United Earth: Rainbow Stairs Meditation [UPDATE6]


This is it. Time to dust off everything and go full stream. Things are spiraling out of control and it’s time to show people what we — we who came here for everyone — can do. Please join us.

Sorry for the late notice, we didn’t know we were going to be called to do this.

The CATs are going to have a “rainbow” meditation at 1:00 pm today — and do it all day and night, on the hour, till midnight. All positives are welcome. Light it up. Note that this isn’t a normal meditation.


We’re going to imagine giant rainbow stairs, the one we’ve been using for the rainbow meditation and make them REALLY BIG, and then place the Earth on each stair step (which is a vibrational value, red being lowest), and then move the Earth up and UP to the highest color (violet), one stair at a time, thus…



This is heavy lifting. It will take time. Put everything you’ve got into it — but don’t strain. Be strong, but don’t strain.


We now ask all our extrasolar friends from all over to join with us at that time to raise the Earth’s energy up once and for all. Come home with your shields or on them.


Friday (Today) 5-5 at 1:00 pm PDT (20:00 UTC)

(And on every subsequent hour for as long as we can manage)

What you don’t know is that Gaia is teetering on moving from 3d to 4d right now! PUSH!


Looks kinda like a logo. Our first United Earth event!

Thank you all for all you do.


Lots of us are going to start at 12:12 pm PDT, the time of the full moon, and then through the penumbral eclipse at 12:26 pm PDT. We’re also going to do ones at 1, 2, 3, 4…


For those who’ve reached the top step in their own personal rainbow meditations, please throw a cord to Gaia from the TOP and pull. Everyone else PUSH. This is actually working!


This is the strongest way of making your desire for the SOURCE timeline (vs. the Justice timeline) available.


It’s working:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 1.43.59 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 1.46.17 PM


Looks like we did it. Gaia has moved to 4d. Lots of CATs saw and experienced it. Some CATs even walked the NE (with their pets!) afterward, though this was in energy/spirit form. As for The SHIFT from 3d to 4d, Brother J and SOURCE will take the last step for us. We just have to wait for that moment (no, we don’t know when). In the meantime, Gaia is safe and out of team dark’s clutches. You should all be very proud.

Those of us energetically connected to 4d will always have that, and feel the connection, the hope; but those still connected to 3d will begin to feel the LACK of Gaia’s spirit. We’re guessing that SOURCE will help these folks in various ways at the time of The SHIFT. Until then, keep your attention on higher vibe things.

[Note: Without a spirit, the Old Earth will slowly begin to dissociate — but it will be a while till then, so no worries.]


We’re gonna have to wait a few days to see where we are in the process, and what the current situation is. Considering we were here for Gaia’s introduction to 3d, we know from experience that what’s happened is not instantaneous. YES, Gaia moved to 4d yesterday, but it takes time for her to get set up over there. So… everyone relax for a few days. Besides, we are cooked. We used crystals again for this latest activity and it’s like burning days of your life. Crystals are very life-energy-focusing… and, used as amplifiers, can take life away from you, but it was worth it!

Oh, all CATs saw colors last night most hadn’t seen before, so the spectrum is much bigger at the 4d level (predictably). Time for a nap.

288 thoughts on “United Earth: Rainbow Stairs Meditation [UPDATE6]

  1. PS Forgot to mention that at numerous points during that journey-meditation I did the Source breathing, particularly when Gaia Earth seemed to be challenged, etc.


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  2. That was POWERFULLLLL! The second time I did it, I was chanting the Gayatri Mantra, which I love, and visualising at the same time. I felt myself giving birth although it was Gaia ascending (all at the same time). As I got to the top step, I felt to go a step further into a white light step, and then I saw Earth/Gaia float off upwards at speed and enveloped in the most beautiful pink/white sparkling diamond light.

    I will keep doing as long as I can… 15 minutes or so at a time xxx

    I feel this is SO incredibly uplifting and can’t wait to see the graphs! hee hee xxx

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  3. The energy tonight is downright ridiculous, I don’t feel the slightest bit sleepy!

    After a rather disappointing first attempt at 10ish PM, I just went in again. Much more satisfactory. I followed the CATs’ suggestion and imagined myself pulling a rope with Gaia at the other end from my vantage position, I could feel a tangible pressure or “effort” on a physical level as I was doing it between every breath.

    I think we’re slowly making headway! My light-rope evolved into a lasso about half-way through, by the way… Western movie, much? Hah.

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  4. Hi everyone, I did a meditation earlier during the full moon/eclipse, just saw this latest post. I’ll be joining in as well, was cleaning up some basement flooding, & will be there with you, giving it my all! ~scott

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  5. 6:30pm I was just walking on the sidewalk a hundred feet from getting home and a hawk flew relatively low above me and in the direction I was walking and slightly off to the right. He/she screeched twice. Once above me and once a few seconds later when it was a bit ahead of me

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  6. Just before the 7 pm edition of the meditation, I went outside for a moment and there was an actual rainbow in the sky. Had to smile bigtime!

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    1. Played this while I wrote. Just got update, see All Is Good. Much Love/Gratitude to All for a Great job. I was doing 3d stuff for others all day, yet I sent My Good intentions to Friends here. I’m where I Should Be, soo, I’m going to meditate then sleep. Peace.

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  7. Actually, I felt that first premeditation which for me was a hardest one, at a full moon at 19:12 UTC done it, the second premeditation at 19:26 UTC was finishing touches and the first timed meditation at 20:00 UTC was confirmation that it was done, at least I felt like that 🙏✨

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  8. Without having seen this update, I’d planned to do a meditation at lift-off time on 3 pm EDT here. Went in, climbed the steps, got to the top and glanced at the clock, it was 3:22. Closed my eyes again and went into a deep dream where I was in a woodland, rural setting. I saw ducks and rabbits, beautiful sky and was playing with my grandson, just now starting to walk (I’d just had facetime with him before the meditation). It was beautiful and calm…. I was over the rainbow. Next thing I knew it was 6:30 pm. I woke up and thought sadly, well, I guess I didn’t make it. Came down here to see this post! I just went outside now to join you for the 7 pm. It was so much easier to see the colors while sitting outside, looking at the garden and the exploding rhododendrons, just now blooming in this area. Lots of outside noise, but then I felt the calm. Made it to the top stair and and saw the white light and Pulled. How long shall we continue to do the hourly? I can do a few more hours, though at some point I’ll have to interface with my spouse who is deep into getting caught up on the nightly MSM news. See you all again at the top of the hour! And I do want to see and feel you. Love, Light, Truth, ONE. We ARE. ❤

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  9. Hallelujah Update 5 !! I kinda felt that was indeed the outcome.

    FWIW, here is my 3pm meditation:

    Now GE (Gaia Earth) and i go up stairway sort of hand in hand, me taking great care to ground us both at each step. (Had to go back from yellow to orange) Again, brief layover at indigo, like a visit to a special place, slight hesitation to go to violet. When we are there, there are a few moments of Now What, again no door, just vast openness; And i think it was GE who said Let;s go and we both swooped off flying into the vastness. Which wasn’t scary at all. We swooped and dove; my arms outstretched like a bird, GE dipping and swooping less energetically, more sedate. I did speedy spirals around her in my rainbow body from her axis, bottom to top; numerous times. Joyous free, playful. At one point i remembered to go back to pull others up, which we both did, back at the violet platform, each with our own cord, which multiplied into many. Soon a whole bunch of people were swooping and flying with us.

    After a bit of this I queried I thought you were in that Golden Place. She said I am, but there’s a part of me that’s here, flying free. I said, like you’re dreaming? Yes. I asked (all of this is telepathically, of course) what/how she was doing down there (in golden place). (I could see her down there far away).She said she was being regenerated. Like being healed? Yes, but more specifically, regenerated. When i realized our space aerobics would continue as desired i left meditation.

    Are we still on at 5pm? PDT. Or “It is done”.

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  10. Well done gang, truly honoured to have been part of this sacred journey.

    Happy anniversary CATS/DA-DA.

    Happy birth day to a new world…


    P.S. Sorry Gaia for hitting your rump on every step, my bad ❤

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  11. Great work everyone, I was late in getting this post and helping, but I’m elated to hear you succeeded, there was never any doubt. What an amazing group of beings to have the honor of sharing part of this journey with, and I feel very blessed to have found this group, and so grateful for all of you! May you all have a joyous evening, and an amazing weekend, we’re in the home stretch. Infinite Love ~ scott

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  12. A quote I found awhile back and just remembered…

    * The total number of minds in the universe is one. *
    – Erwin Schrodinger –

    Absolutely true..
    Good things happened today… a miracle maybe?

    Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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  13. I’ll be honest, my meditation ability isnt too great. BUT I do observe that the evening skies have been quite beautiful. I’ve also felt a change in the global conciseness (which I believe I have a strong connection to)

    Let’s see what happens next!

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  14. I saw a rainbow 2x in the eastern sky. Once was soon after the 3rd meditation. That one was weird as it had not rained. It was cloudy with a beautiful rainbow. The second rainbow was after the 5th meditation, after a very brief 5 minute downpour. How exciting is that?

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  15. I was able to join meditation too. I’ve ask SOURCE and brother J for help. I was able to roll Gaia with my two hands like a huge snow boll up the Rainbow stairs to the violet colour. I am so glad to hear that she is in 4D now! She is so loved! I hope to join her soon! 🙂

    Thank you CAT’s for organizing it so fast! Thank you ALL for participating!


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  16. Since my 4pm and 5pm meditations were abbreviated versions of my 3pm meditation, Gaia in her golden regeneration place until further notice, I am figuring i will not continue on the hour, and resume my normal meditations as i am moved from here on out. It was a pretty massive amount of energy and experience, what a ride.

    I feel very connected with Gaia Earth now, more so, vastly.

    Whew! Take care all….



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  17. Just saw Update 5! Oh my Source! Shall we continue through the night? There’s supposed to be a huge march on Wash. DC tomorrow. Probably will be some bad actors intermingled in the crowd. Maybe Source will arrange a special light show?

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    1. All Is Good! I’m with You, so just send Your Intentions/Gratitude. WATL, WATL, WATT, We are One. Peace.

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    2. Don’t worry, just do it when you can and send it back to that time, the energy is still there and will really help you too!

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  18. I was literally at wOrk all day during the meditation! 10 hours. I feel like I missed being part of something magical. I did imagine earth surrounded by rainbows throughout the day. Maybe helped a bit

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    1. @duganknows~ me thinks your loving thoughts and intentions were just as powerful, You were a part of the magic!~ Much Love~scott

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  19. 💖 🌈 ✨ On it✨🌈 💝

    I am reading this this in the morning *Europe*
    and I will meditate today every hour
    did the meditation yesterday exactly on the full moon with the
    stairs rainbow brigde.
    🌈 💝🌈 💖 🌈 ✨💖 🌈 ✨💖 🌈 ✨

    I had a feeling of going trough a holy gate….

    Love to all my beloved friends her
    we are doing with the help of 💖 🌈 THE CAT’S💖 🌈 a wonderful work!

    Alnilam 💖 🌈

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  20. Was preaparing for 1pm, when i saw your change. Manage to come relay at 12:45. Trying to see myself pushing Gaïa step by stepwith a flow of rainbow energy with each breath in source. Difficult to have a clear vision, but the vibration of my pineal went higher and higher in tone, showing me when i managed to move on the next step !

    I did it again the next hour, but i decided to do something different. While still help everyboby to push with this flow of rainbow energy, i was dacing with gaïa. Each step was a note.
    Do/Red, Ré/orange, Mi/yellow, Fa/green, Sol/Blue, La/indigo, Si/Violet, Do/White. Each step, different dance and Gaïa wearing a different beautifull dress in the concerned color. With this final step in the white zone, with this beatifull white sequin dress , reflecting rainbow sparkles !!

    I stoped after, time to go bed for me, work tomorrow. And i dreamed i was dancing again with a beautifull woman, with a light summer dress, very smiling and happy. Thanking me for the dance, which makes her very happy and surprised.

    Thank all for this job! We did it ! Love to all !

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  21. Trinity. I’m sure there’s no hard and fast right way, just having the right intentions and a good heart. Yours obviously led you on the right path. What an amazing experience you had.🌈💖🌈

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    1. Thank you Newlynn 💜

      I came to that understanding too, just ‘went with it’, and would like to reassure those who may feel left out bcuz of not having a visual experience, etc. Just showing up is just as good. Truly. Many of my meditations have been me just “doin my job”, and while always meaningful, not often quite so experiential (and never as much as the big one(s) yesterday), shall we say.

      Great suggestion to those who “missed” the post in time… to do the meditation(s), as time is probably even less linear now. Plus, My follow up meditations (last one at 5pm…hmmm, another 5😉), after “The Big One”, were joyous fly- dancing with Gaia, many participating. 😁

      I too have been re-reading the posts here, so wonderful. Thank you everyone, for your presence here, and especially to Cats, Ms, for calling this amazingly wonderful gathering of souls. There is definitely a “shift” now, (small case s here haha, or ??). Love flowing like a burbling brook, gentle but strong, onward.

      Plus I had a very sweet love dream this morning, wondering if Gaia (my new BFF 🌎😁), had sent me a gift…then got confirmation when i turned on the car radio on my way to farmer’s market. “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. 💜💜💜

      Much Love to you Newlynn, and All



      PS My celebration last night was making pizza, which came out just the way i like it, soft and chewy. . It has been years since I’ve made any kind of yeasted bread.

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  22. I managed the meditations from 8.12pm through to 7am UK time, without setting any alarms and only missed 5am. This is the first time I have been grateful to the full moon energies keeping me awake as usual lol. The 8.12pm one was deep and at the end of 30 mins I was pulled out of it by light flashes which I could see even though my eyes were closed. Note to Mark, I made the rainbow steps out of foam rubber so that Gaia didn’t bump her metaphorical rear and didn’t roll off.☺️ So chuffed to see the update about us succeeding. Thank you for the call to action Cats. 😸💖🌈

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    1. Newlynn, Still laughing 😂 about your steps being out of foam rubber!
      Was laughing before when Mark apologized to Gaia for bumping her rear!!
      We all know that she is a most loving and forgiving being – look at all she
      had endured for such an incredibly long time.

      ❤️ 🌎 ❤️ 🌍 ❤️ 🌏 ❤️


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    2. Foam steps, of course!

      I’m afraid I’m a simple brute, and hoped a sore rump was collateral damage Gaia would happily accept under the time critical conditions. To be honest, I’m still trying to come to terms with the magnitude of our collective achievement. I hope it goes some way towards all the [email protected] things I’ve done to Gaia in the past, like pollution and rubbish and negative behaviours, even killing through gardening, feeding or regrettable pest control. I also hope I am granted a second chance to prove my worth as a guardian of Gaia in NE, a role I would take as seriously as seriousness can be, with depthless honour and gratitude.


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      1. Mark, That is how I see you … a Glorious Gaia Guardian! GGG : )
        much love!


  23. Thanks everyone. This morning (U.K.) I feel an immense sense of peace. Even driving to check on my horses was relaxing

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      1. In my first meditation, horses showed up when I called in the help of the animal kingdom. The earth kept on “falling through” the green step, which at first did not have enough substance to hold her. Quite interesting metaphor if you start thinking about it. They came in galloping to support the green step and the angel choir that I called in to motivate earth to lighten her spirit up did the rest. Was fun, greetings to all and thank you, Henrietta

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  24. Glad I was able to help, even if just a little. Now that we are finished here, I’ll follow suit and let go of anything but the very essentials (and my most harmless hobbies) until the SHIFT is upon us. I’ll treat 3d as a B-tier spectacle, if anything else. Not really taking it seriously. As you guys would say… “Is that so?”

    It’s an honor to be part of this team of crazy furballs. Let us hope our new world is at least a wee bit better than this one, yeah?

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      1. You’re telling me. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people thought me insane by now, with the way I nonchalantly shrug off or “minimize” (in their minds) the perceived gravity of most 3d events.

        It’s all become very… mundane, to me, for the lack of a better term. I look at this boring drama from an external standpoint and just go “Really? What’s so special about a bunch of dumb people doing dumb things?”. I just don’t get it anymore, personally.

        Oh and, is it okay to go back to the Gaia meditation and help her settle in again? Sending energy to the past would probably work, or so my senses are telling me. I feel like doing it on my own time with no sense of pressure will probably allow me to perform infinitely better. Last night came like a storm and I was admittedly not prepared for it at all!

        I hope you guys are doing great.

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    1. ‘…all around your globe now, that we are moving, dare I say, into Phase 2….”

      Do watch it all though if you can, very interesting ❤️

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  25. I am meditating now every full hour and something allways is happening:
    when I push the earth towards the gate of light, she pulls me with her.

    I am anchored like with an umbillical cord to Gaia and so we both are landing in this higher realms together💖😊😺🌈

    Oh how much I love that! And it is for myself understandable, cause what I am doing for Gaia 💖😊😺🌈 I am doing for humanity and myself too. Wow

    Hope everybody is doing well?
    I am feeling like in a new world, in an higher realm, like an octave of vibration or frequency band higher. 💖😊😺🌈💖😊😺🌈💖😊😺🌈💖😊😺🌈

    love to all my sisters and brothers here on the board of this

    💖😊😺🌈💖😊😺🌈💖😊😺🌈 crazy (wise) cat’s 💖😊😺🌈💖😊😺🌈💖😊😺🌈


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    1. Yes, this meditation benefits all of YOU personally, too. If the rest of you haven’t done it, yet, please do. It aligns you perfectly with Gaia, pre-SHIFT. It’s literally you making a clear choice.

      -CAT Eds.

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    1. That music was spectacular! I sang something similar in choir back in college a lifetime ago. Thank you for sharing! Goosebumps! ❤

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  26. Thank you all as ONE. Gaia was elated with silver/gold sparkles from within. She is magnificent, as you all are, being love in action. It feels like now that Gaia is safe, the humans will join her when ready (or not). No worries. Cay

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    1. Yes, this is a very interesting situation. We’ve not had this happen this way before, with a force actively trying to stop and harm. They are now as exposed as possible. Naked. There is literally no mojo for them to use or hide behind.

      And thank you for those words. We got all tingly again. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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  27. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked.

    Gaia Portals open fully with the Marches of Time.

    Stores of Illumination open.

    Spores of Illumination enter.

    Heavens are viewed within.

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  28. I hope this means the shift is soon.
    Unfortunately, I am unable to meditate like you guys can and never have any experiences like everyone describes, so I have no idea if I will go to the NE or not.

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    1. I don’t know how this NE shift works, there might be a version for each of us, until we start to merge NE’s as like intentions come together into groups that we lend ours energies to, with similar intentions and themes.
      Do you want to go? I believe if you want to go, you will go. To a NE that best serves your individual needs and requests and desires. My version of NE heaven (comparatively speaking to where we are now) might look different. Just like some people live in Alaska, and others in Florida. Nepal or Italy or Ireland, so many choices. And yet, the same planetary consciousness gives us all a place to be, a home, where very different experiences can all happen at once. To me, so called NE is simply a higher level, where Love has anchored more fully. And those anchoring it would be us, together with our planet, our home.
      I’m not sure if I explained what I feel well. And it’s individual. We are creators. I trust that, at the core of it all. Which I guess ultimately means that I trust Life. I trust myself. (mostly – down here it’s a challenge for sure.)
      Keep walking it. Intend for love and goodness to be a part of all you think and do, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it is. It’s what we’re made of. It takes a lot to deny that. Although down here, it’s been accomplished brilliantly.
      Send it, if you can’t feel it for yourself. It comes back to you stronger. Intend for the Shift(s) to happen – all those grains of sand at some point reach critical mass, and the whole thing slides, which is the point at which all of our work becomes. All that we are doing (in my mind) is sending to those moments when we hit that critical mass. And again, and again. Until it’s the final one. Love can only help tip the scale. Sorry, didn’t mean to write a book. :/. And take it with your own grain of salt, it’s simply a viewpoint.

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      1. ~ Angela ~ How beautifully expressed and explained! I agree, we are creators, creating as we go, and getting better and better at it too.

        Thank you for taking the time to write it up!

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    2. @Anon, Hello my friend, practice makes perfect, never say never, and your experiences, while encouraging, are merely signposts, fleeting reminders of the innate eternal One which you already Are~ Infinite Love ~scott

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  29. Did some pushing, but I quickly got the feeling that it was already done and my help was not needed.

    So I went out and got myself a 200g cheese/bacon burger with french fries to celebrate, I’m usually VERY disciplined about only eating organic vegan food but it felt like the right thing to do.

    I get all sorts of these urges lately to squeeze as much as possible out of this experience before it’s over, which I take as an encouraging sign that it soon will be.


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  30. Not very organized when it comes to posting. Have been doing the rainbow stairs meditations with you all…and yesterday’s meditation as well. My rainbow stairs have been splashy puddles of color, stair steps over flames, wide stairs that kept repeating and going until they finally narrowed into white light, puffy color clouds…but the coolest one was the day before yesterday…each color step was a deep pool of light & color that I would actually swim in for awhile before moving on to the next one. Freaky, but exhilarating…

    So yesterday’s meditation with Gaia…I was pulling up and not getting too far too fast…the stairs were pools of light/color again. Finally, I added the lightness of a beach ball…got as far as green & had to level out the green/blue steps so she could roll across instead of being pulled up. But I could always see her. Then, she disappeared into indigo…it was so deep and the waters closed over her whole form. So I waited. I wasn’t sure what to do next because pulling was no longer an option.

    The next thing I saw was Gaia rising in female form from the indigo pool and stepping onto the violet stair. Light, color, liquid streaming off her, steam rising, the most beautiful light breaking thru clouds above her–highlighting her. She was a living, breathing mosaic of plants, animals, flowers, blue sky, waterfalls…unreal and yet so real.

    Every meditation now makes me cry…it’s a good cry, but so deep. Remind me never to do mushrooms or ayuhuasca (sp?)…

    I dropped everything and ran so fast to do the meditation yesterday that my husband was calling after me, “what is going on?!? Who are these schrodinger cat people!?!”

    Sorry if this is long…thank you all for being here…peace…

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    1. Anne your comment made me laugh
      I was making breakfast when I saw the post about the meditation I went into a flap
      I had missed the whole thing …..
      So I started the rainbow steps where I was
      I got a rush of goosebump chills which was a sign I was on the right path
      To people who don’t have any signs during meditation
      I don’t have anything happening to me I just do it and don’t give up
      Reading others experiences makes me wish I could have the same
      Maybe one day
      Who are those Cat people Priceless !!!

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    2. Hi Anne, I had to read yours again – so beautiful and so funny! I too felt a long pause at Indigo, and at some point I sensed Gaia rise as a beautiful woman – free. The mosaic form sounds breath-taking, I wish I could have seen that. Mine is more of a see/feel that I have to interpret.
      Thank you for that last bit. Your poor husband 🙂 I chuckle every time I read it.

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  31. Congratulations all, you are so precious!
    I savoured all your reports – all are so wondrous.
    Thank you for the perfect coordination, dear CATs, Ms,
    dedicated meditators/commenters,
    yes, this was a wondrous Victory!
    Was there too, embracing Gaia in Love, lifting her up,
    releasing her in Freedom…
    Cosmos feels in a state of JOY.

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  32. It seems like Gaia answers:

    Gaia Portal, June 6, 2020

    “Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked.

    Gaia Portals open fully with the Marches of Time.

    Stores of Illumination open.

    Spores of Illumination enter.

    Heavens are viewed within.

    ÉirePort | June 6, 2020 at 3:15 pm”

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  33. Since yesterday, I think – maybe a bit earlier – I’m smelling/tasting a not so pleasant smell/taste – not awful awful, but not great… 3d rot??
    Hope I’m not stuck here/there..

    After the second med. yesterday ( I did feel those dragons around then(from my dream), they stayed after I got Earth all the way up to violet and just – STAYED – til I went with the light blue and got the~ 3 yr old self all the way across, (from where I was stuck at in my earlier morning meditation yesterday (6/5)), left to right, to Mother Mary and Brother J, then was able to go up the rest of colors – nothing spectacular happened.
    I think the third repetition was filmier/ thinner/translucent? Can’t remember fourth or fifth repetition, now.

    So, something odd? about the robust grey hued dragons in my dream – I assume they had wings, but I don’t remember them in the dream specifically – do some have high vibration wings that vibrate so fast you are not aware of them or are there ‘anti-gravity’ dragons that don’t need wings??

    – feeling kind of low or down today – want to go back to sleep – woke up finally to get up and turned on computer – it was 11:11 am.
    really want to go back to sleep…


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      1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

        during the 12 holy nights from december 24 to January 6, I used to
        write every morning my dreams and every day is a month symbolical of the coming year. The night for june, Idreamed about a pink colored dragon sitting on a turqoise cushion.

        Please do you have any idea of the meaning?

        love Alnilam

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  34. “Note that this isn’t a normal meditation”

    I knew that this meditation was way beyond my capability. Still, I followed each meditation update and was awe-struck by the amazing comments. Wished I was there to witness what you all have experienced/seen/achieved and sometimes I tried to visualise them.

    In the end, I felt like a child, left spellbound, still trying to comprehend what I have been reading. I finished the night with Rainbow Bridge Meditation by White Cloud, feeling blissed and grateful.

    What else can I say – SO PROUD OF YOU ALL !!! 🙇‍♀‍🙇‍♀‍🙇‍♀‍🙇‍♀‍🙇‍♀‍ You all did the unimaginable and inconceivable – moving Gaia to 4D, out of harm’s way. What a PERFECT anniversary for the CATs!

    Till today, I still re-read the comments a few times, to feel the uplifting emotions again.

    With gynormous 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 and 💖💖💖💖💖

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    1. Oh, yeah. It was our anniversary. We got so busy we forgot! We’ll have to do the celebration today and then send it back to yesterday. 😉

      At least CAT5 just said, “Knights of NE,” so that made up for it. ~AM did a spit-take with his coffee.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Congratulation!!!
        Happy Anniversary! I am also sending it to you back to yesterday! 😉 😺🌈💖😊😺🌈💖😊😺🌈💖😊🌈😺

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    2. Phoenix ❤️ I bet you can do far more than you realise 😉 Just intention/thought goes so, so far and I bet there are a few super power gems inside just waiting for you to discover.

      So much Love & a BIG hug! ❤️🤗❤️

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      1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Lilly. I visualize better with guided meditation, though not always successful. If left on my own, either my mind wanders away or the most I can “see” is purple colour appearing and disappearing and tingling of my body. And sometimes just blank.

        For the Rainbow Stairs Meditation call, I tried a few times to imagine myself on a stair with rainbow colours but I didn’t “see” any stair, let alone rainbow colours. So, I assume I wasn’t meant to participate in the “United Earth: Rainbow Stairs meditation”. Somehow my intention/thought doesn’t help me much in visualization during meditation. Today, I even had the thought of sticking rainbow colours on the stair in the basement to try again that Rainbow Stairs Meditation! 😂 😂 😂A crazy thought during that desperate moment!

        I guess I have to work harder on my meditation to discover my gems. 😁Or perhaps I need a few lifetimes to achieve what most of you have already achieved. That’s why I’m always in admiration of the amazing experiences many of you have during meditation and sleep.

        Thank you for Blossom & White Cloud Webinar – this is the first time that I have “sat through” a whole webinar. 😬With the chaos and tension happening around the world now, it must have touched White Cloud so much to the extent that he became emotional twice, appealing to us to Stay Positive! Very powerful message from him indeed.

        Happy to hear that your grandma is back home 🙏

        Much Love & Light to you and Elsie 💖🌈💖

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  35. Stood atop Gaia at the bottom of the giant rainbow steps and attempted to raise a leg and sensed this was more energetically passive than assertive.

    It was when I Allowed myself to be raised WITH her that we proceeded quickly…R<O<Y<G, and the steps began to spiral… then finally Blue, Purple, then Ultra-Violet into a vast space wherein we both dissolved into a starry mist.

    No pushing. No pulling. Just massive amounts of ALLOWING… yielding to one glorious, ascendant… resonating… Y E S.

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  36. Uhhh, that was exhausting, my head, together with my pineal gland was a mash, I even tried to do the standard meditation after going to bed, but really could not do it, but it was for a greater good for all of us, and most importantly for Gaia 🌐👍✨

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  37. I have to thank all the CATs and M’s for all the advice/instructions you share. Some time ago you answered a question about what to do when the Source wave hits during the Shift. I remembered, “Breathe in Source”. This morning I startled myself awake doing just that. I had kind of a lucid dream of being enveloped by a white light. Once I was in it, the light changed to a fluffy cloud like substance. Then I saw a green/pink colored mist inside the white light/clouds. I can’t properly describe the colors, they weren’t something I had seen before. In the few seconds this all happened, I realized I had stopped breathing and was having those high heart palpitations. I heard the CATs, “Breathe in Source”!
    Ha! Sounds scary but it was actually awesome!
    Bring on the Shift!


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