Meters and Ladders [UPDATE6]


You may recall us saying something at one time about ladders…

…well, here we are doing it again. Energy conditions are such that you can vibrate faster by imagining yourself climbing a ladder while in meditation. See yourself climbing in sets of eight, as that is vibrationally an octave. You can see the ladder rungs in the energy, too:

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 5.12.06 PM
Note that this meter is inverted, with zero at the top.

Also, someone said they felt dizzy. This could be why:



Here, you can see SOURCE timeline energy plowing through lower timeline kerfuffles.

We also had another CME, so expect a little kerfufflage in the next five days:


Most CATs now imagine they have a motorized contraption that motors them automatically UP ladders, should they find themselves doing duty down below and want a quick way back up.



Another big timeline jump, around 4:30 UTC (8:30 pm Pacific), again in dramatic fashion:


Check out the double suns for a moment.





We def felt it as it happened:



Ok, it is the general CAT consensus that the existing chaos is part of the pre-SHIFT. We are getting really close.


We suspected as much and now we know. All CMEs are basically data downloads and this latest one has hit, then we had the timeline jump, and now… The Justice Phase is in full swing (but not entirely public). Mr T extended the “C-virus” precautions till May 1st to get this all done. Basically, the timeline looks to have been speeded up 6-9 months… which we suspected, but weren’t sure about so we didn’t make it public. Now we’re sure. The “pandemic” is now being used to stop the REAL pandemic that involves the p-vores and the A-chemical. Now, lots and lots of info is going to come out (as it already has with Sophia Love), and it is going to shock people — not just with the act, but with the pervasiveness in our society, going back to the dawn of time. Philosopher’s Stone? Elixer of Life? Ambrosia? Food of the gods? This is the A-chemical (puts the A in alchemical). All those tanks in the news? They’re to keep people from tearing things to shreds once the truth hits them. They will want revenge. We’ll need to rev up the lighthouse meditation again, but augment it to shed even more light. People are gonna need it. The Justice and SOURCE timelines run parallel and intertwined. Time to walk the razor’s edge. But… this means The SHIFT is way close.


Another CME in the opposite direction. Either someone in the solar system is getting an upgrade and a big ship just exited. We haven’t looked at the logs, yet.



Another CME (away from Earth), and another jump/adjustment:





Look at the ca8al keep trying to cleave off a new timeline, but their equipment just… can’t… seem… to… do… it. Huh. Wonder why?

You can also see the timelines ringing like a bell…


…each one of those lines coming off the 50 Hz (which is a power line) and its harmonic @ 100 Hz are other timelines. You’re kinda seeing them from the “top” (though there is no direction), with the others falling away like they’re on the sloping sides of a cylinder seen from the top.


Ew. We wondered what this was all about:

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 10.42.44 AM

First we got it has something to do with blood, like maybe blood is about to be shed. Feels creepy. Then a CAT said, “But what can they do? We’re all in our houses.” And an M said: “I know, unless it’s their blood that’s shed.”

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  1. I have a curious mystery. About four days ago I started a meditation where I relax, lay on my back and listen to 936htz with binaural beats for an hour. About fifteen minutes into my first meditation, I heard and felt the sensation of a tiny BB in my head swirling around, maybe 3 inches from center and having 4-5 revolutions bouncing and moving around like a BB until disappearing down into what feels like my brain stem. This . I continue this meditation a few times a day. This afternoon, I counted 14 revolutions with each revolution feeling like they bounced off my skull, and I opened my eyes to see the sequence is now occurring about 5 minutes apart. Any insight into what is going on? I feel it is an expansion somehow related to bodily changes we all are experiencing.

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    1. I can’t wait to find out what the little blue stars and bigger purpley-blue orbs are. I’m guessing the white or gold stars / sparks cover a range of ‘types of beings’, or just energy, based on the wheres and whens I’ve seen them. — Well, someday we’ll know!

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        1. Love this! Took me right back to my years on the farm! Have tried many times to imitate the goat buck sound to people, they never believe me that they really sound like that…😂

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    1. It is No Battle at all.
      I get the lady’s amazement, but it is not a battle.
      It is a Celebration!
      The Celebration of Final Victory.
      The one ship simply called all of his Fleet to duty.

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    1. Yeah, but it you go there, they have a link which reads: Stay at home
      Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home)
      If you go out, stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times
      Wash your hands as soon as you get home
      Do not meet others, even friends or family.

      You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.


  2. This has nothing to do with ANYTHING, but sure makes me feel like I’m on (of course) a different timeline than the one I remember way back – Yesterday I discovered a series on Amazon Prime – the premise caught my eye…
    ‘Sapphire and Steel’ – ”
    A special force of interdimensional operatives protect the universe from evil forces trying to gain a foothold by disrupting the timeline. The strange energy beings are assigned to cases, when and where needed, and materialise on Earth as humans, each with specialist abilities to ascertain and then solve the problems.
    Starring David McCallum, Joanna Lumley, David Collings’
    I had a major crush on David McCallum in the ’60’s first from the way he said my name with a Welsh accent on an ‘Outer Limits episode then as Illya Kuryakin in ‘Man From Uncle’

    Does anyone remember this series? Says, 1979 – 4 seasons –

    Carry on…



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    1. Hi Kg. Yes I loved this series. I’ve always gravitated to watching the weirder series on TV. I also really like Joanna Lumley. She has a vivacious personality. Just watched the first one of a travel series she is doing. She was in💖💕

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    2. Kagee3 YES! I do remember… I’m a ‘1956 model’ so am old enough to have swooned over David McCallum (as well as when he was Illya Kuryakin with Napoleon Solo! Woohoo… weren’t they ahead of their time? xxx

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  3. Wow, that went fast. Here it is, the open call for global government.

    I guess the PTW know their days are numbered, and feel they must act fast to implement their agenda before the public rebels and the situation slips out of their control (or before the Spring arrives and the coronavirus disappears along with all the other seasonal colds and flues). Obviously that is why they flogged their presstitutes in the MSM to spread so much worldwide panic:

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    1. Yeah, we suspect that JFK, Jr. is going to eventually unveil himself. This will be *very* interesting considering HRC & co blew up his plane so that she could get his Senate seat.

      Btw, sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but Bob Dylan literally sold his soul to be a famous musician.

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. Mmm, no. It wasn’t worth the price. Of course no one can actually sell their soul, but they can make dark agreements that can take dozens… hundreds of lifetimes of hard work to clear. There are other costs, as well.

          -CAT Eds.

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  4. Dreamt that I was to start a new course from 7-10:45 P.M. nightly for the coming year’s duration in which I will learn how to discern the energy of others as well as objects in the environment. Of course I was late to class. After locating the classroom, I decided to take a vehicle rather than walk as the distance from home was considerable. Previously I have used my heart to “feel out” for information. This new curriculum may be visual, possibly auditory and, an as of yet, unknown sense as well. Further exploration ahead as it appears I have more to learn. I have decided to surrender to the superior wisdom of guides with curiosity rather than resentment. Probably more duality heading my way, which I assume is the justice timeline. (Being a Libra I should have seen this coming). Chaos vs. Opportunity. Those joining me, let’s make the best of it. Cay

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  5. Last night, one CAT dreamed of buying tickets for “Disneyland,” though the park looked totally different, peaceful. Another CAT dreamed of going up to visit a “white city” that was floating in the air, full of peace.

    Another CAT asked an M this morning: “What happens first? The SHIFT, or kids going back to school?” The M said: “I don’t see kids going back to school anytime soon.” General CAT consensus is that they are done for the year (done with actual attendance, that is). At this point, this sequestering seems to be more of a group safety thing now, so the ca8al can’t threaten kids in schools or people at events anymore (apparently they had a plan to do this on a grand scale).

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. It seems like something big is going to happen soon. Isn’t the season of sacrifice meant to end at the end of April? Hopefully We don’t need to wait till the end of April to see positive societal changes.

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    2. I heard they rolled out 5G in schools whist they are out. People on anti-5G platforms (FB) posting picts. Say cops there AND ladders. People crossing their hearts (with arms) to tell them Nothing to see here, Mam.


  6. Good Evening/Day All!

    I have just seen about 8 – 10 lots of 2/3 stars moving slowly across the sky. Are these meteors or ships?! Amazing to watch, there were more single ones too. Then, a helicopter went across the sky shortly after…I am in the UK looking SW ish, Orion’s Belt was to the lower right of these ‘stars’, they were all moving eastwards.

    The skies were a misty pink at sunset today and I could almost make out rainbow colours!

    Something is happening…

    Much Love & Light! ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. There is also a single star, very bright to the right of orion’s Belt and it’s flashing white, green and pink!

      What is going on in our skies! I am feeling really excited!

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Hi Lily😍, yes I saw that too! I was about to settle down in bed and went to close the curtains and noticed it was a clear night sky with Orion’s belt directly in front of me which I momentarily focused my attention on. I then based over to the left and saw a bright light twinkling with the colours you mention which made me think it was a plane but then realized no planes are flying right now and the light was stationary. My eye sight is not that good but it had my intention for a while because of its twinkling colours. Much love to you and Elsie…and the fish💕💗xxx

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          1. I’ve just seen a long line of ‘stars’ moving across the sky, one behind the other, perfectly spaced apart. This went on for a good ten minutes before clouds covered my view! I cannot stop looking out of the window now!

            Love to you too Ladybirdbeau and Kcwtch and ALL!


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  7. Thought this may be of interest, Meditation video of all 9 Solfeggio Frequencies, each one is 9 minutes long so a fairly lengthy meditation.

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  8. As much as I try to stay on the SOURCE timeline, I fear that I cannot move on without seeing justice! I have an obsession with mystery and I like to get to the bottom of things. So It isn’t so much I want to see the perps hang from lamp posts as much as I want to know and understand the truth behind the lie I’ve lived in my entire life! Untill I get that knowledge I don’t think I can go and be satisfied… Perhaps the SOURCE timeline will give me that without the drama?

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    1. @ Lore
      Ah, dear Lore, you are so hard on you!
      Let me give you a BIG, BIG hug.
      Please, take a smile and let everything GO.
      The cosmic Shift is a COSMIC LEAP of OUR OWN Consciousness!
      You will Know all at once!
      You will See all at once!
      All TRUTH will lay bare in front of you.
      And you will start dancing in Joy, and in Happiness, Happiness, Happiness!

      Who would care then still, of some miserable lizards down here???

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  9. In the last thread, a bunch of people were wondering why they were so sick earlier in the year or around Christmas. In Simon Parkes’ update for today, the 27th, he says that a different virus was released in Britain this past December. It amounted to a very bad flu. I was sick at the end of January, beginning of February; probably took it that long to get across the pond. Here’s Simon:

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    1. On my goodness, so many comments re: coughs , colds and flu end of 2019 beg 2020.
      I pride myself on never getting anything considering I’m in my late 50’s and don’t take any extra Vits or supplements ( put it down to positive thinking and the Welsh fresh air)😀, so imagine my surprise when I developed a cold and yet other family members didnt. The cold had its usual course but it moved into a bad cough. The cough then lasted a couple of weeks of which afterwards I was still clearing the mucus from my chest😲, it was just so completely weird😶
      My good friend ‘ladybirdbeau’ had awful symptoms with her cough which she had for months😷😵. Love to everyone Kcwtch

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      1. Yes to all of the above! Kay’s right. I was really ill with this ‘virus’ thing. Didn’t know about coronavirus, but it sure felt like nothing I’d experienced before. If it was the CV… I survived! I’m a tough ol’ broad! haha xxx Onward and upward and May the Force be with us All XXX

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    2. I got that too, it was a reminder on how to clear out anything through install of your own anti viral software via your light body ❤️ and higher self, along with making sure your D levels remain high enough in the physical . Mine lasted a few days but would have been longer if I wouldn’t have worked with it that way, once you clear something it helps the collective too. We are 💪🏼 ✨🙌💕

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  10. Dreamed of a a large beautiful snow tipped mountain, but when a group of students went to hike to the top the mountain suddenly appeared much smaller. Then it was my turn and I hiked up it. Took no time at all but once I got to the top the was abridged stone cone that I tried to climb. Felt a little scary in a thrilling way. Was back at the bottom of the mountain and someone was speaking to me (in hindsight I think it might have been a guide) – they asked if I was aware of the waterfall behind the mountain. I said no and they showed me and it was lovely… there was also a sort of a sanctuary with a salt stone seat.

    The next night had a dream I could see planets very close to us when I looked at the night sky. Super surreal!

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    1. I had a strangely similar dream, though I can’t remember now if it was on the 27th or 28th. In my dream, I had taken a car about halfway up the mountain until the snow became too thick on the ground to drive, so I walked the rest of the way. At the edge of the peak there was a quaint little shop. I spoke to someone there, an older man who I didn’t recognize (and later with my late great grandmother), and we spoke of delivering packages of old-timey confections (I didn’t recognize any of the brands or names). At the top of the mountain it was night and there were an inordinate number of stars that seemed extremely close to earth, almost as if they were floating within our own atmosphere. And the sky was brilliantly clear.

      This was an extremely vivid dream (I’v had a number like this recently), and I’ve been dwelling on this one in particular for several days now. Reading these similarities in your dream just now really struck me.

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  11. Last night, after seeing all those moving stars, I went to bed really sleepy. After a few minutes of dozing, I heard what sounded like a load of fireworks going off in the distance. I lay there listening with my eyes shut and got flashes of white light running through my closed eye vision.

    I’m subscribed to updates from lovely Blossom.

    Here is her latest video with White Cloud and a meditation!



    Blossom says

    “Something very fishy going on behind the scenes that’s for sure. I ask you to do your own discerning research and follow your heart throughout. We KNOW not to read or watch that which brings our Vibration down.


    We got this peeps! We have prepared and we are ready!

    Fill your Beings with such Joy as we do what we came here to do!

    Loving you from my ‘section’ of the world.


    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Hi Lily. Thank you for posting Blossom and White Cloud’s meditation. Just before he said shut down the left side of your head I felt a hand was cupped around there making it tingle. It was a lovely meditation. Afterwards I sent love to Elsie and yourself and hope her tummy has settled a bit. I had a guinea pig as a child that I used to talk in squeaks to. Heaven knows what I was saying, but he used to squeak back. They are so cute.🤗😊🌞🌷🌷🌷💖

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ You’re welcome! I have’nt done the meditation yet but will do asap, thank you for reminding me! And thank you for sending Elsie and I love after your meditation, so kind! elsie has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Proctitis), just like myself. I know how painful it can be so to see her suffering is so hard. She has really bad constipation and passing anything really hurts her so she holds it in for days and then when she does go it’s huge! Sorry for TMI! I try and get her to take gentle laxatives but she refuses. So hard at the moment to get hold of healthy food for her, just hoping the grocery delivery situation eases a bit and we can get hold of some decent fruit and veggies! The piggies are so cute! We have two short haired girls. One is cream and the other is ginger with ‘pixie’ tufts on her ears! The third is a Sheltie and looks like Dougal from the Magic Roundabout. She is White with brown and Ginger patches. Her hair gets very long and she need trimming a lot! She has ‘pigitude’ but they are all so friendly and fun! When I clean them out, I set up a run on the living room floor and before putting them back I sit in the middle of them and they all run around me, ‘popcorning’ and showing off to get attention, really cute! I talk to them a lot, they really respond to me saying ‘ooshabooshaboosha’, whatever that means!

        Much Love, hope you are well? Hugs a’ plenty ❤️🤗🙏💕

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        1. @Lily – I’m not sure if it would be appropriate for Elsie, but I had to eat low residue for almost a year, some years ago and one of my meds also made me prone to constipation. not a great combo. It was recommended to use Smooth Move herbal tea now and then – several ‘flavors’, but I remember Chamomile was one – I wonder if a small weak amount in juice would help her – I don’t remember it acting harshly, but for a child I don’t know… maybe energy or muscle testing could find out?… 🙂 – go with your gut… so to speak…

          wishing you both the best,


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          1. Kg ❤️ Thank you so much for the tip. Elsie will only drink water which is wonderful but, it does means she tastes anything I try to put in it. I got some gentle laxatives which to me are tasteless but when I gave the water to her she had a tiny sip and shoved the cup back at me! I’m thinking maybe dates, bananas may help…Also some good probiotics for children…

            Thank you again and big hugs and Love

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            1. 🙂 Lily, I think Elsie would have made a really good royal taste tester in bygone days – or maybe that’s the ‘problem, lol… Hope all ‘works out’ more beneficially…


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            2. @Lily, I wonder if she’d like prunes; I use those (still have to counteract the medicine side affect of constip.) they are pretty gentle not stimulant, I think, just fiber? You might have to watch out for additives – some dried fruits use a sulfur compound? for softness? which I’m sensitive to – headaches and turn red – we were given a big bag either from the co-op or food pantry and I started eating a few every 1-3 days – helped a lot – all gone now. 😦
              – coffee is medicinal this way for me, too (I can’t imagine Elsie on coffee 🙂 )they’re are a yummy snack. I DON’T like them stewed or soaked… slimy – one of my lifetime objections to mushrooms (when I was growing up they only came in cans, ugh :); these days the ‘gout gene’ keeps me away – too bad, they are one of the few things that I think are really high in pantothenic acid, B5? Vitamins usually only have tiny amts in them. I used to have to take 100’s of mgs for allergies; they are super helpful with allergies and also why good for adrenals.(related allergies/adrenal stress)
              I digress… 🙂
              very gabby today…


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            3. Kg ❤️ Thank you! Yes, she loves dates and has these raw food bars with blueberries and dates in. Maybe I should let her have a couple each day instead of just one or just try and get hold of some dates!

              Lol, coffee does that to me too, very useful sometimes 😉

              Much Love & Light & Hugs ❤️✨🤗


      2. Newlynn ❤️ I just did the meditation, so beautiful! I saw Gaia with a ‘Crown’ of lights above her, like multi coloured diamonds, shining so brightly! Just after I saw a huge pair of angry reptilian eyes, frowning, so I did the Mantra until they faded. As I came out of the meditation, an eagle crossed my minds eye!

        Much Love to you and ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Hi Lily. Oo no wonder you made the negs grumpy after a wonderful meditation experience like that lol. I wonder if Gaia’s crown of light and then the eagle symbolised her freeing herself and us from the dark. I slept for five hours solid after that meditation. Unheard of lately for me to do that. Ive now been wide awake since 3am though lol. Really hope Elsie has some relief from the present bowel problem soon. It must be hard to get her to take anything to relieve her problems when she is feeling like this. She probably doesn’t want to ingest anything unless it tastes pretty wonderful. I am sure you have tried to disguise any laxatives you try to get her to take. I wish I had some magical advice to give you. The guinea pigs sound so pretty and such fun. Send them a squeak from me! Sending big hugs. 🤗💖💕🌼🌼🌼

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          1. Newlynn ❤️ Wow, that meditation was powerful, so happy you benefited from it ☺️

            Yes, I’ve tried to disguise the taste of the nasty citrus flavour ones with yogurt! Elsie has the sharpest taste buds! Going to have to try a different approach!

            Hope you’re feeling good today? I have been up and down like a yo-yo energy wise! One minutes I’m full of beans and the next feeling like a ton of bricks and all achey and pressure/fogginess in the head!

            This is one heck of a ride!

            Much Love & Huggles ❤️🤗❤️

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  12. Thank you for the suggestion, as I have had a lot of time to meditate here in the “epicenter”. Reports from here indicate a rise in the collective vibration, as everyone is just being really nice to each other in my quick trips to pick up some groceries for my parents (One cashier told me that she’s disinfected so much, when she pees she cleans her toilet, 😂-her words, not mine). There’s been some great DJ Sets/dance parties on IG, and I am just keeping a high vibration, gpc-ing, grateful to be able to work remotely and help kids get their educational and related service therapies as best as they can.

    I remember in late 2019 having the worst cold I have ever had. I normally bounce back quickly, but that knocked me for a loop for weeks 🤔. Not really watching the news, or Diblasio’s fatalistic pressers, as I do feel the bigger picture and am just done with the fear mongering. Hearing the interwebs will black our for a few, and wonder if the CATS and M’s have heard anything about this. If it does, so be it, all will be settled, all is forgiven, all is released. Source Timeline for sure ❤️. The global party that awaits is going to be legendary. We are the Light, We Are the Love, We Are! One Love All ❤️🕺🏽🙏🏽

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  13. Another dream from this morning, I was walking along this stream with my cat and the stream led us to a fountain and I realized the fountain was in a yard to a giant mansion with huge enclosed walls and suddenly I had yellow balloons in my hand and something else but I forget, and we went into the house and the people inside greeted my cat and I we were told to let the balloons go in the house with the rest of the colours of the balloons in the house which made a rainbow and a kid from up the stairs came out and was talking about video games, and they brought us outside and there were adults and children in a large pool and somehow it turned into a story about a movie being made and everyone was getting excited for the premiere of the film at the party at the house and I couldn’t really tell if I was in the film or the film being made and all the young adults in the family had police cars for cars and they had my friend in a pretend police car trying to become a cop for a job and a bunch of old people were walking toward me while I was walking away from the mansion and they chased me and suddenly I was either back at the house or I was at a movie theatre and there were people gathering to watch the film and there was all this merchandise and posters and streamers and the movie starts and its about these people trying to get to this house and they have to sneak to the house through tunnels where many many people are constantly working that lead to the house and all the workers pretend that they these people sneaking in aren’t supposed to be there and when they get to the house its a museum of artifacts and memorabilia from all the great atrocities and everyone is celebrating and in the theatre it is a very frightening movie and people are kinda freaking out and I’m not sure if I’m afraid but I feel very uneasy and at one point I remember screaming something to everyone in the theatre and the matrie’d says “I like this one.” And the credits roll and I look at the merchandise and I realize that its all coronavirus jokes with the title of the film but I cannot remember the title of the film now because the real title of the film is CORONAVIRUS and when I’m trying to leave to find my car this gang of young men start attacking me and I keep fighting them and I have pistol but it backfires and one of them catches the bullet in his mouth and the car crashes. That’s pretty much what I can remember without getting too graphic to post.

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  14. Uhhh, last night I had very restless night, waking up numerous times, do not remember the dream, but maybe it was some big download in progress ?✨

    Just came back from a walk with a dog, and in a long time I did not feel nauseous, I felt focused, still out off place, but focused, which I did not feel for a long time, maybe I got most off the downloads ✨

    Looked up in the night sky and there was no one off the triangle star formation, strange, I asked for some light show (little pretentious, I know 😉), and I only got a red blink from one black part in the sky in the middle off my vision, ohh well, I am OK with that ✨

    On my way back to home I smelled a weird scent, exotic, but exactly a same scent which I sensed when I was watching the last Star Wars movie a couple of months ago in 4D movie with my younger son, what a coincidence, I do not think so, but what is the message behind that, hmmm, maybe… Well I live it to everyone imagination ✨

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  15. Could we get a sticky on the main page of the following.

    What is a CAT?
    How to read your pictures of events?
    What time zone you are using?

    I look at the pictures above and cannot connect them with when I’ve been feeling nuts (like right now) and when your CMEs are happening or time line shifts.

    I got a lot of questions, I’ve got a lot of information, and I got no way to line it all up.

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      1. I’m 100% on mobile so there is nothing on “the side”. I found some more information today with the button (menu) at the top of the sit that let me read a few things. I appreciate nyour reply.

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  16. Latest mutterings and ramblings for Sat. March 28: I sat amongst the bird feeders for quite a while this afternoon. I was surrounded by dozens of chickadees and chipping sparrows. They are well-mannered little birds who politely take one sunflower seed at a time and then fly off. Unlike the blue jays who fill their beaks with as many seeds as they can stuff in . The fluttering and non-stop action is very restful. It’s like being in the center of a bee hive. what a treat. Totally different subject altogether: A local shop makes the Most delicious lemon cheesecakes. I slice the pieces about 1/2 inch thick, smash some fresh or frozen raspberries and put the layer between the slices. Mmm-mmm-mmm good!!! (This is a perfectly fine substitute for Trader Joe’s Key lime pie which I assume is not available yet as it is seasonal. I wouldn’t know because the nearest one to me is about a 100 mile round trip, and currently I’m unwilling to make the journey) There will probably be drone footage of the Caerhays Belle Magnolias in a week or so. They are most beautiful! Cheers!

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    1. J~
      Har to ya! I was rearranging the freezer today, rotating the older delectables forward, when what do you think I excavated? Yep, 2 TJs key lime pies, placed in the back (out of sight, out of mind) to be recovered in just this time of need and delight. Start the lattes, my friend, I have the pies!

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          1. I got a NutriMill recently, which I like so far for grinding dry whole grains. Has a ceramic grinding stone for a low-heat grind to save nutrients. Haven’t done corn, so can’t speak to that…


            1. I grind the corn in my VitaMix.(special blade works best). It is family tradition to have for Thanksgiving dressing. It is a whole other flavor treat. Warning: It will ruin you forever for “stale” cornmeal.

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  17. Hi guys,

    You may have seen there’s an Austin Steinbart on the tube claiming
    to be Q, can you guys see what you get from this?


      1. Interesting, Q denied JFK jr being alive.

        You’re right about them being a small team. Q said the team could be counted on 2 hands.

        The thing about Q is they are a small team in the bigger team. Their role seems to be coordinating certain comms.


        1. My understanding of Q saying that JFK Jr is not alive is that he isn’t. He would now be JFK Snr! Or just JFK. I totally believe he is part of the Q team…
          Just my opinion… xxx

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          1. He’s alive. He is part of the Q team. HRC tried to kill him and his family to secure his Senate seat. He found out and decided to go underground. They’re all alive. He and his wife have also been seen at T rallies.

            -CAT Eds.

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  18. Cat Eds. Amazing pics of the sun during the TLJ thank you. SThat explains how I’m feeling.. I awoke at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep properly. I’m also dizzy this morning. Love the cat photos. 🐱☺️💖

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  19. Are April’s energies looking any better, CAT brothers? This month’s been nothing short of disgusting. Surprised I’m still so calm despite all the hysteria going on…

    Not sure how much longer Italy is going to last, at this rate.

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  20. Classroom dream raising our hands asking questions felt very intense and everyone you could think of was coming onto our computer screens. I even saw celebs sitting there taking notes. Saw all kinds of researchers and authors I have liked and some I did not know but everyone was there a meeting of sorts. So many of us were raising our hands over and

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  21. Today again I felt nauseous, also some pressure in hart area, different scents, again reminded me off Tatooine scene from the last Star Wars (“The Rise of Skywalker”) which I watched in 4D Theater, I wonder if that 4D have some other meaning now, hmmm, maybe, even now writing this I can smell it, even more then before 🙂✨

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    1. I forgot to add, ohhhhh Yeah, we are very close to the…. ✨

      I am not even writing the name off what (as I didn’t in another short post), I just do not want to jinx it ✨

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  22. Last night I dreamed that, on NE, there are cookies shaped like a quartz crystal… very intricate design with chocolate cream in between each “fractal” slice. 🙂

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  23. Last night’s dream had me hugging an unknown young girl with long red hair as a way to comfort. I could smell the scent of mixed grass, dirt, trees and dried sweat. Those who have had young children knows this aroma after an afternoon of playing outdoors. Nice olfactory memory recognized even with my daughter turning 33 this year. Cay

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    1. @cay
      Thank you.
      The first ones enslaved by the monsters were those on the Emerald Isle,
      – Ireland – left above waters after Atlantis sunk into Atlantic Ocean.
      Those wondrous girls, with curled ginger hair and blue-green eyes,
      are fascinating to me.
      It might be, TRUTH / JUSTICE are restored to the beautiful Isle of Ireland.

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  24. I recorded this at 4AM this morning (could not sleep 😌), it is in lightly populated area, so I am not sure off its origin, but did not seen it there before this night, so here it is (my first video upload ever 😎)

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  25. Ugh! This latest timeline jump has been somewhat difficult to assimilate. When I had my afternoon nap, I had to force myself to come back to this “reality”. I was having such a wondrous time with wondrous people that it was a real struggle to return here. I finally went outside for several hours. The latte helped considerably. Several people that I spoke with, some awake, some not so all commented on the weirdness and sense of disconnect they were experiencing. My personal take on all this is that we ALL are standing on the threshold with our toes extending into the new adventure. Lisa read on the 2nd. Perhaps she will have a clearer picture then. Cheers!

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  26. This just in to my email at 2 am EDT, 3/30/2020 from Sophia Love
    Part I the email
    March 30, 2020

    Dear Laura,

    Hello everyone,

    I am hoping you are well. This edition comes with a warning. It is most disturbing. It is shared because it was given to me, to share. It is meant for eyes of those willing to see. It is truth.

    If you choose to disbelieve what is reported here, please understand that I get it and respect your journey. Discernment is necessary with all things.

    A few things, before you read this.

    There are books on Amazon describing the things talked about here. They may not be professionally packaged, but who in their right mind would make this stuff up??? I believe that they are biographies, and need to be heard by us.

    I am an author, I make pennies on the books I publish, and they represent many many years of my life. These adults, telling their horror stories, do so as a form of truth telling, and not as a way to support themselves. Honor them for what they have done. Research things like “Religious Cults” “Child Abuse” “Demonism” “Occult Cults”. There aren’t hundreds of books there, but there are enough for you to get the idea.

    This real horror is intentionally hidden for a reason. It sounds unbelievable. The victims who survive are rarely taken seriously, which is another wound on top of what they’ve already endured. It cannot be healed unless it is realized. I urge you to support these men and women with a book purchase. Their stories need to be heard by the world and the only way Amazon pushes them out there to be seen by consumers is with purchases and reviews. Read one and write a review. Give it lots of stars. Then tell someone else about it. The world has to know.

    The idea of “service to self” versus “service to other” has led to so much misunderstanding. Today’s conversation explains the real difference in these classifications of humans. Get that.

    It is not the number of good deeds unselfishly done that puts you in one group, or the arrogant boasting about how terrific you are at something that puts you in another. Nope. There are folks who appear to be charming on both sides of this divide. There are folks who annoy us on both sides of this divide as well.

    Where someone falls in the human polarity scale has nothing to do with personality. You won’t like all the good guys and/or dislike all the bad guys. Humans are a complicated race and many of us do things for complicated and personal reasons. You will never know all of these reasons.

    I’m sorry to sound preachy but this is a critical moment for the race. You are reading this now for a reason. You are here now to help.

    I did not want to share this. One woke me up several nights in a row, for this conversation you are about to read. I couldn’t get through it, it was too much. I did not want to look at this, or consider it as real. I have now, and if you read any further, you will as well. Allow it to change you. Cry, grieve, get angry and then decide to help the rest of us. We all need your light. We will get through this part. Together.
    We are One.

    Many blessings and much love to each of you. Keep your loved ones close.

    With appreciation for all that you are,
    Part II The message she received.
    March 21, 2020 early morning

    It is I, Sophia. It is One.

    Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

    This time is like no other. For you. For the race of humanity.

    You will look back at these days and realize many things about them. Some of these you suspect, but do not know for sure. Others of these you have no idea or thought about.

    It is these things that I’ll share with you now.

    You are aware that more goes on here. The hard control is as much for your safety as it is for the success of removal operations.

    This process, which occurs behind the scenes, is massive.

    As the people watch their media outlets, their police and military sweep in.

    There are few questions because under the cover of emergency medical action it occurs. Not too many of you are in the streets recording.

    Oh, there are some. Yet even those are not completely aware what it is they are witnessing.

    Many are expecting mass arrests and trials.

    What will occur is a rounding up as well as a public accounting of the reasons for this.

    This announcement will come simultaneously, from heads of state. You do not know the massive numbers already held.

    What some have been forced to do, is to publish face saving announcements. As you see these, be aware that some deals have been struck.

    The thing I want to bring to the surface and absolutely is the reason for secrecy.

    These, for the most part, are humans who themselves bought a story and continued a lifestyle willingly.

    The lifestyle included actual physical horror.

    I became overwhelmed with the energy of this at this moment. I was unable to continue. Sophia.

    “I think I must go. I am overcome with a need to sleep.”

    Yes. Go ahead Sophia.

    I returned to sleep for only moments. It became clear to me that the reason I had to stop is that I was not emotionally ready to hear what One was sending. It took a few more nights of early wake ups and my own refusals to connect, before I finally did. What you will read next is the conversation that this first attempt was meant to be.

    ~ ~ ~

    March 25, 2020

    I was woken up at 2:28 AM.

    “Is there someone who wants to connect?”

    It is I, Sophia. It is One.

    Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

    Things are moving so rapidly now. It is as if they are rolling down a very steep hill.

    Indeed, there is a force, an accelerating force, pushing life on earth quickly towards its inevitable conclusion. Humanity is the energy behind that force.

    Humanity wants this to be over.

    In fact, humans have not stepped back and are no longer waiting. Humans are rolling up their collective sleeves.

    There are still some paying “lip service” to “an idea” of necessary change only; but these are young. They have been the most stunned, for it is their future thrown “under the bus”. The bus called the “Chinese virus”.

    Called by that name for now. The name won’t always be necessary. For now, it is an important step, leading you to more truth. There are truths that must be told and will be. All with perfect timing.

    I come to you today to put forth new ideas. These things are not thoughts you want to consider.

    They are unpleasant.

    The truth of what happened here must be told. It must be told now.

    In this time of collective human focus, an understanding must be reached. It is that realization and comprehension of truth that further propels the race to self-healing. It is then that your world is rebuilt.

    You are in a phase of shock at this point, and asking questions. Initial truths are being trickled out into the conversation. They are not complete and do not introduce the true horror of what has occurred here. It remains hidden now.

    The explanation is not simple. Nor is it black and white. The activities are clearly destructive and de-humanizing in every way.

    The activities were constructed, invented if you will, by a race not human.
    “Taught” to humans with promises of eternal youth and power, these things became addictions.

    Addictions physically. Addictions emotionally. Addictions mentally.

    These things involve the tasting of human flesh; the drinking of human blood.

    It is not just this, Sophia. For this is not news for you. There are deep occult reasons for the practices. These date back to your earliest written history.

    The blood of the pure has been sought after always for its potency. “Pure” here refers to unscathed with man’s baser emotions. These emotions arise in the human at puberty – just before. Strongest in children below the age of 8 years.
    It is felt that the grade or level of purity has an actual ideal moment in terms of awareness. This would be young, very young, but aware enough to experience and project a building up of fear. For fear is the element producing the alchemical response necessary for longevity, and the “high” received.

    This idea of ingesting very young humans was invented by humans.

    Having begun with sacrificial offerings to the non-human “gods”, an idea formed.

    This idea was a repetition of the process of sacrifice and cannibalism to lengthen their own life, and infuse themselves with a power elixir. Children were easier and the flesh more tender.

    There is a time in your history, the history of mankind, when it was not understood the value and the perfection of children. They were viewed as burdens; miniature adults who had to be fed and didn’t produce much.

    This atmosphere around human children and their worth was the spirit in which using them as a “fountain of youth” developed.

    At first it was the youngest who were sought, killed and ingested. You’ve read the stories of the first-born and the slaughter of such.

    Quickly, they ran out of babies.

    As the practice of using smaller children became necessary, something was noticed. Although the flesh may have been not quite as tender, there was something alchemical happening once ingested.

    It was not at first clear what this was, or even that it was found in the blood of these children.

    With time and observation, the connection was made between fear and potency. Experiments began:

    How much fear was optimal?

    Was there such a thing as too much fear?

    Torture games began here. They were almost as addictive as the drug itself, causing a unique thrill of the awful.

    These games were enjoyed by the lizard race and encouraged.

    Rituals around these developed and grew in purpose and diversity.

    Sadistic and cruel, a whole subset of the race practice this eating of and torturing of each other – all for self.

    It was necessary to hide the practice always. The element of surprise added to the potency of the drug.

    The drug, as well as the ritual to get it, were and are powerfully addictive.

    A line of humanity was drawn at some point in your history. There were those who willing abused, tortured, slaughtered and ate each other. There were those who cherished, served and loved each other.

    Polarity deepened and the divide widened.

    Now, the lizards stepped back a bit and man himself conducted rituals to serve himself – all in the name of the one Satan.

    The story is confused for its players and diversions, but told here in a general sense. It is told here so that you will grasp the breadth of what happens now on this planet and to this race.

    Humanity itself splits once more. Those addicted to the ingestion of flesh and young terrified blood, see the world one way. This path is what has been labeled “service to self”. It is far beyond being selfish or even greedy that puts you on this path.

    There is another path, AND IT IS THE MAJORITY, that loves its fellow man and holds compassion for him. These are not only star seeds, lightworkers, light warriors, angels and whistle-blowers or truth seekers.

    These are humans. The majority of them are unaware of these horrific crimes routinely committed, and will be deeply wounded when they are exposed.

    This is the next shock to hit the race. It is one that those of you who came to help – can assist with in a real way.

    Some of the details and players and programs conducting them will be shocking for all of you.

    What you can do, those of you with knowledge ahead of time about the activities themselves, is flood your world with love, light, healing energy and compassion.

    The decisions made in these upcoming moments will once more color the race and flavor it, if you will. It is important that cruelty be seen for what it is and not used as a revenge weapon.

    The humans perpetrating all of these crimes against humanity travel their own path. Karma takes care of its own.

    Where you head next is a ray in which karma no longer produces such dire divisions and destructive actions. The end, for most of humanity on this path, is filled with light.

    No more dark places.

    That is all for today, Sophia.

    Thank you.


    Goodbye, my chosen one.

    It was 3:55 AM when this ended. It took such a long time because of my reaction, the visuals and comprehensions, and the shaking. I’ve no doubt as to the truth of this.

    This is shared now because there is to be a disclosure of many awful things and soon. Knowing ahead of time will fortify you and enable you to help others. You have time now to grasp and process this before the rest of the world gets the details. I am so very sorry that this has happened here. It ends now.

    I felt impelled to share this. Something big is coming. But we know this and I feel we can help by shining the Light and the Love that We Are.

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    1. Yup. This is accurate. It’s why they’re mobilizing the military: to protect people who are undergoing due process (of law) from crowds of people who may be so disgusted that they try to rip the ca8al limb from limb. The “A” word will be known by all.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thank you to those who take the time to read of what some of us as children experienced, it was lonely, terrifying and painful then – to experience disbelief ridicule or to be told it was karma compounds the multilevel multidimentional wounds and the ability to heal, balance and transform our lives. This is why the Coursian mantra is so important, being in observation mode, meditation (although must confess after years of meditation have been rather lax and now unable to get into the zone) to help keep one centered and balanced as much as possible.
        The people who raised me were born again Christians great cover for their dark agenda, so these days if well known names complain about the smell of bbq meat as their vegan all the while ingesting the A word or fresh, remember that we are living in a realm of upsidedown lies where everything isn’t how it appears. Deception is key and the more who believe you and follow you snd your lies the more you are rewarded- many public awards are nothing more than glorified S p-vores being rewarded for their darkness and loyalty to the dark lords.
        Anyways thank you for having the strength to read and bear witness to the horror that was our childhood, appreciate it more than you could ever know 😇💖

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        1. We feel for you. Note that those involved will punish themselves more effectively than we ever could. They themselves created this storm to sweep themselves away. It’s strange, but not that surprising; an auto-manifestation. This kind of insane abuse has been going on a LONG time, 20-40,000 years, so people who did it thousands of years ago — but who don’t do it now — will still feel physical effects, in some cases extreme, in others mild. All ancient alchemists (of that dark vector) will feel it. But anyone who has ever been involved in this age-old practice will feel… whatever it is they will feel (discomfort all the way to screaming agony). Some will recover. Some will not. There is nothing that can be done. It is a soul adjustment that they have to do themselves, in many cases they will be moved someplace else to work on themselves at the 3d level.

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. @Belle, I can understand where you are coming from – this ‘revelation’ holds no surprise energy AT ALL, for me – only a slight body fear residual which I have no desire to disturb, just breathe through… and let healing come when it can – I can’t remember when I first had present knowledge come of this, but there was never a surprise energy – more of it was ALWAYS there… like it was too ‘normal’ to react to – or too programmed – don’t care to follow those personal breadcrumbs. (there were too many dead babies graves I looked after in my ‘personal constellation’). One of the only Alters that had anger, healed and became a nursemaid to the babies – I think she integrated eventually – took the name Sloan( so-alone) I came to like her – a hellion to begin with – no, I didn’t know all this til the mid 90’s. There’s a song – ♪ It’s all coming back to me now… tale of the 90’s for me… :/ 🙂

          Much healing to you,
          much love,


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          1. I began researching this stuff around 2013, none of it really came as a surprise to me either, more like bringing what I already knew up to the surface. I have a hard time believing I was ever involved myself, I carry something within that feels like a spiritual immune system that just won’t allow me to cross certain lines no matter what. Still feel it big time, had no idea what it was until it started to slowly leak out last few days, but I feel everything and it’s no surprise given how difficult this will be to deal with collectively. I really just want it to be over asap, I guess patience is my lesson.


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            1. Sifoo, I can relate – maybe it’s not exactly patience, if I get the way you mean that – we always tend to take on being too hard on ourselves, esp if we come from an even slightly similar experience background – perhaps gentleness is more in order – that’s not usually something we allow towards our’selfs’. Don’t force anything and I’d personally say if you need a comfy internal(or external) cozy place to hide and pull up the covers for awhile – metaphorically or in ‘reality’; Please allow yourself – I’ve found the more you can really go with that, the less time it actually takes to come out the other side (it actually gets kind of boring in short order, if you can really allow yourself ALL what you don’t usually allow yourself – if that made any sense.)
              Remember to breathe SOURCE and share with Brother J and if inclined call on some AAs – I didn’t even know about them most of my life, so hard to remember I can do that or any other high source you feel compatible with….
              You don’t have anything to prove to anyone anymore (or ever had ) you don’t have to be strong – you already have been for maybe far too long… I’m not sure we’ll know how to live without the struggle, resistance and pain – it’s all we’ve known – I have no idea what it will be like to feel the influx of SOURCE love vibrations coming – I’ve rarely felt anything I could even equate to my pale imagining of what it would be like – I think nothing will ‘break’ me more than feeling that. We’ll have to allow ourselves that break, too, and just roll with it.. ?
              I’m just over here on the other side of the screen – just reach out – I’m here – for you, Sifoo, or anyone else – some song in the background… something about ‘we have hands to reach out and clasp’? Or perhaps tendrils of essence to flow out and twine, match and combine vibrations and grow stronger – never really alone again and in the stronger combining, feel the connection/sharing the bit of essence of and closeness to SOURCE and know how strong we’ve been… – I’m thinking suddenly of a big pool filled with comforting, loving, strengthening SOURCE in which to place ourselves to rest and recover – not needing to DO anything further to ‘be’ alright – no need to ‘fix ourselves – WE’VE NEVER BEEN BROKEN (that can’t seem correct, but it insists on being written thus…) *big breath*…-
              I guess that’s it… writing has stopped – I hope it made some sense…

              Much, much love to you and anyone else needing to read it.


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        3. Belle ❤️ I am so sorry for what you went through. I cannot imagine. You have such strength and compassion and so much Light in your heart. I struggle with words but I hope you will accept me sending you loads of love, light and a big hug! ❤️☀️✨🤗

          We are so close, all this darkness will soon be gone…

          Infinite Love ❤️💕❤️

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          1. @Lily144 your kind words and sending positive thoughts my way have touched me deeply.
            I have admired your loving compassion with your own set of life circumstances and particularly your dedication as a parent with Elsies best interests at heart. Wow for a child to have a loving dedicated parent! Well done you.
            We are so close and I hope I get to meet you, other commenters and Cats very soon 🤗💖😇

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            1. Belle ❤️ Thank you! I hope we can all meet too. How wonderful that would be after so many conversations and meet ups on this fantabulous CAT blog! I have this vision of walking onto beautiful NE a little bewildered and dazed but seeing a very large group of beings who I instantly recognise and smile! They are ALL of US and many, many more!

              Much Love & Light, holding a beacon for Gaia and ALL right now! ❤️🙏❤️✨☀️✨

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            2. Belle ❤️ Thank you so much 🙏 I tried to reply before and my message seemed to disappear so apologies if you get two replies! Yes, we are so close! I have a vision of stepping onto New Earth a bit dazed and confused but seeing a large group of people ahead and realising it is ALL of US, everyone from this fabulous CAT blog! There are other beings there too and I just smile and feel like I am home!

              Huge Love & Hugs 🙏🤗🙏❤️☀️❤️

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        4. Belle, I am so sorry…I wish to be all is well for you now.
          Sending you lots of healing LOVE ❤❤❤❤❤ and (((((((HUGS))))))


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  27. Have the negative frequencies been shut down yet coming from Saturn and the moon? I was wondering if there will be a period where these artificial generators are gone and humanity chooses the source or chaotic timelines. It’s feeling like the labor pains have started on earth right now, in the time before the Shift!

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    1. Nothing. We don’t see this. It could mean something else, or we CATs are being prepped for something else and this isn’t seen as any big deal.

      Everyone please note that what we did with the soul machine and HAARP and LG has accelerated things dramatically. We were told it had but hadn’t seen it. Well, The whole “arrest scenario” is happening right now, 6-9 months before it was supposed to. It’s why there are so many troop movements. They’re to keep people from freaking out and tearing the p-vores limb from limb. CATs are rather shocked at how fast this happened. That means The SHIFT is nearly on top of us. What we’re all seeing, everyone, is pre-SHIFT activity. The “pandemic” is stopping ANOTHER pandemic. The one involving the “A” chemical.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. That makes sense.
        What people are saying is it’s just to make sure the ptw are easier to stop.
        Then after the 3 days, we get a global information dump of what has been going on.

        So the actual 3-days of darkness isn’t important in the grand scheme, but would be for the immediate future.

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      2. Its from Q and it is misinterpreted.

        It says
        10 days.

        Two separate lines.
        Meaning they are not necessarily together.

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        1. Thanks for the reply. Though I wasn’t referring to Q.
          I was referring to some qhht practitioners, researchers and whistleblowers.


      3. So it’s kinda your fault I’m stuck in a house with four restless ankle biters and half a roll of derriere patting paper.

        Why do Cats have to be so darn tenacious!

        Thank you though x


        P.S. I’m ready now.

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  28. Yesterday was a bit strange and bizzare. – super light sensitive, had to ask my daughter for sunglasses even with the blinds closed – had thousands of golden (this time) dots, not in lines this time, but random spacing all rising in a black background, space?… went on or a LONG time… – other strange things I can’t remember at the moment – with body and interface with world.

    I tuned in this morning to Amanda’s daily check-in during this time (time seems to be the word of the day). Message resonated as couldn’t understand the draw the last few day to look at news stories on that Windows app block that comes up with weather, card games, etc, etc., or things coming up conspiracy-wise – linked to virus-y things of course and ‘people’ – not my usual music and building & home related usual stuff in yt recommendations.

    Amanda’s video seems to address an energy related to this that seems to be circulating at this time… might be worth a listen if you noticed it, too. Might also be fun and helpful if people have positive energy movies or such to share if anyone thinks it a good idea. (sense of smell now going a bit wonky – smelling hot or about to be burning sweet dry cereal?? – weird – nothing in the house.
    much love,


    ok, here's the video if interested…

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    1. Oh, speaking of movies…. watched a somewhat simple low-ish budget movie yesterday… ’96 Souls’ not sure meaning of title in relation to the story – lead character, researching ‘seeing’ smells – lab accident leads to him experiencing new perceptions, esp. about peoples’ inner/truer being – plot follows… nice message…
      first movie by director, Stanley Jacobs…

      carry on…

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    2. Hi Kg, me too with the weird smells at odd times – my dog looks at me sniffing the air as if he should be the one sniffing but doesn’t notice anything – it’s kinda funny – but I’ve smelled burning plastic, gas, skunk like but no skunk around, just random here and there smells and then they’re gone, and everything is ok in the house.
      Also having massive head pressure and seeing lots of bright sparks flitting around. I definitely feel on the precipice of something these days… like I won’t be going back to work so don’t even think about it, am just trying to get outside as much as possible and hang with the feral cats – who right now are spaced all around my property basking in the sun – with the bluest blue and puffiest clouds I’ve seen in years – and NO chemtrails, what a beautiful and welcome sight! I always had a feeling the shift would happen in Springtime, it just makes sense – new life, new light, a time a rebirth, of course it has to happen in Spring! 🙂 Thank you Cats so much for having this space for us to connect!!! Love you all, we will be done with the darkness soon!

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      1. @kt1111, thank you for the validation – I had a return of the almost burning toasty sweet cereal aroma this morning starting at some point watching Amanda Ellis’s Africa video, getting pushed to post it – went away after I finished posting it… 🙂
        interesting times.


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  29. Do you still see the shift happening around June?
    i feel like it’s happening soon, but there is a fraction of doubt at the back of my mind, like an itch I can’t scratch.

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          1. I did not want to say nothing before, but when now there is no more “wiggle room”, I will ✨

            I asked few months ago when it will start the change, and I got answer “in April” ✨

            Maybe they did not meant the Shift itself, maybe the Split, but one thing is for sure, and I can feel it in my bones, the April is going to be extraordinary, something big will occur ✨

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  30. CAT4: the blue corn is dried on the cob for about 4-5 weeks. Then the kernels are stripped off and put in glass jars for storage. We use one of those nutri-bullet thingies that were all rage a few years back. I suspect a food blender or nutri-mix machine would work. (or you could use low-tech mortal and pestle. Har!)

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  31. Thank you for the updates CATs and thank you everyone for your comments/experiences. I feel we are so close. Just in the last few days, it feels as if things have shifted so much…

    Elsie is suffering with tummy problems again, was very shaky all day today, spent the day in bed. if anyone feels drawn towards sending her a little bit of soothing light it would be most appreciated. Poor love has dark circles around her eyes and needs a really good nights sleep. She has been up most of the night the last week or so.

    We received an email from the lady who now looks after Willow Puss, the really shy kitty we adopted but could not keep. We were sent a beautiful photo and video. It was so lovely to see her looking so well but boy did I get a pang in my heart. I so wished we could have had a kitty but for some reason it wasn’t meant to be, in this dimension at least!

    On the plus side, I am really appreciating our three little guinea pis who are in the living room. It’s amazing how friendly and full of fun they can be. They always make me smile when I go in every morning. My friends have called me the guinea pig whisperer before!

    The aquarium is blooming, plants are thriving. I had to get another smaller aquarium to put the two Platy boys in to stop the crazy breeding! i cannot help feel a little sorry for them being in there when the other tank is so much bigger. If the Shift is going to be soon, maybe I should put them back in there so they can just enjoy their last few weeks/months in 3D in a more spacious tank!

    Going to go and look out of the window again and see if I can see more ships/stars flying across the night’s sky!

    Much Love & Light & Peace ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Surrounding little Elsie in a beautiful, soft pink blanket of love from my heart, Lily. You too sweet lady xxx It’s gonna be over soon I feel. Holding hands with all my heart-based people, in my dreams and in waking reality! xxxxxx Big Love, Jay xxx

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      1. Jay ❤️ Awwww, thank kind lady, so appreciated! Yes, I am with you and ALL in Light. I too am so sure we are so close, you can feel it. there is no denying ‘that feeling’!

        Big Loves & so much Light! ❤️🙏☀️🙏❤️

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    2. Lily,
      I hope you and Elsie are doing well, sending lots of Light and Love, hope Elsie feels better soon, and you both get some rest.

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    3. Lily, you’r such a lovely being! Caring for your girl with such a passion and love nights and days and on top of that you even think to give “quality life” to your fish 🙂 A deep felt thank you for being who and how you are. Hope your lovely daughter feels better today, sending a colourful, calming, healing light to your home.
      And please don’t forget to take care of you, too. – NiSha

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      1. Nisha ❤️ Thank you for such lovely words and for sending your beautiful light to Elsie 🙏 She is currently sleeping which is wonderful! Now I can concentrate on the fish and piggies! Still in a quandry of what to do regarding the boy Platy fish. If I put them back in the big tank they will be so happy. But, if the Shift does not happen in a few weeks/months, we will be over run with babies! Such small fry (pun intended!) problems compared to the bigger picture I know, but am trying to focus on heart, light, peace and home throughout the stormy seas humanity is sailing right now! Much Love & light to you Nisha and much gratitude 🙏❤️🙏

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          1. Thanks Pam141 ❤️ All the pet shops seem to be shut around here, plus we are having to self isolate at the moment. I decided to put the boys back! It’s a 120 litre tank and I have a pretty good feeling that the Shift will come before the tank gets over populated!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  32. Not to toot my own horn- But my intuitive feelings have been spot on since all of this happened. Well, I should say I was “right” all along with all of this. I guess I can confirm to myself that I AM a sensitive of some sort. I knew that things have sped up quite a bit before the CATs typed it out to confirm my feelings- why did I type this out? Well, I’m glad to be in the know, I suppose?

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    1. It’s David Wilcock that claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, which is not true.
      Edgar Cayce actually described his following incarnation.


  33. First of all, Anonymous — no, it is NOT “June”.
    Listen to the Cats and learn that as soon as any date is put out there, you can be assured 110% that it is not the correct date for the current Timeline you are on.

    Second, these date predictions are already very much expired, by the time they are released to the public.
    Third, the dates only apply to the personal Timeline of the person spouting it, it does not apply to our COLLECTIVE Timeline.
    Which is constantly, incessantly, always *changing*.

    Changing every day. Wrap your minds around that. The Cats have been telling you this forever. Over and over.

    “people from tearing things to shreds once the truth hits them. They will want revenge.”

    And THIS is the Timeline I’ve been trying to get our Collective up to.

    Laura Whitworth’s clients, and other higher vibrational clients, have ‘seen’ the solar flash SOURCE LIGHT shift event being launched, while people begin rioting in the streets from the disclosure that “rocks the world”.

    And that is also THE SPLIT. Of all our Timelines. That is our Freedom.

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    1. Very true.
      I’ve stopped believing ‘the SHIFT’ as it is clearly a means of control.
      (cue cats coming at me for stating the truth).
      If people keep waiting for a ‘shift’ to save them and not improving the world, the ptw will remain in control.

      I’ve learnt to focus on improving myself and releasing all negativity I may have.
      I try to improve the world around me to create a little bit of heaven where ever I am.

      There are great nuggets on here and the rest of the internet if you look though.


  34. Walking on a razor’s edge describes how I have been feeling the last 2 days, especially in the early afternoon. It feels as if a ballon is being stepped upon and will pop at any moment. Even though expected, it will still startle all when it bursts. I am also wondering if I truly am crazy. Everyone I try to warn of possible crimes coming to light believes I have gone off my rocker. I think that many will go into shock and refuse even evidence before their eyes. I just want to rip the bandage off quickly and let the light begin healing humanity. Deep breaths

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  35. @Cat Eds and kagee3 Thank you for your response, information and kind words. For the last 30 years I have been actively healing from the childhood atrocities and am very grateful for the time allowed for me to come to a place of love and forgiveness for them and myself. They are still our brothers and sisters. I am grateful for all the seen and unseen help I’ve had in my life over the years including this website, all the commenters and cat humour!
    I am learning to live rather than survive, find joy in simple pleasures, nice smells, the sun on my face, spending time with loved ones.
    It is time to dream something new like walking through a golden doorway, greeted by a beautiful green sun where everything is heartbased and vibrating with love. Dreaming a new dream within SOURCE.

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  36. @The Cat That Lived ….one of my many lessons this time is to unlearn being a control freak and allow life to unfold rather than steering it 😉
    @M6 yes another one of my lessons as after meditating for years got angry and resentful that it appeared not to make any difference so stopped. Silly me.
    Do know that there is a parallel lifetime of mine in meditation for this experience in the illusion. More lessons……
    Thank you to everyone here I learn from all of you and send 💖💖💖

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    1. Thanks ladybirdbeau for passing along this video as it shows how the awakening is occurring and will not be stopped. Our guides are working overtime. I agree to avoid the vaccine as it seems “too convenient”. Also there are no long term studies on any flu vaccines for safety or efficacy. Cay

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  37. I have a sense as well, that we may getting quite close to a split, or shift. The tones/beacon have been quite different, as well as many dreams with ladders, elevators, working with guides or beings. There also is an indescribable fullness, joy, a completeness in meditations that is different. That peaceful calm, connected bliss, is remaining longer after seated practice, and moving practices, like tai-chi are feeling amplified/flowing. It’s easy to become disenchanted, disgusted, angry, with changes occurring in the world, but the old must crumble, for the new to rise.
    Like many of you, I too, have felt weary at times, and eager to move beyond the suffering and sadness, whether it be our own, or in the collective. For souls that have had an awakening, we see the illusion, have glimpsed a greater truth, or remembered other realms, lives, or experiences, and felt unconditional love. We are eager to move on, and yet, we realize that we are all in this together, that our very existence, has an impact on the whole. It is understood, that Source has the highest good of the totality in perspective, and that extends far beyond what we could envision, and it’s All in Divine Order, and Timing. There will be countless souls, so shaken, as their whole world view crumbles, and we will be needed, to comfort, guide, inform, reassure, and Love Them. Whether it be on New Earth, or on the crumbling old 3D planet, we have an opportunity to serve the greater good. I suspect many, likely most of us, have volunteered to be here and now, to serve, learn, teach, to give and grow. There was an experience in 2016, during a meditation, that is beyond words. I expressed that i wanted to serve, that i wished to know how to best do that. A question came to me, are you so willing and ready to serve, that you would become a simple organism, a bacteria on a meteor, seeding new life, in a new universe, and see it through until it was evolved, self aware, and ready to serve? That provided a new sense of how linear we can think, and also how Infinite Compassionate Love Is Without Limits. Keep Shining Your Light, Giving Your Love, We Are That I AM!
    Hang on it’s just a ride 🙂
    Infinite Love To All Of You!! scott

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  38. Is this “A” drug something that we produce within ourselves when we feel fear? If so do we somehow feel the effects of it? I am just thinking about people who act out from a place of fear so that they can feel a sense of control… in some instances power…

    Speaking from personal experience, there are times when I’ve felt threatened by someone… I am actually thinking about when I was a kid. I felt threatened by my step sister, that she would ruin or take something away from me (my mom) and so I would do/say things that would make me feel like I had power over her and the situation (and she would do the same).
    Our relationship is much better now – we grew out of it. But when I felt that “power” it felt “good”.

    I’ve since done a lot of introspection and work to understand my reactions – but I feel that there are many people who struggle with this well into adulthood and sometimes for life. Wondering if there is a connection there to the drug.


    1. Adrenaline is a hormone produced by Fight/Flight response. I think people get addicted to the jolt it gives: roller coasters, horror movies, Playing “chicken”, dangerous sports, etc. Those activities might be replacements for creativity and sense of accomplishment hormones? You can make your own adrenaline (epinephrine). The “A” drug is more concentrated, coming from the outside more powerful and makes the user feel young and strong, obviously even more so than cocaine?? .
      I think it is a cheap substitution for Bliss and Joy. Especially for those who have never experienced or know those high emotions.

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  39. The chemtrails have started up again.
    I live in Europe 20min from a major airport.
    I thought they had been stopped, I guess not


    1. Thank you, J. I’m extremely fond of you, too. 🙂 I’m so happy you can live and participate where you do…


      I used some tax return/ poor people credit to send for some MSM – Universe thought I needed to double my order for some reason – so I can now 'spread' it around to family members, too… I never tried it due to lack of funds…


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  40. Thank you for these wonderful updates CATs!

    So…. S*&$ about to hit the fan! 🙂
    This is why everybody buying tons of toilet paper?! :))))
    Sorry… Could’t resist… ;))))

    I hope you are all well!!


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    1. It had already hit and the fan is icky. The “pandemic” is actually a pandemic-within-a-pandemic: the lockdown is to keep regular people away from the celebs and politicians and staff and MSM from passing the virus they all got from their latest tainted global batches of A-chrome (what we are now calling the A-train) that they call “tomato sauce.” A CNN anchor and the Gov of NY were talking about it ON AIR, surprisingly. Any politician acting irrationally (like the CA Gov), or who looks afraid is on the A-train. Besides being impregnated with the virus it also has the blood marker trace, so… this is why Mr. T extended the emergency measures till 5/1, so everyone culpable can get tested and arrested. Sometime soon, the A-train news will hit the masses and they will be LIVID. Once regular people start threatening riots, then The SHIFT happens. Might seem scary but it isn’t.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Now there are rumblings that Cuomo (NY governor) will be the Dem prez candidate, because he’s been acting so “presidential” during this “emergency”. Right, presidential, with his nipple rings and his outright lies about the number of ventilators he has on hand and his brother the CNN anchor who’s infected with the virus….. Hadn’t heard about the tomato sauce discussion, but then I avoid the main stream news like the plague it is. I used to work for a New York State agency and my boss had to attend meetings with him; people weren’t allowed to speak to him unless he spoke to them first. They call him Prince Andy for a reason. SMH.

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        1. Just found the transcript of the sauce conversation with his brother. Bro said he’d send Andy some of their mom’s secret sauce…. Ugh.

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          1. Wow, he said it ON AIR?!! These people really ARE stupid, do they not look at the internet??!! Do they really not think anyone knows what they’re hinting about?! Just mind blowing, evil AND stupid, what a way to go….

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      2. I have feeling I’m not gonna be a music producer/director at the radio station any more. I still have my job, but I’m talking about when the world finds out these SINGERS and MUSICIANS…are on the A -TRAIN…What am I gonna play on air?

        I was setting up music this week and I’m loading certain entertainers who have cryptic Twitter posts and I don’t even want to play their music. But innocent until proven guilty, plus it’s not my call. I have a program director.

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        1. There are lots of talented independent musicians out there who never hit the big time and who aren’t on the A-train. Hopefully, it’s their turn now. The famous ones only got famous because they bought their ticket and sold their soul.

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      1. About a year ago, I had the TV on while I was reading. An old and very stupid (maybe 1980s) vampire comedy was playing, something about a vampire wanting to give up drinking blood and become human. When he started to become mortal again, he realized that he needed a job and for some reason (I wasn’t paying much attention), he was being offered jobs left and right. I perked up my ears when he was talking on the phone to someone offering him a job. He said, “No! I don’t want to run a pizza restaurant in Washington DC!” Never was able to find out the name of the movie….

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    1. I dreamed about Jim Henson a few years ago I visited him in a gated off world community and before I left on the group tour he gave me a Muppet Cookbook. I really thought it was symbolic considering what he put in his movies.

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    2. The most blatant in-your-face example I’ve come across so far is Jupiter Ascending. But it’s everywhere once your filters come off, The Matrix etc.

      I’ll probably live to regret saying this; but I look forward to seeing how it will be presented, and the reactions once it hits the fan. I especially look forward to seeing the faces of people who went all in to bury Pizzagate since it was just too much for them to deal with.


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    3. Yup, I’ve thought that for years now, I even have the DVD. I think Jim Henson was a really good guy, did his best to get it out there. A visual genius!

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        1. Kg, It is possible that Jim Henson was taken out. He died at the
          hospital where I worked and I remember, at the time, thinking that it was odd. The hospital was a favorite of the Cabal and, I guess, that
          is probably why I got a job there. It was next door to Rockefeller
          University where I liked to go for lunch as their cafeteria was much better than the one at the hospital, and there were always beautiful
          plantings that changed each season. Once, I got on an elevator with
          Kissinger and a man I assumed was a bodyguard. Kissinger looked
          closely at my badge and then asked a question about which floor
          would lead to the exit. I thought it was funny 😁 as I knew who he
          was but he didn’t know who I was!……. one of the unknown members of the opposition, you might say.



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  41. Hmmm. My sister in Idaho called me this afternoon . There was a 6.5 earthquake near Stanley, Id the oh so obvious 10 km down. Hmmmm.

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  42. Last night around 9:15, 9:30 central US time I suddenly got a huge burst of energy and felt lots of love and joy in my being. I felt like running and exercising and felt light while doing it. It was exhilarating! I knew the geomagnetics had been at a 4 that day and usually I am tired and groggy and dizzy, etc when it’s there, but maybe this was a turnaround for me. Have had bursts like this in the past and they were great, but usually followed the next day with the same old symptoms again.
    About 2 hrs. after exercising I suddenly got the massive burps and indigestion. Still felt joyful mentally, just not so much physically. Took some digestive enzymes, which usually help some, but the burping continued until I finally went to bed at 3am. Still couldn’t sleep for awhile and finally did fall asleep and slept till 11am. Fell ok today so far. Anyone else?

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    1. Hi Brenda. Nice to have that burst of energy. Mine has gone AWOL for the last week. Groggy head, sinus pain and slightly peeved (to quote John Cleese) for it to last this long. Regarding the windyness, I have said to my partner that it always goes along with the timeline jumps. Sleeping in instalments seems to be the norm for me nowadays. I managed 10pm to 3am then 5am to 9am last night. That’s not so bad when I haven’t had to go to work because of lock down. Hope your new energy burst sticks around for a while.🤗😸💖

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      1. Hi Newlynn. Yes, those bursts of energy are great. Had them on and off for years and always wished they would stay, but lo and behold they would usually be gone the next day and back to the groggy head, heavy feeling, etc. I’m 61 and feel like 30 when I get the energy bursts. It’s just an overwhelming happy and joyful feeling. I hope everyone gets there joyful burst now and it stays. Yes, I think the gas thing does come with the timeline jumps because usually when I check the meters later and find there was a jump, it does correlate with the symptoms. Our state is in lockdown since Monday here in Kansas. I didn’t think we would here, that is would stay mostly on the coastal states that have the most criminals, but I’m a homebody anyway so I don’t mind.

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  43. Cats and Ms, could you please check out the 3/31 post on Terran Cognito’s blog? Have we had an unforeseen timeline jump? [I know there is no such thing as unforeseen, but this would look alarming to some] Thor is an off-world contact. Posted this evening. What is your take on this?

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  44. Huh, strange dream last night. I felt as I am in some boot camp for training purposes, I was present with one situation to deal with a dark attack on some person (not me) which I had to defend, and I dealt with it with flying colors ✨

    This is first time ever that I was fully conscious in a dream state, usually I was just a observer with little or no interaction, but this time it was different, like I was really there in Astral world fully conscious from the start ✨

    Now I am not sure if that was a real situation I dealt with or just a training, but I past the test for sure 😎 ✨

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  45. Dreamt of meeting old pets that had passed on. They were semi visible but still tangible, it was truly lovely. Also dreamt of many large UFO’s lighting up our skies, it was positive. They are my best dreams. I know you CATS always tell us we are sovereign, but the joy I have when I see them all returning in dreams is unparalleled, sorry.

    There is always a certain shaped one too that appears. A large round flat bottomed one with equidistant round white lights around the circumference, underneath. This particular UFO once saved me in a drowning dream.

    On a personal note, I feel as if a dark cloud has lifted. My mind is clearer than it has been for months. I feel calm and happy, something I haven’t felt for a long time.

    I just want SOURCE back in our lives like it supposed to be.

    I am ready for the storm, because I am its centre.


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  46. Hi everyone,
    I’ve never had a feeling like this before about sharing something – yes, a call to share something – or post something, but not with this strength of? importance? – like a call for compassionate support (energy-wise) will help the whole process. Perhaps a meditation or whatever other way you focus in an area (not just geographical)… – *shrug* … I keep getting importance – a compassionate focus on most beneficial outcomes for individuals and situations around the content in Amanda Ellis’s newest video concerning the area/situations in South Africa/Zimbabwe/Kenya –
    I’m usually feel shy and unsure when nudged to share or post something – this feeling is overriding that – like flashing lights shining on this – a sense that your focus in this direction will show your ‘choice’ or re-enforce your choice of future – not just justice or SOURCE – something deeper ??? (what could be deeper?).
    There’s just a weighty waiting for me to complete this, no more words, just do it…
    here it is:
    much, much love to ALL,


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      1. sorry Cats – unclear – the main focus WAS S Afrrica, but she was asked by two people, for various reasons, to also look in on situations/energy around Zimbabwe and Kenya – separately…
        sorry for confusion…


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      2. – just to clarify she’s been looking into the energy in/around different countries as guided or asked.. so far UK, USA, India maybe another –
        – -the importance feeling wasn’t coming from her (other than the importance of certain things, energy to hold, etc., we all know) – just something different for me to feel, so shared….

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    1. Ohh. THAT’S what that meant. We were asking about “3 to 10 days of darkness,” which returned a NO — and a “waggle.” We didn’t know what the waggle meant, at first. But when we asked about the “3 to 10 days of the internet being down” we got a POSSIBLY. (That either means “YES, depending on what timeline you’re on” or “It’s moving in that direction.” Or both.)

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. My take on that 3 days off darkness was orientated in that direction also as dark means (no info or rather, false info disconnected with source) and light means (real true information, connection to source), so I always thought that it would lead to that metafore to what “dark” is all about, OK I complicated this a bit, but You know what I meant with this 🙂✨

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      2. Well I am already having internet problems! Am finding it a challenge to get online at all especially using Safari. It’s OK on Firefox.

        Also, I always leave a comment for Laura on her videos and every time I try now, I get:

        ‘Can’t find variable: Headers’! I just cannot leave a comment!

        If you are reading this Laura, Happy, Happy, Magical Birthday for the 4th! Wishing you enormous Love and Light and Fabulous Day!


        Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. I had told a friend that I anticipated network congestion with so many people working from home, and looking for answers. I also had a feeling about the 3 day darkness being related to the internet or grid. Early I the AM, my internet went out, I looked with cellular on a website that pings servers, and reports outages. They were occurring all across the planet, with the exception of China & Soviet Union. They likely don’t allow access to the service

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          1. Scott ❤️ Thanks for sharing, yes, feels like there will be an information blackout/lack of internet etc… Is this the start of it I wonder…

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️


    2. THANK YOU ~ That’s the same message I’ve been getting from my higher self/team for the past week, too.

      Yesterday or the day before I was asking, “What the bleep is going on here? Is it 3 days or is it 10 days — and are those just separate/different timelines?”

      The first message thought I got back from them was that it is 3 to 10 days…and still up in the air —
      — that we on the highest timelines would experience the minimum days, or NOT AT ALL…(which was always MY choice in this long drawn out scenario)

      And I’ve been reminding them all (very much b!tching at them) that I told you characters a decade ago that if I was ‘forced’ against my will to be shackled to an End Time timeline to the very very end of this unendurable physical torture — that you guys better make dam sure I don’t lose the only thing I have, The INTERNET.
      The rest of my survival was a given, because if any of those resources were removed, I would be dead.

      And they cannot afford to lose their critical ever-charging Lighthouse Batteries.

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      1. Glad to see I am not the only one with demands for them. I said I better have coffee and hot water. Lol. I am way too grumpy if I have to take a cold shower and no coffee in addition to that would be a nightmare. I guess I didn’t think about the internet also being a lifeline for me. But it is. So I am upgrading my demands. Lol.
        I wish you ALL the best. 🙂
        (Of course, it would be way better to just jump through that rainbow veil to the New Earth or whatever it is waiting) .

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  47. Hi All! 👋🏻
    I had a beautiful experience yesterday evening that I would like to share. When I first started dating my husband, he was very scientific and skeptical. I have been feeding him little bits of spiritual info over the years, some he accepts and others he blows off. But he has slowly become more open minded. We were sitting outside yesterday and he asked me if I thought this was the end of the world (!)😯. I felt the timing was right, so I told him about the Event and Shift. He took it very well, and told me he thinks it is true! I told him to stay positive and meditate. When we came back inside, he surprised me again and played Hallelujah on Google (I know, Google 🙄). I had tears of joy 😃! It felt like something shifted for the better and a weight was lifted.

    On a different note, I am worried about my mom. She is in a lot of pain (we think it is sciatica) and she can’t keep food or drink down. If you can, please send her some love and healing energy.

    I am so grateful for the help, support, love and information you all provide! Thank you all for working in the Light for the Greater Good! 🌞💗
    I love you All!
    Hugs 🤗
    ~ Sharon

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    1. I am so happy for you Sharon, I wish I had the same understanding from my family.
      Sending LOVE 💗💗💗💗and healing LIGHT to your mom! All is well!

      Love to All! 💗

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    2. According to an article I have read, the Cbd w/Thc on board works much better for pain. On the Frank oil, add some ginger(anti inflammatory) and top with wintergreen or birch. Easy on the W or B, for they are Super blood thinners(USE WITH CAUTION). They accelerate the penetration of the Frank & Ginger. Healing coming! Peace.

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        1. Sharon ❤️ We are tootling along as usual, thank you for the Hugs! Will be sure to pass them on to little bean too!

          Much Loves ❤️🤗❤️


  48. Also, new Gaia Portal

    Formidables are no more.

    Heaven sent messages are received in Joy.

    Surrender to the old and reception of the New occurs in simultaneity.

    Florescents are sown

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  49. Why you call the planet’s spirit ‘Gaia’?
    It is the Greek name for her in mythology.
    Why not:

    Manipuri mythology: Leimarel Sidabi
    Greek: Gaia, Cybele, Demeter, Persephone, Rhea
    Roman: Tellus, Terra, Ceres, Ops, Proserpina
    Slavic: Mat Zemlya
    Andean (Inca): Pachamama
    Hindu; Prithvi
    Native American: Spider Grandmother
    Chinese: Houtu (Di Mu)
    Mongolian: Umay (Eje)
    Norse: Sif

    Albanian: tokë
    Basque: lurra
    Belarusian: зямля
    Bosnian: zemlja
    Bulgarian: земя
    Catalan: terra
    Croatian: Zemlja
    Czech: Země
    Danish: jorden
    Dutch: aarde
    Estonian: maa
    Finnish: maa
    French: Terre
    Galician: terra
    German: Erde
    Greek: γη (gi)
    Hungarian: föld
    Icelandic: Jörð
    Irish: cré
    Italian: terra
    Latvian: zeme
    Lithuanian: žemė
    Macedonian: земјата
    Maltese: art
    Norwegian: jord
    Polish: Ziemia
    Portuguese: terra
    Romanian: Pământ
    Russian: Земля (zemlya)
    Serbian: земља (zemlja)
    Slovak: krajiny
    Slovenian: zemlja
    Spanish: tierra
    Swedish: jord
    Ukrainian: земля (zemlya)
    Welsh: ddaear
    Yiddish: ערד
    Armenian: երկիր
    Azerbaijani: yer
    Bengali: পৃথিবী
    Chinese Simplified: 地球 (dìqiú)
    Chinese Traditional: 地球 (dìqiú)
    Georgian: დედამიწა
    Gujarati: પૃથ્વી
    Hindi: पृथ्वी
    Hmong: lub ntiaj teb
    Japanese: 地球
    Kannada: ಭೂಮಿಯ
    Kazakh: жер
    Khmer: ផែនដី
    Korean: 지구 (jigu)
    Lao: ແຜ່ນດິນໂລກ
    Malayalam: ഭൂമി
    Marathi: पृथ्वी
    Mongolian: дэлхий
    Myanmar (Burmese): မြေကြီးတပြင်
    Nepali: पृथ्वी
    Sinhala: පොළොවේ
    Tajik: замин
    Tamil: பூமியில்
    Telugu: భూమి
    Thai: โลก
    Turkish: toprak
    Urdu: زمین
    Uzbek: yer
    Vietnamese: trái đất
    Arabic: أرض (‘ard)
    Hebrew: כדור הארץ
    Persian: زمین
    Afrikaans: aarde
    Chichewa: lapansi
    Hausa: duniya
    Igbo: ụwa
    Sesotho: lefatše
    Somali: dhulka
    Swahili: dunia
    Yoruba: aiye
    Zulu: umhlaba
    Cebuano: yuta
    Filipino: lupa
    Indonesian: bumi
    Javanese: bumi
    Malagasy: eto an-tany
    Malay: bumi
    Maori: whenua
    Esperanto: tero
    Haitian Creole: latè
    Latin: terra

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  50. Thank you CATS and M’s for all the confirmations and Updates of the current happenings, especially the Q JFK jr reveal, I too have felt for sometime this to all be true. But perhaps the bigger info drop is the feeling that the time has speed up for the SHIFT to be occurring, much sooner than we all maybe felt!!! Yes! SOURCE knows Best!

    I do feel the consciousness of the planet is rising, I understand and believe as you say, “we are in a pandemic within a pandemic within a pandemic”, we can help quell the fear individually and collectively through our meditations to send and shed the Light forth throughout the planet, sending healing energies to all who need them.

    You CATS and M’s, this site has been a Godsend for me and I’m sure many others here, for I am mostly in a sea of the ‘unwoke’ around me. It can be hard at times, for some who are close to me are so entrenched with the whole political 3D T derangement syndrome it’s almost breathtaking to observe. It was no coincidence I was led to this site (via Lynn of Psychic Focus – a wonderful, compassionate person and fantastic site!) some years back, you guys and gals are the ‘real deal’ and that is a understatement!

    I do want to share I saw on Twt (social media) today someone in the Qanon realm posted that the earthquake yesterday in Idaho seemed suspicious (PTW doing) because the depth was 10 kilometers. First time I’ve ever seen that reference to that depth and connecting it to PTW manipulation. Maybe a SOT follower or maybe the depth info now is common knowledge!?

    Also, I have a question, do you think the Q Team, White Hats or some within their group know about the coming imminent SHIFT?

    Thank you again each of you and Special Friends!


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  51. Has anyone else had the thought of the irony these quarantines, and that on a higher subtle layer, it relates to the ego, or self imposed quarantine from Source, a belief in separation, or fall from Grace?

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  52. Sooo, very tired lately – don’t care (can’t be bothered) about most ‘symptoms’ lately, but hard to keep eyes open or do things… even read or watch things, even music or movies, if I can find ANYTHING I’m drawn, too – have had breathing issues, but not trauma or illness, just too tired to take a breath. Just feel like I’m going to keel over half the time (well, maybe 1/8th the time?)

    There’s a project in the home caused and continues to BE a problem because our duplex neighbors WON’T address the problem. The shared wall and past visits exacerbated the issues and recently found out our past houseguest was hiding or oblivious and negligent with the issue, so my very pregnant daughter has most of the weight of the solution on her shoulders – We are all home now and can attend to it, but I have no energy or stamina to really help much… it’s been an almost year (or more?) issue. I wonder if we’ll succeed in a solution before the change in universal location takes place and we won’t have to deal with it…
    (daughter’s workplace shut down for at least a month, son-in-law hasn’t been to work in almost a week – he said hrs were cut, but seems more than that – haven’t asked; buying things may become interesting – my income will pay the rent, we have a bi-weekly box of food from the food pantry, a monthly small, but welcome amount of food stamps, AND my daughter found TWO small packs of TP yesterday at a store – yippee!! – my brother is helping with utilities – stock market has cut his $s down quite a bit – he’s 3 yrs older than me.) The plight of most of the rest of the world is thousands of times more precarious – I trust in continued personal solutions, I so enjoy the changes I’ve seen in both my daughter and grddaughter – son-in-law, I think, is coming along as best he can… I think…

    I’m not sure why I wrote all that – I’m not paniced or distressed, just wish I wasn’t so tired and I feel the word is ‘suppressed’ – like I’m not supposed to be ‘DOING’ anything. I, of course, will continue the inner work, only as comes up – not in search mode… mantras as needed, REMEMBERING to ask for assistance and support from the higher unseen, etc (almost forgot lighthouse)… Arrgh, so tired I’m nauseated….

    I wish you all the best that can be in these present times, I know we support each other – arms linked together no one can fall.
    much love to you ALL,


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    1. Hi Kg. I have had breathing issues for a week which went yesterday to be replaced with a crippling headache. I spent most of the day sleeping and all night and felt so much better this morning. I think the encoding process is taking a lot of our energy to integrate it into our bodies and we need a lot of rest for it to do this. If you are trying to plod on then maybe it’s best to just give in and sleep. Love and hugs. 🤗😊💖💖💖

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      1. @Newlynn, Yes I’ve had tons of headaches, too. – hard to sleep with whole family home and watching stuff right outside my door – my bedroom opens very close to living room and they stay up late – whole family are night owls – including me, lol – grddaughter didn’t go to sleep probably after she started flooding the house, lol ~ 5am?
        be well ❤


  53. Oh dear god it’s time for me to wade in with a less serious topic (or maybe it is serious after all) I stopped in my T.Js today. The key lime pies will be available from May- August. They aren’t taking pre-orders . Just a thumbs up for all you key lime lovers out there) On a totally different subject: After several thousand dollars and 2 1/2 weeks my 14 year old car with 210,000 miles is ready to be picked up. Ready for the next 210,000 miles. I knew in advanced this repair was part of the rough 1st quarter energies and that I wasn’t going to get it until April. Lisa read tomorrow. If she sees anything significant I’ll report in. Went into the city today for desperately needed chiropractic work. My left shoulder was 6″ higher than my right. I have been in such misery that I could hardly walk. Tonight I feel like I could do Nuriev’s leaps (not) Anyway only 29 days until the golden energy of May. Cheers!

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    1. Yea gods J. Six inches is horrendous. I used to work at an osteopaths and had never seen anyone that out of alignment. No wonder you were in agony. Glad you are improving and hope you keep up with the Chiropractic work.🙄😟😸💖

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Thanks, Kiddo. Much improved today. I must use common sense in garden. I actually stopped what I was doing to “give it a rest” But,but,but it’s spring. Good god! You’re 75. Get a grip! (internal dialogue) I bounced off the CATs privately for counsel about what Lisa said today. They felt that you ALL can handle it. I’ll post it after my nap. I waxed my sweet old car after it’s ordeal at the garage. I’m pooped now so later. Cheers!

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  54. So, the rabbit hole brought me here and I want to share something. Two nights ago I woke up to a loud voice saying ” the sky event!” like a shout. It was in that twighlight of awake and asleep. I heard it and jolted a little and asked what I could do to help. I was given a basket, like a picnic basket. I opened the lid and to my surprise it was filled with scissors with red handles. What am I to do with so many scissors? I have to distribute them. Alright, friends..can you help distribute some scissors for me? We have been cutting loose for awhile, but others need help…and I have a basket of scissors!

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    1. Excellent! I had a dream where I stood up for myself. I was “told” that because of the $ crunch I had to rent out a room in my house “NO!!” I discovered so much power inside… and added “and it it high time you start acknowledging the work I do” Telling this to my parents in the dream… authority figures?? This morning I watched LisamHarrison say “Time to pull up your Rainbow Panties” Fear tolerated is Faith Contaminated. I salute you all!

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  55. @Carla, cutting old cords and vows? Vows can be sneaky and unrecognized consciously, but can hold us to things we’re unaware of… – How many times do we say, “I swear___” or vow something, or to someone not realizing everything THAT links to… too late in the early morning to think of some pithy examples, but using the scissors can be for so many things at this time… include any cords eyeballs have glued to news cycles and fear engendering…

    I really MUST sleep – both daughter and granddaughter still up outside my door… ZZZzzzzzz… 🙂 3:15 am here…


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  56. I had a disturbing dream or atral projection this morning right before I woke up. I was seeing through the eyes of a military person, wearing their garb. I was deep underground, and was appalled to see so many children in cages treated like animals. It was sad and sickening. It was hopeful, though. Through the person’s eyes, I was witnessing a rescue operation from one of the DUMBs. Yes!

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  57. Carla,
    Welcome to the “rabbit hole” with access to the “tunnel of love”. I would like some red handled scissors and will use them to cut the old earth timeline from the New Earth in my next meditation. Let Gaia gently float away from the darker reality like a helium filled balloon. That is unless the Cats and M’s have a better idea and insight into “the sky event”. Cay

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    1. Please take some scissors. I came here to pass them out! I think I spread them out across a good few spaces. I have only a couple of personal ones to distribute. There are as many as needed. Please share the scissors! We have to cut ourselves loose too. In so many ways.

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  58. OH MY, oh my. oh my…
    You know that big white kerfuffle on the Schumann early this morning- about 2-3 1/2 hrs ago? it’s manifestation in our house was that my grddaughter (whose finger nails recently have become strong enough to turn the outside handle slot to unlock the room doors) was up and played with the shower hose then fell asleep on the living room big chair – son-in-law just woke up & walked out to find the whole house flooded (3/4 ) flooded all the way to the kitchen and under my bedroom door went into a non-breathing panic attack and my daughter started her – used to be usual – “It’s all her fault.” (for the exhausted pregnant lady to go to bed at 4am after cleaning all day) – used to be followed by a loud long anxiety attack.

    If you don’t think we’ve had multitudes of TLJs in the right direction with positive changes: here’s your proof – In less than 5 min, probably less than 3, they just calmly got down to the business (after she refused my suggestion that I call & ask my friend to borrow his shop vac) – of soaking up a house full of water (don’t want my help or suggestions… I’ve learned from past ‘instructions’…) I did put a call out to any and all appropriate AAs , angels, other high energy helpers for aid (mostly for my daughter dealing through through her anxiety and things)…
    We only have a tiny washer/spinner, so soaking and spinning is ensuing – quietly and calmly – You have no idea what a change this is from even only a few months ago – AND her relationship with her daughter – who did go to her room after only a little while crying, seeing the situation and the explanation to her why it happened and it was why she kept being told the shower water STAYS in the shower. But no big meltdown…
    Hmm, seems she counteracted(in her mind) my previous instructions to only offer help or advice if specifically ASKED, but even that ‘discussion’ was MILD in comparison to past exchanges.
    New Earth must be just around some corner…

    Just sharing because this is SOOOO different to past behaviors of all and to situations…
    I had asked… and this situation was supposed to happen for a reason – did sure clean the floor – 🙂 – grateful our floors are all either laminate or tile…

    Have a good day all,


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  59. Feel feverish (do not have fever (1/2 degree of ‘normal’ – I usually run one degree below normal) and HEAT and some all over itchies were/are back this morning and feeling dehydrated – was up most of the night and drinking water… remember being ‘busy’ when I did sleep and remember thinking when I woke up this morning ‘How many places was I at, at the same time last night?’

    Is something (other than the usual not normal) going on??


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  60. – my last post this morning – promise. 🙂
    Interesting note from Amanda Ellis this morning:
    “” Angelic Celestial Colours
    5 hrs ·
    For those not in my MJ ((Michael Jackson))group – I am sharing this post I just put up..
    Now then well THERE is a sign – without wishing to get into or start up a big conspiracy thread (please don’t post stuff like that here) – I will say this – and did – when I made my recent Ashtar video – that a USA Chinook helicopter flew over my house when I made it, as though they were keeping an eye on activity here.

    There have been many channellers who have stated over the years that military are able to trace surges of light (Drunvalo was one of the first that talked about it years ago and who also said they were able to track Merkabas being fully open)…anyway in a nutshell a Chinook has just flown over my house – have had none since Ashtar visited…

    Make of that what you will – but for me it is a sign my house has been lit up like a belisha beacon with Michaels energy…

    Soo funny …just had to share that with you…..


    xx “”

    ~~ She said she just completed a LONG session with Michael and will post it (to yt) tomorrow (Mar. 3rd ’20)
    I won’t post it – it will be easily found if desired. ~~


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    1. Kg ❤️ Thank you for sharing that, really interesting. We have had quite a few helicopters over our house/area the last couple of years. I always wondered why they were here as this is a tiny village, very rural.

      Hope you are feeling better.

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Percia ❤️ I was just thinking that about ten minutes ago! How everything feels so quiet, surreal and that the tiniest noise seems to make the biggest sound, like a pin dropping would be so, so loud right now. It is eerie. My daughter is really picking up on the energies/something, as am I. Feeling quite nervous, it is very strange!

      Also feeling like I am in a hazy dream…

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  61. Last night I dreamed of my pets that had passed similar to what mark experienced and shared a few days ago.
    Doing my grounding and meditation3x daily. Body aches and headaches really bad. Deep breathing and reading this blog helps immensely. Thanks for JFK jr info. Take care everyone!

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