Meterage 6-15 to 6-19-20 [UPDATE3]


Ugh. Lots of CATs reported having to take naps around 5:00 pm PDT (00:00 UTC) on the 15th.

We had another CME, and a timeline jump around that time. The CME is non-earth-facing and rather dull to look at, and the timeline jump is minor, but it still knocked us out. But the energy is rather entertaining:









Timeline jump.


Please note: Energy-upgrade-wise, everyone’s journey is now an individualistic one. That is, everyone is on their individual upgrade paths — instead of the group Wave X upgrades — so general posts like this won’t really give you as much insight into what’s going on for you personally, except in a general way. We advise meditating and going within to determine what upgrades you’re going through and what you need to do to achieve greatness.

Also note that we are very much caught between eclipses. The next one on Friday will continue the unending upgrades that will carry us through to what’s supposed to be the realization of all these upgrades on or after July 4th: Independence Day (for those in the U.S.). This will truly be Independence Day for some. No one can seem to see past this time, so… pay attention to your own personal upgrades.



For those who live near portals, you may have noticed the increase of energy. We’ve been getting roasted the past few nights. This energy will peak on the new moon, as usual lately. Expect some timeline jumps in the next few days, too.


We had another jump in the night (for some). And here’s some of the portal activity that you can see:

This is a blast from the portal inside the sun; all portals are connected, so all portals in this locality blasted energy (and will continue to do so).

Here’s the latest jump and blip:

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 9.32.51 AM
That blip is energy coursing from all the portals on earth, and elsewhere. It makes sense that we would jump and then get a new energy bump. This may happen a lot for those going to 4d.


Heavy energy last night (from portals), as expected, pre-New Moon. The sun’s portal (Portal One) looks like a strobe light (left image, at the link).

Anomalous correlations…


Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 9.07.30 AM




Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 9.13.16 AM
Next muon wave coming in.

More later.


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    1. Congrats! I have to smile. In my comments yesterday in my post after naps, I mentioned a vision clarity shift. This was about 5:00 PM PDT. What a coincidence?

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  1. I went down for my nap on the 15th around 7:15 p.m. CST. Didn’t get much of one though. The dogs were all out of sorts too! Did the Rainbow Meditation with full color after every step and had a nice little snooze this morning after I reached the top step. Hadn’t been able to do it for almost a week. Had to have another nap later in the afternoon too. All these energies coming in sure don’t make me feel very energetic. LOL! I just want to snooze, snooze, snooze.

    The Dog Lady

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  2. Yeah, few days ago I felt my heart skipping and extremely louder then usual high pitched buzzing sound which lasted almost 2 hours, and nobody else, at least in the comments or your post sensed it, so it seems that was some big download for me personally, I started to meditate, and that calmed me a lot, so it makes sense now 😉✨

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  3. Stunned and amazed… I was really tired yesterday too after No Sleep the nights before (several).

    So I took myself down to the river by my house and threw myself in. Swam for about 3 hours on and off, in (what felt like) the crystal water of the River Dee and sunbathed on the rocks. I felt blissful…

    My ongoing mantra is: May All Worlds Host Love… may every cell, molecule, particle and telomere in my body host love. May every part of my light body host love. May every drop of water host love. Bless everything with Love…

    I made peace with everything. Even the litter that had been left in the rocks. I simply removed myself from the angst and decided to forgive it all. I felt love for an old bottle that had been left behind, and as crazy as it sounds, I did the Hopono’opono prayer for everything…

    I AM so sorry
    Please forgive me
    I love you
    Thank you

    I saw EVERYTHING as a part of me… the rubbish that had been discarded and the people who had discarded it. I looked around me with my heart full of love and said out loud: You are perfect Immortal Spirit, world. Whole and Innocent. All is forgiven and released…

    At home, I felt relaxed and peaceful. I sat in the garden in the middle of a dry thunderstorm and then watched as the rain cascaded down afterwards, cleansing and clearing the air and all around it. I blessed each raindrop and every particle of the air. Each tree and plant and flower, bee, bird, insect seemed to speak to me.

    Something huge had shifted again in me.

    The quickest way to move to the next space is to fully honour the place you’re at, warts and all. Thank everything in that experience for its part in your journey for all things are our companions, at the end of the day.

    What happens next? Who knows? But I am H.D. READY!

    May love light every heart that reads everything in this lovely place…

    Jaybird… flying free like Jonathan Livingston Seagull xxx

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    1. @ladybirdbeau
      Beautiful reminder! Thank you!

      I AM so sorry
      Please forgive me
      I love you
      Thank you!


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  4. A Chunk of Cosmic Knowing
    The Royal Houses of Lyra

    Precipice of Evolution Part 4

    By Lisa Renee

    The Trinity of the Emerald Order,
    Gold Order and
    Amethyst Order incarnations
    that were seeded
    in the fourth Harmonic Universe
    in the Lyran Matrix
    are known as the Royal Houses.
    The Emerald Order of Elohim
    seeded the Anuhazi Feline Elohim races
    through the Lyran 12th Stargate, Aramatena.
    They are also known as the direct founders
    of the Christos races,
    the Eieyani-Essene Grail lines
    that include the Oraphim.
    The second Light manifestation of the Gold Order
    are the Gold Ray orders of Seraphim,
    Cerez Avian bird people
    and Aeithan lines,
    that are the Solar Rishi which incarnated
    in the fourth harmonic universe on Lyra-Vega
    through the 10th Universal Stargate.
    The third Light manifestation of the Amethyst Order
    are Violet Ray orders
    comprised of Cetacean,
    Avian Pegasus people,
    and aquatic Braharama
    seeded in the fourth harmonic universe
    on Lyra-Aveyon through Universal Stargate 11.
    The Royal Houses
    collected advanced genetics
    from many metaterrestrial Founder races,
    which were used to generate
    the Original Eternal Light Diamond Sun Body
    held in the Christos template.
    During the Fall of Lyra,
    these Royal House genetic records
    were placed in the
    Emerald Founder Records
    and hidden in and out of Time.
    Early on, these were recorded on holographic plates,
    and taken to be stored in Sirius B,
    which became the Hall of Records repository
    for holding
    the historical timelines and genetic records
    of the Root Races,
    seeded on Earth,
    and Gaia.
    Human being’s DNA records
    and genetic ascendancy lineages
    hold the accurate historical timeline records
    for the entire Universal system.
    This means,
    that original human DNA template records
    hold the actual and true events
    in the history of all timelines,
    that exist in the entire Universal Time Matrix.
    When a Christos architect
    can retrieve original divine human 12 Strand
    DNA pieces,
    that have fragmented from trauma,
    or can read a human body at the DNA level,
    the architect can read
    the energy signatures of the timelines
    from within the DNA record,
    which reflect
    the true and organic history of the planet,
    Solar system
    and Universal matrix.
    Each individually incarnated human being
    holds a specific and special DNA record
    of the timelines,
    from their soul extensions and monadic family,
    which should lead them
    directly back to the Royal Houses of Lyra.
    The NAA (Naacal raptors)
    have intentionally fractured human souls
    with SRA methods,
    with the intent to override and alter these histories,
    with holographic inserts
    and Artificial Intelligence technology
    attached through inflicting trauma
    and lightbody damage,
    and that process is what inserts
    an inorganic AI record.
    This is a strategy
    used in alien hybridization and genetic modification,
    in which the human being
    has no awareness
    of their original genetic ascendancy
    and Lyran history.
    However, Christos Starseed architects
    can learn to sense the difference between
    organic records and inorganic records,
    and this is also, directly,
    a part of the timeline wars,
    as the NAA do not want us to see
    what really happened in the timelines.
    Remember they have stolen our memories
    and mind-wiped us on the earth,
    to make us forget who we really are.
    They want us to believe,
    we have been abandoned on earth,
    or are the product of Annunaki, Yahweh,
    or other supposed False Alien Gods.
    As more humans awaken
    to activate their inner Christos template,
    some will be able to perform this function.
    This is also why, those of us on this path
    can be harassed and attacked,
    to prevent us from realizing
    this is our purpose and mission,
    to help recover original memories
    and help ascend or transit humanity.
    Because the
    Divine Human Genetic Origins
    are sourced
    from the Royal Houses of Lyra,
    our Original Diamond Sun
    genetic template and physical body
    is referred to as being “Royal”,
    which means,
    that in the angelic human DNA,
    the record exists
    that we are connected
    to the Founders,
    or Gods of this system via our genetics.
    This has made humans
    the secret enemy
    of those hidden entities in the NAA,
    who covet and desire our DNA
    and the use of our physical bodies.
    Instead, the nonhuman imposters
    stole our identity
    when they invaded,
    and then promptly made themselves
    the Gods and rulers of this system.
    The Royal Houses were constructed
    upon three white holes
    in the core of three pre-matter planetoids
    in the Cradle of Lyra,
    that reflected the Solar Logos Body
    of the 12Dimensional Lyran Sun,
    from the combined unified threefold flames of the
    Cosmic Trinity.
    These were liquid light pre-matter forms
    in a spherical domain, which in its entirety
    held the architecture for the Solar Logos
    and the living matrices
    for the Christ mind,
    Buddha mind and
    Avatar mind.
    When aspects of the Cosmic Trinity
    passed through the white hole,
    the unified consciousness was broken down
    into the lower dimensional vibratory frequencies,
    which make up each dimensional spectrum.
    Each dimensional frequency band
    had originally experienced itself
    as fully unified with Source and whole,
    and this process created a different
    point of consciousness awareness,
    located in another spectrum of frequency.
    Within the dimensional spectrums of frequency
    were the building blocks of Creation,
    the positive polarity,
    the negative polarity,
    and the integration point back into neutral,
    which generates the zero point.
    When a consciousness chooses
    to learn and grow,
    by being aware of the existence of both polarities,
    they will organically evolve and grow
    towards integration,
    achieving inner energetic balance
    with the zero point.
    This is the path
    of consciousness expansion and personal growth,
    which ultimately leads
    to integrated Spiritual Ascension.
    Because this is
    the primary design of the time matrix
    and our personal DNA template,
    the path of polarity integration
    supersedes artificial intelligence signals
    and inorganic machinery,
    and renders it ineffective
    against its living target.
    It is the lower polarities
    that exist in the negative ego structure,
    that are attuned
    to the mind control of AI signals,
    and, when uncorrected,
    lead to the proliferation
    of reversal polarity currents.
    the goal of creating
    multiple stations of identity
    was to experience
    evolutionary themes throughout time and space,
    from the perspective
    of many points of consciousness
    located throughout the dimensional spectrum,
    that would eventually return back,
    to integrate all aspects into wholeness,
    at the end of the time cycle.
    The way back home
    is polarity integration,
    which returns us back
    into zero point and wholeness,
    which happens much faster
    at the end of Ascension Cycles.
    The most powerful
    Universal Gates in our system,
    which relate to controlling
    the operational functions
    in our Time matrix,
    are those located in the Cradle of Lyra;
    12D Aramatena,
    11D Aveyon,
    and 10D Vega,
    along with the 8D Orion Gates.
    The Lyran gates
    were destroyed during the Lyran Wars,
    which destroyed
    the architecture
    for the Solar Logos Christ Body
    in this Universal system,
    and then the black hole entities
    went to Orion,
    in order to secure
    the 8D Metagalactic core,
    as a military base
    and AI command control center
    for themselves.

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    1. AI is an incorrect name. It’s essentially a being with an electromagnetic body instead of a physical one. This body allows it to manipulate electronics.

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  5. To continue a previous conversation…

    I know what IS real and what IS not real. Polarity levels exist for a reason.



    2. A PRIDE in my Universe is a family of Lions. The Lion doesn’t wear pink ribbons in his hair and the Lioness doesn’t wear strap-ons. The Lion King likes beer and steak. HE brews beer, (and tea). RAHR. The Den Mother likes Salmon and wine. She picks up stakes Roarrin.

    But y’all knew this already. How’s that for lightening up?

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    1. Now, about King Darren

      There was a kitten stranded on the roof King Darren’s house in Georgia one day. So he called the Fire Chief to rescue her. Remembering another rescue of a similarly stranded Kat in Las Vegas, and a Secondhand Lion in Denver, he was inspired to name the kitten Shingles.

      A bunch of queens have been using witches to keep his Estate from him. This can’t stand, as King Darren is a Royal of GREAT Nobility. Those ones really need to get jobs. So I’m making a request to Prince Albert and the Celestial Sons, that they employ them in a New Earth project – an important one. Drop those Georgia Guidestones and grind them into kitty litter for angry House Cats. Everyone should have the best tools for the job so I’m requesting that George Soros set up a budget from his slush fund for the best Sledge Hammers on the market – and safety gear of course. They can get bonus pay if they can complete the project by the Summer Solstice. But while fast and furious may earn a bonus – Quality is Job One. Let the PUMA be the QA on the project.

      The MSM has such a low signal to noise ratio these days – what with all the COVID19 and riot BS. But, My Guinness! that signal is strong.

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  6. My nap was the 14th. The energy was high and my chest was tight and my heart rate was high as well. I can find things in actual reality that set it off, but there it is.

    Interesting. I have always felt this was individual but that is because I don’t know anyone who is going through what I have gone through. As a bonus, I think I finally saw my higher self 3 days ago in that space just before sleep in my focal point. I’d like to take something up with the manager though because my hair was super curly and I really hoped it would be straight. She appeared and then faded 3 times. And then she was gone. I wish I would learn how to interpret these things I see behind my eyes.

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  7. CATs, and Ms, when I go into meditation, I am not certain that I learn anything about myself. I come out very rested and loved, but that’s about it. I would like to “know” things, but have not gotten to the level I guess. I continue to TRUST SOURCE as that is pretty much all I can do at this point.

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    1. Have you tried observing your breath/thoughts without interfering?

      Doing so helps break the identification with the physical body/ego since you can’t possibly be both the one breathing/thinking and the observer.

      Once you become aware of your thoughts, you will learn all sorts of things from seeing what your mind is doing when no one is at the wheel.

      One at a time, I like to start with the breath as that helps me go deeper.

      It takes a bit of practice. In the beginning you’ll most likely start messing with your breathing pattern and get carried away with your thoughts. It’s ok, just let go and try again as soon as you notice.


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    2. For me asking and receiving are 2 different vibes. You ask in mediation and receive in life. Or ask in life and receive in meditation, I think it can work both ways. When life gives you an emotion or an experience that troubles you, you work out what you can and take the rest to meditation for more stillness to receive or more stillness to ask, not both at the same time. Eventually you will begin to see the cycles and patterns and that is where learning about self occurs. When it gets really good, you can learn about self by watching the reflection of self in reality in other peoples cycles and patterns. But it has never been my experiences to go into a meditation to ask and get the answer at the same time. I have seen this as being in the 3rd dimension of time and space. It takes time to get space. Meditation just gives you so many tools with which to navigate it all. You have to slow things down and get space to be able to see. Try to watch a hummingbirds wings, that’s the mind with no space.

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  8. Josh S,
    Your friend’s rainbow bridge photo from 6/14/2020 was awesome and has taken up residence in my rainbow meditations. Cay

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  9. Yeah this morning, I could definitely tell that I was in a personal development and integration phase again ~ I can always tell by my dreams. It was fun tho because I could move objects without much effort.

    Going to spend time in meditation over the next day or two before phase 2 hits 🤪, lol. This is so fun 🚀 😂 thank goodness for my sense of humor super power, it is fully engaged ✨💛💪🏼

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  10. Well that explains yesterday – I was ahem – transmuting – all day and about that time my head started feeling reaaallly awful, had to stay home and just veg out until evening when it finally let up! Love those 555s!

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  11. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy.

    Progress accelerates.

    Ascension comes with the processes of Light.

    Removal of the dark conveyors completes.

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  12. Explains the last half of yesterday and the UGH, HEAVINESS of the world I felt all this morning – pretty much was doing the ‘I Am’s full expanded entirety all morning every time I woke…

    Threw grounding cords to daughter and s-in-lw this morning – grounding to SOURCE and where Gaia is now – felt more right than anywhere else, also asked Brother J and Mother Mary for support at this time for them because of the semi-imminent arrival time of new baby – her due date is 6/26 or if follows the last pregnancy timing – which the Dr say might be likely if happened before then her due date would be 7/6 – I get feeling about so many things – it has been so odd that I haven’t gotten ANY feelings about this baby or delivery – maybe she’s not to be born ‘here’ or maybe I just am not to have much of any contact with her – very odd, but not negative either , just blank – hope everything will be ok…
    The whole family seems to be on the late ‘shift’ – going to bed/sleep anytime between 3- 5:30-ish AM, getting up anytime past noon. Strange times…

    There was a screaming/piercing sound across the sky here, late morning – like I would think a missile would sound – no kerfuffling in response to it in the world here abouts though – there was a NIKE site, in my growing up town, right next to where they built an Elementary school (after I was through with schooling in the 60’s) I’m assuming the site was shut down by that time – so strange when you look at where ‘they’ placed those NIKE sites – sure cared a lot about people… not…

    Happy no-fearing to all,


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  13. I finally had a Shift dream that I remember 😃!
    In this dream, my family and I were in a warehouse that was in a medium sized city in a mid-rise building with 2 sections. The bottom section was larger (about 5 floors high), and the upper section was smaller, as far as not as wide as the bottom. So there was a sort of outdoor platform where the 2 sections meet. The warehouse was on that section, 2 large garage doors opened to the platform.
    We were in the warehouse just milling around, and my 2 year old wandered off. I was looking for him when I heard my older daughter (Na) yell “Mom, come look at this!!!”. She opened the garage doors and followed me out onto the platform. I rushed to the edge of the platform and saw that the sky was dark pink like sunset. The clouds were churning and roiling in different shades of pink. There was a very delineated thin purple line of clouds directly overhead. I was about to turn and look at Na, who was behind me, when we were hit with a shockwave (it didn’t hurt). It was as fast as a shockwave, but thick like an energy fog. The shockwave passed but the fog stayed. I just closed my eyes and thought “hello Source”, breathed in the energy and did my best to become one with it. I felt myself begin to tingle and float. Then we were back in the warehouse, but everything felt different. There were more people there, too. We were standing at tables preparing “energy packages” or spheres of white golden energy (for what or who I don’t know). Then I woke up exactly at 4:55am.

    I am worried now that I might not be going with the first wave. I am putting out the strongest intention possible that I am going with my children – please Source make it so! Is there anything else I can do to make that happen?
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. Remember: You already agreed to be part of a certain plan. SOURCE and Spirit won’t leave you hanging. Trust that all will be well, there’s no need to worry. (Great dream, btw.) All you can do is all you can do. Meditate and stay positive and you’re 99% ahead of the game.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Good gawd! As has been said before “my git-up-and-go has got-up-and-went” I’ve also lost interest in “stuff” in general. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. (although I scored big time on some Hadspen Blue hostas. Gardener will be beside herself with glee when she comes to plant tomorrow.) Other than that, I truly know less than nothing.

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  14. I was out on a dream time road trip this morning, driving around in the car my first partner owned when we met, but in Germany where I lived with my last. My son from Germany was in the car as well.

    On the way, we passed a steamroller with the driver waving fanatically. I didn’t think much of it until we were suddenly stopped and told we couldn’t go further because the road was being rebuilt/redirected, and we couldn’t turn back either.

    Following the mans directions we passed by a house where we stopped to greet some nice but unknown people. They all turned out to be amateur car mechanics and proceeded to strip the entire car down and show me everything that was broken inside, exposed wires, cracked beams, you name it. After patching up the worst problems, my new amateur car mechanic friends finally managed to put it all together so that we could get back on the road.

    When we arrived at our destination, which was a place were I grew up in Sweden, the breaks didn’t work so I had to pull the hand break to stop and managed to crash into another car parked outside. Luckily no one got hurt.

    I can see where this is leading, but the way the information is delivered is just weird.


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  15. Numbers are fascinating at the moment. Thank you for the 555th posting and very vivid charts. Gorgeous colours. I looked at the clock tonight as I turned out the light and it was 21.12 and then woke up at 1.12. Decided to do the rainbow body meditation and finished at 2.12. Now wide awake and wondering why as I usually need 9 hrs sleep. I felt very dizzy waves pass through my head at 7.30pm tonight and felt exhausted and thought I would sleep. Whut! 😳🙄😴

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    1. Newlynn, (almost wrote Mewlynn)
      OMG! That must be Luna and she is
      gorgeous! As you probably know, I have an incurable Siamese cat addiction, and
      Luna looks like she will be a wonderful

      With lots of love ❤️ to you both


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      1. Hi Coriboy. Thank you. Yes it is the one who must be obeyed lol. She is a gift. Loving, talkative, fun and above all beautiful in every way. We are smitten. Even my partner who kept saying we don’t want another cat. Not a chance of me taking any notice of that. We have never had any cats other than moggies. Luna is one on her own for character. The lighter patch on the photo is my hand tickling her tum. All of the others would have shredded our hands for trying that. I love your photo too. I think I prefer Mewlynn lol. 😸🐈💖💖💖

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          1. Hi Lily. Thank you. She has been with us a week now and is a spirited small furry bundle of love, joy and playfulness with a huge character. We are so happy that Luna was meant for us. Love to you, Elsie and your furry friends. Bet the fluffy one is warm today or has he had a short back and sides! ☺️😘💕💕💕

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            1. Newlynn ❤️Awww, she sounds adorable! 🐱

              Lily Pig does need a haircut…again! I have put a small fan next to their house and they are all enjoying it, sitting on top of their little houses to get full blowy benefit!

              Much Love & Light ❤️🙏☀️🙏❤️

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  16. Okay. I will try to express in words how it feels here at the farm tonight. There is a profound sense of quiet expectation. The air feels (or should I say) atmosphere feels almost pregnant with unlimited possibility; a culmination of excitement with underlying anticipation. The natural silence is almost deafening. The birds are plentiful at the feeders, but are silent. Oh! I get it. It is the expectation and anticipation of the next wave. Words truly cannot describe how it feels, but I hope that this presents a little more clearly the picture of the now.

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      1. I guess that I might have said that this feeling was not really external, but rather I am a part of IT and IT is a part of me. This feels physical, internal. As I said, words cannot even remotely express how this feels. Does any of this make any sense? Oh, it’s like I want to scatter/merge my atoms /essence with ALL. Yikes! This is certainly getting beyond my pea brain. Actually physically stepping through the door/portal. Hmm, I think I need to meditate on this.

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  17. sometimes I felt today like I might sometimes wish that entering 5D
    would be like exhaling the last hit off the peace pipe in the hut &


    knowing now what the future could hold if, & knowing then,
    that the future would be different once again
    yet also, knowing that, then I would still feel a longing of uncertainty

    what is missed vs. what is gained, in both

    I just want to li ve
    which should mean free

    I guess it’s shellfish, but I couldn’t really care much less
    The State of The World, whats the capitol then
    Let me tell you,

    Feels like emptiness without x (marks the spot)


    We declare it unto the æthyrs, scream it to the stars

    Who’s who is listening.

    The proof is at the end of the story, or the beginning.

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    1. Wow, that was beautiful! I have always loved John Denver, had never come across this song, though! What a beautiful soul he was! Thank you for posting this!

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  18. Yesterday evening I saw a double rainbow right in front of my bedroom window! 🌈🌈 And immediately I thought of you ALL here and the Rainbow Meditation. This is the first time that I see a double rainbow – so I made a wish that everybody will wake up quickly and ascend to New Earth😉

    The outer one was faint but the inner one, it was a sight to behold – its colours were bright and distinct! The left side of the arch was practically right in front of my window’s view – I just stood and stared at it until it disappeared in the eventual rain that followed, about 15 minutes. I was so mesmerised by it that I have forgotten to take it with a camera. Those taken by my mobile didn’t justify its colours.

    CATs, more questions on ACIM, please (and thanks in advance). I know we are advised to do just one Workbook Lesson per day but can we go back to read/do those past Workbook Lessons? Being analytical, I like to re-read those Lessons that were unclear or intriguing to me – to have a better understanding on what I’ve read initially. Though I’m just into my 3rd week, I had some “Aha” moment and sometimes with doubt “WHAT?” Anyway, I have to refrain myself from doing more than 1 Lesson per day! 😁

    Also, any reason why the exercise to be done for the Lesson of the Day should be short and just practise 3-4 times per day? Can we do it longer especially if we don’t feel uncomfortable doing that particular exercise? My analytical mind can sometimes be my weakness!

    “This will truly be Independence Day for some “

    I HOPE and PRAY that it will be really Independence Day for ALL of you here! 🙏🙏🙏

    Meanwhile I have been advising my families/friends not to ride the “The Fear Bus” despite the tiring and uncertainty year and poking them with hints 😉 without sounding like a nut to them! I hope that I get to take my ACIM book with me when my Time comes.

    Much Love to ALL here 💖💖💖 even though we never met!

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  19. I’ve been thinking about this dream I had all day. Can’t figure it out. A big ceremony was happening and I wanted to get to the front row so to speak to see it. (I happen to live across the street from a church). I go to this church I have gone to my entire life but in the dream, it’s up on a steep hill now. So I climb it, along with a huge crowd excited to see “something.”. So I get inside and it’s not the church I know. Inside, it’s filled with Massive crystals . 100 foot tall solid crystal walls, 75 foot Crystal walls. Diamonds, glass maybe, mirrors. Swarovski crystal everywhere. Not one piece of wood holding up the place. Then I was sitting next to my friend and I wanted to take pictures. The camera was made of small diamonds crystals and really feather light. I took pictures and then the ceremony started. I woke up.

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  20. Don’t buy the flat earth theory myself, but this video explains the whole “Master Oscillation” intriguingly well.

    Any thoughts team?


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    1. The description at the 30 min mark of another “Carrington Event” — ginormous solar flare hitting Earth — sure sounds like a “BAM.” And something that could be spun negatively by the MSM/PTW.

      They’re predicting this Event for Dec 21, 2020. Well whatever comes whenever it comes — but this was interesting so thanks for posting Mark.

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    2. When the question comes up, I like to ask people if they have witnessed any signs of earth curvature with their own eyes. And of course no one has, because there simply aren’t any. I’ve decided to leave the question open.

      This was very interesting, a piece which fits well into my puzzle.

      Thank you,

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    3. Hi Mark. Thank you for that. Some very interesting and thought provoking theories. Puzzle pieces fitting together as I go through life looking for the answer to life, the universe and everything!😳🌈💖

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  21. I too had a really weird dream yesterday – just remembered it – I was looking out my west facing window to see the sunset like I’m always doing, only there were 2 suns low on the horizon, very YELLOW. They were both about 10 X the normal size, and the one on the left looked like a giant cartoon round sun. The sun on the right looked like it was the same but turned sideways a bit, so you could see what looked like fan blades and that it was really just a mechanical sun. The funny part was in my dream I just went “oh, that’s weird” and went about my business! Between that and the giant rainbow colored bus spaceship a few days ago, my dreams are getting pretty interesting again!
    On another note, I watched about a minute of “news” yesterday – they really are losing it, there is no logic or accountability whatsoever anymore, just biased propaganda that is so blatantly obvious, I just wonder how long this can go on before the sheeple WAKE UP!!!! How long do we have to hang around for this nonsense, as I wailed to my guides afterwards! Enough already!!! :{

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      1. Is it really a conscious choice as to whether you go to 3D or NE during the Shift, or majorly related to your level of knowledge? I thought it was determined by ones personal vibration level, and happened automatically as a function of “best fit for that individual”, kind of like the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter books, LOL.

        Many poor people worldwide do not even have access to internet, and therefor are at the mercy of the information the ca8al media feeds them. Old people are used to legacy media and do not access alternative news sources even when these are available. They will be overwhelmed with surprise and confusion when the Shift arrives, but does that determine where they wind up?

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        1. Yet from a bigger perspective everyone is exactly where they chose to be and will get exactly the experience they need.


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      2. The more time passes the more SOURCE opens my eyes to what is not 3d and not 4d/5d, so as to make the decision loud and clear as to where to go.

        Thank you Source.

        Light to all, love for all


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        1. Correction meant to so “opens my eyes to what is of 3d and not of 4d/5d, so as to……….”


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    1. Keep wondering about this rainbow bus spaceship. It appeared to me too. In my vision i was the driver and the bus was boarded with children of all ages. At the start they were in really bad shape, all of them abused in some way. We went through the red zone highspeed, rising the 🌈 rainbow ladder. When we entered the turquoise space everybody was singing, laughing, whole. The bus was cruising in circles, dancing up into purple skies.

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  22. And now for something completely different: a CAT request.

    Would someone happen to have a complete (VHS) copy set of the old PBS telecourse, “Project Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy”? Or does anyone know where one is online? It’s available on YouTube, but the quality is terrible. Some of the knowledge is obsolete, but lots of it isn’t. I also love the music; it’s very meditative.


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    1. I’m not sure this is what you’re looking for but I found this dvd set on ebay. I’m tech challenged so couldn’t figure out how to share a link here. Item #153781757770, 10 dvd set, parts 1-5. Didn’t see any in vhs format.

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  23. TTC Video – Understanding the Universe: An Introduction To Astronomy (2nd Edition) [96 Video Lectures] [HuntR] [Freeleech


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  24. Is there anyone else out there today who is feeling a fit of pique? My milk of human kindness seems to have curdled! (and that’s putting it mildly)

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    1. Hello J 👋🏻
      When I read your post, I just had to laugh! I had to go to the credit union yesterday to pull some money from my personal account so I could put that money into my business account at a different bank (the credit union doesn’t use Zelle). The credit union employees told me that they wouldn’t serve me if I didn’t wear a mask. I refused to comply and had to pull money at the drive through. I have to admit that I lost my zen – I was so angry! It took me a few hours of mantras and talking to Source to calm down. I am well and truly done with this 3d fear circus. I am happy to say that I am back to normal today (thank you Source), and will do my best going forward to not allow the fearful to trigger me.
      I hope you have a wonderful Source day!
      Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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      1. Honestly, just so sick of the fear crap. I’m surprised by the idiocy every time I go out into the world. Went through a drive through the other day to get a salad. A box was extended to me out the window, first to take my money, and then to give me my bag of food. Of course, she handed me my change directly! None of it makes any sense at all! Weren’t their hands all over my food and the bag it came in? Hasn’t money always been filthy? She seemed as annoyed by the whole procedure as I was, but I could hear someone in the background telling her what to do. It’s freaking NY State, so I know they’re given no choice in the matter, but this stupidity needs to go away. Patiently waiting for the aliens to attack….

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      2. Yeah, me too. Altho I went out into the world again today and noticed that it is becoming even more tense (mask wise) than it was just last week. (I graciously smiled at all the brainwashed peps out there. I find that if I keep my composure, I remember to mantra the whole store and everyone in it. I sometimes forget what a blessed life I live here on the farm.

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  25. Just sharing — my date planner book marks astrologically significant days, and says the Sun Moon Saturn quincunx on the 20th “triggers ‘out of the blue’ events.” On top of being the solstice / eclipse day. Should be interesting.

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  26. had bad nausea and last night i dreamt about something that very interesting.. i looked at the sky and saw blue and green planet I think its earth.. but where am i looking at from..?? it still gave me a weird feeling..

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    1. Hi Lauraksmi,
      Thank you for Sophia’s post. This seems a beautifully accurate summary of where we find ourselves. I hope the Cats decide to host a meditation for all of us to witness this beginning transition together at some point during these next days.
      It certainly feels like there is no stopping it now, that momentum has taken hold, and it is already done. It’s the moments that we get to witness now, flashes on the screen. Moments of poignancy and beauty and grace, and of course it’s opposite. What a show, what a time. The eye of the needle. Love to everyone. Angela

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  27. All Is Great in God’s Country(NW Pa.), where The Garden is full of Life. A Deer had a good meal of lettuce this morning. Seems She is enjoying the feed and mineral salt lick too. Thanks to The Universe, for WATL……., We Are This We Are. For Fun(We Are Creators) I’m changing Roy’s last name to Bivm(m=magenta). This way it can match up to the scale, do re me fa so la te do. Time for musical rainbow steps. Much Love/Gratitude to All Here. Peace.

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    1. Sifoo. That was so lovely. Thank you. Animals are so inspiring. The unconditional love they give out is awesome. No wonder I prefer their company to humans.😻

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  28. ❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️ dear Cat’s ❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️

    I was missing you and my friends on the blog
    so you are allready here and we ❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️ ***ALL***❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️
    rise up together to NE. I am so exciting and happy about the coming shift

    love, so much love to y’all ❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️

    Alnilam ❤️

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  29. Meditations have become a blur…but beautiful.

    After getting to the top of the steps (or was it Lisa’s Solstice pathway, hmmmm!) I was surrounded by white/blue light. There were tall white/blue beings must have been about 7 or 8 foot maybe taller, all welcoming me. I do not remember facial features at all just how they were so light and glowy!

    Another reaching of the top of stairs or Solstice pathway brought me to the most enormous double doors intricately decorated like a Russian or Moroccan Mosque, beautifully carved with gold, silver, white, so many colours and around the edges bright white light escaped. As the doors slowly opened I was blinded by the light and completely awestruck with feeling of deep, unharnessed love.

    Had a dream with Blossom in the other night. Very strange, we were on a ship of some kind, could have even been a cruise ship. We kept meeting at a bar and just talking and talking. I cannot remember what we spoke about but it was very important!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  30. Hi Cats and M’s. This probably won’t make sense, but it’s been building in me this morning. I’ve changed my mind. I dislike the fact that a collective learns from trauma. We’ve had enough trauma. More trauma on top of the endless trauma is simply – in my opinion – cruel. No better than where we’ve been. We need a better playbook.

    There is a brilliant golden cable, filled with many bronze, gold, sun-like strands of other cables. It’s enormous. It can be moved. I’m not clear on how to work with it. I simply know time is short and I choose a better alternative, a more gracious path. We need to learn from Love. We need benevolence and grace. The ones that is painful to – so be it.

    I know this doesn’t make sense as it stands it’s simply coming out.

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    1. I agree, and have for a long time. I realize it’s very efficient, and I realize none of it is really real; but it’s still not right.

      We’re all part of Source exploring potentials, maybe that’s one of the things it’s learning.


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    2. ~ Angela ~ I see it too! and I choose as well… a better and more gracious path. You make perfect sense. Thank you.

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  31. Happy Solstice, with a pending new moon, solar eclipse everyone! Surprisingly I don’t feel any pulls to do anything. Kind of like being empty and full at the same time. I’m busy feathering my nest with color, and looking lovingly at my growing garden. I guess there will be a powerful moment at some point – maybe. Right now I’m fine with simply feeling in balance. I’ll take it.

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