Summer Solstice (2012?), YATJ, Meterage and More [UPDATE6]

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 9.05.14 AM

Someone sent us the above image and asked us to verify.

It’s not a warning. It’s a signpost. And it’s true. We kinda got chills when we looked.

By the way…

According to the Ancient Egyptian calendar, this is the year 2012. Let that sink in.

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 9.17.22 AM

When you meditate today, and you sense the stillness and silence (It’s with us now), be sure to say, “Hello, SOURCE. You are most welcome.”



One CAT, who is rapidly becoming our Cat Dream Oracle because their dreams are the most accurate for her and for all of us — and ostensibly the most vivid — dreamt last night of something “absurd” approaching:

I saw a huge velvet-y black highway of many lanes, with cars going to and fro. I’ve seen it many times: The Time Line. Cars zoomed this way and that. Some cars here and there (intentionally) stalled in the middle of one lane or other, forcing others to go around them, but they were easily negotiated. My house sat on the edge of this. While out in front of my house watching the traffic, I saw my neighbor come up and ask if I’d found a tube of ointment (which for her was some kind of medical information to be used over time, at a later date) on the sidewalk. I had, and so I produced it, handed it to her. Preoccupied, she took it without a word and climbed into an old white truck with light blue trim (?), with a cute matching camping trailer, and drove off in one direction. There was no median, just a big freeway with lots of lanes, several on either side. Shrugging, I climbed into my own car and pulled out onto the highway in the opposite direction. I had no trouble, as my car was very fast. What may be interesting to others is that I went up a (freeway) hill and there was another ahead of it, but I slowed to look at what was going on on the side of the road (which became a room) because it was so comical. In fact, it was the absurdity of it that made me pause. I can’t recall what it was (a funny medical art exhibit?), but something is coming into our reality that is calculably absurd. Something ‘funny’ this way comes?

And then we saw this morning’s SR:

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 9.44.47 AM
We are still in a jump. Think positively!

Said Dream Oracle Cat keeps a dream log, as many of us do, and as she noted the above SR in her notes, she noticed that her current document (she’s written many over the years) was at page… 111.

Other jump indicators and anomalies:

This is from the sun.



The “knock knock” has started up again.


And we had two (minor, earth-facing) CMEs within three hours of each other… and some interesting activity:

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.26.39 AM
Ship pops out and BOOM.
Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.27.06 AM
Phantasm ball. 😉
Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.25.36 AM
ZAP from Portal One.

Here are the CMEs:


Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.28.27 AM


And… there was this, either from the sun or something flying past the satellite; we’re looking into it:

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.17.23 AM

6-21-20-naa_sidgramScreen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.44.15 AM

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.47.05 AM


This is interesting. We saw this this morning:

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 9.44.47 AM

And now it looks like this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 12.25.50 AM

Mandela Effect in action.


And another CME:



Ok, we had to check to be sure we weren’t projecting. This recent energy is indeed…

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.17.23 AM

…a pre-SHIFT test.


Another (earth-facing) CME:



And another CME…


And another timeline jump…


And now we can tell you… some of the CATs saw a huge one of these for 6/23 — but on a different timeline:

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 8.54.01 AM

We were originally shown, “8.4 at 23 on 23” (no stress, right?); we checked and the 8.4 was to be on another timeline, and much much worse. We didn’t want to alarm you, since we didn’t know if there would be anything on this timeline. As it was, it was very minor.

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  1. I’ve had christmas dreams for years and years. Here’s the latest, and I think the brightest 🙂 Perhaps it will give a lift to some of you too.
    I’ve had christmas themed dreams for years and years. Here’s the latest, and perhaps the brightest 🙂 Perhaps it will give a lift to some of you too!

    I was touring a new house being finished, further up the mountain from the last house I’d built and lived in.  This one was sited carefully among the tall evergreens and rocks so as not to disturb the land.  I was surprised the workmen could even get their trucks in with materials etc.  Saw a couple of trucks – one guy washing sawdust off the tree foliage and a second vacuuming off the dusty water to leave the trees shiny again. Both trucks were large and very new looking.  Nice workmen.

    Inside the house, there were more and more rooms, like a Tardis. The interior was mostly finished, and was being decorated for a christmas-themed house warming.  Everywhere were decorations on tables, over doors, on ledges and window sills… One room was entirely devoted to the storage of hundreds of cool ornaments and other decorations all with a vintage european flavor;  blown glass, enameled metal, preserved foliage, soft but vivid colors and most with a sprinkling of glitter.  It was difficult to even move into the room without knocking into something.  There seemed to be a plan and one woman in charge of directing all the placements.  It was turning out so beautifully.
    The guests began arriving before all was quite prepared, each in festive finery.  This was a community putting this event on for and with each other, long in development.  

    Tables were laden with wonderful platters of delectable food, confections and pastries in fanciful shapes. Suddenly many children flooded in, laughing and delighted, but all well mannered in their exuberance – they gravitated to the chocolate! Among the many rooms were a few deep clear mountain pools, very still, fresh and filled to the brim.  Surprisingly no one, even the running children or toddling babies ever fell in.  At one point someone brought in an entire litter of half-grown kittens each in a red satin bow. The kittens were completely confident, playing and unafraid of all the feet or people or young children about.   Fun to watch!  There were also many gifts piled about and more brought in all the time by arriving guests – all gaily wrapped and tied with pretty ribbons.

    This continued for some time, then I found myself walking outside, along the streets of the town/ small city.  MORE celebration on the streets, laughter and calling of friends to one another.   There were mostly shops lining the streets but a few homes in their midst.  Those with open doors and windows showed many stacked wooden crates, some with tarps tossed over them, like they’d been delivered for storage.  Prominent in each home were tall piles of christmas presents, wrapped in beautiful papers and gleaming satin bows.  The lights were still off, though the presents seemed fully lit.  The homes felt like they were awaiting arrival of their residents.  All was in readiness.

    In all of this christmas theme and imagery, it was full summer in the mountains, fresh air, blue skies, warm but not hot sun, peace and bird song.  There was a strong sense of welcome and delight in it finally being TIME.

    I really didn’t want to wake up!

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    1. Hi Friend, Love your dream! Felt like I was there through your vivid description 🥰 Awesome! Can’t wait 😊 Love you All!
      -jane X

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    2. friend ❤️ Thank you for sharing your dream, I’m not surprised you didn’t want to wake out, that was so beautiful!

      Much Love & Light ❤️🙏✨🙏❤️

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    3. @ friend

      WOW! what delightful description!
      It happens to me to understand,
      that there is not necessarily a winter Christmas coming,
      the way we all know it,
      but a Celestial, essential FEELING of Christmas,
      first a New Birth of us all and our Gaia,
      and then, an infinite Bounty of gifts,
      Source gifts, Celestial family/brothers gifts without end,
      to finally enact pure JOY,
      the Joy we ever associate with Christmas.

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  2. Lisa’s todays post: I feel that this is important to share today for whatever reason. Lisa and I were discussing this post this morning. I was sitting in hidden garden#1 from about 8:00-8:30 PM PDT. This is where the portal is located. About 10 minutes on, SOURCE joined us with that indescribable presence. Lisa could feel it too. About half-way into our visit another presence joined us that was entirely different. I suspect it is a member of the new A team that Lisa talks about. BEYOND THAT, i know less than nothing. I guess that this is another example of ISness.

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    1. ~ J ~ your morning sounds like a pretty cool one indeed! Rather a ‘party line’ convo you and Lisa and Source and the new presence. I’d say you are well practiced at sensing ISness… Perhaps today will be more on the ISness end of the spectrum than the other. THAT is always welcome, eh? 🙂


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    2. Oops, It was 8:00 AM this morning. I get confuzed. Lisa also said that these energies of late have been felt in the spine, so of your back has been more painful than usual, you now know why. I raise my hand on that one. Groan, gnashing of teeth!

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  3. Well I had a wonderful dream last night but my alarm cut it short grrrr 🦁

    I was with Blossom again and this time we were packing up to go to on an expedition, we had all sorts with us including a bag of carrots?!!

    We had said goodbyes to a lot of people and were looking for a car to start our journey. We found a quite battered old red Ford type car and we both shook our heads and moved on. We found a beautiful shiny deep blue (I think) car of some description, very nice and luxurious looking and were just about to get in when ‘BEEP, BEEP, BEEP….”!

    Much Love All 🙏❤️🙏

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  4. What a funny day! I went to our local woods with Mum, pushing Elsie around in her chair. It was so beautiful but really strange. Everything felt different and mum felt the same way, like we were walking through a dream, like things were just floating…We went up an overgrown path and decided to turn around and go back after a while. The path was definitely shorter on the way back!

    Mum had a bad fall over the weekend. She was sewing when Dad asked her for something she got up forgetting the electrical lead was across the floor. She tripped and fell right onto the kitchen worktop, her head hit the corner of the worktop. She is all bruised down one side where she fell onto the hard floor and the left side of her face is really swollen, she can barely eat. I was really suprised she was able to walk around the woods with me and help me out with Elsie and household stuff today, she insisted, to take her mind of it as it had shaken her up. She’s blooming amazing! If anyone could send her healing energy that would be so appreciated. She’s a shining Star, she really is! ✨


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    1. Hi Lily,
      I’m so sorry that happened to your mum. That is such a shock to the system. Sending lots of loving energy through your connection to her. I hope she heals quickly on all levels from this.

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      1. Thank you Angela ❤️ Much appreciated. I believe she is on the mend just finding things tricky like eating and washing her hair etc…


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    2. ~ Lily ~ I send my most comfortable wishes for a quickly healed mama of yours! Such a shock to find ourselves on the floor that way for sure. She is another of your local angels, no doubt.


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      1. friend ❤️ Thank you, Mum is miraculously okay apart from some bruising and of course feeling very shaken. She told me she believed that it had taught her a lesson as it could have been a whole lot worse…

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    3. lily ~Ouch!~ Sending healing energy and love, hope your Mum’s healed up lickety split and may You and Elsie have a wonderful day! Much Love ~scott

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    4. @Lily ❤️🙏✨🙏❤️

      Much love for your mama
      I have send her Reiki healing energies yesterday on my morning walk
      and today I will repeat❤️🙏✨🙏❤️

      love for you and familly from Alnilam❤️

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  5. And…I cannot stop watching this! Thank you to whoever posted this previously, it’s addictive, always makes me smile!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  6. Just heard a straight up battle outside in the sky in Kansas I don’t think this was fireworks no storms in the area sounded like bombs going off like from a cartoon one throws one then the other side throws one. Over and over went on for only five minutes but it was intense made me want to hide under the bed. Very late at night can’t find anything in the local online news either. If this is a portal venting or someone using the portal must be massive.

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  7. My daughter is on the way to the hospital, anyone who is up for surrounding the new mom, dad and new daughter with all the best light – I thank you – it’s very quiet here, so… very welcoming of SOURCE and other helps… All day yesterday one of my mother’s old friends was ‘here’ (she was a very nice lady and EXPERT quilter this last life), she knows the new family soul in some way and is around. – very much yesterday…

    Anyone who feels called to pass along some love and light, I thank you – finding and speaking some words have been more difficult since my hospital stay, so I seemed less than helpful to her before they left…. Any extra ooomph my way for taking care of my granddaughter while they’re at hospital would be very welcome – no extra-curricular trips down the street please, etc – seizure medicine makes me sleepy – so have to be extra aware – have had some minor seizure-y things. I’ll ask for some extra awareness help from non-corporeal friends, AAs and SOURCE – Schumann looks ‘interesting’ today… maybe the new baby is a New Earth cusp baby??

    love to everyone,


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  8. Hi everybody – having a very good day today – got stopped for speeding on my way to work, and the policeman looked at my ID and said, “geez, I haven’t seen you in ages” as he pulls down his face mask (ironically he was wearing a bandana like a bandit!) – turns out he’s the son of an old friend of mine that passed several years ago – and sent me on my way! That’s a first for me! 🙂 Plus I never even got nervous in the first place, unlike old times I’ve been stopped in the past – guess I have moved beyond caring much about these silly 3D things. Then I got a great parking spot, who hoo. Love these days when life seems to flow more easily.
    On another note, yesterday morning I noticed all my phlox flower buds had been neatly nipped off at deer height, darn it – but then as I was filling the bird feeders by my little pond, a doe and her 2 spotted fawns appeared at the end of my driveway looking at me like, are you done yet, we need to come get a drink – so CUTE! So I can’t be mad about the flowers, they’ll rebloom if I remember to spray them with garlic or something. And this morning I realized they are sleeping between my pond and shed in front of some cat houses, the grasses are all tamped down deer style – so now in addition to the feral cats, raccoons and possums, I have a deer family on my property! No wonder my dog is always on alert! 😉 When I’m on the NE, I will expect to be petting all these little fuzzy buddies for sure!

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  9. I watched an Alba Weinman hypnosis session from early April and this quote will be familiar to most here:

    “The life energy of Gaia was becoming robotic…lightworkers are building bridges and pulling her essence from this Earth and helping her transform to the new place, to the New Earth”

    Later in the session New Earth is talked about. I have that part cued up here:

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  10. Wow! The bat s**t craziness has ramped up more. The sequel of the be very afraid masking edicts has been issued by the gov. of wa. It appears Blossom’s info is spot on. I’m finding that this is a severe test of my composure. Thank you ACIM for the sage lessons in perception. ( I think it would serve me better to stop gnashing my teeth!)

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  11. ~ Dear CATs ~ I have an ACIM question, which I find referenced to the ACIM Text, page 51: “… truth can be known by all those for whom the Kingdom was created, and for whom it waits.” I am reading “The Disappearance of the Universe” (Gary Renard).

    Here’s my question: For whom WAS the Kingdom created, according to the ACIM? Corollary question: Do ETs have a reality apart from one in the illusory world? (and whatever other non-human beings I am not aware of)

    Thank you by the way, for bringing this book to my notice. I am getting a great deal out of it.


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  12. Anyone else feeling really awful – I know I have a few more reasons for feeling awful, but any OTHER reasons – luckily my ggddghtr is still sleeping, but coping is going to be interesting with others at hospital – non-stroke-y, seizury parts feel awful – very cranky – any non-recent body part reasons (besides the BIG white splotch on SR) I could really use some coping skills right now…


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  13. My senses are not working as usual, ever since the 3 day wonders. Still feels like the eye of a hurricane. I can’t seem to move in any direction, even to send the normal feelers out, energy, anything. Every time I try to see, or feel or do, I feel like a part of me says – be still. No feeling here. Which for me is complete blindness.

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    1. ~ Angela ~ how are your feelers working by now? being ‘head blind’ is disconcerting when you are so used to operating with multi- senses. Perhaps you are in process of a shiny new upgrade? How fun to try them out soon! Is there anything you are aware of in this ‘blind’ state that you wouldn’t ordinarily notice?


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      1. Hi Friend, something is definitely new. My old way of sensing is now void it appears. The new way is whole sensing if that makes sense. And instead of “sending” to something, it’s some kind of encompassing that happens. I bring it to me, into my field. Or I get large enough to enfold it. Can’t quite describe it. My daughter says it’s navigation by heart. Whole sensing. I have not gotten the knack of it yet, except to know that it is something completely new for me. Which you are right, is very disconcerting. Also I “saw” something that actually seemed more like seeing than see/feeling. It seemed that we floated into the middle golden fire lit central cable, the large one, it took a few days. All around are other cables, dark ones. If seems we are almost completely fully in. We might be in, but I keep seeing that last little bit. It takes time to move through. I’ve been content to simply be. Which is another new. Thank you for asking. Writing helps me know.

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        1. ~ Angela ~ thank you for taking the time for such an in-depth reply to my questions! I really connect with the parts about ‘whole sensing’ and ‘encompassing’ . What great ways to describe this!

          Also, your daughter’s ‘navigating by heart’ is perfectly said, for me too.

          I’ve just read your new comment on the Odds and Ends post about the development of the golden cable situation… thank you again.
          Somehow, your way of seeing reflects in a way that helps me know my own more clearly.

          Onward we go in this unprecedented adventure!

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          1. Yes friend, a most unprecedented adventure sums it up. I can’t wait until we can see the whole picture. I have such an insatiable curiosity. It’s nice to have a space like this where everyone’s pieces can fit into a better picture.

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            1. ~ Angela ~ I’m glad you are seeing my replies to this old comment string! The blog feature allowing notification of new messages is helpful, eh?

              You mention your great curiosity…. perhaps that is some flavor I’ve sensed in your writings, which draws me to respond again… I am also very curious, ask MANY questions, and of late have been working with myself to improve my questions themselves, and to ‘say’ less often, and ‘ask’ more often. Interesting internal practice.

              There is an approach called Appreciative Inquiry that has many useful tools. I think it was developed in the business/ management world, but is easy to find applications in day to day life, not just in creating better business outcomes.

              One of my own most helpful tools is noticing my assumptions (Oh so many!) which serve as very efficient distractions. When I unmask another one, it always yields at least one new question. Just the thing for an insatiable curiosity, and also for coming closer to my heart.

              This evening is very peaceful, breezes bringing a welcome cooling trend here in northern California. I am feeling this particular year will hold far fewer wildfire days, for surely NE has some other ways to handle Gaia adjustments without such wholesale difficulties for her lifeforms.

              I’m sure you are enjoying your local nature’s loveliness!


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            2. Hi friend, Yes lately I’m feeling the weight of all that I am unaware of. Fostered ignorance. All our suppositions, assumptions and beliefs. If they are balanced on even one lie, then they are faulty. And the lie pile runs very very deep. At some point we will know. For now, curiosity. And as you say questioning.


  14. Strange dream time:

    I was with my mother and was really yearning for a dog! I have no idea where we were, that part is really blurry but I know it was nowhere I have seen before.

    Suddenly, D.Trump appears. He speaks to me so gently and kindly and gives me a gorgeous Labrador (I think!) puppy. When I look down, however, the puppy is just a stuffed toy, not real. D.Trump says to me. “This will do for now, don’t worry, everything will be okay…”

    I then realise that there are other people around and see that they have guns and want to harm Trump. A gun skids across the floor to me and I pick it up and hide it thinking, what am I going to do with this…

    I cannot remember much else but the dream ended with a large car driving past and when I looked up, Trump was in the far side passenger seat, safe and Melania was waving at me from the fully wound down near passenger window with a beaming smile on her face…


    Much Love ALL 🙏❤️🙏

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    1. Omg, Lily! About a year ago I dreamed something very similiar with D.T. The only part I remember (it was so real and profound I wrote it down in my journal, even though I couldn’t remember it all) was him walking up to me and giving me a black lab puppy and telling me everything is going to be fine! I had a black lab that passed about 6 years ago so it really made me emotional. Very strange!


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    2. @ lily and your tr dream

      hi, lily, i laughed me to tears about tr and the unreal puppy…
      I somehow recognized him completely.
      Of course, is almost impossible to even fathom, what is at
      stake here: an eons-long of oppression, deceit and all through
      imprisonment of ALL Gaia, not just US or UK –
      to fight with.

      This is the final, decisive battle between good and evil.
      All his actions are in the fullness of Love and devotion.
      Melania is his Support nr. 1, and all his children Know.
      It is BrotherJ Himself, who leads all Acts, Decisions, Actions,
      together with a great 100% devoted group
      of Hosts of God from above and below,
      and they counsel day & night,
      in a higher realm / possibly on a ship above Earth.
      You see, tr doesn’t even sleep!
      Using highly advanced technology, they can see the
      outcomes of certain ACTs on Earth, much in advance —
      so they adjust their moves accordingly!

      It might be an absurd act, he’ll surprise us soon with –
      that’s why I had to laugh so much about the puppy –
      for it is FAR from him to trick anybody!
      It’s probably a step in-between, “good enough for now”,
      to prepare us for the big Boom that’s coming.

      I am always amazed. how far in advance he KNOWS!
      what is coming, and weeks before, he drops Words, or
      Ideas nobody thinks of, with charm, and with grace,
      and with courage.

      His gentle tone, the kind explanation, as well as
      Melania’s presence and lovely smile,
      are reassurance enough, in my view.

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      1. Oro ❤️ Yes, the dream felt good, even though there was a seemingly negative part, folk trying to harm Trump, he came out unscathed and when I saw Melania’s Beautiful smile as she waved to me, I knew all would indeed be okay! Really uplifting dream and I am sure that puppy will come to life at some point. Trump really is incredible! I stay away from news, media so do not know what is going on step by step in the 3D world but I know Trump is ahead of the game and I appreciate that dream, definitely a comfort!

        Much Love & Light ❤️☺️❤️

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        1. @ lily
          I do not have any radio or TV or cellphone, either.
          But if you go to you have ALL the finest info,
          directly from the source. Klick on TwitterPOTUS.

          My Love to you and your sweet child

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  15. Now this is how we keep our vibration high …. I love Laura’s energy 💖… I needed to listen to this session … SOC and Laura are my only “go-to” now …that’s all I need … I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Truth , I am 🙏🌈💓

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  16. “and the 8.4 was to be on another timeline, and much much worse. We didn’t want to alarm you, since we didn’t know if there would be anything on this timeline.”

    You’ve got it backwards, in typical ‘human’ fear-based style —

    THAT is a *Shift*, *Split*, EVENT actually happening timeline….the earthquake one.

    It is THAT type of timeline, that BAM!!!, instantly launches our Shift split. Our freedom.

    The only “alarming” thing, is that we are still stuck on this endless, tedious, comfy snail-pace timeline that just won’t launch the Shift, no matter how many of us are nearly dead from physical torture.


    1. We didn’t show fear — because we don’t have any. We merely didn’t want to cause fear in others. If you want to advance at the sufferings of others, then you should go to where you are better served. You don’t seem to understand what’s happening, nor are you interested in finding out. You volunteered for this, like all of us, so stop complaining.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. What about the people living within that earthquake? Its easy to say that’s what you want when you aren’t living in it!

      As annoying as the slow pace of things is, we shouldn’t wish for awful things like that to happen.

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      1. Lore. The Planet is living in it. This because she is a living being. So the people living in it are living in it with her. As the CAT eds have attempted to elucidate many times before, we have all signed up for this whether we are conscious of it or not. If the Planet needs to heave, if she needs to have a purge response, she must be allowed to do so without hearing grumblings from the surface population. Sometimes she does it on her own, and sometimes she needs help from friends – kinda like a mother may need to have labor induced.

        Learn from the Hawaiians who lived through the Leilani fires, NOT the Coloradoans who lived through the Animas River ‘disaster’.


  17. The very latest from Laura
    She talsk about “building up energy”, “new phase” and a few other key words that correlates very nicely with it’s also been said by others

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    1. Kg ❤️ Wonderful news! Much Love to your beautiful new granddaughter, granddaughter, daughter and of course YOU!

      Hope you are feeling much better

      Hugs ❤️🤗❤️🌟🌈☀️

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  18. dont know if its for the next post but just saw todays schumann res-oh my looks like the party is on-wish i could share the pic but saw it on at top and about 15 pics down is an interpretation of schuman worth the look-

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  19. Higher self just brought me this gentle guy….this man is AMAZING.

    He’s following it ALL, connected all the dots way ahead of time and even mentions the possible fake alian invasion at 12:37

    Please share this video with everyone, going viral with this one really speeds up the shift —

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  20. And ouch! Did one of those CME’s hit or something? Last 2 hours were that lovely squeezing grape feeling….yikes! Just now pulled out of it.

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    1. Dear Angela,
      We will take advantage of the juice that comes from that grape.
      I am sure that the 2020 vintage will be, according to the winemakers, excellent and much more, they will have to invent a new category. 😉

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      1. Cristina that’s a wonderful take on it. The 2020 vintage, a product of all that brought us here. What a long strange trip it’s been, and getting stranger.

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  21. Hmmm, regarding the possible Mandela effect, maybe it is nothing, but it occurred at exactly that time, soo, I do not know ? For some time I am playing the FreeCell card game on my mobile, as a part off Microsoft Solitaire collection off card game, and for a some time (few months or more ?), my best solving time was 1:33, which I always see, together with other stats, when I finished the game, and strangely, at the time off that TLJ I was seeing the different best time score, it was 1:45, but all the other stats were normal (total number off played games, total win number games, percentage…), soo strange, not like the game was reset, but like somehow that one number was different ?!

    Anyway, yesterday I played one and got exactly the same old best time solved result at 1:33, so I am back 😉 I do not know if this means anything, it is just a game, but it was strange occurrence at that time, meh ✨

    Regarding sounds, I hear a lot off them, but interesting one is occurring always when I got in meditative state on my bed and I am hearing just one knock on the bedroom window at one point, but it is repeating every time if I meditate in a bedroom, soo, I do not know the meaning behind that sound, maybe acknowledgement for my meditation, I do not know ✨


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  22. Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m barely here today. Must take to my bed! It’s only 9:18 AM. (first naps)

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  23. I’m a bit confused about how the split will happen.

    These are the situations I keep hearing:
    1) The new earth is a separate place and the positively aligned people will go there.
    2) The new earth is a mental state and positively aligned people won’t actually be going to another place.

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