638: Path Choices ~ [UPDATE3]

Believe us when we say we know what you’re going through…

…because we’re going through it, too.

You can make incredible spiritual advancements in one lifetime… you can get all the answers you ever wanted… SEE and hear and and experience the most amazing things… but you can’t do it for anyone else… and most especially for your own family. All we can do is lead them to SOURCE, show them the short path. It’s up to them to choose which path to take. We have to honor them enough to allow them the free will to make long-path choices. And we also have to decide how long we’re going to stick around and wait for some to make their decision.

We humbly ask SOURCE to give everyone in the world (or failing that, a least a few people) a significant NUDGE in the right direction, be it in dreams or “reality.” They sure as hell aren’t listening to us.


While we don’t like to bring up Black Ice, we have to know what’s happening in order to effectively deal with what is to happen. We offer you the following in this light: The Hour of The Time.


FYI, it’s looking like it might be rather WHOMP-y this week… er, month:


In case anyone’s had a bit of a headache today:

159 thoughts on “638: Path Choices ~ [UPDATE3]

  1. What a synchronicity!
    I Am The L,L,L,T,1, I Am This, I Am. And My Muggle said,”don’t be talking about this sh__, again”. All of that after My new approach of, saying,” Thank You for enjoying this ascension journey w/Me”. Just maybe, I have reached one aspect of Her. And So It Is, Peace.

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  2. So well put Cat Eds and especially the last sentence.🙄 Also “honouring them enough to allow them the free will to make long path choices” really struck a chord. Thank you.💖

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  3. I’m utterly distraught about this timeline. This doesn’t appear to be a Source or a Justice timeline, there is no Trump and no New Earth (so far). Didn’t ask for this. People seem really happy to be cruel.

    Watched a video where a couple kept shoveling snow into a neighbors’ front yard, taunting, insulting and making fun of the neighbor. They continue to insult him even after he grabs his gun and starts shooting at them. Like what kind of people continue to provoke and insult as they’re dying on the street?

    Another video where a white man is swinging a stick at an officer, while a black bystander keeps goading the officer to shoot. The officer finally kills the man and the black bystander is elated with joy about watching someone die, “That’s what I LOVE to see!” while making racial comments. The bystander got a lot of views on Instagram too.

    And I’m supposed to care about this kinds of people? Source is waiting to save these kinds of people? My empathy is at an all time low.

    After years of resisting, I’m starting to absorb what I call the Silicon Valley Narcissism(tm). Hey maybe all the people pushing the shot on the innocent, need to drop dead from its side effects. So that traffic can clear up on the 880. Because I want my Mexican takeout faster. Did I do that right? 🙂

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        1. Honestly not sure how burying my head in the sand is helpful.

          I just picked those out because they really bothered me as a reflection of society in decline, and weren’t too close to home, but there have been direct unprovoked attacks in the region where I live. I’ve been carrying pepper spray and/or knife for months already (too hard to get a concealed carry permit).

          If you live in an area of peace, I envy you. I think part of the reason I’m stuck here is that I’m “supposed” to be in crappy areas (not sure why). Even outside America I felt at home in slummy (but safe) areas where other travelers would complain about the lack of accommodations, amenities, etc.

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    1. Elemental, yes, you are supposed to care about those people. They are creations just like we are, and we are all in this illusion together, doing stuff in our bodies. “They” are not even someone else; they are ourselves. Those that are acting mean and crazy have probably had a terrible upbringing and life and need Love. We can put a grounding cord on them and give them love from here. 🙂

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  4. This is for me right now. I have fought compulsion to help or fix people my whole life and have released most everything on that topic to date but this weekend I was literally gobsmacked with it on a new, deeper level. My step daughter, 27, who on her own had already come to the vax conclusion years ago, I mean I have preached about it for decades, this is a core knowing of mine since birth so she has absorbed some from me but has also done her own research, so I didn’t even talk about it this round of fear mongering vax crap. I mistakenly thought we were all on the same page. And this weekend she sat at my table and said she was thinking about getting the vax. The difficulty of not going off bat crap crazy was so huge I almost burst into tears. I love her so much and she has a toe on the path, is the most obviously aware of my step kids and I almost lost it. I talked to her dad about it the next day and just FINALLY realized that you can’t be attached to anything here. Even though I have broken my most deepest attachments and come to unconditional love with the only people left close to me, which was so much hard work and also rewarding work, this was just so subtle and yet so massive. A core lesson for me this life was to learn to be comfortable when everyone around me was UNcomfortable and this was just new level. I have struggled my whole life absorbing other peoples emotions and always maintained, or anchored is probably a better word, that balance in my groups and it was exhausting. I’ve come a long way but this just really did it for me. I purged emotions for 2 days on every person left in my life, this weekend, yet again, and I am left wondering what will be left of me when it’s over? I think I’m done being me. I don’t think I can even work up a care at this point. And it’s not even depression I don’t think, its not yet the free feeling I know that comes with true detachment, it’s just a level of doneness that can’t be put into words. Complete surrender. I feel like I have absolutely no power here. Nothing here is permanent, everything is temporary, even me. I am not one of those people who lost every one and then found their tribe, I just lost almost everyone and my circle is so small it’s a square. I just honestly fee completely over this whole experience, this whole life. It;s not peace, it’s not unconditional, it’s just over it. I am sick of this story line.

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    1. Close family member did the same to me. Dont want to even see them…but can’t let go…they have the right to choose ok, but this has to be informed decision not blind desire to submit to the brainwashing hoping to be able to consume as before.? So I have failed to explain well enough to several them from themselfs

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      1. It seems apparent that the only thing we are REALLY being asked, nee, demanded to do is to OPEN OUR HEARTS in LOVE.

        While we think certain people we know are LOST. Only, really, they have lost their way to inner knowledge and Love.

        With our LOVED ones, it is our responsibility to hold LIGHT for them, too.

        Even if we cannot talk with them any more, for the time being, there will come a day…

        I choose to continue to hold mislead and brainwashed friends and relatives IN MY HEART as not-there-yet as regards Awakening.

        We have been told repeatedly that our job will be to provide kindness and guidance for when the TRUTH EXPLODES into REALITY. We are here and prepared to help these folks and marshall these people into the New Earth.

        At least, that is what channels and consciousness pundits have been telling us now for years.

        If anything we have learned is TRUE, we must then remain TRUE ourselves to what is most important. And, I think that constitutes HOLDING LIGHT for those still in the darkness. Before long, they will be stumbling into the soft glow surrounding us.


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        1. Yes, indeed. We were just talking about this (our dreams are all about this).

          ~AM just said to those of us here: “Love is apparently our superpower.”

          Love has no equal. It is the most powerful thing in the Omniverse.

          < CAT Eds.

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    2. You Got Us/vice versa! I’m getting better at stepping out of my body in real time, to observe and keep My ____ thoughts/mouth to Myself. Like a kid learning! Sometimes an answer pops in My head.Peace.

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  5. Nothing is easy in this world and time. I’ve found myself begging for a break of some sort, just something positive to help me push on through this mission, but it’s never happened, of course.
    And it gets even more frustrating when everyone around you seems to be wearing blinders.
    From my standpoint, those that seemed to be somewhat waking up have fallen asleep again – thanks to the virus/bad narrative.

    Just the other day while walking my dog, I thought, maybe we should just cut our losses and leave this planet to it, it doesn’t want to be saved. However, I’m quite stubborn and am not one to give up, and I’m not here to “save” anyone. I am here only to BE light.
    So, I guess that’s what I’m gonna do, just BE and just focus on each present moment and enjoy it.

    I’m just so grateful for the rest of you BEing you to get us through this mess! 💞

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  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! CATs for this perfectly phrased reminder … both in its succinctness and in its humor. I laughed and laughed again as I reread it multiple times. The pictures of grumpy cats fit me (and the post) to a T.

    I now acknowledge and release the five huge lodestones (signifying my two grown children, their spouses, and my adult granddaughter) that I’ve had on my back and trying to carry across the “finish line.” I recognize their sovereignty and free will.

    And I thank my husband for his grace in departing this plane before me, releasing me from his caregiving, because I know that in the deepest corner of my heart I would never have left him behind in his TBI and dementia-riddled state.

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  7. Hi Cats and everyone. I just had this conversation with my son. Who is having difficulty convincing his friends that all is not as it seems. The truth is we can’t convince anyone…..yet. It my feeling that this is what this path right now if for. So that some truth can come before the masses and masses of people who are still rock solid sleeping. Let them believe that we have no proof because none exists. And to a point that is true. This truth is from our hearts. A deeper knowing that we we able to hold on to. By not succumbing to lies, by believing our inner compass over the outer manipulation. By resisting the junk that is fed to us to keep us sleeping, drowsy, inept. By believing that we are sovereign, that this is not as it should be. And by Knowing that we will do Everything in our not inconsiderable Power to change it for the better. To give everyone a chance.

    The other part of our team is up right now. And the best thing we can do for all is to stay silent. To hold our knowing. Time enough for our part again soon. There is no sense in destroying relationships ahead of when we will be needed. We’ve planted enough seeds. Truth will nudge the rest, and then we’re there to bring it home. As many as we can. All. The nightmare ends. Because I never give up. Never.
    Love to everyone. We’re holding the line. Angela

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  8. Thank you so much CATs, tears coming up.

    Yes we are all in this soup of confusion, tension and

    hopefully release off of everything, that doesn’t serve to step into NE.

    Looked at the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar for today, potential energetics are

    Gallatic Tone 11 / Resolution: Eleven assists every new creation to find it’s place in the Universe.

    In the process of “fitting in” some modifications must occur. Eleven is the energy of dynamic

    actions facilitating change, semplification and improvement.

    Sun Sign Monkey (B’aatz’ * Chuen) : Monkey is known to the Maya as the Weaver or Weaver of

    Time. Monkey takes ideas as threads of vines and weaves them into the fabric of our reality.

    New patterns or invertions are also woven into our lives by Monkey. Amiable, intelligent,

    generouse and a jack of all trades, Monkey’s innocent curiosity leads to artistic expression

    constructive solutions. Many Monkeys become highly respected merchants or speakers. They

    love performing practical jokes and crave attention, so much so that they may over-act or play

    the fool to get the spotlight. Monkeys have a short attention span and find it diffucult to stay

    with anything long enough to master it.

    A good day to: Begin anything new in your life.

    That said from the Tzolkin. I’ll start with the Colum Meditation joyfully and curiously like

    the Monkey today.

    Love you all.


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  9. ~ CAT Eds. ~ Wow. Talk about a timely post. Between the face covering paranoia and the perplexing (to me) drift into warped liberalism here in this small valley where I live, I have not one person to have a deeply thoughtful conversation with for far too long now. I am grateful for the several video conversation shows that interest me for audible kindred spirits, along with the fine and generous company here on this blog.

    As for my loved family -with-elbows-wedged-in-ears, I see a resemblance to the time of teen drivers. With my own, the frustration of increasing parental ‘taxi service’ eventually trumped fears for their safety on speedy roadways. They are good drivers on the roads they choose.

    I am (mostly) at peace now with the baffling likelihood not one of my so loved offspring will release their current hold on 3d. Toddler grandson excepted.

    Be well each of you here. Enjoy nature as the season turns.
    With warmth and love,

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  10. Yeah, I’m sitting gnashing my teeth over some close to me. Fortunately, the weather is putrid, so nobody is coming up for a while. I have stopped being concerned over jab decisions. . .some old friends have gone and “done” it.. . . .Well, I can do nothing about that. One bright note in all of this is that my sister has begun to listen to my words. She doesn’t even call me crazy or a crackpot any more. Progress is being made Har! On a more mundane subject, we are in for a week or so of frigid weather. We have an inch or so of snow on the ground from yesterday. Strong offshore flow is starting tomorrow bringing cold, dry Arctic air from inland. Phbbbbt! Lows may get to as cold as 12 degrees F. Does not make me happy!! Altho, the snow will protect the wee small bulbs that are blooming. New plants arrive on Tuesday before the big chill so I guess they will sit in the garage until things moderate. Cheers <J

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  11. I’m so tired of having mean people in my world. They say we attract what we need to grow. I don’t need these people to grow. I don’t want to be their mirror. They are awful. I’m exhausted. I’ve poured light for them. I recognise they have lessons to learn and forgive them. They still make terrible choices. I’ve had enough. ❤️

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  12. Great Message,
    I was reflecting on my judginess( new word) towards by family and friends who are so excited about being vaxed.
    It is a quite interesting conundrum. And, that bigger question, am I willing to move on. Of course, if enough get vaxed, no worries. They may be making their decision to move on.
    Thank you Cats. Love the new meditation. Have a few quirks with it. Asking Brother J to assist.

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  13. I was making tea and pouring it into a cut glass container Friday. I guess the temperature differential was too great and the pitcher shattered. A friend of 30+ years had given me the pitcher as a gift a few years back. I KNEW when the vessel shattered that the last connecting cord had been cut between that friend and myself. We had been growing farther and farther apart for years with the media induced mind control and now it seems the chasm is beyond crossing. I guess that is the split between the old and new earth as evidence in my own life. RIP.

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    1. seems familiar, i had a phase of a few years there arrived an even bigger gap where understanding became very hard and like the tea one little thing gave it the rest

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  14. I think someone was listening, just after I read that post there was a massive crash upstairs, I ran up to find my husband clutching the remains of our cuckoo clock (with it going cuckoo, cuckoo 😅) after he had knocked it off the wall with his towel after a shower! I guess our other halves might all be having some sort of awakening after all!

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  15. Been pondering about how freewill relates to what is going on. I’ve been imaging , wanting a ‘better’ world, NE, for all. Who wouldn’t want that? Realizing more and more though, some people truly want this timeline and all it entails. Who am I to try to force something on their freewill?

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  16. Yes, please!! A big nudge would be awesome!!! Not suffering as much as others on this blog who are dealing with harsher circumstances, but boy, my kids could really use a big change! This is so hard on them! I am humbly signing that petition….
    Hugs to all in the room!

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  17. I’ve been contemplating whether to post this or not and feel it might be helpful. If you find it doesn’t resonate with you, move on.

    In January I felt compelled to revisit the ACIM lessons and started with Lesson #1. Even after +35 years as a ACIM student, I find there is more to be revealed at this time. A couple of weeks later I was sent the link to an extraordinary YT channel devoted entirely to ACIM: Tina Louise Spalding, Channeling Jesus and Ananda.

    Now, before you roll your eyes, know that I’m highly skeptical of EVERYONE channeling anyone/anything now, and especially someone who claims to channel Jesus! I’ve watched quite a few of these videos now and TLS feels genuine, but check it out for yourself. I’ve found the guidance and tools are priceless at this time for helping me keep redirecting my 3d thoughts.

    I started with the “40 Days and 40 Nights with Jesus” and have been astonished! These were taped in September 2020 and are focused on what’s happening now, and our parts in creating the current 3d and keeping it going. It’s not that you haven’t read this on this blog many times but maybe this format will bring you to a significant “Ah ha” moment.

    Then about 3 weeks ago I discovered in the PLAYLISTS the ACIM lessons with Jesus’ commentary. These are also focused on the present situation and have been intensely helpful for me. Several of my ACIM friends have also found these invaluable as they have returned to the basics and begun the lessons again. Lesson exercises and examples are taken from today and are extremely relevant. They provide something constructive TO DO NOW and are a tremendous help in keeping off the black ice. Reading about what to do, while giving great insight, is like reading fitness magazines: you gotta get off your butt and into the gym!

    Finally, the current series is a must see for all IMHO: the Ascension Series, begun in January. This is great for those who are tired of waiting: Jesus’ commentary has a definite urgency about what we need to be focusing on now because “what’s coming” is close at hand. And it’s NOT just waiting for a rescue . . . WE create the world in which we exist and these give pretty compelling explanations for getting our wayward thoughts/focus under control. The lessons give us the tools to do so.

    https://youtu.be/cZcWtLUDi4o This is the link to the intro video of the 40/40 series
    https://youtu.be/hms9Oqpacl8 This is the link to the first of the Ascension Series 2021
    The ACIM lessons with Jesus’ commentary can be found in the playlists tab

    With the greatest gratitude
    Love, Light, Peace

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    1. JJ, thank you, I too recently started this daily practice and find it life enhancing if not life changing. A great companion to ACIM also great as a stand alone discipline , thank you for sharing
      Lovelight, MM

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  18. Hi Cats and all… just had to put down my dog Rascal this morning… he had gotten to the point it was hard to get up and down, let alone do his business outside in the ice world we’ve had lately… I haven’t been without him by my side except when at work for over 12 years, it’s very weird. He gave me tons of kisses all over my face this morning which was unusual, I know he was ready to go. I just wish I knew when the heck I’ll get to see him and all my other furry buddies again, this waiting game has gone on for sooo long, I really thought the shift would happen before he had to go, but that would be too easy. My indoor cat doesn’t know what to make of him not being here yet, and the outdoor cats will really miss him, as he always broke up all their cat fights! He will be missed… I know the same has happened to a lot of you too and it’s been a hard year for everyone… I’m truly thankful for this community! I have a feeling that my Mom – who babysat him as a puppy the year before she died, was the first one to give him a hug “over there”… and now he can run like the wind once again 🙂

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    1. Sending warm hugs and light pours to you and Rascal and the kitties, too! I know I have received great strength and solace from this wonderful group during challenging times in the past and I pray that you will feel our embrace just as I did back then!
      Much, much love to you!!!!

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    2. kt1111. I’m so sorry for you that Rascal has passed over. Our animal companions are such a wonderful gift to us. We can only be thankful that we had the chance to spend time with them. It is so hard to say goodbye but it’s not forever. Sending a big hug to you.🤗💖💖💖

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    3. kt1111 ❤️

      Sending so much Love your way. I am sure beautiful Rascal is watching over you until you see him again ☺️


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  19. It might be to a point here that “interference” of some nature is going to be REQUIRED.

    Without moving the Dial off Top Dead Center, there can be no awakening for the planet.

    Some sort of SHOCK, beyond all Earthly control needs to occur.

    ONE LOG, the keystone log, needs to be moved. Without that we sit and wait for the density of the log jam to bust itself. If that happens. If the log jam does not break soon, we will miss all the alignments for ascension at this time. Next stop, about 4300 years.

    We need some HELP here.

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    1. I agree that Source needs to step in.

      I watched Laura Whitworth’s latest video from a week ago, about the financial system failing as a catalyst for change. But that would involve mass starvation and death…so hopefully the guy in the video’s timeline is not our timeline.

      I wish we could bypass all that. We’re already awake, we don’t need mass catastrophe to wake us up even more.

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        1. Hope so. I’ve already let go of wanting people to take the short path. They need to make their own decisions.

          I have an annoying devil on my shoulder (figuratively speaking) that I’m trying to get rid of and once I do, I’ll hopefully be set.

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      1. we must have planted so much seeds already to fill a few earth together, the timing of blooming is the tricky part

        cold and sunny winterday a nice day, only where is the napbed at work when needed 🙂

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    2. According to an astrological interpretation of Revelation 12 (The sign of the Woman), the 7-year tribulation period started Sept 23, 2017, and finishes 7 years later, in 2024. Using this timetable, we are right in the middle, with lots of time left for everything to complete. The first half is the “set-up” for the second half, when events really speed up.


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        1. man, these are 2 depressing posts. Especially the first one. this BS until 2024? I sincerely hope not x-x

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      1. Wasn’t there also something to the effect that – Unless these days be shortened, nothing will survive? I’m paraphrasing here. But I believe in my heart that this should not play out as written – or basically we’re all screwed. Time to go off script.
        Love to everyone, even when I’m cranky. Angela

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          1. time speeds up, my working skills decreasing, my vibes varying but rising more than falling, one day after another, lets have fun in the boring routine of a world in grey, it has 256 or so colors to explore and each color has it´s storry and mistery, we are explorers and wanderers of the light

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  20. I burst out in tears reading this post as the truth rings home – “most especially for your own family” – and pierced my heart. I, too, have asked (and yes, sometimes I beg) SOURCE, BRO J, Gaia to take ALL of us HOME, or to wake ALL of us up from this illusionary World 🙏🙏🙏

    And I’m still waiting …..!

    Each time I think about having to make my own path choice, it brings tears to my eyes.

    How to lead our loved ones to SOURCE if SOURCE sounds Greek to them? They only know the God and the Path in their religion and my own family are atheists. All of them are aware what’s happening (me giving them hint/links often) but they are more caught up with their work/family life. Perhaps their lifestyle, minding their own life, can also be considered the short way Home?

    Or does one have to be spiritually awake to go by the short way? Is there no other way?

    Ya, I know I have 101 questions to ask and only SOURCE knows all the answer. I will ask SOURCE the day I find my way Home. 🙏

    Sigh, I was over the moon a few months ago about those 6B on the mountain top. Nevertheless, with my greatest gratitude, THANK YOU for waking me up 🙏🙏🙏 and I know you can’t make the decision for me.

    LOVE YOU ALL 💖💖💖

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  21. Ye gods ALL! Reading the comments above from you ALL lets me realize that this has been a pretty tough row to hoe. I sincerely hope that my commentaries have been a little “load lightening” to some out there. I don’t know how in my life has evolved into what it has, but know without a shadow of a doubt that things and circumstances are improving. FEEL into it. Cheers <J

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    1. J. I love your comments. I love the picture you paint in my mind about your gardens. I love the fantasy of walking amongst your springtime blossoms! (latte in hand) Please keep it up!

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      1. J, How to put into words how much your posts mean to me?

        They are a quiet respite in a sea of choppy life-energy waters…
        At other times they are a dock to tie a boat to…
        or, a bit of sun rays dancing on a lake..
        or, a big HUG from a kind person…
        or, laughter out of the blue…
        or, good food ideas
        or, a place of safety to take a deep sigh…
        or, reassurance all WILL BE Alright with the world…in the world…in us.
        As long as your garden Sings, i know ALL is well. 💚

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  22. We all know what’s happening. What we don’t know is how to stop it. Magenta was pointed back to this post she made a few years ago. The sun and it’s comings and going’s and Antarctica were pointed out. And looking to channels and news to piece together a picture in this time of confusion.

    We all just want to get of this train as it’s sickening.

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      1. Forgive my forwardness, but what are a bunch of disorganized people tucked away on various blogs and other obscure corners of the internet going to do about any of this? We’re just being tortured, to the point that we have to build coping mechanisms around ourselves and “detach” so we don’t go crazy from all this madness. As you stated before we aren’t waking up any normies from our position, so what are we to do but watch? Because “Being” here hasn’t been very effective…
        Is it even worth it? We I pass on I should at least get a T-shirt, right?

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        1. You’re right. You should give up. We are having no impact at all. RELEASE THE BEES and the DOGS…and the DOGS WITH BEES IN THEIR MOUTHS!


          You could to take a deep breath and remember that none of this is real. You’re literally choosing to dwell on a horror movie rather than watching birds in a tree. Let it go. All is well. All will be revealed. We plant seeds just by being here.

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. @CATs Eds – another bit of language synchronicity –
            I was feeling like I wanted to try to do a bit more to take care of my room – housekeeping-wise, even as my body has become less able – the Universes answer was to rip or severely strain either the outer left quadriceps muscle or maybe separate it from the fascia lata? – anyhoo – much pain now from outer left knee up to into pelvic cavity/ilium – message received … (words that came yesterday) to be LESS of a ‘Do BEE’ and be more of a ‘BE BEE’ – It has caused more detachment from family because of reduced mobility and function and there’s been a bit of directive to hold love and acceptance for their choices… and breathe – any discomfort on my part of loud vocalizations of their processing is mine to process myself…

            Seems ok to share a bit about my column experience now – it hadn’t felt like sharing before – condensed…
            Started the process as directed – colors that mixed swirled or combined (no words ever felt adequately described it) – were gold, purple and green going up column –
            As has been lately, I don’t get direction (l, r, up, down), but expansion in place from center, – after part way up column there appeared a huge set of eyes, taking up whole vision – if I recall they, pupils?, were a red and a vibrant orange color and there was also a feeling or vision of great depth or distance within or through them – didn’t feel negative at all and felt connected to me in some way – that’s about all I remember at this point of time delay…

            I’ve always had a bit of trouble visualizing or imagining a more fun, fulfilling or ‘better’ future’ for myself – I thank M7? for the advice about this a while ago… for now I guess I’ll rely on SOURCE and Brother J for guidance to destination, rest in their energies, do the ‘I am s’ and think about things I’d like to do that I have felt too inhibited to do here – art, music, instrument playing, singing, sculpture and breathing in the smell of fresh cut grass and morning dew… in the company of animal companions and bird song… that’s enough for me. – Maybe a latte from J , hehe…
            love and thank you s to all..

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      2. Let’s hope for a revelation to convince people to look deeper. There is little we can do to convince people without it ❤️ It is all a bit scary continuing down this path. It feels a little like Armageddon for humanity.

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      3. Just an observation.Notice more and more people are wearing masks and not just inside shops. Ventured out the other day saw a couple in their thirties outside a supermarket, they both had masks on when she noticed me without a mask, we were at least 15′ apart. She grabbed her partners arm, made a strange sound as he tried to gently reassure her. She was visibly upset. Not sure how we are to help people when they are in fear and take deliberate steps to avoid contact 🤷‍♀️ not even passing each other normally on the pavement and ensuring they’re 6′ apart or more. This may not change any time soon with people’s mental health, finances and quality of life further deteriorating. It appears many people are doubling down on keeping themselves ‘safe’ creating a sterile, unnatural life devoid of human contact, warmth, joy and creativity.
        It’s like trying to help someone who is drowning, they’re panicking, the reptilian brain has engaged, survival at the expense of everything and everyone else. Forget trying to engage in conversation and when I try to close the 6′ distance to share heart resonance people back away. Really sad.

        The great stillness of SOURCE is palpable, I have to trust this feeling and take it a day at a time as I have no answers and don’t know what the question is anymore.

        Are we there yet? 🙃

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        1. Most people in towns around CATs wear masks all the time, it’s ridiculous. Sunlight kills germs, yet they’re masked sitting in the sun. It’s irrational.

          All you can do is be an example for people. Plant the seeds (just by being there), and then walk away.

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. I wear a scarf over my enter head, covering my head and eyes and ever so slightly over my nose and mouth. Grant it, the fabric is more like gauze than anything else so I can mostly see where I’m going. It takes people by surprise that I cover my eyes when I walk around a grocery store or wherever with my eyes covered. No one stops me and plays mask police that my covering isn’t thick enough. I find it playful.

            So far, I have NEVER WORN A MASK in this plandemic. If I ever have to cave and wear one, I will wear it as an energetic shield against unloving, service to self energies. The dark people use masks to call in ungodly forces. We can use masks to call in the angelic.

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      4. Dearest CATs, I just read the update about the brain radio waves. I am so fearful I have body-fear reactions happening inside my non-existent/illusion-body. I had to practice all of my self-calming techniques, all at once.

        I cannot even BELIEVE this is happening. I don’t want to. I am in my little bubble here at my home, but should I want to go visit my new baby granddaughter (first one!) I will have to get tested at a minimum. I feel panic inside me, even though I know:

        nothing real can be threatened
        and nothing unreal exists

        but yikes!

        ONE invented this brain control radio wave thing? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? we feel like we need to be punished? ohmygosh I can’t deal with this at all

        love love to all in the room
        < ella

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        1. Also, my youngest, my Earth Angel daughter, panther daughter, who turned breach the last second of the pregnancy (during “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” movie) so that she could have a C-section birth and therefore snuggle for a week with me while I recovered, did report that for her first Covid test a few months she did feel like her brain was impaled. Her exact words. I could just cry.

          I am practicing forgiveness as best as I can… CATs, what do we do?

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          1. @alsoonewhobelieves, I know what you read in the mcmmadnessnews article about the beer test is unsettling. I’ve come across other articles like that recently. Freaks me out to the max too. About six months ago I was taken to the hospital via ambulance after passing out from bleeding for 5 weeks. I was afraid to seek medical help prior to that because I was afraid of getting the test. My husband let the hospital give me the swab test (a mandatory prerequisite to having surgery) while I was there. The hospital did an emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. It was caused by cancer… a lot of cancer. They took out as much as they could and sent me to another hospital about 400 miles away that specializes in cancer treatment. Upon arriving there, that hospital gave me another mandatory swab test and wheeled me into surgery. They removed everything “female related” and my lymph glands. The doctors want me to take chemo too as a precautionary measure. My response to chemo is no, hell no! I had already made peace with my maker when I was bleeding and was not afraid of dying. I didn’t want to be treated because I didn’t want any foreign objects in my body. So, now I am alive still but I am so upset that I might have “things” implanted in my head. I feel normal… but admit I am worried. I have started rereading ACIM again to help calm me down some. I was ready to go “home” but the latest test now shows me cancer free. So now I have to look forward to becoming some sort of cyborg or something? I know what you’re feeling. It’s really hard not to feel down. All I can say is pray. If God truly loves us, he will take care of us no matter what horrible things “they” try to impose on us… as long as we lay our trust in God’s hands.
            Love to all,

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            1. Homesick,
              Ask Brother “J” to allow any potential foreign materials to become a direct conduit to Source. Forgive the illusion and your participation within. Release the fear once again. This will pass. Sending love and compassion, Cay

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            2. Thank you Homesick, for your loving and helpful words.

              I feel embarrassed that I slipped BIG time on Black Ice, even here on the most supportive blog on the Internet. Wow!

              The CATs remind us that we can ask Brother J to make anything we have consumed “clean, healthy, and pure” even after the fact, so you could apply that cleansing to your 2 swabs that you had. Regarding my daughter’s now-numerous swabs, I do the same, but not sure if I am violating her free will.

              I did some research and no tests are required to travel to NY or when returning to my state, so I should be OK. I think I will have to wear a mask during the visit, as I am around a new baby and the new parents will want me to.

              In the end, as I have just read in ACIM, our function here, as The Light of the World, is to forgive what has not really happened (because it is in the illusion) by people who are completely innocent, with the help of the Holy Spirit. This job keeps me busy and out of trouble, mostly 🙂

              thank you to everyone in the room, especially CATs, Ms, and ~AM

              < ella

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            3. Homesick ❤️

              Sending you lots of Love & Light & a BIG HUG!

              I agree with asking for Brother J to make whatever they put in your body Clean, Healthy and Pure. Maybe you could meditate on it and go back in time (in your mind) to when it was done and ask then?


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          1. well that is good to hear, that we miscommunicated.
            I was talking about the link in Update2 “the hour of time”

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            1. In that article, there is a picture about a covid test with a sharp point that is going into the person’s brain. It is the picture from a twitter account (that no longer exists, I check), that is posted on the website ( https://mcmmadnessnews.blogspot.com/2021/02/the-hour-of-time.html) that you included in Update 2…

              And that totally freaked me out.

              But, I gather from your calm questions, that it is not real (even in this reality) so I’ll just relax and try to go forward with my day.

              I can chuckle now, but need to re-tune my discernment, looks like.

              love love
              < ella

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        1. Thank you very much. I’m just thinking what to do to be able to travel. I know every vaxx is poison.

          But I’d like to see my girlfriend this year. It doesn’t look like the bad people go anywhere soon and I’m just thinking if it comes to another year of lockdown and restrictions what the lesser evil is.

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          1. Many bad have left the illusion, hold the Love/Light for All. Use Happy thoughts, We Are limitless. Peace.

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  23. Wait, so we’re going to have to ride out Biden’s fake “presidency” untill we get help?! What kind of terrifying nonsense is that??

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      1. The best thing I did (in ages) last night was to turn the computer off early, go have a bath and get an early night, I was treated to a beautiful dream where a large grey lop eared rabbit jumped into my arms and gave me bunny kisses on my nose!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  24. Hi all
    Wots everyone’s feels on the Israel hospital treatment EXO-CD24.
    I caught it trending at midnight a couple of nights ago. It had vanished of course by the time I woke up.

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  25. CATs,

    Thanks for that link, I am going to pass it along to a few people who are half awake, and maybe my sleeping sheep child.

    Unlike most here, I have been standing on the black ice being an anchor. I mentioned this a LONG time ago in a post. The anchor is so I can help all of those around me who do not have the full picture or even 1/2 the truths I *hope* I have.

    I keep telling everyone, it ‘seems’ like… I’m still looking for the TRUTH. There is so much disinfo mixed in with the TRUTH it is nasty to navigate these waters. So what’s the point?

    The point is what it has always been for me. I have compassion for all. Yes ALL. I center into that and go out in nature and see the beauty all around me…. and let it go….. We came here to be STO…. We came to be LOVE for others. When has this NOT been needed now more than ever?

    BE STO!
    Love your neighbor, even with the mask….
    Find your patience…
    Be LOVE

    Find peace, it is there…. and the calmness refocuses into SOURCE. My love for all grows daily. My heart aches a little, and then I breathe deep and let it go…

    I don’t know about all of you, but I am focusing on the positive. I am putting my intention for peaceful and wonderful resolution to this LESSON we are all enduring. I put intention for all the nefarious plans to fail and TRUTH be given to all. I came to fight in whatever way I needed to for ALL OF YOU, and ALL OF THEM TOO.

    Unplug, re-center, time to find your purpose and become who you were meant to be.

    With all the love and light I possess….

    I truly do ❤ you all

    ❤ kk

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    1. kk ❤️

      I hear you, I think many of us are standing as anchors right now, ready and waiting to see if any seeds we planted are showing buds so we can offer a hand, a lifeline…

      I hope so, I hope our seeds do find their way to the sun and we can all come out of this and look back from a much better place.

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  26. Hi Cats,
    I have a question. Having a hard time as “time” is speeding up so much that it’s hard to function. And alternatively I have 3d deadlines for year end, new systems going up in several categories that I have no leeway on, it has to get implemented.
    Basically lots of change, yet the differential between fast time bands and down in it is hard to reconcile. My brain starts spewing cotton candy and rainbow chiklets. Hardly conducive to efficiency.

    If you have any recommendations I would appreciate it. I’m feeling like I should relax into it and go kind of etherically boneless, just not sure to how get there physically. It’s different and I don’t have “time” ha! for drawn out training, I’m hitting it running.

    I hope I explained all that well.
    Thank you,

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  27. Well, beloved CATs, Ms and assorted furry friends (all you posters). You really hit it this time. I’ve backed off of all the “attempting to help” work I was doing as I realized not too long ago that I just can’t help them when they’re not open to it. And the past several days of whompage has just laid me flat. I’m cranky, nauseous, can’t sleep, my hips hurt, and all I want is my catnip mouse and a nap. But “real” life seems to keep intruding. HA! Worse, now, you’ve posted some serious black ice reading. I am NOT going there today. I reacted to it viscerally with “not more, not right now, thank you very much” and bookmarked it. I’m aware of so much of it, but the serious pushback from the site said “nope. Not goin’ there this week…” ~ We all WILL get through this. We volunteered for it because we’re that strong and full of light.

    I DO recommend frequent naps, saucers of cream, perhaps some sweet organic tuna, and a fluffy blanket in our cat trees. Yep, we’ve got this. Much love to ALL and ONE. ~ Janie

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  28. Thank you CATs and everyone here and everywhere trying to do the best we can in this time ❤️

    A little something from Lorie Ladd. We all know it but sometimes it helps to hear it, a few reassuring words that I think complement this post ☀️

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  29. I am feeling apathetic in spite of the need of growing my failing business etc. Maybe the energies are too strong but, i am hopeful it is a time to detach from the matrix and nothing can be resolved in 3d.

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  30. CATS, in that first image, were those bagpipes? Those are instruments of the soul, calling people to battle. Was that your subliminal message?

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    1. Ha! No, it was actually because we had a different title at one point that suggested that it was perhaps almost time to pay the piper, but we thought that was too much of a prediction. Considering how impossible things are to predict, we don’t want to lead anyone on. We’re getting info from Angels and Spirit, but we don’t understand it, yet.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. That is the thing about Angels and Spirit, dang, what language are you speaking? When speaking to me, I have to sit around and wait and see what it means. Then, “Oh I get it.” Very humbling experience.

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    2. Last night I had a dream where Donald Trump was playing a bagpipe with great pleasure ( It reminds me of his mothers Scottish heritage). I was there to listen to it and enjoyed it very much.

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  31. Interesting. . . . I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts today (classic understatement) until a bit ago when I realized that this is the 15th anniversary of my life changing (again classic understatement) stroke. Ye gods, who’da thought I’d end up here 15 years later. This is a reminder for all those who are ready to throw in the towel. Just sayin’ Cheers <J

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  32. Interesting video from Amanda Lorence, it was done in December, but according to her, it is very valid at this point in time:

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    1. Perica, Thank you for posting this. I spent some time this afternoon watching a few of her videos. They were really helpful to me. Beautiful messages!

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  33. This monthly has been **Whompy**, indeed, as The Cats forecasted. The last six hours (ending 6:30am PST) has been brutal; wish there were a special cabinet into which I could retreat just to skip the physical effects. Sigh.

    I know that I signed up for this, I just wish it would not strike so effectively when I’m supposed to be sleeping, and before the workday gets going.

    LOL – I’m sure it could be worse, and I definitely don’t want it to be on the weekends!! 😉

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    1. Yeah, felt It in the head around 6/7 pm est while hanging a big tv on wall for a Friend. Sent It packing w/Loving intentions. Peace.

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  34. I was concerned about an old friend who moved back to her home state last summer. they had an ice storm this week and the temperatures there make the cold up here amusing. After we discussed the weather, she said she had had her soul-killing jab/w the second one scheduled next week. She asked if I had gotten mine yet assuming I am as brainwashed as she. I said no and changed the subject. She then asked if I was watching the “impeachment” and continued to spew more T hate-speech. I said no and changed the subject. She then said that she has all her groceries delivered so doesn’t have to go out. For my own edification I went on-line to see what was on her O.k.C. tv station. My god! All that was on was FEAR. . . ALL the c-deaths and the impeachment. No wonder. . . .How profoundly sad to be plugged into that alternative dimension. Needless to say, she received the mantra and rainbow bubbles. Since I don’t watch tv, I really had no idea of how bad it is out there. WE are blessed! On a happier note: My plants that were weather-delayed have made it on this side of the Cascade range and are scheduled for delivery here on Thurs. and Fri. Phew! I had visions of them buried somewhere in a midwestern snowdrift. I’m much relieved. WE go forward. Time to bake another batch of kemon-icebox cookies. Cheers <J

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  35. I second you J, on the sadness/madness of the so-called “news,” but mainly I’m chiming in here to thank the CATs for Updates 2 & 3, which I have employed as back up while explaining things, in my on-going planting of seeds to an old friend. I recently dreamt she and I were on a train turning at a big intersection in the city, heading away from “the big WHO building” — far far away, I trust. She’s not quite on board with me and my talk of energies and such, (and really, I’m holding back quite a bit on how I see this so-called reality) but she’s got a good heart and I’m sure she’s “on track” even if she doesn’t question MSM, and so many other things, just yet… I trust her guides, her process, her timing. OK, working on that, but, ultimately, I do trust the Big Picture. ~ All shall be well.

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  36. FYI, something… momentous… has happened with one of the CATs. We’re trying to figure out what it means. It’s nothing bad. Incredibly good, actually. Some things even take us by surprise.

    < CAT Eds.

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  37. Question please – is it really possible that the life I think I’m living and happenings, memories etc of those I live with are/can be totally different – things are weird and causing unhappiness around here – like maybe peoples perspectives are coalescing?? separately…
    I don’t know how to navigate this –
    Is anyone else experiencing this – if I was in anyway clear…

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    1. Sound right, We Are meeting on higher ground(is what I feel). A sine wave comes to mind, the troughs are the negs brought to the surface to be release w/Love. Though the trend “feels up. Have a Beautiful day/week/year. Peace.

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      1. CATs Eds – if you are referring to my question comment above – in re-reading it, it seems a phrase or sentence part is missing I didn’t catch on proof reading – this sometimes happens if my palm brushed the touch pad while typing – I can never figure out why and it aggravates me no end – let’s see if I can be clearer.
        Especially in relation with daughter interactions recently, what she relays of interactions and conversations with me or happenings of daily life are very different than my perceptions and recall of same time frames or recent activities… it’s getting quite disturbing, esp because of a past, because of the earliness of the abuse starting in my life and the extensiveness of it, it began being reviled in my 40’s that I was operating and perhaps had been my whole life as a quite extensive multi-personality or maybe successively supportive Omata members living this life – not sure I would have survived otherwise… –
        Now I don’t know if this is what is causing the different perceptions of life experiences and I’m having switches that cause memory dissonances or we are living on different concurrent timelines or some other thing unknown or as she also figures – I’m getting Alzheimer’s …
        I try to just go with whatever is her experience as I can’t argue or have any evidence otherwise, but I’m not sure how to live better with this happening – it’s getting worse, too…or more different between us lately and she has quite different memories of her childhood than I do – what I have left, that is…
        Any advice around what this all is and how better to cope through it; I would be grateful – if I’m getting demented well, I guess I’ll have to cope the best I can and accept – sometimes I feel a bit gaslit, but I don’t think that is happening, at least consciously by her – may be just a changing worlds thing??
        Any help would be appreciated…

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    2. Do you mean that what you have perceived to have taken place is different from what someone else is recalling?
      I’ve had a few instances/conversations with my husband over the past few months that would normally make me think I’m losing my mind – or that he is losing his – where we recall absolutely opposite things being said/done. It’s very bizarre but I believe it’s all due to our realities and time being in a transitional state, like a crossover of timelines happened at that moment. If that makes sense. And if that’s even what you’re talking about.

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    3. Hi ~Kg~ If I am understanding your description, I’d say ‘yes’. I have had multiple occasions now with my children where they reference comments or sometimes behaviors they remember me having, that I simply do not, or remember completely oppositely. It goes far beyond the common variation between viewpoints. It IS perplexing to navigate when they hold up a version of me I cannot recognize in the least! In my case, I consider it an up-close and ultra-personal example of the separation underway. And I agree with you, I’m not quite sure how best to handle this. Given the intensity, I know ‘it/ something’ is very near now.
      much love and company to you my fellow parent,

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  38. Good day. So what’s your take on all of this “plasma web” thing business going on?

    I’ve seen some videos of them “plasma web on the sun” or “plasma web all over a city” which really only looks like a camera technology problem thing with its reaction on a light source or maybe a wet camera lens; but then again it’s not raining.

    There’s also this sun “flashing” numerous times (“Solar Flash” hah) on the skies of Cancun and such like in these videos:

    The sun flashes doesn’t seem like a camera error, though it might just be the camera’s reaction to the clouds passing over the sun’s light; but then again I don’t have much technical knowledge on the workings of such technologies.

    I’m staying 50:50 belief-doubt as always, though I’m curious on what you think of these things.

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    1. Also give the videos in her channel a check as well, she has stuff like “black hole sun” and so on, and I do appreciate her skill of “spotting” E.T. motherships on the skies/clouds/around the sun that I unfortunately cannot make out from the video.

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    2. Right, we looked at the sun flashing thing. It looks pre-event, but isn’t as intense as what you may think. We get the filter or lens for that webcam magnified the brightness of the light; those flashes are there there, but not at the intensity this would lead you to believe. Still, it is pre-Event.

      < CAT Eds.

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  39. My guides have been telling me to get into cryptocurrencies, should I listen even though we won’t need money on NE?

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      1. Or perhaps it’s entities pretending to be my guides?
        Funny how you thought I was talking about finances, lol.

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  40. John Smallman from 2/6. Peace.
    [audio src="https://johnsmallman2.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/2021-02-06-jesus-audio-blog-for-saturday-february-6th.mp3" /]

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  41. I’ve been so busy but finally meditated.. I must do more!! That is my wish for new earth. Time to be for all of us and peace.
    Anyway, when connecting to new earth it was tiny and way off to the side.. and had a core of pink quartz like stuff and the surface was bathed in rainbow light. It was tiny and beautiful. The connection was a thick twisty golden cord. The old earth felt huge, close and very dark and cold with a cold blue core centre glow as usual. The contrast was very stark. I had no desire to connect to it. I was hoping the new earth would be closer. I’m not sure what this all meant but it was nice to see a new earth there.

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  42. On this 11th day of February in the Illusion year of 2021, I Will It Forth with My Creator Being Energies(and All that care to join in Harmony). That All Beings that have been hindered/obstructed from the Truth of the Illusion, Awaken, in a Benevolent/Compassionate/Harmonious manner. The Sleeping, Gently Awake, as The Blind begin to See. So Be It, So It Is! Peace.

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    1. There are huge fires wiping out large area of nature reserves on dartmoor and Bodmin moor in Cornwall right now. I remember you saying the trees which were lost in Australia and the South America and the wildlife was safe on new earth.. is this happening now here too?

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  43. For some time I had trouble meditating, I could not focus or my mind would be contemplating something or I would phase out completely as I went somewhere else, to different dimension or wherever ?

    But today, for some reason I was back in the zone, everything came back to place and I felt serenity afterwards 🙏

    Did something happened today, energy wise, well, it doesn’t really matter what, I am happy that it is/was 😉

    Perica ✨

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  44. I live close to Cancun and have seen massive chem trailing of the skies last week followed by a dense cover of geo engineered looking clouds. So i think its safe to assume there is something thing they are attempting to conceal- as i have never seen this in my 3 years of living here.


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