638: Path Choices ~ [UPDATE3]

Believe us when we say we know what you’re going through…

…because we’re going through it, too.

You can make incredible spiritual advancements in one lifetime… you can get all the answers you ever wanted… SEE and hear and and experience the most amazing things… but you can’t do it for anyone else… and most especially for your own family. All we can do is lead them to SOURCE, show them the short path. It’s up to them to choose which path to take. We have to honor them enough to allow them the free will to make long-path choices. And we also have to decide how long we’re going to stick around and wait for some to make their decision.

We humbly ask SOURCE to give everyone in the world (or failing that, a least a few people) a significant NUDGE in the right direction, be it in dreams or “reality.” They sure as hell aren’t listening to us.


While we don’t like to bring up Black Ice, we have to know what’s happening in order to effectively deal with what is to happen. We offer you the following in this light: The Hour of The Time.


FYI, it’s looking like it might be rather WHOMP-y this week… er, month:


In case anyone’s had a bit of a headache today:

159 thoughts on “638: Path Choices ~ [UPDATE3]

  1. I second you J, on the sadness/madness of the so-called “news,” but mainly I’m chiming in here to thank the CATs for Updates 2 & 3, which I have employed as back up while explaining things, in my on-going planting of seeds to an old friend. I recently dreamt she and I were on a train turning at a big intersection in the city, heading away from “the big WHO building” — far far away, I trust. She’s not quite on board with me and my talk of energies and such, (and really, I’m holding back quite a bit on how I see this so-called reality) but she’s got a good heart and I’m sure she’s “on track” even if she doesn’t question MSM, and so many other things, just yet… I trust her guides, her process, her timing. OK, working on that, but, ultimately, I do trust the Big Picture. ~ All shall be well.

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  2. FYI, something… momentous… has happened with one of the CATs. We’re trying to figure out what it means. It’s nothing bad. Incredibly good, actually. Some things even take us by surprise.

    < CAT Eds.

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  3. Question please – is it really possible that the life I think I’m living and happenings, memories etc of those I live with are/can be totally different – things are weird and causing unhappiness around here – like maybe peoples perspectives are coalescing?? separately…
    I don’t know how to navigate this –
    Is anyone else experiencing this – if I was in anyway clear…

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    1. Sound right, We Are meeting on higher ground(is what I feel). A sine wave comes to mind, the troughs are the negs brought to the surface to be release w/Love. Though the trend “feels up. Have a Beautiful day/week/year. Peace.

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      1. CATs Eds – if you are referring to my question comment above – in re-reading it, it seems a phrase or sentence part is missing I didn’t catch on proof reading – this sometimes happens if my palm brushed the touch pad while typing – I can never figure out why and it aggravates me no end – let’s see if I can be clearer.
        Especially in relation with daughter interactions recently, what she relays of interactions and conversations with me or happenings of daily life are very different than my perceptions and recall of same time frames or recent activities… it’s getting quite disturbing, esp because of a past, because of the earliness of the abuse starting in my life and the extensiveness of it, it began being reviled in my 40’s that I was operating and perhaps had been my whole life as a quite extensive multi-personality or maybe successively supportive Omata members living this life – not sure I would have survived otherwise… –
        Now I don’t know if this is what is causing the different perceptions of life experiences and I’m having switches that cause memory dissonances or we are living on different concurrent timelines or some other thing unknown or as she also figures – I’m getting Alzheimer’s …
        I try to just go with whatever is her experience as I can’t argue or have any evidence otherwise, but I’m not sure how to live better with this happening – it’s getting worse, too…or more different between us lately and she has quite different memories of her childhood than I do – what I have left, that is…
        Any advice around what this all is and how better to cope through it; I would be grateful – if I’m getting demented well, I guess I’ll have to cope the best I can and accept – sometimes I feel a bit gaslit, but I don’t think that is happening, at least consciously by her – may be just a changing worlds thing??
        Any help would be appreciated…

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    2. Do you mean that what you have perceived to have taken place is different from what someone else is recalling?
      I’ve had a few instances/conversations with my husband over the past few months that would normally make me think I’m losing my mind – or that he is losing his – where we recall absolutely opposite things being said/done. It’s very bizarre but I believe it’s all due to our realities and time being in a transitional state, like a crossover of timelines happened at that moment. If that makes sense. And if that’s even what you’re talking about.

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    3. Hi ~Kg~ If I am understanding your description, I’d say ‘yes’. I have had multiple occasions now with my children where they reference comments or sometimes behaviors they remember me having, that I simply do not, or remember completely oppositely. It goes far beyond the common variation between viewpoints. It IS perplexing to navigate when they hold up a version of me I cannot recognize in the least! In my case, I consider it an up-close and ultra-personal example of the separation underway. And I agree with you, I’m not quite sure how best to handle this. Given the intensity, I know ‘it/ something’ is very near now.
      much love and company to you my fellow parent,

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  4. Good day. So what’s your take on all of this “plasma web” thing business going on?

    I’ve seen some videos of them “plasma web on the sun” or “plasma web all over a city” which really only looks like a camera technology problem thing with its reaction on a light source or maybe a wet camera lens; but then again it’s not raining.

    There’s also this sun “flashing” numerous times (“Solar Flash” hah) on the skies of Cancun and such like in these videos:

    The sun flashes doesn’t seem like a camera error, though it might just be the camera’s reaction to the clouds passing over the sun’s light; but then again I don’t have much technical knowledge on the workings of such technologies.

    I’m staying 50:50 belief-doubt as always, though I’m curious on what you think of these things.

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    1. Also give the videos in her channel a check as well, she has stuff like “black hole sun” and so on, and I do appreciate her skill of “spotting” E.T. motherships on the skies/clouds/around the sun that I unfortunately cannot make out from the video.

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    2. Right, we looked at the sun flashing thing. It looks pre-event, but isn’t as intense as what you may think. We get the filter or lens for that webcam magnified the brightness of the light; those flashes are there there, but not at the intensity this would lead you to believe. Still, it is pre-Event.

      < CAT Eds.

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  5. My guides have been telling me to get into cryptocurrencies, should I listen even though we won’t need money on NE?

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      1. Or perhaps it’s entities pretending to be my guides?
        Funny how you thought I was talking about finances, lol.

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  6. John Smallman from 2/6. Peace.
    [audio src="https://johnsmallman2.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/2021-02-06-jesus-audio-blog-for-saturday-february-6th.mp3" /]

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  7. I’ve been so busy but finally meditated.. I must do more!! That is my wish for new earth. Time to be for all of us and peace.
    Anyway, when connecting to new earth it was tiny and way off to the side.. and had a core of pink quartz like stuff and the surface was bathed in rainbow light. It was tiny and beautiful. The connection was a thick twisty golden cord. The old earth felt huge, close and very dark and cold with a cold blue core centre glow as usual. The contrast was very stark. I had no desire to connect to it. I was hoping the new earth would be closer. I’m not sure what this all meant but it was nice to see a new earth there.

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  8. On this 11th day of February in the Illusion year of 2021, I Will It Forth with My Creator Being Energies(and All that care to join in Harmony). That All Beings that have been hindered/obstructed from the Truth of the Illusion, Awaken, in a Benevolent/Compassionate/Harmonious manner. The Sleeping, Gently Awake, as The Blind begin to See. So Be It, So It Is! Peace.

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    1. There are huge fires wiping out large area of nature reserves on dartmoor and Bodmin moor in Cornwall right now. I remember you saying the trees which were lost in Australia and the South America and the wildlife was safe on new earth.. is this happening now here too?

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  9. For some time I had trouble meditating, I could not focus or my mind would be contemplating something or I would phase out completely as I went somewhere else, to different dimension or wherever ?

    But today, for some reason I was back in the zone, everything came back to place and I felt serenity afterwards 🙏

    Did something happened today, energy wise, well, it doesn’t really matter what, I am happy that it is/was 😉

    Perica ✨

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  10. I live close to Cancun and have seen massive chem trailing of the skies last week followed by a dense cover of geo engineered looking clouds. So i think its safe to assume there is something thing they are attempting to conceal- as i have never seen this in my 3 years of living here.


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