United Earth: Rainbow Stairs Meditation [UPDATE6]


This is it. Time to dust off everything and go full stream. Things are spiraling out of control and it’s time to show people what we — we who came here for everyone — can do. Please join us.

Sorry for the late notice, we didn’t know we were going to be called to do this.

The CATs are going to have a “rainbow” meditation at 1:00 pm today — and do it all day and night, on the hour, till midnight. All positives are welcome. Light it up. Note that this isn’t a normal meditation.


We’re going to imagine giant rainbow stairs, the one we’ve been using for the rainbow meditation and make them REALLY BIG, and then place the Earth on each stair step (which is a vibrational value, red being lowest), and then move the Earth up and UP to the highest color (violet), one stair at a time, thus…



This is heavy lifting. It will take time. Put everything you’ve got into it — but don’t strain. Be strong, but don’t strain.


We now ask all our extrasolar friends from all over to join with us at that time to raise the Earth’s energy up once and for all. Come home with your shields or on them.


Friday (Today) 5-5 at 1:00 pm PDT (20:00 UTC)

(And on every subsequent hour for as long as we can manage)

What you don’t know is that Gaia is teetering on moving from 3d to 4d right now! PUSH!


Looks kinda like a logo. Our first United Earth event!

Thank you all for all you do.


Lots of us are going to start at 12:12 pm PDT, the time of the full moon, and then through the penumbral eclipse at 12:26 pm PDT. We’re also going to do ones at 1, 2, 3, 4…


For those who’ve reached the top step in their own personal rainbow meditations, please throw a cord to Gaia from the TOP and pull. Everyone else PUSH. This is actually working!


This is the strongest way of making your desire for the SOURCE timeline (vs. the Justice timeline) available.


It’s working:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 1.43.59 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 1.46.17 PM


Looks like we did it. Gaia has moved to 4d. Lots of CATs saw and experienced it. Some CATs even walked the NE (with their pets!) afterward, though this was in energy/spirit form. As for The SHIFT from 3d to 4d, Brother J and SOURCE will take the last step for us. We just have to wait for that moment (no, we don’t know when). In the meantime, Gaia is safe and out of team dark’s clutches. You should all be very proud.

Those of us energetically connected to 4d will always have that, and feel the connection, the hope; but those still connected to 3d will begin to feel the LACK of Gaia’s spirit. We’re guessing that SOURCE will help these folks in various ways at the time of The SHIFT. Until then, keep your attention on higher vibe things.

[Note: Without a spirit, the Old Earth will slowly begin to dissociate — but it will be a while till then, so no worries.]


We’re gonna have to wait a few days to see where we are in the process, and what the current situation is. Considering we were here for Gaia’s introduction to 3d, we know from experience that what’s happened is not instantaneous. YES, Gaia moved to 4d yesterday, but it takes time for her to get set up over there. So… everyone relax for a few days. Besides, we are cooked. We used crystals again for this latest activity and it’s like burning days of your life. Crystals are very life-energy-focusing… and, used as amplifiers, can take life away from you, but it was worth it!

Oh, all CATs saw colors last night most hadn’t seen before, so the spectrum is much bigger at the 4d level (predictably). Time for a nap.

288 thoughts on “United Earth: Rainbow Stairs Meditation [UPDATE6]

  1. Thank you ALL for Update 6. You answered any questions I might have had. This is my experience: I found very little change here at the farm. I truly have been operating at 4d here for some time due to the protective bubble. My sense is that this small part of Gaia has joined the rest of Gaia in the leap forward. I went “out” today briefly to complete a mission. What I saw was people still wearing masks and giving me the “stink eye” for not wearing one. It bothers me and saddens me to see this, but I am not responsible for others beliefs or fears. It is joyous here on the farm and very gentle. The sweet birds are in full song, and energetically it feels that we have gently and gracefully moved on. And yes, it will be interesting to observe how this process unfolds. Perhaps this was due to my role and mission with Gaia. I really have no words to describe what it is that I do. I simply Am.

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  2. Just now read Update 6, about Gaia needing time to settle in, which is pretty much what I “saw” yesterday. Haven’t meditated yet, just letting it settle for me too. Yes, today is a nap day. 🤣


    PS. But you can bet I will be checking my email often just in case another last minute Call to Light is requested. 😉

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  3. You have a logo and a title! Those are good anniversary markers.
    Enjoy the celebration Cats & M’s. Thank you.

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  4. Update 6: It’s very welcome to have a bit of a breather. I will continue doing some ‘lighter’ meditations but the rest is needed. I too used a crystal for the last 2 rounds and Whoa did I feel that! I went in to my bedroom and stood on the bed (bed takes up most of the room). I have crystals on all corners of the wooden footboard and headboard, along the window sill and next to my bed on a small chest. I said “Okay, who wants to help me do this?!” A small Amethyst picked herself!

    I am so fried but it was worth it!

    Will look forward to some wonderful news about Gaia settling in to the higher realms 😉

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  5. CATs: The Next Generation? Since you’re kicking back for a bit… I know you CATs / Ms aren’t too inclined to watch vid’s, but this 12 yr old’s power animal is a tiger, and he describes going to The Dream Chasm where the lord of it all is part lion, and if you need an escort to get there you just call on love jaguars… Not to mention he describes how the whole dream chasm works and how to put dreams to good use, etc.

    His mother is a shamanic journeying teacher, for adults and kids — film making is not her forte, but it’s still worth a look! Only 14 min, plus 5 min of drumming at the end. I hope you take a look!

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  6. My Grandmother is very poorly. She has been struggling for a long time and is back in hospital again. She is in her 90’s, a very strong lady but from what mum told me today, sounds like it won’t be long before she passes over. I am hoping she will land on NE or at the very least be relieved of all suffering and find herself in a much more beautiful place with loving support from her Guides and Angels.

    Any well wishes/love for her is most welcome ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Hi Lily,
      Sending a flow of Love through you to your grandmother and your whole family. That she finds her way easily and gracefully, to a beautiful place.

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  7. Oh, I forgot to mention that when I woke this morning there was what appeared to be one of Van Gogh’s sunflowers on my bedroom ceiling. Either that or it was a yellow sunspot at close range. Cay

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    1. ~ Cay ~ Hah! Either one sounds fantastic. What a splendid welcome to your morning, and a spot of humor for my own!
      thank you

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  8. Here’s another story to share only this time it’s in reference to Update 5. As I was purchasing my plants this morning (I apparently didn’t have quite the right number) I handed the dear clerk my credit card. She asked if it was ok for her to touch it. I said Of Course. Her concern was to keep me safe. I proceeded to say that one could live in fear or trust that all is well. Further discussion ensued which I won’t go into, but the upshot was that she said she knew 4 people who had died of the “virus” I quickly realized that I was not going to beat the one-up in this discussion, so I smiled and sent her love. I was embarrassed and realized, once again, that that I should keep my big mouth shut. Sigh! Oh, 2 naps required today. I must have coffee!

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    1. ~ J ~ I share your realization with my daughter and her husband. They are wonderful people, and dear to me, and are currently very settled in their wary view of ‘reality’…. we agree to disagree on some topics, and others I’ve learned to give a wide berth while keeping my mouth firmly shut.

      Good thing we have our silent mantras and the endless bounty of Love to share instead, eh?! and I very much enjoy your tales from your farm and occasional forays to town. Thank you.

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    2. J – I completely understand. And there really is no winning in an argument. All the logic is on their side. It takes a leap of some kind to get past the rote fear. And we can’t force it. (Can you tell I talked with my brother today?)

      The great awakening – is gonna be a bit of a shocker to many people. And us too. We have no idea how far the lies go. It is quite extensive – maybe all encompassing. It’s amazing we were able to snap out of it – even this far – at all. Truth, in measured increments so no one explodes. And yes, we can radiate that Love – the antidote to all of it.

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  9. I just had to share ❤️

    A tribute to ALL you light/truth/magic/enlightenment/NE seekers

    And yes, I know the moon hasn’t got the best energy but just trying to look past that, someone with eyes to see the magic that is out there if you are ready, which we ALL are…

    So much Love All ❤️🙏❤️

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  10. Wow, today felt very different upon arising. Immediately saw blue and violet colors. 😍 Feels like a baptism of blessings will soon rain down on humanity. 🌈 We are 💝

    Such a good feeling knowing that we were all in this together ~ Unity ✨ Thank you brothers and sisters of the light 🌈 ✨

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  11. I had another Shift dream last night. I was standing inside a large building looking out if the windows. There were other people there but I cannot remember faces now. Outside, the sky started moving, sort of swaying back and forth. There were rainbow colours swirling around and lots of light flashes through the colour. People were asking what was happening, so I said not to worry, it’s the Shift, everything is going to get better now. Some cars outside started rolling towards the building. One looked like it was going to crash into the wall but it stopped.

    Dad was suddenly there and I told him everything was going to be okay, he wouldn’t need to work anymore (he is retired?!).

    I seem to remember a small man with a very ‘dark’ aura trying to mess things up but he disappeared!

    Outside the vegetation was changing, becoming vibrant, ‘lush’! Buildings started to disappear and the landscape changed in front of our eyes, it was beautiful! I think the building we were all in just disappeared too.

    Have woken up to beautiful birdsong. Do have a bit of a sore head though. I celebrated too with some organic white wine, goats cheese Brie and lots of crisps and nuts!

    Happy Sunday ALL ❤️🙏❤️🌈🌟

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    1. Hi, @lily144,
      you certainly know, QEII left her Palace in London, forever maybe.
      A new clip shows the Buckingham Palace main gate firmly closed.
      Crest on it is wiped off – gone!
      The pompous Guard with their pompous bear-hats – gone!
      All windows fully blanked & blocked from the inside.
      All the huge entrance void – not even a mouse.
      One single RAF Guard in ordinary blue at one door.

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      1. Oro ❤️ I had heard this, I wasn’t sure how true it was. It’s funny though, Elsie has been walking around with one of her alphabet cards for a while: Q for Queen!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Beautiful Lily.
      I had a dream as a child, of fog coming so far down that I was walking in it, only it was a fog filled with colors.

      And I remember looking around as a very young child and wondering how we were going to get from here to there. And wondering where all the ugly concrete buildings and roads were going to go, because it wasn’t going to look that way when we got “there”.

      It’s taken so long to get here. I love your dream.

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      1. Angela ❤️ I’m sure I have heard other speak of a mist/fog. My dream is a little blurry, they usually are. But, I’m sure the building were disappearing! just thought, the CATs mentioned that buildings in dreams might be bodies! Perhaps it is related to people leaving, hmmm!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  12. Oh my…. just woken up (11:30am in the UK) after a mega sleep and looked at the latest updates… WE DID IT!!!

    I was aware throughout the night, on another level, of so much rainbow activity. Yesterday in the UK it rained a lot and yet there was also sunshine so many rainbows around. Everywhere I went, I saw rainbows in pictures, on signs, you name it! Like never before.

    I stood in the garden after planting loads of tomatoes in our new greenhouse and suddenly felt connected to a gigantic rainbow. I heard, ‘Some are already on New Earth, preparing it and checking it out!’

    I am so happy… thank you to everyone concerned, especially to the CATs and Ms and everyone else.

    Rainbow love all round xxxxx

    Jay xxx

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  13. Hello All, I hope you’re having a great weekend, it’s a beautiful morning here in the midwest. I’ve been doing the rainbow meditation, with mixed results, and am hoping possibly my personal experience, may be of benefit to someone. When I first tried it, I went into a meditative zone, and it felt as though there were no more stairs after the violet, but didn’t have the doorway, or white light experience others were describing. I continued practicing, on Tues. evening I’d done it earlier, and tried again before sleep. When I got to the top, there was a doorway and I was led into a bright room and was greeted by loving beings, and other people were coming and going, then I fell asleep. I continued practicing with different variations of climbing the stairs, spirals, to the left, right, ladders, it just wasn’t leading to a blink out, “beyond” state for me, and if I persisted in climbing beyond violet, it was becoming repetitive and I’d forget what color I was on. I was doing the meditation last night, and after 30 mins or so, I started over, centered, asked guides, Brother J, AAM, Universals, Source, and my higher self to please guide me through it. I’d been inviting them to enjoy it with me and assist previous times, yet for whatever reason it was different last night. Instead of rainbow stairs, I began with red and decided to remain there, until orange came along, regardless of stairs. I sat with red, every variation, everything red, for what seemed an eternity, and eventually it became orangish red, then orange. I continued this way through each color, just letting go, and observing the colors, feeling an energetic increase with each color. There were moments of blink outs, and by the time it began to shift from green to blue, I was feeling waves of energy and a peaceful joyous state was growing. As indigo began, there were strong feelings of energy from my crown and pineal area, head, throat, heart, and entire body. My back was really painful when I started, but that was gone, and replaced by a pleasant glowing sensation. Indigo shifted to violet, which gradually became lighter and whiter, then white, accompanied by a feeling of expansion, connection, and bliss. I remained in that state for a while, sending Light and Love to Gaia, New Earth, all life, humanity, my CAT FAM, loved ones, and to Infinity. I gave thanks to Source, guides, AAM, Brother J, and asked to be guided by the Holy Spirit for the highest good of All, to remember my highest truth, and Eternal Essence, that WE ARE ONE. It was 11:55 when I finished, I’d started at 9ish, the feeling remained throughout the night and is with me still today. Maybe this will be useful for another, I hope you All have a joyous, gracious, delightful day! Much Love ~scott

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  14. Whoaaah Nelly! I went outside today Sunday for the first time today because in the PNW it is cold, windy and wet (51 degrees) For a few minutes from about 8:40 until almost 8:55 PDT Everything in my field of vision shimmered as if it were the energy it is. It was, shall I say just a wee bit disconcerting! That’s all I know.

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  15. About an hour or two ago I started feeling very dizzy and nauseous – nausea came first… I know there was a looong whomp, but this post whomp – something else going on??

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  16. Hey, you poor aluminum dragon!
    Back to mama you should by now flee.
    Take your claws and your shadows off Gaia,
    for she’s bathing in Light now and FREE!


  17. Hello CATs and Ms,
    If a person with a lower vibe lives with a person of a higher vibe, could living with the higher vibe person make the lower vibe person physical ill?
    My husband has been sick (lethargic, headache, sick stomach, intestinal issues) for the past couple of months. He says he doesn’t feel sick when he is at work (he works lots of overtime), but he feels sick outside of work. We are always together when he is not at work, and we have a great relationship. He is struggling a bit with raising his vibe. I have explained the Event and Shift to him, but he flip flops. He has a super stressful job, is obsessed with the MSM, and has sobriety issues. He has gotten much better since we have been together, but he still has a hard time. He is aware that he has issues, and has asked for my help. I do my best to encourage his self improvement, but I am worried that I am making him sick.
    Thank you so very much for everything you do! I love you All!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. Self infliction! Relax, go with the Flow barefoot on the Lovely Gaia. Drink a lot of spring water(from the source, not bottles). And most important, be Forgiving & Grateful for Every Thing. Doesn’t hurt to chuck the tv and radio. Good Luck, Peace.

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      1. Hello Christopher 👋🏻
        Wonderful advice!
        The TV and radio are long gone. If only I could convince him to toss his phone…
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    2. Sharon, sorry to hear your husband is going through all that. Maybe at work he is building up stress / toxins / avoidance via distraction, so that when he is off work, he is getting a release headache, and detoxing, and / or is in an environment where he can take in more light and so get ascension symptoms (?) If you are contributing to the higher vibe, well that can only be good, really. Get out the ginger, mint tea, ibuprofen, etc, and make sure he’s drinking lots of water — whatever gets him through it — but I hope he has a break through soon, needless to say! Big hugs, Laura

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      1. Hello Laura 👋🏻
        Good point!
        I keep a high vibe home. Our house is full of life, love and laughter. His job is soul crushing- I know because I was in the same line of work. Quitting that field was literally a life saver for me. I am trying to get him out, too. Baby steps for now, I guess.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  18. Good gawd!!! This weekend extracted a much greater energetic toll from me than I expected. I do some simple job and suddenly I am exhausted. Totally wasted. Not even coffee and key lime pie helped. It’s only 5:30 and after a long-hot shower I’m taking to my bed!

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  19. In this video, at the 8:50 mark, there is a RAINBOW PILLAR going up into the sun!

    in addition,
    many people are noticing that the Earth or the Sun have shifted. i.e. the sun in shining in the north windows of their home which have never had sun coming in north windows before.

    this person’s videos share the odd things in weather and sky.

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  20. A few days late with the meditation due to some housework, and just as I was about to start envisioning the rainbow, I think I saw big buildings in black and with a white background first, like a clipart, and the buildings getting smaller and smaller until it’s gone, and a voice telling me old structures are gonna go.

    Otherwise, I was able to push easily on my third try. The first two, I sorta got distracted and had to start back again. But once I reached the top, I didn’t see any white doorway tho, but me and Gaia were enveloped in white light, and I was also floating.

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  21. I just came across this video and wonder what you Cats and Ms think about this new news network and project Life Force of Kim Goguen, trustee of the global accounts, formerly aligned with Thomas Williams’ THI group: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbq6iHG8Q2c Near the end of the video, she speaks about the increase of positive energies hitting the planet, how things are speeding up and how we could have a transformation by the end of July. It sounds positive? Perhaps for those not leaving in the first wave?
    Today was a three nap day for me, though I did get out for a 2 mile walk with the pooch this evening. The heavy energy of earlier in the week seemed to have lifted. We are One. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Hi, @ lauraksmi,
      thank you so much!

      Guess, we can call this Kim Possible action – monumental!

      MSM will disintegrate with a fell swoop, to nothingness.
      FB will suffer big damage.
      The Spirit of Truth will be restored as a means
      of direct, free & sincere communication between people.
      The Prosperity Funds will give people back their dignity
      and their Joy of Life.
      Bankers will dissipate in thin air – The Quantum Banking,
      ruled by Light Forces through Kim, using DNA-proof,
      will bring back Integrity.
      Our Unity in Consciousness will be completed, allowing
      our Sun/Gaia/Mankind back in the Universal embrace.

      Amazing Timing!!!
      My Guides all enacted the Celebrations.

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    2. Thanks for the link Laura. Just watched it and it is interesting. Around the 40 to 41 min. mark she talks about waves of energy coming in and says a big one is expected on the 17th and again on the 22nd and hopefully we’ll be thru the major shifting by the end of July (when they thought it would take until the end of the year previously). Hmmm. Food for thought.

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  22. Great job everyone, thank you thank you thank you! I’ve felt even more disgusted and done with 3D the past few days, so this is simply wonderful news. Since I have no internet at home, I had no idea this was going on, but spent the weekend gardening like a madwoman. The skies here in upstate NY have been gloriously blue with spectacular clouds, every leaf and flower just sparkles! In fact I was looking out my window Sat. afternoon and literally saw a golden sparkle shower for a minute, so from my vantage point Gaia looks very happy. The woods behind my house have giant walnut trees arching high above like a green cathedral, with ferns and wild purple phlox everywhere at their feet, filled with birdsong, just amazing to be outdoors these days, the sheer GREENNESS of it all.
    My dog and the feral cats are all sticking close by whenever I’m working outside like they’re afraid they’ll miss something, even the most feral one now comes to within a foot of me, hallelujah! Took her 4 years! So me and my furry gang are feeling 4Dish and ready for NE as soon as possible. If only I didn’t have to work to earn pet food or go anywhere but my back yard, life would be quite good, sigh. Soon, right? “)

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  23. Just keep falling sideways today. Feels like huge ocean swells keep pushing the boat. Been feeling it a little for days, but today is stronger. Vaguely nauseous too. hmm.

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  24. ALL morning, on seemingly infinite repeat – the song by The Beatles – “I Am the Walrus”… and the Mis-remembered lyrics, ” coo coo – cachoo, coo coo – ca choo, I’m flying, I’m flying ” -I looked up the lyrics – not lyrics of that part of tune I’m hearing…
    No dream to go with it that I remember. EVERY time I woke up, sooo many times…

    I haven’t a clue… (I don’t remember ever particularly having flying dreams either.)


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  25. Grandma passed away peacefully, just over an hour ago. I wish I could have said goodbye. Due to circumstances, I have not seen her for a few years. Just lit a candle and sent my love. Last night I asked guides, Brother J, Angels to surround her with rainbows, light, comfort and peace. I hope she has gone onto to a better place, a more beautiful place with no suffering or pain of any kind…

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Joy113 ❤️ Yes, she is free. She wanted to go for a while now, she had had enough. It was time. I wonder if she was waiting for Gaia to leave and that spurred her on.

        Thank you for your words, much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Receive my condolences Lily.
      I just lit a candle for her, can we know her name? if not invade your privacy. It’s because I have her in my prayers not just like Lily’s grandmother and Elsie’s great-grandmother.

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      1. Cristina ❤️

        Thank you, that is so thoughtful 🙏 I know she would really appreciate that ❤️ Her name is/was Joan.

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Condolences and rainbow Love to you and you family Lily, and grandmother too. Tho it sounds like she had a magnificent escort to her new home.


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        1. Sending LOVE and (((HUGS))) to you Lily and your family!
          It looks like your beloved grandmother Joan is your angel guide now….❤️🙏


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          1. June ❤️ Thank you! Yes, I think she is watching over little Elsie and I. She has been floating around Elsie’s bed at night in the form of an orb, perhaps trying to assist in soothing her to sleep! ✨

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Not yet. It usually takes a little time — because it’s outside of time, if that makes sense — for those who recently transitioned to be able to communicate with us… and we’re sensing that she’s going to want to support you through the coming SHIFT. It’s one of the reasons she went when she did.


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          1. M6 ❤️ Thank you for your answer. It is very reassuring to know that the soul/karma/light tunnel trap no longer operates. She will be free of this to experience real joy and bliss and sounds like I will see her soon(ish)!

            Much Love & Light ❤️🙏❤️

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    3. Lily. So sorry to hear your news. It’s a very sad time for you and your family but hopefully a lovely release for your Grandma into a wonderful new energy body. It must be hard to live into your nineties with the bodies we have here. Love and hugs.💖💖💖🌈🌈🌈

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you so much for your words of comfort, they mean a lot! But yes, she had a very long life (for a human!) and was very active up until just a few years ago. So wonderful to know she has gone on to better things!

        Much Love & Light & Hugs ❤️✨🤗🌈🙏

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    4. I’m sure your grandma is in a good place 🙏. You can still talk to her; she will hear you, from my own experience when my Mom passed away. I felt a presence for a while …. I knew it was her as I always asked for positive confirmation that it’s her.

      Much Love & Light to you and your family 💖🌈

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      1. Phoenix ❤️ I was in the kitchen later that evening (when she passed). I am sure I heard a voice next to me. Kind of muffled but I am pretty certain she was there for a moment. Thank you so much for your kind words.

        Love & Light ❤️🙏❤️

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  26. We have transitioned into 4d, how about 5d ?
    Have a great day folks and honestly there’s to much shenanigans on the news I don’t even care to look anymore, Choose SOURCE not justice because SOURCE is infinite times more fullfilling than any 3d justice. To each his choice.


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