637: Column Meditation [UPDATED]

Important note from ~AM.

Since we are in and out of the time-flux, currently, it’s important that everyone try — and hopefully accomplish — the following meditation. Similar to the previous DNA meditation, this should be faster and easier.

Column Meditation

Imagine a column (any color), the fluting on the sides spiral, like the one above. Now, meditate:

  1. G+P+C
  2. Imagine a spiral-fluted column. Breathe.
  3. INHALE SOURCE on each intake of breath, exhale normally.
  4. Imagine SOURCE light starting at the bottom and, with each intake of breath, bring light up the entire column.
  5. Once the column is fully lighted, and your field of ‘vision’ is full of light… you’re done.

This fully activates your DNA (provided your DNA upgrades are complete).


Several CATs have done this and have had the same result. Here is ~AM’s experience as an example (paraphrased):

~AM did this at 5:30 am this morning, till 7:00 am… then went back to sleep. (So, there is a ‘downtime’ component.)

On waking (four hours later), he saw GOLD, pulsing gold… and it was alive. Then it changed colors to a greenish gold, then a reddish gold, then a purplish gold, aquamarine gold… then he saw that he was looking at the most amazing spiritual being he’d ever seen, vaguely spherical but formless, a shift of living color and light and symbols and shapes that pulsed throughout Its being. Then It opened up and he could see the New Earth like never before, inside. He could see it as if he were lying on the grass of the NE, see the color of the sky, the greenery… spectacular. The sky was indescribable, a color he’d never seen before. And he could see what seemed like crystalline dew around his incredible vision on the NE, like gem-drops of water…

AND then a drop of NE water hit his face. While he was inside his house. Afterward, he lay there and felt as if a line/rope were attached to his solar plexus and was gently pulling him UP…

Then he wondered, “WHO was that?”

And an Archangel answered: “That is YOU.”

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  1. Will try the meditation tonight. Interestingly, there was more light with my eyes closed last night before sleep, than when my eyes were open. That surprised me.

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  2. Nice one.

    I have been getting shafts of light from Gaia center to Source Chakra for a while now.

    I look forward to formalize this technique you describe.

    Thank you for ALL your efforts to keep us informed.


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  3. Dearest CATS
    To clarify, with each inhale bring the light a little higher and repeat until it is at the top? Or as you say above, with each inhale, bring the light the entire way up? If the latter, one inbreath would be enough to light the column, so I don’t see how it would take an hour and a half! Anyway, I’ll do this tonight !!! Thank you beloved CATs

    Love love to all in the room
    < ella

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    1. Thank you for clarifying, CATs. 🙂

      Last night I did not see the column at all, so I will try again. I had more “success” when visualizing the DNA spiral emerging from my solar plexus, so I might need to go back to that one, which I have been doing occasionally lately.

      Basic meditation question: if I am sitting with the Holy Spirit in peace, and a thought comes in about a specific thing to do at work so as to do a better job on a task, is this monkey-mind or a hint from the Holy Spirit? It turns out to be a brilliant suggestion, and one that I was overlooking.

      My partner’s son and his wife had our first grandchild yesterday. Exciting!, but I am finding that my recent reading of the Disappearance of the Universe (DoftheU) has changed how I see births, which made it less enjoyable for me. In fact, my whole life has changed, as I finally (finally!) learned the method for forgiving things _without making the perceived situation real_. It’s in the ACIM, but you really have to get it to see it. The DoftheU has really helped me in this way. I am so grateful and getting more peaceful, not fretting about the vaccine-future…

      love love to all in the room!
      your SiStar,
      < ella

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        1. Ah right! Of course ! I’m getting so wrapped up in my studies. Yes I am celebrating as she is super cute and has a pretty intense gaze for her Daddy. I always look for babies gazing off in the distance, in case there might be angels there, so I say hello and thank you. I will thank the little one also.

          Love love
          < ella

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  4. I found that light stairway meditation to help Gaia transfer back during last summer to be quite an easy and enjoyable ride… I hope it will be the same for this one.

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  5. My column was green, as well as the light which filled it, I do not know if that has any meaning or importance ?

    Perica ✨

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    1. I had a green column too.

      Had to quit 3/4’s of the way because I was too distraught with things in general.

      Will try again later, maybe I’ll get a different color if I’m in a different mood.

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  6. Pretty sweet AM! Went outside just before dark, rain had finally stopped (temporarily) The absolute N.E. joy was flowing in the breeze. The feeling of complete IS-ness and ONE-ness is breathtaking. The only words that come to mind is that it feels I’ve stepped through the door> Verrrry interesting! Cheers <J

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  7. Yay, I’ve been working with the 15d layers of the rainbow body for past couple of years and integrating them into my physical body. Those colors change as you make your way through and up. Green into blue is going from Astral body, into Archetypal realm and then into Angelic layer (lots of blue) and it goes up from there. I stick with up to the 12d / 13d layers, because 15d was way too much frequency to hold for very long in the body!!!

    It’s so much fun to travel this way internally and experience our multidimensional selves.
    It’s amazing to see the different colors, places, geometrics and tones along the way as you journey up. ✨

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  8. 🌈 Thank you Cat’s 🌈

    this is beautiful
    I am doing it chanting and imagining the clors allready
    but this sounds great and thank you to AM

    love Alnilam 💖🌈 💖

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  9. They say I’ve been working obsessively
    Yet I feel no time, no fatigue.
    Gladly I write, and sing, and speak of you.
    It is the very sweetness of THIS
    That carries me forward into More.
    I, for ONE, AM here,
    And I willingly adapt
    To the bliss that you are,
    It is THIS that you pour
    Into my body, my heart.

    I have lived a magical life of pain,
    And mystery,
    All to reach this now-space,
    A place where somehow
    In some unexplained way
    I met up with you.
    It is the mountaintop,
    That in a place called before
    I felt I did not deserve,
    Let alone stake my claim in the knowing
    That we are ONE and the same.
    Still it is THAT which they tried to hide away,
    THAT which they told me
    None of us could attain.

    The one before,
    She’s here too,
    And split among many more.
    The tiny distant pieces of me
    Who could not fathom why she
    Should be blessed with such a view.
    I still remember the traps
    She fell into –
    A web of thoughts
    Born from a zombie plan and premise,
    Insisting that we live as dead,
    And enraged,
    Instead of living with Soul
    As we were designed to be and know.

    We were told the Divine would arrive and choose
    From the giant pool of sinners.
    It seemed we stood a chance,
    But only if we followed THAT,
    A lesser version of you,
    Only if we followed their
    Made-up maps and rules.

    Yet with this view
    From the mountaintop,
    I see ALL the beauty and the lies,
    Today they swim side by side
    In THIS the River Divine.
    You see,
    There are no chosen ones,
    Because we are the ones who choose,
    How we attune and with whom.
    Will it be the Bliss,
    The Force that propels,
    The Light designed to live through us?
    Or do we buy the knock-off story,
    Scratch our heads,
    And forever wonder
    Why nothing,
    Makes sense.

    From the moment we arrive
    We are pummeled with the lesser-truth,
    Until we agree to maintain the smaller dream,
    Trading in what we know
    For what we are told to believe.

    THIS is the moment I choose to meet you,
    THIS is the River Divine
    In the crossroads
    Both in and out of time.
    THIS is where we end,
    THIS is where we begin again.
    In THIS moment I reclaim my Life
    My Force
    I AM!

    Everything has changed,
    Because I stand
    On the mountaintop with you.
    I for ONE choose
    To adapt,
    To speak,
    And sing what I know to be True,
    That the I AM
    Alive in me,
    Is the same that is born again
    In every ONE of you,
    Every ONE that has the will to BE THIS too.

    © 2021 Eileen Meyer

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  10. Thank you for this meditation guidance! It was quite calming and relaxing – something I very much needed after struggling with sadness for the past couple of days.
    Though, when I reached the top it sort of folded over and morphed into a ring of fabulous swirling rainbow light that I found myself running in – kind of like a hamster on a wheel (which my everyday life feels like) but this wheel was actually taking me places.
    Don’t know what that means, but excited to try it again later today.

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  11. Are there any Baby Boomers who remember the hippy peace sign? I was born in 1950 and I remember the peace sign had in inverted “Y” in a circle. If you look up images of the hippy peace sign it now has an inverted “Y” but also a third line in the middle. It’s like a straight vertical line dividing the circle in half and then the two little lines that make up the “Y” It looks very foreign to me. I don’t like it.

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    1. In my timeline, born 1961, it’s always been the way you describe it as being now. I’ve known for decades that it was an upside-down broken cross. Just another one of [their] inversions, and probably why you instinctively dislike it.


    2. A DDG search for the origin of the peace sign turns up lots of articles and pics from the origin in 1958 showing the vertical line and two slanted lines down from it, semaphore codes for N and D for Nuclear Disarmament. This is fun site but there are a lot that corroborate this version: https://groovyhistory.com/where-did-peace-symbol-come-from-peace-sign.

      Of course, that’s not to say there wasn’t another timeline that you were on that has the one you remember, but there are certainly a lot of pics of those early hippie days. Or it’s the Mandela Effect.

      Fascinating, whatever the origin.

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  12. That is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your joyful experience, and also this new meditation. It is very interesting that a spiral is involved. In the past 6 months I have noticed Rainbow Light spiraled around straight Sunbeams in pictures I have taken. In some, the Rainbow Light even appears braided. Real question: Has anyone else come across this in their selfies? I know many people catch straight Rainbow beams, but have any been SPIRALS?
    In current science it seems this is a Vortex Beam (or OAM beam) and only discovered in last 30 years. Most recently I believe some applications are to increase information able to be sent in light. (Each color can be a layer of info, and also the angle of spiral can be changed to have many spiral layers).
    So maybe this is a way of pulling more of ourselves Up. The spiral holding much more of our layers and aspects. Something to think about. Be well everyone! ❤️🌎🌈💎🌟

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  13. Golden Column is Powerful technique.

    Rolled it out last night.

    During meditation, the column consisted of at least two spirals of gold light spinning slowly and going higher and higher until it reaches Chakra 14, where I attach Source.

    This meditation was very deep and long, for me, more than one hour.

    When I staggered into bed, the last waking vision I had was, seriously, long strings of repeating letters arranged and floating up into me.

    Very effective technique.


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  14. Ha! First felt like an empty cartoon ballon expanded and floated away from my mouth. Then the top of my head screwed off like a jar lid and floated away with the meditation last night. Out of the open crown spiraled liquid light streams and drops like a fountain. Did not glimpse N.E. but enjoyed the beautiful light show.

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  15. Meditation:

    Did the G+P+C

    and then I thought DNA….

    The first image was the milky way galaxy, and while I was opening up the view of it, I did realize it had a double helix pattern. Then the lights from stars started blinking brighter and brighter, and the outside edges of the helix started glowing purple… the purple light pulsed across the outer edges.

    Then I focused more on my DNA, I tried to visualize the column / candle here, but I saw was closer to a golden braid (like hair but it not). It pulsed the light up each ‘rung’ of the braid… and then the light began to spiral up over it…. it went up until I could no longer view the top.

    I really ❤ 'd the milky way part…. was breathtaking…

    Ok, off to enjoy some sunshine while we have it in N. CA.

    ❤ kk

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  16. Thank you AM and CATs ❤️

    I got quite excited to try this out. I settled Elsie into bed and went into my room where I G,P, C’d.

    I tried so hard, I got some beautiful pink and blue colours, some gold too but everything was so blurry and I just could not do it properly.

    Feeling a bit of a failure. I have been having real trouble in meditation recently, such a lot of ‘blockage’ It doesn’t help that Elsie has spent the last few night mostly awake with lots of shouting etc…Am pretty run down and exhausted.

    Tonight Elsie fell asleep quite quickly which is wonderful. Hopefully she will stay asleep and I will get another chance to try again before bed.

    The previous DNA meditations I did were wonderful, not sure what is happening with me lately, I am just one big foggy blur!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  17. I tried to do the meditation last night. I did my routine GPC… when I ground I visualize Source in front and above me, NE close in front of me to my left, and Gaia close in front of me to my right. I then send white light grounding cords to each, starting with Source, then NE, then Gaia. Usually we are all stationary when I do this. But last night, before I had a chance to send grounding cords to NE, I rushed forward towards the NE and got into the atmosphere before the vision cut off. Okay, so I brought the starting point vision up again and tried to send grounding cords to Gaia, and I rushed to her, too. I landed on her chest (she is much bigger than I am) and was giving her a big hug. She seemed to enjoy the hug as much as I did. I didn’t get any further in meditation because I fell asleep hugging Gaia. It was beautiful! Maybe I am making progress?
    I will try again tonight.
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  18. I’ve been passing time listening to a Yogi named Shunyamurti lately, I like his way of explaining.


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  19. I have just stumbled upon some recent notes about a meditation that happened on Jan 26th 2021 and I wanted to share. I rarely take notes, but this is something interesting as it looks like I have been doing the light column meditation there.

    – I felt a “call to meditate” at 9:46pm EST (It felt very different and I am usually not very sensitive for signs)
    – I immediately felt so much light and power that was naturally flowing through me and I wanted to share this love with the world
    – I saw a large light column without thinking about one, the light was pulsing through it and I even drew a sketch of me standing in the light column
    – Then “something” took over and it was almost like a guided meditation, in which I should only relax. My perception was I am receiving light arteries in my entire body. First the hands, then arms, shoulders, head and then the rest of the body. I could feel the energy flowing as if it was a light highway!
    – Felt very good and I stayed present and in bliss – even long after it

    Have a great day everyone!

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