group was named
    the ‘Rainbow Light pod’. (Kolibri was part of the ‘Rainbow Light pod’).
    Yet I know we are ALL…actually, I feel it is better coming from you.”

    Sorry I can’t post link to the message but it can be found at:

    And now the mantra is: I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth.
    I am.

    With love, light and lots of rainbows to all,



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  28. Blossom Goodchild’s post meditation channelling is out and her guides confirm the rainbow light star tetrahedron gyroscope gift which I found in my third eye upon awakening today. Yippee! Package delivered, now I have to wait to find out what is inside. Cay

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    1. In the post, Blossom asks the Federation about the messages that have been showing up on TV screens, ‘We are here with you’, and they imply that it’s coming from them. Any idea why when that phrase is plugged into a Google search, one’s location shows up in Google Maps? Not sure what to make of that.

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  29. I just read the Blossoms latest post, I felt so excited while reading it, such a rush off emotions, unbelievable, my ears are ringing like crazy, the waiting is over, let Golden Age begin ✨

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  30. Regarding update 3…
    Firstly, it’s about time.
    Secondly, that would explain why I have been in an extremely happy mood.

    I’ve always known it would work out.

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  31. @CAT’s
    I’ve connected to the time of the meditation…Unfortunetly, I just fell asleep…
    During the meditation and even after I had a very loud ringing in my ears with a high pitched tone…
    I still hear it now… Is it normal?


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  32. Lily144 here.

    Posting on my phone before bed!

    I am pondering, worrying a bit….

    The meditation was wonderful, even though I was a few hours early! So happy to see the results! Those charts, the Sun! Wow! And of course Blossom’s channeling, it’s just incredible what meditation can do!

    I have noticed that every time I join a global/group meditation, I have a really hard time either just trying to do it or after doing it if I was successful in actually doing the meditation, usually afterwards. I will feel incredibly heavy, exhausted and unwell despite having felt elated during the meditation. I also always have a really tough time with Elsie afterwards. Last night from around 1am onwards she was screaming, throwing some pretty spectacular tantrums, the same today/this evening and I am desperately trying to keep my patience. We were sat in the garden this morning, it was beautiful, birds singing, sun shining, clear blue skies but I felt heavy like lead. Tried to keep spirits up by blowing Elsie bubbles…Anyway, what I am trying to get my head around is why we experience such a difficult time either during or following the ‘bigger’ meditations… All I can think is that something is trying to thwart my efforts. The last couple of days has been so challenging I have felt like I am losing my mind. I apologise, I am just so confused and so exhausted. Perhaps I should join in quietly without talking about it to anyone. Perhaps Elsie is just going through a ‘phase’ and it’s all coincidental, only Source knows.

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Dear Lily,
      The same thing happens to me as it does to you.
      I am very good at meditating, I enter meditation instantly when I want to, even without closing my eyes. Although it is better with closed eyes.
      I get amazing pictures and information downloads. I smell flower and plant perfumes that are not present. As if I were dreaming. And I always have a wonderful and energizing feeling, like a warm summer afternoon.
      However when I try to do collective meditations in the marked times, it is horrible. I am unable to disconnect, and if I do, I feel like a hundred thousand ants are running down my arms and legs. And I don’t see or feel absolutely nothing.
      I think it is that I feel the energies of the rest, as if it were an orchestra that is tuning up before a concert.
      I don’t think it has to do with negative energies or blockages. Perhaps too much sensitivity to that sea of energies or consciousnesses that connect. But I don’t think it’s anything bad, or dark at all.
      Maybe some of us are lone wolves. Or maybe we are really lighthouses, the lighthouses are scattered along the coast, they are not all in the same point, right ???
      Sending tons of love to you and Elsie.

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      1. Cristina ❤️ Thank you for your comment, so good to know I am not alone! Yes, I can drop into personal meditations usually with great ease and have had some beautiful experiences, but when it’s a group meditation, its very different! There have been exceptions like the first Lighthouse meditation we did a while ago, that was awesome! I think it may be the larger ‘Mass’ meditations that do it. It could well be the intensity of energies. What I experienced this time around was so, so heavy though, and Elsie (who does not meditate) was quite affected too. Of course, she does not understand why she is feeling the way she does and it comes out in meltdowns, screaming etc…I think there is so much going on at the moment energetically. The rescue of those beautiful children, the global ‘lock down’ and so, so much more. I guess it makes sense we are picking up on a lot of that.

        So much Love & Light ❤️🙏✨🙏❤️

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  33. I am sorry to hear that Lily… It all will be well at the end…And the end is just around the corner! Sending you and Elsie my Love ❤️and (((((HUGS))))

    Love, ❤️

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    1. June ❤️ YES! You are absolutely right, we are so, so close! Must remember that every time I feel myself getting anxious! Thank you!

      Love & Hugs to you too! ❤️🤗🙏🤗❤️

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