654: Odds and Ends ~ [UPDATE3]

This and that. Nothing major, but… are we there, yet?

  • This is being billed as a “satellite destroyed.” It’s actually a ship fly-by, along with debris from… something.
  • Lots of people asked and… we don’t want to get into it too much, because it’s very distasteful… but that black eye/vril thing is accurate. Do a search for whatever celebrity/politician with their name and “black eye.” This is the source of all those “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” movies. Super creepy.

(That’s Debbie Harry, btw.)

Remember those weird cigarette ads from the ’70s?

  • Speaking of masks (masks? what masks?), a big batch was indeed found with parasites that look and act very much like the black eye thing above. Yuck. Avoid.
  • That container ship was stuck in the Canal intentionally. The captain found out about the kids in the shipping containers on his vessel and he decided to give the PTW a big middle finger; he purposely did this to expose some of the corruption. Now all international media have cameras turned on this situation, to show the whole world who owns that ship, and what’s in its shipping containers… if they show it. Stay tuned. Easter surprise?
  • Lots of people are reporting weird knee and back pains. We’d say it’s the energy but you’re probably tired of hearing it.
  • Speaking of aches and pains, a fresh set up of upgrades are in process (no, really), unique to each individual; the first part is done at the new moon, with the next stage starting after that and leading to the next full moon. While the above is interesting, it’s only worth a passing glance, brought up only so you’ll be able to help others should the need arise.
We’ll be hanging out on the hood of this car meditating till something happens.


Sorry, we were seeing two things in this pic:

There’s an ET ship that you can’t see that’s keeping an eye on the VISIBLE ship in this still from the video. This visible ship belongs to the U.S. military. (Note: The military ship destroyed something an that’s a melange of debris and ships. That whole thing isn’t one big ship.)

None of this matters, btw. We bring this stuff up so you’re aware of it and can then dismiss it. Meditation and raising vibration/Ascension continues to be the order of the day.


FYI, earth magnetic field just got pinged (at 9:22 am PDT). Also, several CATs got ZAPPED by “muted SOURCE lightning” energy last night. We’ll let you know what that means if we ever figure it out. In the meantime…


This is a real image: