639: Numbers, Announcement ~ [UPDATE1]

What a crazy post this is.

First This…

We suspected this, but had to rule other things out first. It’s really nothing we didn’t already know. (And then there’s was something we REALLY didn’t know.) Anyway, you might recall the 10/20/30 slides we saw about 30+ days ago. We waited to see if it corresponded to a number of days: It doesn’t (so far). It’s also not a date. Here’s what it looks like so far:

As some CATs suspected, 10/20/30 refers to bands of 10 Hz each: 10 Hz, 20 Hz, 30 Hz. Note the above example.

  • 10 Hz: Chaos
  • 20 Hz: Less chaos, but still pretty chaotic
  • 30 Hz: Peace

We were shown the 10/20/30 slides to show us to keep our vibrations high through all this. As J (the commenter with the garden) noticed when his friend came over and was all about the vax and the “impeachment”… something was off with them. Indeed, this person is experiencing “reality” in the 10 Hz range. Both 10 and 20 Hz will “feel” things more intensely than those of us who are striving to keep our vibrations high. It’s those Black Ice anchors that can pull you back down into the soup… which says nothing for CATs’ use of metaphor.

Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

That’s it. Pretty simple, really. But wait, there’s more…

And NOW…

The CATs would like to offer our heartiest congratulations to ~AM… and his new bride. (!)

Believe it or not, ~AM was just “married”… to an Archangel. (She is no one we’ve ever mentioned, a feminine aspect of SOURCE; ~AM is her masculine SOURCE counterpart.) He was presented with a gift from this AA about a month ago… and then realized he knew her in each of his past dozen-plus lifetimes (probably more)… and the LOVE connection was so strong from both of them that… well, they didn’t know what to do with it, so… they did this. It was her idea! Yesterday, SOURCE “married” them at some level (more a fusion than a marriage).

This is fairly unique in the Omniverse, and totally unique to this planet. This is why we’ve had so many AA’s around our houses (they are literally her brothers), so this has been in the works for some time. It’s not a body thing, but a spiritual (re)combining… and it’s more than that. Anyway, this represents a new stage in human evolution, the bridging of SOURCE Extensions. (SOURCE LOVES that we’re creative.) This will be fully realized (and obvious) on the New Earth. Again, this is a spiritual union, joining two aspects of SOURCE back into one, from two who were split looooong ago. This is also part of the 10/20/30 (in terms of spiritual conditioning), but we’re not going to get into specifics.

A Little Later…

We had a look into this. SOURCE is 100% aware and supportive of what happened. Like SOURCE, Angels and spirits don’t have gender (neither do we), but they can have affinity for one another… and can combine, apparently. Love finds love. ~AM and his AA babe (sorry, she is) mesh completely… for good reason. And no, we’re not going to mention names. ~AM is recovering/integrating today, as his is a huge spiritual/energy upgrade. Might take him a while, it’s a lot to take in. Now we need to stock back up on boxes of kleenex. A surprisingly emotional day.


FYI, speaking of kleenex, we’re back on GAB, now. CAT10 talked us into it.


C’mon kitty!


~AM has informed us that THIS is what his new AA mate looks like… though she doesn’t wear a helmet and her wings are all white. Same smolder, though (when she’s on the job).

65 thoughts on “639: Numbers, Announcement ~ [UPDATE1]

  1. How wonderful for AM & AA…but that’s a new one on me.

    Was that sorta’ like the soul retrieval thing I’ve heard about? Or like the Dark Crystal movie where a missing piece, once restored, completes the ‘picture’.

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  2. Many joyous sparkling congratulatory love thoughts to AM and his/her soulpartner. That is so exciting. And a sign that we all (especially you CATs and Ms) are growing rapidly. MY partner and I feel we are pretty much bonded, although 3D keeps interferring. We’re working on that; I herd a group of growing spirits who are expanding but being sorely tested lately. Anyhoo, it’s party time in CATland!! xoxoxoxoxo ❤

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  3. AM, C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! ! ! And to The Cats, too – it would seem there’s even more “spiritual muscle” now available in the mix.

    And thanks, all, for the insight on the 10/20/30 – veddy interesting, indeed.

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  4. Oh My Sourceness! ❤️

    Congratulations AM and ArchAngel errrrm Loveliness?! That is so amazing and beautiful and well, has just made my day really, thank you for sharing that ❤️🙏❤️

    So where do ArchAngels go for their honeymoons? 🤔☺️ xxx

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  5. The 10/20/30-explanation makes sense – it’s really odd out there in a new kind of way..
    Some of those who were managable BlackIce’s earlier, have almost become manic about the current topics circling in the msm-media. Whatever the rest of us chooses to talk about, they constantly switch the topic back to the usual bla-bla-bla but in a really frantic way..

    Yet the thing that surprises me the most is that I don’t react to any of their attempts to lower the vibe in me/us. It’s not that I feel emotionally numb or anything like that – quite the opposite – but rather that it kind of ‘slips by me’, like it’s unable to grab a hold of me in any way. And despite their strange behaviour (like they’ve become someone else in a way) I feel perfectly calm in their presence – as if it was me that was in a sort of perfect control of the situation, yet the thing is that since the 22nd I’ve let go of any kind of attempt at managing Anything including me..

    And it’s not something that I’ve done consiously, as in making a choice or anything like that.. No, it just happened on it’s own – don’t know when & where – and how I became aware of it was because I realised that those who used to drain and pull me down regardless of my setup of protection, does’nt affect me anymore…(?!)
    Whatever…I keep on Hoping for them & Loving them with all my Heart. And I do hope that I am allowed to remain in this very calm and peaceful state of BEing. It is very, very relaxing…💖

    To Mr ~AM and Mrs ~AM – I am so happy for the two of you. Sending my best wishes of endless Love, Happiness and Joy to You💎💖💖💎

    Take care everyone💖🤗

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    1. I know exactly of what you speak.

      This political nonsense would have, in the past, had me apoplectic tirades.

      Now, not so much at all. Can see it all moving like its in. SloMo

      The masking and HCQ cruelty still riles me up a bit. But I see that as a good thing. We all need to be ‘impatient’ with these dehumanizing policies.

      overall, though, since the lights have come on, it is much easier to see the ugly piles in the road ahead and avoid them.


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  6. Oh ~AM! I am so happyyyyyyyyyyyyy for you!!! wow May you have many dozens more lifetimes together, now merged! PARTAY TIME!!!! cue music! cue banquet! dancing!

    love love
    < ella

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  7. Woohoo AM! Congrats big time. We’ll talk at some point. On another topic, the new plants were safely delivered today. They will reside in the garage for a bit until the weather moderates. Arctic air coming over the mountains w/offshore flow. Classic scenario of warm Pacific air overriding Arctic air at surface: results in lotsa’ snow. Seattle may get 6 or more inches, more farther south. Ugh! Keep those vibes high! Cheers <J

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  8. What a lovely uplifting post. Wonderful news for AM and AA. Melding and merging as one.
    I feel we will all be merging with the missing part of ourselves one day. Be it soon or at a far distant time. That longing to be reunited is always there – for me anyway – and for many others I think.
    The linking of 10/20/30 to the charts very much made sense and I had an “ah of course” moment.
    The bottom picture did make me laugh as the minute we try a harness on Luna cat she flops on her side and won’t move.💖💖💖

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  9. Congrats to AM! I one day hope I can get a spirit union like that too, sounds nice~

    Though it does seem a bit… Incredible, to have Archangels on speed dial. Not a lot of people can say that they married one, either.

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    1. Yes. This is why we don’t speak of these things that often. Our cup of extraordinary runneth over this lifetime. Still, we deserve it after seeing so much of the OTHER side of things. Those are images we will never share.

      There’s a reason why Angels LOOK the way they do, and wear armor.

      < CAT Eds.

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  10. O.M.G. What WONDERFUL news!! 💜💜
    So happy for you AM and AA Babe. 😉 This just makes my day. Happy Reunion to you both.

    (Those Archangels are somethin else, the little I have – or imagined I have🤔 – had the pleasure of their presence, Wow)

    All Love

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  11. I though ~AM was married to Gaia? I am pretty sure that was mentioned a while back, and he said she was “a babe” in her spirit form.

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  12. Congrats! That sounds like the reuniting of twin flames, soul mates, whatever you wanna call it . . . you started off as one, split apart, did your separate things, and are now reuniting after eons of being apart. ✨💖✨

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  13. If you don’t mind my asking… what do we do now? if there was a clear path to take, i’d take it. Do you guys see anything happening anytime soon? or a timeline jump?

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    1. We are waist-deep in The Illusion, trying to navigate our way. There are lots of timelines intermixing. It’s the CAT Consensus that we have to just take our time, be patient, and try to stay grounded. We’ll get through it. If we can drag ~AM away from his reverie…!


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      1. And dare I say, plant more trees, shrubs, and flowers! I got so excited when my new plants arrived today that I promptly ordered more. Way fun!!! Bigger Cheers <J

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  14. Hey, why wasn’t I invited?

    Congratulations, AM and Angel-babe!

    Your kids are gonna be awesome.

    Is there a reception?

    Mark ❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤

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  15. I think I dropped down to 20 Hertz for a few days, due to various things. I took some time out to bring my vibration back up and I could really feel the difference on the way back up, a suddenly clearing of the energy and return to peace and positivity, I could also feel the touch on my shoulder as they gave me healing which I was so grateful for.

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  16. So what kind of wedding gift do you get for Arch Angels? Heaven Registry? 😇

    Are gonna have to go shopping in the 5th Dimension? Is there a Crate n Barrel in 5D? Wow. So many questions.

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  17. hard to wrap one’s head around the happy news. happiness and love to them both. that reunion must be just joyous. love hearing it. thanks for sharing.

    all the best!

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  18. Congratulations AAB&AM, with a Wonderous
    Reception in J’s Garden on New Terra, if that Is suitable. Much Love in Peace.

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  19. Well, in a sense, the 10/20/30 thing DOES look like a number sequence, but then again there are indeed many ways to interpret one thing.

    As for me I’m taking my sweet time observing the happenings of the lower timelines/3D while I do my stuff,; it’s pretty interesting, but I suppose the real show starts during or after this impeachment thing. In either case, better not to get too caught up on any of these and keep striving for greater heights both spiritually, emotionally and mentally; don’t neglect training and keep learning–distraction truly is more insidious than obstacles.

    Anyway congratulations on AM and his Archangel bride on the “marriage” (or should I say, “Union”). This reminds me of unions between so-called Soulmates or Twin Flames; I was quite obsessed with such concepts way back when, but a friend of mine who can read Akashic Records did tell me I have dozens of souls qualified as “Twin Flames” and that’s where it hit me–intuitively I understood what she said: there’s really no such thing as-JUST TWO-individuals being Twin Flames and “meant” for each other in all of this eternity so much that they “shouldn’t” unite with someone else, but rather, individual expressions of Source uniting with each other to create something new; hence the occurrence of one soul having multiple lovers such as my past mentors and even I myself right now; love is awesome.

    Growing up as a teen in an occult/spiritual environment, souls, angels, gods, elves, dragons, even demons marrying and having children with various different types of souls/spirits (which are all aspects of Source anyway) is nothing new for me now, and I still think it’s one of the most beautiful unions out there (as above so below; as below so above) and can take on many forms: both incarnated souls being united romantically both physically and spiritually, or one incarnated and one is not and so on, then having new “soul children”, sometimes being invited to incarnate here on this Spiritual School–Gaia to begin their journey towards greater heights should they agree to do so despite the possible hardships.

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  20. ONEderful News Cats & M’s great validation for me. Congratulations AM 🙂 all the gridwork I did for the past 12 months has now come full circle … completion 🙂 without this completion we wouldn’t being moving to a higher level & yes it involved sacred union of divine counterparts. All divine counterparts who are in Union will have a new role to hold the higher frequency above 30hz 😉 this has been a long awaited re-union for it is the change we have been waiting for.
    We are about to exit with wings … I received this validation yesterday on face book regarding the split (exit) to the opening 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/carmelgerdsen.calmwater/posts/3633714206726049?comment_id=3633754980055305&notif_id=1613043931327536&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif

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  21. It’s a really nice feeling receiving genuine good news. This post is oozing with such happiness.

    Congratulations to AM and to his AA Babe (I’ll chime in too lol)!

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  22. Congratulations to AM and AA on your (re)Union
    Brilliant to have such wonderful uplifting news
    With love to all 💓💓💓💓💓💓

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  23. Congrats AM & AA….

    Love, Unity, and lots of Light, though I doubt you will need it… seems the light is off the charts with you two ❤

    ❤ kk

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  24. A Ditty for a Pretty Kitty:
    Get the feeling there’s a zing in the air… when AA Babe is there…. AM whooshed together close and she’s the one he chose… when they merged the Light Fantastic and made Unify Their Song…. It just felt right… AM and Babe belong!

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  25. Does this mean that AM (in his warmest generosity), will now be the ‘go to’ for helping those who wish to learn more about the Angelic realms?

    Not that I’m particularly bothered, but I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING!!! Pretty please…

    Mark 😇🍾🎉

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    1. Gift #2 for ~AM Funding package for Two Eyefulls Museum in the Rings of Saturn. Includes a repaired invisibility cloak (not pictured) – It’s invisible! I’m intending to publish a post on this delicious topic on Topside in the near future. Shout out to my Brother David Copperfield for the inspiration.

      Gift #3 for ~AM is another funding package. It’s for the Last of the Last Castles. It includes a pretty 1919 copper penny and is intended for another Topside post. Wait for it. It’s a doozy.

      Since ~AM sees all things from the end to the beginning, that’s the order He received the gifts. Time isn’t linear. But y’all already know that, don’t you?

      Remember, you heard it here first – you lucky cats.

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  26. Congratulations AM and AA!
    Cheers to your union! 💕😎😇✨
    What an amazing creation.

    I’ll have what they’re having, lol.
    This single girl could use some of those Love vibes! ❤️🌟🎉

    Maybe the 10/20/30 are percentages? Like 10% jump in one wave, another 20% join in a second pulse, then 30%, etc? And then that pushes critical mass of everyone?

    In the meantime I’ll just be focusing on zero point, transmuting as much as I can towards balance and Unity, and align myself towards the Progression of our Universe for the uplifting of all Beings towards Prime Creator. Be well everyone. Blessings of the highest order to all. ❤️🌟💎

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      1. What an amazing book that would be.

        It’s actually refreshing to see a wife waiting for her husband to be ready for a change… 🤣

        Please do not tell my wife about this comment.


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  27. Just a thought.I don’t understand everything that is shared on this blog.I try to take in what resonates. And still I feel at home. An example : Am I really talking to cats? Sometimes I wonder. Maybe it’s because I have not been here from the start.But nevertheless I love your company and humour. And all precious commentators .

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    1. Good question. The CAT thing comes from the fact that some of us were literally CATS from SPACE in our most recent lifetime, while others were (are?) lions, while others were trained by CATs at a special facility in the In-Between Life (near a star off Orion’s Belt). Some CATs are Pleiadians here for a human lifetime to assist, and some are super-advanced humans from long ago (Atlantean times). Given our Guides and SuperFriends (a total mixed bag of ultra-exotics) and now Archangels… we just use CATs as a CATchall. Such a CATastrophe. 😉

      <CAT Eds.

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      1. And, if I may ask, what does that make your readers? This is a fairly obscure blog that doesn’t really show up on google so I wonder what brought us all here in the first place? Were we guided here?

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        1. ~AM… has always been a bit of a puzzle. None of us were sure what his backstory was (because it’s so complex), but he has come a loooong way. He is part-Angel, part-human, part-ET… even he isn’t sure. (He’s going to have to go back and review ALL of it before the next step… whatever that is.) The way he’s being accepted back into the Angel fold suggests to us that he’s going to return to his Guardian duties, on the New Earth, him and his AA mate. And he has climbed up from the absolute lowest point up nearly to the highest. That said, no one is more humble about it than he. He didn’t want to mention any of this on the blog, but we felt that it was a good example, and a further explanation of what’s going on in this lifetime (for others). We are all here to aspire and transform. Every step for him has been a return to SOURCE. No one is more grateful than ~AM for this incredible lifetime denouement. We are all so happy for him.

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. AND… it should be noted that we are ALL surprised, every single CAT, at the sudden “Angel” turn we’ve all taken. Until six months ago, we’d never even met an Angel, let alone an Archangel — let alone FOUR Archangels! HOBs and ETs tell us all the time that the SuperFriends are even MORE exotic — to the rest of the Omniverse — while Angels and Archangels are like rock stars (fame-wise). CATs have been exceedingly fortunate in those we’ve been allowed to meet and get to know. It’s a little glimpse into what the New Earth is going to be like for those lucky enough to live there.


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  28. I could not be happier for AM and his other half. It reminds each of us that becoming ONE is possible, even with an angel. May they enjoy renewed union for eternity. Yesterday I had a wave of wondering what I could look forward to in my remaining years. I needed that reminder that anything is possible.

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  29. Wedding bells 😀🎷🎻🥁 This is such a beautiful story. I would have expected everything, but not such a wedding story. Wow! I am constantly surprised again and again by what we can make by being creative and falling in/following love 😉

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  30. Congratulations!! It is difficult to wrap my head around “marriage”, though, as I can’t get past the 3D connotation of it. I imagine it to be the most glorious reunion of two like souls/hearts – something I’ve longed for during this lifetime.
    I’m very happy you’ve found this connection, AM, and I know it will only make you more powerful than ever before. And we all need such wonderful news right now to continue to give us hope and encouragement.

    Unrelated question, CATS, if you don’t mind. Now that we seem to be on this justice timeline, even if it wasn’t what we wished for, should we spend efforts on meditating and rallying for justice to be served? Or should we continue to go about or business as usual and just watch things play out?
    I’m just kind of confused on what to do as I want live in high vibes and beyond 3D, but then there must be a reason I’m stuck with this justice timeline, and maybe that means I’m needed to meditate on a positive outcome???

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    1. “Magic Happens” – even on the Justice Timeline. It’s happening all around, and I think the timeline is getting a little confused over it all.

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  31. I keep hearing news there are children being rescued from underground caves/tunnels beneath the WH and Capitol. This is what the huge buses with blacked out windows are doing in the middle of the night in dc. True?

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  32. I have been wondering. You all have said that there are many millions of souls wanting and waiting to incarnate here. Dolores Cannon has said the same thing. Her books also say that one of the reasons suicide is considered so bad is because it takes a usable vessel away (sorry if I am not using the perfect terminology here). So with the PTW both killing people in all the different ways that they do and sterilizing people, aren’t they effectively violating the free will of both us as human beings and those souls that wish to incarnate here? And if so, aren’t there some sort of repercussions? Or help for us?

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  33. Congratulations AM and AA! A Source fusion. Love it! So glad you shared the good news with us. Love to all here!

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  34. CONGRATULATIONS AM for your spiritual union with your AA – a fusion made in Heaven and approved by GOD (sounds more poetic here with God instead of SOURCE, for once 😉)

    Wow! She waited 6M years for AM??? It’s already beyond my greatest imagination of such spiritual union is possible but of such Divine Love, no wonder you CATs needed to stock back on boxes of Kleenex!

    What a declaration of Love and Union for this Valentine’s Day! 💖💖💖

    And this is the MOST uplighting post of 2021 – Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

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