Extreme Meterage for 6-3 to 6-4-20 [UPDATE5]


That minor conjunction with Venus is at 10:37 PDT today, and something is up. Energy at the moment looks WHOMP-y, and in some cases singular, though we’ve landed on a new timeline. Everyone please be sure to do your rainbow meditation today, twice if you can swing it.

First, check out the current lightning map for Europe:


Then we have…

Orange WHOMP.


In general, solar output is up. And then we have all those CMEs influencing things.


Now check this out.

ALL the muon meters read approx. the SAME number of counts at the same time early this morning — unless they were zero (timeline jumping). That’s not happened before.

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.41.53 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.42.07 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.42.17 AM

There were more, but they look the same. Here’s all of them as raw numbers. Note the multiple timeline jumps:

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.45.52 AM
Adjustment City.

Speaking of jumps, here they are all in one graph:

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.43.21 AM
This explains why people were feeling funny the past few days, as they were in essence sorting themselves for The Event.

That funny thing with the sun happened again yesterday too, around 20:00 UTC. MORE interesting is that the earth is also now doing it… but it’s hard to see. Last one was at 13:25 UTC. Other meters are showing increased activity, but they would bore you.

Note that there’s a highly active region on the sun rolling around to face us:


However, please note that The Event energy/light will come from INSIDE YOU, not outside, though it might be both. Also note that all of the above energy is making the normies insane; please exercise caution if you have to be around them. DON’T FORGET: If faced with a situation, use (heavy) grounding cords and the Coursian mantra on people.

Phew. More as we find it.



Whoa. Big proton spike anomaly…


…that occurred right at the Venus minor conjunction at 17:37 UTC!

And then there was this around the same time:


And more:








A subjective update. Check this out.

When the CATs were talking about possible actions to take (given the world turmoil), we asked Guides and they said: “Wait, and be patient.” Then ~AM looked at the clock: It was 5:05:05.

We talked some more, made a decision not to do anything. ~AM looked at the clock: It was 5:15:15.

Then we wrapped up and folks did this and that. Then ~AM looked at the clock: It was… 5:55:45… but he caught it at…

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 5.55.28 PM

Ok, that was clocks. So what, right? Happens all the time.

What you don’t know is that Wednesdays are often CAT game night. We were playing poker tonight, and about a third of the CATs were up for it. Eventually, folks got tired, and the game whittled down to three: CAT2, M4, and ~AM. Two other CATs were spectating, already busted. On the second-to-last hand, M4 gets the deal and calls, “INDIAN.” (~AM rolled his eyes.) Each of the three remaining players got their own card, face down… and then everyone picks up their card and puts it on their forehead… then they bet… and then everyone looked at their card:


Each of us had a five. We’ve all been playing poker for years but have never had this happen. We’re guessing Guides and Spirit are trying to tell us, “Big Changes Ahead!”

June 5th anyone?

[Note: there was an update, but we deleted it. We misunderstood the size of the sample.]


Some interesting activity:


And check this out. Remember this from yesterday?


See that?


That’s Venus. Note that Venus is actually kinda far away from the portals above her. Also note the ships around the sun’s South Pole.


This was from CAT10 and M5. Hilarious:

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 3.44.55 PM

Not sure the CAT who wrote that knows how readily rubber snakes are available. 😉


Another timeline jump under way:

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 10.10.27 PM

CATs have mostly conked out.

FYI: Full moon and penumbral eclipse tomorrow, at 12:12 and 12:26 pm PDT respectively. It’s also the CATs 10th anniversary working together as a group. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage. And maybe the girth.

Now all we have to do is… get… through… this… door…

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  1. Had a Beautiful day of planting, yet sweating. Storms approach just before 5, so I check radar out of Pittsburg wtae. Long storm in shape of Dragon runs clear down the Allegheny/Ohio river. Peace

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  2. I have struggled the last couple of times (like June) with the meditation but after asking guides and Bro J for help, whilst lying in bed this morning, I managed to get up those stairs!

    The red step was very large and chunky and reminded me of wooden toys that have been painted with that smooth matt finish. The Orange step was similar and then my feet sort of sank into the yellow step, I looked down and could see through it! I then found myself rising up so that my feet were on top of the step and it turned solid. When I got to green, it turned into a meadow with beautiful lush grass and flowers. I sat there a while and then lay on my back and looked up to where the blue step appeared with clouds! I sort of floated up to the top of that one and found myself on the indigo step which was highly polished and so beautiful with sort of sparkles in it, reminded me of the deepest hue Lapis Lazuli which is my birthstone!, I stood there for a while just appreciating it’s beauty. When I looked up, the violet step was actually a violet ladder which I climbed up. When I reached the top everything started swirling, rainbow colours and white sparkling light, it sort of formed a tunnel and I floated up into it! I made the intention that Elsie was with me all the time, no matter what happened…

    In the previous meditation, when I got to the green step, I had all these thoughts about a certain person in my past and found myself forgiving and releasing us both. I’ve done this so many times but for some reason it was necessary, once more before I could go further…

    I did the meditation about an hour ago, sat next to Elsie’s bed. I was hoping if I sat near her she might fall asleep (didn’t work, she’s still up with her books!). I was there a while and found myself drifting in and out of thoughts. Whilst she tossed and turned and babbled and sang, I decided to go up the steps. This must have been the quickest and simplest of them yet! Beautiful, vivid colours, perfectly sized, walked up, one after the other. Got to violet and saw the white light which swirled around me along with all the rainbow colours. It was beautifully short and sweet and clear!

    As for numbers I’ve been seeing 44,444, 144,411 for the last couple of years all day every day. Recently, I’ve been seeing 33, 333, etc… which I believe is Christ Consciousness, seeing so many 5’s though, Wow, 5D comes to mind and I think it means get ready change for something BIG!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  3. This is so weird. I just heard what sounded like a helicopter go over our roof. Was so loud, it sounded like it could have scraped the tiles. I look out of the window on both sides of the house, no sign of anything in the air!?


    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. I was wondering about the jet sounds, I have been hearing (but not seeing) lots of them lately. I dismissed it up until I read this because we have a very active base nearby. 🤷🏼‍♀️
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. I had the same thing I did see a police copter going super fast but it was very high in the air made no sense sounded like it was about to land on the roof.

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    2. Jets here! Just not physical. The other morning it sounded like a football player rammed into the side of the house at @5 am. Jul did not budge, soo! Peace.

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    1. Hi Lily, I can’t feel anything. It’s unnerving. Ever since yesterday, when all the pressure let up, when I feel out there’s nothing. It’s very clear, for miles. No pressure, no anything. I hope you’re feeling better.

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      1. Angela ❤️ Sending Love, maybe you have that lovely Source, silent peace energy around you when it’s beautifully still and quiet?

        Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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    2. Lily, YES, my heart does not feel normal and I am a little
      concerned, especially since I will be 79 in a few months.
      Breathing exercises seem to help me as well as relaxation

      With lots of love ❤️ to you and Elsie,


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      1. Coriboy ❤️ Sending Love. Hope you can get lots of peace and rest, although it seems as if we might soon be in the midst of something very exciting, deeeeep breath!

        Love & Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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      1. Its so strong right now! Our home is literally vibrating! Things keep fading in and out. The sky was really strange and beautiful earlier. There was a horizontal band of white cloud, then a horizontal band of perfectly blue cloud above then a GREEN band going across the sky with darker purply cloud above! Lots of gold too!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    3. dear Lily

      yesterday afternoon at 19 h after my meditation it started
      I felt huge waves of energy in my heart and after even in the whole body
      three hours and a feeling of being so happy and like Christmas is coming….

      love to you and Elsie from Alnilam 💗💗💗💗💗

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      1. Alnilam ❤️ That’s beautiful! It was dark and rainy here today so we put the fairy lights on, only usually turn them on in the evening now it’s lighter so it was nice to have them on earlier, reminded me of cosy winter and Christmas!

        So much Love ❤️🙏❤️🌈💕

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    4. Hi Lily. Yes. I’ve been breathless for three days now. As Kg said in one of her posts, I can breathe ok but it seems like there’s not enough oxygen going in. Also had a sporadic faster heartbeat. Headache today. Take it as easy as you can. Elsie sounds like she does a good job of reading you stories if you can go into meditation. Perhaps ask her to read you stories at bedtime too bless her. Hugs. 💕☺️💖

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Yes, take it easy too, it is rather crazy at the moment! I would sleep all day if I could! Things feel so different today, the energy is incredible, I have been kind of on edge, expecting something to happen at any moment!

        Much Love and Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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  4. Oh no! I had a reading scheduled with Lisa for tomorrow,
    the 5th, but just received an email saying that “there is 0
    visibility through the next 3 days, today through the 6th.”

    She will have a blog out later today explaining what we are
    into! Lisa also mentions the next major event will be the
    solstice on the 20th, and the solar eclipse on the 21th.

    Now, I have to reschedule for what is at least the 10th time!!


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  5. My first post on this subject seems to have disappeared
    so this is my second try. I was supposed to have a
    reading with Lisa, tomorrow on the 5th, but she sent an
    email saying “there is 0 visibility through the next 3 days,
    today through the 6th.” She will have a blog out later
    today “explaining what we are into.”

    Lisa mentions that the next major event is the solstice on
    the 20th, and solar eclipse on the 21st.


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  6. Interesting to read about all the 5s. Last rainbow stairs meditation I had 5 sets of stairs and on each one went WHOOSH straight to violet. On the last one I met the Violet Flame and was taken off to rescue and heal abused people, mainly children but some enslaved adults. At the same time rainbow spheres were spinning out. This is the first time I’ve been called to help people, normally it’s flora and fauna!

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  7. Just a quick check in – I couldn’t stay awake all day (6/4) tried meditating colors could only do ! one ! color, fell asleep, wake later – one more color, back to sleep – whole day – did make it through whole regular spectrum eventually I think..
    Had one long dream sequence, maybe related – can’t remember if in separated sleep segments or not – Evening very agitated – was able to read some and check posts and comments – that’s it today… will see what tomorrow (well, today) brings and another try at rainbow scaling…

    good night to All and to ALL a good night…


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  8. Happy anniversary CATs
    😺 ❤️💫🧁✨

    Hehe hehe, just glanced up at phone battery: 55% 😉

    Crazy roaring noises all night! Then slight flashing light in my vision as I woke up.

    Had a lovely rainbow steps meditation before bed last night. Elsie and I and a huge rainbow lion all climbed the steps together one at a time. When we got to the top, Elsie and I climbed on the lion and it flew off into the light with us clinging onto its mane! Thank you!!!

    Love to ALL ❤️🙏❤️

    What will today bring?! ☺️❤️🌟

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  9. It’s been raining all morning. Just looked out of the window to see a thick horizontal band of dark grey cloud. Underneath bright white cloud and then I saw what looked like a column of light blue/white light flash downwards, NOT lightening! It was a definite vertical column!

    Also Elsie started playing her keyboard today with both hands, sounded like she was trying to remember a talent from a previous life?! She has up until just a few minutes ago, only ever pressed one key at a time really slowly!

    Much Love ALL ❤️

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  10. All kinds of amazing sky phenomena in this video, incredible rainbows and sunsets from all over the world, another purple portal over SW Arkansas? And even a clear color separation in the sky, beautiful images! It’s a-happening, guys!

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  11. Let us take a moment to remember that our unconscious beliefs are like the laser pointer dot, and guides love to have fun and play games with us, too. They really enjoy letting us chase that red dot around. It’s all for our own benefit of course, because we often are unable to see certain beliefs until we realize they have been leading us on a wild goose chase!

    It’s such a fun game we play with each other, and simultaneously with our greater selves, as part of the one. Let us remember patience and to not fall into an escapist mindset, not only because you will need to re-ground, but because we remember that the illusion is supposed to be fun, and that we will also experience much more fun and more freedom on NE.

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  12. Happy 10th Anniversary CATS!! I’m glad you got together.

    It’s no longer crystal clear like it’s been for 2+ days, there is now a gigantic Haboob in the distance, only it’s whitish, not sand storm-ish. Can’t tell the timing of it landing, but it certainly is very large. Etherically speaking.

    Keep doing what you do. It is much appreciated.

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  13. Happy Anniversary CATS, M’s, DA DA, and everyone else, and Thank You ALL again for All You’re doing! Much Love~Scott

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