640: Jumps, etc. ~ [UPDATE1]



Another timeline jump, between 6 and 11 pm PST last night:

This jump has actually been going for some time…

…we were just waiting for the landing. We weren’t seeing any jump indicators elsewhere, until today.

And this happened a little while ago:

…probably from one of the previous CMEs.


This isn’t important, but look at the size of this Pleiadian ship near the sun:


BTW, did anyone have any “heart” dreams? One of the CATs (guess who) dreamt they had their heart replaced due to (future?) heart failure — because of too much energy. Guess who donated their heart to what CAT? Talk about a transformation.

She’s actually prettier than this. More wings, too.

Meanwhile, the rest of us…


There hasn’t been this much drama here for a very long time. We’re not going to say anything just yet, as the dust is still settling. This mostly involves CATs and AAs, but ~AM made a case to SOURCE (!) for the NE happening much much sooner. We want to powwow with ~AM and get the words exactly right, as we don’t want people being judgmental of SOURCE. This is never a good idea. (You may recall what the deadliest of the Seven Deadly Sins is.) Suffice to say that all is well.

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  1. Ker-splatttt! Waitin’ on the big-bad snowstorm. No gardening for me. Feel odd, weird, annoyed,hopeful, despondent, peaceful, resigned. . . . .Today is just? Happy Valentine’s Day AM, you rascal. New hearts all around. (And yes, I know that the 14th is actually V.D., but we could use a little heart now. To paraphrase that song about Christmas from the musical version of Mame) Cheers <J

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  2. I have to keep telling myself it’s not going to slow down.

    People are definitely feeling it by now, even if they have no clue what’s going on.

    I’m mostly floating upright, but I seem to have lost all traces of patience with negative energy, it either stops or I’m out.

    Here we go!


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  3. We got enough signatures to recall the California dictator! I just signed the other day and got a stranger to sign as well. What they will do with this I do not know but at least he knows he is not untouchable.

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    1. Out of the blue last night, my mostly Normie wife said “I think what we lost when we were kicked out of Eden was TELEPATHY. The circumstance where we can no longer lie and deceive each other. ”

      In effect, a universal translator. THAT would be 1) hard to get used to. And, 2) Glorious.

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      1. It’s right there, you “just” have to tune into it.

        More conscious in some than others, but we’re all doing it to some degree. I see words more as breadcrumbs to help direct attention, always did.

        Most brains are unfortunately too noisy to get a solid connection, but when it happens it’s awesome.

        So we all know, which makes the games we play very silly indeed.


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  4. not to be crass/krass or pg/r/x rated. but i feel my body feels like I want “IT” all day now. I’m not watching or reading anything that is getting my girlie motor running either. This is not an invitation to anyone! I just don’t know. maybe the kundalini. I’m about to jump out of my O skin all day. HAHAHAHAH

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    1. Yes, there seems to be a… hormone surge?… something like that, in lots of people the past few months. It’s def Wave X related. CATs have wondered if this is perhaps SOURCE preparing us for The SHIFT, though if that’s to come in 2025 we’ll all be crawling the walls by then.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. I was also thinking if my appendix surgery I had for a Christmas was also to remove essentially a weak part in my point, before the Shift, hmmmm ?

        Regarding heart, I did feel it florp from time to time lately, but it is not worrying me as would before, like it is now more ready to receive more intense energy flux, it feels more stronger in a physical sense, OK, I am now officially babbling 🙃

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        1. It’s all creative energy, the sexual component is just interpretation, not that it’s a bad idea in any way given the right context. With some effort it’s perfectly possible to channel the energy into other creative activities, by moving the energy up the spine (which, incidentally, is what happens in O as well).


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    2. duganknows,
      That happened to be just before I had a partial kundalini awakening. I did not know what it was at the time and it took years to understand it. A sexual release (while not having sex) that sent a electric/magnetic compression wave event through each chakra successively from base to crown. It was like a bolt of lightening which was ignited by recalling the feeling of unconditional love that I felt once in the presence of some HOB or angel. It continued for as long as I held feelings of love, compassion, gratitude in my being, but changed slightly with each feeling. Just in case it happens to you. Penny Kelly wrote a book about her experience which was too much, too soon.

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  5. I think I had a timeline shift last night.

    Dreamed I was riding my bicycle at a Burning Man-like event. Except the theme camps were real-life events going on with their own vibe. Like there was a “Black Lives Matter” theme camp and they were yelling and encouraging passers-by to get angry with them. But I was like, this is kind of boring and cycled off.

    As an aside, the burner community appears to be strongly pro-vax (most are from lefty parts of California so it’s unsurprising), don’t think I’ll be going anymore if shots are mandated.

    Anyway while this timeline slightly brighter than the previous one, I’m still socially isolated and recently had staring contests with the cats in my neighborhood. I think the stray cats can tell I’m lonely.

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  6. The spike corresponds with the earthquake that happened in Tajikistan. Roughly a half a billion if not more felt it in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajakistan. I had a dream in which a large plastic bottle stuck inside of me was removed. Felt energized and light after I woke up. Also, saw a bright meteorite as I was dancing under the stars tonight in S.W France.
    All in all things are building up fast. All stragglers like me are getting upgrades to get us through whatever’s coming.
    Much Love

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  7. I once had an experience in dream time that my heart needed to be worked on as it would not be able to withstand this incarnation and energetics unless it was repaired. The healers asked for permission and then went through my left ear to do the etheric surgery using golden thread. I woke with a quick sharp pain in that ear and sent thanks telepathically. So far, so good at 65 and counting.

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  8. Oh goodness that’s true love for you ☺️♥️☺️

    I haven’t had heart dreams but the last couple of days I have been guided to breathe deeply into my heart space in meditation. Such a strange but incredible filling imagining the heart filling with Source light in every breath in ✨

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Oh that’s strange, my first heart has come out black although I always click on the same red heart 🙄 Ooh don’t like that, its creepy!

      Much Love All 🙏❤️🙏

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      1. Lily,
        I like the color black, along with most every color in existence!
        white reflects all colors, black absorbs all colors…
        black is the void, the womb, whence all creation comes forth from.
        I live in what I call a “Crayola house,” with lots and lots and lots of colors throughout — but I often wear black clothing?
        Go figure? 🙂
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  9. Dang, what is up with all the Tower of Babel imagery? This is like the 4th image I’ve seen in the last 24 hours.

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      1. Yeah, I saw a picture of the new amazon “t.o.b.” in d.c. proposed to be across from the now defunct capitol building. They don’t give up. do they?

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  10. Cripes! We’re having a blizzard here in the “mild” PNW. You’d a thunk we were in the midwest. Fortunately the power is still on. I forsee another batch of lemon-icebox cookies in the near future. Other than that, I picked up a forced hyacinth bulb at the market the other day, so I have that heavenly scent flooding my room. New gardening books arrived so if I can’t be outside today, by gosh, I’ll be immersed in lovely garden pictures. Frozen cheers <J

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  11. Hello, All 🙂
    Here is a loving reminder of why & how to treat our family members, friends, and others who seem hell bent on diving head first into/onto the blackest of ice:

    It is colorful and more fun to read on her site, but here is the body of her sharing:

    Message from Yeshua on the World Affairs
    Recently I had a dream and interaction with Jesus that I wanted to share. In the dream, I walked outside and on the cross street in front of my house was this giant sink hole. It held boiling bubbling tar that reminded me of the tar pits that dinosaur were said to have fallen in.

    From every direction people were walking towards the pit. I watched in horror as they walked in without a care in the world. I started trying to stop the lines of people, warn them, rattle them, shake them. I was trying anything I could think of, but it was like I didn’t exist.

    My highest aspect came in and told me that there is nothing I can do other than allow each person to experience their own creation. She explained that if I were to jump in to the pit to assist another that I seriously risk getting stuck in the bubbling tar as well. She went further to say that the only time that assistance can be given is after one is able to crawl out of the pit. At that point, a hand can be given. I was then shown the image of two people walking hand in hand, not one pulling or dragging another.

    I then woke. As I reviewed the dream and it’s meaning I felt very unsettled. I decided to journey and went to one of my favorite spots, a beautiful rose garden.

    I was walking on the path, basking in the soothing scent of rose when I was joined by Jesus. He looked at me and said:

    “Do not get lost in the noise, in the chaos. The absurdity will grow, for it must, for people to see. Like a child acting out for attention, so too is the world acting out so that it may be healed.

    If you become angry at the child or play into the antics the behavior will only grow. Yet, if you sit quietly, gaze upon the child with no reaction and the full sense of your being, your very presence will provide the child with choice. The child may ask themselves “Do I continue to throw a tantrum or do I rest in the arms of the one that loves me and sees me fully.”

    This is the task now, to be the observer, to be the loving arms ready for when the tantrum is over. This is what is needed now to bring the world to presence.”

    I thanked him for his words and his very being helped sooth the anxiety I had felt from the dream. His presence helped soothe me and that is exactly what is being asked of us now. To come into our full sense of self, our true authentic self, as that energy is what can assist another. It provides them with a choice.

    I wanted to share this in case this understanding is needed to help ease any worry or obligation you may feel to the ones we see walking into the tar pit. It is not an easy time for those that can see the bigger picture, the bumps in the road or the pit falls. The only way through is by understanding that by allowing another to experience their creation, for good or for bad, is helping. Allowing is a form of Mastery.

    My guidance team has told me so many times: Softer lessons = Longer lessons. That when we try to soften the blow, the experience, it may mean that the person does not learn what their soul NEEDED them to understand, so the lesson must repeat. So many of us on this journey to self have had huge shake ups, things like health crisis’s, job loss, home loss, death of a loved one, relationships ending etc. What if the pain of those powerful, awakening events had been prolonged because someone was trying to save us from it?

    This does not mean that we can not have compassion for another’s journey, we can have great compassion by holding space, being present, and shining a light on a different path.

    I hope these words bring ease and understanding. Sending you all lots of love. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have supported and shared this work. It really means the world.


    Big Hugs
    Big Love
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Jenny ❤️

      Wonderful comforting words of wisdom, thank you, I have been struggling so much with all this, not knowing wether to send friends and family links to the truth about vaccines etc. I will leave it alone now, if anyone wants to take my hand, I am here but from now on will step back and let everyone take the path they choose. Seeds are planted at the very least but at the end of the day it is their decision to make and I must respect that 🙏

      I love the ‘Compass ions’ too, I think you have something there 😊

      Much Love & Light ❤️🙏🌟🙏❤️

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  12. Finger crossed 🤞 for a quicker path to NE described in Update1, if You need additional “signatures” or a vote, or a… , count me in 😉

    Perica ✨

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  13. I’m definitely feeling these jumps – I had to run some errands this morning (without my sidekick Rascal, sniff) and my temples felt really squishy, I really had to concentrate hard to drive and then put the darn mask on to go in each store.. I am SO sick of that. I was just realizing that in the dreams I remember lately, things are literally coming apart at the seams – like yesterday’s – I was sitting on my front porch roof, which in dreamland was on a busy main street filled with people – with my dog and a friend who was clueless, but the roof was literally breaking apart at the edge, very dangerous and all I wanted to do was get off that roof with my dog and go home – last week it was a dock that was disintegrating while I was on it. Life has pretty much been stripped bare for me lately. I live alone, have no friends that are awake and rarely talk to anyway, now no dog, not much interests me these days, it’s too cold and icy out to enjoy the outdoors, and I’m just feeling grumpy and bored. One bright spot tho, a few hours after Rascal passed, a bit of a song from the early 80s went through my head, sent I’m quite sure from Rascal -who could barely get up and down the last days – “Believe it or not, I’m lighter than air, never thought I could feel so free… flying away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be? Believe it or not, it’s just meeeeee” 🙂 Now that is something that has kept me going! STP indeed Cats, STP! Thanks for the updates and congratulations AM!!!

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  14. I heard a long ringing sound at 10:13 pm (+8). Thought ah, timeline jump. I woke up and checked the blog. Confirmed.

    No heart dreams but signs are everywhere.lol

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  15. Happy High Vibe LOVE day to All 🙂 I had a dream about a house I have seen before, its not my house I am generally passing but I kinda know the person living there. It is an old style home showing its age externally & internally. Well to my surprise I just happened to be passing that home again so I stopped to have a look, the outside was still old but when I peeked thru the window I was amazed it had all been restored & freshly painted white. I was kinda in awe thinking how lovely it looked & how happy the person must be living there 🙂
    good sign … althou nothing looks different from the outside something has definitely shifted on the inside.

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    1. I too had a dream last night that myself and others ( more than expected) had crossed the finish line of a difficult race. Tired and dragging but happy.
      HVD to all!

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  16. “AM made a case to SOURCE (!) for the NE happening much much sooner.”

    Yeah, I hope he wins his argument. While Source is twiddling its thumbs, people are suffering under the effects of the PTW.

    Aside from watching someone try to steal my car today (and failing)…

    My parents have decided to take the shot. I told them about people dropping dead from side effects and they’re like “Oh, only a few thousand out of millions.” Since it was no use convincing them otherwise and they’re already making appointments, I told them to make sure they had a will ready.

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      1. Lol, when I read the word “case” I imagined kittens dressed as lawyers meowing their court arguments in front of a judge, not angry arguing 🙂

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    1. I understand how you feel, Elemental.

      All I can offer you, is we must keep our faith. It’s all we have left in this farm of insanity…

      Mark ❤🙏

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    2. More like Source is patiently finding the best way for everyone,
      despite the obstacles we insist on putting in our way and the pain we insist on feeling, collectively.


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  17. Just thought I would share something. I was having a bath the other night and heard very clearly a clock ticking. There is no clock in the bathroom, the nearest clock is a small battery alarm clock next to my bed but that is pretty much silent unless you hold it up to your ear!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. To add to your story ❤ Lily, few days ago I heard water sound, similar to a creek flowing, not exactly, but I do not have a better example, but I was in my bedroom with closed window and no creek anywhere near my house.

      Also, I heard birds singing, again with a closed window ?!

      Sounds from a NE ?

      Perica ✨

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  18. Congratulations AM! I said to my sister ( who is a ardent reader/enthusiast of this blog!) before I read the announcement of AM and AA’s marriage…… I bet the momentous something having to do with a CAT has to do with AM and maybe he has started to really grow angel wings!!! I guess I was in the general ballpark!

    Thank you for the update and clarification of the 10 -20-30 significance…..I must say I’ve skated on the black, black ice recently with my husband and am back ” climbing up that mountain again “, as Lily has so eloquently said. I vow to put my STP hat on firmly again and not let some of those nasty breezes blow it off and get back to my regular run/walks down by the ocean.

    Thank you again CATs, M’s and AM for all you do and have done for humanity on this planet.

    Much Love

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  19. Black Ice, I know, but I couldn’t help but smirk at this interview. More people need to put the media in their place for all the crap the push unto us.

    The difference between sterile political rhetoric and the search for Truth is as clear as day in that video.

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  20. May I please ask for light pours – if you feel it is appropriate – for my family members – my daughter was taken by ambulance, I assume to the hospital a while ago (she did walk out to it herself with the two EMTs) – there was a lot of yelling and emotion and words that probably shouldn’t have been said amongst them earlier – I think my daughter attempted severe and maybe permanent self harm- her partner threatened to leave – he has before- may have been the worst day to do it – she hasn’t been sleeping or eating, if rarely…

    I don’t feel heaviness about it – it may get her the help she needs or wake another certain person up, but if it is felt correct to do may there please be supportive energies sent this way? I haven’t felt the call for extensive things myself or maybe that’s what all the silty water traveling down through beautiful extensive stone channels in lovely mountain scenery dreams were about last night??
    thank you,

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  21. A gift of music for AM & AA Babe… 🎵🎸💛

    Side note…the song works for a romantic couple as well as for people everywhere…it has a, ‘We are the World 🌎’ vibe to it if you close your eyes & just listen to the music 😉……so in a way…this song gift is for everyone that hears it 💚…cause WE (All of us together) are Better Together! 😄😂

    btw…the guitarist is Ted Turner (rated one of 10 Best Guitarists’ in the world by Rolling StoneMag)…listen how he blends the guitar to Majella’s voice. …ahhh swoon… The whole album, ‘Better Together’ is really good!

    Next on the hit parade a version of, ‘Amazing Grace’ by Ted & Majella…

    PS Thank you AM & AA Babe for leading…it gives me hope that if you guys could figure it out…then the rest of us can too! ❤️😺🙏

    Happy Valentines Day Ya’ll! 🌈 May rainbows be in our future, Love, good food, health & NE family, sooner than later! 🙏🙏🙏

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