Extreme Meterage for 6-3 to 6-4-20 [UPDATE5]


That minor conjunction with Venus is at 10:37 PDT today, and something is up. Energy at the moment looks WHOMP-y, and in some cases singular, though we’ve landed on a new timeline. Everyone please be sure to do your rainbow meditation today, twice if you can swing it.

First, check out the current lightning map for Europe:


Then we have…

Orange WHOMP.


In general, solar output is up. And then we have all those CMEs influencing things.


Now check this out.

ALL the muon meters read approx. the SAME number of counts at the same time early this morning — unless they were zero (timeline jumping). That’s not happened before.

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.41.53 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.42.07 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.42.17 AM

There were more, but they look the same. Here’s all of them as raw numbers. Note the multiple timeline jumps:

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.45.52 AM
Adjustment City.

Speaking of jumps, here they are all in one graph:

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.43.21 AM
This explains why people were feeling funny the past few days, as they were in essence sorting themselves for The Event.

That funny thing with the sun happened again yesterday too, around 20:00 UTC. MORE interesting is that the earth is also now doing it… but it’s hard to see. Last one was at 13:25 UTC. Other meters are showing increased activity, but they would bore you.

Note that there’s a highly active region on the sun rolling around to face us:


However, please note that The Event energy/light will come from INSIDE YOU, not outside, though it might be both. Also note that all of the above energy is making the normies insane; please exercise caution if you have to be around them. DON’T FORGET: If faced with a situation, use (heavy) grounding cords and the Coursian mantra on people.

Phew. More as we find it.



Whoa. Big proton spike anomaly…


…that occurred right at the Venus minor conjunction at 17:37 UTC!

And then there was this around the same time:


And more:








A subjective update. Check this out.

When the CATs were talking about possible actions to take (given the world turmoil), we asked Guides and they said: “Wait, and be patient.” Then ~AM looked at the clock: It was 5:05:05.

We talked some more, made a decision not to do anything. ~AM looked at the clock: It was 5:15:15.

Then we wrapped up and folks did this and that. Then ~AM looked at the clock: It was… 5:55:45… but he caught it at…

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 5.55.28 PM

Ok, that was clocks. So what, right? Happens all the time.

What you don’t know is that Wednesdays are often CAT game night. We were playing poker tonight, and about a third of the CATs were up for it. Eventually, folks got tired, and the game whittled down to three: CAT2, M4, and ~AM. Two other CATs were spectating, already busted. On the second-to-last hand, M4 gets the deal and calls, “INDIAN.” (~AM rolled his eyes.) Each of the three remaining players got their own card, face down… and then everyone picks up their card and puts it on their forehead… then they bet… and then everyone looked at their card:


Each of us had a five. We’ve all been playing poker for years but have never had this happen. We’re guessing Guides and Spirit are trying to tell us, “Big Changes Ahead!”

June 5th anyone?

[Note: there was an update, but we deleted it. We misunderstood the size of the sample.]


Some interesting activity:


And check this out. Remember this from yesterday?


See that?


That’s Venus. Note that Venus is actually kinda far away from the portals above her. Also note the ships around the sun’s South Pole.


This was from CAT10 and M5. Hilarious:

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 3.44.55 PM

Not sure the CAT who wrote that knows how readily rubber snakes are available. 😉


Another timeline jump under way:

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 10.10.27 PM

CATs have mostly conked out.

FYI: Full moon and penumbral eclipse tomorrow, at 12:12 and 12:26 pm PDT respectively. It’s also the CATs 10th anniversary working together as a group. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage. And maybe the girth.

Now all we have to do is… get… through… this… door…

168 thoughts on “Extreme Meterage for 6-3 to 6-4-20 [UPDATE5]

  1. Pewpew … can we get off this timeline rollercoaster upanddowninandout thingy please? I’d like a day where I could be fully-functional. My fur is all matted, my claws need trimming (well, maybe not, considering what’s going on “out there”) and I’m just plain tired. And I could really use a fresh saucer of tuna/cream soup without the parsley garnish my hoomin insists on offering me. She’ll never learn. Keep on with the updates, my beloved furbaby CATs … without you I’d have no clue why I feel so … well, you know. Love&Light to you all. =>•.•<=  {miew}

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      1. @ -CAT Eds

        “Big Changes Ahead” you mean?

        Emergency Action Message (EAM)

        Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 5 Jun 2020 – 1:49:59 AM
        RED1: POTUS twitter removal
        RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US]
        RED3: CLAS movement PELOSI or PENCE
        RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control.
        RED6: SEC OF DEF _instruct1


    1. It’s synthesized from *A Course in Miracles.* We call it Mantra #1:

      [Look at the person either live, or in your memory, and think…]

      “You are perfect immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Oh, right. I have that posted somewhere on my Facebook page, for future reference! 😀 Thanks very much for the reminder! ❤

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  2. Well, that explains why I WAS UP ALL NIGHT! Til around 5:30am today. I did one involved rainbow stairway (ish) meditation at 5:30pm (PDT AKA AZ time) and a few mini ones throughout the night PLUS much Source breathing along the way. Accompanied by rainbow spheres (destination for Source use) in the hundreds/thousands, etc. All was calm though, no emo or phys stuff. Just plain old awake. well, awake knowing SOMEthing was up.


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  3. On my part, I’m very calm and refusing to get sucked into the news, which is hard bc I’m in media. But I am getting snarky on twitter, especially against hollyweird. In my own city, police are literally taking a knee and bowing, submitting to these protesters who are causing injury to people, hospitalization. And even death. It’s outrageous.

    So as the music director, I do have control over a few things. I’ve produced a few liners that I am placing in between songs throughout the day and night. My station is #1, so it’s a good chance many are listening. I wrote, “BE CALM AND AND MOUNTAIN ON.” the mountain is name of station. And another, “Be strong mountaineers”

    It’s subliminal, with Calm n Strong, but I hope it makes a little difference.

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  4. Okay, you ALL: My observation here at the farm today is of absolute peace and joy. The SOURCE presence is staggeringly sweet . Words cannot begin to describe how it FEELS today. A feeling of Rightness! (Now must get back to planting the philadelphus and hydrangeas)

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    1. SOOOO happy that at least a few are feeling peaceful and calm. The energies are pretty turbulent most of the time in my zone, and in those of the other Ascensionistas on my radar screen . . .

      Please forgive this inappropriately placed plea for help. I can’t find any other way to communicate with y’all, meaning with the admins/hosts of this lovely site. I accidentally unsubscribed, and I can’t find a way to resubscribe. Can you please re-subscribe me, and then delete this paragraph from my reply? TYVM! ❤

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      1. Wow! Super-quick response time! No need to post this publicly if it’s cluttersome. Just appreciating you. ❤

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      2. We’re feeling peaceful and calm so long as we don’t look at what’s going on in the world. Some of us have to look at it for certain projects, but then we have to detach and detox. What’s happening now is super toxic.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Yup, think Elsie and I have picked up on some of that energy despite staying well clear of TV. You can feel it emanating from everywhere! I barely have a clue what is going on outside but sure can feel it, it’s like a tidal wave! Have to keep checking myself and breathing….Deeeeeeply!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        2. I hear ‘ya. Went out into the world today. For some reason I just had to get a few more philadelphus at my favorite nursery (6 making a total of 11 of that cultivar. Hmmmm.) Anyway EVERYBODY was wearing a mask except me and one other person. (virtue signaling and brainwashing at it’s finest.) Anyway, it did feel toxic out. It felt very, very good to get back to the lovely energies of the farm. Sigh!

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  5. thank’s cat’s
    I am meditating with the rainbow bridge
    and here is something maybee of interest? from William Henry about the rainbow body (tibetan Buddhism) and the ressurection ascension body of Christ.




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    1. Once, at a conference, I heard William
      Henry speak about the Tibetan Buddhist
      belief in the Rainbow Body. After his talk,
      I told him that when a group of Tibetan
      monks had performed a program of
      Tibetan chants and dances, one dance
      was the Rainbow Dance. The monk’s
      performance took place in NYC, at an outdoor setting in Lincoln Center.

      ❤️ 🌈 ❤️ 🌈 ❤️


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      1. @coriboy14

        wow! this is awsome
        I am dedicating myself a couple of years about the lightbody
        the “Armor of God” and I know that the arc of Noah is this time
        an arc of light.

        Stay safe my friend and good speed… ❤️🤗🌈🤗❤️

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      1. @lily144

        thank you lily ❤️🤗🌈🤗❤️

        ❤️…. good speed….❤️
        love and hugs from Alnilam ❤️🤗🌈🤗❤️❤️🤗🌈🤗❤️

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  6. What a neat scene(clocks), for I believe I’ve been there, and could hear them All in my mind. Garden Day, have to separate the broccoli, They Are growing way too fast, as most things are this year. Much Love in Harmony to All! Peace.

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    1. Christopher a late congratulations on that forgiveness part from last week. That was huge!
      I said to myself: wow! Amazing! Go Schneider! and then I thought : We are Hungry. I only wrote that last part in my comment. I felt the need to write this because you didn’t hear what I said out loud. Sometimes I am Homer Simpson. So, well done my friend. 🎩

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  7. ….AND B…R…E…A…T…H…E….

    Speechless of North Wales reporting for doody, CATs… I have no words, just IT ALL MAKES SUCH SENSE!

    Thank you.

    Rainbow stairs, here I come…

    btw…. today was looking for some storage solutions for my overcrowded craft room and found the most amazing RAINBOW stack of drawers. Gonna get ’em tomorrow if I can stand to go to town! XXX

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  8. So last evening around 6:30-7 ish pm MST there was a very loud boom that sounded like a canon that was felt deep within and echoed all around. We had just checked into an RV spot in a little Colorado mountain town and the owner came running out, I think he thought we had something to do with it ha ha… a couple others came out dazed asking if we heard that. There was no way you couldn’t. The sky was clear, no bad weather, no planes, it wasn’t an earthquake. I just keep thinking about the sky ripping as I’ve seen it my meditations too. Thoughts???

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      1. So that is why my body is trembling, and the muscles of my neck/shoulders/and head are unable to relax. Feel like I am plugged into an electrical outlet since last night. Cay

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  9. I was walking to work this morning and a lady was coming towards me unwrapping a present covered in stripy rainbows! I smiled at the hint and gave thanks 😊

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  10. thanks for the kerfuffle & TLJ updates – couldn’t function this morning at all – finally got up almost 1 pm –
    Education dreams last night, an island seen from above that ‘we’ were making a stop over for some reason – I think related to the education dreams – one end of the island was rainbow colors, not sure if all the colors… rainbow work very difficult today either kept falling asleep or sludgy energy – couldn’t crawl through – one time I made it to golden yellow, but no further – I’ll try later…
    My head feels empty or too full, can’t figure out which…

    best of luck in living…


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  11. Further report: At about the 10:30 mark PDT today, I was struck with such profound sense of joy and elation that I literally burst into tears. There was no one here, the guy moving rocks had gone, roomie had gone to town to take the Italian squash plants he had raised for the town folk to where they were to be given away, and Gardener was not here today. Absolute union with whatever is happening today. I then went to dentist for a teeth-cleaning. I feel such a sense of peace and calm. I think it’s time for a nap. Whew!!! Sending you ALL peace and stuff.

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  12. Hmmm, just remembered there were two cats in my dream last night/morning and I remember thinking, I hope Elsie likes them! Cannot remember anything else, though I know it was a busy dream, the cats just appeared!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. I also dreamt of cats last night, though cannot recall anything other than cats being present.

      The rainbow step meditation has been amazing, actually seeing the colors wnd feeling the energies as I climb the staircase.

      Have felt since the beginning that there was more than meets the eye, or tweets, or IG posts, regarding all that is going on. (Seeing rolls royces and professional tools/coordination in some looting footage just added to the theater of the bizarre). Not really focusing on that, just shooting spheres, and enjoying the feeling that the shift is upon us. Not sure how it’s going to look, just feel it’s thisclose. figure I am better serving all by meditating, individually and in a group, being kind, and using the mantra when it’s called for. Feeling a sense of calmness, and saw 4:44 as I was looking through the comments. One Love All ❤️

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      1. mootzfriend ❤️ Yes, I am trying to keep my focus on meditating and keeping in as high vibration as possible so I can send out the rainbows to Gaia and ALL. Feels like we are so, so close now!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Thanks, but I thought Gaia had moved to the NE after our group meditation? Or is that what you mean, ground to the 4d NE and to Gaia separately who now resides at the NE in spirit?

        Sorry for the minutiae, it’s been my burden all my life…


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        1. It’s ok I did have that thought too the other day, if Gaia is now on new earth are we just grounding twice to new earth, then I decided that source must know what I meant and it would all sort itself out in the wash.

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  13. Uhh, I was doing the field work, repairing one photographic laboratory machine, which I now do very rearly, specially as it is from different manufacturer then I was usually repairing in the past, but I was asked by the client to do it, but also from the colleague technician from Bosnia, so he does not need to came here in Croatia, so I went there, in the end, the B laser unit was dead which means very expensive repair, even for used one, but I will let customer decide what to do ?

    Reason why I am writing was not to be a repair story, but while doing it whole time I was feeling extremely out off place, like I was a stranger in a strange country, I never felt so out off place as today, maybe it is a good sign, I do not know, but I really felt finished with this 3d life and working in it (well, I am out off jib anyway), so much so that I almost refused this job, but I wanted to help for time I am still here, I hope it will not be the long wait, I am ready ✨

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  14. We would’ve called for a group meditation by now… but Guides told us to be patient. Hardest thing to do is sit and do nothing. We have to keep reigning in the few CATs who usually run the twitter account, since they see more of it.

    -CAT Eds.

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        1. Lately I am also observing 22, 33, 44 and 55 in most cases, sometimes in pairs, specially 22, not the first time, but last two weeks it is increasing considerably, do not know why, something is just around the corner 😉✨

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        2. AM, if what I experienced this morning is any indication, it’s going to be amazing. I wonder if this was the gift that Lisa saw in my last reading. She said it would hit me in the face or that I would walk into it face first. At this point, I’m clueless, but I’m going with it!

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        3. When I went out yesterday, the first car I saw had a 9999 on the plate; a rare quadruple, then a little later there was a 99. And today there was another 99, along with a 777, both in the same driveway. So 5s are for change, 9s are for endings….and 7s are for miracles. I’ll take it.

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        4. Wow! Is it really going to happen!?
          Will keep my fingers crossed!

          I hope at least we should see some positive changes!
          Lots of people I know feel tired and exhausted and that this 3d world has nothing to offer for them anymore…Everything keeps crashing down around them…

          I really hope we are in a final moment…

          Thank you CAT’s for you help and guidance through all this mess!…


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        5. This afternoon I looked at the clock in my car on the way home and it was 15.15 (I can’t be bothered to change it for UTC +1 so it should be 16.15) ☺️ and the temperature read 15°. Lots of these fives and ones about.💖

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    1. I was wondering how you feel about using a dedicated phone number where you could text us when there’s a need to focus. (Anyone who wants to be notified) Feels like it may be sudden, the knowing that it’s time.
      Not something anyone would reply to ever, just a quick notification – And whoever is available could join together in the ether.
      Or we could all connect telepathically I guess 🙂 I’m thinking we already do that to an extent. Just a thought, though it’s most likely too much work.

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            1. The Cat That Lived. Even the temptation of The Cats brilliant comments will not induce me to join any social media. No no no 🤪😲 Anyway I wish all of our lovely Cat Eds, Ms, and Da Da a very happy 10th Anniversary and thank you for all you put into this blog for us all. Love you all.💖💖💖💖😸

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            2. FYI, there’s no need to get a Twitter account to read Tweets and comments. I refuse to get an account, myself. Still, I “follow” a ton of people; I simply keep a bunch of tabs open on my computer so that I don’t have to go searching for them every day. The only thing you can’t do is interact; no leaving comments of your own. I think I can see even those that say they’re shadow banned, because Twitter has no control over me.

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      1. I just checked the CAT tweets, which is something I haven’t done in a long time. Still giggling that you guys retweet Catturd; absolute perfection….. 😉

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    2. I felt like an observer all day, not of This! Then Jul asks if the rolling thunder kept Me awake last night(I’m a lite sleeper). I evidently was not here! Peace.

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  15. I just wish I had enough energy to do anything. I work two hours a day, two intense hours but still; besides eating the rest of the time I’m mostly sleeping or simply being. There’s more work if I want it, and Source knows I could use the money, but it’s computer stuff and I just can’t focus on computers right now.

    I guess this is exactly what I need, and I should just let go, but it’s very difficult for some reason.

    My plan of hiding out in the forest until its over looks like a no go, as much as I would want to there are people here who need me. Something I’m supposed to do.


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    1. Sifoo,

      I can totally relate. My energy is depleted. I feel exhausted and I am not sleeping well. I am supposed to be working on my pc for 8 hrs a day at home and I am hardly getting anything done. I cannot focus…

      I express gratitude daily for my job, which oddly puts up with all the challenges in my life..

      My forest house hide out plan is over as well…. My house is in escrow finally after over a year. I’m going to miss my trees and my garden….. 😦

      I also feel like there are people who need me here for a bit longer….\

      You are not alone ❤

      Namaste ~

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    2. Hi Sifoo, I can totally relate to what you wrote. I’m a self employed software developer myself and I can’t focus, exactly like you said, for more than two hours, if even that! It’s really hard to deal with my customers, when I get nothing done anymore.
      Just before I read your comment, I read the latest newsletter from Arthur Fürstenberg about 5G and the thousands of new satellites in the sky, where a lot of people are reporting similar problems, since these satellites have been launched and I wonder, if there is anything to this.

      If interested, the newsletter can be downloaded here: https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Putting-the-Earth-inside-a-High-Speed-Computer.pdf

      I also had this dream of living in the forest for as long as I can think of and I even managed to do so years ago, but I quickly realised, that that was not, what I came here for…

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      1. It seems that there’s a connection between software engineering and primitive lifestyles (i.e., living in the forest). I thought I was alone in this pursuit. I spent the last winter living in a cabin in northern MN with no running water, an outhouse and a wood burning stove. Temps reached -40 and I couldn’t sleep more than 4 hours without putting another log on the stove. But I preferred that lifestyle to the social standard that we’ve been programmed to accept as normal.

        It’s a strange combination of technology and primitivism. But it suits me. I rarely have a reliable income and would always prefer to focus on projects that have the potential to help people. But there’s this constant dichotomy between working on things that make money and working on things that I believe in.

        I’ve avoided posting this publicly because it’s incomplete and susceptible to spam. But if this project resonates with you it would help me if you would post something that helped you on your path. Maybe it’s a quote. Maybe it’s an excerpt from your favorite book. Anything that influenced you and contributed to your current beliefs and personality would be appreciated.

        I haven’t implemented email verification. And please don’t use a password that you use on any other site. This is only a beta version of the site.


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  16. Sifoo, I’m dealing with the same feeling. I actually feel a bit better now like some pressure has let up. Lighter. But the resulting wave has yet to come back in. It all pulled out to sea, now we see what is heading our way :/ The lull before.

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  17. Oooh, maybe this is why I was “called” to the beach yesterday. I took the advice, and took my husband and kids night beaching. It’s so peaceful on the beach at night – toes in the sand, breeze blowing on your face, stars shining over the water, no crowds, no sunburn. Bliss!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  18. Yes Cats & Ms a Big Change is coming I received the 555’s on the 29th May to prepare for all this … not sure when either, however I am gathering it will occur from 5th June til 5th July but something significant will occur on 21st June.

    Patience is in the Mystery of the Unknown, having faith that what is unseen can be far better then what the mind can imagine.

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  19. Boy that sure was a lot of 5’s and I’d take that as a major sign! June 5th………..oh I hope so. I too have felt discombobulated the last few days, not a lot of energy and less mental focus. I just feel somethings got to give.

    .*. .*. .*. .*. .*.
    Much Love to All!
    *** *** *** *** ***

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  20. Wow! Feeling so much the same as everybody else here. Have had some amazing experiences with the meditations. And, also had a 9999 number thing happen to me a day or two ago. I can’t remember exactly which day, they all so run together nowadays. LOL! Maybe I’ll expound some more on my experiences soon. Gotta go now and try and get some sleep. Got practically none at all last night. Guess those timeline jumps do affect me! So glad I decided to start spending more time with this group last year. It’s an amazing place to be!

    The Dog Lady

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  21. A couple of days ago I tried to explain how the universe works to my daughter, how it gives us signs. I immediately looked at the clock and it read “15:55”. I got big chills and smiled, she understood.


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  22. Update on previous message … Venus is Powering Up, Lighting Up the Eclipses, creating a Huge OPENing of the Heart for ALL to Receive. Christ Frequency activates in the Heart & Awakens Christ Consciousness, physically Feeling it come to Life as the full Embodiment begins on 5th.
    This will cause a Big Change/Shift in Consciousness … Open to Receive.
    Brother J has been emphasising this all day by opening my Heart, his omnipresence is very present indeed. The herd of Elephants have arrived, Harmonic Resonance … the Sun You & Gaia as One 🙂

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    1. @Michelle

      yes Venus is now in charge
      and for me Venus has to do with Christ
      cause he said:

      “I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the bright Morning Star.”

      And the Venus Sephirot in Kaballah is called Ishim….
      Jesus also is named as Issa in India-Ladakh.

      I am very confident and trust in the light, in the love and the truth
      Exactly one week ago, I candelled all the Telegram groups and twitter pages with news that I no longer was wanting anymore.

      🌟🌟🌟I remember the cat’s told us that it all will get a mess 🌟🌟🌟

      💗🌟 Love and Hugs from Alnilam🌟💗

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      1. Thank you Alnilam the Heart of the Lion will awaken & will not lay down with the Lamb (the false gods/crucifixion) it will Rise UP as Christ Consciousness. Brother J says you have to FEEL from within, it will awaken from within You & when you Feel Brother j’s love expanding in your Heart you will receive accelerated Healing (this has been voiced to me so much lately the Healing can Begin) all indigos starseeds light workers, earth workers all children of the Earth can begin to heal back to their original organic divine Blueprint, Christ Avatar Human Beings. This is the New Cell we are all joining as One. The harmonic resonance of the Sun & Gaia is now Resonating in You … You being the Centre of it all.

        It is Time … You are the Heart of the Lion … welcome Brother J he is ready.

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        1. many thank’s to you Michelle❤️🤗🌈🤗❤️

          we all are christ now with the Christ Consciousness
          so I feel really safe with Him. I met him in meditation
          many years agoo as the Cosmic Christ coming through the Universe
          and standing before me…. seeing a current of LOVE coming from my heart to his heart and vice versa. This image ist burned into my heart for ever and can not extingish.

          love from Portugal

          Alnilam ❤️🤗🌈🤗❤️

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  23. I feel so tired, exhausted, sad and really on the edge… I feel like nothing left for me to experience here anymore…nothing is holding me in 3d…
    I love and adore my family, but lately I have nothing but bad feelings from them…Very said… 😦
    Is it happening to make me feel more detached from them?…

    I have tried to do a rainbow meditation several time grounding to 3d Earth and I felt such emptiness from Gaia.
    I guess she already moved out?…

    Thank you CAT’s for mentioning that I have to connect to the NE and SOURCE first. When I did it I’ve felt a jolt of energy and happiness right away. 🙂

    I also feel that every time I am trying to do a rainbow meditation someone or something is always trying to take my attention from it…I have to really force myself to focus on the meditation.
    It also ends quickly. I am climbing a rainbow ladder and when I reach the last colour Violet… BOOM! I am done in only 5 minutes after I’ve started my meditation, with my eyes wide open.

    Does anyone feel the same way?

    I hope you are ALL well!


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    1. June ❤️ I was really struggling the last few times with the rainbow meditation. just could not focus or see any colours, then I asked guides and Bro J to assist and it really helped.

      As for grounding, I always ground to NE, then Gaia then connect to Source. Hope that’s right CATs?

      So much Love to you June, (and everyone who is currently struggling) so tired here too, it’s just lingering on and on. Feels like I have been forced to watch a really lengthy film and all I want to do is fast forward but someone has hidden the remote!

      Hugs, Love, Hang on in there ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Thank you Lily!
        I will try to ask guides and Bro J to assist me next time! 🙂
        You have such a big heart! ❤️…and you are so kind to everybody!


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  24. Re: update 2

    WOW that is a ton of confirmations with 5 ~ big changes ahead. I
    think there’s an eclipse on the 5th as well. Love the cards and the poker game at the end 😂🤣 hilarious… End game 5 5 5, get ready to roll ✨

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  25. Rumor has it that a large number of people were released from prison under the excuse of “avoiding covid” and upon release went straight into training for these riots. That would explain why so many were totally unafraid to destroy as much as they did, the way they did. The prisons were the source, and COVID was the excuse used to get these people out to “do their service” and be forgiven for whatever put them in jail to begin with. Is this true??

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    1. I was given that same information last night from higher self …

      COVID part of the plan, releasing people from prison part of the next plan… each piece feeds into the next .. pushing things to more destructive ends.

      Please put prayers on p. Tr_mp, I feel like they are going to try to Olympus has Fallen but rioters being caught in bad situations in time for the Media to capture and distort…

      I have been putting out energy like crazy to make all these nefarious plans they have fail….

      to protect the people … All the people

      Oh and because I refuse to be in the sheep or the crowd… I was sick of the ‘black face’ everyone is posting on Facebook for their profile pics for Tuesday black out day… So I posted a picture of an orb of brilliant golden light.

      And I forgive myself and all my innocent siblings in the world.

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  26. I should probably not say too much since the day is’nt over yet, but so far I’ve felt full of creative energy the whole day.✨ Not having to take several unexpected naps during the day feels so good – now I can actually get some things done around here!😉 So, better get on with re-planting our flowers and vegetables in the garden before the next TLJ or colourful whomp hits and I have to find myself waking up from sleeping face down in a flowerpot filled with geraniums…💤

    Let’s hope them fives stands for something really kind and joyfull, something that will make people happy💕 Guess we have to wait and see untill tomorrow, when it is the day of the number Five✨

    As always – so grateful for your post CATs & take care everyone💖

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  27. Just adding to the litany of number synchs:

    On a package I received yesterday, on the label addressing the package to me, just under my name, there was an extra line that normally does not occur in a mailing label unless there’s a company name. The content of the extra, seemingly randomly inserted line: Nothing but ten fives, all in a row! 😀

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  28. Twice this week I have dreamt of having two families and I felt I had to decide which one to stay with. My current nuclear family is my husband and 33 yr. old daughter with the second family having a husband and two children that I vaguely remember. I feel as if I am split between 2 realities. The dream this morning had ocean waves coming into the dwelling where I was living as I stood upon the bed watching them roll in. It seems a decision is imminent.
    Also started rolling up the rainbow ladders behind me in meditation. Cay

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  29. Well, after looking at the updates this morning, no wonder I was feeling gobsmacked yesterday. I ascended the rainbow stairway last night at 9:00 and then promptly woke up at 1:30 this morning and proceeded with a fitful night back and forth the rest of the night. When I turned off the lights last night at 9, I was done. (here’s a secret: I got the entire run of Bewitched a few months ago and have been watching 2 episodes a night. I figured that would get me through this tumultuous period in fine stead . Har! As it was, I couldn’t deal with anything else. Period!!! )

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  30. As to all the 5’s you cats expressed, in the I Ching, 5 is the hexagram of waiting and I think I saw also a 51 in the mix, which is the hexagram of a shocking sort of event. I have had friday the 5th marked on my calendar with “the shift?” for awhile. If I have heard correctly, there might be a full moon and some sort of eclipse in the mix as well. It might be at least an interesting day, I would think.

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  31. I just finished listening to the Moody Blues song, One Step Into the Light.
    From their Octave album. 1980.
    Search it out on utube. An awesome song. And then the Yes song, Soon.
    Soon oh soon the Light. That’s what the Earth is all about……the Light! Hope you enjoy those songs. Blessings of Love & Light to you all. Adonai……Re’Esha.

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    1. Re’Esha. Wonderful. The Moody Blues lyrics and music were well ahead of their time and were the first band that got my interest when I was aged 15. Staggering that was 50 years ago. I blinked and a lot of life sped by.🤔😳😸

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  32. Recurring numbers have never ever called out to me until yesterday afternoon. In morning meditation, yesterday, I posed a question to Holy Spirit… but I didn’t feel like I received an answer. Then it happened… at 2:22 I was drawn to the clock, then 3:33 and 4:44… this morning I saw ~AM’s post, went to the link and checked out the numbers… Ha! My answer was there all along … I did wake up with a partial answer and after reading about the numbers just adds to the confirmation… all is well!

    Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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  33. Yep, me too. I keep thinking I’m missing something because I’m done so quickly: up the stairs, boom! we’re done. I’ve tried a variety of ways to change it up, even asking Brother J to join me a la Fred Astair/Ginger Rogers and dance our way up them. It was great fun but still lacked that degree of profoundness. I tried the Blossom/White Cloud guided meditation but found the background wind chimes too annoying and distracting. So, there ya go! Thanks much for sharing your similar (lack of) experience June! It’s great help to see others having similar experiences.

    Fortunately I have a small but magnificent garden setting, as does J and Chistopher. I love being in my home with the kitties but being outside in the sun and Nature for most of the day seems to be where I’m drawn at present. There I find great profundity!

    Great Love and Light to All!

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  34. Wow. Guys… the rainbow meditation is getting stranger and stranger for me. After the one I almost failed to do yesterday thanks to my previously mentioned back pains and WHOMPS, I just tried it again now. Went alright. For both of the latest sessions, I seem to have skipped or quickly completed most of the basic colors and spent most of my time on Green, Blue, and Indigo (I’ve been on Indigo for a LOT!), until, on the meditation I just finished, after briefly crossing a gazebo-like area full of plants within the Indigo steps, I ended up in a place similar to my room.

    There was a jovial-looking, short old man figure looking straight at me (For reference, his looks and voice reminded me of the Elder Kai from DBZ). I asked him “Do the Steps go any further than this?”, only for him to reply “Yes, but you’ll have to try again this evening. They are not complete yet.”

    He then jokingly chided me about going a bit too fast, we spent a few moments laughing together, and then the vision faded from my mind, telling me that was the end of the meditation.

    I wonder what’s going to happen tonight when I try this again. Any clue, CATs? Who could that man have been? One of my Guides, perhaps?

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  35. I’ve been doing the rainbow stair meditation and do a type of tap dance on each stair and when I get to the top a big tap happy dance with arms outstretched and a violet sky with sparkles everywhere. Usually goes fairly quickly but last night I fell asleep while dancing on the red step. Then I had a dream with a lovely, soft, fluffy fox who was really soft and cuddly. Looked up fox spirit animals and one said it is an indication of changes ahead. I’ve been seeing the 5’s and 9’s everywhere the last few weeks also. 7’s a few times and the new king of England has 7’s in his emblem.

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  36. Cats~
    Re: the Searles Valley earthquake in CA, 1:32:11 UTC, 06/04/20
    Was that another D.U.M.B. being destroyed? At 8.4km depth, it seems too deep but there are a lot of military facilities in that area so . . . ? Any significance to the timing: yesterday evening? Any idea of purpose it it was deliberate?

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      1. Nope, just noticed the earthquake on a news feed and looked it up on USGS for location and proximity to fault lines. I know there are military facilities in that area and happen to know a bit about the D.U.M.B.s in NM and AZ so connected the dots. I don’t have anything solid or any leads at all, it’s all conjecture at this point.

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  37. Seems like each time I climb the steps, I do it in a different way. I’ve never been much of one for following recipes, lol.

    Last night my 1yo grandson joined me unexpectedly and we both proceeded all the way to the tippy top of several rainbow flights, crawling in fine 1yo style, one knee on each higher step then a ‘hitch’ up to the next.

    Slow but effective and no chance if slipping back!! 🌈


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  38. Wow that’s a lot of 5s!!! I sure hope this is it, life can’t get much more out of whack. After various annoyances yesterday I won’t bother to go into, I was so disgusted with all the 3D crap I went outside and pulled weeds from my flowerbeds like a maniac. Very therapeutic! Found out I have a lot more irises than I thought so that made me feel much better, they have such amazing blooms!
    If it weren’t for my dog and cats I don’t know what I’d do, there’s nothing that interests me in the least here anymore. Thanks Cats for the updates and everyone here keeping it real! 🙂

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    1. That is exactly what I did. I have a 60-ish year old flower bed that has been neglected that are full of 50 year old daylily bulbs. For 2 days I have been weeding and raking and cutting. It does the soul good. Next I need to figure out how to replant everything. And to find the iris bulbs and other plants that have been covered too much to grow. Grandma Louise had it perfect 17 years ago. I would so like to make it that way again.

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  39. This meditation is strange.

    I have absolutely no problem going up the steps. But, if I imagine adding more steps, like reoccurring sequences of the rainbow, then it feels like the weight of the universe is pushing down and I quickly grind to a halt. The mental fight is very real to push on.

    It became apparent to me it was not required to exceed more than 7 steps, and I received an energetic acknowledgment that my conclusion was correct.

    Anyone else experiencing this?


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  40. I graduated from High School 50 years ago today, one of 630 some graduates in a Baby Boomer class in a small town in WI. The class of 1970, the first class of a new decade, back in a time before birth control when families often had 5 or more kids, six of us in my family. My class had already lived through the ’60s turmoil of the deaths of MLK and the Kennedys. Some of my classmates went on to serve and die in Viet Nam. Many of us went to college and many of us women were encouraged into the “gentler” fields of education and nursing where we worked hard and were paid less. We married, earned paychecks, were DINKs for awhile (double income, no kids), loved rock music, enjoyed Disco for a time, became Yuppies. We had kids and minivans. We women tried to work full time and still do all the things our stay-at-home ’50s moms had done (10 kinds of Christmas cookies in Dec., anyone? and hand-sewn costumes for Halloween). We burnt out. Divorce became common. We had fewer children, if any. Above all else, we became Consumers of every trend and gadget to come along. We got old, fat and perhaps complacent. We’d believed in progress and the American Dream. We were deceived by the very system that raised us and is now falling apart.
    There will be no 50th class reunion for my class of 1970, postponed due to a questionable pandemic. Some more of us will die before the rescheduled event can occur. ” Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?”

    SO! Perhaps there will be another sort of “Graduation” tomorrow for some of us. I had a long, two hour meditation this morning, climbing the rainbow stairs, sending love, light and mantras to all of my family members and life-long friends, trying to send telepathic messages through time and space. The entire time, the song playing in my head was Eva Cassidy’s “Over the Rainbow.” I don’t know if I will be part of the graduation tomorrow. I do know that I was lead by Source to find this group almost two years ago. It has been my HONOR to be part of your camaraderie and wisdom. Eternally. Grateful. Love, Light, Truth. ONE. We ARE! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  41. Dear Ones — Please forgive my incompetence within this WordPress system, and thank you for re-subscribing me. But now, unfortunately, I need to ask for some more assistance. I am getting emails about every single comment or like on your blog now, which totals dozens of emails so far today. And when I click on the “manage email settings” link in the emails, I go to a WordPress web page that says I have NO WordPress websites there to manage! 😦 And browser notifications is NOT enabled. I don’t know what to do next, to try to stem the tide of your popularity in my in-box! Suggestions? And please don’t bore the nice people by posting this tech support request on your blog page, OK? TYVM!

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        1. > Hm. You aren’t showing up in the subscribers OR the email followers lists. Which browser are you using? <

          Hmm. Interesting. I'm using Firefox. Which must not be what your system is optimized for, because every time I click on a link in your emails, they take me to places that don't really seem like the places I was expecting to go! 😀

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    1. @dainenruss If you can’t find a tech answer from the CATs –

      this happened to me after ONCE clicking on theemail notification on a comment I was posting – had canceled it or something, but didn’t effect the email avalanche (can’t remember how I canceled it, but it didn’t work anyway) – my no stress answer is to go into my email everyday or so and in the search box start typing schro – usually by this time it will list all your SOC notifications I click on the check box ck all, box of the list and click the trash icon to delete them – it will send them to trash and out of your inbox…
      I thought the email notifications were an answer for a while because I had trouble finding new comments, by then (at that time) the notifications were showing up a day or so late, so why bother – they’re faster now…
      I had joined WP so I could like comments – then someone gave me the hint of a keyboard short cut Ctrl+F which brings up a search box in the comment field and I type in the date… ex: 2020-06-04 – that format… click enter with the curser right after the date in the search box and it will show all comments of that date in yellow and as you hit enter further it will highlight the next one down in orange – hope that helps and not tmi techy stuff…

      Kg –

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  42. Had a Beautiful day of planting, yet sweating. Storms approach just before 5, so I check radar out of Pittsburg wtae. Long storm in shape of Dragon runs clear down the Allegheny/Ohio river. Peace

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  43. I have struggled the last couple of times (like June) with the meditation but after asking guides and Bro J for help, whilst lying in bed this morning, I managed to get up those stairs!

    The red step was very large and chunky and reminded me of wooden toys that have been painted with that smooth matt finish. The Orange step was similar and then my feet sort of sank into the yellow step, I looked down and could see through it! I then found myself rising up so that my feet were on top of the step and it turned solid. When I got to green, it turned into a meadow with beautiful lush grass and flowers. I sat there a while and then lay on my back and looked up to where the blue step appeared with clouds! I sort of floated up to the top of that one and found myself on the indigo step which was highly polished and so beautiful with sort of sparkles in it, reminded me of the deepest hue Lapis Lazuli which is my birthstone!, I stood there for a while just appreciating it’s beauty. When I looked up, the violet step was actually a violet ladder which I climbed up. When I reached the top everything started swirling, rainbow colours and white sparkling light, it sort of formed a tunnel and I floated up into it! I made the intention that Elsie was with me all the time, no matter what happened…

    In the previous meditation, when I got to the green step, I had all these thoughts about a certain person in my past and found myself forgiving and releasing us both. I’ve done this so many times but for some reason it was necessary, once more before I could go further…

    I did the meditation about an hour ago, sat next to Elsie’s bed. I was hoping if I sat near her she might fall asleep (didn’t work, she’s still up with her books!). I was there a while and found myself drifting in and out of thoughts. Whilst she tossed and turned and babbled and sang, I decided to go up the steps. This must have been the quickest and simplest of them yet! Beautiful, vivid colours, perfectly sized, walked up, one after the other. Got to violet and saw the white light which swirled around me along with all the rainbow colours. It was beautifully short and sweet and clear!

    As for numbers I’ve been seeing 44,444, 144,411 for the last couple of years all day every day. Recently, I’ve been seeing 33, 333, etc… which I believe is Christ Consciousness, seeing so many 5’s though, Wow, 5D comes to mind and I think it means get ready change for something BIG!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  44. This is so weird. I just heard what sounded like a helicopter go over our roof. Was so loud, it sounded like it could have scraped the tiles. I look out of the window on both sides of the house, no sign of anything in the air!?


    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. I was wondering about the jet sounds, I have been hearing (but not seeing) lots of them lately. I dismissed it up until I read this because we have a very active base nearby. 🤷🏼‍♀️
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. I had the same thing I did see a police copter going super fast but it was very high in the air made no sense sounded like it was about to land on the roof.

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    2. Jets here! Just not physical. The other morning it sounded like a football player rammed into the side of the house at @5 am. Jul did not budge, soo! Peace.

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    1. Hi Lily, I can’t feel anything. It’s unnerving. Ever since yesterday, when all the pressure let up, when I feel out there’s nothing. It’s very clear, for miles. No pressure, no anything. I hope you’re feeling better.

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      1. Angela ❤️ Sending Love, maybe you have that lovely Source, silent peace energy around you when it’s beautifully still and quiet?

        Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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    2. Lily, YES, my heart does not feel normal and I am a little
      concerned, especially since I will be 79 in a few months.
      Breathing exercises seem to help me as well as relaxation

      With lots of love ❤️ to you and Elsie,


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      1. Coriboy ❤️ Sending Love. Hope you can get lots of peace and rest, although it seems as if we might soon be in the midst of something very exciting, deeeeep breath!

        Love & Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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      1. Its so strong right now! Our home is literally vibrating! Things keep fading in and out. The sky was really strange and beautiful earlier. There was a horizontal band of white cloud, then a horizontal band of perfectly blue cloud above then a GREEN band going across the sky with darker purply cloud above! Lots of gold too!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    3. dear Lily

      yesterday afternoon at 19 h after my meditation it started
      I felt huge waves of energy in my heart and after even in the whole body
      three hours and a feeling of being so happy and like Christmas is coming….

      love to you and Elsie from Alnilam 💗💗💗💗💗

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      1. Alnilam ❤️ That’s beautiful! It was dark and rainy here today so we put the fairy lights on, only usually turn them on in the evening now it’s lighter so it was nice to have them on earlier, reminded me of cosy winter and Christmas!

        So much Love ❤️🙏❤️🌈💕

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    4. Hi Lily. Yes. I’ve been breathless for three days now. As Kg said in one of her posts, I can breathe ok but it seems like there’s not enough oxygen going in. Also had a sporadic faster heartbeat. Headache today. Take it as easy as you can. Elsie sounds like she does a good job of reading you stories if you can go into meditation. Perhaps ask her to read you stories at bedtime too bless her. Hugs. 💕☺️💖

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Yes, take it easy too, it is rather crazy at the moment! I would sleep all day if I could! Things feel so different today, the energy is incredible, I have been kind of on edge, expecting something to happen at any moment!

        Much Love and Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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  45. Oh no! I had a reading scheduled with Lisa for tomorrow,
    the 5th, but just received an email saying that “there is 0
    visibility through the next 3 days, today through the 6th.”

    She will have a blog out later today explaining what we are
    into! Lisa also mentions the next major event will be the
    solstice on the 20th, and the solar eclipse on the 21th.

    Now, I have to reschedule for what is at least the 10th time!!


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  46. My first post on this subject seems to have disappeared
    so this is my second try. I was supposed to have a
    reading with Lisa, tomorrow on the 5th, but she sent an
    email saying “there is 0 visibility through the next 3 days,
    today through the 6th.” She will have a blog out later
    today “explaining what we are into.”

    Lisa mentions that the next major event is the solstice on
    the 20th, and solar eclipse on the 21st.


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  47. Interesting to read about all the 5s. Last rainbow stairs meditation I had 5 sets of stairs and on each one went WHOOSH straight to violet. On the last one I met the Violet Flame and was taken off to rescue and heal abused people, mainly children but some enslaved adults. At the same time rainbow spheres were spinning out. This is the first time I’ve been called to help people, normally it’s flora and fauna!

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  48. Just a quick check in – I couldn’t stay awake all day (6/4) tried meditating colors could only do ! one ! color, fell asleep, wake later – one more color, back to sleep – whole day – did make it through whole regular spectrum eventually I think..
    Had one long dream sequence, maybe related – can’t remember if in separated sleep segments or not – Evening very agitated – was able to read some and check posts and comments – that’s it today… will see what tomorrow (well, today) brings and another try at rainbow scaling…

    good night to All and to ALL a good night…


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  49. Happy anniversary CATs
    😺 ❤️💫🧁✨

    Hehe hehe, just glanced up at phone battery: 55% 😉

    Crazy roaring noises all night! Then slight flashing light in my vision as I woke up.

    Had a lovely rainbow steps meditation before bed last night. Elsie and I and a huge rainbow lion all climbed the steps together one at a time. When we got to the top, Elsie and I climbed on the lion and it flew off into the light with us clinging onto its mane! Thank you!!!

    Love to ALL ❤️🙏❤️

    What will today bring?! ☺️❤️🌟

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  50. It’s been raining all morning. Just looked out of the window to see a thick horizontal band of dark grey cloud. Underneath bright white cloud and then I saw what looked like a column of light blue/white light flash downwards, NOT lightening! It was a definite vertical column!

    Also Elsie started playing her keyboard today with both hands, sounded like she was trying to remember a talent from a previous life?! She has up until just a few minutes ago, only ever pressed one key at a time really slowly!

    Much Love ALL ❤️

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  51. All kinds of amazing sky phenomena in this video, incredible rainbows and sunsets from all over the world, another purple portal over SW Arkansas? And even a clear color separation in the sky, beautiful images! It’s a-happening, guys!

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  52. Let us take a moment to remember that our unconscious beliefs are like the laser pointer dot, and guides love to have fun and play games with us, too. They really enjoy letting us chase that red dot around. It’s all for our own benefit of course, because we often are unable to see certain beliefs until we realize they have been leading us on a wild goose chase!

    It’s such a fun game we play with each other, and simultaneously with our greater selves, as part of the one. Let us remember patience and to not fall into an escapist mindset, not only because you will need to re-ground, but because we remember that the illusion is supposed to be fun, and that we will also experience much more fun and more freedom on NE.

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  53. Happy 10th Anniversary CATS!! I’m glad you got together.

    It’s no longer crystal clear like it’s been for 2+ days, there is now a gigantic Haboob in the distance, only it’s whitish, not sand storm-ish. Can’t tell the timing of it landing, but it certainly is very large. Etherically speaking.

    Keep doing what you do. It is much appreciated.

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  54. Happy Anniversary CATS, M’s, DA DA, and everyone else, and Thank You ALL again for All You’re doing! Much Love~Scott

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