Star of Bethlehem Night Sky

All is assembled here for those with eyes to see.

Here are the signs, in no certain order. You can make up your mind one way or another about what they mean. More are happening all the time.

The Fake Vaccine

The MSM is just beginning to push their fake vaccine to, “Allow [insert country name] to get back to work!” There they go, always doing you a favor. As always, this is a gullibility test. 9/11 was a gullibility test. The impeachment thing was a gullibility test. And now the beer bug is a gullibility test. The ca8al keeps throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks… and the beer bug has created enough fear for them to move in that direction.  Vaccines typically take a minimum of two years to develop safely; even then, they are fraught with complications. Vaccination was already a tense issue, but it is about get worse.

Why is this important when it’s just illusion? Are we just fomenting fear here? No. It’s because we are seeing the vaccinations and The SHIFT happen at the same time. They are intertwined. And the test ones are happening NOW. The time is upon us, which is the reason for divulging this at this time. For those new to the site and the subject, The SHIFT is the culmination of The Event (this is all The Event), the SHIFT being the timeline split between Third Density existence (3d) and Fourth Density existence (4d). The 5d thing happens after that. (Yes, it does, too.) Anyway, this vaccination bugaboo is a major sign that something’s about to happen. It is also a precursor to later activity, around election time. Be strong, and don’t react with fear.

The Rescues

Recently, lots of children were rescued in L.A. (which is still ongoing), and in NY (which appears to now be over) — and now more were rescued, most recently in Gallup, NM (which is why those roads were closed). Please send light to these kids.


The Realizations

So many people — CATs included — are making personal realizations out of nowhere. Or are feeling the need to share various bits of historical tidbits and truth. This will continue… but especially starting this month. We made it through bumpy April, and now we are set to enjoy May. Try not to let the 3d world drag you down to its level. Keep your vibe high. Very Good Things are in the offing.

The Square

This is a huge pre-SHIFT sign:

(Color monochromed to show detail)

This is literally SOURCE/Spirit/Universals working together to raise a portion of our “reality” to a higher state, and place those who are amenable to that state on it in advance of what’s to happen. Note: From now on we will refer to higher-order beings as Universals, because we can’t call them HOBs (because Hobbes was Calvin’s tiger, and Hobbes is also an old name for Mr. Nasty). Universals can move through time and space without ships, and to other universes with impunity.


The Course

This was a fascinating sign. So many of you have spontaneously become students of A Course in Miracles that it has to make this list. While the CATs are all Course students, we don’t like to proselytize. (We don’t like it when others do it to us, so we don’t do it.) We talk about The Course here and there, but you don’t have to be a “Coursian” to read this site, nor do you have to follow The Course to get to SOURCE, or enjoy The SHIFT. There are many paths to SOURCE. The Course is just the fastest way home.


And now an obvious one. We haven’t mentioned this till now, but a few commenters and CATs have had “solar flash” dreams the past few days. We’ve had other dreams and waking visions, but we can’t talk about them just yet. Don’t worry, they’re good. They involve SHIFT timing.


The Light Beings

Now our favorite bit of news. We didn’t know until this week, but… the light beings who are some of our Guides… and who were originally from the middle star in Orion’s Belt… were also J’s Guides. The “Three Wise Men” are among them (!), who temporarily took human form at the time of J. They actually look like this…


…and there are five or six of them. There are more, of course. They are the same beings who appeared to J and assisted him over the course of his life, which is pretty amazing in its own right. But wait, there’s more.

Star of Bethlehem

The Ship

Everything comes full circle. The ship that was “gifted” to ~AM that we mentioned at one point (she was actually loaned, because she will outlive us; yes, she is alive) for the next level is the same ship that supported Brother J and MM all those years ago. It was also… the Star of Bethlehem. Good grief. It was literally the ship that lit the way to show the Three Wise Men the spot where Mary was to give birth! (We all saw this “star” at the time, as kids, but did not know what it was.) We don’t quite have words for this bit of news.


What To Do, What Not To Do

You are not here to make anyone believe anything, SHIFT-wise. You only have to save yourself, and be a beacon and a comfort to others. We have learned this lesson so many times that the only way we can tell people things is anonymously, with no expectations or payment or ‘following’ necessary. Spirit will direct all those who care to listen. Spirit knows the best path to take, and shows it to you 24/7/365. All you have to do is ask for guidance, PAY ATTENTION (because it comes in many ways), and then make a good choice. This goes for everyone, including those members of the ca8al reading these words. We can SEE into your minds and see through your eyes and you don’t have to make the choices you may make — esp. in terms of that thing you have planned. You don’t have to do it.  You can make a choice for light and love… and indeed, some of you will. You can make another choice, but it will take you on a long path, so be ready for it. You will always know when the crossroads-choice comes. It is always obvious. But SOURCE is ready for whatever it is you do.

Basically, it’s all happening, so don’t be surprised when it does. And for those who can… try and enjoy it. Time is growing short. We are so ready.



Can we get out of this box, now?



FYI, we modified Blossom’s meditation mantra just a little. We now say:

“I am light. I am love. I am ONE. I Am.”

203 thoughts on “SIGNS [UPDATE1]

  1. I do not know about others, but I do feel there is nothing left to do then wait (well, almost nothing), like I done everything in my contract, I hope it will not going to be a long wait ✨

    Also recently, but it is going in for a some time, I do not feel this incoming energies that much, in a sense that they make me a discomfort, I do feel them but they are becoming a normal thing for me, like I got so much updates that I am in accordance with this higher energies ✨

    Also, when You CAT’S mentioned that buzzing sound is a call for a meditation, I starting doing it almost every time, and it seems that buzzing is now because off that also not that often and defenetly less discomforting then before.

    Now when I think off it, that buzzing sound is like some code which is waiting to download to our body (not just a physical body), and it is done during meditation or in a sleep state, and when you received that update, then there is a pause to it, until different one is ready, but with a meditating when you hear that, you actually are speeding up the process and it is a less frequent, less repeating and waiting for a same update, that is my conclusion, but off course I maybe wrong ✨

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    1. Ohhhh, here it is my post, I was wondering if it is going to show up, not under my name, but still… ✨

      Admin, please You can delete the other post where I was questioning about if this will eventually pop up, Thank You 😉


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  2. Hi All! 👋🏻
    I have noticed, along with the big signs the CATs and Ms have so perfectly pointed out, smaller personal signs.
    💕 I haven’t watched TV for years, and I have been avoiding any type of news for a few months now.
    💕 I used to love FB. I would mute anyone who posted negative or spammy posts, so my FB was mostly full of positive messages and family pics. Even though my feed is mostly clean, every time I go to FB now I get a yucky vibe.
    💕 It seems that I am being called to help more than ever. I have noticed that situations are being brought to me more often, like the cop and the rose quartz.
    💕 I have a meh attitude about lots of problems that I would usually get a bit worked up about.
    💕 I feel more connected (closer) than ever to Spirit (guides, Brother J and Source). I feel less alone.
    💕 I have a stronger “attitude of gratitude”.
    💕 I am seeing more “firefly sparkles” and things moving in my peripheral vision.
    💕 I look toward the sky and notice more now.
    I am sure I left some things out. But my point is that I feel a definite positive change in myself. I am so excited for what is yet to come! 🌞
    Thank you Spirit (Source, Brother J and guides) for providing this opportunity for growth and handling everything.
    Thank you CATs and Ms for being our mentors (I wish I had met you sooner).
    Thank you fellow SOC commenters for your input and support. I Love you All!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  3. Honestly, as far as apocalypses’ go, I’m not impressed. Where Im at people are just passively wearing their dumb masks and while it annoys me I don’t feel any fear in it at all from anybody, I think people are bored if this state-mandated LARP and want it to end. But I can’t help but sort of look down on the people that bought into it and I know I shouldn’t, but this whole thing has been embarrassing. Seeing grown adults acting so infantile is nuts.

    So yeah, I give this apocalypse a 4/10- the PTW sort of got it, but its already fading from the normie collective psyche.

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  4. Had a Beautiful Magenta sunset in WNW sky of NW Pa. with Cats running in Joy/Squirrels playing in numbers/Lovely Birds singing. Just a taste of the new Now, and ready for More. For We Are The Laughter/Life/Light/Love, We Are This WE ARE. Transmuting All that is less than Love. Remembering Perfection(with the Help of this blog)3rd attempt to post this, I’m electronically handicapped today. Much Gratitude to All, Here & Now. Peace.

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    1. Christopher ❤️ I too am having many of those electronically ‘challenging’ days!

      There are beautiful pink, purple sunsets here too in the UK, even when it’s cloudy there is a hint of purple/pink peeking through!

      Much Love to You, Minky and Kittens ❤️🙏❤️

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  5. Dear CATS,
    Something strange has just happened to me, since yesterday I have only seen that surreal painting of a man with a bowler hat and a green apple covering his face.

    I started seeing him in the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair”, at the same time I take a magazine that the dog throws at me and I see that image, just when the image of the painting appears on TV. It was funny, but nothing more.

    Today in the supermarket I have seen him again. I was amused. I thought, the painting haunts me. But I did not give more importance.

    And now at home, I was checking my Instagram account, while my husband plays music on TV through you tube and I see that I have a new follower (something related to fashion) whose image is this painting, I look up it sounded a song by Nina Simon, but the still image was this painting.

    I almost got scared. I google “surreal painting man with bowler hat and apple”, and there I was scared. The painting is by Magritte and is titled …. “The Son of Man” …..
    This is how in many texts they call brother J.
    OMG !!!! This is no accident!!

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  6. I have to keep reading this post over again as it’s just so amazing!

    It reminded me that I had a reading a couple of years ago and was told that I had been on the Starship Bethlehem. Of course, it would be wonderful to believe that but who knows. I have taken so many of these past readings now with a pinch of salt. One thing is for sure, I have a hard time remembering anything about who I am or might have been! Would love to know more but there seems to be a veil around that information. It’s like all those dreams that I wake up from and just the feeling remains but nothing else, so frustrating!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Oh apart from the Native American visuals, popups that came when I meditated. Must be incredible to know where/who you have been although perhaps not so good remembering trauma…

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  7. Oh wow, what a post CAT’s!😻🙌💎 Such a joy to read this😍💗
    And to all rescued children – the healing Light of Love embraces them✨💖

    Sending Love & take care everyone💞🤗

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  8. Thank you for this amazing write-up and the one on Brother J. (Not to confused with one of the commentator J here 😉) – lots of information to add to my Note book.

    Does Brother J look like the Christ on the cross in Churches? Just curious, how do you all communicate with him? Through telepathy? What about with others – superfriends, aliens ?

    I guess most of the CATs and Ms live in US? I’m sure you all have other wonderful Past Lives to share with us here and what finally bring you all together in THIS Life? 😇

    Most people that I know have overcome their fear as they feel the worst is behind them. But most of them are still not awake, just raring to go back to their zombie life – work, eat, play and sleep. In fact, during the last two weeks, I was hesitating “Should I or should I not” send them links to wake/shake them up but didn’t do it in the end. The most I did was to mention to them “Did you know that …. ” and leave it at that. 🤷

    Those poor abused kids, just saying, don’t some of them have family searching for them?

    So blessed to have “met” you all here 💝

    P/S Decided to change my moniker. It’s about time to outgrown my old favourite cartoon character in Chip ‘n’ Dale (a Walt Disney Cartoon) who yaks non-stop! 😁My father once told me that my actual name means phoenix.

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      1. Oh my Source, yes! You have mentioned that some of you were Cathars. If you were at the siege of Montsegur, then you have already had your trial by Fire. I bow down on my knees in profound RESPECT and GRATITUDE for your self sacrifice for the good of the Love and the Light. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      2. My apologies that my question has bought up horrific past lives memories for some of you 🙏

        Couldn’t agree more with lauraksmi 💖

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        1. Oh, no, not at all. We went through all that reliving some 20-30 years ago. We’ve even been to those areas and had our respective catharses. There’s been much worse bloodshed since 1244. And people are still afraid of spiders from a time in pre-history when most humans were hiding from various ET species in caves (for a number of reasons) and the ETs created spiders and ticks to drive them out of the caves. And they’re still with us, hooray. Mosquitoes were created to both spread DNA material AND deliver diseases… so much loveliness at Third Density. We won’t miss it.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Thanks for info re spiders.!! I’ve not ever been a fan and have felt a bit “un-enlightened” about it in the face of more buddhist-esque pals and popular animal medicine “lore”. Fire ants, wasps etc included. And what about the newly arrived murder wasps. Nope, no more 3d for me.

            However, I do feel as i will not leave without my daughter and 2 grandbabies. Daughter has maybe a toe in the NE, hard to say. I have given her the 2 main mantras, she has background in Eastern meditation spirituality, she was 3 when i first did the Course (she knows I have begun again), but if i give a little bit too much info she withdraws. But then, i wrestle with some of it myself. She is definitely on the positive side, witnessing her response to plandemic (homestay-work-school w 3+6 yr old,hubby mia at out of state job, etc). She’s doin so well the gkids are calling it Corona Christmas. (Hmmmm, could Br J have an influence here? 😁 💜)

            Anyway, wondering what Cats/Ms have to say about loved ones, esp children and gkids. As far as going to NE. I feel that’s one BIG thing that would hold me to OE. How could I go withoutt them. And leave them to the spiders (etc)!! 😮😉 Are all your family loved ones on the NE train?

            I send them Love, Protection, ask Source, Br J and Spirit Team to help etc. Daily. Multiple times. As i do for the collective, earth, you all, etc. And work to let go my concern about it.

            Maybe the general question this boils down to is… can ppl make the NE amtrak even if they consciously don’t have the itinerary destination details? And, can a loved one’s ‘ energy field’ include them on the family plan ticket. Kinda like a surprise family gift. Let’s say a “Corona Chrtistmas” present? 😍

            All Love to You All

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  9. Peace Love and Light
    Eternal bliss is where I come from and where I will go. With this knowingness I observe these times with you cats. I have never really been able to meditate even though I try every now and again. Yet I am able to get the visions from my H.S in the half asleep half awake state that I find myself sometimes. I feel my H.S keeps me on a strictly need to know basis.
    Thank you cats for sharing your knowingness with all of us. I truly appreciate it. All though, I truly believe that no one and I mean no “one” human or cat can know everything. Not even Jesus when he was in his Human avatar. I love Jesus, and about everything under the sun. Whats not to love about him. Interestingly the Jesus theme is popping up many different places in the light worker community. Here is another perspective on the eve of Ascension (
    I really have to say I don’t care who ascends first, as long as someone does and comes back to tell the tale.
    Infinite love and gratitude for all that you do and be. Wishing all infinite expansion and their highest greatest actual good.
    (Long time cat admirer =)

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    1. We feel the same way. It’s not a competition. We don’t claim to know everything. That would be boring. 😉

      Some people, CATs included, use that hypnagogic half-asleep state to see, and as always, we’re allowed to see what we need to see at any given time.

      -CAT Eds.

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  10. Hi CATs, M’s,
    I’ve been wondering if you can tell us what the crown of thorns really meant, was it actually made of twigs with thorns, or was it something more technological? …like a mind control apparatus..? Or something that I can’t conceive of.
    The recent posts about brother J have been amazingly illuminating, thanks so much for sharing 💖

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      1. Yes, but it didn’t bother him. He realized that there was no crown of thorns, and that the soldiers had in fact not done anything to him.

        What was weirdest was the fact that Brother J did not bleed like regular people. There was a little red here and there, but otherwise nothing you would expect. There was virtually no blood when they put big square nails through his wrists and feet. This freaked the soldiers right out — and confused all those followers in attendance. The whole thing was an example of how the body isn’t real. ALL of us missed that lesson at the time as it was so advanced, even for today. It was also shocking to see him “die”… because he died 10x faster than he should have. It takes days to die of crucifixion, usually from asphyxiation. (It’s horrible.) But SOURCE took him fast, within an hour or two. It should’ve taken much longer. There was even a little flash as he exited his body… and it wasn’t lightning; it was localized to his head and chest. Then there was the cave thing a day later, the reappearance thing, the talking in tongues thing… and everybody was flabbergasted. The dust is still settling!

        -CAT Eds.

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  11. Really enjoy your posts, have been ‘lurking’ for over a year without commenting. Thank you for your service.
    The spiritual hierarchy is known to have surrounded and guided Brother J. St Germaine coming in as Joseph, and the Masters Kuthumi, EL Morya, and Djwal Khul – the three wise men who later trained Brother J in Persia, India, Tibet

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  12. Thank You! CATS & M’s for these wonderful insights, and all your kind generous guidance, wisdom, wit and service. Thank You to all who contribute to this blog, group, forum, space, with your comments, thoughts, humor, love, ideas, energy, kindness, and presence, bashful ones included. Keep your hands & feet inside the ride at all times, tighten your seatbelts, hold your hats, and don’t forget your smiles. Much Love and respect to All, Lets getter done!

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