“Climbing the Rainbow” Meditation [UPDATE2]


Happy June, everyone. After talking with Guides — and a CAT who just had a session with Lisa Gawlas — it seems we have some new work to do, though individually this time.

It’s been suggested that everyone go into meditation each day this week (at least once)… and claw “CLIMB the rainbow steps” — every day. We each have a rainbow at our feet, at the moment. The 5th of June marks the end of that rainbow. So, get clawing climbing. What happens after that? No idea.


FYI, the rainbow frequency order is ROYGBIV: Red — Orange — Yellow — Green — Blue — Indigo — Violet. Each color has a different (higher) frequency; red at bottom, violet at top.

All white light has this color spectrum in it — and it’s tiny. The visible spectrum for (most) humans is miniscule, thus:

Bigger wave on the left, smaller on the right.

Anyway, we worked on the macro with the group meditations; it’s time for the micro.



Time to calm down and start moving UP!

Yes, you must all look like this by Friday. No pressure.


So, everyone seems to have a different experience with this one. Some CATs had a rainbow set of colors inside EACH rainbow color, while others jumped to the top. All CATs reported “winking” out of sounds in the middle and at the end of each meditation, which are little individual jump-adjustments. Also reports of abdominal heating after the meditation. Interesting.

Remember, this meditation is to be done every day this week, and more if you have time.


Hm. Is this part of the Divine Timing? No idea of exact time; let’s call it midnight UTC.

Venus will be centered slightly above the sun 6/3/20 AT 17:37 UTC.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 11.26.01 AM
Venus will be centered slightly above the sun 6/3/20 AT 17:37 UTC.

This from the Inner Planets feed:

Venus will pass very close to the Sun in the sky as its orbit carries it between the Sun and Earth.

This occurs once in every synodic cycle of the planet (584 days), and marks the end of Venus’s apparition in the evening sky and its transition to become a morning object over the next few weeks.

At closest approach, Venus will appear at a separation of only 0°29′ from the Sun, making it totally unobservable for several weeks while it is lost in the Sun’s glare.

Venus will also pass perigee – the time when it is closest to the Earth – at around the same time, since it will lie on exactly the same side of the Sun as the Earth in the Solar System. It will move to within a distance of 0.29 AU from the Earth, making it appear with its largest angular size. If it could be observed, it would measure 57.8 arcsec in diameter, whilst appearing completely un-illuminated.

The exact position of Venus at the moment it passes solar conjunction will be:

Object Right Ascension Declination Constellation Angular Size
Venus 04h47m20s +22°52′ Taurus 57.8″
Sun 04h47m +22°23′ Taurus 31’31”

72 thoughts on ““Climbing the Rainbow” Meditation [UPDATE2]

  1. OHHHH! That last rainbow cat is definitely worth a good belly laugh! As for ‘no pressure’ – how am I supposed to blow out my rainbow mane if I have no hair dryer??? 😄

    As for the micro meditations, have been sensing and doing that myself the last couple of days.

    Thank you for the laugh and the corroboration.

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  2. Are you saying envision climbing only 7 steps, the colours of the rainbow?

    That shouldn’t take long, or should it… ?



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  3. Hah. Does floating work? I just came out of meditation a bit ago where I was floating upwards through the rainbow pillar. Pretty cool and zen feeling 🌈🌈 Nice to see this post. Love you Cats, M’s and All who vibe here 🥰 Appreciate all of you soooo much!

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  4. I have done this twice already this evening! Both times I held Elsie’s hand whilst we climbed one step at a time. I asked her which colour was next and she was so excited to take part, her soul self boldly took each step in her stride. (she is currently sleeping, I wonder what she is dreaming about!)

    It was beautifully simple:

    Red step, Owinge step, Yewwow step, Gween step, Bluie step, Viowet step!

    We stood at the top on the very large violet step and looked out onto infinity lit up with stars. There was a rainbow laid out ahead like the yellow brick road but striped with colour, red was far left, then orange and so on with violet at the far right side of the path.

    Funny, the path split in two with just indigo and violet branching off to the left. I have a feeling we were going to take that direction!

    Oh and a rainbow lion came into my minds eye, of course! 🌈🦁

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. I just finished another rainbow staircase meditation, but I realized that if I imagine the staircase form as almost semicircle to the right, I got rejected on the door on top as yesterday, but today I imagine it as semicircle to the right and I was accepted to the door on top just to see everything white, I imagine to be a SOURCE path, so it is like a branching timeline, I think ?

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      1. I made a mistake in writing, if I imagine the staircase as almost a semicircle going to the left as today, I was accepted to pass the door on the top off the staircase, I wrote both times right, my mistake 😌

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        1. that’s interesting ~ Perica ~ …. when I did mine last night, my stairway narrowed and narrowed with flight after flight of rainbow sequences till it turned into a spiral rainbow stretching on and on above, which I ‘climbed’ and then the rainbow turned into a white spiraling column of light connecting with Source far above… I felt a bit like I was climbing a unicorn horn!

          I’ve always liked spiral forms, and nature here on 3D earth sure seems to like them too in comparison to straight lines!

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          1. My staircase also ends with a SOURCE white light and me entering into it just to see the beautiful NE 🙂🙏✨

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        2. Percia ❤️ that’s interesting, I wonder if there is any significance with right and left directions? Isn’t the left side of the brain male and the right side female? Probably nothing to do with it but curious all the same!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Well, I really do not know the meaning off going to the right or to the left, maybe only meaning could be that there is a some kind off choice, or it will be presented when the time come, maybe regarding two timelines, the Justice and SOURCE timeline which is really not a choice for me as I already chosen the SOURCE timeline, maybe a choice to come back or not, ohhh, I am rumbling now, I do not know, I just hope I will choose well 😉✨

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  5. Sigh! Here is a further continuation of beauty on the farm. This area was shown in last February’s video featuring the very much beloved Ruby. Watch the following clip after this one if you’ve not seen it. I think it may have been lost in all the meditation excitement. This was captured the last week of May.https://vimeo.com/424800468

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    1. So BEAUTIFUL J! I’m envisioning myself there in mediation under the serene dogwoods as I climb my rainbow stairs .*.


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    2. J. That was blissful. Thank you. I love watching these videos of NE. I can imagine it being like your garden. 💖😊😺🌈

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      1. Thanks, Kiddo. Now you can see when SOURCE stops by for a brief visit to check things out, it gets profoundly quiet as opposed to simply blissfully quiet. I’m lucky and very blessed to be here. It’s very easy to detect SOURCE because there are few distractions like sirens, etc. Ahhhh!

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  6. I love ❤️ the rainbow steps and the rainbow 🌈 cat feet!
    They remind me of Newlynn’s picture of her feet and I
    don’t think that she will be offended by my observation,
    especially since I know that Luna will have a rainbow 🌈

    ❤️ 🌈 🐈 ❤️ 🌈 🐈 ❤️ 🌈 🐈 ❤️


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    1. Hi Coriboy. Lol. I wouldn’t mind having furry feet. Really wish the UK would open the animal rescue centres so that we could go and see Luna. I’m suffering from pet deprivation. 🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

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  7. @CAT Eds, when you mentioned winking out of sounds, did you mean music scales, do, ray, me, fa etc. or just in general? Will start climbing, unless I find the escalator. Thanks!

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    1. No, the “winking out” is kinda like falling asleep — but you’re still awake. All sound and light vanish for a split second, then return. We know we’ve done the work when we experience that, or a sudden acceleration felt/”seen” while your eyes are closed.

      Some people see stairs, some see ladders. If you see ROYGBIV, then another, and another… keep going UP and UP, climbing till you can’t anymore.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @cAt Eds – Thanks , that happens in meditation, just wasn’t sure if you were using sounds also ~scott

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      2. It is very difficult to ‘turn off’ one’s hearing. Typically, it seems that THAT function is highly related to the end of waking consciousness and beginning of sleep cycle.

        I have almost constant buzzing for several years.

        I THINK it may be downloading that is coming too fast to percieve as other than a buzzing stream.


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  8. Thanks CATs! For whatever reason, this meditation seemed to flow really well for me. It felt very positive and productive. I’ve struggled for months, feeling like I was just going through the motions, while meditating. The funny part was, several steps initiated a song with that color name in the title. Mello Yellow, Green Grass and High Tides, Love is Blue are the ones I remember. I had one of those “winks” right after stepping up to the violet step. It was awesome! 🌈

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  9. I Did a short rainbow med today – still having troubles finding oxygen, can do breathing actions fine (Ha, maybe I’m in rarefied atmosphere) Source breathing didn’t help, resorted to inhalers one didn’t help, one helped a little –
    Short because family drama –
    I thank all AAs and brother J and Mother Mary who I asked for help and safety retroactively this afternoon
    – My autistic 5 yr old granddaughter silently got out the front door, went on walk-a-bout(she can unlock doors and has been good about not messing with them lately and we hadn’t blockaded the door lately) – ended up having to call the police after looking locally to duplex and street, couldn’t find her – small station about a mile away – lots of police ended up coming by, getting info while ‘dad’ rode car around and 8 mo pregnant mom stressed here at home- I felt she was ok and had asked Brother J and Mother Mary to be with her – dad found her 6 BLOCKS away in a side neighborhood ACROSS the street which is a major two lane street that traffic uses to go from one side of the city to the outskirts… no one noticed a barefoot 5 yr old? Everything is ok… the greatest wonder is that even through the house was pretty silent for a few hours afterwards there was no self recrimination hysterics, no blame game, yelling following – which would have been very different even some months ago. Dad just told her she wasn’t in trouble and got her juice when she got home – boy she must have walked fast(she does) – dad had gone to store, mom took bathroom break and I didn’t hear her go out at all.
    thank you SOURCE,


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  10. Interesting message from Kabamur on Twitter:

    This part caught my attention:

    “You Must Choose Your Path Or It Will Be Chosen For You!

    This Is A Universal Law; So I Speak To The Lawless Ones As Well As The Peacemakers!

    You Have A Choice!  Now Is The Moment To Choose Peace!

    Without Setting Your Intention To Heal, To Be Grateful And To Love, You Are The Target Of Anything And Everything That Flows Your Way!

    Remember Your Power Is Not With Sticks Or Guns, But The Holy Essence Of God!

    This Essence Is The Creation Of All Life!

    Many Choose To Forget But Be Assured All Have Heard!

    What Path Would You Choose In These Tiny Moments Of The Waking Dream?

    Remember You Take No Possessions With You As You Rise In Light!

    Awaken Now And BE That PEACE That You Are!

    If By Chance You Are One Of The Destroyers And You Are Lost In Anger And Darkness,

    I Speak To You In The Power Of Light In This Moment!

    You Too Have A Choice But The Window Is Closing!

    Come Now And Run To The Light!

    For Those Precious Souls That Are Giving So Much And Hurting So Deeply,

    I Simply Ask You To Remember Who You Are!”

    It seems that time is running out, NOW it is time to choose !!! ✨

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  11. Hi everyone. I did the rainbow stairs earlier and wizzed up red, orange and yellow and straight to green where I stayed for ages then leapt to Violet 💜
    I’ve also just done the rainbow bridge meditation from Blossom That was lovely and I’m having trouble coming back from it at the moment 💜🌈
    Poor NewLynn suffering from pet deprivation. Luna will be with you soon and she will be worth the wait 💜🌈😻

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  12. Just realised, the rainbow cat picture is similar to a birthday card I bought for a friend earlier this year💜🌈

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  13. light within light//energy percieved as color thru frequency and placement-pillar of light meditation hard to sustain-but phenomenal feelings-and now separation and integration simultaeneously-oh my-me thinks time to get the big crystals activated within knew time-just a note on time-time is relative just as when you meditate and place it into the acknowledged set time-and the rainbow bridging-of self with universe-like planting small seeds that grow into an abundant blanket of expression-manythxs-me here working on manifesting thru action self as surroundings-like most in my world confusing and chaotic-but hey trying consciously and smiling with every breath of being-at least here in the desert we have had a couple of days of light rain-been awhile-but moist ground gives birth to primordial fragrances of water-dust-bacteria-and deep deep memories of hope

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  14. the colors of rainbow and together with chanting
    from u ao o a e ei i …. I allready did it over the last weeks

    I love the stairs now like Jacobs ladder to heaven ❤️ 🌈 ❤️ 🌈 ❤️ 🌈 ❤️ 🌈

    thank you so much for the meditation.

    yesterday I saw just before sleeping surfers on the waves, big huge waves
    and three of them surfing untill the shore. I was still awaken.

    I belief we are very near now

    love to all here from Alnilam ❤️ 🌈 ❤️ 🌈 ❤️ 🌈

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  15. My kundalini fired up doing this, and with each step I felt lighter, particularly at the spinal base.


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  16. I keep seeing a massive powerful waterfall filled with the rainbow colors both within the water itself and in the air hovering above it. I am flying or walking up the waterfall, not unlike how a salmon flies up a waterfall. When I touch a color in the water, I hear a tone to correspond to that color and feel it as energy in my body. At the top of the waterfall, the water and rainbow feel very alive.

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    1. @ Maria, do you know the legend of the Koi? I found this summary:
      “”One particular legend is the Koi fish’s claim to fame. An ancient tale tells of a huge school of golden Koi swimming upstream the Yellow River in China. Gaining strength by fighting against the current, the school glimmered as they swam together through the river. When they reached a waterfall at the end of the river, many of the Koi turned back, letting the flow of the river carry them away.

      The remaining Koi refused to give up. Leaping from the depths of the river, they attempted to reach the top of the waterfall to no avail. Their efforts caught the attention of local demons, who mocked their efforts and heightened the waterfall out of malice. After a hundred years of jumping, one Koi finally reached the top of the waterfall. The gods recognized the Koi for its perseverance and determination and turned it into a golden dragon, the image of power and strength.””

      My profile image on fb is of this Koi – I changed it a few years ago from a rainbow Phoenix, because of my early personal history. If I can figure out how I’ll show them as my – is it called avatar? by our login?


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  17. Did this again before I got up this morning with Elsie by my side. This time, when we reached the top of the stairs, there was a silver tree?! And this started playing in my mind!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  18. Hi All! 👋🏻
    I will be climbing those beautiful stairs every chance I get! 🌈
    My husband and I have noticed that for the past 4 days or so, the mist around the moon has been faint rainbow colors. It almost looks like a slight rainbow ring around the moon. Not sure if that is relevant in any way.
    Also, for the first time today I saw a vibrant red cardinal on my bird feeder! I usually have plenty of finches, sparrows, blue jays and doves, sometimes a few conures (we have a colony of wild conures- someone must have lost track of their pets at one point). After all the rain we have been getting lately, waking up to a beautiful sunny day and a stunning cardinal in my back yard has been such a treat! 🌞
    Have a wonderful day, All!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  19. Last 5? days haven’t been able to sleep until after ~4:30-ish am my time – don’t know why…

    I did todays Rainbow Med. after one of my many waking ups after G+P+C and some, a lot, of the “I AMs”
    – wondered how I’d do it today – ended up doing pull-ups up a rainbow bar ladder – not that I do things the hard way or anything 🙂 – no feet, just using arms… At the top of that, a flat area then a narrow spiral rainbow staircase at the top of that ahead of me was my granddaughter (that did the walk-a-bout yesterday) was attired in just a big oversized t-shirt and crawling up a big rainbow xylophone, like the toy one she has, but small road size.. I didn’t go past her, but up above her in a clear area was my little brown dog (she’a a long bodied (she reminds me sometimes of a Slinky toy – short to long and a neck that STRETCHES!!, Chihuahua, named Lia ) jumping around, paw pounding crazily, as she does, wagging her tail massively sometimes rotating it like a helicopter dog (there was a cartoon dog that did that) very excited – like “come on up, come on up”. I’ve thought so many times a feeling about her – that she has a touch of dragon energy to her. Well, whatever, she was above us all… 🙂

    Happy rainbow Meditation adventures to all – I wonder if our rainbow meditations did that thing to the Schumann yesterday?


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  20. My experience with this meditation was a bit different than previous: a bit into the time, I felt some sort of tugging at my abdomen just below my breastbone (I think this has been previously described elsewhere in this blog), and the weirdest thing was seeing the passers-by on the steps: I was walking on the right of the steps, enjoying the colors, and some others were passing by at a faster pace on the left. I totally did NOT expect the black puma cat that surfed by my left side, forcing itself under my hand for a scritch before it swung its head for a look at me, snuffled a slight sound, and continued on up the stairs – still pondering that one, but it had the most black, silkiest fur ever. Silly cat – and I’d like to meet it again. 🙂

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  21. I have been a running program similar to this for years.

    Clearing, aligning and re-spinning the chakras was an important part of learning meditation techniques. Not so much anymore, but I do get very powerful waves of color flowing through when far deep. Mostly Violet.

    Very enjoyable.

    Also we should be clearing, aligning and re-spinning the Kathara Grid points which ties us directly to Earth Center from point One (I have sensed and chosen the NE center (planet morphogentic grid) for several years now). The Kathara Grid Point 12 links us directly to SOURCE.

    Full connection from SOURCE to Gaia. All the protection one needs. All the service we can provide to the Ascension by becoming the light conduit between those two points.


    Can’t miss it if you are looking.

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  22. Done with my first try of this… I have to say, interesting. For the first 10 minutes or so, I kept imagining myself walking up these rainbow steps as you instructed, until they suddenly turned white and remained that way for a bit, until returning to rainbow again. This kept going for about (nearly) an hour into the meditation until I reached an open white door brimming with light. I entered it, and the feed ended, prompting me to end the meditation.

    Lots of chest heat during and shortly after this, and I’d like to point out that ever since we started all those Pillar Meditations my lower back pains have been slowly leaving me. They’re not totally gone yet, but it’s a process I can feel unfolding.

    What a time to be alive, eh?

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  23. What a beautiful meditation! Each of the steps was covered in my favorite flowers of that color, so beautiful, I was crying tears of joy and gratitude the whole way to the top! And then green lush grass, soft and sumptuous, and Brother J holding out his hand to invite me into the world on top of the rainbow…And it wasn’t just any old flowers, it was very specific flowers I had grown throughout my long history of gardening, particularly beautiful specimens I had enjoyed a lot in the past, all greeting me and cheering me along! I am crying just recalling it now! My heart was filled with so much love for the beauty and splendor!
    We had our own three days of “internet darkness” by the way, Friday morning our dirt road got graded and our internet line got cut by accident, no connection to the world except for my cellphone with limited service…it felt really good to be detached from the madness!
    Thankfully I could keep up with you all through my phone, didn’t really miss anyone else…my boys and I hooked up some ancient technology and watched the ‘Avatar the last Airbender’ series on DVD…lol, funny how DVDs feel so outdated already, and I remember when VCRs were brandnew! 😁🤣

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  24. I think my granddaughter is trying get us to LEAVE… she closed my door earlier (I always get up right away and open it and check on her, esp when she does it with a certain look – it always means she’s going to get into something she knows she’s not supposed to… well, she did go out front right away, scooted right after her; she had gotten almost to front duplexes & was not stopping when I called to her (mom had gotten in the shower) … Just a bit ago she came in my room got on my bed for a minute saying something I couldn’t understand (before that she was trying to pull me out of my room, just remembered) then she was pulling on me trying to get me to lie across my pillows sideways, then pull me off the bed – that’s when she closed my door that way again – I heard the front door shut and Dad shooted to get her – I thought of that meditation that she was ahead/above me going up the colors – maybe she’s trying to get there and trying to bring me/us there too. This insistence on the one action is not like her..
    I hope she’s not trying to get us out of the house before it blows up from a gas link or something – strange happenings – wonder what her dreams are like these days
    Also, I think that was the first time I’m aware of that she was IN my meditation… ??


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    1. Kg, this is interesting! My teenage Asperger son has had a real rough time with the quarantine and the home study thing, but now that the school year is done, he is getting even more anxious! Yesterday he repeated over and over that he just wanted to go home. When I asked him where home was, he didn’t know. He is completely rejecting any spirituality, so I can’t comfort him by explaining things to him. It’s very hard to watch him clearly sense that something’s up and have these strong feelings that this 3d thing is all wrong for him. Putting grounding cords on him and inviting Brother J to be with him definitely helps, but it still breaks my heart seeing him like this! Anyhow, just wanted to share that. He is also clearly ready to leave!
      Much love! I am so glad she was found safe and sound!!

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  25. THINGS MOVING VERY FAST-after reading went into garden and misted the newly planted garden-as the small purple butterflies circled the seeds-and VIOLA-RAINBOWS dancing from the MISTS MEETING EARLY MORNING SUN-WHAT FUN-and wow experience-but since then we had another timeline shift-but at least tomorrow can start the day with misting garden during the rising of the sun-and in a living RAINBOW MEDITATION

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  26. After I wrote my last comment ( 6/2 4:47 PM) I got so sleepy and WEIRD – not even the usual sleepy/can’t keep my eyes open – it was a either a MEDITATE or GO TO SLEEP, NOW! thing… my body & environment felt too weird even to meditate – I think I tried, but everything went strange – I remember dreaming (there was a lot of noise in the house – the other dog opened my door) – I put a stuffed animal over my ear – more dreams – active but can’t remember… – Sooo wiped out now -pulverized… UGH!


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  27. I imagined being inside the huge rainbow light pillar connecting the cores of 3D & New Earths. Inside the pillar, at the center is a big ROYGBIV ladder connecting the two Earths. There are only 7 steps/rungs to the ladder, so each step is huge and very far apart.

    So I have to enlarge to be able to climb the steps. So I did, then climbed the colored steps. 😀

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  28. My experience with this meditation, first time I done it I was taking one step at a time, there were several treads (I hope this is the right term), in the same color, and when I got to the top, there were the doors, I opened them to see the beautiful like rain forest view from above and there was a rainbow in the sky at that moment, really nice image 🙏✨

    Then next day meditation was similar, only difference was that when I got to the top off this rainbow staircase, I could feel my guides are happy, joyful and they were cheering me like you done it, this is it, we are already preparing the celebration, I felt wonderful, like a big stone came off my chest, a bliss ✨

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  29. I’m not sure what to write, it’s been a very odd journey with this. The first time I stepped onto the rainbow steps, I saw (myself?) as a tall thin man, like Fred Astaire. I couldn’t get that image to change. Dancing effortlessly, with lots of flair and grace, a combination of tap dance and dance, up, up each stair, with flourish. Didn’t know what to make of that. Next day I continued up other flights of stairs. Curiously once past that first flight of stairs, it was me again. One flight after another, thru each door, the rainbow stairs became surrounded and then embedded in white, until I became the white column with embedded rainbow and the stairs became a winding path, and the colors had tones.

    Then I came to a door. I looked in, and it was like looking into the fiery sun. Everything was wisps of fire, but not hot at all. I sat down. I was not ready to go in for this one yet. I’ve sat there for two days. While exploring and embodying the other rainbow stairs / paths.

    Just today, on my walk, the first stairs changed. I was able to see the face on the dancer, and it looked like a Tim Burton creation. Then I saw a ballet dancer, gracefully dancing on the steps. But she was so sad, so hopeless, just going thru the motions. And then I saw that the Tim Burton dancer had a hook thru the back of her neck, and he was orchestrating her movements. Then I stepped onto the red step, and for an instant, it was Me superimposed over both of them. Then again, with each step. Just a second of me.

    And today when I got to the golden fiery door I stepped thru today. Onto the red step. Standing there on fire. That’s all I can do so far. Hopefully soon it will be just me at the bottom stairs. This has been a surprisingly intense journey.

    I’ve been reading all of the posts. Thank you to everyone, it’s a lifeline of sorts to know you are here and committed to this. Just haven’t been up for contributing. It’s heavy. I saw someone say that as an empath it was becoming difficult. Yes I agree. Huge celestial movements are also at work behind the scenes. Can’t be seen yet, but they are influencing. It’s heavy. So much love to all of you, to all of us. I surround us all every night in love and grace and protection. Take care everyone, it does feel like high gear is imminent.

    Cristina I’m so happy to hear Noa is doing better. I haven’t stopped sending love/light.

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  30. Just had my meditation with brother J and SOURCE and at the end of my Violet step on the rainbow ladder…Huge Violet level open up for me and I had this conversation with the SOURCE…

    Me: I LOVE ME…

    It was repeated several times beck and forth till I feel comfortable with this beautiful and heart warming thought inside of me…Next …

    Me: I LOVE YOU!

    Repeated several times again…Next…
    I felt compelled to say it first!…

    Me: I LOVE YOU!
    SOURCE: I LOVE YOU!!!! (Happy smile from the SOURCE) 🙂

    I think SOURCE was teaching me how to LOVE myself first and fill my heart to the brim with LOVE first. Than and only than I will be able to truly LOVE everything and everyone around me…

    I think it is true for all of us!

    It is a beautiful day already! Birds are chirping and singing, blue sky and beautiful lash green grass around me filled with gorgeous flowers…Heaven?!..or NE?… 😉



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