The Call, The Meterage, etc. [UPDATE4]


First up, when you feel “The Call” to meditate (it’s a certain feeling, or ringing sound you “hear”), go do it, right away. It means your upgrades are ready and so are you. Why wait?

This happened to most CATs about an hour ago (roughly 10:00 am PDT), and it was a good one. The energy is still happening right now; we’re feeling it in our heads/third eyes.

We’ve also had some interesting activity. Another dramatic jump early on 4/2 (this is a UV view of the sun):

Now you see it…









Ok, so why did we include so many images after the sun reappears? Download the last five images and then flip through them: After it comes back, the sun… MOVES UP! Just like some of us are. Interesting.

Here’s the above jump, and a few others:

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 11.43.19 AM


We are strongly feeling this right now, having big-time inner-eye upgrades:

Magnetic fields…
…and protons.

Here was the big jump from yesterday:


AND we just had a timeline jump as we were writing this! At 11:50 am PDT in fact. All systems froze for a moment. Could’ve been a localized thing. That was interesting.


A reader brought up an interesting point from a Lisa Gawlas session this morning: “Lisa today said that 95% of the population on the planet did not make it energetically into the energies of 2020. The 5% that did are into what she calls the Light age.” We’re seeing this too, though we see more than 5% making it. If you’re not there yet, keep meditating. This is what April is for. A few of the CATs only made it this morning! (They were getting bogged down in the spectacle going on all around us.)

More as we find it.

“Huh. I wonder if I can eat that?”


On second look, that sun jump was more of a “timeline adjustment” according to Guides. So much got “adjusted” (for the better, of course) that it looked like a jump. When you think of timelines like a giant tapestry, you have to imagine each individual life as a thread. Sometimes SOURCE and Spirit reweave the whole thing forward and back when people heal and grow, past and present.


Some of you may be able to feel the current energy. The flux pressure is very high:


There was also this:


We’d cite the Tomsk Schumann meter, but it’s in timeline jump oblivion, identical to the one at the top of this post. Speaking of that, we’ve had another timeline adjustment, in dramatic fashion. Note the details:

Note the pre-jump “curdle” at the bottom right.
Now you can see it almost all the way ’round.
And it reappears almost an hour later.
Again, if you review the post-jump images, you will see a slight upward movement.



That line is from a neutral ship traveling pretty damn fast across the slower exposure.
All better. Will this become a regular thing?


The above black line is from a neutral ship. Nothing new.


We are busy with something. More soon.


99 thoughts on “The Call, The Meterage, etc. [UPDATE4]

  1. Wow wow wow CATS. Had not been on for a few days (also bogged down by spectacle, albeit tryin to spread calm and humor to ppl, keepin up w daughter and gkids at a distance etc) but just last night caught up on last post w reveals about pandemic within pandemic, whew. While i had heard about that A stuff (horrors) i never could stand too much delving. My heart goes out to Belle and others who haved lived thru this. ❤

    Anyway, thank you for the BIG UPDATE as to present scenario CATS et al. It kind of made me feel real good about what is happening, what is about to go down. I had finally gotten some energy already yesterday, after days/weeks of draggin butt. Coinkydink? I think not.

    And, i got a literal call to meditate at 9am MT today, so feel connected in recent endeavors. Will do more.

    Peace, Love and Light to All

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    1. Just wait. The spectacle will get worse. We will have to do double duty: calming people down (seriously) — and reminding ourselves to go back to the SOURCE path.

      (The first group of rescued kids has just literally come to light, taken from their cages. It’s really horrible. It’s what the hospital ships and MASH encampments are for. Most of us are empaths and we’re trying to shield ourselves. Wow. The levels of human suffering… and the incredible sacrifice of those spirits who volunteered to be these kids at this time. It’s overwhelming.)

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I am sorty for your pain. And for those precious beings’ horrors. Sending love and light to all. And, at least now they are being rescued. And “we” have been preparing for this a long time, some having had “tinges” of ( and relative recovery from) similar experience as children to better understand the coming situation. To be able to better help others in this time. And for sure, remembering (even tho we may “wobble”) to connect to Source..It helps immensely!!! to come here for the remembering. Thank you. 😁

        A week or 2 before the SHTF I had a dream where a trusted long ago ex came to me, held/comforted me and said “Everything’s going to be ok. Just have faith..” I was surprised he was in my dream (upon awakening) and didn’t know until recently what that dream was really about. I believe Source/Spirit Team sent his image as messenger with words and comfort for now and the days to come. They have become a mantra of sorts, among a few others.

        And just a few minutes ago went to your “Duh” link in previous posts where Sophia’s message was (paraphrased)..” sorry to spoil the ending but everything’s going to be ok”.

        Love and Light to you dear CATS and Ms and All..💕💕💕💕💕


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        1. I had the same dream, a former partner came to apologize and say everything was a going to be alright. He was glowing, like a saint.

          I’ve been spending a lot of time in the forest near rivers and streams.

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      2. Any indication of when (or if) this information regarding the rescuing of the Innocents will become public knowledge or make it to the mainstream media? Is there anything we can do (or shouldn’t) energetically or otherwise for them?

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      3. these babies and children being rescued, how can they survive this suffering? how can we help? I just want to hold them. so it is true then? the ships are for the children? I keep seeing them in my minds eye and praying for them and the military/medical staff retrieving them.

        I never believed the Beer Virus. Never freaked about it. or hoarded Toilet paper.

        I’ve been trying to keep vibing high, great mood, and then the torture of kids comes to light. trying not to cry.

        how are only 95 % of us not of the light? so only 3 people who read this blog will shift?

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      4. I read an article about how there were only 20 cv patients on the ship in NY – could this be why? My heart hurts.

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    2. Update…
      Was finishing up a (very nice) meditation just now and as usual at the end was sending prayers love and light first to all life, then family and then to specific ppl (or groups such as rescued children, cats and all here etc). I was literally doing that for a specific friend who has been quarantined with symptoms for about a week and i get a text msg from her (I rarely get texts so don’t usually turn off notifications for them) saying her test came back negative! It was at the exact same time! Now i realize the tests/ testing system may have snafus,etc, but I’m going with INSTANT MANIFESTATION of prayer while in (more deliberate, conscious) contact with Source/Spirit Team.

      (I hope it works for a specific prob i have with where/how are the wasps getiing in, I’m very allergic). Well, of course I hope it works for EVERYthing.


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  2. Thank you Cats!
    I woke up today with an unsual strong head ache, which wouldn’t go away but was mildened by my first morning meditation. Drove to work and meditated every two hrs for some minutes, to get through the day without painkillers. I’d normally take some, as I rarely need it, but today it felt counterproductive
    Although I asked for upgrades to be implemented and allowed the energies to flow, it grew worse. I knew it was third eye growing or something upgrading, but it was imposible to get relieve this time. At home again, I fell to my meditation spot with a massive migraine. After meditating for some time, nothing special just sitting there, the migraine was gone. Looked up to Schumann and saw the TLJ
    Such weird times….

    Ps. I was a silent reader for almost a year now due to super crazy personal life changes, but who can say his life is boring today…. But was always with you guys and appreciated your work💚

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    1. If You have peppermint essential oil, apply a drop behind each ear on bone. Deep breaths, in nose, out mouth, pain gone! Peace.

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      1. Hi Christopher. I used it on my headache as I didn’t want to take pills. It works well and is very soothing. I take a lot of your advice on board as I believe in the efficacy of essential oils. I’ve also been usingx the Four Theives combination in my atomiser that others on the blog mentioned. Glad from your advice that I bought a large good quality oregano oil before the world went bonkers. That goes in the atomiser too. Give Minky and the kittens a pat from me. I’m missing my cat and next doors three are still very wary when they are in the garden, due to Poons previously defending his territory. Hope they might get over it in due course so I can give them a fuss. 😊😸💖

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      2. Thank you Christopher, but pepermintoil would always give me nausea at headaches. Sorry for late respond. Love

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    2. Ambien3. I also wondered if the crippling headache I had was the energies working on the pineal gland. Nice to see you posting nowadays.😊🤗

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  3. What do you mean by “are into the light age”?
    Also, I thought you said no one will know if they will ascend and how many will ascend.

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      1. Then why did you comment:
        “ We’re seeing this too, though we see more than 5% making it. If you’re not there yet, keep meditating. This is what April is for. A few of the CATs only made it this morning! (They were getting bogged down in the spectacle going on all around us.)” ?

        What do you mean?


      2. She has now uploaded it to her blog. Now I understand what she meant.
        5% have done most of their spiritual work, making April easier for them (spiritually) than the rest of humanity.

        It hasn’t really got anything to do with NE, just everyone’s path towards it


  4. Went outside after feeling the jump, still wobbly, looked up to the star, nothing was moving, but felt some vibration sensation in a body ?

    Went back home, reread this new post and decided to try to meditate (my first try as per your meditation starter), but it was difficult as the house is still not quit, not sure if I done it right, but time went buy incredible fast while I was trying to meditate, not sure, but it seems that I was meditating for half hour or even more (judging by the clock), but for me it looked like it was only for 5min, strange ?

    During meditation I can not say that anything happened or that I connected with a guides or brother J, but after that, I felt my body vibrating as occurred when I was out looking at a stars, not sure how it is related, but at least I tried, I guess for the first time it was OK, I expected more, but I will keep trying, not easy now as everybody is at home because off the lockdowns, but I will try later in the evening when they are at least in bad ✨

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    1. Any recommendations beside what is written in meditation primer ?

      Thank You,



      1. Perica, try finding a guided meditation on YT (or wherever). That’s an easy pleasant way to get the ball rolling. Or just put a smile in your heart and try holding that as long as you can, and gently bring yourself back when the inevitable mind wandering happens! xo, L

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        1. Thank You CAT Eds, Yes, I am using that mantra often when I am outside looking at a stars and often that produced some visual response from good guys above ✨

          On my first meditation try per your meditation primer I did feel something, not sure is it bad or good thing, I felt something touched my neck from the rear, like it was putting the necklace on my neck, t started me at first, but it was not in a bad sense, I could sense like that necklace was metal (nothing visible off course), I could hear metal sound on the neck, strange, any ideas what that could be about ?

          I do meditate in my one way, but I wanted to expand that to maybe more proper or quicker way, will see ✨

          Looking back and having strange dreams in a space, seeing one ascended master (I think it was, it looked like an Indian guru with a cross on forehead and on the palms, I am not religious guy and I was not brought in religious beliefs, so I still do not know who that was, Jesus in Indian guru outfit?

          Anyway, I am sure that in my dreams I was in Astral world often, sometimes (2 times) hearing guides in daylight, as they are in front off me, having visions in full daylight (few times), so I am not a stranger, but still feeling that I am missing something, well interestingly, last couple off days my biorhythm changed in a way that I am awake even up to 4-5AM, and this global meditation will occur at 4:45AM local time, I am learning how to properly meditate just now, it can not be a pure coincidence ✨

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  5. Thank you CATs 🙏

    Wow, those Sun images…!

    Beautiful fox photo too!

    So, that is what those high pitched noises are. I got one just after reading this but then Elsie needed me. Hopefully will get another ‘Call’ for meditation soon, hopefully whilst little one is sleeping ☺️

    Much Love ALL 🙏❤️🙏

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  6. I have most definitely felt these shifts. Yesterday I had a migraine over my right eye and couldn’t sleep last night. Fell asleep early hours and couldn’t wake up again till 11am.

    Today was the day my friend’s darling daughter (body) was laid to rest. I had a distinct call to meditate in my ‘portal’, situated in a little wooden porch at the front of the cottage. It always feels like a little old-fashioned church – in a sacred, holy sort of way.

    I sat for half an hour of bliss, completely in the Zone, feeling so much that I cannot yet express.

    Thank you CATs and Ms… not sure if I made it in the 5% but I’m a Weeble. I wobble but I don’t fall down! And I’ll keep on keeping on till whenever… with LOVE LOVE LOVE as my heart compass xxx

    Love to all xxxxxxx

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    1. Ladybirdbeau. Looks like a few of us have been hit by head pain this week. Very sorry about your friend’s daughter passing. Your meditation probably helped your friend and her daughter. Weeble on!😊🤗💖💖💖

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    1. I had a dream of 2 Bengal tigers in a camper with me. One had light stripes, One dark, and I felt they were powerful yet comfortable. I felt uneasy, when the dark one was walking by Me. Then He laid his large paw on My head as He passed, and Now I Know, All Is Good. Peace.

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      1. Wow, great dream CS! I woke up remembering this one: I’m outside the house on the patio and see a monarch butterfly flying around. I go in the house and my husband’s right there in the family room and the butterfly is in there too, flying around. I notice it’s abnormally large for a monarch. I say “How’d you get in here?” and open the glass door to let it out. Out it goes, I close the door, and I see it flying by the door like it wants to come back in. I say “No, you have to stay outside!”
        — So I wake up and wonder, did I just lock out the queen monarch? ha ha

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  7. Thanks ALL CATs and Ms. Youse saved me from having to spring the info. I had to laugh because at the time of the last YATJ, I was staggering around waxing the newly invigorated car. I was, by gum, going to get ‘r done no matter what! What I said to you this morning jibes with Yellow Rose for Texas’ discussion of the division. Those going East to what I call New Earth and those going West in vastly improved 3d until they move on. Lisa also said that we will be presented with individual obstacles in April to get to May. Mine are bathed in green light for obstacles of the heart. Yikes! 28 more days ’til May. Little did I know why I was born about 3 weeks early almost 75 years ago. I was, by golly, going to be born in May!!! Cheers

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  8. Woke up this morning like a freight train had ran me over. Lots and lots of coffee this AM. Thank you CATs.

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  9. So after this day is winding down, I sat in the garden sipping my latte and feeling the SOURCE waves flow through and around my body. It amazes me what a wondrous instrument the human body really is. The waves seemed to come in about 30 minute intervals. (hard to actually gauge since I wasn’t timing them with a stopwatch. Har!)

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  10. I was trying to have an early afternoon nap when this sun show and timeline jump happened. I was not able to nap while I felt my entire body vibrating as I laid down, especially my third eye area. Hmmm. I’ve been feeling giddy for weeks, spreading love to others and to Gaia.

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  11. Hello all. Just curious to see what the CATS and their friends think about this theory. If the video isn’t allowed, it’s a man named Aajonus who believed (he left this plane in 2013) that all bacteria and viruses are beneficial. That they are what help our bodies get rid of toxins. Once we become too toxic for bacteria to handle, our cells actually make what we know of as viruses (they communicate that they’re needed), and these viruses are actually a solvent that acts like a detergent. And yes it makes us feel terrible, but it’s a last ditch effort to get toxins out before they do permanent damage, including possible death of the body.

    Now that I know of this, I’ve seen it in a multitude of places. Currently there’s a book called What Really Makes You Ill by Dawn Lester and David Parker that spells it all out. But one of the prominent names to cover this particular topic was Rudolf Steiner. I was thinking, if this is true, this is something we could focus on as far as ‘shedding light’ on the pandemic, with meditation (not on social media heh). Maybe it’s a simple acknowledgement of the truth that will help this resolve quicker?

    Just a thought anyway!

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  12. spiritual lifeguard
    11 hours ago:

    “I have found some great news out!
    George news says the ships (mercy and another one I can’t remember the name) have baby beds and child beds. These boats are not for virus sufferers… “

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    1. It’s actually been announced that the hospital ships, Mercy in CA and Comfort in NYC, are specifically NOT for virus sufferers. The official story is that they are to take all the other patients, except for women giving birth, so that the hospitals remain free to deal with the virus. Videos of the hospitals show that they’re pretty quiet, which is interesting…..There are indeed pictures of baby incubators on the ships, though, so that begs the question: where are the babies coming from? And I think we know the answer. By the way, the George Twitter feed (TheCollectiveQ) is excellent. Whoever is behind it appears to travel with Mr. T (could it be Jr.?)

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  13. I had a fox like that come up to me one night just wanted to hang out didn’t even go after my dog that was with me. Just sat in front of us like hi how are you.

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  14. Just checking on things before trying to pass out for the night – Schumann super weird – realized earlier it was ‘stuck’ when I commented this morning on timing of apt flooding – may or may not have been accurate.
    I finally heeded the sledgehammer hint – 4/2 afternoon- and invited/asked Brother J and a few others, AAs, for assistance – couldn’t keep eyes open, headaches!!!, feeling very ill. tried to just go with it – some breathing probs… most of evening/night like this – still kind of going on.
    I was just going to say something about what the sun just did, but has been removed from my brain…
    – Gaaa, something else just removed… better go to bed.
    Hereis the weirdness: – if it shows up – might have to click on image to get it to update as sometimes happened in past…

    Be well through all this, everyone – as well as you can…


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  15. “We are called at certain moments to comfort people who are enduring some trauma. Many of us don’t know how to react in such situations, but others do. In the first place, they just show up. They provide a ministry of presence. Next, they don’t compare. The sensitive person understands that each person’s ordeal is unique and should not be compared to anyone else’s. Next, they do the practical things–making lunch, dusting the room, washing the towels. Finally, they don’t try to minimize what is going on. They don’t attempt to reassure with false, saccharine sentiments. They don’t say that the pain is all for the best. They don’t search for silver linings. They do what wise souls do in the presence of tragedy and trauma. They practice a passive activism. They don’t bustle about trying to solve something that cannot be solved. The sensitive person grants the sufferer the dignity of her own process. She lets the sufferer define the meaning of what is going on. She just sits simply through the nights of pain and darkness, being practical, human, simple, and direct.”
    David Brooks, The Road to Character💞

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  16. Ah, my ears are always ringing, oops. Doesnt help with all the noise in my house!

    Diverging, why would SOURCE create a human body that could create a substance based on fear that can be harvested by dark ones? A suspicious mind might think foul play. As if it was designed from the beginning. At the expense of great suffering a catalyst for great change, like a grand, sick experiment.

    Of course, it is also likely another race (cough, Lizards, cough), genetically modified the human vessel to create “A” chrome. I have been shown how we have been tampered with before, so maybe that was part of the tampering.

    Dreamt of booby traps being defused. Deep state shenanigans being thwarted no doubt.

    The Fox is my spirit animal. A small silver UFO disc once led me to a huge fox. I love the Fox.

    Trying to ignore 3D. Caught between deep grief of the horror, and shame of being able to say “I told you so!” to everyone who thought of me as a freak. As if any of that really matters anymore…

    The only logical conclusion to me being the freak for so long, is that I must be part of the cure. Me? The cure? SOURCE sure does work mysteriously.

    Love to you all. Together we will get through this, because there is no other way.

    Mark x

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  17. Kinda rough last 18 hrs or so… still oppressive vice like headaches, times last night I’d have liked to deeply rip off all of my skin to get at deep all body itchiness. – other things – I seem to have lost my sense of humor – temporarily?

    I said I wouldn’t post Amanda’s new video in case I was annoying people… but she included a timestamp run down (I think maybe the first time she’s done that – although I haven’t watched all her stuff and her energy has seemed to get much ‘deeper’? the last 6 mo-a year.)

    Here it is, if you are interested…

    Michael Jackson Channelling – Guidance for our Times
    Amanda Ellis

    This is a DEEP session – Michael answering a range of questions including:

    07:00 Looking at meditation
    16:33 Poem – Planet Earth written by MJ
    20:20 His Music / Songs Coming Back around
    23:20 Guidance on Lockdown / Seeing Home as a Sanctuary and/ or your own Heart Space / Inner world
    29:30 Introvert vs Extrovert energies
    36.30 Changes to Come in wake of this current pandemic
    44:00 Guidance for what to say to kids in these times
    50:50 Learning the lessons / Being put ‘in detention’ / Importance of Education
    1:00 Souls that are Leaving now
    1:08 Current State of the World / Duality Consciousness
    1:15 Visualisation Technique
    1:19 How to Forgive
    1:24 Michaels own recent Healing Journey in spirit
    1:32 Tuning into your Heart
    1:36 Armour of God and Wearing a Mask
    Last few moments – Michaels love of horses



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  18. Well I had a weird coincidence happen yesterday afternoon – surfing tv channels while my head was feeling ready to explode – I stopped at an image of a woman who looked very familiar – turns out it was a 20/20 episode from 2017 – the woman was my best friend’s sister talking about my friend’s murder 22 years ago – her husband almost killed her with a baseball bat, and then 6 mos. later after she was incredibly almost home, he snuck into the hospital and stuffed cyanide down her throat to finish her off – not something I think about now if I can help it. Turns out my good friend from work who retired a couple years ago just passed yesterday afternoon about the same time I was watching it.
    Then this morning I dreamed about 2 girls I worked with over 40 years ago in Colorado, and we weren’t close – I’ve never even thought about them since, let alone dreamed! These timeline jumps are really something!
    Today head feels ok for the first time in days, need to get some things done around the house while I can! Strange days indeed….

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  19. Cosmic Awareness video regarding the freeing of children in progress.
    Also for those interested in sound healing. Tom (Kenyon) and Judi (The Hathors) have a new sound meditation to open and heal the heart space. Listen with earphones or buds. I thought about this for you J with your upcoming heart opening opportunities for April. Probably applies to all. Cay

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  20. FYI….there is a free quantum energy app to boost one’s immunity – called Quantum Immunity. Can download to PC or Phone. Located @ https://subtleDOTenergy. I am not associated with this company just sharing this free application. I’ve been using it since it was released and I have found it to be very beneficial. FWIW.

    Thanks CATs!

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  21. Not sure where to address this question guys, CATS, Ms and everyone, but I’m a bit confused as to why POTUS has allowed 5G in America, or is this not true? Just asking, as I’ve been asked and I have no idea what is going on as I try to steer clear of Fake News. I have a lot of faith in you guys in here (and gals!)… thank you. Jay xxx

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  22. ty- meditation all times awareness-tough one for all humanity-if you need some data on situation go to many updates daily no screen capture allowed and well me thinks its best to know TRUTH rather than follow deceptions-manythxs4sharingCATS-but if you read the above page now and go back for updates you will have been informed-harmony with environment meditations-prayers-blessings-this too shall pass-ps thxs to all above and below commentators-things be moving very very fast out here in middle of nowhere

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      1. @Cats Eds – it always seems to do that if you post that Schumann ‘graph’ – it seems you always have to click the image and it goes to the updated time image – weird but solvable…


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        1. That is the problem if the link is copied like that (specially if not copied from original Tomsk site:, the best way (more complicated, but…) is to open the image, save it, then upload it to some image sharing service and then paste it here 😉


  23. Those children…Lost for words. So relieved they are being rescued, sending immense healing and light to them all ✨❤️✨ Wish I could be of more help to them, somehow…

    Strange days. Last night, just before going to bed, I was looking out of the kitchen window when I heard a huge roaring/thundering noise then a very large mass of white light soared across my garden about 5/6ft off the ground! My heart went a bit crazy!

    Elsie has been really up and down like a yo-yo. Tonight, before her bath I tried to get her slippers and socks off, which I succeeded to do, but she then sank into a mahoussive meltdown, choking, screaming etc… Tried to explain she could not wear slippers and socks in the bath…Screaming continued. I did the Mantra on her. She was by this point, lying on her bed and when I did this, I saw a black squiggly thing appear just above her head. It was there for a couple of seconds before vanishing, very odd!

    Energies are just so strange, trying to just be calm, patient and just be in sort of observer mode whilst all this collective stuff plays out. I have to keep pinching myself as life is becoming more surreal with each day!

    I am back on the water distiller, seems to be the best choice for us with our health ‘stuff’. I am putting himalayan salt in but read Shungite was quite good to use in distilled water…Hmmm

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Thank you CAT Eds ❤️ I was a bit shaken up after. I had just come out of quite a long meditation and was feeling very woozy but that sure woke me up! I knew there was something dodgy out there just before the light came as I was getting shivery!

        Elsie has been acting very strange the last couple of nights, wanting to wear slippers in the bath and getting pretty upset when I took them off. The orbs were back around her bed tonight when I checked the video monitor.

        Very interesting times!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Oooooh, that’s what it’s all about! Thanks CATs ❤️ So strange because she has never minding me taking them off before, just the last couple of nights! they would get a wee bit soggy in the bath though!
            Elsie has also been saying ‘bye, bye’ a lot! I cannot make out the rest of the sentence is trying to say but there is a definite ‘Bye, Bye’. She gets really upset though when she is saying it. I hope she’s not planning on going to NE without me and saying her goodbyes! I want to be with her!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Hi Newlynn ❤️ Thanks for the tip! How big is your piece of Shungite? I bought a few chips a while ago, they are really shiny and thought of putting a few in but perhaps I should start with just one piece! I like the idea of quartz ☺️

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. You can also charge/purify the water with YOUR OWN energy. You don’t need a crystal, as you yourself are a SOURCE essence. So, say over the water: “My holiness blesses this water.” Boom. Done.

          Oh, and those things that got chased off were attracted to your light and shield, which appear both bright AND unusual to the dark thingies in the UK. So many residual ickies there. But you and the munchkin are totally safe.


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          1. M2 ❤️ Thank you for the reassurance! I have been putting our shield up every night, sometimes twice a day if I can get the space to do it properly. I try to put a shield around Elsie, the guinea pigs, the fish/snails and our entire home LOL! I also put 4 pieces outside the home on each corner of the building then put 4 pieces of clear quartz on each corner of the outer perimeter (garden and drive).

            I’ve also lined up small crystals on our window sills! Rose quartz in Elsie’s room, amethyst in mine, lapis lazuli in the living room and citrine and jade in the kitchen!

            Thanks also with water purifying intention, sounds good to me!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        2. Hi Lily. I just put in one piece about an inch long. The Cats are quite right though regarding blessing the water. I’m a bit scatty at times and forget to do that. Really hope things calm down soon for you and Elsie. 💖💖💖

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    1. Lily… oh my goodness, what an experience, sweetheart. I have been given 3 pieces of Shungite recently and have been sticking it on the water bottle (glass) that I use. I bought it (the bottle) from a company called FLASKA – it turns ordinary tap water into Structured Water and is made in accordance with Emoto’s energetics. It does make the water taste better, to be honest. I’m a ‘try-before-I-judge’ kinda gal, and this one seems to do the job beautifully. The bottle is etched with a couple of Masaru Emoto symbols and I sit the bottle on a shungite fridge magnet that a friend gave to me.

      Sending you and Elsie so much love, beautiful lady xxxxxxx

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      1. Jay ❤️ That water bottle sounds fantastic! I will have to look up that company, thank you! I found some activated charcoal sticks online too, wonder if they would help with plain old filtered water…It’s strange, I put the distiller back on, put himalayan salt in like I used to do and after a couple of glasses (last night) I got horrendous pain in my muscles and joints. Could barely get up off the sofa to go have a bath! i’m sticking with a simple filter but would like to purify the water with shungite or charcoal and perhaps the restructuring too! I think I have got a bit obsessed with water lately!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  24. Today’s travelogue. Friday April 3. Ok, so here in the PNW, we’ve been having a cold, wet spring. The snow level here in this mountain valley was 700 feet this morning. I didn’t like looking up there at the heavy wet snow covering the trees. Yuck! Anyway, I wanted to give my newly-invigorated car a test run. When I was at my favorite nursery on Saturday I saw some plants that I should have purchased then. (The sad story of an obsessive and compulsive gardener. [honestly, I can’t help myself) Anyhoo, I drove up there and had a good visit with the owner and his always friendly staff. I stopped in for petrol at my usual gas station and had a good visit with the sweet attendant. Then, because it was lunch time I called one of my favorite restaurants and ordered their signature blackened salmon tacos for take-out. (very tasty I might add) When I got there, the owner happened to emerge from her office, so we had a good catch-up on stuff. So, obviously I made it home, ate lunch and filled you ALL in on my adventure. After my nap, it’s a latte in the garden and who knows what else. The rain has apparently stopped and the sun is shining weakly. Things are looking up! (BTW, I post this minutia in order to show ALL that it’s going to be fine and that life is a kick. Cheers!)

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    1. J. Grand. Keep filling us in with “J’s Diary”. It makes us locked down folk feel like they have been out lol.😊😸

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  25. I was out bringing in the trash can at about 6:30 PDT tonight. It’s just a gentle reminder from SOURCE that IT is everywhere. Even while performing the most mundane of tasks. I experienced that profound silence that announces SOURCE presence. It is literally breathtaking and totally indescribable. This is always an excellent reminder to slow down and truly sense. It’s how we are meant to be. (last post for today, I swear! Har!)

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  26. I was sitting on my sofa, at 6:53 PST, when it started to shake. It seemed
    to stop and then happened again. A
    few other people wrote in on the town,
    online bulletin board, saying they felt
    it too. Great! We have a pandemic and
    an earthquake!



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    1. Yes, same here pvrba! In Llangollen, North Wales I noticed the birds seem quiet today and are chirping in the distance as opposed to all week, when they’ve been making a right old racket! 🙂 xxx

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  27. Was visited by a black panther out of the corner of my left eye yesterday after meditation. Only I noticed it for a split second circling my cat and me (apparently for protection). I had just been imagining all the Cat blog participants and humans of Earth jumping on a conveyer belt which moved quickly to a rising Chinese lantern. Love/light gently elevated all within the lantern. Cay

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  28. “Those were her words.” still, kind of a let-down as so many un-awake. I DID run into a young man at a take-away lunch joint who rushed out from behind his plastic barrier-window to say I’d left my lemonade, but used the opportunity to oogle my red T-shirt, which was a giant crop circle glyph from top to bottom. He knew he was filling himself up w. info and when he said he was practicing his psychic-ness, I said don’t drink the tapwater. He was adamant that his powers were greater than fluoride, or could learn to be. “Then you are a Starchild,” I said, and can wake people up just by walking past them. He made me feel so blessed. I told him abt NOT Made by Hands, elixir drops from “the cereal” as they call grain fields in England. Since the 80s, people have been taking Glastonbury Well water and putting some in all the strongest glyphs (those NOT made by hands;-) and homeopathically bringing it to those who can’t go there themselves.

    PS Is it true there’s a portal opening tonight 4/4/2020 (4)? Big mass meditation arranged by someone I can’t remember @ the mo…


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