641: Drama, Curtains, Ladders ~ [UPDATE]

Good grief.


We can’t talk about what’s been happening, as it’s a private matter — a private spiritual/CAT family/Archangel/SOURCE matter… but it couldn’t have been any more serious. (We’ll tell you one day.) All ended well, but it’s been CAT DRAMA ISLAND here the past four days, wow. We’d drink if we were allowed. ~AM might be the first living human to ever stick up for an Archangel before SOURCE. (~AM said that SOURCE is like looking up into a neverending selenite crystal cavern, INFINITY in all directions.) This was the biggest thing we’ve been involved in; even the Archangels hereabouts are treating us differently (they went from reserved-friendly to positively chummy). All ended well, as we said — very well, actually. You’ll have to trust us on the content, as it’s technically none of our business… but the Romance Meter was positively off the charts. Talk about a Valentine’s Day triumph. Relating what happened would take too long, and the margin for word misinterpretation so high as to make it impossible to relate without speaking to you directly.

Anyway, there are two actual things we can talk about:

Goin’ up.


We’re seeing more “ladders” in meterage, thus:

The above “ladder” structures are both timeline adjustment and opportunity for advancement, esp. in the 20-30 Hz realm. We strongly encourage folks to meditate at this time and keep their vibes high.

There was also this:

These were just jumps. We were awake for all of them.



That’s right, it’s curtains for you. (For you non-english speakers, that’s old slang for ‘you’re gonna die.’ And yes, we’re kidding.)

Lots of CATs had dreams/visions about being in a theater prior to a performance, with the CURTAIN prominent. The curtain was DOWN, but the feelin was that it could go UP at any moment. Some of us even tried to pull the curtains open (or UP?) ourselves (via thick golden cords), but the cords and curtain wouldn’t budge. At least the usher hasn’t thrown us out, yet.

Basically, it seems we’re close to something really happening that we can point at without looking like weirdos. Or not. This and the fact that we’re seeing “Tower of Babel” references all over the place seems equally auspicatory. One of the CATs spontaneously used this image in our last post:

Get ’em, kitty.

Speaking of that… here are some related images from the past few days:


Perhaps we saw the curtain because it’s time to wrap this blog up. We’re going to have to rethink how public we make what we do.

9 thoughts on “641: Drama, Curtains, Ladders ~ [UPDATE]

  1. That last cat photo got me. I love it. I actually picked a cat last year for the first time since I was a kid. He looked almost just like that, except his mustache was on his nose and it was kind of crooked. I called him snoot. He went missing a few weeks ago and I have been heartbroken as well as my daughter and even my dog. 😢 in fact, he was born just after you guys said we would be getting guides at the beginning of 2020. I did blame you guys for me wanting a cat, but reality was he was a cute toot. 😘

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  2. Crikies youse ALL. I almost messaged you privately to query you on whas’up. I have been feeling it. Last night was particularly rough. Awake every 2 hours or so. Phew! It’s funny, I was glum parts of yesterday and today, but something lifted a bit ago and voila! This new post. So thanks, Gang! AM , good job! Cheers <J

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  3. I had a sense the light is unable to mix with or reach the old earth it’s too big and dark now and the light is rising in unison. The metaphor of oul and water seemed real. The light was quickly movingtowards the new earth which is closer and more accessible. Still a huge centre which reaches the surface of pink and intensely bright rainbow surface. It was so bright on the surface I couldn’t see anything at all, so bright it was blinding. Loads of souls rising connected coming forwards. I don’t think my energy matches yet or I would be able to see past the dazzling intensity. But more are rising as one to travel there and coming up behind as I reached back it felt like many were coming as we were all connected. I hope so x

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  4. As I was helping My nephew move a dryer today he mentioned something about the Babel. Not clear, if it was the tower or the book. A Wonder Full week ahead for All. Peace

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  5. The image of the ladder leading to the blue sky reminds me of one of my earliest guided meditations with my meditation teacher. We rose as a group towards a locked trap door, pushed the heavy door up and open, and stood on the grid/Indra’s grid surrounding the Earth. Had fun today trekking around the ankle deep snow in my back yard, planning out future garden improvements; it’s delightful to see the paths etched out in snow. Can’t remember the last time I was silly like that in snow…❄️❄️☃️

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  6. P.S. You really can’t grasp the scale of the witchhazels. The tallest ones are about 16-18 feet tall. Poor perspective. You have to walk among them to truly grasp their presence so. . . .take this as an invitation. (lattes and lemon-icebox cookies might be served.) Wintery-spring’s a commin’ cheers. <J

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