Lifting Off; Odds + Ends [UPDATE6]


Some of the CATs had the same dream.


Half the CATs dreamt that we (humanity) built a huge ship, like the Enterprise but bigger (the NE). Some remembered walking her halls before, and seeing the ‘ship’ totally empty. But last night as we walked through the ship we saw her packed with excited crewmen, most of whom we somehow knew; they smiled and waved as we passed. We were moments away from shoving off, the ship beginning to move. We ran through the ship, looking for some people we knew, but couldn’t find… then realized they’d decided not to be there, decided not to come along. Rather than find them, we decided that that was that, and chalked it up to free will. So be it. We ran out of the ship to get some last things and saw an approaching (purple?) storm. We started to yell back instructions… then realized we had comm badges! One of the M’s touched the communicator and spoke to the helmsman, asking them to take the ship up and that they didn’t have to be so careful, that she could take it. That life was about taking chances, calculated risks. We were going to apparently beam up in a minute after we got something from somewhere. As we ran on our errands, the ground became slanted because of some huge storm (“from the nebula” — ?) that was affecting the planet. Then we woke up. Pretty cool.


A few more things, in no certain order:


This was the core bounceback of our rainbow-step meditations:

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 7.11.08 PM

Technically, the rest of what you’ll be seeing from meters from now on will be solar and cosmic energy bouncing off the core — without Gaia’s energy. Things might look a little different. Most (all?) meters/satellites are on/in 3d earth/space; the only 4d meters are… well, all of us 4d humans.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… there was a BIG flare/CME earlier…


…as well as a CME proper at 9:00 am:


Expect that region to come back around soon. Here’s another view:


More 3d programming changes will be forthcoming… not that you should pay them any attention. There was also a proton thing:


And more solar/cosmic/Wave X energy (it’s currently a mix):







Note the separation.
The Sorting Hat is finished.


We thought this was worth adding to meditation affirmations (after the “I am light, I am love…”): “May all worlds host love.” (via Maryann @ Nine’s Path.)


It’s important in the time left to make it a point to do small things for people — even just a smile, or a kind word — and that we do them often. People are gasping for something kind and uplifting, anything to help them balance out the crazy. Try projecting your loving auras around yourselves. These simple things have more power than we can imagine. If Brother J is going to reach across and help us, we might as well as light up the path!


From now on, we’re going to pay attention to our spiritual lives entirely, and leave those who have dead hearts to tend to themselves. So, no more social media (CATs 4 + 10!), and no more ca8al tracking. This stuff isn’t worth anyone’s time.


This in from Glastonbury this morning (thanks to Pam141):


There’s a whole ‘King Arthur’ castle under that mound, that dates from way back.


The PTW did NOT get to sacrifice Gaia on their special day last week. They failed totally. Gaia has been saved, thanks to all who helped get her to the next level (um, SOURCE and Spirit and quadrillions of ETs helped, too). You’ll be called on again for similar actions… but you’ll be a little different next time <wink>. Humans can’t become angels — since angels, like the SuperFriends, are their own Extension from SOURCE — but that doesn’t mean humanity won’t grow into something similar — and unique. Don’t get cocky, kid.

“Who let Merlin out?!”




Be sure to ground as much as possible during the course of your day and night. Now that Gaia isn’t here to shield us from external cosmic processes, we’re gonna get blasted with energy. It’s already happening. The core feels like an “empty mirror,” and energy is just bouncing off it as it comes in. However, it may only be affecting some people on 3d, we can’t be sure. Some people are on the 3d timeline, some the 4d timeline, some straddling both. You are a non-local being having a local experience, so whatever you put your mental energy into you will get.

Latest 3d meterage:





Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 9.37.12 AM
Try to hide under something of you can. (Yes, we’re joking. You can’t shield from Wave X energy.)


Hooboy. We’ve been feeling something building all day. At the moment (11:00 pm PDT) it’s coming up through our (body) cores, like that “champagne bubbles” feeling only stronger. We also noticed this almost 3-D structure in the latest SR:

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 11.02.32 PM
Note the odd, almost spiral structure at 12 (which is 10:00 pm PDT) in the 40 Hz territory (at the bottom; this meter has zero at the top).

We’re not really seeing what we’re feeling on any of the meters, though. Note that The Event occurs FROM INSIDE-OUT, not from the sun… though there could be external activity, too.

Keep it up, lady.


Oh, that’s why so many CATs reported feeling nauseous this afternoon — we had another timeline jump:

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 11.42.56 PM

At the same time, the sun did more of that singular phase-shifting its been doing of late:

Big portal opened up right before.


Check out the movie. The sun’s getting ready to jump to a new energy state, just like Gaia.

Just noticed, as we were feeling the “champagne bubbles,” the proton counts went to infinity:

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 12.00.42 AM
All the way on the right of both meters.
Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 12.01.09 AM


And another timeline jump:




This is the current proton count…


Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 4.48.43 PM

…now look at the scrambled numbers to the left on yesterday’s graph (those blue and red lines to the right of the graphs are *readings,* not the edge):

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 12.00.42 AM
Timeline scrambled.

Is it any wonder we were feeling nauseous?


Check this out. That latest timeline jump (where we all felt nauseous) was a pre-SHIFT test, to see how we’d do! No idea if we passed.

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 7.35.54 AM

Be sure you’re doing Lisa Gawlas’ rainbow meditation (concentrating on each color step on the way up, ROYGBIV, until the color appears). It’s definitely taking more time than usual as we go up and up.

More later.

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  1. All this leaves me a bit breathless – but in a wonderful way of anticipation of what’s to come (and deep, endless appreciation for what’s been accomplished so far….)!

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  2. Well, I don’t know about You ALL, but I’m still mostly still knocked out. The vision changes are still occurring, my body over the past month has become remarkably streamlined, and lastly, the dogwoods, after their magnificence, are past. Things have quieted down, the Shift is accelerating. Saying goodbye to 3d world. My bags are packed. Let’s blast off! Oh, and speaking of angels, a whole gaggle of them went by this afternoon as I was sitting out on the deck.

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    1. Hi J. I thinkmany of us have had the stuffing knocked out of us this week. Take things gently, slurp up plenty of that source centred peace in your garden (and lattes). Maybe you were meant to live there for just such a time as this, to recover and recharge your batteries.No coincidences! Oh and make sure you feed that streamlined body well. ☺️😸💖

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  3. Sweet!! Awesome post Cats & M’s
    I’m excited! By the way, the meditation aftermath has been a bit rough. But ohhhh so worth it!❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Does this mean the blog will go away? Does this mean my sweet beloved cats will no longer be in this timeline with those of us who’ve enjoyed you so much? I will be totally bereft and will just have to go hide in my cat tree for the rest of this cat life. (I’m down to my final life here (#9), so I had not considered being with out my CAT friends …

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      1. I volunteer to help keep the blog alive, it is so very important to those of us who need it. While it is understandable if you
        CATS & Ms (& Dada) next level up – we know it is well deserved – bravo! But I also know it is my calling to “hold the door open” for all who chose to go, then I go, so I am available. After all, I already grew my wings ten years ago, so I know what you mean. 😉

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  5. So glad to see the new post as I was
    beginning to think that the CATs were
    ‘deep sleeping’, a term I made up when
    my cats would go into long periods of
    sleeping, where they almost seemed to
    be catatonic! I had to rest quite a bit after
    our steps meditation, but I didn’t mind
    feeling exhausted 💤 since we had amazing and measurable results. With great thanks to ALL for your help. That picture of the rainbow 🌈 over the Tor was beautiful!



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  6. I was so glad to see this post pop up in my email just now! I’d made a post on the previous thread at 3 am EDT this morning. When I didn’t see it or anything else new on that thread earlier today, I thought perhaps you’d all left without an adios. My post is now not important, since we’re to only concentrate on the path ahead. And I knew when I checked the Schumann earlier what that big white blob was. Amazing! Around 1 pm EDT here in SW MI, there was a circular cloud all the way around the bright sun, on the edges of which was rainbow colored. I took several pictures. I breathed in Source and felt tingles. Other than that I have still been exhausted from the meditations and the 3D trauma ongoing. My Reiki healer older sister was hospitalized with a bowel infection that also manifested with mental confusion. She is only 73, though in fragile health. I need to connect with her, 4 states away, to tell her to hold on. Positive energy in her direction would be appreciated! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Only two naps today, though I am dragging myself from room to room. Hopefully we don't have too far to go. Beam me up, Scottie!

    We are Light, Love, Truth and May all worlds host Love. We are One!

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  7. one wonders why my comments keep disappearing from the blog. I asked does this mean the blog will go away? Will I never be in the furry presence of my favorite fur-pawed beings again? Never be able to share a bowl of cream with the CATs? (paraphrased from my original post…) – maybe I’m shifting timelines so frequently tonight that my comments aren’t landing where they belong … it’s hard typing all this without opposable thumbs, ya know. Love and Light to all my fur-friends.

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  8. Awesome update, feeling all of that 💕! Big Gaia shifts 👆🏼 so happy 🎉

    + Yay on the transition to focus on the higher ✨ here and less on the lower. Going full on love mode 🌈 🥇
    Starship, We Built This City has been playing on loop for weeks in my head , lol. 🎶 Don’t you remember…. We built this city… 🎶

    Much love to you all ✨💞🎉

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  9. Woke up looked at the clock 5:05
    Angel Number 505 brings a powerful message about important and necessary life changes. With the strong influence of both the 5 and 0 vibrations, Angel Number 505 tells of breaking free from old constraints and restraints, new directions, taking chances, expanding your horizons and seeking new experiences.
    I had a huge shift last Friday, not sure where I am but I am enjoying living for the very first time and allowing it to gently unfold. It’s been quite a ride.

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  10. In my side, i had a dream where my house was collapsing. Going outside and saw the front of the house just fall apart. But right after that, a Big phoenix appeared from the inside and took off in the sky, and came back in front of me with others. The world was in grey shades, but with phoenix flying everywhere…

    Cool dream on your side, hope to be part of this incredible NE crew! Love o all!

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    1. Well. The dream could mean something totally different. In dreams, houses (and ships) can mean your body. In those CATs’ cases, it could be that their new *bodies* are ready, after all the upgrades… but you know what you typically have to do to get into a new body. Unless SOURCE offers up a miracle. Dreams aren’t usu. literal.

      -CAT Eds.

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  11. Got up had a shower fed the cats looked at the clock 5:55.
    Angel Number 555 is a message from your angels that it is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you. Trust that they will be replaced with ‘better’. Release old doubts, fears and perceived obstacles, and if feeling any fears or confusion, ask for support and guidance from your angels.
    Thank you doesn’t seem suffice for all the wonderful learning following the Cats and M’s on this website. It has been an honour.

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  12. I hope I’m going to the NE. I pray and meditate for it everyday. Yet a part of me feels I won’t go. I guess I can only hope For now.

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  13. I’ve been getting more and more bored with everything, this switching off more and more. Maby it’s A sign I’m going to the NE?

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      1. Yes yes yes 🌈 🌈 🌈

        ❤️🌈🐈❤️🌈🐈❤️🌈🐈❤️thank you for your dreams cat’s!!! ❤️🌈🐈❤️🌈🐈❤️🌈🐈❤️

        I am thinking about my meditation I had in january:

        Today is January 7th 2020-01-07
        During my breath meditation I met my Arcturian family as usual. They introduced me to the commanders Mira, Jin-Jin and Unu-Ka from the Pleiades. We immediately got on the mother ship. 400 km in diameter. Akanua means the ship and means Challenge. With this ship we will save the earthlings . There is even a kind of small sea with dolphins and other fishes a type of channel ( think at a Donut) in the middle are several zones of earth nature up arctic and down to equator and antarctis.

        I know it sounds crazy to say that I am involved in the rescue operation in the spaceship of 200 million people in a mother ship.

        But there are another 3600 of us, as ambassadors in addition to me and they will also help people to get out of a kind of stiffness of consciousness. The shift will be a big shock for people who are still completely attached to 3 D and who are unable to find their way out of their frequency cage.

        I write for those who can resonate with my words and I know that not everyone wants or can.

        But everyone will be saved with the help of other large mother ships, which will synchronously position themselves around the earth when the time comes. There are a total of forty spaceships. It will all happen very quickly. The entire earth is evacuated within 15 minutes when the Solar Flash comes.

        It’s like the cleaning service in the hotel cleans the rooms, no guest wants to stay there, it gets uncomfortable.

        Tabula rasa is done on earth and so it is advisable to go first …

        🌈 🌈 🌈
        Maybee it is my hope, that everybody will be rescued. Some go to other planet’s some come back to 3 Dimension.

        🌈 🌈 🌈 it’s getting more and more dramatic upstairs on the sun…
        I guess the sun have visit of Ishtar and both are dancing and kissing and having fun together that will be expressed in explosions (micronovas?)

        love Alnilam❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️

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      2. your right CATS it did happen or rather IT IS HAPPENING-our turn-IN THE SLOT its the how and the choices we make-that human thing-these last few weeks outside working with materials and interpretations of cosmic design and quantum planetary physics- have given understanding how the perceptions are programmed and limited and the explorations with consequent discoveries thru rejuxtaposition and extrapolation have opened vistas to new modes of physical dimensionality-thru visualizing and visualisation-me kinda like child of universe-not knowing details yet experiencing the awe of awakening-but the old guy brain keeps the disciplined beat CONSCIOUS AWARENESS-many blessings and safe journeys-its the traveling not the destination- ps still this ominous silence permeating this part of earth-adios

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    1. No. Gaia is a spirit. She moved to 4d. The 3d earth is still here and we’re still mired to it, while also being able to “exist” on 4d somehow. It’s a little weird. And uncomfortable!

      There will be no med-beds, not that we’ve seen. That seems like disinformation.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. The Med Beds just accelerate the energy of SOURCE into areas of the energetic body.

      Accelerate SOURCE light and Pure Clean Energy from (now) Tara Core into the area needing work. Visualize in meditation the damaged areas receiving the energy and sub-microscoptely stitching together the frayed edges…repairing damage.

      Try this. I have used it on myself and others, by touch. The more LIGHT you can feed the damage, the more the damage mitigates.

      Mix with MILD exercises that PT would dictate for post surgery. EASY DOES IT. Let your heart do the healing and you body kindly and gently stretch the repairs to keep strengthening them.

      Try this for a while and check back with the allopaths to see if there isn’t progress.

      if you can avoid the scalpel, all the better.


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          1. Yeah, a lot of people have noticed that if you ask a surgeon… you’re always going to need the surgery… Maybe a second opinion from a physical therapist?

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          1. thanks. don’t know the surgery date yet. unfortunately, i have to take that covid test 1st before i’m allowed into hospital. i’m more concerned about that. who knows what they’ll stick up my nose. oy vay

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            1. I’ve heard diatomaceous earth can help with cleansing out the body of any nasties, hopefully someone here will have more concrete information on that or other remedies. Wishing you a swift recovery and the shortest (and most comfortable) stay in hospital!

              Much Love and Light 🙏❤️🙏

              P.S Might be a good idea to set protection and grounding before the op 😉🙏❤️

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        1. Hi Duganknows. Words of encouragement forthcoming 😊 My neighbour opposite had the op 6 months ago. She is so pleased with the results and happy to have the other one done now. I’m sure we can all send love and healing to you when it happens. Let us know petal.😘🥰🤗

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  14. This new post has made me feel quite tearful with relief and happiness that we made a difference to our beleaguered planet. The the addition to the mantra really struck a chord. Thank you so much.
    This has been topped off by the news that we can fetch Luna earl than anticipated as they have allowed reopening of animal rescue centres in the UK. The big day is Saturday. Many excited woo hoos. 😺🐅🌈💖💖💖

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  15. I just read this post and to my suprise, there are some connection with my meditation last night 😉✨

    During the meditation, I could here something like “the ships engines are firing up”, multiple ships for many, like it is a time to go, I had a feeling that my crew will pick me up last night, but as Lisa said in the last post, there i no time in meditation, so it could be some other night 🙂✨

    But it is astonishing how that info I got in that meditation is related to this post in a way, mind blowing 👍✨

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  16. First comes the HOWL, then the Shift…at least that is how I have understood the sequence. We are not at Peak Outrage yet. The anti-police-brutality riots (unfortunately hijacked in some cities by criminal mobs) are just the warm-up act. We now need to have stunning revelations about the ca8al to really make the public scream. Then we’re all out of here!

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  17. CATs, Ms, Everyone… my heart is so full of love right now, and my heart is racing. This post has me blown away…

    I dreamed a whole bunch of chaos last night, but was also leaving and trying to get my luggage together… in the end I knew I didn’t live anywhere anymore, and most of my stuff had gone somewhere, but it didn’t matter.

    May All Worlds Host Love… Que Sera! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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  18. Love the Glastonbury picture. Looked at Stonehenge after seeing that (it’s not far away from G) and sure enough there was a strong pink line most of the way round!!
    Hope to see you all on NE although I have a feeling I still have work to do here

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  19. I’m on THAT ship too! I actually look a little like Spock (the ears!), but sadly no where near as intelligent. Maybe I could be referred to as “Spack”, and I’d make the coffee?

    Just a thought. Many of us had visions of the SHIFT being around Autumn time. What if it wasn’t a reference to a season. What if it was a metaphor for when Gaia’s spirit had left the planet?

    Also, how would the PTW attempt to sacrifice Gaia? How could that be achieved? I thought spirit was immortal, were they simply attempting to lock her into 3D permanently?

    Spack, I mean Mark

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  20. This evening, i smells grass everywhere.. and the smell after rain if you know what i mean.. but the ground so dry, i wonder where that smell from.. so freshh.. it keep coming.. and also i feel heat from my head down to my shoulder and stay there for almost and hour.. the Sky’s so pretty too.. oh my im so happy, and grateful.. much love..😊🙏🌏💐🌈

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    1. I smell cilantro near the garden of Earth-den. A gift from Gaia/Universe. May Every Place Host Love. Peace.

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  21. So we are all now 4D humans? I thought we were ascending to 5D, is that still happening? How long do you think humans it will take for every human to reach 5D consciousness?

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  22. Thank you CATs and thank you Pam141 ❤️ Wow, what a beautiful, magical photo! Was it taken from your window? Gorgeous! 🌈🌟🌈

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  23. where ever i go there will i be-as i am now-home is in the heart and spirit is all and everywhere for ever-or is it 4xever- thxs4updates-concise-detailed-understood- been an interesting experience-many lives and many selves all in this ONE-now– went out to town yesterday=saw friends-stores closed-and found out my medical records had been stolen thru computer hacking from local clinic-been there before and know how it complicates life-but thats the old life and now in a knew NEW- PS MY KITTENS here continue to grow and amaze-wild and reckless but innocent and fragile-and the older CATS just watch or ignore—- back into town today more business to deal with-but now the time spent with friends is soo much more pleasant-time to talk and share-smile and laugh-not much laughing but trying is great for everyone-take care all-be at peace and unity with source-as above so below-now sunrise in desert and off to water the garden and sing with the birds- ps thxs4data-photon and density waves seem to have united with the uv increase=here 11.6 yesterday to STOP TIME- been knocked out at 1pm till 5pm- but loading up on the anti-oxidants 2x/24 has really helped for physical and mental recovery-the healing process of life and living…

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  24. Noted- pure and absolute silence-the birds no sing-the ants not out-no butterflies just spiders and their webs- the sun pure bright blazing glory-but a high-intense-frequency sensed but also heard between my ears-out here in the sonoran desert — there was once a man called carlos castaneda-writer and some sharable wisdom-the cubic millimeter of chance-live your life as a warrior-and learning to stop time were among some of his wisdom-which i practice each passing day- ps if anyone wants list of antioxidants will share here just leave a note-also since this dna restructure/realign occuring-water is our greatest gift and need-use it wisely-a couple of quick outdoor showers exposed to sun is wonderous for its effects and drinking a higher ph water with lemon/lime juice squeeze helps in the adjusting- the ringing is everywhere9inside house and outside —what will the day bring-more photon storms???

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  25. Most amazing to see this post upon waking this morning… I too had another dream (this morning) and heres the gist of it…

    I’m in my house but someone else is living there and my stuff is gone… my son is still here and he’s all calm about it like its the proper thing to do…but I’m confused and say so…then he hands me a bunch of papers which I do not read because this is my house I pay the bills! He finally tells me…apparently a twin of mine has died and now lives in the house and I’m not allowed to live here anymore because a conflict will happen…What!! then I start running thru the house and my stuff is still gone…as the dream fades I’m in the kitchen asking how long this will be and I hear…*may be forever*

    So I wake and lie in bed thinking about what just occurred and thinking the -CATs saying … house=body… I fall back to sleep.. I’m standing in my driveway, the skies are blue with a few clouds and everything is bright, clean and clear… I see an ET vessel fly by and then I hear a vehicle idling though I can’t see it with dream eyes… I see a shimmer with my mind… I crawl onto the trunk of my car and wait…the voice, which sounds like a man, starts talking… I clearly heard every word he said … but upon waking the only words that I remembered … -its policy and a group has a policy with me now-…that’s why the house is off limits to me…

    Well I must say this morning has been pretty exciting because I sense changes are going to happen *again* (a new body?) and your lastest post has only confirmed that! Thank you!

    Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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    1. For someone who rarely remembers dreams I seem to be remembering some at least partially… so last night before I fell asleep I asked Holy Spirit for assistance in why my night dream house was off limits and where was I going to live…

      the following is what I saw in dream state…I see myself in a fairly large nice room with my stuff in neatly packed and stacked white boxes against the wall…a nice fluffy white puff is on the bed and it appears clean and tidy…its a motel/rooming house and I have a room here … at least for now (not sure yet where here is though) (I’ll be asking Holy Spirit about this tonight)

      this morning upon waking I felt more at peace than I had and I don’t feel so bad about the earlier dream because for a bit I was feeling kinda homeless Lol!

      Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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  26. I’ve been wondering how that Shift to the new occurs myself. The traditional way….or a NEW way.

    At any rate, today I “felt” clouds roll in – like a storm is coming. And I was in the middle of the house, with no windows around me, so it was etheric.
    Then I felt the urge to open a portal in the lower levels, calling my peeps, my group, the ones that I came in with. They’ll hear. It’s time to schedaddle out of the lowest, lower, low realms. Even if they are playing some dark parts to get people to see, even if they are deep asleep, even if they have lost hope, even if they are putting it off till the last minute to help as many as they can. It’s time to migrate up. Because a Storm is coming. And it will be felt thru all the levels, but most devastatingly at the lowest, lower, low levels.

    My portal is my higher NE color, it will sound the tone, they will hear.
    They have to know that some have chosen that route. For the learning curve. It’s time to pull up.

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    1. Yes, all plans, all thngs we’ve seen over the years could get scrapped in the blink of an eye for a NEW way for all this to happen. People need to stay flexible. This could also be where the “surprise” factor comes in.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. a NEW way seems the most likely to me… and somehow comforting…. no need to prepare beyond G+P+C and staying in joy and love frequency range. OF COURSE all will be perfectly timed and executed, given the ‘hand’ at the tiller 🙂 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the ‘moment’ brings a good belly laugh to boot?

        thank you ALWAYS CATs and crew combined for this nourishing and uplifting space we share.
        much love and abundant smiles to all,

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        1. A belly laugh. I like that.

          Could the HOWL be the collective laughing at the Deep State uncovered and naked?

          Not likely, I guess.

          But a MOMENT will arrive where ALL can see who is caught with their pants down.

          PEOPLE. MATTER.

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          1. No, it’s will be utter outrage. The Dems and PTW couldn’t have mucked this up any worse than they did. Seems there’s to be a ‘big death’ pretty soon that will be before the HOWL. Then again, all this stuff changes so much — and is communicated to us in such a weird way — that it’s ridiculous to make any predictions.


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            1. This is the ‘event’ I saw the other day when I was shown this timeline. It was a large ‘important person’ who died. It unified humanity, but you aint seen nothing yet on riots. Felt like the whole world of humanity decided they were done with PTW and its looked like all out war everywhere.

              It isn’t pretty, but I guess it achieves what’s needed at a high price.

              I was hoping the 3d / 4d push would change that… maybe not 😦

              If this is the HOWL then …. buckle up

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            2. We were hoping we’d get the nod BEFORE all that happened.

              We’ve been chatting about this all day: WHO could die that would turn everyone around and unify people?? People are so mean-spirited now, dead from the heart-up.

              -CAT Eds.

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            3. The only thing I can think of that would unify everyone and turn them against the PTW is the revelation of what’s been happening to the children. Maybe instead of an “important” person dying, the catalyst will be the visible death of a child that leads to the discovery of what’s happened to all the others.

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  27. sharing something ‘off topic’ : I find it curious how the cats had star trek ‘comm badges’ all show up in their dreams….I did as well, so I feel this part is significant, & possibly some cats may also have interest in perusing this. I will be. Without going into great detail, in my dream I was at a usual familiar dream place, but this time it was night & there were many lit candles, like a memorial or a seance. There was a large group of people gathered, but they were absorbed in being entertained by a single male loud performer talking, singing & dancing in & about the group, all were wearing the typical ‘point up’ badges but mine was not, it was inverted within a 3 circle band & I was more outside the group as an observer & I felt this happening, all of it seemed off, like a great hypnosis. So far I have looked into the emblem of the gold badge itself & how it has evolved over time. In the most recent series ‘Picard’…the emblem is positioned on it’s side, which is also rather curious…..

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    1. We wondered about that, too. M5 suggested that this is a shorthand-symbolic way of us to have telepathy turn on. OR we will literally get ET-made comm devices, which some CATs have seen. Perhaps a little of both.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. @ kittkattt & -CAT Eds

      “WHO could die that would turn everyone around and unify people??”

      Not necessarily a human.
      It could be an IDEA.
      An Idea so shocking, will short-circuit all the hypnotic minds.
      They will still riot in desperation, till their own self-destruction.
      The Flash from the Great Central Sun could then be
      their grace shot.

      All moves God does are in full force.
      And all must be worked out and completed in full.

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  28. Oh, and the main rainbow portals are still open, traffic will most definitely begin to increase as things develop. Get ready for the influx. It’s choice time.

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    1. This is a mechanism we don’t fully understand. Seems the portals are still here… though we expect more and more to “withdraw” back to Gaia for the next level. OR, SOURCE is keeping these intact till The Event. Both seem correct.

      -CAT Eds.

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  29. I’ve been feeling that for many months. The knowingness that I need to release humanity and go forth to NE even if it is before The Event proper. Each human will or has made whatever choice they will make and that is as it should be.

    Monday morning I got up late and the clock read 11:11.

    Lots of dreaming last night. Bits I recall now: I was alone in the backseat of a car, an African guy with an accent was driving. At one point we were driving on such a narrow road that the corn stalks were hitting both sides of the car at which point I got worried wondering what was happening and thinking this guy seems a bit mentally unbalanced maybe. I asked him how far away from Toronto we were. He said either 100 miles or maybe it was more. That worried my mental self a bit so I asked him where he was headed and he said something like; a rehab center.
    Another dream I got on a very bright elevator alone. Pushed a button then wondered if I hit the right one so I hit another one thinking this thing is so fast I’d better hit it quick. They were big numbers I think the second one I hit was in the 300s (can’t recall exactly).


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  30. The last few weeks I’ve been enjoying a lot of Alba Weinman’s hypnosis sessions on youtube. I strongly recommend you watch THIS particular one I just watched. Not that it is focused on the Event per se but this session is incredibly moving. Also there are some nuggets in there about Mt. Shasta, Earth human slave labor on Mars, Egypt pyramids. Within this one session you really get a lot of beautiful moments.
    Do take the time, you won’t regret it I promise! (It’s not ALL about his reptiian life despite the title)

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  31. I’m ready to follow Gaia whenever we’re ready to do so. There’s very little left now tethering me to this specific reality.

    It would be a good time for me to bow out of this depressing, boring spectacle alongside the rest of you guys.

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  32. @thanks to Pam141 😊🙏🌏💐🌈

    what a beautiful picture
    so promising and awsome

    I went three times to Glastonbury with my husband
    for Ancestors healing and White Tara Ritual

    the mists of Avalon where we all lived on our journey
    and now we cross the mists and walk to NE 😊🙏🌏💐🌈

    so much love to everybody here on the board
    I feel so honnoured to be a part of this group
    thank you my friends…. I love you 😊🙏🌏💐🌈

    love from Portugal the land of the Gral: Porto-Gral

    Alnilam 😊🙏🌏💐🌈

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  33. Couple dreams last night.

    In one I was laying in my stomach and my hair was loosely gathered above my head. A bird landed on it and laid an egg. I grabbed the egg to keep for later. This happened repeatedly.

    The other dream I was searching through my closet for the “Christmas” box. The closet was large and felt like an attic space. As I was moving boxes around I noticed another family was there. They had also been storing their boxes there and said they had previously lived in my apartment.

    I also had dream a few days ago that my auntS face was drooling on one side, like she was having a stroke and I took her to the hospital….
    I sent her a message today to see how she was doing. Turns out she fell and broke 3 ribs.

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  34. Thank You Cats & M’s 🙂 Fascinating I was awoken at 12.34am with the information there is a Purple Cloud BURST of energy coming our way … it will affect Gaia’s Electrical Field & that we will all be Cloaked in Purple including Gaia … our SPINES will feel this energy as it charges us all UP … I am being shown the DJED connecting the Spine of you to the Spine of Source … Telepathy will increase, our Bond to Gaia will Strengthen thru the reinforcement of our Spines. Violet PHIre heals the Blue Flame (the Mind) & Opens to the Universal Mind of ONE.
    I am feeling this is supporting us for the 21st.

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    1. Interesting. Some CATs have what we term “indigo vision” because it’s that color: purple. People and images are monochrome indigo. We saw the same purple in that ‘ship’ dream some of us had, coming from the sky; didn’t realize it till now. But the energy surrounding Gaia at the ‘top of the steps’ was bright violet, a paler shade. Perhaps our vision will go violet next.


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    2. Yeah that resonates… I have been seeing a lot more of the indigo and violet especially since last Friday just in the larger spectrum rather than just my personal field. Exciting ✨💜💙 🚀 !

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      1. @ cloudradio3711
        It looks like we are NOT the DJED.
        But the ANKH, well, that is a most powerful,
        Master tool of projecting/ restoring Light.
        I was holding it many times, together with
        Source and the Sovereigns of this Universe,
        bombarding, beaming, flooding the dark with Love.
        Felt gorgeous.

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  35. What’s going on with with ankle biters & lizard people these days?

    I find it really hard to figure out all the craziness that’s going through people’s minds. It’s like they just don’t think before their actions. Just wondering if they have still got any influence over things now.

    Somehow I always hope they realise the wrongs they’ve done and feel the pain that they’ve inflicted. So they actually get a chance to go back to source. I know source will always be an option for them, because they are source in a way.

    This is a crazy place, I just hope the masses do enough to go to 4D. If I had a place in 4D, I’d trade it for the ca8al to go as long as I knew they fully changed their ways.

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    1. As I understand it, they’re going all in for maximal humiliation and epic defeat; by their own choice since on some level they can see how insane they are and what kind of lessons they need to move on. I wouldn’t expect them to give up at all and suggest forgiving and wishing them well in the hell they’ve created for themselves.


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      1. One must feel LOVE in one’s heart, to grasp the Divine tool of Forgiveness as the perfect answer.
        They are not able to.
        They lost that part in their heart, by replacing it with technology.
        They were given extra time to change and remember,
        but they didn’t. Too dark their mindset. By rejecting Source,
        they cannot take in help any more.

        Not one single human will land on a ship wrongly.
        There is no such in God.
        Each and everyone of us is well known & perfectly planed.
        And each and everyone of them will land on the perfectly
        appropriate planet, where they have the chance to start anew.

        “There is no punishment in God and none in me”.
        (A Course in Miracles)

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  36. That RAINBOW OVER THE TOR photo was uploaded by Mike Jefferies on 7th June, Sunday to his Facebook, just 2 days after the United Earth: Rainbow Stairs Meditation.

    According to him, “This shot was taken looking back across Glastonbury as a storm passed over and the sun behind creating this fantastic sky and colours”

    CATs, just wondering – what about the people in Hollow Earth? Will they have a choice to ascend to New Earth too?

    How do people make a choice which path to choose if they are unaware of Ascension, too engrossed to make a living?

    Even since knowing that the Shift is nearing, every morning when I wake up, the first question that pops my mind is – any update in this blog? A mixed-feeling follows when there is one ….

    Much Gratitude and Love 🙏💖

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  37. For many years, I had a strong feeling that some kind of event would occur where
    there would be great numbers of people who would be instantaneously transported onto enormous galactic ships. There would be ships above the Earth that would scan people and would automatically teleport those above a certain frequency. Once there, they would be kept in a peaceful, very relaxing energy and then, in groups, taken into a room and told where they were and why.

    In those days, I did not know about New Earth and thought that whenever the
    crisis, that had occurred, was over people would be returned to Earth. I now think
    that if anything like this would happen people would raise their frequency on the
    ships and then be returned to New Earth.

    I have to believe that those who were not taken aboard the ships would also be
    helped, possibly by another ET group, who would take them to a planet that would
    match their vibration. As the CATs have said too high a vibration for those who are
    not ready would cause great discomfort and even death.

    In my more than 60 years of spiritual study and following the possibility of there being galactic technology that would assist in the momentous change that has
    been predicated in cultures around the world, I have seen plans change over and
    over again, and in the last few years been aware of the seemingly endless timeline jumps, all of which lead me to conclude that I have no idea of what is happening at all!! What I know for sure is that we are all ONE and we are going
    through this together.

    With lots of love to everyone,

    Coriboy, Senior HC

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  38. Thanks, ALL for Updates 1&2. The energies have felt increasingly raw. Unbridled in strength and intensity. Wowzers!!! Funny story, since I’m apparently a glutton for punishment, I girded my loins and descended into Seattle. My blessed chiropractor needed to be seen. I was waaaay over a session, and quite frankly, was tired of the pain. All this intense energy plus being badly out of alignment were taking their toll . (of course, if I had any sense while gardening, I probably would be better off. However, when one gets the call, whatta ya gonna do?) Anyway, after an hour and a half, I felt human again. Yaaay! Then got in the car and beat it for home. Naps ensued followed by a much needed latte. It’s amazing how a little coffee sets things right. It’s still cold and wet here in the PNW. I think it got up to a blistering 61 degrees today. This is the kind of Juneyary we used to have. Thanks to all those who have stopped the damnable weather engineering. Much noticeable. This is my ramble for the day. Cheers

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    1. J,
      I envy your temperature as it was 93F here at 9 A.M. and climbing.
      Had the champagne bubbles yesterday, noticed while sitting still. I am concerned about the plant and animal life which exists here and now that Gaia’s spirit has moved to 4D. Hope we ALL make it to NE before the degradation becomes apparent. I need the beauty which surrounds me as flora and fauna. Will trust that all has been accounted for in a seamless transition to life on 4D and beyond. Cay

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  39. I’m feeling the lack of protection from the energies mentioned in the latest update. I awoke at 4am, went back to sleep at 5.30am wondering why I was awakened. The alarm went off at 7am and I feel sick and have a headache. Going back to sleep now with my earplugs stuffed well in. It’s the ear splitting baby rooks outside asking their mums for food. I wouldn’t mind but they are as big as their parents now – go get your own food that I have put all over the lawn. Gawd! 🙁🙄🤨

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    1. Lol, Newlynn, I was just walking around in my house looking for where that high pitched, mechanical sounding, and really loud noise was coming from, thought that an appliance was malfunctioning or something, but hey, it was just a teenage titmouse making a ruckus sitting ON the bird feeder complaining about the lack of assistance! 😂😆

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      1. Veni vidi. Lol back at u. That’s lovely. It’s so funny to see the young rooks feeding themselves then pester their moms who aren’t obliging them any more. 💖☺️

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  40. J, I so understand your need to see your chiropractor. I will be seeing mine soon. Amazing lady who has just started on her spiritual journey and is moving at an amazing speed. We have some wonderful conversations 💜
    I can’t blame gardening for my misalignment. I’ve ridden/cared for horses for 60 years and ridden motorcycles for 50! I’ve had a lot of fun!!

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  41. Update 4, ah that explains why I left work yesterday and went home as had been feeling nauseous since Saturday thought it may have been something I ate. The feeling continued despite what I ate or didn’t eat felt like I was going to be sick so left work about lunchtime to work lfrom home. Also felt extremely tired, struggled to keep my eyes open head hit the pillow at 1600 slept deeply until 1900. Had something to eat went to bed at usual time 2100 slept soundly until 0600. Must have needed it!
    Exhausted so treated myself to sugar ring donut and almond latte this morning. Bliss 🍩☕

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  42. In my early AM sleep/waking events the old song, ‘Me and My Shadow’ was playing repeatedly – at that time no specific ‘voice signature’ attached – wondered if I was doing shadow integration work in my sleep – In my recent waking about 4:22 am – it was on repeat again – after a few repetitions I remembered a wonderful duet with Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra which made me also think of the energy of FRIENDSHIP will be one of the preeminent energies personally experienced on NE… Frank and Sammy were good friends – no matter what other questionable choices Frank made in life he was there for Sammy after he was in the accident and lost his eye – went into a depression because he didn’t know if he would be able to still dance without the depth perception – that man was MADE to dance.. and he did – he lived with Frank for a while during his recovery…
    Enjoy this short clip of them having much fun doing this song…


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  43. I also felt better after an inner response, sometime yesterday (6/9), after judging my not finding things to ‘do’ to experience Joy – I have felt a desire, in other circumstances. to be in REAL nature, but not a big possibility here mostly because of my physical condition, but also our mostly zero-scape landscape at the duplex complex – pea gravel and sidewalks – a few trees around parking lot( they are majorly green, can’t stop looking at them)… was able to convince the housing weedwacker to NOT cut down my one little patch of green I see from my window, something that is too close to the sidewalk – they cut it down to the earth last year – it’s 4 times the size this year – he was going to ask permission to let it be – guess I won… 🙂 It’s too bad about some of the other weeds as some little birds were eating the seed heads…
    Well, back to joy activity concern – I felt I was told, anything I could think of here – related to 3d activities wouldn’t be relatable to what I would be ‘doing’/ experiencing or the opportunity to experience at that particular next level, so stop judging myself for not being able to feel it now… that somehow made me feel better…
    Relating to something others commented on – lately, esp the days of and since the rainbow stairs meditations, I haven’t felt any desire to watch anything even the positive things on yt or check in with any (the 2 fb things I check on – both majorly positive) or even just music things on yt – wondered about that until someone mentioned it – guess I’m not alone…

    much love to all,


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  44. PS: to my last comment – even hard to find books I want to read – gave up on trying to find appealing movies long ago… guess I’ll have to ask for books that would be enjoyably contributory for me, to work harder to find me… 🙂


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  45. Things feel so odd at the moment, since Gaia left. Everything feels sort of empty and I feel like I’m not really here. Just in a daze, going through the motions of daily life/routine but almost like being on auto pilot.

    Elsie is so restless, refusing to sleep until the wee hours.


    Much Love & Light ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Well… Gaia still has some remnants here; all the Gaia portals are still here. This is a big transition, so there is still a little bit let to be moved, but it’s automatic, nothing we have to assist with. As Gaia puts on her new dress, she’ll eventually pull everything in (it takes more time since she’s got a much bigger body than we do), and then those of us who are going with her will get the nod… whenever that is! Then the portals will go, too. We feel like Elsie.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thank you ❤️ I see Gaia in such a beautiful dress!

        Hopefully we can be part of her embellishment, and sparkle with her…

        Yes, I feel like Elsie too! Since I ‘merged’ our minds and nervous systems through the SRB we are ‘feeling’ each other much more! Mostly positive but a few moments of dis harmony, mostly around sleep (or lack of) I guess we are learning still!

        Much Love ❤️🌟❤️

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    2. Lily, I feel the same. Often so dazed and wobbly, I feel like I’ve been drugged. I feel like I could sleep all day but become wired once night falls. I feel just so completely over 3d.

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      1. Brigitte ❤️ Yes, it does feel like being sedated at times!

        I think we could also be picking up on the absolute unrest and chaos out there. It is like you have to ground a few times a day to keep on an even keel!

        Sending Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    3. Lily ❤️

      I felt that way too on Saturday which really surprised me because I’ve been integrating my higher soul body layers over the years and usually I am pretty grounded.
      The feeling was like abandonment, loss, anxiety and sadness… I cried some, wallowed some, then I just energetically disconnected from any cords to 3d and that past aspect I was carrying in my body/being for Gaia at that level (felt like how you would do for a relationship ending)… and then by the next day I was back to my new self.✨❤️ Now it’s more bliss and love waves which are nice ✨💕

      Hang in there 🤗

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      1. AOA ❤️ That’s great, so happy to hear you have your bliss back 🤗✨☺️

        I have a feeling I may just need some decent sleep and a few salt baths with a ton of lavender oil!

        Oh and some good quality Matcha Green Tea!

        Anyone fancy a cuppa?! Would love to make it properly, in the traditional way…hmmm, maybe that will be something for NE!

        Much Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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        1. It’s easy to make. You just need fresh matcha (it goes bad over time), one of those bamboo whisks, boiling water, and a matcha bowl. CATs are experts at tea and coffee, if we do say so ourselves. We even have own own coffee blend! (Courtesy of Da-da.)

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Mmmm, well I hope I get to taste your special recipe on NE ☺️🍜

            I might have to treat myself to some real Matcha! Going to go do a wee bit of online shopping me thinks!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    4. Same here, but also, now when I am grounding to Gaia prior to meditation, like it is off center, and before I was grounding straight down, I do not know if others feel the same way ?✨

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      1. Percia ❤️ That’s interesting, I used to get that sometimes but before Gaia ascended.

        Perhaps you are feeling her as she settles into the higher planes…

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      2. ~ Perica~ yes, when grounding now for last few days, sense is of ‘Up’ whereas before it was under me. I take it for good news! 😎

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  46. After my last comments I really wanted to go back to sleep… felt like my brain speeded up, on overdrive, then felt very morphy throughout my head mostly, then MAJOR pain in upper few vertebrae and brain stem, and neck muscles – THEN pain in crown, too. (little dog sleeping above my head again, too – why does she dooo that?) – couldn’t sleep with all that going on…

    @Cats, Ms, ~AM – does anyone know what was going on with all that – it’s reduced, but still headache-y in the temple areas and the cerebral/thoracic junction and WEIRD… oh, and shaky…
    thank you,


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  47. These are beautiful times we are living to see these transition/ transformation/ transmutation into New Earth and 5D.

    I mean you feel the energy in the air! We all chose to be present at this moment to be part of this event.

    Im a quarter into ACIM and it is very transformative if one applies the it to the spirit and mind.


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  48. Hello Cats hello 4D-5D World and Creation,

    I am much grateful to be part of this great shift and transition that is taking place at this very moment, what a time to be witness and to heal.

    Their is so much energy in the air its amazing!

    I’m about a quarter of the way through ACIM, very transformative in how it breaks it down.

    lets enter I new state of light being with Source with Brother J and Superfriends!

    I choose source! Gung-Ho!


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  49. This popped up in my feed and started playing, and I paused at the sublime feeling. Then I saw the title. I believe others of me at different higher levels are sending the call down too.
    While listening to it, I saw an incredibly beautiful Shire like place, and I saw vines strengthen with love and drop down in the levels. It couldn’t go all the way down, but it started gently dropping Love down in the lowest and lower levels.
    We are so loved, we are never lost. We can always come home.
    Here is the music.
    Love to all. Angela

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      1. Hi Friend, Isn’t it lovely. I like 432 as a rule, but this was special. Calms you right down. And it’s “Spirit Tribe Awakening”.
        And my garden loves it! The jasmine is winding around my balcony rail, and when the music plays it turns toward it – every day.

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        1. ~ Angela ~ Now I’ll see your beautiful jasmine dancing with the music as well as my own images… how lovely an addition! Thank you again.


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  50. Reading this post, but also some comments here is making me wonder about real reason for some off us coming here, specially for some who are more often then others seeing the lights/ships in the sky, but also having the dreams about being on the ship, doing some work as a part off the ship crew, as I am having all off this happening to me, but as I can tell, to some others here, including the CAT’S and M’S 😉✨

    I have feeling that some off us have a different role here, at least after the Shift, which may include going up to the ship after the Shift, then maybe coming back to help others, or staying on the ship as a crew, which we were before coming here, or after all is settled on the NE, then returning to the ship as a part off the crew we were before coming here….

    I already got some info that I am watched and protected, so this my reasoning have some merits in my case at least, but I do not think I am alone in this, and that was also something I was told, soo….✨

    Any thoughts about this ?

    Thank You,


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  51. I wonder if you might be able to clarify questions I have about The Event in relation to ships appearing, people being taken on board etc…

    I know many feel that this will be part of the scenario but how can you tell if it is benevolent or not? Will we just know?

    Simon Parkes has mentioned some pretty dark dealings with ships and humanity but is this all in the past?

    Alison Coe and others have talked of sessions where their client describes them self or others going aboard ships.

    You mentioned before that ships won’t be needed so that would then be quite straightforward and nothing to worry about.

    Is there anything you can tell us about this?

    Perhaps it all depends on timelines or perhaps like you say, things change so often it’s hard to know how this whole thing will play out…Just want to ensure we don’t end up in an ET burger!

    Many thanks & Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Thank you, I need to trust more and just go with the flow! I did a couple of tests the other day online and definitely have quite autistic/aspergers ways. It’s actually a comfort. For all those years, I just believed I was a square peg.

        I get hung up on words and take things so literally then worry about it for ages afterwords.

        Love, Light, Peace ❤️🌟🙏

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      2. That is also how I understand it, but then immediately after the Event, there could be knocking on someone’s door 😉✨

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    1. Hi Lily – I’ve never thought it would be a literal “getting on a ship”. I think we are already there, on the ship. At another level.

      I’ve had deep heart felt knowings of missing my ship, all my life. But not any ship we know of here. This ship is alive, our friend.

      Because I agree, I would probably never simply get on a ship I wasn’t familiar with. From here anyway. That’s why I wonder how we will transition. Will it be like waking up, as we withdraw our energy from one level and focus on another – where we already are. It’s all happening now. It’s confusing from here.

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      1. Angela ❤️ Thank you for your insight. I do have a habit of taking things a bit too literally sometimes!

        In dream experience The Event feels like it would be a sort of melting away of the old and very fast growth of the new, being in a state of absolute love and amazement whilst watching everything unfold before our eyes.

        It’s so hard to put into words!

        I have also heard of ships being living entities/part of the being that flies them!

        So maybe you could become your ship?!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️🤗🌈

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        1. Hi Lily,
          I seem to have a touch of Aspergers myself, so I understand compulsions with minutiae. Lets just call it a love of detail shall we 🙂 So don’t apologize for questioning – anything. We’ve learned that cautionary tale very well.

          With my ship – It feels more like a telepathic connection that allows for a very deep level of closeness. A friend, and more than a friend. What sprang to mind when reading your post is a Holodeck.
          When we finally find the key, the code, the phrase to release ourselves – it would be like it simply disappears from around us. Although with the control panel jammed, I guess we’re going to have to learn a new level of transcendence to make it out of this one.
          Hmmm – just a flight of fancy I guess. Star Trek had a very large impact on me for sure – too much like something I remember.

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          1. Angela ❤️ I do love your thoughts 🤗✨☺️

            yes, the control panel was well and truly jammed, now they are making sure no sound comes out of the machine too, so many folk being gagged! It must be out of sheer desperation, game up I reckon!

            I don’t think they can be any match for Source but blimey they really are trying aren’t they!

            Much Love & Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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      2. It seems like a lot of us feel like we
        are part of a ship’s crew, I have felt
        this way for years although it is not
        clear what my job is. Yes, it certainly
        is confusing, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that many of us, who feel like we are a family here, are also working together on a ship.

        🛸 🌈 ❤️ 🛸 🌈 ❤️ 🛸


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        1. My comment from yesterday at
          6:17 pm, is still awaiting moderation, although others, after mine, have appeared. I did
          not think that I said anything out
          of line so I will try again.

          It seems like a lot of us feel like
          we are part of a ship’s crew. I have felt that way for years although I don’t know what my job is.Yes, it certainly is confusing but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that many of us, who feel like we are a family here, are working together on a ship.

          🛸 🌈 ❤️ 🛸 🌈 ❤️ 🛸


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        2. Coriboy ❤️

          Yes, I believe that is completely possible. I have had dreams that I cannot remember but when I awake I know I have been somewhere and am absolutely exhausted so I totally believe many have been working on ships or elsewhere in dream time, perhaps also on different timelines, different aspects of ourselves assisting somehow.

          Much Love ✨❤️🙏❤️✨

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          1. Agree! I awoke with sore chest muscles as if I was doing some heavy lifting last night. Could have slept most of day. Peace.

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        3. Coriboy that could very well be true. The call from higher levels has gone out, so maybe it’s the time where we find each other and gather for a leap. Different groups (crews) at different times, covering different aspects of the whole operation. Maybe our leap is up. So many pieces. I can’t wait until I can see more of the picture.

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    2. @hello dear lily144

      same questions for me
      if there wasn’t my dream about being an space ship commander in end of 2014, I would not believe in this scenario.

      It is so important to give not our power away for something, we believe is more powerful than humans. We humans are so special, mastering live at its best and going through graduation at this time.

      I believe, we are the saviours, we are the ones that we are waiting for. In any doubt, I have Jesus Christ and the “I am that I am”

      What ever will happen, we are safe, we are sealed with through the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and all will roll out in a matter of the higher spiritual world of angels (angels are not ET’s).

      What ever will happen soon, it will be for our highest good.

      ❤️🙏❤️ love to you and Elsie from Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Alnilam ❤️ Thank you 🙏

        I have had a dream where a ship lands, and a being emerges and embraces me and I absolutely know them from the heart and all I can feel is absolute joy and a feeling of such Love that I cannot describe in any language. It was so beautiful!✨

        Felt like my heart had burst wide open and I can only imagine what The Event will bring in terms of ‘feelings and Love’ I think The CATs were right when they said I would need lots of tissues!

        So, trusting ALL is well, ALL is in hand for the best possible outcome for ALL.

        So much Love, Light, Peace


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    3. hi, @ lily,
      forget simon parkes. All past. And too much blah-blah – also past!
      All reigns are in God’s hands. How many mistakes can you
      count in all His works?
      I trust YOU more than all parkes together.

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  52. I dreamed I had help rebuilding my existing home. I had a professional design team come in and tear down walls and the bathroom was in the backyard. Lol and I was like, where is the money coming from to do this? The neighborhood donated. My master bath is tiny and it really needs to be torn down and rebuilt! Haha

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  53. I also have had the ongoing  headache/ nausea for last 40 hours or so; somewhat easier today.  Definitely my own ‘meterage’ registering the energy flux.    

    A couple of new awarenesses:  

    1- I have been feeling that intense Source stillness for a while now, off and on.  Last night I noticed I  can feel Source stillness while also aware of normal stillness/ quiet, and can change focus back and forth without losing nourishment of the Source quiet.  I’ve been practicing reaching for and remaining in the Source stillness in the midst of waking life, and having reasonable success.  Most welcome feeling!

    2- DREAM…  crossing street to check on well being of some horses, had to enter a huge pseudo baroque mansion built to impress to get there, required a difficult ‘descent’ down steep stairways of narrow slippery steps, varying treads, and sometimes no footholds at all requiring acrobatics to continue.  I was dressed in fancy clothing and dress shoes to blend in with the elaborate social gala taking place in the building.  
    Coming back ‘up’ after assuring horses were ok, (their crippled movements were results of long past harm, and now their handlers were trying to help them move more smoothly) I tried a different stairway, found a hidden ‘elevator’ which zoomed up several floors then stopped at another ledge with no obvious way upward, more acrobatics and finally coming out at the ‘top’, and able to recross the street to where I’d come from.

    Take away:  the split is growing wider, the differences more obvious, ‘lowering in frequency’ still possible but barely, and the ‘sides of the street’ entirely of the owners’ making and choices.


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  54. Well, where to begin today. Up until around 3:00 PM PDT, I was burning hot. I was barely able to function. I then decided enough! I jumped into my newly restored car (1 1/2 months getting engine work done 210,000 miles) and drove to my favorite nursery which is at least 45 miles away. I had my mojo restored by my purchases, altho the sad brain-washed mask-wearers were out in zombie-like force. Sigh. Anyway the question I have to you ALL is what shifted energetically about that time , if anything??? Oh, and the power was out from noon until about 4:30. My eyes are spinning in my head going in direct opposition to each other. (kinda’ like those Felix the cat wall clocks that were popular in the distant past. Oh, Cay, it got up to 75 briefly today after 1 1/2 inches of rain the past 5 days so it was muggy (or what passes for muggy here in this mostly marine climate.) I did take off my long underwear today as well as my down vest. So there!!! Other than that I know nothing. But wait: Perica this is for you. I have stated some long time ago in this blog that I have very clear memories of being part of the crew to seed this planet with plant life, so I suspect that we’ve mostly ALL putted around in some sort of contrivance or another whilst performing our duties. Now I’m done!

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    1. I wonder if some off us will at one point meet on one off those ships ?

      In one dream, there was a guy in the blue uniform, but not as a jump suit, more like here a standard jacket type officer uniform, and just before I woke up he looked at me straight in front off my face, and I had feeling that it was done in that way so I could remember that face, I felt like in the original movie Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger when original him Hauser appeared on the laptop to deliver him a message 😉✨

      Few months later, I was told, that guy was actually me on the ship, and it was done like that intentionally to remember it, when time comes, sometimes I wonder if I am doing the duty on the ship while I sleep, or there are multiples me at a same moment, multidimensional in a way, somehow, and by the way, I am not in guys, but it was good looking guy, no beard, but I hope it is allowed 😎✨

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        1. Hahaha, Thank You Cristina, but I am adaptable, so if I have to shave it off, it is OK with me, still, I have it (like on that my picture, which is about 7y old but I like it), for more then 20y, but as I said, I can manage without it if it is a rule, soo… 😉✨

          I was in a military for a year and on the cargo ship for a 1.5m, so I know the rules, even in this life 😎✨

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  55. I dreamt I moved into a new house. It was a house inside a bigger house and there was a neighbour inside the bigger house.
    It was as if there were 2 houses next to each other inside a warehouse.
    The outside of both houses was white and the inside looked old, but in an appealing way. I didn’t like it at first but quickly got used to it.

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      1. Was hoping it was something better than that. In my current situation, moving to a new house is a very bad thing.

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          1. So in my dream I was fixing up my current house,(my body) like Fixer Upper!

            Which makes sense! Cuz I love being short, love the red hair, blue/green eyes, freckles. But I need to tweak my former athletic build and fluffy figure. Lol

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      1. Last night my dreams had a theme of Relocation.

        One was set in a truck stop (large gas and services area for long distance truckers and travelers). I was in observer mode.

        The second involved my stopping mid-journey to sleep overnight in some sort of public park, then being questioned in the morning whether I planned to stay long… my reply was ‘ NOPE, just traveling through! ‘

        Must have been along that 3d/ 4d Highway!

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  56. Hello! I dreamed of 3 brown siamese cats, they were “teenagers” and were abandoned, one of them was on my shoulder, another was sad but wanted me to welcome him, the third was very nervous about the situation, wanted to bite but in the end he accepted the affection.

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      1. I’m looking forward to my first chat with Luna tomorrow. Burmese are supposed to be talkative too. Don’t know where my lovely old Poons inherited it from. He was a black smooth haired moggie who could talk your ears off.🐈😸☺️

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    1. As I have said before, I am crazy about Siamese cats, having had
      eight in my life. In fact, I seem to have a Siamese cat addiction
      and have even been to treatment centers around the world, only
      to learn there is no cure…….it is just something that I have to live with!

      😊 ❤️ 😊 ❤️ 😊 ❤️


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  57. @CATs, etc- had numerous dreams overnight/this morning around my old massage practice office and area surroundings – would this count as body centered dreams or occupation/location processing/change? dreams –
    I haven’t done massage or had that office since approx late 1998 when I became disabled…
    Thank you if you have insight to this – esp since there were so many dreams in one night relating to this…


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  58. I wonder how long we should continue the Rainbow Stairs Meditation?
    How else we could be at service?
    Looking forward to more exiting news!


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  59. So, if buildings in dreams represent the body, what would dreams about your actual body represent?

    Have had quite a few recently, not so much the entire body but trying on different clothes, having pink hair, that sort of thing!


    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Ahhhhhh fun, yes, how do you do that again 😉

        Actually had a lovely day with Elsie, reading books to her, making shapes out of play doh!

        Hmmm, might actually try pink hair too (on me not Elsie!)

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  60. Almost 02:00am here, lots off lights in the sky, few are even changing colors, as I can see (and my eye sight is not so good), from white to red to blue, maybe few others not sure, but nice to see them in such a large numbers ✨

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  61. Last few days have been a serious struggle, I just want to sleep but can’t most of the time because the energy is keeping me awake and uncomfortable.

    At least I started running again, I have a nice forest trail that I used to run a lot back in the days, that definitely helps, except now my body feels more like 85 than 42.

    Plans change, but I’ve known for a long time that it’s supposed to happen before I turn 43, which is less than a month away now.


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    1. I just had an interesting thought while reading your comment
      …July 4 is also less than a month away.

      How great would it be to have an “independence day” from the PTW?

      A comment below says that people are going to howl because of the medical community hiding cures. At least in America, July 4 would be the perfect time to go crazy (especially in my area you can’t eat indoors or hold parties, but you can protest).

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      1. Yeah, I always figured there was a reason I was born the day after independence 🙂 Add 42, and something just has to happen.


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      1. I’m feeling hopeful, which is definitely better.

        The energy has been very intense lately, I think my main issue is figuring out how to make the best use of it. And I just want to sleep most of the time, which makes it difficult to find motivation.

        Thank you,

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  62. The White Hats are going to prove that the medical community has always had cures for cancer and other fatal diseases. They make their fortunes off of your and your loved ones illness and pain. If they cure your disease their money flow stops. This will create a worldwide HOWL.

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    1. It’s 10:30 pm here, and my daughter just put herself to bed. That’s unheard of. She stays up until 2-3 am every night. When she drops like that, usually I get it about a half hour later. So I put my fresh sheets on the bed 🙂 I’m all ready to succumb.

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    2. Well, strangely enough, it’s now 7:54 PDT. I just came in. It rained a gentle rain here in the PNW today, but now it’s sunny. I looked up about 1/2 hour ago and noticed about 15 rapidly laid chemtrails in close formation. I noticed they didn’t last for very long. Har! This would have been about the 7:20 time you just reported. Coincidence? Anyway I noticed a very strong SOURCE presence around that time too. Don’t know what any of it means. It just IS.

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    3. that’s 4:20 am Spanish time. And yes, my animals and I have felt it, now as I write (8.00 am) not even the third cup of coffee wakes me up. My cats and dogs sleep soundly, like drugged, this is their time to bark at the walkers and runners who are on the road in front of our house, I really miss this stillness.

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    4. fyi 3am az time-not only energy kicked up but out here out of park-strange sleep-deep too deep-actually had some form of interaction-it was like being in a cocoon and something encroached-literally had to fight it off-my indoor cat gave the signal to get up-fight it off-up and outside to see the sky-clear-pure and watching-the temps did not drop as usual- enveloped in peace and oneness-came in to check and now out to gather the rays =greet the sun and turn into light-it was interesting-was not afraid but breaking out of the cocoon was a release and the outside air a pleasure-be safe everyone-this too shall pass-words i repeat often–ps2 out here in az cv spiking according to their numbers-we must be really close cause tptw are breaking their dams with a flood of deciet and deception-but the silence is ominous

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    5. anyone feeling that their skin is crawling with hundreds of micro bugs but only on the head, arms & upper torso….although today June 12, it has settled down to a low, less annoying crawl.

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      1. You can literally feel the vibration of your molecules, some days it’s just at a background hum, others it’s like they are going to shake themselves apart! The last few days has been an intense wave up my body, it’s now at the weird headache stage

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  63. Massive back to back BOOMS heard in my neighborhood! 4-5! But skittish dog didn’t freak who runs to hide when something pops. Hmmmm. It sounds like a shot gun on a concert stage microphone

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  64. I just read the Update 6, and I have a feeling that I incorporated a lot off energies very well, and as I now meditate daily, often a few times per day (not working for more then 2 months now, so I have plenty off spare and a calm time), I think that helped a lot, and now I almost do not feel at all nauseous or dizzy as I felt just a month or two ago, as if my physical body is more in tune with incoming energies, buzzing is still there, but the frequency is different ✨

    Soo I think I am ready for the next level, bring it on 😉✨

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  65. What a Beautiful day in NW Pa. A Love wave hit, and I felt It for Allll! Ear bug made me miss All of You, even if I don’t remember meeting You. Peace.

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  66. Thank you everyone for your information and feedback.❤️ It really helps to have this space, to compare experiences, and learn new ways of thinking, meditating, etc. I am so excited for all of us! And I realized that I have been afraid of being excited for so long, because it just kept being a waiting game. But I feel this right now is very different, and that there is now a freedom to actually step forward, in progress. Just wanted to share my gratitude, appreciation, and love for all on this blog. Be well everyone! (((Group hug))) 💙🌎💎👏🏻🎶💃🏼

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  67. Where are we now…?
    All I can say is there is more of me here, wherever “here” is now. And wow – the power available. I went walking this morning, and it felt like I could fly, so much leashed power at my disposal.
    I have walked, watered & re-arranged the garden, and completely cleaned my daughter’s room and parts of the house, in the 3 hours since I woke up. Feels like a really large amount of change is headed our way….but it doesn’t feel bad. I hope that feeling is correct.

    Just feels like there’s so much more of me now to apply to the situation. Either more of me came down, or we went up a notch, and I’m more into myself there? Can’t feel that part straight. Very interesting…

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  68. All of these synchronicity.. 1818 2121 12 and white feather that falls down to me when i took a pic of a sky tonight.. and also headache that feels like forever in my head.. huuuft let me get some water..🤯

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  69. Hey CATs ❤️

    I am a bit confused with the whole Rainbow meditation.

    Can we just do the original CAT stairs meditation or do we need to forget that now and focus on Lisa’s Rainbow meditation? Lisa doesn’t mention stairs, just walking up the rainbow where I presumed you are covering all colours at the same time as they go up vertically together…?

    Also, would you still recommend doing the SRB meditations?

    I would really struggle with Elsie’s care to do all 3 meditations a day. She’s needing a lot of attention at the moment…

    Thank you and much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  70. CATs, are we accelerating (again!) today?

    I have that sense of driving way too fast on a washboard road since about 11am-ish PDT. That and a strong case of the sleepies.


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      1. I know, and I try not to think too much about my mistakes or my successes … but I do try to be more cautious 😉

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