Since lots of you recently took up The Course, we thought we’d do a quick post about an intriguing topic.

We knew Brother J was a first-time incarnation from SOURCE — that is, he was never in a body before he was human (while the rest of us have been ‘body-hopping’ since we started this universe 13.9B years ago)… but then we thought about what this really meant.

All people and beings you have ever heard of (except angels and a few others you’ve never heard of) are part of ONE, the Oversoul, Our Extension from SOURCE from before there was time. (The Others are Another Extension… though We are all SOURCE.) But J was a first-time EXTENSION from SOURCE, who then went into a body and grew into a human. This hardly ever happened. Why do we bring this up?

We remember J, what he was like. Yes, he was unlike anyone else ever, and everyone picked up on that, but he was also… funny. He was a funny, ‘sunny’ person, exceedingly positive and happy no matter the situation. He had an irreverent sense of humor, and has mentioned to us before that he thinks Monty Python is hysterical. (We hear him say, “Confuse-a-Cat” a lot when we’re not getting something!) Again, why is this interesting?

Because he was directly from SOURCE.

He wasn’t from OUR Extension. He wasn’t Us. His personality was a SOURCE personality. And anyone who talks about “God-fearing” has clearly not met Brother J! Brother J, like SOURCE, can only do one thing: LOVE. No anger, no fear, no punishment. When he said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” he was speaking to SOURCE for Us, One Extension speaking for a totally Different Extension of SOURCE. Not that it matters, we just thought it was interesting.




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  1. Thank You, resonates Well, for We Are The Laughter, We Are The Light, We Are The Love, We Are The TRUTH, We Are This, We Are! Peace.

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  2. Not having a conscious remembrance of J although I wish I DID have it, I DO identify with the irreverent funny side of life. Isn’t that what “life” here is for? I posted on my blog this week that we came here to enjoy all the rides and have fun … regardless of what is thrown at us … and to always remember that WE are of Source and can return to Source when we feel the time is here to “go home” … I’m a sunny cat. I always (okay 90% of the “time”) try to find the sunny side of life (oops, that comes from Monty Python doesn’t it).

    By the way, you all really should practice your silly walks. The Ministry needs you 😀 ………. miew!

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  3. Well, I did try to leave a comment; honest. But sometimes being without opposable thumbs causes accidents to happen on “human” keyboards. What I meowed was that I always try to stay on the sunny side of life (a great Monty Python bit), and on my blog this week I reminded everyone that we come here to this “planet” to ride all the rides and experience all the “fun” we can and not take any of it seriously. AND that we can go home to Source any time we grow tired of the vacation adventures. My kitten nature does like to lie about in the sun, absorbing all the yummies from “home” – I thought it was so sweet that you posted a photo of me on a good day 🙂 Love & Light to all herein – – – miew purr …

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      1. I see. That makes perfect sense. Thanks AM.

        By the way, just realized this. Since J is a “whole” extension, and not “fragmented” like Us, no wonder he is so powerful. Everytime our mind “splits”, we get weaker and more vulnerable.

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      2. wow! Seems to me that when Brother J did that mantra on all of us, he was doing his part of the Atonement, as he says repeatedly in ACIM. All that remains is for us to realize it, which is our part of the Atonement. (I think… still working my way through it)

        Thank you Cats for this beautiful explanation.

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        1. Cats and Ms, one more question. Where was Brother J born? Africa, or Middle East? and was he black? (sorry, more than one question lol)

          love love to you Cats and Ms, and thank you!

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          1. Born in Nazareth, in the Middle East. He was… not black, not white… Mediterranean; light brown. Black hair, parted in the middle, kinda curly. Beard. His eyes were… a funny blue, not a light blue, but blue with light inside them. Sometimes when you looked at J your own eyes would fill with light and he’d “white out” and you’d have to look away.

            -CAT Eds.

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            1. Dreamed about running into him back in the day when I was just a kid and the hair and the eyes exactly how you describe…the eyes I did a double take in the dream lol. I was raised Southern Baptist so not how he was shown to me the dream made me scratch my head. I didn’t dare tell my parents any of those types of dreams I knew they would punish me. 🤣

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        2. So atonement means the original choice of hiding and helping everyone realise that this was not necessary and help bring all the bits of the one back together as a whole?

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        3. Well, he said it in Aramaic, so it was a little different than what is typically understood. It was also overheard, so people didn’t quite get the words right. SOURCE was already onboard with it, even without the words. Whatever he said, it was as that storm was approaching, so people couldn’t hear very well. Advanced as he was, it’s not easy to get nailed up on a cross and not have some kind of somatic reaction, let alone sound cogent.

          -CAT Eds.

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  4. This is what sets the CATs’ blog apart from the crystal unicorn blogs. They have a deep spiritual heart, rooted in SOURCE, and history, and science… and strategy + tactics. Such an interesting mix. No nonsense, get to the green root of the matter. Many thanks for the leadership, CATs. It’s quite refreshing.

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    1. @Daniel – you are so right. All of this plus the quirky laugh-out-loud sense of humor and the sense of community and camaraderie keeps me coming back again and again… I didn’t intend that as a kind of reincarnation guffaw, but there you go. 😉

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  5. I have to say, this brings me great peace and relief. To think that God (sorry, I’ve always said God, and to be honest I’ve always struggled with using SOURCE, it seems too impersonal, at least for me) can be reached and understood, at least a little, through laughter and fun. It makes the great unknown relatable, not something different.

    Laughter is the great fear killer. Its power is undeniable. It can completely overturn a bad experience, with immediate effect.

    I always understand the passage in the bible when to enter the kingdom of God we must come as children. Yes, it means to unburden ourselves from our “baggage”, but also be fun, be in good cheer, laugh. You only have to watch children to understand this.

    Thank you for this, this is life altering stuff.


    P.S. I wonder if J helped me write the silliness I’m so fond of?

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  6. What do you guys think of this? They passed a law to force vaccinate people. https://www.thelocal.dk/20200313/denmark-passes-far-reaching-emergency-coronavirus-law?fbclid=IwAR0VzrDpwnq4pIU7zkISSPL8Wr9onnCBDG3dPdmfAt1vYd-2p_7fvb0qs0c

    “Denmark’s parliament on Thursday night unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police.
    The far-reaching new law will remain in force until March 2021, when it will expire under a sunset clause.”

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  7. LOVING the info Cats, Ms, (AM?) – ( see previous comment w questions. Tho sometimes my comments, replies get lost and can’t find them. )

    LOVE hearing bout Br J. ❤


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  8. Reading this post make me think of my childhood, attending that old school with it’s elderly christian fundamentalist teachers and the frequent mandatory visits to the church that was located right next to it. The dogmas that they stuffed into our heads at the ages of 7 – 12.. Even though they spoke a whole lot of horseshit and scared me shitless about God and Jesus, I’m actually grateful for those years. They made me open my eyes, to question everything they said – to search for truth on my own – which lead me to where I am in life today so therefore; EVERYTHING is Forgiven and Released❤️

    CAT’s – it feels SO GOOD to read this post and all the other comments you’ve written about Brother J. To finally be able to learn something else about him than what we/I have been told over the years – a huge Thank You🙏💕

    Had an enlightenment yesterday on the 1st of May. It came to me after pondering about some situations I’ve had both here in this life and from seeing myself in (my higher self?) briefly at other places (densities?) The moment I realized what all those different situations had incommon and said the words ‘No Judgement’, it was as if a flood opened up above my head and I felt such an all encompassing Love wash over me.. Was totally embraced by it. Closed my eyes to be even more in that beautiful moment and that’s when I was shown the ACIM-book!
    It emerged out of a sort of white mist with a golden hue before my eyes. Could clearly see that book, and in my surprice over being shown it, it then disappeared into the mist and a head of a man showed himself briefly and while he laughed, he said with a very kind and joyful voice; “What it means to BE Love.” And then he also disappeared into the mist, and the mist itself then retracted away and was gone. And there I was, standing in the livingroom with the watering-can in my hand.. Could that have been Brother J?! Would have been so cool if it was him.. Anyway, I take this as a sign that I’m on the right track, that I keep on learning, and….I sure am glad that I stopped pouring water over that plant when it all happened😂

    I apologize for a long rant/comment. But I have no other than you guys here, CAT’s and commenters, whom I can ‘speak’ to and share things like this. Yet, I will try to write shorter comments further on.

    Wishing everyone a lovely weekend & take care all💖🤗

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    1. Uli, beautiful.

      When I read what you said J said, “what it means to BE love”, that sentence is so simple yet so profound. Yes, the ACIM is exactly it, after deprogramming and making room for SOURCE.



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      1. You know, I had to kind of stand there by that little table with the plants for a while after it happened, to sort of let it all sink in, because as you say Mark, that simple sentence entails so much. Gosh! – just realized that it leads me to even more things to ponder about😂 and oh how I long for when the ACIM arrives in our mailbox! Yay!😄

        Take care, Mark💖🤗

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    2. Don’t make your comments shorter on our account! That was wonderful to read! It’s so inspiring to read everyone’s experiences! I seem to be pretty much in a constant state of teary eyes when I read the blog these days! And yes, yes, please, more about Brother J! I am just loving this! Had to go for an errand today, turned the radio on and there was this song:

      I had to chuckle at the temple part, nah, that didn’t happen, and no one needs to be ashamed… maybe we need to rewrite these verses, but boy, the chorus rocks! 😉

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      1. 🙂 I remember this song – I really like the music I just self edit the shame and ‘god’fearin’ parts – that never resonated – tried reading the WHOLE bible a few times couldn’t deal with the old testament “”god”’. 🙂 I think for some reason I wanted to read the gospel of Timothy??, but couldn’t find it…


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      2. Oh, that song made me laugh😂 – and the funniest part is that it sort of stuck like glue so I guess I know what song I am going to hum non-stop at work tomorrow!🤣
        Thank you veni vidi 11, but if you only knew how long my comment was in it’s first version! Jeez!😜 Anyway, I feel the same way you do – appretiate so greatly to read about everyones experiences here at CAT’s place. You are all so awesome💞

        Loving hugs💖🤗

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  9. This is what was playing in my head upon awakening.
    I bet “J” came up with the “herding cats” explanation as a way to describe to Source what it was like being the human’s super shepard.

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  10. Hi guys, I sent You few emails, not sure if You got them all, still waiting for some answers ?

    Sorry for my impatience, but I would really like to know your opinions about what is written there, how realistic is it, is it real at all, I am aware off TLJ all the time, so it is hard to say, I know, but still..

    Thank You,



  11. This is just a personal note.. got an update on my beloved Ex (my SELF insists on calling him that ) – our mission was complete and our time together had no more energy at the time of our parting – I think making our daughter was our purpose together… Anyway this was the update:
    ~~ (he) hasn’t eaten anything in 13 days and has had no water for 9 days. It’s miraculous that he is still here.
    He has been unresponsive with his eyes closed for 9 days as well. His breaths are small and shallow.~~
    I think he must be living on the music energy his #2 daughter is playing him all day. Strange and amazing…
    I will ask Brother J to be with him… maybe the other J… Jerry (G) is with him too.

    I don’t really know ‘The Dead”s music catalogue, but was drawn to find this this morning and sent it to his daughter that is with him – the rest are scattered across US..
    love to all – may we all be released in our own way, sometimes from ourselves…


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    1. My Ex passed away peacefully this evening – waited until #2 daughter, my stepdaughter had to go down the street for a few minutes (people often wait until loved ones leave to pass) – My nephew was holding his hand and his first wife, mother of daughters #1 &2, was stroking his hair… shortly after getting notified of his passing I felt his energy for several seconds then he was gone – he seemed much better – he got to go surrounded by music and well wishes from family and friends and caring family and hospice people’s actions – not a bad way…

      much love to all and to all, all around the world that have lost people…

      ~~ thank you all for being here and allowing me to share this… ❤ ~~

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      1. Kg. A peace filled passing. Beautiful. Sending all connected with him love. Also a hug for you. Thank you for sharing.💖💕💗🤗

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  12. I have always said the worst thing about the Bible is that they did not tell us any of His jokes. I know lots of Tradesmen and they are a funny group! They joke are constantly flying and the camaraderie is amazing. He had to have been a great guy to hang out with, for Pete’s sake he could turn water into wine! Easy to see Him fitting in with those guys.
    Thanks for an interesting post.

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  13. Apologies if it seems like a daft question but have animals been humans in previous lives? Some of the pets I have had and currently have seem so…human in some ways!

    Another question! Was Brother J, whilst in human form, a vegetarian?

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  14. Thank you CATs for this insightful post of who and what Brother J is, an Extension from SOURCE. I too have so many questions to ask I’m not sure where to begin.

    The Others that you speak of as another Extension, would they be considered as ‘Creator Gods’ or Elohim? And would the angels be considered as Orders of Ophanim messengers of Light from the Higher heavens?

    Were any of you CATs and M’s with Brother J during his “lost years” before the age of 30? And did he travel to different parts of the world during this time; Egypt, Britain, India?

    .*. .*. .*.

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    1. No. YOU are part of the Creator Extension. Creativity is Our Gift from SOURCE. Different Extensions have different Gifts. Angels are another Extension. (Not sure what their Gift is, we never looked at that.) And yes, some CATs were with J during his early years, here and there; he spent a good deal at time at a special spiritual school between the Middle East and India that was run by teachers who had preserved ancient knowledge and teachings.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thank you CAT Eds., yes I do believe and feel Creativity is our (collective) gift here on this planet and there are a zillion ways to express it, you don’t have to be the master artist, baker, craftsmen, musician, writer, ect………but it can be displayed in anything; baking bread, writing a thoughtful letter, gathering flowers to put in a vase, telling a story to a child, knitting, crocheting, finding seashells on the shore……yes it is a true Gift from SOURCE!

        I would love to know more about what the Angels Extension would be.

        Would that special spiritual school that Brother J spent time at, the ancient knowledge/teachings that were preserved by the teachers be known today? Or have they been found and suppressed by the PTW?

        Thanks so much!


  15. Well, after in one post you told as that brother J was called “Isha” while in India, and I immediately got “Teacher” in my mind, I am now when I meditate ask Brother Isha to meditate with me, for some reason it resonate with me more then Brother J, I do not know why, maybe memory from a past life, I hope that Brother J is OK with that 🙂✨

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  16. Love hearing these stories, well truths about Brother J.

    When I was very young, my parents encouraged my brother and I to go to Sunday School. I never wanted to go and was fortunate to not be forced as others were. For that reason I know embarrassingly little about the Bible but I always felt love towards J even though I did not really understand why. Now I understand more and it is just amazing what is unfolding!

    I have almost reached the end of ‘Disappearance of The Universe’ and feel so different already. Although I did have a moment this evening with Elsie that gave me a chance to practice walking the walk! She is still refusing to sleep until the early hours so I’m a wee bit exhausted. I lost my patience with her and told her off. Phoned Mum for some emotional support and remembered as we were speaking that I needed to forgive us both, that our whole relationship/setup is not actually real, that I created it and that i needed to now forgive it and us! Just wish I could go in a give her a hug but when I do that, she stays awake for hours and hours…Too tired to make sense of it all through the perspective of ACIM but will try tomorrow, hopefully after some sleep! I have already asked Bro J to help me with my learning.

    So, am I correct in thinking that we are all in this illusion; humanity, Gaia, other beings, the entire universe and that we are all striving to make it back to Source but to do this must go through many levels (densities and dimensions) to get there?

    Am I correct in thinking that The Shift is Source giving an opportunity, to those who are ready, to move up a step closer? Also, is it correct that beings in all dimensions could be reading ACIM, getting closer and closer to Source?

    Much Love & Gratitude 🙏❤️🙏

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  17. As J is a direct extension of source, is this why He is referred to as the Son of God?

    I’ve wondered about this, since we are all children of Source, but Brother J gets a special label.


    1. We (as ONE) are also Extension of SOURCE, so We are Sons of SOURCE, too. But J was a Special Extension. However, We are both SOURCE, together. He is quite literally *BROTHER* J. Technically, angels (as another Extension) are also Our Brothers. They are also US. Same with the SuperFriends, who are ANOTHER Extension.

      -CAT Eds.

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