The Sun Also Evolves; Meterage, etc. [UPDATE5]

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 10.31.40 AM

This is interesting. Just as the earth is evolving, so is the sun. Lookie:

Check out these befores-and-afters from the last three days:


And another:


And another:


And now some cat evolution:


evolution of cats





Obelisk Cat


Oh. We also had a timeline jump…


…one NOT induced by the PTW!



And in case people still don’t believe it’s $0r0$ behind what’s happening…



Hm. We covered part of this on the previous post, but in case people miss it…

Is this part of the Divine Timing? No idea of exact time; let’s call it midnight UTC.

Venus will be centered slightly above the sun 6/3/20 AT 17:37 UTC.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 11.26.01 AM
Venus will be centered slightly above the sun 6/3/20 AT 17:37 UTC.

This from the Inner Planets feed:

Venus will pass very close to the Sun in the sky as its orbit carries it between the Sun and Earth.

This occurs once in every synodic cycle of the planet (584 days), and marks the end of Venus’s apparition in the evening sky and its transition to become a morning object over the next few weeks.

At closest approach, Venus will appear at a separation of only 0°29′ from the Sun, making it totally unobservable for several weeks while it is lost in the Sun’s glare.

Venus will also pass perigee – the time when it is closest to the Earth – at around the same time, since it will lie on exactly the same side of the Sun as the Earth in the Solar System. It will move to within a distance of 0.29 AU from the Earth, making it appear with its largest angular size. If it could be observed, it would measure 57.8 arcsec in diameter, whilst appearing completely un-illuminated.

The exact position of Venus at the moment it passes solar conjunction will be:

Object Right Ascension Declination Constellation Angular Size
Venus 04h47m20s +22°52′ Taurus 57.8″
Sun 04h47m +22°23′ Taurus 31’31”


And another CME:

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.29.23 PM


Timeline jump under way. Think positive!

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 7.09.51 PM

48 thoughts on “The Sun Also Evolves; Meterage, etc. [UPDATE5]

  1. But beside our Sun and Earth, will this appending evolution affect also the other planets in our Solar System, including the beings on them, by the way are the other beings on other planets in our Solar System ?

    OK, those would be two questions, there goes the third, what the effect will ascension here have on other worlds outside our Solar System, if any ?

    Perica ✨

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    1. In my reality & as a being that plays a large role in orchestrating things on a large scale yes all in this multiverse are moving into higher frequencies if they choose to, planets & the life that calls it home!🥰 this includes our solar system & others! All effects all!!😇 blessings 💕

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  2. Interesting Magenta Pixie ❤️

    ‘I can’t see anything other than light beyond the 21st December 2020…’

    ‘It struck me at the time that 2012 was the rehearsal and it’s 2020 that is the real Event or series of Events or Event Horizon…’

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        1. Hahaha… I remember Fingermouse! I loved this little show! hahaha

          I realise, having listened to the video, that she was putting some stuff in coded message form, so as not to draw attention from the wrong kind of media! 😉

          Brilliant! XXX

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  3. Oh without a doubt, $oro$ is a demon of the first degree, in my humble opinion.

    Sun feels as if it is talking to me – intensely so. Timeline jump, most definitely. I am not sure if it’s was what I felt last night. I went to bed and tried to do the rainbow stair steps meditation, but it wasn’t happening. I managed step one, with beautiful red all around me and then I seemed to drift away.

    All night, my dream state was – to say the least – a horror movie in the Big H category. Dreadful scenes, in which I was rescuing children and trying to calm down a bunch of sub-humans that were rampaging everywhere, killing everyone and everything and doing the most evil things to everything you can imagine (no, please don’t!). It kicked off after some people I was with were talking about it happening and I was a little nonchalant, saying I wasn’t going to be frightened. Then this terrible ROAR sounded and the sky fell in… they bombed the house we were in and the rest was the stuff of Hollywood… hmmmm… I wonder?

    Hope I get a better night tonight folks…

    Love and rainbow light all round xxxxxxx

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      1. Thank you Christopher… bless you 🙂 Last night I had a much better night and don’t remember any dreams at all. I did call on LOVE to wrap me in the arms of loveliness, which helped! XXX

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  4. Hmmm, really loud roaring noises in the sky tonight, almost like thunder mixed with the loudest jets you can think of, really hard to describe…

    Elsie is so restless tonight and was stimming so much in bed and throwing herself all over the place (bed is padded and has four sides that zip up). Also saw a couple of tiny white orbs in her room again through the video monitor.

    She has been sleeping so well the last few nights but energy tonight is really different. Must be picking up on something…

    Kg, I think if Elsie could wander, she definitely would at the moment, there is something in the air…

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Interesting…I think we are feeling this big time. Elsie won’t sleep and I am hurting all over, every muscle is Ouch and have that nauseous sick feeling, more emotionally than physically if that makes sense…

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Ah good of you to mention. Those rumbling noises were here too and we’re a few hundreds of km’s apart!
      Started at around 6pm and lasted till past midnight. I usually sleep with my window open but had to close it due to the noise. Mind you, I wear earplugs.
      Sounded like approaching thunder mixed with the sound of a fighter jet flying by.
      I was up until 1am which is way beyond my bedtime, simply couldn’t sleep, too much energy.
      Nevertheless I was able to meditate and it was simply wonderful.

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      1. Well that is interesting, as your message just jolted a memory of a couple of nights ago, I woke up to the sound of an airplane flying really low overhead. At a ridiculous time in the middle of the night! Never heard it before! What’s going on??? xxx

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        1. My mother said she was woken up by a helicopter last night. It was flying low and shining a light. I told her about the rumble, which is again and still ongoing as I write, and she said: was it a heli or something else? No one else heard it here only 1 other woman who is highly sensitive. What is going on? I don’t know either just wanted to add that piece of my mom to this thread because perhaps there’s much more at play.

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    2. Oh Lily… little Elsie is most definitely incredibly sensitive to the energies, isn’t she? Bless you both. You are so amazing, and so loved!!!

      I had a bit of a strange day myself actually. Kay (KCWTCH) came round to sit in the garden and have some lunch, bringing our friend Sue with her. It was really hot, but we had shade, but being by the River Dee, we were all aware that the energies were chaotic. There were absolutely loads of people down by the river, which is just across the lane from our house; barbecuing and smoking so much ‘weed’ that the air was thick with it. We couldn’t believe it.

      They also (twice) blocked my private driveway, so Kay couldn’t move her car and neither could I get out. It resulted in me having a total meltdown and calling the police (which I never do, normally). I had simply had enough!

      All the people making the noise and leaving dreadful amounts of litter and rubbish, including those disposable barbecues which are really sharp, were from Liverpool (an hour away from here). Such a shame, because our area is an incredibly beautiful spot and it’s lovely to share it with people who don’t have it.

      Anyway, the police responded and were lovely about it all. They sent someone to make sure I was ok and that the drive was clear but all in all it was a really weird energy day!

      Hope you’re having a quieter, gentler time yourself and Elsie, darling… love and hugs to you both xxxxx Jay

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      1. Jay ❤️ So sorry your lunch was so turbulent! Sending Love! What a shame folk have to act like that…

        I too had a meltdown, a mummy meltdown I am ashamed to say. Elsie would not settle at all last night. I was in and out of her room for hours bless her. after the umpteenth nappy change and her refusing to co-operate with getting her up off the mat and dressed, I got really impatient. eventually managed to get her back into her bed and sides zipped up, all safe only to have to go back in a few minutes later after Elsie decided to empty her bookcase onto her bed. The sides are too low for her now (90cm) and she manages to lean right over the side and grab books off the shelf. Her OT has put in a request for a Cosifit/Safe Sides like this but it could take weeks and might be refused for funding.

        Anyway, seeing her sliding all around the bed with books everywhere and then watching her stim and throw herself about, I had to then remove all the books from the bed and bookcase for safety which of course led to a major Elsie meltdown and screaming in the middle of the night.

        We are currently in a repeat of last night although a much milder version (fingers crossed!) i took most of the books out and just left her with a few so she can still read if she wants to….

        going to try and find some head space to do the Rainbow Meditation!

        Much Love & Hugs ❤️🙏❤️

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  5. I have tried a couple times to do some meditations lately and I am so exhausted I fall right to sleep. *sigh*

    I had an interesting dream last night… I was trying to save a woman who was being abused by a boyfriend I think. I took her with me and then I woke up.

    With all the retrograde planets and Venus doing this alignment it seems there is a multitude of energies bombarding us … good, bad, and indifferent.

    Very thankful for ACIM right now…. reality is starting to be more WHACK than normal.

    My house is in escrow and two of my sons moved out this weekend. Now I am starting to feel like this orchestrated mess is to martial law / lock us down again. I live in the forest in northern CA, and this WAS / IS my bug out place but not for much longer. I’m trusting the plan and moving anyways……

    and my raspberry bushes I have had for 7 years have started actually making raspberries…. LOL I guess the new owner can enjoy them for me.

    Be safe out there everyone….

    ❤ Namaste

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    1. KittKattt – it would seem that we are working overtime, lovely, in our dream-state. I am really feeling you in my heart re. your house situation. If I may offer my take on it, I feel that this is all about (on the good side) moving us into even better positions of personal energetic empowerment. I know how it feels to leave your ‘raspberry bushes’ – we had to do the same thing a couple of years ago, due to neighbour issues and we also lived in our ‘sanctuary of peace’ home. However, moving was the best thing that happened and wouldn’t you know it? The bloody neighbours moved 3 weeks after we left!!! hahaha

      All is well, lovely. Wonderful things are winging their way to you right now. Hang on in there xxxx Big love, Jay xxx

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    2. I left a garden full of wonderful Poppies and Liberty Caps all over the place in Germany, and Cannabis grows wild in the mountains of Southern Italy since I was there. Light takes many forms.


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  6. OMG! I just realized what I saw in the middle of the valley between the 2 mountains that rim the valley. (the tension and excitement build) I was coming back from picking up my dinner from the local Mexican restaurant when above head filling the entire valley was the biggest dang dragon in the clouds that I’ve ever seen. It was unbelievably powerful to see. I’m not one for flights of fancy, but I gotta tell ya that this was impressive. (other than that it was just a quiet day here on the farm.)

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        1. Ooooh J, I took Elsie for a ride in her buggy the other day (Tuesday) with Mum, and saw two dragons in the clouds, just as you described, silver, white, grey. Hope it wasn’t just my imagination either!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. I think my dragons may have been just very beautiful clouds!

            Would be amazing to see one though, lucky you J 😉❤️

            Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️


        2. We’ll see if we can make contact, but there are a LOT of dragons flying about. It wasn’t the RBD, since she’s back in the dragon pocket dimension (which only allows dragons), but if this one’s big it’s an old one. See if you can go back in your mind and LOOK at it and say hello. See what happens.

          -CAT Eds.

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    1. J – a DRAGON! Wowee… Welcome to Wales – where the national emblem is the Red Dragon or as they say Draig Coch! How lovely that you had dragon overhead to see you safe! XXXXX

      Interestingly, isn’t the SpaceX thing named Dragon something-or-other? 😉 xxx

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  7. Here is something that upon reflection was very profound and is an example of how we are being lifted up. The day at the farm started with beautiful clouds and sunshine. Gardener came early and was working in the garden at 7 this morning as I went out to have my coffee among the dogwoods. I commented about how weather like this makes one glad to be alive. Before I could say my next sentence, she literally took the words out of my mouth. She said, “Yes, it restores my soul to be working here.” I was flabbergasted! She has had a very rough life, and for her to say something like she did is, to me , indicative of where we are heading. What an amazing time!

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    1. J, it’s restorative just watching your videos ~ so to be there to soak it all in must indeed be bliss. Add lattes, and BAM~!

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  8. Regarding Update 2, I swear that picture could be here in my small city in SW MI where the National Guard pulled into town around noon today to help quell the protests, riots and looting that built up over the last two days exploded all last night. Outside and out of state “instigators” were identified. Curiously, no random pallets of bricks have shown up yet in non-construction zones, though the historic downtown, just due to finally open up next week out of months of quarantine, sustained a lot of damage and looting with participation by some local residents. The whole county is under a stay at home curfew from 7 pm until 5 am for the next five days. The
    energies and emotions have been intense. As an empath, I’ve had to back away and unplug. Maybe we needed that TLJ. SIGH. “Calgon, take me away!”

    I have done the Climbing the Rainbow meditation 4 times now. Only takes me about 15 min. as I visualize climbing the stairs. I do feel a rising vibration as I reach the blue/indigo/violet zone. I’ll try to go up a couple of flights next time. Wednesday tomorrow. Each of the last few days feels like a month. Love, Light, Truth, One. WE ARE! ❤ ❤

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  9. yup timelines ka booming- read the previous rainbow meditation for updates this am-went out to water the newly planted seeds-and amazing that the areas had little purple butterflies-flying in circles over the seeds-smiled and and thanked the universe and started the light spraying over the areas-it was still early-as the mist moved thru the air-A WONDEROUS RAINBOW-KINDA 4D-manifesting wherever the water was directed-needless to say made quite a start to the rest of whatever had to be addressed-as far as s0r0$$ now that many can see his/their action plan-and since the tools were turned on them awhile back-made me smile-knowing that those 6 degrees of separation and attachment to cell phones-and their desire for power and money gratification-bad karma-but since they had enough rope for a long time they finally found their self made quagmire…much is happening sharing this if anyone else in usa needs to know the unfolding of celestial energies- Astrology June 2-9 2020 Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse square Mars/Neptune and for those who choose to percieve behind the viel try the page load-start at the bottom-and work your way back up to its now-who knows whats true but ebh has been ahead of the curve by a few days if not weeks-much mucho many what a time to be alive

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  10. This message seemed important for this group ( or persons in this group) in assisting the building of the New Earth. This is accomplished by implementation of telepathic grid work (to protect service to other individuals from service to self beings) with the higher etheric level blueprinting. Those who are aware of this level of creation are called to action. Time to put on big boy/girl rainbow pants in service to others. Thanks you for being here. Cay

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  11. Special note to Steph B:

    Thanks for your messages. They’re too long for our message boards, but please note that we all feel pretty much the same way, but we often use different terminology.

    -CAT Eds.

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  12. Hello Cats & M’s 🙂 Thank you for all the updates & great work with the meditations. I haven’t been able to do the meditations cause gridwork has become my meditation its been non-stop I am 29 days in & June is even more critical.
    Interesting synchronicities with Venus, the Sun & Cat evolution. Ever since the 23rd may I was receiving messages about Venus & couldn’t figure out what the significance was until I saw space weather this morning wow now that makes sense PHInomenally so. All day I have been seeing 137 in many variations & look at the time stamp … Id say dePHInately divinely timed 😉 PI in the Sky Transit … you cant make this stuff up siriusly lol
    Also the Lion energy has been very present since 19th May, so to see your cat evolution made me laugh. I haven’t worked with the Lions before & was a bit hesitant at first but once I felt their energy I was most grateful to be of service. The Heart of the Lion/Sphinx is being restored as is the Owl which represents the Children including Gaia for she is the child of the mother & father as we all are. The Mother Energy is so very present now & when the Heart of the LION awakens she will ROAR “no more will you harm the Children” no more will you use Gaia’s Heart Core technology for your own inversions thru blood sacrifice … No More!
    Lion quoted … The quicker we get this done the better it will be for everyOne as above so is below 🙂 no mucking around
    This is all preparation for the 21st June when the CELL is unified as ONE, the Sun is a representation of the CELL … The Heart of the Child is Healing, the old cell dies off & joins the New Cell we are all One 🙂 the lion will not lay down with the lamb for the LION has a Heart of GOLD & will not be tamed. The rainbow has the Pot of gold at the end … the rainbow stairs lead to the pot of Gold … we are all going for Gold 🙂

    Interesting the HOWL you mentioned, wonder if it is connected to the Owl desperately struggling to keep their image/power knowing its their final bohemian rhapsody. The Full Moon is the Light that reveals the Truth, Lighting up all dark/hidden agendas. Its our Sovereign Right to know the Truth.

    Love to All
    Sun is Shining … I am a Rainbow too 🙂

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    1. Oh my goodness, Michelle! What a powerful and beautiful message you have shared here. Lion and Owl are showing up for me, Big Time, too 🙂

      I have a beautiful lion tattoo on my right back shoulder, that I’ve had for years. Yesterday, I gave a little girl an OWL bag for her 5th birthday (along with loads of Harry Potter-related gifts; a wand that makes a wand noise, a Gryffindor cloak (hand made by me) and lots of other trinkets to keep her amused. She actually wants her own owl… bless her, hahaha !

      Lions have always been powerfully present in my life – have you seen the work of the White Lion trust in Timbavate, founded by Linda Tucker? She is connected strongly with the Sirian energies – well worth a peek if it so moves you.

      Keep holding your beautiful rainbow heart in the light of the Lion and the Owl, star sister! Love it! XXX

      Jay xxx

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  13. Yes Lily, same here. We’ll overcome this too.
    Much love and blessings to you and little miss E.
    The rumble is back and ongoing btw.

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    1. Much Love to you too Stefan ❤️ Yes, we will look back on all this one day and say,

      ‘What the heck was all that about, did we really go through all that!’

      Hang on tight! ❤️🙏❤️

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  14. I presume you guys are voting for Trump in November? How convenient is it that Hillary was in court around the time for this hoax event that made all her supporters take to the streets. MSM and democrats are relentlessly attacking Trump trying to put all the blame on him so they can overthrow him. Quite pathetic. I wonder how these people are going to see the light, because clearly they do not want peace. I heard there is supposed to be an emergency broadcast that reveals all the corruption. Would this even make a difference though, because I have seen these people doctor photographs and spread false news just to make Trump look bad?

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  15. Rainbow Meditation Update:

    So after doing this successfully last night, I fell asleep. Sometime in the night I had a dream that seemed so real. In it, I was gardening somewhere – the house felt familiar, but not sure which house it was from my past! I was talking to a female on my left side.

    In no time at all, I was aware that my partner (previous partner before I married Kim – called Paul, with whom I spent 9 yrs just after my beloved sister, Sandy died) had died. I wasn’t sure how, he had either committed suicide or been killed in a gardening accident – it was unclear. All I knew was he was suddenly dead and I was thrown into a sudden panic of how the hell I would survive without him.

    I was telling this female friend all about it, and trying to work out what I would do and how I would manage (financially, etc) when suddenly I spotted Paul’s mother, Nori, on the road. She was a lot older than when I knew her, and she was pushing a sort of stretched pram with two other children in it. Grandchildren, I believe.

    I was aware that she didn’t know Paul had died, as we hadn’t seen her for a long time and I didn’t want to face her, but she saw me and called across, ‘Hiya Jay. How’s our Paul?’

    I panicked and was not sure what to say, because also in the dream, I felt that everyone would somehow blame me and think I killed him. That bit was really evident for me. The friend I was with said to me, ‘you have to tell her, she needs to know’ and I went across to speak to her (the Mother/Grandmother). She began chattering away to me, ignoring anything I was trying to say, and banging on about how she hadn’t seen us and she wanted to come and see Paul and I couldn’t make her listen to me. In the end, I grabbed her round the throat and banged her down onto the pavement, shouting in her face, ‘PAUL IS DEAD!’

    She turned ashen and then began screaming and crying and saying, ‘this is your fault… I’ll make you pay!’ and the panic rose in me as she wouldn’t hear me or listen to me that I was just as shocked and devastated…

    As she departed, sobbing, I could feel her pain as well as my own confusion and asked for help from somewhere. I then felt and heard Paul come to me with his energy.

    He said, ‘I’m great. I’m really happy. It was my time and I chose to go. She’ll see that in time. Don’t worry. I am so glad to be here!”

    He gave me the feeling that he was entirely at peace and had done his job on Earth with everyone including me.

    I then KNEW with all of my Being that he had represented the Wounded Male and his mother represented the Wounded Female.

    Something in me suddenly felt relieved and released as I realised I’d completed some part of my own Divine Healing re. M/F aspects.

    When I woke up, I felt as if something had indeed died and gone back Home.

    I really believe that the meditation was successful in helping me to release some deeply entrenched old belief systems about punishment, male anger, female victimisation, etc…

    On a personal note, it was incredibly powerful relating to childhood (negative) experiences that I now feel have finally been released!

    Watch this space my lovely CAT family!

    ME? OW? hee hee !!!

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    1. OMG! I just remembered the final part of the dream…

      I was in my granny’s house (where I’d been raised till the age of 6) and I looked outside and there was a huge, golden limo-type car. I knew I had to let the person in it know about Paul dying. When I went outside there was a woman saying goodbye to her husband, who was off to work. When I looked it was BORIS JOHNSON (PM of Britain) and he was crouched down on the floor of the car, needing to keep a low profile. His wife was lovely and as I said to him, ‘Mr Johnson, sorry to disturb you but you need to know that Paul is Dead!’ He was really sympathetic and his wife held out her hand to stroke my arm…

      What the …????

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