Summer Solstice (2012?), YATJ, Meterage and More [UPDATE6]

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 9.05.14 AM

Someone sent us the above image and asked us to verify.

It’s not a warning. It’s a signpost. And it’s true. We kinda got chills when we looked.

By the way…

According to the Ancient Egyptian calendar, this is the year 2012. Let that sink in.

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 9.17.22 AM

When you meditate today, and you sense the stillness and silence (It’s with us now), be sure to say, “Hello, SOURCE. You are most welcome.”



One CAT, who is rapidly becoming our Cat Dream Oracle because their dreams are the most accurate for her and for all of us — and ostensibly the most vivid — dreamt last night of something “absurd” approaching:

I saw a huge velvet-y black highway of many lanes, with cars going to and fro. I’ve seen it many times: The Time Line. Cars zoomed this way and that. Some cars here and there (intentionally) stalled in the middle of one lane or other, forcing others to go around them, but they were easily negotiated. My house sat on the edge of this. While out in front of my house watching the traffic, I saw my neighbor come up and ask if I’d found a tube of ointment (which for her was some kind of medical information to be used over time, at a later date) on the sidewalk. I had, and so I produced it, handed it to her. Preoccupied, she took it without a word and climbed into an old white truck with light blue trim (?), with a cute matching camping trailer, and drove off in one direction. There was no median, just a big freeway with lots of lanes, several on either side. Shrugging, I climbed into my own car and pulled out onto the highway in the opposite direction. I had no trouble, as my car was very fast. What may be interesting to others is that I went up a (freeway) hill and there was another ahead of it, but I slowed to look at what was going on on the side of the road (which became a room) because it was so comical. In fact, it was the absurdity of it that made me pause. I can’t recall what it was (a funny medical art exhibit?), but something is coming into our reality that is calculably absurd. Something ‘funny’ this way comes?

And then we saw this morning’s SR:

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 9.44.47 AM
We are still in a jump. Think positively!

Said Dream Oracle Cat keeps a dream log, as many of us do, and as she noted the above SR in her notes, she noticed that her current document (she’s written many over the years) was at page… 111.

Other jump indicators and anomalies:

This is from the sun.



The “knock knock” has started up again.


And we had two (minor, earth-facing) CMEs within three hours of each other… and some interesting activity:

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.26.39 AM
Ship pops out and BOOM.
Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.27.06 AM
Phantasm ball. 😉
Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.25.36 AM
ZAP from Portal One.

Here are the CMEs:


Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.28.27 AM


And… there was this, either from the sun or something flying past the satellite; we’re looking into it:

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.17.23 AM

6-21-20-naa_sidgramScreen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.44.15 AM

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.47.05 AM


This is interesting. We saw this this morning:

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 9.44.47 AM

And now it looks like this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 12.25.50 AM

Mandela Effect in action.


And another CME:



Ok, we had to check to be sure we weren’t projecting. This recent energy is indeed…

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.17.23 AM

…a pre-SHIFT test.


Another (earth-facing) CME:



And another CME…


And another timeline jump…


And now we can tell you… some of the CATs saw a huge one of these for 6/23 — but on a different timeline:

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 8.54.01 AM

We were originally shown, “8.4 at 23 on 23” (no stress, right?); we checked and the 8.4 was to be on another timeline, and much much worse. We didn’t want to alarm you, since we didn’t know if there would be anything on this timeline. As it was, it was very minor.

235 thoughts on “Summer Solstice (2012?), YATJ, Meterage and More [UPDATE6]

  1. Love and a Whole Lotta Light to all you cats and kittens today. Stay cool and in your happy/knowingness zone and welcome in a new “world” of love and light on “planet” Gaia 🙂 Aho. Mitakuye Oyasin.

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  2. Btw, more than a few of commenters wrote in asking about hearing “knocks” and odd sounds in the middle of the night. For many of you, your clairaudience is turning on… and you’re hearing the 3d unhook from the 4d. That’s also what most of those rumbling sounds are, though the BOOMS are portals venting energy.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Interesting. I have had several nights recently where I have awakened to hear people moving around, walking, touching things, in my room, or in the house. Have asked my husband if he hears anything, voices, movement, and he doesn’t ever notice it. One night it sounded like maybe two different ones walking around the room, didn’t see anything visually though, and wasn’t scared out of my wits or anything, just trying to figure out where the noises were coming from. Heard the front door open, close and relock one night too. No one had come home in the middle of the night though. If I am hosting etherial guests, they could at least help with the house cleaning, lol.

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    2. that explains a lot! We have a lot of critters here that “walk in the night” – coyote, javelinas, skunks, bobcats (occasionally) but lately there are all these weird noises that are much different. Thank you for this ❤

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    3. Thank you for the information CAT Eds. I have been hearing for a few days odd sounds – kinda like knocks or doors opening and even once and awhile whispers of words that are just on the cusp of my ability to hear. This helps explain these experiences.

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    4. Hello Cat(s) , hello 4D—>5D World, Hello Source

      Thanks for this post, it no wonder 2-3 days ago I heard rumbling thunder and saw no rain clouds in sight.

      With a New Earth- World New opportunities and New life.

      SOURCE is most welcome.

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    5. Thank you Cat Eds for mentioning the sounds. Several times over the last few years I have heard unexplainable things. Last night (19th into 20th) a noise awoke me and my thought at the time was that it was a big ship (as it seemed rather loud). I have my crystals set in a grid outside my bedroom window for the Solstice/ Eclipse/ New Moon passage and kind of wondered if they might have drawn some attention. Come on New Earth! 🌎 💜🌈🦋

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  3. Thank you CATs and Happy Solstice & Equinox to ALL ❤️☀️🌈


    I was in a very large house sorting out lots of things, having an absolutely massive clear out.

    Suddenly I was in another house full of people. It was Christmas and I was hugging everyone and saying goodbye whilst exchanging some presents. Mum and Dad were there and it was incredibly moving. I remember hugging a small Chinese man who I seemed to know (do not know anyone like that in ‘normal life’).

    Then, I was at a train station asking for a ticket to my childhood town. The ticket conductors were two really fun, jolly Jamaican men. They said ‘why don’t you have this one, it’s for New Years Eve and it will take you anywhere you want to go!’ Then I woke up!


    Have heard that in Ethiopia they also have it down as being 2012! Cannot remember where I read that though!

    Very strong energies today, going to meditate later if Elsie sleeps ☺️

    Much Love ALL 🌟🙏🌟❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Egyptian calendar has this alignment on 6/21/2012, so I read. Happy longest/Joyous day of year, for You & Elsie. Peace.

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  4. I’m no astrologer but this Tulsa rally for the President….the Sun, Moon & North Node will be sitting right on top of each other right at the end of gemini.
    @realDonaldTrump’s natal sun is only about 5 degrees away from this cluster (also in gemini). Venus is also in gemini though early gemini. Plus it’s solstice. Then the eclipse the next day.

    Seems like it could be a powerful rally for him


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  5. I am up after 3 hours sleep in the last day. I was just about to take to my bed and heard this post bing in my email. I will welcome Source and the stillness. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Just wondering if you foresee any "fireworks" in Tulsa OK tonight?

    I have a request for any members who have any energy left. My "baby sister" Jean, age 56, is facing a double mastectomy on Monday morning, if the world as we know it is still intact then. If you could send her healing energy, positive thoughts, Light, Love, Truth, etc. I will be so Grateful. It breaks my heart that she must face this dismembering butchery again when there are supposedly known cures for all cancers being suppressed. Source, take her to the New Earth, please!

    So, if the First Wave "Bam" is tomorrow, I hope it takes out the MSM.

    With loving Gratitude to all, We are One and may all worlds host Love. Taking to my bed for Stillness and to welcome Source, Laura

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    1. lauraksmi ❤️ Consider it done, so sorry to hear of your Sister’s struggle.

      Sending her Love, Light, Healing, Strength and a swift recovery.

      Hugs & Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Reading this later in the week. Much love and healing to your sister, Jean, and I hope the op went well for her this time (even though breast tissue breakthroughs are already with us), she is fighting the good fight staying on the planet a little longer.

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  6. Awww! The picture of the Abbys took me back to my dear Tut Puppy. He was my beloved companion for 18 years. (the Ruddy, not the Red.) He still visits me occasionally.

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  7. Woke to a dream this morning in which crowds of people from all different races and creeds in traditional dress were crowding around me asking, “What the heck is going on down there with the race baiting?” “Don’t they know you are all one?” I could not give them a good answer as it makes no sense. I could only shrug and throw up my hands as a clueless bystander.
    May the love of Source fill all with wisdom on the Solstice. Cay

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  8. Happy Solstice Everyone, I hope you’re all doing well, despite the changes, apparent chaos, and growing pains, it’s an amazing time to be alive, and part of this birthing process. Awesome picture of the sun and pyramid, Thanks CATS! I can relate to nearly all the comments lately, seems like much is changing on a cellular/quantum level. I’ve felt like there have ongoing downloads, energy upgrades, integration, insights, and naps. I can also relate to the feelings of an empathic awareness of collective healing, cleansing, tensions, revelations, grief, sadness, so much rising to the surface. The palpable Loving intensity of Source, elementals, guides, benevolent beings, the ethereal skies, stillness, and magic, leaves one speechless. I spoke with a friend on Friday that mentioned numerous co-workers, family members, and friends were feeling dizzy, lightheaded, spaced out, or even on their way to the ER, thinking it was heart attacks, or blood sugar. It’s hard to imagine how things will unfold, or that it could be much longer before graduation ceremonies begin. I’m very grateful for the insights, perspectives, and kind loving truth and views shared here. It’s comforting to know that We’re One team playing to reach the ultimate end zone and Infinite Field goal,”Heaven” WATL WATL WAO may all worlds host Love. I send you All Much Love and wish you a beautiful day! ~scott

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  9. Some researchers said the Mayan calendar actually ends tomorrow. I know what I’d like to have happen, but it’ll probably just be more of the same.

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  10. Whoa, June 21 is my birthday. Didn’t realize it had some mystical significance.

    You know what I’d like as a birthday present? The Event! Let’s all get off this planet!

    (Even in my dreams last night I felt like I don’t belong here! Dreamed I joined a Satanic cult because I was so socially isolated, but then lost track of them because I didn’t have a folding bicycle and the train they were taking banned bicycles. Then I ended up in a campground, but didn’t find a theme camp to join. The Black Lives Matter camp was growing rapidly, but had a bad feeling about it so I decided to stay by myself.)

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    1. Elemental ❤️

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you beautiful LIGHT & LOVE filled day 😉

      Hope you have cake and a whole lotta wonderful!


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  11. 🙏🏻🥰

    The knocking .. on my front door/s, and walls of my homes, almost always around 2am ish, I realised after years and years of wonder, it was me!

    I put the pieces together, and realised I was knocking to give myself a sign..wake UP…a long time ago…then it turned into, ‘hello sister’ type feeling, me knocking from another timeline.

    Like the interstellar movie, where he pushes the books forward from behind the bookcase, his future self did it. Anyway..maybe is it’s all collapsed/ing (time) In on itself, reset, end/beginning, etc..some may hear the knocks, plus plus what has already been mentioned. Love all possibilities 😁

    I have know/seen myself living in 5 D (and beyond) for about 15 earth years, I can go there, (consciousness), and be that observer, and know (she/I) have been in prep. 🥰There were others there to, not a lot, but that’s just where I am. I would suggest there are loads, in prep, all doing their mission/in purpose.

    HAPPY EVERYTHING EVERYONE🌈🌺🐳🐠🐚⛵️🏝🏖☺️😁🥰 the sweet stillness, then let’s get ready to have fun 👏🏼🚀

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  12. Just came back from a drink with my brother and few mutual friends, but while we had a drink in the open terrace part off that café bar, at one point I had a feeling that someone is watching me, it was still not that dark to see the stars, but there was only one light high up in the sky, almost directly above, I said hello and thanked them over watching me, it was a such a good feeling 🙂✨

    Came home, looked up, numerous lights in the sky, but now it is already dark to also see the stars, but one familiar triangle light formation is directly above my house and in a position as always pointing almost straight down to my house, off course I thanked them too, it is such a nice feeling that among all bad things going on, there is someone watching your back, sort off 😉✨

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  13. Happy Solstice! It occurs where I live at 5:43 pm EDT. Could this be a countdown? I AM Loving All Life Free. (saw that online today by Patricia Rota-Coble). Feels powerful. May we All be Free. Much love to everyone XX

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  14. Love the pyramid & eclipse photo — a signpost, eh? That of course makes me think of this oldie but goodie:

    “You’re travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

    Happy Summer Solstice 2020 everyone!

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  15. sure are interesting times and minutes from hours=quite an exciting sets of waves of energy-am learning one day up and one day down- and now its day and eclipse 9hrs from this posting-re those aliens amongst us-these 4 kittens and their daca family sure are from another space place-but as their learn to live on earth and grow and move i remind them they got it pretty good as long as i can-went from scampering to gliding all in 10 days-the smallest runt is pure telephathy-kind cool-we nod-blink and me started using voice so the could hear humans sound-and be less reactive-good thing they are a light color easier to see at night-my black cats are one with the shadows-me inside and staying down-enjoying the pleasures of a home cooked meal and running around in pjs and going thru digital archives looking for the superative articles on healing-herbology and survival-the data set in terms of time of NOW-
    NINTH WAVE- day 278 of 11th NIGHT 638 of 720
    from mayonics calendar 2.0 free download from carl calleman web site
    and this is being posted as news
    June 20, 2020 China Readies Surprise Attack On America—Will Recognize Hillary Clinton Emergency Government
    so a day of extremes- on human planet but just another change in the cosmic cycle of 25600yrs
    nothing to see here just move on—-
    so the mayan calendar continues
    me thinks so does humanity
    and the kittens play amongst the piles of plenty

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  16. The Mayan calendar may actually end this year, rather than in 2012. Some sources say it ends June 21, others say Dec 21 of this year. June 21 would make more sense, since the Mayan calendar was based on cosmic cycles, which seem to be neatly tied up with this alignment.

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  17. Had a lovely solstice meditation, had a strange warmth on the back of my head and round, felt like I was wearing some sort of head piece. “Life is all about balance” says the flamingo

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    1. But I agree that is now time for a different way, to learn/remember in a new environment without having to worry about the “balance” and having a more profound connection to source and each other.

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  18. I celebrated today by having a nap. My long haired white cat Gandalf (the white) pressed against me and purred me to sleep. When I woke up, I was tingling all over while he stretched and yawned. Lovely.

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    1. Maria ❤️ What a beautiful way to fall asleep/wake up! And waht a fab kitty name 🙂 I really wish we could have a boy called Merlin!

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  19. Was woken up with the bedroom door slamming… only it hadn’t! It was open… this was around 5:15am UK time.

    Headache most of the night which is just dissipating now.

    I’m going to meditate now… love and Solstice heart-light to all.

    Jay xxx

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  20. Enjoying a coconut latte this morning was watching a docxumentary on Miles Davis when I was prompted to compare the twin towers date with today’s date:

    11 09 2001 reduces to 20 20 01
    21 06 2020 reduces to 10 20 20


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  21. I know I have my own journey but anyone else struggling to meditate? I also feel like my body, inside & out, is being taken apart ready to be rebuilt 💜🌈

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      1. Oh, hardly any of us can meditate during extreme energy events. It’s just too much energy. Like trying to watch a movie with car high beams smacking you in the face, during a tornado, and dust storm, with rabid weasels biting every few minutes. We just G+P+C and ask J and Guides to meditate with us for about 5-10 mins, then quit. It’s a little better today. And it’s very hard to meditate (unless you are CALLED to), let alone do “work” during timeline jumps. All you can do it G+P+C and put out the intent of what you want, for yourself, your family, Gaia, etc.

        -CAT Eds.

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  22. Well, now it’s Sunday and I’m still here. I seemed to have spent the entire night night moving to a new place. It was most enjoyable (and busy). Cool, cloudy, and overcast today in PNW for the first full day of summer. Warming up to 83 by Tuesday. I need a little warmth and sunshine. Perhaps I’ll be able to take off my long johns and down vest tomorrow. Woohoo! Gardener got all the new hostas and ferns planted. Geez, you’d think I’d gotten enough, but apparently not. It still looks skimpy, and I’ll not be having it!!! (foot stamp) What a joy to continue planting. Enough blather.

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  23. Noonish EDT. Just checked the Schumann. Looks like some rainbow TLJs. May all worlds host Love! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  24. Happy Summer Solstice All❤️🙏🏽🥰❤️
    so much LOVE to everybody on our timeline of Light and Love
    it will be wonderful it will be greatful…. I know it and I saw it
    in my meditation. Everything in rainbow colors. I saw you all: the cat’s and friends, Lily and Elsie, Perica, J, Oro, Delfina Gasoido, scott, June Happy and @all the others❤️🙏🏽🥰❤️ on NE.

    I love you and I want to see you all soon❤️🙏🏽🥰❤️

    love from Portugal Alnilam❤️

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    1. Alinam ❤️ We are so ready, it will be so incredible, words cannot suffice but I so look forward to that New World/meeting YOU!, EVERYONE! Blue ice cream bananas, chai tea, Cristina’s Paella, The CATs’ secret coffee blend, J’s keylime pie…..Pam141 are you the cake lady? So sorry, I have been scrolling back through posts to see who was the wonderful cake lady, I think it was Pam141 (please correct me if I’m wrong Pam!)

      Last night for absolutely ages, I heard an alarm clock going off. Sounded like Elsie had been tampering with the buttons again! Went from room to room, no alarm anywhere, perhaps it was in my head (time to go!)

      So much LOVE ❤️🤗❤️🙏🦁🙏🌈🎶🌈

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      1. Nope I’m definitely not a cake lady, my baking skills are distinctly average, much better with paint 😊

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            1. Ooooh bubble gum strawberries! Do you blow and a big strawberry comes out! That will be fun! It’s all sounding a lot like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 😉

              Much Love & Hugs ❤️🤗🙏

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      2. sweet Lily

        to be true, I also heard something…. a voice like get up

        ah and remember I am a chef to
        I bake the real apple strudel the cake batter very thin and crispy

        big hugs to you and Elsie ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Alnilam ❤️ I replied yesterday but my comment went off into the ether!

          I do apologise, yes you are a chef too! I so look forward to tasting delicious Apple Strudel!

          Hugs & Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. @ Alnilam

      And how do i look, dear friend?
      hint: i personally brought the indestructible stones
      from Alnilam Star, and i wrote on them the
      Emerald Tablets, with codes of Life for humans

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    3. @alnilam144 ~ Awesome vision in your meditation, thanks for sharing! I’ve felt the presence of some of the souls here on the blog during group meditations, I can feel or sense distinct energy signatures, and the group energy, but am still developing inner vision. Appreciate your uplifting presence and contributions on the blog, and this realm, Thank You! Looking forward to meeting You, and ALL on New Earth! Infinite Love ~ scott

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    1. Thank you, CAT Eds., for the above link, which I just now read and printed off at 1:23 am. EDT. after a day of overwhelm and being distraught.
      “I recognize the light in these feelings and allow these feelings to return to the light now.”
      A new phrase to add to the cadre of mantras to help us deal with the inner and outer turmoil of our current existence! I will have to do some more follow up and study of the posts of Matt Kahn.
      We are One. May all worlds host Love. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  25. This is a reasonably close excerpt of Amanda Ellis’ latest video. I found this one holds a lot of congruence with the ideas we are currently discussing. She does a good job of offering several interpretations of the cards she discusses.

    here is the link :

    Image of door opening onto white light. like when the ship comes at the end of Close Encounters movie…. Christ light coming down to help free us from this sense of enslavement….opening a door on new energy coming in very fast to create something extraordinarily beautiful … breakthrough of old patterns- freedom from personal enslavement. Strength.

    All things that are lost can be found, lost parts of ourselves…. finding their way back to mother earth…lighting way home for groups of people lost from mother earth…. may have felt lost forever, but now reunion possible…. reunion with higher selves as well as other people in life…

    We have power now to blow away storm clouds threatening the planet – antidote to the heavy energies is to find something you love to do and do it, makes us happy and brings us joy and spark.  

    The Art of Life, unique to the individual .      Be Bold in Your Skin..

    New moon and Eclipse:  
    Forgive and forget …take responsibility for the life that you have… change trajectory….we have our hands on the steering wheel and the chance now to chart a new course.

    Focus over the next few days:
    Phoenix energy is us now – who we really are emerging from the ashes of what is ended, coming up for air again…. don’t be trapped by our shadows and fears.  Courage to follow our hearts, …find our fire.  Where do we want to put our drive? 

    The distance calls to your heart. dare to dream.  imagining a better way. If not now, when.  if not me, who?

    Bring back the uniqueness of YOUR expression of God…

    Earth Magic card:  
    Waterfall/ Effortless   …     going with the flow of the changes coming in, the healing, cleansing, purging that is going on whether we like it or not.  Go where the tide takes us. Trust. Lean back into
    spirit and its guidance….”

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  26. I feel there has been some heavy lifting. So I took a nap, 2hrs+, then meditation w/Carol Weakland. Really hot in sun @ NW Pa. All Worlds/Beings Host Love! Peace.

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  27. Had the strangest dream.

    A part of the air around me had looked off. It looked like thick glass and appeared distorted as I moved around it. I could ripple it slightly with my fingers.

    I felt around it until I found somewhere more dense and managed to rip away a segment. What I had left in my hands was about four layers of overlapping realities that had turned black, as if the holographic element had been removed.


    Happy Soltice, shiny famalam x

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  28. I had a thought while doing dishes… I wondered how the “aware” et’s are doing… the one’s who are reading ACIM and becoming “aware” of SOURCE…

    Thought for today… Lesson 53 (at least one of them)

    ” My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.”

    Becoming more true every day…
    The real thoughts are shimmering on the horizon…

    Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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  29. ‘Ocean’ by John Butler.

    When I first started thinking about NE I always saw this beautiful room with floors that seemed to lead into the ocean with large double doors open, muslin curtains floating as I looked over the vast and beautiful waters, mountain perhaps in the distance, a Japanese Tea House nearby. I’m sure Elsie was there, a piano, a Cat or two…

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Christopher ❤️ Thank you, this is one of my favourite tunes! I have this LP given to me by my first boyfriend who I stayed with for 7 years when I was 15 years old and who I am now back in touch with as friends. This is a very special album in my heart!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. P.S It’s funny, we have such a soul connection (I believe) but we are so different. He is so ‘sciency’ about everything and does tend to reject the spiritual side of things. He will always have a place in my heart though and i really hope he makes it to NE because even though he may disbelieve it all, he deserves to go (and he loves cats)!

          Much Love & Light ❤️🙏❤️

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  30. Just sayin’ “hi”, after 4 days in hospital – buzzy, palaysised rt hand/arm, rt lips/ cheek/eye ,… rt toes – 2 CT scans, 2 MRIs, (one with allergic reaction to die- caught it early)- 1 EEG, about a gallon of bld… heart, l ultrasound, etc, etc a few other things – not stroke – big seizure last night there – home again , “home again, lickity split…”
    – seems not stroke, more spine/seizure? related…
    glad to be back – not typing as well…

    Daughter’s due date 6/26 – she’s concerned about me helping with the children – I’ve NEVER perceived the new one being born here, excellent health or not, that perception is really odd for me — that could be a good sign for shift timing! ?

    I think I can learn to use my rt arm again with care and attention…- haven’t lost muscle strength –

    glad to be back with you’ll – haven’t caught up on posts –


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    1. Kg. What a stressful four days for you. Glad you are back home now. Sending love and healing for a quick recovery. 🌈💖💕

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    2. Welcome back Kg, you were missed ~ ay yayay, that’s a lot to go through! May your body mend lickity split, and best wishes to your daughter as well. xo, Laura

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    3. Kg,
      Glad to have you back posting. I have wondered about those of this blog who may catch the first Source rainbow bus out on wave ONE. Let’s make a plan to meet in the none space/ time to communicate. I have been feeling the closeness and camaraderie of family/loved ones recently floating above Gaia. Cay

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    4. Sending you healing, love, peace, Kg! Spirit will heal you, you are already being worked on!
      Lots of love and hugs!!!!💖🧡💛💚💙💜

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    5. ~ Kg ~ OH! quite an experience you have had, are having!! I am happy you are still among us! I send love and smiles and deep peace for you as you continue on. I too am growing curious about your coming grandchild, since you’ve been mentioning the absence of the birth happening ‘here’…

      I have appreciated your rich body of writing here on the blog since you first began posting. Thank you for adding your human glow to this community, and to our world.

      love, friend

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    6. Hello Kg,
      I’m usually just a lurker but wanted to let you know that there are some vitamin supplements that could help. Lions Mane is a mushroom that has been known to stimulate nerve growth and regeneration. The mushroom has the powers to stimulate synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). NGF is a protein that promotes maintenance and regeneration of nerve cells in both, the central and peripheral nervous systems. You can buy it in capsule form at any vitamin shop or Amazon. Also, many people use R- Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L Carnitine with success for neuropathy. Just thought I could help a little with healing.

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    7. Kg ❤️ Blimey you have been through it! Sending noodles and OODLES of Love & Healing your way. Look after yourself 💕✨💖

      Huge hugs 🤗❤️🤗

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    8. Oh, Kg. Glad you’re back on the mend. My left side (stroke damaged 2006) had a very hard time coping the past few days. It gets real tedious dragging the left side around. I get it! Obviously we’re supposed to be here, but I gotta say it gets real tedious sometimes. I would have checked out years ago had it not been for my passion for gardening. So kiddo, keep your chins up! Har! J

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    9. Bless your heart Kg, Hope you recover and heal soon. Both yourself and Lilly are two very strong women I admire. I hope all goes well with the birth of your grandchild .much love sent your way 😻💕xxx

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      1. thank you, Angela C, I needed to see your message very much today –
        AND all the other wonderful messages from you very sweet people –
        Even grddghter being quietly self contained for the most part – changed my first mostly one handed diaper today. and she cooperated getting up on the bed mostly.
        I’m Sooo out of it… trying to keep it together…

        love to everyone,


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        1. Love to you too Kg, I’ll continue gently holding. At this point we can all hold each other, and strengthen the whole. Take it easy, one bit at a time.

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  31. @CATS??? did the 2 TLJs on the 26th at the 17-18th mark get erased and replaced by the slightly thicker one at 6/27th mark 10-11??? strange happenings – the black lines are not in the previous areas???

    sorry if I mis-typed anything my newly messed up fingers are messing up typing…


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    1. Kg, May you be in Perfect Health !
      Your Strength is inspirational. Sending infinite Love to you and your family 🙏🏼🌈🤗❤️

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    2. Sorry you’re in this pickle, KG, what a scare for you and your loved ones. I hope you heal fast.


      Mark x

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  32. I observed strange thing happend on SR
    yesterday as in the cat’s post and today only ***ONE*** dark colunm
    they changed the image.
    Or we really jumped hehe and can’t see it anymore.

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    1. Here is a confirmation from Michael Love about the jump on Schuman Resonance:



      Michael Love also is telling about two timeline resets and in the today graph it is not showing anymore, only one

      I have to tell you that sitting still, slowly everything around me is dissoving in a kind of mist. Okay I learned the Silva Mind and it tells me that I am in Theta wave state. But I belief it’s Gamma state.

      Love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. The 1 law: Do No Harm. I find their messages uplifting at times,(Mike Love, Paul Butler)even if it is someone else’s info. So if it brings joy/hope to others it Is “Good”. Now, if it is scamming someone, less than good. I Am a kid, yet Learning. School gets out soon, I’ll want more lessons. Peace.

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  33. Hi Cat Eds. Re Update 2. I was looking at the Schumann until I went to sleep at 10.30pm and there was still a huge black section. Nothing like the chart looks this morning. Hmmm.🤔 Could it have been “enhanced” !!! 😲💖

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  34. I’ve constantly heard about a supposed universal law that team dark can do whatever they want as long as they tell everyone what they are going to do.

    I never understand how they can then stay in power then. They have NEVER obeyed this law. Telling people that they wont do something and then do it means they haven’t told people what they will do.

    Free will is constantly violated by them. manipulation is not respecting free will. manipulation is a violation of free will.

    If they tell people what they will do in 1000 years time means they need to keep people updated every 10 years.

    In conclusion, team dark is either constantly violating universal/spiritual laws or said laws don’t exist. There is no middle ground or grey area.

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    1. I think they have been telling us, only they’ve disguised it as movies, shows, half time entertainment, etc. Ostensibly, in a very rough interpretation (by them) of the law, if they show it to you, and you don’t say no- You’ve said yes. Implied consent. I say no a lot. I’ve even graduated to leaving off the thank you. Simply no. Occasionally (expletive) no. Well hey, it’s diabolical.

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      1. True, I just feel that disguising the truth in entertainment is the same as lying. If people are taught that it isn’t true, then it’s a violation of free will as they don’t know that they are saying yes.

        I say no to all that the ptw do. I sometimes add that that are violating free will as most people don’t know that they are saying yes to something.

        I wonder how changing Your mind works with this whole thing. Also, people like certain ideas as presented, not as the ptw intends to use it. Nanobots are a great example. In entertainment they’re not used to control the masses, but the ptw wants to use them to control the masses. This means they haven’t told people their actual plan and thus violated free will.

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        1. Yes, agreed. They have certainly violated in all directions. And our ignorance made it easy. That is changing.

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  35. Can we please go to a timeline that doesnt have me allergic to wasps? Or that will let my vacuum cord reach the other side of the room, again?
    I sit here with a swollen face from being stung in the back Friday. Never had any problems being stung. But I’m sitting here dreading to vacuum because the cord has lost about 3 feet or my house has grown about that much. At one point it would reach and I only had to plug in once. Lol

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      1. That is some of the best news! I live in south mississippi. Ticks, mosquitoes, stinging things, and humidity are abundant. I love my home, but cant wait for the NE no bugs.. I can definitely tell that a change on this earth has happened. I am amazed that this change hasnt affected the children. Other the small changes of moodiness every now and then, and maybe a tad bit more tired, but the kids must be feeling the NE already. They talk about rainbows and new adventures. After this sting business, I find it hard, almost too hard, to raise vibrations (I usually go through a now rainbow “scan” before sleep- not working atm), but it only takes 2 minutes of listening to children playing to feel that connection again. It seems like something Brother J said about becoming like little children again.

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      2. @ CATs… btw… I haven’t seen any bedbugs for a week or more in my area of house – not sure what Universes my granddaughter or others live in right now… 🙂


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    1. Something nasty stung me three weeks ago. I pretty much ignored it as best I could, but after two weeks, it wasn’t getting any better. I finally put a poultice of Pascalite clay on it, which did the trick. I only did it once, for a couple of hours, but it was enough. It was much improved the next day and now, finally, it’s all but gone. The clay appears to draw the poison out. Good luck!

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      1. Hi Kolibri. I have been using that clay for 20 years and it’s always worked at drawing out yucky stuff. Still on the same supply. It never goes off.🤗💖💖💖

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    2. I love animals.

      But something is seriously wrong with wasps. They’re up to nothing good and just won’t give up until something bad happens.

      For the longest time I tried my best to stay out of their way, these days I kill any that come near without missing a beat.


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      1. What’s really the point of wasps?

        “…it has been estimated that the social wasps of the UK might account for 14 million kilograms of insect prey across the summer. A world without wasps would be a world with a very much larger number of insect pests on our crops and gardens.

        As well as being voracious and ecologically important predators, wasps are increasingly recognised as valuable pollinators, transferring pollen as they visit flowers to drink nectar.”

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        1. So I’ve been told, there seems to be a push lately to spin the wasp narrative in a more positive direction.

          Part of those 14 million kilograms is made up of bees, though. They like raiding beehives to steal honey, killing the bees in the process.


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        2. Just as ticks and mosquitoes have been weaponized,
          may be the wasps have been, too.
          Where too much praise, it might be an agenda.

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          1. Insect sting venom is made of heat-labile proteins, that means they come apart and lose their effect at high temperatures. Most people intuitively put ice on insect stings, but you should actually apply HEAT, as high as you can tolerate, and as quickly as possible.

            I can vouch for this method, it works like magic for all kinds of insect stings, wasps included.

            You can use a steamy compress, and there is even a gadget to do the job for you:


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      2. Years ago a relative of mine, who lived in a tropical country, witnessed the combat between a wasp (tropical style, that is, large) and a spider similar to a black widow … but the size of a ping pong ball . The wasp was winning, and my relative was relieved by it. By the way, he had already been stung by one of those wasps: sooo painful. But the spider looked worse 😉

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    3. First post disappeared so this is a repeat.

      Cloudwalker, So funny LOL…….about the vacuum NOT the wasps.
      I have had all kinds of things like that happen as reality is far more
      malleable and shifting than most people think!

      Wasp stings are miserable, and although I am not allergic, I live
      in the country and have had several. I usually make a poultice of baking
      soda that helps to take down the swelling.

      ❤️ 😊 🌈 ❤️ 😊 🌈 ❤️


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  36. According to Cat’s we did jumped! 😉

    Everything was extremely strange and unusual for the past two days…Like I live in a different reality now…

    I hope you are All well. 🙂


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  37. wow I love it
    cat Tarot cards 💖

    and we really jumped the timeline
    I looked at the two pictures of the Schuman and they are totally different!

    what a wonderful energy of love
    sending all here on the board and their cat’s
    and to The Cat’s lot’s of LOVE 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    love Alnilam 💖

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  38. Something jumped, I know that much.

    Just got word that a kind friend who helped me afford a place to live up until now wouldn’t be able to beyond August. I’ve managed to find enough work to make it this far, waiting for some kind of miracle, but it just goes on and on and on with no end in sight.

    It’s no big deal, really, I’ve seen worse and managed somehow. But my mental and emotional margins are wearing thin lately and I’m just getting really tired of struggling.

    One of my Gongfu ancestors, Ip Man, was at one point forced to start teaching publicly for financial reasons. Up until then he had enough money to do what he wanted and preferred to pick his own students. As a result, Wing Chun spread all over the world and people like me got a chance to learn it. I’ve spent 25 years practicing, it always felt important but I never could put my finger on why.


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      1. Thank you Lily, much needed and appreciated.

        It doesn’t look like I have much of a choice anymore, which is what it would take for me to engage with the public at this point. I was hoping to see more positive change before I was pushed into the spotlight again.

        At the same time I realize that one of my primary functions here is being a catalyst for change. But it’s a tough and lonely job, whatever happens as a result people somehow find a way to blame you for it.


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        1. I Feel You, We Are The One(s). When Another is down, We Are The Smile/Hug/Compliment. We Are Weloming to All, the Spark. Peace.

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        2. Well, I believe everything happens for a reason, even some of the toughest things we go through are an opportunity for learning and growth even though they sure don’t feel like it at the time! 😉

          Big hugs, another world is just around the corner…


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    1. Sifoo. I’m working on something kinda ‘multi-level’ atm. Would you mind answering a personal question for me? Do you happen to like coffee as much as tea? I had a beloved sifu in Indonesia some years ago.

      Waiting for the Java migration.

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      1. Sure thing, I’m even more of a coffee junkie. They don’t make it like in Italy over here though, I think I might have lived recent lives there. Even up in the mountains in the tiny crappy village where I lived you could get nice coffee for €1.50, around here it’s more like €5 for meh craftsmanship.

        Many of my best friends started out as my students, when the chemistry is right it forms strong bonds.

        I’ll take any kind of migration at this point 🙂


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    2. ~ Sifoo ~ that is a long time to follow a path. You mention it always felt important. I’m curious to know if that feeling has changed at all in these recent times? Or your experience within the practice? I imagine such a long time with this has brought you through many places in yourself. No doubt it has been helpful with your life changes you’ve written about here. I have known several long time martial artists and every one of them was an admirable human. You are too, in my view 🙂 Thank you for your openness and all you’ve shared of yourself. I am glad to know you in this small way.


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      1. True that. I keep trying to figure out what it is I’m supposed to do with it, as I’m pretty sure it wasn’t all about me. But it gets more and more difficult to find students who are able to receive what I’m offering at this point. It’s so simplified and cut down to its core by now that it’s right there in your face, no excuses, which is not for everyone.

        Dedication shapes people in good ways from my experience.

        Thank you, I guess that’s part of the goal with these stories, to lead with a good example, to the best of my ability. I’m reminded of the real definition of Courage, which is to tell the truth about yourself from your heart.


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        1. ~ Sifoo ~ I think you meet that definition of Courage. As for the finding of receptive students… perhaps the time is not quite right. That is what I’ve figured out for my own wish to share onward the skills I have developed. Funny how I would be so delighted to have the person(s) to share / teach, while I have no interest in ‘charging’ for the sharing! Expands my heart.


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