3 Waves + Meterage 6-12 to 6-13-20 [UPDATE3]


Lots of us have been ‘seeing’ waves coming in for a long time now (30+ years). Some of you are talking about waves… and some of us, too!

Three Waves

Even before we moved where each CAT lives now, we saw huge waves swamping various landmarks associated with each of our respective locations. Don’t panic: These aren’t literal water tsunami, but energy tsunami. In some cases, we thought we were looking at SOURCE (the wave was bright like a mirror), but we were actually looking at energy at a certain place and a certain time (whatever that is). We are all now where we saw we are going to be.

First Wave

All CATs have seen waves coming in, in some cases three of them. Some of us call The First Wave, “The Rescue Wave.” It’s to take away those 2-3 million starseeds who came to help pull everyone else UP, but who are wore out (hands?). That and our various pack up and move/train leaving/ship disembarking/travel dreams makes things pretty clear. (And no, we’re not going to use the “s” word… but there it is.)

Second Wave

Some volunteers have agreed (way in advance) to stay through the First Wave (we don’t know who’s going or staying), till the Second Wave. They will deal with those who have suddenly had The Event wake-up call from The First Wave, with hopefully half or more of those still on 3d (who aren’t here to help) looking to find SOURCE ASAP. Others will deny and ignore what’s happened, but even some of them might eventually wake up, so don’t count them out. These volunteers will set the stage for the Second Wave, then go with it.

Third Wave

And after that, desperation might begin to sink in. But if you’re still here at that time, don’t panic. There is to be a Third Wave. Didn’t you ever cram for a test before? You might just make it. So, if this is the first time you’re reading this, get to work!

Where everyone winds up is beyond our scope. But please note that everyone will go where they are best served. And that there’s always hope, because all have the light within; even the most terrible of tentacle-y villains who’ve been practicing the dark arts for millions of years still have the Light of SOURCE within; yes, even they will one day turn back toward the light. So, why wait?



We just noticed a CME we had this morning (around the time a CAT or two were feeling like they couldn’t go on much longer, interesting):




We can’t tell which way this is facing, since the regular NASA CME meter isn’t showin this one. It had an interesting “ray” structure to it:

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.02.21 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.02.32 PM


There was also another odd component to it that we’ll look at in greater depth later:



It’s also launched a muon wave (which must have something to do with the above)… and which of course already got here:

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.03.58 PM

The sun is acting very strangely — almost as if it’s about to split off and create a whole other system. 😉

Bottom Line

~AM asks us this all the time: “What’s the bottom line?” And we have all learned to say, “Never give up!” And we never do. And we never will.

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 3.03.29 PM
~AM likes Captain America because he never gives up — on anyone. He won’t even give up on Mr. Nasty or the Akrons! (Yeah, seems crazy to us.) Anyway, he even wears this shirt, sometimes.


More muonage:

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 11.32.13 PM


Another CME:


And this looks like a timeline jump…


Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 9.23.00 AM

…but it could just be meters being swamped.

There might be something else, but we’re gonna wait and see.


AND another CME from the CME machine region:



More later.




132 thoughts on “3 Waves + Meterage 6-12 to 6-13-20 [UPDATE3]

  1. Hand up 🖐️ high here… 1st waver 🌊and I is ready ✨💖🎉🚀 can’t wait, but enjoying nature and beauty ~ sharing love every single day until lift off.

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    1. Agreed could not have said it any better, getting ready for 1st wave, putting out intention for 1st wave, and sharing light and healing.

      In my mediation today I saw many many rainbows, the inner sun was X1000… times more bright and was looping back and forth from the inner sun to the outer sun reaching Gaia and all humanity doing the same. illuminating the Earth.

      the Earth then also then shined from all the light emanating from everyones inner sun and SOURCE light.

      A dragon also appeared Silverish in color if i’m not mistaken, as well as other light beings,

      Finally when on top of the stairs caught glimpse of a stair path coming up and crowds of people walking this stair path in hurry , lots of people. Im glad so much work from so many through out the times is has reached so many and led them to choose to heal by the path of Source.

      Shine in your brightest light, each moment.

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  2. Yes! For years I have seen a wave, like a shock wave, blast through everyone, blanketing Earth. Are we there yet? Let’s surf this thing!

    Love to you all, love to all of us and love to you too Capt. AMerica!

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  3. It appears that I am in training to assist with the 2nd wave stragglers. My 33 yr. old daughter and her friend seem to feel the recent push to WAKE UP to Source and are calling me almost daily to ask about spiritual growth and awakening. Thankfully she is no longer feeling threatened or crazy by her clairaudience. Cay

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    1. @Cay – I have to agree with you. I think I’m here at least to help with the stragglers and maybe longer. Though I’m in my (very) late 50s, it seems like I’m only just getting started with whatever bigger thing I’m here to do. The first thing was to be mired in 3D, the second to escape/release (most of) that mire. And the third is yet to be concisely identified, though it involves writing & teaching.

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      1. Julie,
        Let’s laugh in the face of adversity just to piss off the powers that were. I think that is the best way through this flying poop storm. Cay

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        1. Flying poop storm; I like that. Dumpster fire works, too. Although it would be nice to be in the first wave, I’m not suffering like so many are. I suspect that my purpose has yet to be revealed and I’ve been waiting my entire life to find out what it is. Maybe that purpose can be served on NE; no idea. Meanwhile, like Julie, it feels like it’s about to get started, whatever it is (pretty sure it will involve healing in some way).

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  4. Firstly M6- Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate it. Secondly, I sure do hope I’m on the First Wave. The changes in my physical body these past coupla’ months lead me to believe that this might be the case. I know that some of the luster has gone out of being here on the farm. Thirdly, today’s rain let up and I went outside to refill the bird feeders. The gold finches seemed happy to see me. And last, but no means least, SOURCE presence is getting increasingly strong around here about 6:15 PM PDT. That’s about all I know for today.

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    1. This morning I felt I was going to die of a brain hemorrhage. I’ve lost three friends that way and I kept thinking of one person in particular. My legs were swollen and achy since the rainbow mediation. I was sure there was a blood clot somewhere, ready to burst my brain. I’ve had to lay down for hours everyday, my legs propped up in pillows. Today I went to the garden and stared at the sky, nothing improved my mood. This is very unlike me, I’m never moody or worry about such things.

      In one of the last blogs, I wrote that it felt like the very marrow of my bones was being replaced and someone sent this video that I did not look at until today:

      What a godsend. I went from feeling that I wouldn’t live through the day to getting up and making a huge pot of organic chicken and vegetable soup which took hours. The pain was gone! The contraction exercises in the video cured the pain in my legs and cleared my brain! Those exercises are called Kagel contractions which help prepare a person for childbirth. I never would have figured it out that those same exercises would cure the pain in my legs, clear my head and change my mood. The illustrations were particularly appropriate and helped explain a few details I had seen in my mediations. Thanks to whomever sent the video!

      I’m not ready to get back on any spaceship. I’ll go in the third wave near the end. I believe I am part of the clean up crew which is okay by me.

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  5. Freaky.

    Yesterday I found a site…


    I started reading the book they have online called…

    The Wave. From 2000ish

    Guess what it is about?

    The first few chapters are VERY RELEVANT to the topic.


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  6. thxs-well said-Never give up!” And we never do. And we never will.-had a deep day to reflect on nights dream and came to some conclusions-only differences in my protocols were-1/ate fresh grapes 2/increased dosage of ginko bilboa and niacin-which brought my circulation and nervous system to another level of awareness-these waves lifetime-day-breath are part of the ride-me thinks to rachet up visualization and manifestation abilities-on a lighter note-since the day went off like a rocket-while cleaning outside took some fun time and made a few hanging toys and an obstacle course for the kittens to play with when they get there-each day they grow and my heart opens and brings me smiles-so small things bring big gifts-according to indigineous peoples the summer solstice is when earths magnetic field at lowest and transcendance is at highest-but me thinks this is a long wave in-slow steady climb-like a boler0-
    ps2 rainbow meditation colors and steps throughout the day-at least here-and the colors are like chords-playing as they mix and move-with the breath and awareness like the tempo-

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  7. Dolores Cannon talked about The Three Waves of Volunteers. Could it be the first wave of volunteers goes with the First Wave, the second with the second, the third, third?

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    1. @A.C. That’s one of the first things I thought about. I identify with the 2nd wave, and am friends with at least one person who I think has those first wave characteristics (I’ve got to go back and read that book…but where is it?) Anyhow, this person is in her 80s, pushed boundaries, still does Reiki, practices yoga, very open-minded, very politically aware & active.

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      1. @Julie, I’m a 2nd waver too. Dolores Cannon has a youtube channel and there’s a couple of videos there that talk about the 3 waves of volunteers.

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  8. For perhaps obvious reasons, I find I CANNOT tolerate watching or reading any stories of trouble, angst, disfunction, connivery, etc… and to my surprise, I have been finding small delights in watching PG and G rated movies; even the schmaltzy ones have been satisfying. This is a definite change for me. IN me, I suppose.

    Tonight, and in keeping with the prevalent Rainbow theme around this blog of late, I found myself watching “The Unicorn Store”…. the story of a young woman with a persistent belief in the reality of unicorns and how she ‘grows up’ . The film struck me as a perfect, tongue – in – cheek metaphor for this “soon” Shift so many of us are feeling.

    In case any of you feel like a respite from the ordinary news and world view reality, this might give you a lift (and perhaps a little stray glitter in your hair :-)))


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    1. Same for us. We peek at some online news feeds to see how bad it is then shut it off. Some CATs have downshifted into reruns, found terrible old shows online and fascinated in their abomination; old commercials. We went through all the Star Treks (TOS, NG, Voyager, etc.). We have all Miyazaki films memorized; lots of anime. We recently went through Frasier (AGAIN, and for the last time). And one CAT pulled others BACK into M.A.S.H. — for the very last time! However, lots of us have become expert in doing absolutely nothing, sitting outside, looking at nature, watching the sky, hearing the wind blow, almost like a Zen contest…

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Same here, today I unfollowed one Austrian guy on Twitter, who was very good at tracking situation in Syria and as a former military guy he had excellent comments about situation there, and it seems as a good guy, but I could not any more read about it and see it in my feeds, it really become physically uncomfortable, as strange as that sounds 😣

        I almost do not watch the news, just some local stuff if it is positive, watching a reruns of a different comical series on TV and, I had to do some repair on few household equipment and some electronic for a few friends, but just do not have a will to do it, I am in some waiting hibernation state, hope it will not going to be a long ✨

        Just recently I thought I could easily handle the news on TV without regarding off its content, but apparently it is bothering me that much that I can not watch it anymore, but as I can read here, I am not alone in those feelings either ✨

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        1. Perica you’re not alone in this at all.
          I find them unbearable, for a long time, but increasingly. Lately I even have physical manifestations if I expose myself to them, such as the desire to vomit and pain in the liver.
          I think the degree of empathy is increasing. It reminds me of the Jerry Lewis movie The Nutty Professor, when he feels every symptom of his patients.

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      2. Har! Me too. I re-watched Frasier all last winter. From the days when Seattle was a delight to be in (as opposed to CHAZ of today’s Seattle) Don’t care and as I said in a last weeks comment, I’m now on season 3 of Bewitched. Season 3 is in color. Might I also recommend the whole series of Leave It To Beaver. Each show was a mini-morality play. Sweet! (Wally and I both graduated from high school in 1963 so the kinship is there.

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        1. THIS, is what a balanced androgynous person does, who is running and exploring an equal balance of MALE/FEMALE energies within themselves.

          Congratulations! — this is why you are the highest vibrating man, in this group.

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      3. This is only what MEN do.

        You are all so very unbalanced, due to the severe lack of FEMALE ENERGY within your group. (even if there is one woman in your group, she has been invisible so far all these years with her contributing female energies)

        All you have ever delivered so far, is the masculine side.

        Bottom Line: If you men want to go any higher, then you must begin exploring and becoming your counter-balancing FEMININE.
        Quit putting it off.

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          1. Thank you CATs. I also think that comment about the male
            female energy is ridiculous! That person has no idea of what
            they are talking about. They are in no position, at all, to make
            any kind of assessments or judgments about any of us, ever!!

            With love ❤️ to all,

            Pamela, AKA Coriboy

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        1. Someone called for Source Of Sources S.O.S.
          So he came.

          Here’s something you won’t find in your ‘source’ records. Your Montgomery Champion recently fell under the weight of an Iron punch bowl – and 7 medicine wheels without tires. That’s how we roll. Was that one androgynous? No. He was a male pedophile and a prisoner. Farm to Market.

          The Elizabeth you were holding hostage has been released.
          She’s a SHE.

          Male and female HE created them. Polarity levels exist FOR A REASON.

          I have something to say about King Darren. But that shall have to wait for another day.


        2. hey-we guys -especially the old one were ww2 programmed-male thing and when in life we get chance to open and accept its a rude awakening for our female counterparts-and the role can and do change for them also-my insight was when i became MR MOM for my son-i was 45 and left my job to take care of my son-it was a grand experience-my wife could make 3x more part time so we went that route-after 5 years and raising a son and daughter during that time i really learned and grew alot-especially in the heart and compassion aspects-as a teacher i could apply and use different methods to help my children learn and grow-will admit was not as gr8 as MOM but i tried and tried and found that it really was a tough job-24x7x365xinfinity-as time passed our roles had changed and i eventually got blindsided-as my partner got more ambitious and agressive in her male dominated reality-needless to say i learned alot especially how the dominant partner ends a relationship and controls the finances-legals-you name it-the person with the money controls the game-got blindsided by a divorce and pushed out for HER new world-but i still kept the kids-financially it was terrible but i survived and as i traveled thru to now learned the deep reality of power and greed driven by A Self-needless to say i learned that as a stay at home MOM or Mr Mom you should give yourself a monthly paycheck -small amount-and keep it in your own savings-so when the sh t hits high strung fan you got some backup-the rules and principles are the same for both sides but since we are here to learn and its part of the learning process for many-why wait till its too late-as in all things life changes- my then x-due to job moved out of state and since it was a no contest divorce on both sides and she got more money with the kids-they went also- but i had done what i could to the best of my ability and total love and gratitude-it was and is worth the glory and the pain-now its been 15 years and my wife did a wonderful job in their upbringing and education-they came home for the summers when i could afford it-but they are now indepentdant and in college and are helping their mother-at my request- ps-they are city folks-like the fast life and not as tough as i would have wanted-but independant– so never give up and dont loose your vision but learn and adapt- no escaping the gift of life and it wonderous ways of learning-and after all these EXTREMELY TOUGH years (DIVORCE-DEATH OF PARENT @HOME HOSPICE ME AS ONLY CAREGIVER) BANKRUPCY-NO BANK ACCOUNT AND DISABLED BUT STILL IN CHRONIC AND ACUTE PHASES AND A FEW OPERATIONS-ME TOUGHER BUT RECENTLY THESE KITTENS THAT HAVE GRACED MY RESIDENCE (ILLEGAL ENTRY-AND WILD MOM) MY HEART NOW SMILES AND EVEN FIND MYSELF LAUGHING watching them scamper and glide and play-brings back memories and ties my family together by just sharing daily observations- ps re ex wife-still love her-and admire her commitment and discipline-in truth due to illness and whatever else that occured it was probably a wise decision to let the relationship go-the kids would have been devestated by being present during all the medical interventions and post operation fiascoes-so sometimes if you love them you gotta let them go-but returning to feminine side-yup got mine and its like my grandmas/nana-she was a mexican indian that raised 11 kids in the southwest-quiet-tough-and fast as lightning in handing out justice-sorry for so long but shared for those whose fear hold them back from allowing change or even accepting and adapting to IT-an yes 15 years makes it easier to look back and smile at my mistakes and laugh with my children on doing it their moms way vs dads/aka MR MOM

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          1. Pataniki. Thank you for sharing that. You are having an awesome life and yes, my new kitten is making me laugh and smile too. Wonderful creatures.😻☺️🐈🌈💖

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        3. CATs balance energy while doing spirit WORK, and adjust yin/yang depending on the situation. There is no feminine side, per se. There is yin and yang: both (and more) at the same time. SOURCE has no gender, but instead contains a near-infinite variety of LOVE-based push-pull facets.

          We were just talking about reruns. Lighten up.


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      4. I’m doing reruns of According to Jim with Jim Belushi, Mom starring Anna Faris, and Everybody Loves Raymond! I even record them in the middle of the night just in case so I don’t watch the news! Oh and Reba

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        1. re jim belushi-remember that scene in the blues brothers in the restaurant when jim leans over to the other table and ask the father and mother with a couple of daughter-does he want to sell one or both???? that was way back when…

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  9. Lightworkers, The Ascension Process and Significance of the Event
    Okay, Ivo what is the significance of the Event to lightworkers?
    Ivo: The Event has been much touted and there is a lot of information on it already. I will summarize by saying that it is simply a point where the Light energies affecting your earth overwhelm those of the dark energies that have controlled it to date. These photon energies are pushing your
    earth in its own ascension process. Earth will remain in 4D but will be created as a new planet in 5D, which is where earth originated from long ago. It was a 5D planet. It was Eden.
    Earth is in 5D at the moment but needs beings upon it to complete its cycle of balance. Yes, she is a planet that is created for the support of life upon it. Human life upon Gaia is part of its balance, as with animal life.
    Ascension for lightworkers is a process of activating the DNA to go from being carbon-based in the third dimensional format, to being crystalline which is the fifth dimensional format.
    Normally fourth dimension would not be ascended through in such a hurry but it is for your planet now. So many are experiencing growing pains as your bodies change quickly.
    Your bodies are being prepared to house your higher selves.
    All is in place my dear. Yes, this physical process of upgrading your earth’s systems has taken longer than expected Be patient. That, in light of all the other confusion and change you  are undergoing, is also good advice but sometimes difficult as your energies are up and down.
    Me:So we’re bouncing between 4D and 5D aren’t we?
    Ivo: Yes. It is a difficult process you are undertaking. Ascension at this rate has not been done before.
    Me:So explain what’s keeping some people in 4D, please Ivo?
    Ivo: Your egos are. The Terran ego was manipulated long ago to overwhelm the soul, to block
    awareness of yourselves at any other level. Many on your planet are not aware that they are
    anything but an ego. The ego has been manipulated in many to be out of proportion even to
    reason, so your lives are collectively chaotic as one inflicts itself on others.

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    1. You speak of The Illusion. Technically, there are no Terrans, no Pleiadians, no DNA. This is body talk. We are all ONE spirit. No ETs outrank anyone else on any other planet or level because there are no levels and we are all the same. The only “others” are angels and the SuperFriends (they are technically exotics) — but they are still, like us, Extensions of SOURCE (just OTHER Extensions of SOURCE, which is flat-out amazing).

      We will have much to discuss with the extra-galactic community at the next level. The Earth is a much bigger deal than anyone realizes.


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  10. The lightworkers are the first to go up to the fifth dimension. Yes. So they are among the first to
    undergo bodily changes and what you term “ascension symptoms.” However, many on your
    world are experiencing this who are NOT going to 5D first because the higher energies are simply changing them.
    Lightworkers volunteered to do this – to be the first to go to 5D and to “open the doors” for others to come behind them. Lightworkers have lived in higher dimensions and have experience at this level of being, and memory of this will come back to them if they have not received it beforehand in 4D earth. Yes, you will remember past lives again and have access to the information you gleaned in those lifetimes. You will learn how to apply it by galactic teachers
    who will be waiting for you there. You will become an ascended being.
    There are many groups that will be splitting out on your earth now according to vibrational level: those staying on 4D earth (and there will be subsets here), yes 40% of your current human
    population….. 60% will be leaving the earth with the Event having been activated now. Yes, this was on March 8th 2018 as Ashtar said. There will be more, stronger energies coming. Some
    lightworkers are going home, be that a ship, a dimension or another planet…. their work is done on earth.
    Some will be going to 5D Earth to stay there and live out their lives which were
    initiated on 3D earth, and some will be going to 5D earth and then returning as ascended beings to 4D earth.
    That is the 144,000 who are spoken of. Sharon is one of these beings.
    Some Terrans will be moved to other third dimensional planets to live out their lives there


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      1. @The CAT(s) That Lived❤️🌈

        oh yes soon

        @Delfina Gasoido ❤️🌈

        oh I want taste the paella (possible vegetarian?)
        we are neighbours and hopefully we met soon
        together with Lily❤️🌈 and little Elsie❤️🌈 and Perica❤️🌈, J❤️🌈, Oro❤️🌈
        and all the group❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️

        I wanna be on the first wave!!!

        I am loving the paintings of John Mason Visionary Art
        this for me looks like NE

        good night everybody
        ready for take off

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    1. “Lightworkers volunteered to do this – to be the first to go to 5D and to ‘open the doors’ for others to come behind them.”

      This resonates with me. In a lucid dream I saw myself turn into light and then behind me portals opened, each taking the shape of the person walking up to it. I stood there in front of the portals, welcoming everyone, like Source’s WalMart greeter “welcome! 5D right this way!” I saw thousands step into their portals, turn into light and disappear before I stepped into mine and then I woke up. I’ve known since then, that this was a significant dream, a prophesy.

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  11. I am in no doubt I’m a star seed to help out. But something went terribly wrong with the plan. I incarnated “here”…

    To be honest, to make it out of here as part of the 2 million sounds slim, there are so many more deserving and rightly so, so I do not hold out much if any hope for that.

    I suspect and hope I will make the second bus. Besides, it will give me an ample opportunity to say to everyone “I told you so!” 🤣

    I’m not perfect (I AM), but SOURCE is, I put my faith in SOURCE for this one. Best dust off our surf boards, its gonna be a wild ride.


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    1. Some of us were intercepted and placed in situations where we were marginalized by selfish beings. This merely slowed us down — AND identified those who will need future light incursion lessons in future lifetimes. Going after some of those Big Bads (in a constructive spiritual way) will be quite the challenge. And since CATs have personally have been attacked by them, we get the right of first refusal on missions (which we’re not qualified to lead, but we can crew). Spiritual thrillseekers. But only after a looooooong rest.

      -CAT Eds.

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  12. OMG!!! I hope to go on the first wave!.
    I feel like I can’t give any more of myself here. My highly empathetic nature does not help with what is being lived. I am so tired of stupid in my environment. I have already done (by example) and said what I have to do and say. But if the blind man doesn’t want to see …
    I will not waste my health and energy preaching in the desert. I feel like I’m dealing with “monkeys”, happy about their 3D tangles, their junk TV, their reallities, their little dramas and their junk food.
    I feel like an explorer of worlds and dimensions that has been in the 3D Earth project for too long. It is time to continue the journey. Please give me my new mission, far from this place of atrocities, I have had enough of being here !!!!

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      1. Cat, do you want to make paella? I really am a great cook. I offer to organize a great banquet for all of us who share here when we arrive in the new land. Big party in my house !!
        I understand that the saffron is not literal, it is slang, but my level of English does not reach … hehehe !!

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          1. @~M7

            wow! me tooooooo
            I was chef during almost twenty years
            and I love cooking. So we go in the first wave to NE
            and prepaire a special meal for everybody
            healthy and full of colors
            and Apple strudel I love to prepaire❤️

            we also can prepaire nice food on the ships
            I am so eager to see you soon…. big hug

            love Alnilam ❤️❤️❤️

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        1. Delfina, I love paella! I haven’t made it for years as,
          the last time I checked, saffron was very expensive –
          about $23.00 for a small amount, so maybe the CATs
          request was literal, though, of course, they will have
          to clarify what they meant.

          😊 ❤️ 😊 ❤️ 😊 ❤️ 😊


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          1. omg !! 23 dollars ?? that’s a robbery!!
            A good saffron, a package with four 100 milligram sachets (one sachet is enough for a meal of 4-6 people), should not cost more than € 4. I do not know how the euro-dollar exchange is, but 4-23 surely not.

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  13. But is it also possible that some off the first wavers will after that wave struck in, then they will be picked up by a ships and after briefing come back to help others ?

    Can you see ships appearing after first wave, for everyone to whiteness ?

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    1. If we can’t reliably see any of the waves, we can’t see beyond them. Also, when you look ahead you often see what’s going on on adjacent timelines, so everything must be taken with a grain of salt. However, if lots of people see the same things over many years…

      -CAT Eds.

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  14. ❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️ Thank you cat’s ❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️

    as I lived many years in Brazil, I also look at there messages.
    Brazilians are very awakend humans and spiritual.

    Trigueirinho is one of them and I am following him since many years. His great love for Christ that I also have since long time…. long long long time
    (not the bible stuff, more the clear and enlightened words from “The Course”)

    Trigueirinho tells that we have to leave all behind us. If you left everything behind course of the plan. (no detachement?)

    in the video Trigueirinho talks about the kingdom of nature and other worlds
    english subtitels avaiable.

    love Alnilam❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️

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  15. Pretty sure I might be one of those Starseeds from Wave 1. It would certainly explain why I’ve felt like a fish out of water the entire time I’ve been on this planet.

    That, and the countless travel dreams I keep having with an almost scary frequency. Not many people around me seem to care about awakening at all, though they are definitely questioning the status quo more than they used to… I suppose that’s something.

    But I’m definitely tapped out in this “experience”. I wouldn’t mind going home at this point, wherever that may be.

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  16. dont know if this helps-up at 1am and went outside to scan the skies-in the south saw a clear bright extremely large circle of stars- but it was a very large circle-of bright and blinky cosmic lights-gazed and gazed-=never saw it before- wave on and in just gotta get thru2you kinda thing-interesting 13 days till solstice-also have noticed that opening up the bodys nervous/electrical and circulatory system is a definative step up on the rainbow ladder living meditation-for me it feels like a specific color photographic filter like red or orange and on but for longer periods then there is a shift/transition/melt into the next ascending color combo-during the day until well too much light and white turns void and the body must rest and realign-and when i get back/recover bodys humming higher vibe-never give up-impressed on how infinity is relative and how we are limited by our powers of visualization and our understanding of ESSENCE

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    1. ps- have these kittens-4x but the runt/smallest is unique-all the others just are kittens in play but this one when i appear looks me straight and calm and we communicated directly tele-path style-anyone got any suggestion or insights-i try to keep my cats on the self sustain wild side-but protected within my fenced yard due to many predators-but this kitten is at the same level of comms as my major domo cat and hes 15 yrs old- not off topic just a manifestation of this wave form in my perspective-

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      1. 1am and went outside to scan the skies-in the south saw a clear bright extremely large circle of stars LOOKED IT UP IT WAS CALLED THE MASONS RING IN THE PLEIDIANS CONSTILLATION-re kittens-from scamper to glide-jump and probably soon fly

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  17. I Have let it known to UV that I Will do whatever serves the Greatest good. We Will see/talk to All again at a point. WATL,……. Lily, Thank You for Your Kind words, Very Healing. Much Love/Gratitude.

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  18. Woke up to gentle energy waves this morning. 3 sets which felt like water flowing over me and were not painful or fatiguing at all.
    Also dreamt I was in a large building on which one entire floor was an apartment owned by Mr.T. I was there to meet his family and was showering in one bathroom off of a bedroom. The water stopped briefly and then resumed. I got out and as I was getting dressed saw large chunks of concrete falling from the building through the large windows to the balcony. I crawled to the central living area as the building pancaked a few floors above and all 4 sides of balconies fell away from the entire building. Mr. T and his family were standing in the central living area with arms held up as if to hold the ceiling should it collapse. The entire building did not collapse and we were able to get out safely, even though the building was no longer inhabitable. Lots of cleanup and rebuilding ahead it would seem. Cay

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  19. My comment is related to Lily’s question about the style of meditation we should employ… I too felt overwhelmed by the suggestion of Lisa G. because during meditation I experienced not peace but uncertainty… so in last nights meditation I brought this to Holy Spirit and asked for guidance … immediately I got a reply… *not necessary now*… when those words flowed thru me instant peace and comfort… and the sense we’ve done enough for now, and *continue on opening your mind to SOURCE* … my suggestion -if your comfortable doing all the different styles of meditation at once, continue- those like me …give your concerns/questions to Brother J, Holy Spirit, Guides, Source and you will find your answer… ** SOURCE is in our minds now…trust SOURCE **

    Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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    1. if you feel that you ‘cannot do quiet silent meditation/visualization’ this is how i do more active mediation. just focus on rainbows much as possible.

      we can also imbue all of our days and nights with RAINBOW!

      on my floor there is a note: ” Every step of the RAINBOW!”
      i envision each step i take is flowing along the rainbow.

      i say to myself, “i give thanks for being a rainbow, every part of my being is RAINBOW!”
      i enthusiastically say “RAINBOW, RAINBOW, RAINBOW!”

      i go to the local park, sit by the waterfall and send rainbows to every being. the waterfall has prism rainbows in the mist.

      with felt tip markers and coloured pencils, i colour sacred geometry and mandalas. smiling as the rainbow of colours permeate the page with their loving rainbow of life.

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  20. Hmmmm why can I smell cigars?!

    Went out for a walk (or should I say crawl lol ((Time of the month)) with Elsie in her chair. Could barely lift her chair out of the boot was feeling so tired and weak.

    On the way back, on the horizon was a loooong band of violet clouds! Pointed them out to Mum but she could not see the violet!

    So much high pitched buzzing in ears, fizzing feeling around the head.

    Elsie has been screeching all day (picking up on all the energies I guess) really restless, twitching, Stimming etc…

    I did Lisa’s meditation yesterday. I walked up the rainbow as an actual rainbow (all colours at once with each step) as I was confused (still am) about how to do it as she does not mention stairs.

    When I got to the last meditation, an electric blue arc curved up to the top of my Solstice Pole. I literally floated up it so smoothly! When I got to the top, I found myself on a small round golden platform with golden and white light/mist circling me and sparkling, the energy was beautiful!

    Hmmm anyway, to stair or not to stair that is the question?!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  21. Question – could you possibly feel the first wave and go to 5D, yet travel back and forth to help people still on 3D? I have felt like I’m going first wave for a while…there has been so much preparation. But sometimes I’ve had indications of helping a bunch of people, too. I guess….the idea of having to wait for a second or third wave is breaking my heart, honestly.

    I had been semi-disabled with an autoimmune disorder for many years, like 16 (not that I’m counting, hat har). I kept working until I couldn’t, then I started working from home to make life easier, did that for about 5 years. But about a year and a half ago, I started losing the rest of my energy and became sicker. After tests I was finally diagnosed with lymphoma. So now I can no longer work, even from home.

    Supposedly this kind of lymphoma is a “good” cancer, they say you can live years with it, but I am tired out from my pre-existing disease, from the lymphoma itself and the treatments.

    So, life is REALLY no fun anymore. I can’t really do anything except lay in bed and watch tv or read (at least I can read). But I envy you who get to work on the farm, garden, drink tea, have key lime pie and drink lattes and be in the sun. 😭 I can get some of those things but it isn’t the same.
    Even meditating is hard because I’m in bed, so I fall asleep a lot. Plus my brain doesn’t work as well as it used to.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I am DONE. I can’t do this much longer. I am going to lose it!

    Is it death? Let’s GO! Is it 5D? Let’s GO! I try to stay happy and I usually don’t even complain but I am getting depressed over these delays and delays and delays. (I can also tell my pain is getting to me today, sorry). I’ve seen the golden mist and the rainbows and the lights and the fire waves and the teasers! And I’m tired!

    If the cats are going to be some fur and a bone and a tooth, I think for me they may find a bunch of old empty afrin bottles and a thermometer.

    Sorry, I guess I am a little down today. I’m really hurting. I don’t want three waves. I want one wave. Please. (now my inner child is crying a little 😢) I’m just so tired.


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    1. Hang on, Sarah! Sending love ❤ and rainbows🌈! I feel it can’t be much longer. Many of us are so tired. Today, I saw a young homeless man, crossing the street pushing a cart of belongings. It was about a 100 degrees here today. He picked up his large dog with his free arm so it wouldn’t have to walk on the hot pavement. I started crying and asked Source to please let all the people that are suffering and alone to be in the 1st Wave. I can stay if I have to. I’m ready now but some are in much greater need than myself.

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    2. Hi Sarah,
      Would it be alright if I send loving intentions for you to find what will help you? Healing love that will empower you to search for and find your own answers to healing.
      All in all we are pretty dang hard to get rid of. They are throwing the kitchen sink at us, and still we continue. Chem-trails, fluoride, gmo’s, food additives, vaccines and who knows what else. All for little ol’ us. Just who do they think we are – creators or something. We are not helpless. In fact we are the opposite of helpless. We sometimes need a reminder of that. Cause boy have they tried to make us forget.

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    3. Serendipity Sky. Hi Sarah. I am so sad for you. My heartfelt love goes out and enfolds you. There’s nothing I can say that will improve things, but please know you are so loved.💖💖💖🌈🌈🌈

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    4. Oh Sarah, sometimes how I would so love to just lay around all day in bed and watch TV and do nothing. But, not because my body was devastated by disease, like yours. Just because I want to be lazy. I actually do have my own body issues. Many car wrecks that weren’t my fault, but kept injuring my back over and over and over until I can’t function like I used to. And, being in pain all day, every day of your life is so draining. As you well know. But, also know that no matter how bad your pain is…you have to remind yourself how loved you are and that you wouldn’t still be here, right now, unless you weren’t an important part of this whole evolution that we’re going through. So, count yourself super blessed. Like all of us here do. Because, you are!

      The Dog Lady

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    5. Sarah ❤️ I feel you so much 🙏

      Sending you so much STRENGTH 💪 and LIGHT 🌟.

      I have auto immune issues and struggle with pain in joints/fatigue etc… The struggle to get through a day sometimes is immense.

      I got so frustrated yesterday. Was so overwhelmed with tiredness and wanted to meditate but just had no energy. I realise many are struggling and that it is enough to just do what you are able to and not push yourself beyond that especially if you are struggling with health or other issues.

      Please do not apologise for feeling sad or tired. Sometimes you just have to let those feelings go through and out the other side again. Do please know we are all here for you too though and there will be better days and very soon, the most wonderful day will come that any of us have seen before!

      Please accept the BIGGEST hug 🤗 Love 💕 and Light 🌟

      One day soon this will all be a distant memory ❤️🙏❤️

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    6. Hi Sarah,

      Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time, this world isn’t very nice to sensitives.

      I ‘ve been dealing with autoimmune issues for 32 years now, it started when I was 10. Mostly manifesting as psoriasis and fatigue but I’m pretty sure it’s all just different aspects of the same underlying problems.

      I spent the first 15 or so years trusting the doctors and their “treatments”. Lots of strong Cortisone, which is basically Chemo Lite. Killing malfunctioning cells really doesn’t solve any problems. Since then I’ve been trying to find my own way to a worthy life by altering my diet and lifestyle, and investigating natural remedies.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that even doing absolutely nothing is better than giving away your power for other people’s profit. I don’t doubt that some doctors still manage to convince themselves they’re helping, or want to help. But the truth is that modern medicine is not about helping or curing at all, it’s about maximum profit, creating repeat customers.

      A quick Gurgle on Lymphoma gave several promising results, one of them linked below. For autoimmune conditions in general I would recommend antioxidants and anything that causes the pH-value to go less sour. My current favorites are lime, pomegranate and cranberry juice.

      I know very well how difficult it is to find motivation/energy for physical activity. But getting more oxygen into the cells and pumping the blood around really helps the body with clearing poisons and healing. Sun Greetings are awesome, you can perform them as slowly as you feel like in the beginning. Even just going for a short walk now and then helps.

      If nothing else it could give you something to focus on while we’re waiting for the next act to begin.



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    7. hi,@ Sarah
      Do not call it cancer. It’s just toxicity.
      Take zeolite.
      My nephew got healed and is healthy now.
      Eat MANY tasty blueberries. They are just the thing.
      Never fear.
      I Love you.

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  22. Hey Cats & Ms~
    I’ve been wondering for quite a while about something and no one else has asked (or I missed the reply) so I’m going to ask a probably really dumb question:

    I understand that the world in which we live now is illusion (ACIM). Is The Event, this coming Shift or these Waves also part of the illusion? Is the 4d NE we’re heading for illusion? And the 5d? Where does illusion end and Truth begin? Or is Truth the right term for it? How will ACIM apply in the 4d/5d, or will it have a place there?

    Aligned with these questions, I’ve read the many posts regarding being in the First Wave or Second Wave, and will there or won’t there be ships and doing what. My question is that if this is still part of the illusion, are people free to manifest their experience themselves and go with the First or Second Wave or take a ride on a ship as they wish? For myself, I’m being extremely careful of what I’m saying and thinking regarding the whole Event, trying to avoid specifics and stay focused on the highest and greatest good for myself and others. I’ve been blessed with a lifetime of experiences where what I thought I wanted was so much less than what SOURCE provided, once I relinquished control and simply asked SOURCE (Bro J, et al) to provide what most was needed.

    And J, I very much relate to your comment that the luster has gone out of being on the farm. Since our successful Rainbow Stairs Meditation for Gaia on 5/5/20, I have felt that a degree of vitality has ebbed from the world. My butterfly garden is as magnificent as ever but . . . something has gone from it. I too have become expert in doing absolutely nothing, sitting in the garden as in the Cats’ Zen contest, and something just isn’t there anymore. Is it perhaps that we are loosening our connection to the former Gaia to more easily slip into the 4d world? Or has something really gone?

    Immense gratitude for everyone’s work and your guidance.
    Much Love and Light to All!

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  23. Hello All,
    I didn’t sleep until ‘false dawn’? and birds started their morning song, this morning.
    When I woke late morning I felt different – did my morning “I Ams’ and asked a few questions – concerning a family members melt down energy yesterday – got a few answers – then felt like seeing what some rainbow step meditation would be like because of this ‘different’ feeling –
    Started to approach a red step, but felt too slow, so made a rainbow ladder with power assist side things – zoomed up to white area – repeated this 3 or 4 times, just to see how many it would continue on – whatever was the last time I made a rainbow pole instead and just put my hand around it and… up, up and away… 🙂
    I didn’t feel the need to look around for anything in particular at the white out areas, didn’t matter… trust?…

    One of the questions I asked was about my role in this family as of now – because of energies yesterday and my granddaughter continuing her escape acts – dillagence, we’re catching her – I was calling them walk-a-bouts, but my daughter refers to her ‘running away’.. I have my theories, but I could be wrong, too…
    Anyway – the answer, several times, as to my role here with this family, now… was patience… just that – not specific duties or actions.. just patience.
    My daughter started talking about moving to separate places again, as long as I was near enough to help with my granddaughter – another granddaughter is due in two weeks or a little more if gestation follows the first granddaughter’s schedule – she was 10 days ‘late’.

    I have trust in perfect timing, although my body has been extra battered of late, as are we all or most… my shoulders are resting farther away from my ears today, if you get my meaning… 🙂
    Hope your days are filled with something beautiful – even one thing…


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  24. Wow! Thank you for confirming that all those dreams I’ve had for the last 6 or 7 years were really me packing people up to go all over the planet. I can’t even tell you how many. I always knew they were, but confirmation from y’all makes me feel soooo much better about my mission here, and on the other side. I, too, was really beginning to wonder how much longer I could go on here. And, I haven’t been able to do the rainbow meditations at all this week. As we all know, they can sometimes leave you so exhausted, and I had to get focused back on my 3D job. But, this really lifts me up! BTW, most of my dreams these days are either so close to what’s going on during my “awake” time that I’m having some confusion about whether or not certain things really happened or whether I dreamt them. And, I’m also having a lot of dreams about preparing for the celebration and being at the celebration. I’m not 100% sure I’ll actually be going to new earth or if I am, I may not be there long. I’ve been asking to “go home” when I would become seriously distressed or depressed since the early 90’s long before I became completely awake to our reality here. I’ve been in this game for a long, long time and am pretty sure home is where I’m ultimately headed. And, I’m not talking about going home to Source. I’m talking about my home on the other side of this place. Hope all are doing well. I love this CAT place and all here! Thank you for all that you do!

    The Dog Lady

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  25. What is going on since 22:00 CET, I am feeling my heart skipping, buzzing is going on for one hour and it is not stopping ?

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    1. Dugan, they are a group of very large stones set in the state of Georgia in the US that have writings of the illuminati on them in different languages stating their intentions for humanity.

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        1. The “guidestones” aren’t real. The Columbus statues aren’t real. (And Twitter definitely isn’t real.) People are reacting to chimeras. The Illusion has them wrapped around its little finger.

          Social media is acting like a group-communication pre-telepathy thing. Interesting.

          -CAT Eds.

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    1. J ❤️ Great minds think alike….?!

      ‘I AM A MINTED PEA!’ Perhaps I am more a squashed minted pea! So tired now, really, really, really…squashed!

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. There was a quiz on the radio, the answer to which I didn’t realize the significance of until today, the question was: what begins with e, ends with e, but only has a letter in the middle? 🤔🥰😉

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    3. Beautiful message, thank you!
      The Announcements will be made by the President,
      i am sure. As tool of the Divine.

      A lovely confirmation, by Gabriel Raio Lunar:

      “Heavenly Hours approach.
      Solar Activators are ready.”

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      1. Dearest Cats, I feel an apology is due! The other night I was so exhausted, period pain etc…I had a real grumble to myself about the rainbow meditations. I had a couple of glasses of wine which of course did not help! I was feeling really overwhelmed with everything and had a real good moan!

        I really appreciate everything that you do 🙏 and wanted to send a big sorry and a big hug too!

        Love you ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. We are looking at one another trying to see if anyone was offended by Lily. Nope!

          It is the CAT consensus (of the six here today) that Lily would REALLY have to try hard to do something that required an apology. 😉

          -CAT Eds.

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  26. Hmmmm, had really deep, intense dreams but woke up with mostly just a blurry memory although on waking I heard.:

    ‘Light is coming to Australia!’

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  27. Hi CATs, Ms, and everyone else.

    I apologize in advance for asking a question unrelated to this post. There have been some extremely scary rumors circulating on the chan boards and twitter for the past couple of days about false flag attacks across multiple US cities within the next week. In general, I try not to pay attention to “fear porn” – but the thing that bothers me in this case, is that the person who shared the info claims to be a remote viewer working for “US federal interests” and when he posted to 4chan, the post was deleted nearly *instantly* – I saw it happen in real time. That generally indicates that there’s at least the possibility of truth. Here is a screen capture of the posts I’m referring to (they were archived before deletion): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EagAN-jWkAE30gT?format=jpg&name=large – would you happen to know anything about this? ca8al fear porn to be ignored, or something more serious?

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    1. Ca8al fear-porn, to be ignored. If the various (mind-numbingly dumb) “units” of chaos push too hard, they’re going to be obliterated by regular citizens armed to the teeth. Trump still wins the election. And all those who committed treason go to prison. Every time the ca8al does something, they’re like a neon prairie dog popping up, and the Powers That Are see them and say, “There’s another one.” And it’s removed. But you ain’t seen nothing, yet. Wait till they start the ET invasion fakery. [eyeroll]

      -CAT Eds.

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  28. Now that ~Perica ~ is the first to post the new Lisa G… I will toss in my own morning wake up with the single line of lyric : “Knocking on Heaven’s door”…. then looked at the night of the Schumann activity while I was very wakeful and the corresponding hours…. sequential white ‘zingers’…. then heard the additional “Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door”…..

    then topped off Source’s ‘inter-office memo’ this morning with a check to see if anything new from Lisa Gawlas…

    and she has this to say, excerpted:
    “…a collection of light, the most intense light I ever seen, formed a large ball (soccer ball sized) and embedded in my soul body. I knew instantly that it was every experience, every thought, ever moment of this life’s history that was contained in that light….

    Not only is ever second of what we did and thought in this life taken back to spirit with us, ever experience others have had thru us is too, from a personal standpoint. Every motivation they had to do to or with you, every feeling they experienced thru it all….

    As we progress and are ready to “remember” those strands light up in the present incarnation. Allowing for past experience, past mastery to awaken to this incarnation….”

    All added to yesterday’s Blossom G post…looks and sounds and FEELS like just about all the ingredients are assembled now – I’m keeping my SRB activated and at the ready.

    I am very much appreciating all of us here in this blog community. Can’t imagine a better group of comrades. Thank you and LOVE to and for you each and all.


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