Odds and Ends 6-25 to 6-29-20 [UPDATE7]


A few things… besides feeling champagne bubbles all morning…


We thought we had another timeline jump, but it looks more like one of the recent CMEs has hit, bringing with it a fresh chunk of “reality programming” which you’ll be seeing going into the weekend:





Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 10.49.24 AM


Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 12.41.27 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-25 at 12.41.41 PM

Also note that the LYRA meters have joined the ranks of the blown-out:



There was also another D.U.M.B. destroyed, yesterday:

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 10.59.54 AM

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 10.59.41 AM

And in other news…


One of the M’s was awakened at 4:30 am this morning by Spirit playing this:

But hardly any of us has been running in slow motion lately. Another CAT had a related vision the day before:

I was one of many on a large landing craft that was plunging through rough seas toward land. There was no gun fire just incredibly heavy seas. We each were in small personal pods that would drop from the larger craft and carry us in to our destinations (we were going to different places). The driver called over to me – “This is your spot. It’s a go Ma’am.” I hit the release, dropped off, and navigated my way to the coastline.

Tick tock.


Note that lots of satellite views of the sun are currently being scrubbed by NASA (or just deleted) as they show tons of increased ET activity around the sun — and activity from the sun itself.

Also, for those who drop into the comments sections to make snarky comments, it’s not the CATs’ fault, nor is it the fault of those who visit this site that YOU haven’t experienced The SHIFT, yet. It happens when it happens. If you have a problem with that, complain elsewhere, where you are better served. We don’t need nor deserve your abuse. Lots of us have been feeling beaten up by the energies, and we don’t take it out on our brothers. It couldn’t be your own actions and thoughts holding the group back. No, that’s crazy talk. Speaking of that…

FYI, there’s timeline sorting going on right now, so meditate and make your thoughts and desires and destinations known — in a positive way, of course!

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 11.57.48 AM


Meanwhile, CATs continue to have problems wearing masks:

Hey, has someone already worn this mask?
Is this how this is supposed to work?
Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 12.09.51 PM
I read the instructions…
Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 12.21.08 PM
This is close, right?
Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 12.09.09 PM
There. Perfect.

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 11.40.43 AM


Whoa, big WHOMP last night:

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.25.05 AM

Interesting, none of the CATs reported any unusual effects… oh, wait. Let us check something.


Gynormous energy coming in. Breathe SOURCE through it. This is a TTYB alert. (TakeTo Your Beds.) Or failing that, take it most easy.

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 7.54.34 AM

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 7.54.44 AM






6-27-20-pulsScreen Shot 2020-06-27 at 8.08.08 AM


Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 8.57.34 AM


It got worse:

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 8.57.34 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-27 at 11.07.30 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-27 at 11.07.43 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-27 at 11.07.54 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 9.33.34 AM

Last night, most CATs were nauseous and had inexplicable pains. Seems to be gone… for now. Seems to be worse at night.


Wave X WHOMP still going…

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.08.49 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.08.59 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.09.08 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.09.20 AM

And some interesting meterage:




There was also another… we have no word for it… let’s call it a sun ZAP. There was another sun ZAP:


And this the day before. Note the (tiny!) earth-sized ships around the 11 o’clock position:



Might be time for a new metering post! More activity… the following meters are showing either extreme swampage or timeline jump:

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.32.03 AM

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.32.13 AM
The above two are cosmic energy meters in North Carolina.

And here’s Cutler, ME:

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.35.40 AM

And these meters are also now blown-out:

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.32.40 AM

Don’t forget: this is all pre-lunar eclipse/full-moon/”Independence Day” energy.

NOTE: As the CATs-on-call wrote that, we got an “Independence Day” ping…


…but not in a sensational way. We need to look at this again. It’s def a fluid situation. Still, blowing up the NY and DC (situations) sure seem like a good idea.


Portal inside the sun is strobing more.


339 thoughts on “Odds and Ends 6-25 to 6-29-20 [UPDATE7]

  1. Thanks Cats, this is what I needed to hear today, that music and the dream brought tears to my eyes, I’m getting the “soons” real bad now!!! And I’ve been watching those sun pics from YRT’s twitter, awesome stuff!!! Yahooooo! :0

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  2. What’s with that huge Sahara dust cloud coming today? I’ve been watching weather satellite imagery for many years and I’ve never seen anything like that. Is it really just a natural phenomenon?

    And huge thanks for all you do! For all EVERYONE is doing!
    Love and Light

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    1. Same as the last one, most probably 🙂

      Can’t remember how far back that was, but I remember they pulled the same BS.

      It’s natural alright, though I would guess more energetic than dusty and cosmic than Saharan.


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      1. On second thought I’m a tiny bit disappointed.

        A dust cloud, that’s the best the (Nas)aholes could come with? All that money, all those brains and this is what we get? What about the fake aliens? Budget cuts?

        Apparently there’s a second “cloud” coming up about a week behind the first one, so I guess this is the new normal.

        On the other hand, playing the whole thing down as much as possible might be their most promising option at this point, with the Interwebs spilling the beans all over the place.


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  3. Thank you everyone for all that you do 💜
    We all have our own journey and our own timings and being negative &/or impatient helps no one
    Love and light to everyone and when the time is right we’ll meet on NE

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  4. Oh, I’m intending alrigh; one day this, the next that.

    It’s like every time I make up my mind, the energetic rug is pulled from under my feet and I have to start all over again with figuring out where I am.

    And I really don’t feel like I belong where I am. I guess either I’m wrong about that and just can’t see it yet, or I’m practicing patience.


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  5. Odds for 6/25, Oh! That would be me. Against my better judgement, I ventured out into the “real world” today. I was, by gosh NOT going to wear a mask and figured that I’d get a 2 weeks supply of fresh milk for my lattes (I do have my priorities) ’cause the gov’s draconian mask edict takes effect tomorrow. It’s not any fun to be around brainwashed sheeple anyway. (Absolutely no judgement in that statement..Har!) Anyway,I marginally made it back home safely (with obviously a little help from my friends) So it’s take to my bed again, part 2. Cheers

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  6. CATs and Ms and everyone else… I have been feeling the ‘Sorting Hat’ energy going on for a few days now. You are so right that everyone is on their own energetic journey and the Shift happens for each one of us in our own way – in a way we can best integrate it and understand it!

    It is up to each of us to steer our own course now, and to become true Trekkies, ‘Boldly Going where no Man/Woman has gone before’ !!!

    Thank you for EVERYTHING you all do and for this website, which I love. It is a place where I feel safe and sane, whatever the whompage is doing!

    Thank you… love and heart-light, Jay xxx

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  7. Love the cat photos, especially the pinata proctologist – and no, I’m not even gonna ask what kind of treats s/he found in there 🙂

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  8. I love it! Thank you CAT’s!

    “I’m wearing this mask to keep the virus out of my body…”I am building this fence to keep the mosquitos out of my yard”….

    Ha-ha-ha! :))))

    I hope you are all well!


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  9. Thanks for the update Cats n Ms. 🌈💜🌈And the great cat mask pics! 😁

    I been mostly jest GPC breathin in Source, breathing out “stuff”, and also dispatching Source rainbow spheres, on a daily basis. It feels like that activity is right up there with plain ole breathing as far as needing it to survive these days. MY “new normal”. 😉
    Oh also listening, watching Meditative Mind chakra sound baths as background.. and some other same kinda stuff. Soothing. .here’s one of many:

    Oh yeah, Penny Kelly had an interesting yt vid today if anyone is in the mood.

    Rainbow Hugs to All…



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    1. I amend my reference to Source breathing from daily basis to MULTIPLE times daily… 😉 Oh yeah…

      Love to All….



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    2. The Penny Kelly video is densely packed with information, definitely worth a listen.

      For those who do not have the time for the whole thing, the most important takeaway is that “July is the gateway” where negative and positive timelines split, “a cluster of little decisions” rather than one big decision govern where you wind up, “choose an alignment with life not death.”

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  10. My husband and I saw a beam of light the other night. It was pale and a uniform width. At first I thought it was a spot light, but spot lights aren’t narrow and uniform. It almost looked like it was transporting something… in that it didn’t just appear and then disappeared. I can’t think of the right word… but it’s like it swiped in, held for a few seconds and then swiped out. But the swiping motion was very fast. Any thoughts on what this could have been?

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  11. Boy I couldn’t have said it better, all three downloads and energies have got me beaten up and overwhelmed, I guess should ask brother J and source to guide and enjoy this ascension process…. growing pains I tell ya……

    But hey tomorrows Friday
    Enjoy the weekend Cat(s)

    Peace and Light

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    1. Yep, same here. Haven’t been this intense for quite some time, I’m seriously losing my temper.

      I once had a t-shirt that had ‘Thank God it’s Friday!’ written over the chest, I’m thinking I should get one that says ‘Thank Source it’s 2020!’ instead.


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  12. Hi All 👋🏻
    Has anyone else noticed that when you send out Love now there is an almost instant, obvious visual change?
    It rained all day here, and this evening I went to look at the sky about an hour before sunset. The whole sky was covered in clouds and very gray. There was a single chemtrail. I looked at the chemtrail and told it that it is Love.
    The purple martins were out and about. I started whistling, and about 2 dozen of them started circling low directly over my head answering my calls. As long as I was standing there whistling, they would be overhead. I went into the garage a few minutes, came back out, and they were out of view. I stood in the middle of the driveway and started whistling again, and they all came back to circle over my head. The chemtrail was gone, the clouds had thinned out, and sunset had begun with a beautiful pink sky.
    It all could have been a coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences. 🌞
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. No ‘coinkydink’ Sharon! I’ve noticed it too. There were a bunch of people by the river yesterday (boy, it was hot here in the UK!) and I simply asked the Angels to sort it for me. Within the hour, the noise disappeared and the people went home.

      Later, hubby and me were sitting in the garden relaxing in the warm evening air, and the owls behind us in the forest began calling. Kim (husband) began calling back (he can do owl calls… I tried, I can’t!) and they were talking for quite some time between them! It was truly magical.

      Earlier that day I was down on another part of the River Dee, with my sister and Kcwtch (Kay) and two massive Chinook helicopters flew over the valley, so close that you could see the pilot! Directly after, a beautiful magnificent Red Kite flew over the area, as if it were cleansing the air again…

      Magical times, as well as extremely challenging… but we’re ok! We’re still standing 🙂

      Big love, Jay xxx

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      1. Wow, Jay!
        I need to ask the Angels for help more often! 😇
        Talking to animals is so fun! I try to connect with wildlife as much as I can. Every now and then, I can convince a butterfly to land on my hand. I can’t wait to get to NE, where the animals won’t be scared to interact with us. 💚
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  13. I identify with the cat wearing a diaper mask. I have acquired a potty mouth since all these control tactics have been implemented. Profanities can erupt with little warning before spewing forth. My husband says my fuse has shortened considerably. Colorful epithets are not directed at him or anyone in the vicinity, but to the PTW in general and Gov. Newsom in particular. Cay

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    1. Cay, hahahahaha… don’t worry about it! Sometimes the volcano just has to erupt but don’t forget that when it’s done erupting and the magma has settled down, NEW EARTH has been created 🙂

      Fuses are blowing all over the place and sometimes it’s exhausting trying to keep the lid on it and emit L & L (love and light) but keep on keeping on and don’t judge yourself too harshly, lovely!

      Love and light and volcanic eruptions… Jay xxx 🙂

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  14. greeting all KATS-been an interesting ride on this side-we be in summer-like no other-temps are over 100 and uv over 11.5 but the one thing that is different is the actual luminosity of SUN-can handle or manage the first two-choice and timing but the light is -BEYOND WORDS-(UNABLE TO FIND OR DEFINE HUMAN SOUNDS AND APPROPRIATE MEANINGS) So yesterday was out early and worked till 1pm then in and rest-got up to take a outdoor shower and noticed that a natural bath luffa elongated by a wooden extension which had been placed in a large kitchen bowl-the bright and shiny chrome plated kind-had only chars and ashes left-with 2 inches from the end which was still only part left- SO WHEN INTUTION GUIDES me listen real well-in those 3.5 hrs the sun-light-reflection-combustibles-and whatever else came from atmosphere-left me a reminder-that the suns rays can and do damage the inorganic materials-nowadays especially plastics-have noticed///but those rays -et al?? can deeply influence-overwhelm and hurt or stimulate and psychically remind-REMEMBERING NOT2FORGET- on a cosmic note appears that here on this side of earth-grounds amoving-sky is crystal clear-still no return to normalacy-and the creative juices flow out and thru self in wonderous ways-when and if me can sustain an outdoor flow using trees and shade structures for artisic interpretations-seems to work best if i am up and out pre 5am and just keep moving until sensitized by the strong rays around 10am-then work under shade or keep hat on tied while i am dancing with the sun-dont remember it being this complicated last time this all happened 26k ago-could it be due to increased population-better means of communication-higher levels of educated populace- on one hand and on the other-since the old cabal had so much time to inject-medicate-process our foods and us to boot ect..that some-the unruly and truly moving into that off planet transplantation-but we all came here to learn-and its only june 25-2020 and mars is in aires till 2021jan-

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    1. ps this is a gr8 time to HEAL TRAUMA not make it-
      epigenetics-ability to heal-change-fix-upgrade your dna
      enivironment-disciple-recognise and release protocols
      and dont forget them outdoor showers
      especially in the heat dispersal for optimum bio functionality
      4x per day is dna structure regen (in my experience)
      outdoor hose with spray noozle-exposed to sun on ground
      dont use soaps-just rinse and sun dry -out here thats quick
      then go into house/room -semi darkened -meditate
      the physio therapy side is complicated but if nothing else
      focus on gentle movements-that ignite spinal column
      start with one section like lumbar and expirement
      slow gently movements intiated and monitored by brain signals
      with variations along the length of column or fiber of muscles
      breath and release-expirement and explore-
      as the spinal column stregnthens the nerves transmit and recieve better
      and muscles and organs respond-
      if you need a map get a pic on accupuncture points
      focus on front abdomen and back spine
      points along abdomen can be pressed and manipulated for release
      trauma resides in the tissues/fibers of the muscles and is released as gas
      keep it simple-fingers emit energy-brain signal ignite thr nerves muscles
      and one of the secrets of dna is relationship2waters
      and the kittens are only about 8 inches long so these are amazing and wonderous times-and at least for me as long as i listen to my INTUITION- i will make the best decisions i can consciously-knowing-and loving-in cosmic compassion at this new knEw quantum RESONANCE-ING
      PS3 under those shade structures i often experiment with creating a physical model of a quantum physics problem-at the moment in actual physical space with objects and kinetics and whatever the universe provides as part of the equation possibilities- got love it under the brilliance of the sun-but in the shade-

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  15. Might I ask for some whatever support for me and family you might feel appropriate – baby seems to have a reversed heart – unless that’s the new norm – they are on their way down to University Hospital hr away – can’t do anything for my daughters gall bladder at this time – some other things –
    I have a new different, seems full time, visual migraine permanently impairing my vision – more issues with spine and hospital related rt side deficiencies and additional low spine deficiencies – and now full time care of granddaughter until we know more about new girl – frazzled, I’m afraid. – I’m sure if my grddaughter sleeps tonight it will help – duck taped the front door shut helped my piece of mind some earlier – she didn’t sleep til after 5:30 am… never had FULL time care of her before with no break – spine and arms shaking, low back sacrum vibration + weakness – so far have managed diapers for 70 + lb gal, semi one armed…
    Sorry, so complain-y, just could use some good thoughts – the shaking body not helping and can’t mention it with the rest going on… an hr away…

    My support to all of you in whatever you are going through,


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    1. You got it kg. Sending love and light rainbow spheres..and special request to The Team(s).

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    2. Oh Kg, I am so sorry to hear you are suffering in this way. It must be so damned hard to deal with all of that stuff and I take my hat off to you for even trying! I don’t know what I would do in that situation, but it seems you are doing a brilliant job.

      We are just not cut out anymore to move in the ‘caretaker’ role, it seems.

      I don’t have much patience with anything at present, nor do I have the energy to deal with much other than my own day.

      Sending you a huge Mother Hug, lovely, and a big massive prayer for your situation. Baby will be fine xxxxxxx

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    3. @kg, you need to call in some friends and family for help. You can’t do this alone. This is traumatic experience and I know migraines. Unbearable. Call in your friends and FAMILY

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    4. We Are With You! I put in a request to the Universe for assistance. All Worlds/Beings Manifest Much Love. Peace.

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    5. Wow KG.
      Sending you sooo much love and support! As a 55 year old mother of two who feels some days like she is living in an 80 year old body- I can only imagine what it takes for you to give full time care to your granddaughter:)
      I remember the physical and mental work it takes to care for a highly energetic youngster and that’s without the wanderlust your grandchild seems to have!
      Remember to continuously ground her and yourself and call in Spirit
      as a helper. A medicine man and dear friend always tells me “If they can’t hear or understand you, talk to their spirit!”
      I have had this work, sometimes in miraculous ways.
      I’m also sending love and energetic healing for the baby and Mom.

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    6. ~ Kg ~ my heart rushes out to you! I do wish for you that circumstances were less impossible.
      A question came to me, recognizing in myself a sense of NO, THIS MUST STOP… and looking at that and myself. I suppose the best answer I have right now to why this happens?, what can I do?, I have right now is to hold you and your situation in my heart, to accompany you in stillness where your heart can feel it, and acknowledge how intense all this is for you. My hope is that in some small way this might help.
      much love to you Kg,

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    7. Kg, Know that we are all with you…….,
      sending lots of light, love and healing
      to you, the family and the baby.




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      1. Cats.. I’m in, Santa Fe NM – sorry, I’m struggling – family is at University hospital in Albuquerque – new child’s heart seems to be backwards – my body’s shaky and weak I’ve had a visual migraines since I came home from hospital – grddaughter not sleeping — she well, did after 5:30 -ish am – up again up again giggity gig…my brain doesn’t seem to be working very well….- hard to get back to practices I was doing before – sorry to be so whiny…

        thank you everyone that has sent messages – tying to hang on by toe-snails – typo, but works for me…
        love to all,

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    8. Kg ❤️ Sending Love and so much LIGHT and HEALING to your beautiful Granddaughter and to YOU. Gosh, it is tough right now, keep on keeping on, I’m sure this is a sign we are close! I know, I’ll come and stay over with Elsie and we can take it in turns to look after them, I bet the two of them would get on well and we could take in turns to get some sleeps! 😉😴💤🙏

      BIG, BIG HUGS! 🤗🙏🤗❤️🤗

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      1. KG ❤️ You get to have sleep first, a really lovely long one!

        On a more serious note, is there nobody that can come and take over just for a little while so you get some rest?

        Sending huge waves of a LOVE and strength and a special request that The Shift comes asap!


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    9. Help arrives last minute.

      We are with you, focus on the best possible outcome and Source will take it from there.

      We can do this!


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  16. that YOU haven’t experienced The SHIFT, yet.

    News Flash: NONE of us have experienced ‘The SHIFT’, yet, you idiots. Even SOURCE has confirmed that one around a 100 times already.

    Instead of making ‘snarky’ sarcastic nasty comebacks to the very Lightworkers holding this sick circus altogether and who are serving as your ‘protective’ containment fields for you low fear-filled folks…..we suggest you save your abuse only for yourselves, for your Egos to keep chewing on, and then wisely consider putting out constructive, POSITIVE, *empathic* remarks in your skimpy updates.

    Empathy is the only way to evolve out of where you are currently stuck, with your unfortunate effervescent negativity always permeating and emanating from your blog.

    (and NO, the highest vibrating lightworkers do not ever feel ‘champagne bubbles’, sorry to burst your ‘bubble’s about that (LMBO!!!)

    BTW — This update today is exactly the same as last year’s, at this time.
    The graphs mean nothing they are all the same and only hurt the eyes to scroll through.
    The ET activity is now always the same and means nothing so far.
    The visions and dreams from everyone are all the same and also mean nothing after 15 years of observing them.

    In fact all you needed to report, was the D.U.M.B being blown.
    The 3D ‘events’ are the only thing getting us closer to ‘The SHIFT’, at this point.


    1. @getaclue.

      You are perfect immortal spirit, brother,
      Whole and innocent,
      All is forgiven and released x

      Permit me to acknowledge the irony in your name. That is why we all congregate here, in this special place, and for many more reasons.

      To just read the words here is not enough, you must act on them. It would be like reading instructions on an IKEA bed and wondering why you cannot rest your weary bones when you haven’t constructed the bed.

      You come from a place of hurt, that much is obvious, and I feel for you. I feel because I can, because I make room for it. If you are filled with anger, fear, envy, hate then that is all you will experience I’m afraid, believe me when I say “I know”.

      Forgive yourself, forgive the world, find yourself, you are always there. This place is for self help, for guidance, for love and support, for soul wisdom, for enlightenment and entertainment. Everyone is welcome here, even those who project their pain and fear, for we are one. But we respectfully ask that all respectfully tread, it’s nice to be nice…



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      1. This. Just Be Kind ❤️

        I appreciate all who post on here, and all the lessons, insights and guidance. I have seen the direct impact of some of the suggestions shared, and my meditation space is protected and safe. And a few gazers have indeed given their names, while others have gone where they are better served, sometimes with a Light nudge😉❤️ Forever grateful. 🙏🏽 One Love All.


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    2. Makes one wonder why you have been reading this blog for 15 years if you find it so uninformative and offensive. Just saying… Cay

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      1. This blog hasn’t been in existence that long. CATs as a group have been around for a while, but the blog didn’t start till… 2015? Whatever. There’s a whole subgroup of people who blame everyone else for The Event not happening fast enough.

        -CAT Eds.

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  17. I’ve become intentionally slipshod in my mask-wearing. Can’t really not wear one because, hey, it’s freaking NY, but I’ve taken to wearing it under my nose. Let them think I’m stupid! And since my mask has a great big mustache on it, which in this position is displayed on my chin, I certainly look the part. Nobody has said a word to me or even given me a dirty look. It probably helps that I’m making as much eye contact as possible, with a big smile. People who work in the stores are letting the masks slip whenever they can, sometimes pulling them down completely when I approach with a question. Kinda makes me feel like all might not be quite lost 😉

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    1. thought we all know it by now:
      a cobra meditation is a serpent hostile meditation
      of those in the “Resistance” to the Light,
      set to wickedly direct and harness
      the energy of all those who fell in the trap!

      Our meditations are sovereign, free choice meditations.

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    2. I know you do it with the best of intentions, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t pretend to be anyone’s teacher, but everything that comes from Cobra gives me very bad energy. Not that they want to use our energy for “strange” purposes….
      It is just my feeling.

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      1. Cristina ❤️ There is no good energy there at all, the name ‘Cobra’ and his ‘Black Goop cintamani stones’… will stay well clear…

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. P.S Anyone reading this that has followed Cobra, don’t feel bad about it, just please move away, far away from that site…Early on in my awakening, I followed him for a while until my Guides basically gave me a good talking to and I realised in a flash that this was not good, but, because I had been there and experienced some not so good energy, I started questioning more, and more and eventually found this Blog and this beautiful community and of course Blossom and Laura!

          Sometimes our path takes us on a real windy old journey but we always end up where we are supposed to be, no shame in our past steps, just learning and growth, onwards and upwards 😉

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    3. Yes, Cats and Ms. I am wondering about this meditation. Can we do our own group meditation? I know that you don’t support the current Cobra. Perhaps we can do our own thing to serve our individual/group greatest good? Is there a prime date and time that looks critical to be targeted? Or are we beyond that already? Inquiring minds want to know. With all loving respect for all you do. We ARE One. May all worlds host love! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  18. Been having to deal with the mandatory mask thing all of a sudden this week. I have terrible allergies and one of my nasal cavities is abnormally small. We’ve been having thunderstorms every day and the humidity is horrible. I can’t make it very long without choking and gagging inside my mask. Not because I’m sick, because I CAN’T BREATHE! Come on, enough already, just let us get on through the herd immunity thing and get it all over with. I live outside of Houston, TX. We’re the “hotspot” right now. LOL! Thousands of people testing positive everyday. I know a couple of them. None of them are sick. But, all having to quarantine and now everything is starting to shut down again. CRAZY!!! So glad to come home to this post tonight. Loved all the cat masks. I needed a good laugh!

    The Dog Lady

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    1. Hi Dog Lady, I’m going to attempt to attach this link. It’s a disclaimer you can print out and ostensibly use, if you have a medical condition that prohibits use of masks. I guess you could laminate it and pin it somewhere obvious if you need to use it?
      My daughter and I have a fishing buff that we use, since there are some places that demand it. It’s a little better than a mask, but still feels awful, and for that reason we do not frequent those places if we can help it. Here it’s not too bad with mandatory requirements, but there is chatter…

      I hope you can use this. Let me know if the link doesn’t work. It’s BrunoBarking on twitter, if not.

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    2. @ The Dog Lady
      This is crazy….How people that are not sick are counted as C positive?
      Do they just decide since you had a test we could count you in as C positive?

      I hope this craziness will stop soon!


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    3. As for the mask thing, it is actually against OSHA standards and violates their rules because it lowers the oxygen levels which could make you pass out. Read their article yesterday and they explained the different masks in which they are not intended to be worn all day (like for employees) and they can breed mold from the moist breath. Also they do absolutely nothing, especially the cloth ones. I had printed off a law that says if you have health issues it is a violation of your right and you cannot be forced to wear one. But you have to carry a copy with you and know how to stand your ground. Also, viruses are not contagious, they are not alive and do not live on surfaces, you can’t spread them through the air. They are a natural part of the body system and the primary function is to eat up dead matter. When you are toxic and have a lot of dead matter that can’t be expelled by normal channels (sweating, going to bathroom) then you throw up, get a fever, get diarrhea, etc. An article called “The Germ Theory” explains it very well. So, viruses are NOT the cause of anything, it is always a toxic body that creates the virus and everyone has many, many viruses in the body at any given time. That is why they keep pushing people to get tested, because they know the numbers will go up because everyone has something. And those that test negative probably have a healthy immune system and not very many viruses and not any in that particular sample. I think that was also part of the scam and brainwashing where for years doctors have said viruses are contagious. The body also does cyclical cleansing (cold and flu) and that is why there is no cure for the cold or flu because it is a natural body process to do house cleaning from the toxins accumulated.

      I’ve been telling everyone I know here and I even went to wal mart, took some copies of my virus articles and talked to the asst. manager. She said so many there question this whole thing and a lot of them have passed out from wearing the masks. She said corporate made the rules (which I knew they did) but I hoped that if more of them knew what was going on they could stand up for themselves better.

      Exhausting week and felt the bursts as well. Blessings to everyone and send love to the new baby and healing energies to those in need.

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      1. Indeed. Virions can only be seen with an electron microscope, so they’re very much like that mosquito/chain-link fence analogy. Masks are fine if YOU are sick, but otherwise they do nothing for healthy people. It’s all brainwashing. What you’re seeing are people panicking because they never took (or paid attention to) a basic biology course. It’s really quite sad.

        -CAT Eds.

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    4. I plan on avoiding being tested and any situation where I might be tested. Have you heard about what happened in Tanzania? The president didn’t trust the tests and had his people test a bunch of things that weren’t people. Things like goats, fruit, and motor oil. The samples were given human names and submitted for testing. Only the motor oil came back negative! Either the tests are contaminated or the whole thing is a scam. Or both. Avoid the test!

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        1. I want to avoid the C test, but I HAVE to take it for my surgery in 2 weeks. I don’t want to take the test. UGH. it’s all crazy bs. We are lied to daily by medical professionals and the govt and now I’m about to get involved in it.

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          1. Then take it down as you walk it. If you have to walk it, walk with such a blast of love that Love becomes an action verb. We are not at the mercy of their intentions for us. They are at the mercy of our love.

            If you want to, let us know when you’ll need the additional Love blast headed your way, and we’ll join you.

            Sorry, a little feisty today…

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        2. People that I know and care for had the dratted testing done. Seeing as how there is no way to reach most truly otherwise intelligent people, my daughter and I are busy Loving the crap out of that test. Loving it to pieces. All are welcome to join us.

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      1. A friend sent me a jpeg of something that was originally posted on 8kun. Took me a while to figure out how to convert it to text so that I could post it here, but if it’s true, I thought it was important:

        “I have to get this off my chest
        I am a healthcare worker with some oversight of two nursing homes in Maryland.
        An associate of one of the NH’s called me one day to let me know that she was contacted by Gov Larry Hogan’s COVID task force team and that mandatory testing for all patients and staff was required and wanted to setup a time to come test everyone. My associate told the gentleman on the phone that we had no + cases and it wasn’t necessary to come test.
        The man on the phone snickered and said “you don’t have it yet, but you will” She set up the time for testing, much to her dismay.
        She immediately called to relay this info about her convo. Because I was already seeing a pattern of the spread of COVID based on testing, I told her not to let them in the facility, but we were powerless as they sent the National Guard. We did the testing and had multiple positives of patients and staff, right off the bat, despite having zero + cases or sick patients prior. Within days patients were getting severely sick and dying. Practically wiped out 1 whole unit in our facility.
        The almost identical situation happened at my other facility. Zero cases->>>Mandatory testing->>>Unexpected positives->>>People dying!!
        Anons and Q, I am fairly confident, at this point, that the tests are infecting the people.
        Remember Gov Hogan hid his tests he obtained from South Korea away from the President??
        Also, who are the loudest voices that screamed for more testing??
        Something to think about.”

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    5. “Testing positive” means very little given the tests that are being used. If you’ve ever had a virus — of any kind, cold or flu — in the past year, you will test “positive.” It’s yet another fear ploy used by the state.

      -CAT Eds.

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  19. Beaten up and overwhelmed pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling. I never felt like I belonged here so I’m still trying to figure out why I chose to incarnate in this time, place, body hence thinking I might still have work to do and not join some of you in the first wave 😩
    The U.K. has had beautiful weather for a few days and thousands of people have descended on favourite beaches. Why oh why do they leave them looking like rubbish dumps. Beautiful rural areas are the same. Please, please, please let them change their ways before going to NE
    Rant over. Have a good weekend 💜🌈

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    1. Netters… I hear you! Our beauty spot in Llangollen, North Wales, has been trashed too – by hedonistic party-going mentality, giving nothing but taking everything.

      I decided to sit with it awhile, and to concentrate on love in my heart. It wasn’t easy at times, but I got a sense of peace and acceptance about it all.

      Something will change all of this… The Shift? Who knows really? We can only pray that our beautiful planet knows that there are so many who love her and wish to protect her beauty…

      Big hugs, lovely xxx Jay xxx

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  20. Masks are to protect others from YOUR germs. Not the other way around, fyi

    I live in a state where everyone wears them and its no drama, just courtesy.


    1. In Asia, people who are sick wear masks for the sake of other people. Healthy people are NOT to wear masks, as it’s simply brainwashing. Like “social distancing,” “just courtesy” is part of the brainwashing.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. If viruses are NOT contagious then you DON’T need a mask period! A virus is NOT the CAUSE of anything but it cleans up toxins in the body. The underlying health issue is the CAUSE.

      Found these two quotes:

      From Dr. Kaufman
      Wearing a mask violates OSHA standards as it drops oxygen levels too low.
      Wearing a mask is NOT a mandate but a recommendation. You do NOT have to wear a mask if you have a medical condition and they do NOT have the right to ask you what your medical condition is.

      Businesses can make any Policy they like (Legal), but when those Policies violate the Law (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or Bill of Rights) that policy and all their other Policies become null and void. It is the enforcement of policy which violates the Law. They can deceive their customers and employees all day long, but if they fire their employee the employee has grounds to sue. Unfortunately the system is so corrupt; it is virtually impossible for the employee to get justice (General Michael Flynn).


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  21. Just thought I’d share this lovely wisdom that came to my Inbox today. From Eileen Caddy, now Everywhere – founder member of Findhorn Community in Scotland, UK:

    Guidance received by Eileen Caddy

    It Is The Right Vibrations That Matter

    It is the right vibrations that matter, not false and empty words. When you have something to say, let it be loving and positive. Learn to count to ten before allowing an unkind or critical word to escape your lips. You are in this world to bring joy to those around you, not to hurt or criticize them.

    Look for the very best in everyone and you will see it, then build on it and watch how they flower and flourish when cared for by love an appreciation. Never take anyone for granted. Always remember a little appreciation goes a long way and a kind and loving word is so easily given, so open your heart and give freely.

    26 June 2020

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  22. Ok, this is going to be another strange one. And kind of all over the place, but it ties together at the end. And it’s only my (and my daughter’s) take on things.
    Awhile ago, before the 3 day wonders we were meditating and ended up spontaneously putting out the call to all the Knights of the old code. The call went out, it felt right – resounding – at the time. Then we forgot about it.

    I’ve been seeing the earth/ship floating slowly into the middle of the (golden/fire) cable / timeline. Very slowly, it’s taken days. And she’s finally all the way in. And a ways in now. The door shut.

    I’ve been seeing all the Q supporters taking the oath – to defend the constitution – where we go one we go all. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I felt no need to speak the oath myself.

    Yesterday – music speaks to my daughter. It’s a large part of her form of autism, it’s always been that way. And she noticed that on random a series of 4 songs kept playing. Personal to her.

    Then today – she said a new series of 5 songs kept repeating. We listened to them, and as the final song played – I “saw” the earth/ship fully in a good ways. And then I saw the door to the cable/timeline open and there stood a very long line of people filing in. What we would call lightworkers, advance guard leading the way. And then behind them those Q supporters / patriots that had taken the oath. Very calm, very determined – they knew what they wanted, they knew where they were headed, and nothing was going to stop them. And they were helping others, supporting and lining the way. And then came every one else. A Lot of everyone else. Up the long ramp to the earth ship.
    To me the exodus has begun. And it feels like the Knights have answered the call. In an unexpected way. Strange journey….
    Love to everyone – Angela

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    1. ~ Angela ~ how wonderful to share this type of interaction with your daughter! to have another able to ‘get’ enough of a similar view of current growth, right there in your close proximity – riches indeed.
      Thank you for posting this and I look forward to whatever else comes to view.

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      1. Thank you friend. I do feel very lucky to have my daughter with me in this. It can be lonely, it’s so out there when put against so called normal life.
        Having this outlet is priceless as well.
        Love to you as well,

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    2. Hi, @ Angela,
      beautiful vision, thank you!
      Yes, i also watch those Patriots, they are awesome.
      I call them Warriors. For their power within.
      It’s all they have, and yet, they trust.

      I see nothing strange in all this.
      Perfect natural way, for Gaia and us.
      We should maybe learn to accept – and allow NEW happen.
      I take your vision for a real blessing to you.
      Let JOY be.

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      1. Hi Oro,
        And there is such a common thread of patience and kindness running through their ranks. Openness, willingness to help. I see it over and over. You are right, they are warriors, and not the wild and youthful kind. Mature and seasoned. It’s very interesting to take in. And that Trust, well it might just be the key, regardless of nefarious intentions. At some point hope and trust do tip the scale at critical moments. The faith of a mustard seed. Joy tips the scale too.

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        1. Yes, yes, yes, you put it so well, thank you!
          And now is an avalanche of simply radiant, beautiful
          people, taking the oath to defend the Constitution!
          There is such Light in their eyes — they lift their hand
          and speak in clarity! No doubt and no fear whatsoever.

          BTW, Warrior is a Celestial term. That’s why i chose it.
          It is of highest dignity and loyalty to Source.
          The 7 Divine Rays of Light emanated by Source,
          are His 7 Archangels. Called The Eons, too, for they
          have been with Him from the Beginnings, mightily
          helping Him manage all Grand Creation.
          And they are called The Rainbow Warriors –
          isn’t that wonderful?

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  23. Well, this deserves an additional Hmmmm. I ordered something from amazon yesterday. The log in confirmation number was 799997. It got a hmmmm out of me. Suppose it means anything??? Interpretations welcome. Also this morning I got an interesting visual. When I close my eyes and look, I see a distant light blob. As I was looking at it today it moved closer literally frame by frame and as it did it began to get much more clear and distinct. It turns out to be a rather wondrous landscape. I could make out the features, boulders, grasses, trees very clearly. I opened my eyes as the scene was about to fill my entire field of vision. Again I say hmmmm. Other than that I, as usual know less than nothing. Oh! One more warm day in PNW then back to 60’s for a few. Sweater weather again.

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    1. J,
      The great thing about knowing nothing (or less than nothing) is that anything is possible. A wondrous expanse of potential for creation awaits upon the canvas of life. Keep imagining the world you want. Your musings provide the backdrop. We will be joining you there.
      On another note I was looking at the amazing chalk drawings by side walk artists and thought my driveway needs a flying dragon.

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  24. Hey, CATs. A totally out there question: Why did the Hindenburg explode? Was there some kind of plot that was found by agents?

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    1. It was an accident. A static charge built up due to the engines and when it touched the giant pole-tether, the energy arced across to ground and ignited the huge bags of hydrogen. Didn’t help that the ship’s skin itself was doped with a chemical used in rocket fuel manufacture. We’ve since learned to ground hovering vehicles like helicopters (or someone dangling from one) with a grounded pole before you touch them or let them land on a ship, etc.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. ~ CAT 5 ~ feeling a tad inflationary, are you ??? 😄😉❤️
        With tongue definitely in cheek, and warm heart,

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  25. Huh, have You looked at a Schumann Resonance today, 10h activity ✨

    I did not feel it in the beginning, but few hours later it hit me like a pile off brick 😣

    I felt pressure in a heart area and felt the higher pulse, then after few hours stopped, but now I felt some off it again, dizziness…., uhhh😔

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      1. Any ideas ?

        Maybe what I felt was some personal download, so it is not felt by others in a same way ?

        I do not know if it is related, but I am burping a lot after that energies at approximately half time when Schumann readings started to raise and when I strongly felt it, really unusual and strange ?

        Few hours ago it stopped all together finally, it was about a time 😁✨

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  26. 🌈💜🌈thank you *CAT’S*🌈💜🌈

    It feels good to come here to the blog
    I love the energy here
    Schuman is again crazy and I have a love affair with a hare🌈💜

    as I use to write it in an other forum here my story:
    “My love
    our hare is really really real
    I tell you
    this night he came even into my dream
    and dreams are real

    the first encounter we had with him was in April
    when we were in quarantine together with the rest of the world
    he wanted to dig a hole under our white Estrelizia
    but then he changed his mind
    maybee the soil is unfavorable
    the Estrelizia is as high as our house and the roots

    anyway he showed me to don’t dig a rabbit hole
    and get lost inside
    and I understood and learned
    no news and no confusion
    but mantain clearity of mind

    today in the morning he came so early
    it seems he danced the whole night
    with his wife on the grass in our garden
    a few meters away from my room and my bed?

    I love him my love
    let’s call him Pedro
    no domestication
    real love is unconditional
    Pedro have to stay free
    he guides us to the rainbow bridge

    I can show you the New world
    shining and shimmering
    just open your eyes
    wonder by wonder
    over sideways and under
    on a magic carpet ride

    I show you a whole new world
    a new fantastic point of view I show you Lemuria

    Lemuria is not a mythical place which used to be
    it is a place in our hearts we are awakening to
    the frequency of this Lemurian Dream
    it is a reality being sung into creation
    and it is our consciousness which awakens the sleeping dreamer
    and remembers the beauty of the natural world

    are you ready to take flight my love?
    give me your hand
    we follow the hare Pedro
    he knows the way to Lemuria.”

    and of course our hare is portugues
    portuguese where allways dreamers
    dreaming from far away lands on the other side of the ocean
    and my dream is:
    🌈💜🌈on NE we all will be together🌈💜🌈

    love Alnilam🌈💜🌈

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    1. Alnilam ❤️ Thank you for sharing that, it was so beautiful!

      Elsie and I are both born in the year of the Rabbit/Cat in Chinese Astrology!

      NE is close, so close….🙏🌈🔶✨🌻☀️🌳🐬🙏

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    2. Love your poem, that’s how I feel about the feral cats and deer etc. on my property, lovely! And Perica, I also burp like crazy whenever there’s strong energies – in fact sometimes I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack, and every time, finally a big buuurrrrrppp and all is well again! 🙂

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      1. kt1111. I get the wind thing too. As it shoots about inside the upper part of my body it affects my heartbeat. Weird.😳 I said to Netters it’s worse when we have timeline jumps. Is it like getting the bends when you surface too quickly in the sea. Maybe our bodies are reacting to the speed that we are going through these energy changes. Shooting up in vibration. Just wondered.😁💖💖💖

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  27. Kg. I am so sorry for the problems that you and your family are going through. You are a much loved member of this blog family. I have asked for brother J and guides to assist you, and I send you my love. I am sure most of us here are also asking for help for you too. All those heartfelt requests add up to one very LOUD one which will probably give our guides earache. Really hope things soon turn around for the better. 💖💖💖💖

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    1. Yes, well said Newlynn! I am joining you in requesting assistance and holding Kg and family in Love and Truth. May All Be Well. Huge Hugs 🤗🌈🙏🏼❤️

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      1. Dreamed a giant upright walking grizzly bear was walking the streets all over he wasn’t mean but he scared everyone because he was so powerful looking. I kept wanting to protect him and leave him food. Wild. 🐻

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        1. The Sasquatch people are not very different.
          And yes, those kind Yeti and Big Foot are also chased,
          only because we fear them.
          In fact they are gentle, friendly and much more advanced
          than us, and always eat very happily food left outdoors.

          Everything that has Consciousness evolves now,
          all animals and birds just as us – and so i find so lovely,
          you protected BigBear and gave him food.

          A Golden Era means in the first place Harmony
          between all creations.

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  28. Alnilam I love Pedro😁😁💜
    Thank you to all of you for helping me accept that I am the sane, ‘normal’ one in this crazy, fear based world
    Love, light and healing, on all levels, to EVERYONE

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    1. thank you Netters 💜🌈💜🌈
      and Lilly 💜🌈💜🌈

      I love my poetry
      crazy and wild
      when Pedro the hare is racing like a rocket over the sky
      on the way to New Eart💜🌈

      I am going to bed now
      the cat’s advice
      it is 7.30 but I am exausted of so much energy grrrrrrr

      love Alnilam 💜🌈💜🌈

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  29. Despite the heavy incoming energies, I had to do a clean up off inside split air conditioner unit, it was not easy with heavy feeling during that disassemble operation, but I just had to do it as temperature today was around 30C, I done complete tear down and after thorough cleaning, the unit is working as a new one 😉✨

    I felt heaviness off the energies, but nothing like yesterday, maybe that one prepared me for a today influx ?


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  30. I’m putting this here because I can’t remember where the CATs mention of the 3d grieving process comment was, but saw this today and thought it appropriate – his father’s son surely – even has masks… I hear his father, John, in the sound’, but the talent is all his own…
    A thank you P.S. some of my stuff is getting worse – maybe I’m just seeing into a door with different energy or seizure-y stuff., etc…
    – my daughter got the teen girl next door in today to look after my grddaughter since my body’s gotten worse – dogs are going crazy – the one with separation anxiety esp AND she knows this gal – sheesh…
    Peace everyone – ❤

    Baby had to stay at the University hospital an hr away for more tests – thank you EVERYONE for your kind attention it has helped tremendously.

    Thank you to the CATs etc – after you asked where I lived I felt a lifting in my energy – whether it was just the asking or something else – it was helpful… thank you…

    Here's the song for you all…

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  31. Cat Eds. Thank you for the latest update. Now I know why I had to TTMB at 2.30 pm time. Was puzzled as to what knocked me out. There was a lovely rainbow here tonight. Wonderful cat pics and loved the mask/fence one. 🤗🌈💖

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    1. thanks Lily !….I love David Eagleman, been following his amazing work for several years – all of his videos are well worth watching, one of favorites is ‘Be a Possibilian’ xo

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      1. bev37 H30 ❤️ Glad you liked it and thanks for the recommendation, I will look out for that one! Much Love ❤️🙏❤️


    1. Oh my! Talk about ouch is right! Last night I had inexplicable chest pressure (this has happened before)… I’m also a former medic and was able to get a 12 lead EKG which showed zero concerning or new for me…. glad I checked in here as it seems my physical state is super dependent on external energies lately. Although interesting like you Perica the SR changes seem to be a slightly different situation now.

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  32. Whatever the cabal is planning and will try to implement in the coming days as to double down on the already existing incarceration of humanity under the current lockdown, will backlash severely and will trigger an avalanche of rapid events. These will be the visible manifestation of the crumbling of the 3D holographic matrix, which is no longer supported by the thoughts and emotions of a sufficient number of awakened people.

    We have already reached this energetic threshold of no return.

    This holographic reality has never been so malleable as now and it will morph more and more into a higher dimensional version until it merges with the cities of light of the 5th and higher dimensions, which we have been creating for years as the ground crew.


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  33. Enlighten moment today, in some way anyway ✨

    I was at my parents house with kids for a lunch and they asked me to check their air conditioning unit, I stepped on two chairs, one with a wheels, bad idea from the beginning, and off course one chair cave in, followed by other one and off course I was falling down, but now there is interesting part coming 😉 My fall was lasting forever and it looked like slow motion film, during this fall I had a feeling like I am in a dream and about to wake up from this 3d reality I felt such a joy, but off course I hit the hard 3d floor and ended up with bruised both legs, nothing special anyway 😉

    But, that was first time that my 3d reality felt like a dream and about to wake up from it ✨ All off us here I presume at one point in a life felt that we are not belong here, that there is something strange with this life, but could not be sure what, and while dreaming we perceive that as a dream reality and our real life as something real, but for me, this fall today somehow reassure me that this “real” life is also a dream, and we are soon to wake up ✨

    I do not know how this will sound to others who will read this, maybe as a writing from a crazy guy, but it was a waking call for me, as a proof that this is a dream, and not the other way around 🙂✨

    But also, I started to think about the mechanic off the Shift itself, is it going to feel like feeling that I had during that fall, feeling to waking up and finding myself in a completely new reality, realizing that whole this time I was actually just dreaming, I do not know, but maybe this “incident” that I experienced today was not just a fluke, but to serve as a precursor off things to come, and to give me a glimpse off how it will look like when the time is right ✨


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  34. Fiddly Dee! Energies intense (so what else is new) I seem to be ignoring the pain. I have been out pruning dogwoods since 7 this morning. (I don’t know, it had to be done today.) I have had 2 lattes before noon, and slathered my pitiful, but noble body, with extra strength msm cream twice so far. I’m like the energizer bunny. I just keep going! The swallows that nest in the garage had 5 babies this year. They are soooo cute sticking their little heads over the edge of the nest. I was so pleased that I ate half a key lime pie ALL by myself. (there are still plenty for those who drop by) Sent a friend a link to the New England Journal of Medicine stating that masks are ineffectual. (duh!) But they said they were a talisman. I went HUH!!! They show that the brainwashing with fear is very effective. (They are also wonderful for virtue signalling) My friend wrote back and thanked me, but he said that wearing a mask made him feel safer. I guess the peps are self sorting for the 3d and above express. Wowzer!

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  35. I wondered why last night I became violently nauseous last night and had to kneel before the porcelain then sleep on the bathroom floor for about an hour as I was also so dizzy. Updates 3 and 4 made perfect sense to cause this, and not having three pours of single malt scotch in the evening with friends!

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  36. Blackbirds in the garden so tame! Two crows seem to have taken residence in the big evergreen at the bottom of the garden which is actually not very far from my kitchen window (about 10m). Bees everywhere, birds singing, dragonflies coming right up to the window to say hello when I am washing the dishes.

    On a less positive note, I saw rats lingering a few days ago outside but then…thank goodness I planted a load of catnip!…A beautiful black cat visited our garden and had a good old roll around in the plant!

    Dreamt of a tortoiseshell cat going across our garden the night before…

    Have bought Freya a funny creamy coloured big furry cat cushion, he’s called ‘flat cat cushion’!

    Started painting the living room indigo, beautiful colour but was a bit oppressive so am now going for a lovely soft and calming dove grey called….wait for it….Cat’s Cradle!

    Much Love ALL and special hugs to Kg, we have your back (and all sides actually!)


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    1. Oh, Lily, another synchronicity with you! First it was DT and the black lab puppies and now…grey living rooms! I painted my living room a shade of grey called Anonymous! So funny!

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        1. We have a large open entry/living/dining area with a vaulted ceiling. It took me awhile to finish with two coats, I think it was mid April.

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            1. TY, we like it! It’s been a lot of work and we’re just renting but it’s been a creative way to stay focused on something positive while the world is going crazy.

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            2. Yes! That’s exactly the same reason I am decorating! Will be planting some carrots and potatoes this week if Elsie allows, really helps doing these things to stay sane!

              Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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  37. Regarding headaches… I have been using this CAT suggestion from a post back in April with quite positive results.

    Today I had the idea it might also be useful for back pain… on the idea that the full central nervous system could be ‘fit within the A’ shape… so that it covered all the spinal column and nerves.
    Also, I have modified this a bit for myself, imagining that narrowed A point ‘squeezing’ inward as I exhale – sort of a massage/ wringing out of the pain.
    At any rate, I have been repeatedly thinking of it, so I went back and looked up the original directions:

    “For those with headaches:
    Ground + Protect + Connect to Guides. (Grounding will help with a lot of it.)

    Imagine an “A” with the point between your eyes, in the middle of your head, the letter extending down to your jaw.

    Compress the sides of the A to make the point sharper.

    (This is an old technique British private schools used to use called, “Minds on point!” It helps shape your pineal gland into an Xmas tree, its optimal shape. You may feel a funny ‘grains-of-sand’ feeling as the crystals there orient themselves.)

    BREATHE in SOURCE, exhale through the point of the “A.”

    Whenever the energy peaks, enact the “A.” It will get easier and easier. This is the beginning of FOCUS, which will open up all kinds of things.”

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  38. Regarding recent meterage:

    This is old news by now, but still curious:

    Also, I don’t recall these horizontal stripes when I checked the Cumiana meters last night before sleeping, then this morning they show up on ALL six days back??http://www.vlf.it/cumiana/livedata.html

    Feels like it may be another Mandela effect in action, showing distinctly different meterage data from one ‘time’ to another?

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  39. SHARING IS CARING found this perhaps some new insights Earth’s resonant frequencies explained/interpreted from a sci pov dont know if there is an update but we for sure not low and slow-my attention was held during the levels and contacts with ionsphere-for me explains crystalization aspects of higher longer waves-https://youtu.be/bBPiHIjWlyw teaser level 3 like triangle/4 like square ect but lots to take out a pencil and calculate on of —amazing we learn more about the what and the how on so many levels-science-hard/soft/esoteric ect but no one knows the date or time and thats probably due to the fact that only we humans in universe tied to date and time-and as we are learning perspective of time was changed along time ago and date relativity lost 11 days all due to some emperor and his deception- but these last few days very very-in the beginning of vid he talks about increased amplitude and later says best option is to rest /sleep

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  40. Cats & Ms, thanks for the explanations, exhortations, and exhalations. GREAT cat pics – they’ve put a smile on my face more than once these past few days. At least, when I’ve not been napping – ’cause that seems to be what my body is demanding this weekend, prolly ’cause the week was crazy-bad sleeping. I’m drinking my herbal cinnamon tea, petting my cats, trying to keep my head from falling over into this keyboard. Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!!

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  41. My husband got a call yesterday to go to work on the midnight shift at the power plant to come online. Here in southwest ks they only come online maybe twice a year and he was surprised they called. About 12:30 am the power went out here at the house for about 2 hrs. When he came home this morning he said they got hit with something but no one knew what it was. I was wondering if it was another wave x.

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    1. Hi fellow Kansan. 😃 I am in the south central part no power outages here but they will just randomly happen too, We are getting the bad dust here the sunsets are wild looking.

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  42. The big move is finally over. I have been emotional and my stomach hurting / cramping. Maybe stress but oddly timed with the 27 / 28th.

    Odd thing …. not sure if it is synchronicity or not…. but something to meditate on later.

    My son txt me from work. Said his co-worker was watching (maybe reading) the news on a main news network and they said Tr_mp died of an overdose. They went back to find it to show someone and couldn’t. I googled it trying to see what was up with that, and I found several articles like they are definately trying to impress this into our consciousness. Odd timing. Hopefully nothing. 3D distractions don’t disappoint do they ? LOL But I’m exhausted of playing their games. Its all depressing crap and my focus is trying to stay on positive.

    @Kg ❤ to your family during this time.

    Chin up… and ginger tea ready~

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  43. I had a pretty auspicious message from spirit today. It’s a good one to share.

    I left my quiet home while the last of the mist was leaving the valley this morning, on my way to town. Just past the creek there is a cattle guard about 200 yards from my door, to keep errant livestock out of the vineyard between me and the highway. I was met by an impressive pair of glossy turkey vultures each sitting atop the tall fence posts that make a gateway of the crossing. Looking straight at me, they waited a generous while as I slowly approached in my car, then opened wings to join their comrades lofting about the warming sky.

    This greeting committee was really, really rare for me.

    When I checked the animal totem dictionary I use, the interpretation was pretty stellar. It’s worth offering to each of you if you like, since so many of us are birds of a feather here. 🙂

    Buzzard or Vulture teaches the power of purification of the mind, body and spirit. Vulture aids accomplishing tasks through great patience and vision, using your sense of smell and discernment, and how to glide and soar with your own energy. He teaches efficiency in actions and promises that changes are imminent.

    He shows how to restore harmony of thoughts and feelings so one can reach new heights with little effort. Buzzards will aid in uncovering truths, clarifying previous conceptions, and allow to see and hear subtle hidden qualities using intuition and awareness. Buzzard can teach confidence and the ability to stand with dignity and soar with clarity and purpose. He shows how to seek a new and heightened vision while increasing sensitivity.

    It is time to soar above your perceived limitations. Are you currently undergoing an internal death and rebirth cycle? Are you ready to assert your actions from your ideas? Buzzard will aid in transforming knowledge to bring the unconscious to conscious and teach how to soar above it and bring the transformation you are needing at this time. Are you ready for these lessons of awakening?”

    Perhaps this will add a bit of lift under your own wings!


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    1. Hi friend,
      Change is imminent, that’s stood out for me from the vulture/buzzard info, and the rest seems pretty timely. I went to bed last night saying something good has to give soon.
      And today woke up discombobulated. Doing things out of common sense order, feeling like a sea change is happening and it’s taking my ability to think with it, lost in the tossing waves.
      Does it feel like …..something….is about to begin breaking loose to everyone? My daughter says it’s reversing now, and it might get messy. She’s such a calm soul. Might? 🙂

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      1. ~ Angela ~ “Might” indeed! I agree with the very very near now feeling. Like seeing the Himalayas ahead while traversing the foothills? Although far less solid than all that rock. Vibrating rock, more likely.

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  44. About early June 2017, I was standing with my husband on a deserted Galveston beach late at night. I got the sense that the warm humid wind had a message for me, so I walked to the edge of the surf and listened. The message was conveyed not in words, but in feeling – something big is coming. A few months later, hurricane Harvey hit the gulf coast with a vengeance.
    Tonight I went out to the driveway to look at the sky. Yet again I felt that the warm humid wind had a message for me. So I walked to the edge of the driveway and listened. The message was the same – something big is coming.
    I wish I could tell you more, but sometimes the messages I get are frustratingly vague.
    I reminded my husband about that night on the beach, and he said the feeling on the beach that night is the same as the feeling tonight.
    I do hope that this time “something big” is the Shift.

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    1. Hi Sharonann99 – Your words resonated strongly. Including the frustratingly vague part unfortunately. I keep trying to feel into it, and it doesn’t feel bad per se. New. And as you say, Big. I do so want something big to be something good. I keep having the thought, don’t stick to the script – that never works. Little adjustments throw it off course, until finally there is room for – something Big. And cascade…

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  45. Dear Lily,
    don’t be sad about this. It has happened to me. There was a time when you wanted all the people you loved to “meet”.
    I only had disappointments and ugly surprises, especially those who called themselves new age.
    So I learned and stopped “evangelizing”. Sometimes my heart hurts to see things they say or do and not be able to tell them.
    But it has also happened to me that someone, after a long time, has come back and asked me: do you remember that book you recommended to me? Or, what you told me when …?
    My rule is, if you don’t ask me for advice or opinion, I shut up.
    And if they ask me, first I analyze what level of filter I have to put to what I say.
    I compare it to a child who asks you where babies come from. You don’t lie to her (it’s Spain the stork was said to bring them), but you adapt the truth to her age. That is to say, you don’t put a porn movie on them saying: this is how it begins and then a gore video of a birth, saying this is how it ends. Obviously you would traumatize them, right? 😉

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    1. Cristina ❤️ Thank you for your words. I asked the CATs to remove the comment but it was a lesson I guess, to keep my thoughts to myself unless I am asked out if genuine interest ☺️

      I am seeing a lot of anger (more than before) towards folk that are questioning the mainstream narrative. It’s tough when its your own family and friends but you are absolutely right, wait until asked then use appropriate filters! I knew this already but kind of misjudged his readiness (if ever to hear).

      I must say, those whistleblowers must be pretty tough folk to get through the torrents of abuse (and worse) they encounter just trying to get the truth there.

      Anyway, lesson learned, will leave the whistleblowing to the whistle blowers, I think I came here for a different reason, perhaps just to hold the light…🌟☀️🌟

      Much Love & Light! ❤️🌟🙏

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      1. We aren’t here to make people’s minds up for them. All we can do is show them the truth. If they choose not to embrace it, then that is on them. It was harder to deal with in the beginning, but now we’re letting people go. If they want to stay at 3d, then that is what 3d is for.

        -CAT Eds.

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          1. 💜🌈💜🌈 dear Lily

            yes it’s a hard one
            my two daughters do not want to know anything
            and it is okay.
            We allready are on an other train Lily and our train is getting faster and faster

            love and big hugs from Alnilam 💜🌈💜🌈

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            1. Alnilam ❤️ ☀️❤️

              Yes! That train is getting super duper fast, time seems to be literally disappearing at the moment! Hold on tight!!!

              Love and Hugs to you and your daughters 🤗❤️🙏❤️🤗

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        1. I’m sick of the rows at home. I’ve finally decided to keep my mouth shut from today. I will just fade away… The way I feel I’ll take anything that takes me away, but I guess the neutrals count on that.


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      2. Hi Lily! A message from Magenta Pixie; sounds like it might be just for you:

        Wayshowers of Gaia

        The very ones you are helping, the ones you are fighting for; they ridicule you, they attack you and they stand in anger against you. Yet they do not know what you do for them. Do not turn your back on the ignorant for they are the hijacked, the oppressed and the innocent. Stand strong in the face of condemnation for this is the path of the Christed one.
        Their higher selves, future selves, ancestors and guardian angelics, they hold gratitude for you within a level of abundance that you cannot imagine. They have love for you that holds no bounds.
        If you cannot bring yourself to hold high the Indigo flag of liberty for them, then do it for their children, their grandchildren and those that follow. Do it for your children, your grandchildren and those that follow for they honour you in ways you cannot yet know, yet know that they do.

        It is not easy to stand strong in the face of such adversity, yet standing strong against the tide sets you apart from the others. You are the light bearers, the rainbow warriors and you hold the future within your every spaken word, your every thought and your every emotion.

        You are the Wayshowers of Gaia, and we, the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine and all that we have been, are and shall be; we salute you, we bow before you as your humble servants and we hold high your shining light when you cannot or have forgotten how.

        You are the Wayshowers of Gaia and your lives shall be etched upon the sands of time as memories for all to receive.

        Now is your time.

        We are the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine

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        1. We were told along time ago that Brother J already did that work, and that we don’t have to sacrifice ourselves… we just make truth available for the masses. You can lead a horse to water, etc. We don’t even need to stand strong. All’s over but the shouting.

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. Kolibri ❤️ Thank you! much appreciated! If it wasn’t for this blog and all you lovely folk I think I may have gone extremely do-lally a long time ago! I bet we can all resonate with this to some point…Onwards and upwards always!

          Much Love to you ❤️🤗❤️😊❤️

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        3. Kolibri ❤️ Thank you so much, I just replied to you but my message seems to have been swallowed up in the ether! Hopefully it will turn up, I can’t remember what I wrote now doh!

          Much Love & Light ❤️☀️❤️

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  46. I just wanted to thank everyone here sooo much – I’m off granddaughter(s) duties – having too many on going seizures or whatever else they are, different than in the past and never ending – will be pressured into seeing the neurologist this week and my regular doc I see a few times a year – a doctor that doesn’t put time limits on his appts, lol and everyone understands what the words waiting rm means, lol…
    ok typing bringing on stuff again –

    love you all – New baby is loooong, has some equipment – haven’t gotten latest on her status – keep those lovely thoughts coming 🙂 – I thank you for every one of them – so thankful… to every one…


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    1. Kg ❤️ So glad you are getting a rest although am so sorry to hear about the seizures…Hoping your lovely Dr can help and will carry on sending healing and love…

      Hugs Hugs to you ALL 🙏🤗❤️🤗🙏

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  47. Interesting, Sophia’s latest newsletter:

    “Today’s edition is a bit of a change of pace. Please use your discernment with all of it, as what is presented is information I have been told, and some interesting scientific reports that may or may not be connected.

    The information shared in the segments of the conversations you’ll read below, happened at about the same time as the scientific reports were noted. It will be shared as it happened and you can draw your own conclusions.

    There was a report seen here (click here):

    It was also reported here (click here):
    with the title:
    “Something just rocked the earth’s magnetic field”.

    These were noted on June 23rd.

    Yesterday, there was another report of unusual nuclear particles that were detected, this time it came from Disclose TV. Here is the report (click here):

    This is the quote from Disclose TV, from Twitter: “BREAKING – Sensors in Sweden have detected a rise in nuclear particles from somewhere near on or near the Baltic Sea. The Stockholm monitoring station detected 3isotopes; Cs-134, Cs-137 & Ru-103 associated with nuclear fission at higher than usual levels.”

    There was an illustration, which I’ll include below. I found it interesting, and said so, on Twitter, noting that the two reports came on the same day.

    What happened next was amazing… It sparked hundreds and hundreds of comments and reactions, and still is ongoing, along with a diversion into the origins of COVID19, which was fascinating to witness. Two of the memes will be posted below. (smile).

    This is being shared with you all here, because, although “correlation does not equal causation” and none of us are scientists, it is another piece to this 2020 puzzle. It may or may not have anything to do with these comments from One this last week, but it is sure interesting, and worth noting. Enjoy.

    Many blessings and much love to each of you.

    With appreciation for all that you are,

    June 22, 2020

    There are more players to this process than simply humanity. There is Gaia. There are the Draco. There are also the Progenitors. When you add to these, the group within humanity now carrying out orders of the Draco, and largely unknown to humanity in general, you get a more complete picture.

    Your next phase will be an initial step towards defining some of the players. These are players to which most of you are completely unaware and the few of you who suspect, do not have the complete story. It will come as a surprise on some level for all of you at once.

    Imagine the moment when the wizard steps out from behind the curtain. Now add to it, multiple wizards and curtains and you’ll begin to grasp what awaits.

    Will you be more specific please?

    Suffice to say that you are at the door. It will be opened from the outside, and suddenly.

    June 24, 2020

    An okay has been granted, and universally so, for outside help for planet earth. The light has been switched and is now green.

    What does this mean specifically?

    It means that help arrives…I will not use the word “soon”. This helps comes in so many ways and answers much.

    You’ve been praying for help. It is on the way for you now.

    In this season it begins.

    June 26, 2020

    Change is here.

    Change also arrives.

    The two statements define the coming moment. It will strike those members of humanity who are least awake to the true nature of the abuses here, the hardest. It will have no connection to either “side”, but will be brought about by both.

    This is a planned event.

    This is an arrival.

    You call them Progenitors because they came before your current race and had a hand in the formation of this one. They are not connected to the Draco. They are not human either, but the designers. They arrive now as a part of their plan to return and observe their creation.

    Their purpose is observation. The Draco fear them, are not “sanctioned” by them, and will thus back off.

    The explanation of why they are here will come from them.

    They will not stay permanently.

    It is not a “fake invasion”.

    They mean no harm to the race.

    With this knowing you are forewarned and can then assist in explanation.”


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    1. Yes, “The Progenitors” sound like bluebirds, the “Blue Avians” (who scratched out the “Maree Man” pictogram in the AU desert some years ago, in advance). They are Neutrals jockeying for position amongst the other ET factions present on the earth. They don’t necessarily have our greatest good in mind from an “equals” perspective. They’re very peremptory. Still, perhaps current humanity could use an infusion of calm despotic stoicism. The CATs will certainly not be bowing down to them, which they might expect from the bell curve of humanity. DO NOT give governments your free will in this regard… or any regard. Sophia could also be part of someone’s fake invasion scenarios without knowing it, though we haven’t looked at this, yet.

      Some of the M’s were thinking about this last night and a “ship vision” (of lights in a 1-3-7-5-3-1 pattern, just a scout ship) appeared to them… though it was presaged by darkness. The (Positive-faction of the) Pleiadians are a much better choice, as are those light being brothers from the region around Alnilam, the largest star in Orion’s Belt (the origin of the “three wise men” in the bible story).

      There are a near-infinite number of ETs out there folks. Don’t sleep with the first ones to take you a movie. Act like it’s no big deal… because it’s not. These beings are still YOU, spiritually.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Three nights ago over my neighborhood giant low white glowing mothership sized spheres were just sitting very low never saw them before nor since. I wondered who they were I felt the need to get inside quick and not look to long though. And I woke up in the middle of night seeing a glowing tall being just walking through my room, thought it might be a friend of mine who passed but who knows…wild stuff.

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      2. Thanks CATs ❤️ I was wondering if this was part of a possible fake invasion scenario.

        Never liked the sound of the Blue Avians! Would be nice to see some positive ETs land!

        Is the scout ship you saw a Pleiadian ship do you think?

        No, will not be bowing down to any being…

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. No. That was a bluebird craft. The TWBs (remember them?) have conditioned us to be very suspicious of “friends” from out of town. The ancients used to hide in caves whenever ETs landed, and for good reason; they’re untrustworthy. But current human govts/PTW worship technology, so…

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Yes, I remember the TWB’s, charming folk (not)! I take it they are gone now?

            Aren’t all negative E’s banned now? Although if the Bluebirds are neutral are they still allowed?

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. Nope, the TWBs are still tooling around, but they can’t land without disintegrating. Negatives are banned from landing. Neutrals… well, they can figure it out. CATs and universals don’t see Neutrals the same way, but the result will be the same.

              -CAT Eds.

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        2. Positives, like the SF and others, are here constantly. They’re here right now — MILLIONS, walking around, observing the pre-SHIFT humans. Low-vibe people just can’t see them because their HOB vibration is so high. (HOB=Higher Order Brings.)

          Wait… weren’t we calling the HOBs “universals” now? Yes, I think we are. Bluebirds are not universals, despite the size of their ships.


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      3. hi, @ -CAT Eds,

        Funny, funny.
        My Guides tell me, the Progenitors are the Lion-Men.
        And they come from Lyra.
        And their Crystalline City is right under The Great Sphinx.

        Me thinks, with those birds we have far less in common,
        than with the…CATs.

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        1. Oh… that never occurred to us! We’ll take that, provided the Lyrans are Positives and not Neutrals. That star system offers both. Anything that gets us out of this circular holding pattern is welcome.

          -CAT Eds.

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    2. I just opened my yesterday’s email and saw this same post by Sophia Love. Wow. Interesting times ahead, is seems. Wondering what the Cats and Ms think about this? We are One! Love, Light, Truth and may all worlds foster Love! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  48. This is the same kind of reaction I get from my husband, it is heartbreaking that the man I love can’t share this part of the journey with me, but he is just not ready yet even though he is a good man with a loving soul who would help anyone out. I am hoping that the shift will help bring us closer but have also made peace if it doesn’t.

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    1. Pam141 ❤️ I find it difficult with Mum sometimes but we have just agreed to disagree on some topics, hard when you are so passionate for everyone to be ‘freed’!

      Much Love ☀️🙏❤️

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    2. Yep! Mine too…If I came running into the house to tell him UFO,s have just landed on the lawn he would carry on watching the football 😻💕x

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    3. You just described my Husband, too, and I keep hoping that he’ll drop more inquiries. But nothing really so far…. Ah, well, it’s all going to end up at the level of goodness it’s supposed to….

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      1. I second and third that girls……..! We can only hope for the best, stay Positive but accept whatever will be will be .*. .*. .*.


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    1. That Is Cool, as I was in bed daydreaming/meditating early this day, I saw a star with rainbow rays. I had an intention of telling All here. Now I’m here Hosting Love/Light/Truth. Peace.

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  49. Dear Lily, I’m so sorry you were hit with that. I’ve heard almost those very same words from my brother, so I know how you feel. We’ve managed to hold the line by not going over it, we simply avoid those topics since we obviously don’t agree on what’s happening.
    I had to realize there is no reaching friends and family with alternative viewpoints, since they are surrounded by the “truth” they are told. It’s so pervasive, it’s like the poor fish saying “what water”.
    The lies have successfully infiltrated everything that people have time to see or listen to. Again a construct – normal people simply don’t have time to dig deeper. Like trauma victims who have been so abused that they identify with the abuser.
    I’ve simply determined to go my own way, listen to my own inner guidance, and I truly believe that those of us who can see even a little bit through the lies are the ones that will drive out the takeover of darkness in ourselves, and for all.
    We – for better or worse – are the new hybrids. Formed of the light and love that we are, as well as a successful drop of the darkness. Which means we’re loving, but firm. We’ve learned well.

    Holding you in a soft dose of palest pink love. Feel better.

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    1. Angela ❤️ Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a bit of a shock as we had been conversing by email for quite some time and all seemed to be going swimmingly until I obviously overstepped the mark with my sharing. I asked the CATs to delete my comment as I realised I should not have shared words from a personal email message. I was a bit shaken up which seems so daft now! I need to put my big girl pants on and not be so sensitive!

      Will keep my thoughts to myself in future on these subjects (aparts from here of course 😉). I guess we are all on our own path and some folk choose not to know and I need to respect that…

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. One of the things I had to be careful about as a mother of two sons was working in forgiving all the males who hurt me as I loved them more than I hated what they did. I needed to work on my victim powerlessness and while I worked through my inner wounds I accept I failed as a human mother and hurt them both. My love for them is greater than the pain of the past.
        I am happy that they are finding their own path as young men through this crazy world based on necromancy. Glad I got to keep them this time as we’ve been intentionally separated by the Lucifarian agenda too many times
        Thoth does not identify as blue avian

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        1. Forgiveness is one of the most important things you can do, I absolutely agree Belle ❤️ Sets us all free…

          So much love to you and your sons ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Good question. Three… FOUR reasons:

      1. Because of the extreme energy, our gifts are often swamped (except for a few CAT luckies)
      2. It’s a good way to show people that: A. They’re not crazy and are really feeling measurable things, and B. The current population is trained to believe “SCIENCE” first before anything else… even though “scientists” are pretty much the most untrustworthy people these days. And…
      3. We’re meter geeks and always have been.
      4. It’s also easier to detect timeline jumps via a combo of meterage and feel; Ascension is not an exact science!

      -CAT Eds.

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  50. ANOTHER WAKE UP CALL. Woke up last night to the sound of a pager. Some of you may be old enough to remember that sound before cell phones when you were being asked to call in to address an urgent situation. I only had one for a short time as a nurse before I gave it back. ( I later also gave them back the cell phone they provided.) That should give you an indication of how I feel about being tethered, controlled and connected to those who would seek to take advantage of another.
    Anyway I got off the subject. I have no idea who was paging me or for what reason. (By the way I do not have pager and the cell was off in another room of the house.) Cay

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  51. WELL.  THAT was a wild dream night.  
    The first had me struggling almost frantically to come awake after realizing in the dream it was all ‘illusion in real life’… watching an almost familiar movie scene of entrapment, betrayal, blackmail and physical harm.  I started the G+P+C still dreaming and was still doing mantras and Source breathing when fully awake, heart pounding and tears in my eyes.  Took a while to fall asleep again after that.

     The next three hours involved a sequence of vignettes, each seeming regular waking reality but with a twist here and there causing cognitive dissonance, keeping me confused and making choices that led to unfortunate outcomes.  

    The last had me choosing the fast “toll road with fees” vs the route with exits and options mid-route.  Picture a huge freeway splitting into two going opposite directions.   I was in a small tram car sort of vehicle, but was on the OUTSIDE of the car, not strapped in (like for a roller coaster ride), and just about to make the first hard turn and rapid descent, still hesitating, realizing I’d made the wrong choice out of misunderstanding, when the uniformed attendant halted all traffic (!) and came to get me safe and out of there even though it was against all the rules.  She had tears in HER eyes and was so kind, wearing many badges and buttons and ID tags all the while.

    When I was fully awake, I felt like I must have been surfing all sorts of flexing timelines, and experiencing the weave of illusory ‘Reality’ opening wider and wider holes between the threads.
     Thinking of the several messages via Blossom and others lately, about it all getting crazier and more unhinged for even the most awake minds soon…..   well, perhaps my dreams were a test run last night.   I felt like a first responder jumping into my protective gear (Source shielding) over and over to make it automatic even in stress.

    This morning I was very HAPPY to wake up!

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  52. Regarding Update 6, I wouldn’t really mind much if ETs took out NYC (as opposed to NY State). I might be joking……

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  53. I love the charts, though I didn’t see the CATs’ warning for Saturday as I was already down and out in purging purgatory. At least it had been a good while since that’s happened, but still feeling wobbly today. Not looking forward to the ongoing & upcoming onslaught. (Oh well.)

    As for the muggley friends and family, it finally occurred to me after trying to ‘enlighten’ my best friend about stuff going on — I take so much of this information for granted because I’ve been soaking in it for a long time. How can I expect others to just jump into the deep end without all the small steps I took over the years, and mind blowing moments that I had time to process and so forth?

    “They’ say everyone has chosen their side by now. I trust in the good hearts of my husband, friends, and family — that they are moving forward, not staying back. They just hear a different drummer than I do. (Plus I have high hopes for the Shift opening minds a lot too!)

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    1. arc2arcturus ❤️ Yes! Absolutely spot on, so true 🙏

      “I take so much of this information for granted because I’ve been soaking in it for a long time. How can I expect others to just jump into the deep end without all the small steps I took over the years, and mind blowing moments that I had time to process and so forth?”

      Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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  54. I saw a neat thing yesterday afternoon sitting out back under a clear blue sky – a fake white plane gliding silently by overhead – no sound, no contrail, looked opaque, so I waved hello! Always nice to see the neighbors driving by….

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  55. Greetings again to all! I just discovered a fascinating post on Terran Cognito’s blog from last night that seem apropos to Sophia Love’s post yesterday. Terran references that. He has received communication from an off-world group called the X-Tal who are setting up a communication link with him. The post is entitled, Message from the X-Tal: The Sun is about to Change Function
    The X-Tal say that the change has already begun. Could that be the strobing of your Update 7? We are truly living in epic times. We ARE! May all worlds foster Love, Laura ❤ ❤ ❤

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  56. By the way, have You looked at meditation announced for today/tomorrow, who is really behind it and what is the real goal off it, are You going to do anything about it ?

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      1. Oh, how funny again!
        Some time ago, they forced a “meditation” around the
        Great Pyramid in Egypt. To invoke fake Isis, i guess,
        I was so upset, i went there at their set time, and i
        brought a total blackout on al the circus!
        (then i quickly ran away and) left them in chaos.

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  57. @Lily144 through your comments on this website I have gotten to know a little about you and your daughter Elsie. As a mother of four I admire your fortitude and getting on with life, full of courage,love, honesty and humour.
    Your strength of character will have those who prey on children quaking in their boots 😉
    You are a beautiful soul

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    1. Beautiful Belle ❤️ Thank you, I don’t know what to say, such kind words ☺️

      I take my hat off to you too!

      Four children, WOW! Are you a single Mum?

      I feel like we are all family here and I can bet we have all had a few mountains to climb in our time (and still climbing for many of us!)

      So much Love & Light to you ☺️❤️☀️❤️☺️

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  58. Twitch banned Trump, Reddit banned the Trump subreddit, YouTube banned a pro-Trump philosopher, and even Facebook is getting flak from not banning Trump’s tweets.

    Guess the PTW are having a busy day 🙂 It’s amazing to watch the type of social control that is being attempted right now.

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          1. Not sure. I know it’s a fairly recent twit replacement that’s gaining popularity. I don’t think I like it too much though, as they require your phone number and I think they require your social security number too.

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        1. hi, @ Lore

          Many went to Parler, that’s true, but then something was censored,
          so they had a shock!

          The platform they build is one in a life time —
          Celestial technology in perfection. Unassailable:

          *** GitmoChannel
          “We’ve spent the last 3 years building some new technology we have not revealed yet”
          “we’re going to converse with 100 M Americans”
          “without the media in the middle”
          “without social media in the middle”
          “when we turn that engine on …”

          @parscale ***

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      1. I heard it will be called Trump Dumps: your one-stop shop for Q droppings, white (hat) rage, and never ending ‘the storm is coming’ prognostications. Sign me up!

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  59. ~ CATs ~ I am working my way through The Disappearance of the Universe. Much of it is familiar, and the parts that light up for me feel like a great stretch after a restful sleep.

    The thought came about limitations and the Shift. What do CATs think about limitations and post-Shift? I feel my mind will be much clearer and closer to Source on the NE and of course still growing. Will limitations still serve in any way ?
    Thank you

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      1. “Limitations” Sorry, I could have been clearer! I was thinking of how large a role Lack of all sorts plays into our lives now. Sometimes it encourages useful creativity, more often, it stifles or contorts efforts. I am thinking that duality/ contrast/ lack along with Fear will all be non existent in NE?

        One of my strongest and fondest visions for NE is seeing all the many ways humans will create and cooperate to help each other create, without permits or costs or codes hinderance.

        Perhaps I am missing a perspective?


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          1. thank you CAT Eds! I thought and felt so, but …

            With some new expansions in my thinking and mind sparked by the ACIM material, I am not always sure which way is up each instant… in a good way.

            I think my wild dream experiences last night (posted earlier)
            were rather like ~Perica’s ~ wakeful report of falling from chair to floor and the ‘time chunk’ in-between being OUT of 3D… more practicing!

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  60. The Update 6 joke just didn’t hit for me, knowing what I know, seeing what I see, and being what I be in NY, (besides all the HOB’s who are here now, helping to “blow it up” if you will, from within. The Light is strong here ❤️). And that’s ok. First the president retweets a white power septuagenarian, then this! Haha, never personal.

    All Love, perhaps a sign to unplug, meditate more, keep it moving and continue the work that really isn’t work here day to day with the ever expanding tribe/Guides, as the fear ramps up and whatever is coming will be. NY is…no need to explain, if you know you know. Soon. ❤️

    Will never affect the appreciation and Love I have for all here, for the assistance, confirmation, and insights. Thanks for sharing your truth, for this amazing community, and for all the jokes that do hit, which far outweigh the one that didn’t, lol. Ain’t no thang 🙏🏽❤️🗽. Nothin’ left to do but smile, smile, smile ❤️🥰 One Love All!

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      1. 🙏🏽❤️🗽That works.

        Looks like someone’s trying to do the latter, with all the professional (and super expensive) fireworks being funneled into the hood for the past few weeks. Have never seen street displays like these except for the Macy’s show (which is now 6 days of displays apparently, starting yesterday….). I feel for all the dogs and cats here that have humans as pets. ❤️

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    1. On the night of the 21st (10:30 pm, central CT) I saw a red star flash in the sky, moving north, generally. Right after it flashed it faded out to nothing, but left a bit of a red tail for a few seconds. Then 20 or 30 secs later it would reappear, repeating this sequence, but on a slightly different track than before, like tacking across the sky, not traveling in a straight line, and not curving. Quite high up, I thought it was a plane or satellite at first, except for the broken travel line. Any ideas?

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  61. After 2 naps today (due to the manic last 2 1/2 days of pruning, weeding, etc. I finally hit the proverbial brick wall. As I raised a latte to my trembling lips about 6 this evening, I was overwhelmed with the fragrance of jasmine coupled with the sweet scent of magnolia virginiana. The entire south facing wall of the courtyard in which I was sitting is absolutely covered in jasmine. Wow!!! Some things don’t get much better. I was going to natter about a good number of other subjects, but have decided to save you ALL from that. Lily, I will say that good job! I, too have realized that we must do a mental shrug, sadly, and release any expectations for others to come to our understanding at this time. Everyone is where they are in their growth process. It’s all in perfect hands.

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    1. To J
      Here’s a treat that might put your key lime pie over the top, worth the drive into town and into the craziness, for medicinal purposes of course. TJs has lemon chess pie in the bakery section now. Cut narrow wedges of each, the key lime and lemon chess, and alternate on your plate (as many as necessary :D). Take a bite of both together . . . sublime! Top it with a dollop of 1/2 ea whipped heavy cream and sour cream.
      When will the lattes be ready?

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  62. I find it funny that you cats don’t realise the blue birds actually encourage what you are saying. Same with every ET group I’ve heard of. They all say to not instantly trust anyone, including themselves.


    1. Right. But you don’t realize that we can see them FROM THE INSIDE. Inside their ships. We can “see” their actual thoughts and feelings. They say what they say so you’ll think that they’re trustworthy.

      If you want to invite them into your life… enjoy.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. They don’t even want people to blindly trust them.

        Plus, I don’t even trust the positive ETs. If they’re truly positive, they wouldn’t have allowed this planet to be taken over by negative forces against the will of the people.


        1. We talk to real Positives every day. They enrich your life.

          And we feel the same way about “benevolent ET landings.” But note that this “guidance” (what they call it) wasn’t necessarily against people’s free will. This has occurred over time and lots of humanity gave their free will to these schmoes, for a number of reasons. They actually started out with good intent (even the reptiles), but then all the ETs (except Thoth) started fighting over control amongst themselves… and the rest as they say is history. The fact remains that lots of them can’t get past a certain level because of all the negative things they did here, even accidentally (like the Pleiadians). They ALL have to make amends or they’re stuck here; some of them are quietly panicking, some are completely crazy and won’t wake up for 40 million years. In the meantime, We the People are in the process of taking our free will back… packing up… and moving on.

          -CAT Eds.

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      2. There are whole factions of ETs who claim to have “created mankind.” Well… ok. Yes, they made some 3d bodies that hold spirit. Hooray. Then they manipulated those bodies for their own amusement, then fought over who got the most control.

        There’s a very good reason why ALL the Neutral ETs didn’t want the light-being contingent from Alnilam dropping in and helping to bring about Brother J’s (read SOURCE’s) “entry” to earth. This was “illegal” according to the “ET rules.” Luckily, our light-being brothers know when to break “rules.”

        Bottom line: We are Non-local Beings having a Local experience. We are 100% spirit, ghosts in these soft machines. The real YOU is with SOURCE RIGHT NOW, sleeping, while SOURCE sloooowly blows across your face to wake you up. Our ancient ET overlords don’t want people to know this… or they kinda do, now, because that cat is out of the bag, but they want to control the result. We try not to judge them because… they are us. We are them. We are all ONE. And we will be dealing with them from a different energy state, shortly.


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        1. very interesting dear CAT”S

          I love it, our sovereignity that deep feeling of love
          our home is source and brother J

          what I do not understand is my great love for ET’s
          if I had to choose between ET’s and brother Jesus
          I am for the love and the light and I am: Jesus Christus
          no doubt but 100% certainity.

          but anyway I am coming from the stars….

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️ Alnilam

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  63. I love the term ‘muggle’ for our friends and family. My partner is definitely in denial although I don’t believe he is a full blown muggle. I quietly smile as he shows ‘symptoms’ and he is more and more challenging and questioning of MSM stories. There is still hope for late developers. Occasionally someone will say ‘why didn’t you tell me sooner’. We all know why 😂😂

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    1. Mine isn’t a full blown muggle either, but he still believes in the scientific establishment, unfortunately.

      I will say though, he did tell me that he felt that the C-virus was a distraction, which for him to tell me that must mean something good!

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  64. @CATS n Ms and All…

    A little request. I’m being forced to go for a covid test at a hospital tomorrow on the 30th because I’m having surgery next week. I don’t think I have it. It’s that I don’t trust the medical ppl and what they are putting up my nose. Could I get some positive vibes my way? 10am Mtn standard time. All I have to do is drive up and a nurse will come out.

    Thanks everyone in advance!

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    1. Dear Duganknows,
      The light that is coming through and enveloping you has a lot of platinum, mixed with pale orange and bronze, and some pale pink. I’m sending back to that time, and it’s permeating forward to now. Please let us know how it went. You have this. Angela

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  65. Good Morning friends 😻☺️🐈🌈💖

    the two last days were so strange, great heat and skies in extreme white light. The UV radiation 11.9
    The feeling was dizziness but in good mood, very tired and from time to time a feeling of not belonging anymore to this world.

    Even Pedro the hare, didn’t came yesterday to pick up the carrot!
    But maybee, maybee all has to do with my journey to NE-Lemuria
    and here is a part of the story:

    “I am telling you about this crazy last night with Pedro
    Pedro our hare who went crazy up in the skies
    it was a race last night
    we had to travel faster than the speed of light
    as soon as we approached the Orion Constellation
    Orion the hunter with his dogs Sirius and Prokyon were after him
    but we arrived to Lemuria safe
    hares are so clever
    they hook when they are chased

    it was a rough journey to Lemuria
    our riding carpet had to hook like the hare

    I really have to rest now
    I am completly exausted…”

    Much love to all the group❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️

    Alnilamall the group❤️

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  66. I’ve been encouraged to share this… it began Fri. morning as I was still in night dream state… I woke several times with my body vibrating and a filling up sensation before I realized what was happening… I was getting an upgrade and my body was filling up with energy…an experience I never had before. I tried to thank SOURCE but I kept falling back to sleep but of course when i did finally wake up I couldn’t thank SOURCE enough…… and for the rest of the weekend … all I wanted to think about was New Earth and what my vision/desires were…

    Then during Sunday afternoon meditation I was in a deep state… like I was travelling thru hallways when I came upon a waterfall… my first thought was “the veil… the block that is keeping my memory of SOURCE hidden from me”… so I stand there looking at this waterfall and decide I need to go thru it… I tell myself there is no fear and walk thru…(this is my version of what I see)… the first thought to come to my mind is New Earth… I see very very tall trees everywhere I look … and it looks like they all have a glowing top… I just stand and look at them (seems like a long time) when a mist starts to rise and I know it is time to leave so I back out of the waterfall … and stand there staring at it … knowing I have seen something miraculous … and as I’m standing there I realize I’m back in the daydream but I’m confused because the other place felt very real too… truth be told I did not want to leave that place but I’m not quite ready as I’m still in this day dream state… and thanks to SOURCE…the local experience is getting weaker everyday…

    Got a feeling … FRIENDS… we are in for a great time and it’s not far off as I’m sure all you folks can feel it coming…too…

    Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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      1. Thank you Lily! There was more to my meditation but I would have typed pages!! Guides directed me so I leave it in their capable “hands”… and I still get tingles when I think about the waterfall and what I saw… Blessings to you and your little one ❤

        Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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    1. @Anne

      what a beautiful awsome dream❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️
      yes we all are soon there on Lemuria the NE

      we slip though the gate
      to the lands of Lemuria…

      our huge Universe
      with stars and galaxies
      with angels and wizzards… fayries and unicornes
      dancing and singing…. creating and manifesting

      love Alnilam ❤️🌈🌎🌈❤️

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  67. Terran Cognito’s communication with the X-Tal continued in his post today. They claim to be 9th density Universals and to have also contacted Sophia Love and Alexandra Meadors from Galactic Connections. Other interesting info shared. The lunar eclipse on July 5th is of particular interest to them https://terrancognito.blogspot.com/ This all seems very intriguing! We ARE! Love, Light, Truth and may all worlds host Love! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. No offense to anyone, but we don’t like anonymous ET conversations — esp. those that reference the comms of other psychics, suggesting that their messages are more trustworthy. [shrug] Wait and see. We’re checking it out, though. After long association with dark/neg/neutral ETs and spirits, we’re conservative when it comes to ‘messages from beyond.’

      You have SOURCE. You have Brother J. You have your Guides. Let them be your gateway to any comms, terrestrial int. or NTI.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Understood. I did not intend to overstep my bounds. Just gathering information, trying to connect the dots. ❤ Laura ❤

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      2. Speaking of guides, Cat team, are they allowed to slap you?

        I woke up this morning and promptly drifted back off after turning off the alarm. The next thing I knew was a soft to firm slap on my forehead!

        I immediately jumped up and my wife was facing away from me fast asleep.

        My questions are, who did this and are they allowed to?

        In truth I laughed and welcomed it as I needed to get up at the time.


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          1. @ “Stop taking things so seriously.

            -CAT Eds.”


            Smug Mark


  68. Kg,
    Thinking of you with compassion and holding you in love. Let us know how you and your family are doing. You are all precious to us. Cay

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  69. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Startling nights lead to the daybreak within.

    Sedentaries are awakened in fullness.

    Gaia rejoices with Heart-pink Life.

    Scurrilous natures are released.

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  70. Two sightings yesterday, one light in a distance above one hill while walking a dog, and another ine while laying in a bed just before sleeping ✨

    While in a bed, there are curtain covering the window, but while in a bed there is a small part on one end where I can see little part off the night sky from my position. For a some time I observe two lights, one stronger then the other, they are maybe stars as they move with the Earth rotation, even I do not remember seeing them few months ago, soo… stars, maybe ? Anyway, yesterday, well technically today, suddenly, I observed one light shining like a rainbow star appearing right in between this two lights/stars and starting moving from South to East, at that point I set on the bed and opened a curtain to see it better, beautiful rainbow star/ship, I thanked them, said Hello and went back to bad 🙂✨

    My feeling was, that this was to comfort me that they are still here, and not to worry, that everything is going as planned, as too see that from a bed where I could observe only very tiny part off the night sky, that was not accidentally for them to be at exactly that position, as they wanted me to see them, I was very grateful as I start doubting lately 🙏✨

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  71. Had a massive feng shui episode last night till past midnight. Simply had to do it then. Changed my whole furniture arrangement, organized things I’d let get messy, cleaned up other areas and let go. and prepped things to be creative. I believe I’ve arranged the energy lines around me to be ready for what’s coming. You’re never fully ready, but I’ve done what I was moved to do.
    I also saw a quite enormous Lion land in the core of the earth, whichever core that was now. The roar was unbelievable, the power very impressive. At first I thought it was a dragon I was hearing, and then I saw it was a Lion. I have no idea what that means.

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    1. Angela ❤️ Perhaps it is the Lyrans coming! Positive faction I hope! I’ve been seeing a beautiful Lion in my meditations got some time now. Always thought they were a guide but perhaps it was a premonition…


      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. @Angela, maybe that’s symbolic for the core burst ✨ happening around the Leo starting on the 23rd of July 🤞 🎉

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  72. @cay & CATs & CAT5 – wasn’t sure of order or reference of some comments, but I would never have anything (consciously) to do with slapping cats, or CATs…

    I’m in whatever seizure-y limbo I am, not interested in eating, trouble with swallowing clear liquids – supposed to be on a ‘mush’ diet – that’s not happening in this household at this time, so being careful with things. still very visually seizure>y – BRILLIANT white/yellow, pink and aquamarine light saber battles all over vision – not bifurcated lightning flashes – also splotches of colors and areas of ‘texture samples’ – sometimes accompanied by headaches and eye pain, (a lot) maybe from all the over stimulation – not so much of the weird human figures anymore – wonder if that was vision memory flashes – have no idea about any of this – some more body seizures.
    Trying to pay attention to using parts of hands that have the tingling numbness – isn’t that an oxymoron?- face doesn’t matter, some weakness more with trying to walk, but that’s happened in past, so just have to re-adjust life again…
    I can’t seem to do the meditation or simple stuff I used to, words have been more difficult to remember, too – did not have stroke – maybe all these flashings and patterns are too distracting -Can’t get a neurology appt til Sept – not trying – they haven’t been helpful in past – some downright abusive – well really only one major jerk, even 🙂 (he was ‘showing me off to’) the medical students were mentally apologizing to me for his treatment – sheesh…
    I feel like I’m “on the bench”… meditation etc-wise… Also with kidlings – numbness and instability a good reason not to handle childlings –

    New Baby’s heart is ok, now, maybe the backwards heart was a different timeline? – Jaundice beginning to resolve and oxy issues from altitude getting better – My ‘feelings’ about her has defined some with ‘not baby feeling’ the other day -> ancient and today with the repeating of the word Toltec, which is sort of in this area in ancient times – came across some books today on ‘the agreements’ of ancient Toltec wisdom when I looked up the word – this part of the world partly in ancient times – what it means – who knows…
    This was all probably way too TMI, but were Family right? 😀

    love you all and wishing you all the bestest of the best-ests


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  73. Hope you and baby/family are doing ok, Kg

    Your reference to Toltec is interesting as a few weeks ago I was given that by a ‘galactic being’ who sometimes helps me channel healing. I believe the Toltec time/place is the original connection with our planet. I need to do a bit of research
    Thank you for reminding me

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