Disclosure and More [UPDATE3]


…is coming. That’s what Blossom’s Guides were talking about.

It will be used to foment fear, though (which is the only reason the PTW would allow such a thing). The fake impeachment didn’t work. The C-virus didn’t work. The rioters are petering out. So… fake ET invasion is next on the hit parade. But stay off The Fear Bus… unless it’s entertaining, of course.



Coming soon:

This has many meanings.


You will know when to use this, if necessary. If REAL ships suddenly appear and beings are encouraging people to get on board, use your gut, and pay attention to your emotions. You will suddenly be in GUIDE mode if you do the following:

Quickly ASK one of the beings:

  1. “What is your name?”
  2. “Do you have my Greatest Good in mind?”

If they just stare at you, or are silent, then that’s your answer.

The free-will rules dictate that they have to tell you their name. And if they have your Greatest Good in mind, they’ll say, “Sure!” If they don’t, they won’t say anything. If you don’t get the answers you want, say “No, thank you” and try another ship. If they press you, look at them and say: “You need to go elsewhere, where you are better served.”

In chaotic times, people are occasionally stolen (humans are very valuable), so keep a cool head. If there is an emergency and ships suddenly appear, there will be plenty of time for acknowledgment. If they try to rush you, that is also an answer. Be calm. Don’t give your free-will away too easily.

If they appear, you’ll already know their quest. (Note the duality symbolism; the Pythons probably didn’t know who suggested it.)


From now on, when you see this image…


…we have an important announcement.


FYI, we were seeing lower timelines for UPDATE1, where extreme kerfufflage is to happen in certain areas. We’re not seeing ships necessary for this current reality. But the fake ET invasion balloon will still be floated here. [eyeroll]

73 thoughts on “Disclosure and More [UPDATE3]

    1. I mean, this is really short notice. and I AM out of popcorn. Dang. Must go shopping … I stocked up on water, but I forgot popcorn. And wine. 😀 Bring it, you cretins of the other world. We are so ready for you … good Monday to all you furbabies!

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    2. ~ Angela ~ you continue to show us you have your finger (green thumb?) on the pulse of this situation! 😉 🌱. I like lots of butter on my popcorn, in case anyone asks 😄


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  1. I have to admit, this made me giggle… and makes me want to watch “Mars Attacks” again. Or maybe not. I have lots of laundry to do. 😆🤪😆
    Back to folding…
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣 just play your country music, or rather get granny to. that could be the litmus test. 😁

      Now i wanna watch it again.

      Thanks 99.



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  2. Did the PTW ever hear about the saying “When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes”? Because that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for the last… oh, I don’t know. Few years?

    This is so mind-numbingly moronic. Can we have 4d already? I want off this darned madhouse. I’m not just done… I’m SUPERDONE!

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  3. Thanks CATs ❤️

    So that is the Bam ( a Blue B**m Bam!? Do we have any idea when(ish)?

    I know they like to meddle around the Solstice….

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  4. So now I’m torn. Which alien should I imagine? Finalists are the martian from Duck Dodgers and the 24 1/2 Century (You make me so angry…) or the moon men from Rocky and Bullwinkle looking to get the secret recipe to a mooseberry fudge cake which ends up being jet fuel.

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  5. in accordance with Lisa Gawlas’ post, today I realized my speedometer is at 244414, and on a twenty I received a sequence of 55583336

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  6. Can’t even imagine how this will play out with the normies or what the Deep State will try to do to us in response. However, Trump has the Space Force which should, ahem, trump a fake invasion pretty quick! And then we’d have some real disclosure and some fancy technology, too. This could work!

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  7. Is there anything after the fake invasion or is it their last hail-Mary?
    Once it fails, I hope people will wake up. I’m honestly so tired of it all.

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  8. YUP-that ring of star like lites a few days ago turned out to be the masons ring in the pleidian area-no popcorn just water and lemon juice and happy for that-wondering if these kittens that have appeared in my space have anything to say or play in the upcoming whatever-but things have really ramped up-all good just all moving faster with more light and deeper density-gonna try to turn it into an exciting awesome oh my-who would have guessed and let the tpw burn up and get blown away…if they be using cosmic energy to achieve their fiefdom bad choice and worse timing-so rainbow meditate turns into sword of truth thing-we get to choose how we play our parts-so direct your essence toward the good for all forever-

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    1. one thing noted here today is the actual physical overwhelming of the sunlight-dont know who or how measured- if at all-but normally i can adjust and gain momentum and get things moving-today was different-sun hot strong and smothering-could only last a few minutes and then total exhaustion-so i stayed in and laid low-at about 3pm my indoor cat woke up and transmitted outside-pls- i noticed she was crosseyed and feeble and felt intuitively she needed water-let her out and noticed that the water for all the kats and kittens was almost empty-total 9 feline entities and almost 1 gallon of water consumed-must be tougher having all that fur-but the effects throughout the environment were noticible-especially in garden open to total sun-uv one thing-heat another but the intensity of the light-also later 5.30 pm went out to talk with neighbor and an eye with issues (post op for detached retina) went wonky-not normal vision but elongated-abstract seeing and when my neighbor asked whats wrong – i said-you look like an alien-we laughed but sure was and is a different way of seeing-and he and a few others had some intersting non terrestrial forms-i wonder what i look like to them-

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      1. Same here with the intensity of the sun and the heat. I have a few potted plants outside, that I’ve been watering once, every evening. This morning they were wilting. So today I had to water them four seperate times. It was really strange. The temperature today was just a tad higher than yesterday. I also was very uncomfortable sleeping last night. Temp in the bedroom was about 64 degrees with the AC but I was burning up all night.

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  9. Too funny. My feeling is Big Whoop! Be afraid, verrrrry afraid. (I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. I suspect most of our little group didn’t either.) On a happier note: I had an adventure today. I traveled to the nursery of probably the best-known fern expert in North America. We knew several people in common. She is a kindred spirit! (I know, big surprise) Anyway many ferns have found a new home. When the rain abates, Gardener will have fun planting them. Time for naps after J’s Big Adventure.

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    1. I love ferns, funny they were mentioned below too – I transplanted a few from a nearby forest a few years ago into my woods, and they’ve really spread out since, and I have been watering them daily since we’ve had NO rain for ages here in the northeast. Also a note to anyone who likes fiddleheads (unfurled fern leaves) – they can be delicious or deadly – there’s a lot of varieties out there and only some are edible!
      On another note, funny that this morning I woke from a dream where a huge bus shaped rainbow colored space vehicle was flying around overhead and was very noisy! Sorry PTW, wasn’t a scaredy cat at all!

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  10. I woke up about a week ago being told something about the Independence Day movie and the Presidents speach in the movie. Watched the speach on youtube but couldn’t figure out the meaning specifically. Thought I’d let you know. Love to you all.

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  11. What exactly is being planned?

    Are we talking about a simple public announcement by the government, “Aliens are here”, which would be believable in a limited-hangout sort of way, or is this Project Blue Beam, with a laser light show of fake UFOs (and maybe some real ones that the PTW have reverse-engineered) plus actors in green latex?

    Or does this stunt involve actual aliens (greys and lizzies) who have been working with the PTW, a little bit of truth mixed in with the lie?

    A physical, acute alien invasion is just a ridiculous thought, but then, most if not all the thoughts the PTW have are ridiculous.

    Aliens have always been here on Earth performing various types of surreptitious meddling and gene tampering. If they were going to invade en masse with military force they would have done so sooner, before we had weapons that just might have some effect on them. I always heard they were not allowed by Galactic Law to stage open invasions of other planets. Dire consequences await those who do not get “permission” from the inhabitants to be there, even if it engineered through deception.

    Thanks to popular shows like “Ancient Aliens”, a good percentage of the public is aware of alien presence already.

    Anyway, it should be entertaining to see how many people actually panic in surprise.

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    1. I doubt that ANY of our humane reasonable thinking fits them.
      Even more, that our logic is in any way their logic.
      We also get dizzy in too much blabbing.
      Those times are gone.

      What is so sad for me, and that for a long time,
      is how you guys identify yourself and relate everything
      to your Hollywood and all those paper characters.
      It’s hard for me to tell you this, for I realize,
      you do not know it.
      I have the chance of being far from you,
      that’s how i see it.
      I’d wish you send them all to hell once and for all,
      and care about Your Very Own Real Self in SOURCE.
      Your Sovereignty.

      Embrace you all in Love,

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      1. Lots of CATs felt the same way, until we stated talking to angels and the Space Police (SP). The SP have a totally different mindset — on a totally different scale — than humans for two primary reasons: 1. They are (extremely sophisticated, living, infinite) robots (like Gort), and 2. They were created by Angels to keep the peace… because there are only about a million angels for the whole of this one universe. That might seem like a lot, but the universe is gynormous, so they’re spread thin and need the help; there are a proportionate number in the various other near-infinite number of universes of the omniverse. It’s a big job, acting as Our Guardians, the angels, the SP, along with ONE, the SF, and SOURCE. Angels deserve our deepest thanks, as do the rest. It’s not easy administering to a Toddler Extension of SOURCE.

        -CAT Eds.

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  12. I was curious how you all would decipher that. I’ve noticed an increase in space-based content on the main streams… so that makes sense. Amazing, tumultuous times we’re witnessing.

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  13. The Monday monologue continues: After naps I enjoyed my latte on the front porch out of the rain. Juneuary continues in the PNW. It sure is lush up here! My toes may be getting webbed. (spontaneous adaptation to all the rain) I forgot to mention the tasty addition to my Big Adventure. Restaurants have opened back up so I was able to go to one of my favorite seafood restaurants for Fresh Dungeness Crab Louie salad. OMG was it delicious. Succulent fresh Dungeness Crab on a bed of crisp mixed greens. It’s been literally months since I was able to enjoy such a treat. (My mouth starts to water again just thinking of it. M-m-m-m-m!) So enough for today. Oh! except while having my latte there was a slight shift and my vision became hyper sharp. The colors became even more vibrant. (or it just may have been the effects of the latte.)

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  14. OOOHHH NNNOOOOO……….Wait!
    I have the best protection/weapon!
    The Kittens, for They growl at dead fish.

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  15. Finally! I can’t stand seeing people clinging to the hope that their lives will return to the miserable hell they call normal anymore. If this is what it takes, than so be it.


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  16. Hmmm… my feel? All hearts on deck. Turn the fear to celebration! Muppets in Space. Gonzo on the beach comes to mind. 😎. “We are your family!”❤️

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  17. Just had a a dream at around 1230 UTC. Where I was having first contact with some friendly et’s. Message they given was they dont want to be taken seriously. They have 3 to 4 % human dna in them. They were one eyed cute little critters who were a group conscioussness. A bit cartoonish dream on the whole. Then I check your site and BAM ! You are saying get ready for a fake alien disclosure. Just wanted to share. Infinite love and gratitude for all that you do and be ❤🙏❤

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  18. I was looking forward to a good announcement
    not more PTW BS …..
    Then I thought I hope the plan backfires and we Have some truths given to us
    Mattthe good galactics can land and meet with
    the ordinary people
    I’ve had enough somethings gotta give

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  19. In LA for many, many nights we’ve been hearing booming, distant cannon-type sounds. It starts just before sunset and goes into the night. And the booms are about every 30-60 seconds, it seems. What gives?

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  20. Terran Cognito has 7 new posts today, some dating back to 6/7/20. The one that pertains to this post is entitled “Conversation with Thor-June 14, 2020-Energetic Fluctuations” For those not familiar, Thor is one of Terran’s off-world contacts. What I found striking was Thor’s reference to EYES TO THE SKIES” IS RECOMMENDED NOW. IN GRATITUDE. AND RECALL THAT NO THING IS WHAT IT SEEMS? THOR. Thor also makes reference to Atlantis 2 and when they were evacuated from there. Later, he says as a reminder, “all the world’s a stage.” https://terrancognito.blogspot.com/ The others of the seven posts are also of interest and include some videos.

    I am feeling weary. My spouse and I returned today from our first small trip outside of our city and state since lockdown to visit our youngest Millennial son and his fiancee in their first home in a Chicago suburb. So much youthful energy, talks of postponed wedding plans for when the pandemic is over, etc. They are at the stage of complete atheism and denial of spirituality. We’d brought along some ferns, irises and a mint bush to transplant in their yard. I felt sad when they asked about how they will look “next Spring” not knowing where we’ll all be then and probably not together. I’d really wanted to have that Mother/Son dance at their wedding. At one point I mentioned the Matrix we live in and how in my next life I want to be 6 feet tall like they are and not 5’2″ as I am now in my aged state, and they looked at me like I was joking. When we were discussing the recent riots, I said it was about time for the Mother ships to appear (before I’d seen this post!) and they laughed it off like I was attempting to be funny. These are young, good kids who have worked and studied hard, got good educations via scholarships and are now young professionals. Surely, at some point there will be a place for them on the NE? I have to believe that. I am so very tired.
    We are the Love, the Light, the Truth. We are ONE. And may all worlds foster Love. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I have a similar experience with my step daughter and her live in BF who has a medical condition and so they wear their masks everywhere, in cars, in homes, everywhere. I bought a pulse ox meter as a last ditch effort to get them to take off the masks. I just get blank stares and it’s been a good learning lesson for me and a test to fight my compulsion to try to fix other people.

      Curious, how many here have had emotional healing during this process? How many have woken to themselves in the illusion in addition to the reality illusion? I am coming to find that there are very different waking experiences and I have not yet met someone who is having something similar to what I have been having. I follow some people on Instagram who post a lot about the spiritual aspect of the process but they seem like unicorns since I’ve never met someone in real life.

      Anyone here care to share their experiences? Has it been all uncovering reality illusion/corruption for you or has this had a personal stint where you wake up to your own illusions about yourself as well?

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      1. Puffcatty,
        I definitely have had the “awakening” of the external 3d illusion as well as my own personal internal illusions. Today is particularly tough. It feels like the 3d is crumbling at a much more accelerated pace and what’s left of my internal self is falling with it. I actually can’t find the words to describe it.


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      2. I may be looking at this differently than what you mean, puffcatty, but a few years ago a sideline interest of mine was majorly pushed to the forefront, which messed up my sense of identity and was quite an emotional adjustment for me. I faced some fear around it — and wanted to tear out my solar plexus for awhile there… ;P Other than that, following ACIM this year has been its own brand of personal awakening, for which I am tremendously grateful!

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      3. My waking up process took more than 10 years. But I think I am not 100% woke up yet…I feel that my life is a bad dream…It had its ups and downs…It also makes it more and more uncomfortable to live on the planet each coming year…At first it is all rosy…but gradually it is getting darker and darker…than you pull yourself out from the misery and life is a bit normal again…but than something happens again and than each time you are put in a darkness of the 3d world you feel more suffocation and can not stand 3d anymore…
        You want to be free and out of this cage!!! … You do not care even if you die to get this freedom…

        I hope it is only my experience….


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      4. I have had a lot of dreams showing my past lives, times where I have made poor choices and this has helped me to see myself in others, like you say to see the truth about myself and accept it all and let it go.

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    2. I understand your weariness. Before the virus hit the fan, I had a QHHT session scheduled for mid-March, which was cancelled. Since my state is finally opening up (sort of), and I’ve had it with all the idiocy, I figured it was time to reschedule. Much to my surprise, the email I got back was full of babble about people not social distancing properly and an associated second wave, masks, and executive orders! I seriously couldn’t believe this was coming from a QHHT practitioner. So, not even spiritual people are necessarily awake. It might just take an alien invasion to rouse all the sleepers!

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  21. Disclosure ET’s 5 D

    important for myself is and it is, still since a couple of years: to be happy and feel the inner joy. So when I started on this blog, I wanted to tell it here in this comunity. I wanted to transmit my bliss and gratitude. 🌈❤💛💚💙💜🌈

    Very soon I discovered that we all are going our own path and that it is not my mission using word but vibration. My mission is only to live my light and love…being the light that shines, that’s all.

    The video is a conversation about 5 D and about the cage…. going from one cage to a better cage, cause it is still duality.

    For thousands of years humanity talks about ascension, ressurection etc.
    and humans forget how to leave the matrix, who is 100% illusion, made of frequencies and vibration, that we belief, it is solid.

    🌈❤💛💚💙💜🌈The Course in Miracles is the choice of the way into ourself and it is the REAL WAY HOME and not an other cage.🌈❤💛💚💙💜🌈

    Love Alnilam🌈💜🌈

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      1. 5D is not a bigger cage. There is no cage. You AGREE of your own free will to come here and do what you do, and have the experiences you have… only everyone forgets that they agreed. Don’t worry, it will all come back to you a few moments after you Transition.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Thank you The CAT(s) That Lived!…I really hope so!
          I have a very difficult time in my life for the past two days …I hope it will be over soon…Can’t stand this pain anymore…


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        2. @June Happy forget about the video, it is confusing. We go to NE and it will be wonderful ❤️🙏❤️

          @The CAT(s) That Lived
          ***5D is not a bigger cage. There is no cage. You AGREE of your own free will to come here***

          thank you cat’s…. and yes I agree with your thoughts about that.
          It was allways my belief, that we came here with free will and for learning. For me earth is a shool and now we graduate. Because I learned to love in all circumstances.

          Going to New Earth is for me so exciting and as I belief, it’s the fith dimension. With beautiful lush nature. I even had a dream about some weeks ago.

          So hopefully the event is coming soon and we all go to NE.
          Untill it will happen, I love to use my imagination and make inner pictures :
          where the skies have more stars
          the valleys have more flowers
          the forrests have more life
          the lands have more beauties
          and more rainbows
          beautiful birds singing
          swimming in cristall clear water with dolphins

          love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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        3. I remember all the time that I agreed to come here. But, I also forget all the time too. When times get really tough, which seems to be most of the time here lately. That’s what I tell myself. You signed up for this and you’re not leaving until it’s over and done. So get it together and keep on going. The reward at the end is going to be so amazing! Actually, just another amazing beginning. I had another dream about the party last night. We’re going to have so much fun celebrating when this is all said and done!

          The Dog Lady

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  22. Thank you!!!

    And today’s lesson…. Lesson 48 …. ” There is nothing to fear “.

    Most appropriate at least for me!

    Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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  23. My first thought was the episode on Twilight Zone many years ago “To Serve Man”, which is really about a cookbook. Humans were tricked into thinking it was to assist them but it really was a cookbook on how to cook and serve humans. In the episode many humans happily boarded ships not knowing the truth. Follow your intuition for sure.

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  24. I’ve had past dreams of a mass exodus via ET morherships before. We were walking amongst around debris too and some people looked like they’d survived some kind of invasion. Despite whatever calamity had befallen everyone, the mood was still positive. Still, glad it’s on another timeline…


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    1. I think it maybe linked to where we have had this before, I have had visions even as a child of escaping a planet on a craft, I even did a story about it in school! I watched titan AE and part of it felt like a memory.

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  25. Hmm.. Is A fake ET invasion all that they can do? Not that I want them to do worse things to people, but the general population is incredibly skeptical to things like that. They would have to admit much more just to convince people it’s real and at that point they would just reveal everything to the more sophisticated among us, which then can be used against them… They are long past the point of completely controlling the narrative at this point.
    Unless maybe doing a bad job with this is the point?

    Also, on the point with the real ETs- I would be a bit bewildered if adults forgot about stranger-danger just because a handsome Nordic man in a blue jumpsuit and spaceship offered them a ride. Street smarts applies to space too!

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  26. “If they try to rush you, that is also an answer”, oh yes!!!
    No doubt that is an unequivocal sign that they are not good for us.
    I already mentioned here months ago the experience that I had a sunrise, it was not with et´s, it was with supposed guides, or supposed beings of Light.
    Somehow they wanted to get me out of my body and just said to relax and trust.
    But his restlessness, nervousness, and impatience put me on notice. I didn’t know about these two questions, the name and the greatest good in their minds- But I solved well the trap they wanted to make me fall into.
    Somehow they have us well trained to deal with all this scum.
    Thanks Cats for reminding us and giving us new instruments to face them.

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  27. Greeting those space people in the Light of the Radiant One, should reveal their intentions. If negative E.T.s they can not stand before the Light! Teachings from the Universal Confederation of Light, learned from the 1980s info. Anybody read the book, “Stars Wards”?

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  28. Sophia Love’s post from 6/16/20, ” The Privilege of Now” is worth the read: https://www.sophialove.org/my-blog It addresses the current moment and includes this quote from One from a few days ago: “Tolerance, patience, and keen interest in each other’s stories will only enrich your own, not deny the truth of your own. For alterations in point of view do not weaken your own point of view, but instead outline it. Framing it into your own self-portrait.”

    This has been a hard week for this empath. And it’s only Thursday! I have been sleeping long hours, then little at all. My only respite is to check this site several times per day. I was originally alarmed to read Update 1, then relieved to see Update 3. We Are One. May all worlds host Love. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  29. I have seen large ships for years just hang out over my neighborhood and the military comes and plays sky cop with them. This is ten years in the suburbs of Kansas. Just blue beam practice or actual conflict? I can’t tell and that is the problem how will other people tell I feel you would have to be a certain secret military person to even know who is who it all blends so well to the untrained eye.

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  30. “Quickly ASK one of the beings: What is your name?”

    OK, but why can’t they say their names? What does it mean for them to tell us their names? For me it would not matter one name than another (because I do not know anyone there or remember anything …) So I don’t understand. In any case, in one of my rainbow meditation attempts I saw a subject that gave me a strange feeling of arrogance, so I asked him his name and he did not answer me. Well, he had strange green eyes and a long, forked tongue. Of course it was most likely just my imagination, given my difficulties in meditating, but I was left in doubt of the importance of the name….
    A big hug


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