653: Welcome to WWIII, Already in Progress ~ [UPDATE2]

You’re already in it, but don’t panic. There’s a way to do it properly — and a way to win quickly.


World War III is a spiritual war.

The Light is winning… but there’s a back-and-forth trench warfare stalemate that’s delaying things. If you’d like to keep doing this for a loong time, then please, do nothing. If you’d like it to end and for your new life to start as soon as possible, then get up out of that trench and get to work, Maurice.

What To Do

Do what we’ve already harped endlessly about:

Meditate. Raise your vibration. Do things to keep your vibe UP. Then… go out and share it, out into the world (we’re saying this to CATs, too). Be kind to others. Be funny. Lighten the mood. Enjoy yourself. Plant a tree. Buy someone a coffee. Wear a funny hat. Revisit the omata meditation concept. Dress in period costume…

Well, it seemed like a good idea.

…but don’t force it. Go with the light flow.

What NOT To Do

Wallow in MSM dreck. Wait for things to happen. Use social media. “Trust the plan.” Stay the course. Thousand points of light. Enough of that crap.

As Saratoga Ocean recently said, suffering and death are not spiritually necessary… so why are you watching them on every alternative news site? Why watch for signs that it’s going to end? Make it end… by ending it.

Saratoga also said that the biggest obstacle to Ascension is our belief that suffering, pain, and death are spiritually necessary. That’s true, but the other biggest obstacle is waiting for something to happen. Don’t ‘watch the show,’ BE THE SHOW. Get up on that spiritual stage and hang your energy cheese in the wind. (That sounded a lot better in our heads.)

Enter the Mantra

As Da-da mentioned on Saratoga Ocean’s site (and in our previous post), it’s time to dust off “the mantra” again:

We could all take a page from Brother J’s book, “A Course in Miracles” (acim.org) and use the following mantra on everyone we know, or can see, or have seen, or with anyone you’ve had past experience with who you can see in your mind’s eye. Think of them, or look at them and say (silently): “You are perfect immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” This actually creates a miracle every time you use it, healing minds without people even realizing they’re healing. All minds are YOUR mind, since you are a part of ONE. Try it.

~ A Man Called Da-da

Use this on anyone you see, anywhere. Remember: You only have to use it once per person. (SOURCE has a good memory.) We’re not sure if you can use it on groups, but if you experiment with this, try to… mesh-pinpoint?… everyone within a certain radius of you. You’re connected to everyone and everything, after all, so this gives you an opportunity to practice and deepen that connection — AFTER you G+P (Ground + Protect) really well, of course. This will be explored in a new way very soon (in a future post).

Between this, our individual dream missions (which, for those chosen, are unique to the individual), meditations, and general Ascension will help push things over the top. We also have HUGE help coming in from the cosmos.

We’d set up a Group Meditation for all this, but the PTW are good at thwarting those; in fact, they LOVE to have us use certain dates so they know when to shore up the black art ramparts; they esp. love swooping in afterward when you’re tired and you’ve let your guard down. No, it’s best we do this guerrilla style: hit fast, hit often, hit unpredictably. In a loving way, of course.

More loving than that.

Spiritual Guerrillas

Spiritual cat guerrillas? We don’t mean to adopt a true ‘guerrilla’ mindset, but certain aspects map well to spiritual purposes. The main thrust of guerrilla action involves the use of small, mobile forces (that’s you) against a large, unwieldy force (of people who are your brothers, don’t forget)… but in a friendly, spiritual way.

Meditate: Be of service to your higher self. Mantricate: Use the mantra on anything that moves, even the crews of chemtrailing planes. Levitate: Stop using your shoes so much. (Yes, we’re kidding. No one levitates at this density.) Do something fun, or failing that, something you enjoy that’s not illegal. Be of good cheer. To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to change often — and change unpredictably upward.

Anyway, you get the idea. Stiff upper lip. Backs to the wall. Love ’em if you got ’em.

“Dunno why, but I’ve had cats on my mind all day…”


M3: “The only other things I would consider adding are to embrace the summer sun (Vitamin D, among other benefits), to be in nature, and to focus on living clean and healthy (detox). Those things will help with vibration, too.”


Sorry, folks. CATs voted and the majority have moved to turn the comments back off. It’s a distraction, and frankly we don’t have the time or the energy to monitor them.

87 thoughts on “653: Welcome to WWIII, Already in Progress ~ [UPDATE2]

  1. Very grateful for these observations. Thank you! I, too, have been taking Saratoga Ocean’s messages to heart of late. Oh, yeah, thank you Cats for hanging with all of us, still! Blessings to all of you!

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  2. I’m behind you all the way, CATs. Not sure why, honestly, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s a lot easier to ignore the black ice and staying light-hearted almost all the time, so all I’ve been doing for the past few weeks is riding that pleasant wave UPwards, while simply being me. There is actually a lot to enjoy in this world if you let go of all of which doesn’t serve you.

    So my message to everyone else is, don’t get distracted with alt-news or dreary crap, just focus on living the best way you can, and chill out. Be that friend, that lover, or that family member someone needs, especially right now. And do all of this with SOURCE in mind. If someone like me can do it, anybody can.

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  3. Yes, it was about a time, and by that I meant to reactivate the comments, but also for some spiritual war, yeah, let’s do it together, but guerilla style ✨

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    1. I forgot to add it, just few days ago I was at doctor waiting room with my older son for some check up he wanted to do, and between all the others waiting there, there was one guy from which I could sense a kinda spiritual threatening posture in a way, so I turn on my light and show my wings, that guy quickly went away, it was amazing feeling to show them we are here ✨

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  4. Yay comments are back! I just want to share that 2 nights ago I saw a LOT of activity in the night sky – apparently there was a blue meteor in my town as well later on that night that I missed – but here is a video of exactly what I saw here in the northeast just after dark:
    as well as a ship really high up above them twinkling their way across the sky. Magical! 🙂 Also been a lot of military helicopters going over which is not normal where I live. Things be happening!
    Hope everyone is doing well – I am except I had to have my 12 yr old dog put down and am trying my best to keep my spirits up – I miss that tail thumping morning wake up, and now there’s no joy coming home from work anymore, just stillness.

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  5. Well, I’ve been doing a bit of all, but mostly my fallback (go to) position has become whenever i catch myself worrying, being horrified (yet again), thinking about what a jerk so and so is, etc etc I SAY A PRAYER, meaning I breathe in/envision Source Love around that person, situation, place, group, thought form, omniverse, etc….and…i have learned to include myself! Becoming a constant prayer bead. Well, I’m still a work in progress.

    Thanks for the reminder about the mantra for that same kinda purpose, for ALL the reminders.

    And yeah, Saratoga Ocean’s msg about pain and suffering rang so true.

    All Love

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  6. Thank you CATs, I was missing the comments but it sort of helped in a way, to go inwards a bit more and delve around in there, has helped in ways I cannot explain!

    So with the Mantra, would it be a bit much to try the entire population of the planet in one go? I did have a go funnily enough before I saw this post and it did feel like I had taken a rather large ‘bite’!

    Hmm, like kt111 I have seen a lot of activity in the sky (stars that start moving with green and amber lights and then stop and hover for ages) and just this afternoon a black helicopter went really low right over my roof!

    Lots of Love ALL, we can do this! 🙏❤️🙏

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    1. Oh, forgot to mention, I woke up this morning with the image of a large white craft in my head, a bit like the millenium falcon from Star Wars but more of a long rectangle, more angular…

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  7. Oh, youse ALL know the real deal! I say a hearty Har! to one and ALL. Spent a lovely spring day with Gardener today doing the final grading in the new area. I must say, it took forever to get to this stage. About half the azaleas and rhododendrons are in the ground. Fiddly bits to soon follow. Bulbs are beauticious. Brilliant blue iris reticulata Harmony are about done. Wow! Thousands of brilliant blue flowers carpeted the ground in waves. Chionodoxa sardensis now starting followed by erythronium Pagoda. . . it just goes on And on. Ahhh! The joys of life and flowers and spring, and wee birdssss. Cheers! J

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  8. One thing that is stopping me from being farther along is my household always watches the media and talks about it. Also, in the place I work I hear the news and mind-control music a lot.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, been struggling to meditate for long periods recently…Can only seem to do 10min, though it sometimes feels longer…

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    1. Kamagawa, if my family watched the media at all times, the only thing that might work with them would be to try to set certain “TV times” and it would be off otherwise. Perhaps see if you can get your own space for frequent quiet time to be away from TV sounds and conversations about the news.

      But your workplace, that’s a tough one. Perhaps ask the manager if the news could be changed to music from Pandora (for example) instead of the drivel that is usually on TV screens at businesses.

      With meditations, don’t give up. Keep at it with no expectations. Even if you think you are not doing it long enough, just do it without judgement.
      love love
      you siStar

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    2. Kamagawa,
      I can certainly empathize with you!
      When he is here, he insists on having the news on, or morning tv, or talk tv, or all the screaming-at-each-other shows, that he and his extended family believe every word.
      I am surrounded.

      Oh, I have shows that I enJoy, too, later on in the day or evening… the BBC show “Escape to the Country,” and “Death in Paradise” are fun. I love to see all the natural Beauty!!!!

      Otherwise, when he is away, I LOVE the silence — which is actually quite full of sound! 🙂
      Especially here at the farm…birds, horses, dog, cats. Also, A LOT of inexplicable mysterious noises and sounds? SO many mysteries!!!! 🙂

      To assist me in maintaining center and being in my Heart, when it gets so challenging, I play a youtube Solfeggio frequency 528hz in the background.
      I listen to it before I go to bed as well.

      Bees buzz at 528hz, as does chlorophyll, as does the center of our Sun and so much of Nature!
      The 528 hz frequency cleans water.
      Musicians can heal the planet when they tune A to 444 Hz, which coincides with C at 528 Hz.

      All of the beneficial frequencies are very supportive to our well-being, to Life!!!!

      Useful Frequencies:
      174 Hz – Foundation of Conscious Evolution
      285 Hz – Acceleration of Conscious Evolution
      396 Hz – Liberation of Fear and Guilt
      417 Hz – Facilitating Change
      528 Hz – Love, Transformation, and Miracles
      639 Hz – Connecting Relationships
      741 Hz – Consciousness Expansion
      852 Hz – Awakening and Strengthening Intuition
      963 Hz – Transcendence

      Have Fun exploring 🙂
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  9. Great post! Funny thing is, as I was driving to work this morning I was thinking about being in WWII. I’ve always felt I was an active participant in WWII in a past life, so I loved seeing your references this afternoon. (Always have wished I could figure out what my role was. I just know the war wasn’t about what we’ve been taught in history books.)
    Anyway, nice to have a reminder we’re thinking along the same lines and are on the right track! … and nice to have comments back on to see how everyone is doing!

    So sorry kt1111 about your pooch! Just found out this week mine has kidney disease. I lost one dog last September and a cat a year ago, so I know how painful it is to miss them.

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    1. Thanks VonKitty and sorry about your losses… hope your lil buddy gets better real soon!!!!


  10. Thank you CATs, Ms and ~AM! I love your humorous posts and am grateful for your guidance. No time to watch dreck when working through ACIM! These lessons are mind-benders!

    I have been forgiving every situation and every one that comes across my path that makes me feel less than super awesome, old memories that come up, anything that happens, but I will add all people I see, know, come across as well. Thank you for the tip. We need to get out of our insane minds and back to sanity!

    love and light to all in the room and in the universe :heart:
    your sister

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    1. Ella,
      Check out this lovely lady who gives a channelling of Jesus after each lesson. I found it very helpful to fill in the blanks. Glad to see the band back together.

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      1. Cay, oh my, thank you so much for bringing Tina Spaulding into my life! I am on #76 “There are no laws but God’s” and still struggling with it after 2 days. Her video helps but there is still resistance. Like, what do I do with the illusory tax “deadline” coming up? I love it, that I am even thinking in this new way.

        love love

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      2. Cay, oh my, thank you so much for bringing Tina Spaulding into my life! I am on #76 “There are no laws but God’s” and still struggling with it after 2 days. Her video helps but there is still resistance. Like, what do I do with the illusory tax “deadline” coming up? I love it, that I am even thinking in this new way. 🙂

        love love

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      3. This is priceless! Be sure to check out the 40 Days and 40 Nights with Jesus, taped last fall so very timely. The Ascension Series is Jesus’ current commentary, started in January of this year. All these are available for free on YT. On her website she’s begun a video series of the ACIM text with Jesus commentary but that will be a long while before they’re completed! I’ve found all these to be a tremendous help for keeping my vibe high and reigning in my monkey mind. And if you haven’t yet begun ACIM, these are IMHO absolutely essential for understanding the content and applying it in today’s world.

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  11. What a timing this is.. I just finished watching Saratoga Ocean’s video where Da-Da made his comment, and then went back to scroll through the new posts in my reader before I head off to bed.. And there you are, CATs💖 with a new post💖 in which We/I can write back to you💖 YAY!!😻

    On it – high-vibe-guerilla-style it is✨

    Take care everyone🤗💖

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  12. Hi all hope you are all doing great, J how is the blossom up where you are? I bet it looks fantastic. Sending you all sparkling pollens of uplifting energy.

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  13. The only other things I would consider adding are to embrace the summer sun (Vitamin D, among other benefits), to be in nature, and to focus on living clean and healthy (detox). Those things will help with vibration, too.


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        1. Yes, I totally agree. Whenever I have wine, I feel I open a door to ‘something’ unpleasant, I do not think it is a coincidence that I see and feel entities around us, on Elsie’s monitor, I realise now, being totally honest with myself I owe it to Elsie and to myself to quit this habit. Heck, I don’t actually even enjoy the taste, it’s almost as if I have programmed myself to think, okay Saturday night, I can have some wine and some nice snacks as a treat to aleviate any stress. But, of course it only makes things worse as I feel rubbish the next day and it almost always secures a visit from something unpleasant, so not a treat at all…

          This is the first Saturday evening without a glass of wine in a long time, I am having tonic water with a slice of lemon instead. This is something I have tried many times before and failed so please send a little strength my way, I really want to succed this time!

          Love & Light ALL

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  14. ACIM excerpt…

    “In this world you need not have tribulation because I have overcome the world. That is why you should be of good cheer.” – Brother J

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  15. Welcome back everyone 💓💓. I have found it useful to have the time and space to just be ‘me’ and trust my instincts although regular contact with NewLynn has been wonderful

    Kt I’m so sorry to hear about your loss💓💓

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  16. Thanks CATs for the update. I am like so many, I missed being able to post, but it gave me lots of time to reflect.

    Kind of curious if you all know if they sprayed us with something in Northern CA around Tuesday / Wednesday this week? I noticed a lot of people I know came down with allergies / sinus infection quickly. Myself included which is rare based on my supplements. I actually woke with my throat hurting, which never happens.

    Another question if I may ~ Last night, (Thursday) I was having some weird issues. Hard to explain completely, but it was like vertigo but not exactly. I had some room spinning type of things, seemed like I was drunk and I wasn’t. But my vision most of the time looked like a film on a reel when it is messed up and images jerk around…. I was well hydrated. Didn’t make sense except maybe sinus pressure around my ear. Any idea if this is serious? Glitches in the matrix? Blurring between timelines?

    Things are calm, other than my soon to be ex is moving out and I may be moving to a new home. Change change change….

    Lots of new higher vibes pushing play in my life.

    Abundance and blessings to all… Spring is bountiful!!


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    1. They are spraying all the time. Some Northern CA city council has even secretly agreed (for money, and other bs reasons) to allow their town to be sprayed by extra-virulent things. Seems like it’s around the Sebastopol area.

      where were you when you had the dizzy spell? We had some funny timejumps around that time, too. Plus, lots of people are going through lots of upgrades. Still.


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      1. Sebastopol would never go for that. They are the Greta Thunburgs of the county. And I mean that in a good way. Maybe a surrounding town, not Sebastopol. I have faith in Source and the legendary updrafts of the Sonoma Valley to keep those chem trails away, far away.

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      2. I was at home when it started yesterday around 6pm – midnight when I finally went to sleep. It felt like a degauss type of thing. I think there was a timeline looking jump on the chart.

        I started thinking about ACIM and how the illusion isn’t real, because it definitely looks quite fake with that going on.


        ❤ kk

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  17. Life Is A Garden, or Is It, the other way? Love Is knocking at the door, A BIG HUG w/only the Best for All. All Inclusive, All Is Forgiven & Released. Peac3.

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      1. That is Belle, daughter of Minky. Very sweet/quiet/cuddly. Great to hear from You girls. Peace.

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  18. Just curious… I was forced to take a cv test early last year. How do I know if I’ve got nanites in me or have had my dna changed?

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  19. Hmmmm, I have a problem with Saratoga Ocean latest video, but it is not isolated only to that video, so much that I subscribed and unsubscribed like 3-4 times, and that happened today after watching that latest video from today 😣

    She is mentioning a lot AI, which to me doesn’t check up, but in today’s video she specifically used the term “Alien Intervention” to describe the AI acronym, and not “Artificial Intelligence” as You may think when You hear that AI acronym, I think that was not by accident, that was probably the goal for pushing that AI term in so many of her videos, but what that described to her was really only said today (maybe also in some earlier video ?), at that point my alarm went on and I felt actually subliminal message coming from her story, but that inner feeling also explained why I unsubscribed so many times, it was that inner feeling each time, so this time, I am unsubscribe for good !!!

    I know that CAT’S are lately favoring her opinion, but I felt something wrong even the first time I checked her channel, but today was a turning for me ✨

    This is only my opinion based on the vibe I got from her videos, I maybe wrong, but that is how I feel about her, even I left a long comment on her recent video, that still do not change how I feel about her channel, specially after watching her today video in which I felt some subliminal programing coming from that video, and not the good one (if good programming exist at all) ✨

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    1. Ooh comments are back!

      Hi Perica, I feel the same way. Initially I was hooked on Saratoga Ocean’s YouTube, looking forward to her new videos every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday! But something felt a bit off, she started dissing the “New Age” movement (specifically Dolores Cannon and Law of One) but doesn’t realise she’s part of that same movement. She says she channels a group of beings named “Telstar” (not sure how it’s spelled) but my intuition is like…meh.

      Most importantly I don’t feel the happy “good intentions” vibe that I get from Allison Coe or Laura Withworth, or even Blossom Goodchild (as wrong as her predictions are).

      I did pick up on the AI terminology and the alien/artificial mix. I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed and repeated again too! Glad I’m not the only one who feels the same way.

      She’s not totally wrong though, the “you don’t have to suffer” part is good advice.

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      1. Hi Elemental, I am glad that we are all here again after I may also said, a welcomed brak 😉

        I did left the comment on that no need to suffer video as I agree with that way off thinking, even now I am still not sure that it is not the way how things really work, maybe we are soo old, ancient that we have to experience everything, both sides of the coin, but I do not have to agree with that concept, do I ✨

        I started following her only after I saw that CAT’S posted a link to her videos few times, and as I trusted there discernment, I started following her, but also feeling resistance after almost every her video, soo I decided to unsubscribe one more time, I think the last one for her channel ✨

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        1. With thought processes like this, you’re going to go back through another experiential loop. Again, to recap Saratoga Ocean’s latest messages:

          -Take full command of your full Ascension process
          -Make a clear conscious choice from your heart
          -Clear out old perceived values in old systems (get educated, get a job, work, reproduce, die, repeat) and start fresh
          -What do you value?
          -The heart is the center of your being
          -Your love for this planet and for yourself is very much needed
          -Expand your consciousness and awareness to the wider Universe
          -Create a life in alignment with the natural principles of your human self
          -Be aware of the language of natural Ascension
          -Be awae of what’s going on without being in fear
          -You don’t have to buy into the fear.

          Explain the problems with this.


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          1. It is not even what she is saying as I agree with a lot off messages in her videos, it is some my inner guidance which is sensing something strange in her messages, I can not explain it better, but why You are so defensive towards her, what is so special about her compared to Allison, Laura or even Blossom ?

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      2. CATs have no problem with anything Saratoga Ocean is saying. If you have a problem with her, you’ll probably have a problem with us.

        We aren’t going to be touchie feelie anymore. There isn’t time.


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    2. Hi Perica. Thank you for posting that comment about Saratoga’s videos. I have been corresponding with my spiritual sister, Netters, about them. I have tried to keep watching them but had a strong feeling of “this does not resonate with me” every time. I did the same as you and said I’m not watching any more, but thought I ought to persevere, so watched the last one. It just left me with a feeling of being dictated to , patronised, an attempt to program folks, annoyed and negative. I had decided after this one to watch no more, as it does not help me to stay in a high vibration.
      It’s not as if I avoid looking into the truthfull news from alternative media, as I have delved into this for the last three decades. But I’ve also balanced my searching with looking at the bigger picture. That includes very big, like how new creators get to start creating their own bubbles of creation.
      I am therefore very seldom brought down by much that instead or watch. I am going to trust my inner discernment on this one.
      Sorry to go against the grain on this one Cat Eds, but thank you for presenting me with something to test my personal filters.
      Its lovely to read how we are all getting on. Thank you for opening the comments again, as I’m sure it adds a lot of work for you to maintain this site. 💖🌈💖

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      1. We just watched her latest video and these were the takeaways:

        -Take full command of your full Ascension process
        -Make a clear conscious choice from your heart
        -Clear out old perceived values in old systems (get educated, get a job, work, reproduce, die, repeat) and start fresh
        -What do you value?
        -The heart is the center of your being
        -Your love for this planet and for yourself is very much needed
        -Expand your consciousness and awareness to the wider Universe
        -Create a life in alignment with the natural principles of your human self
        -Be aware of the language of natural Ascension
        -Be awae of what’s going on without being in fear
        -You don’t have to buy into the fear.

        How can you have a problem with any of that? Anyone who’s having a problem with Saratoga’s messages has some deep work to do.


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        1. point 3 seems to be where i clear out a lot and must be the mainreason i have not much energy while at work and search to leave it for a certain time already

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      2. I like her personally but it’s interesting to hear your points of view. The message I got quite clearly was we need to make sure we are on an Organic Ascension Timeline, rather than a false ascension, coming from the heart and not buying into ideas that are designed to divert us away from our path. I think the dark has infiltrated much of the spiritual community unfortunately and is trying to prevent us from ascension, people that are newly awakened are prime targets and I see quite a lot of it happening at the moment. I got that Saratoga was trying to warn us about this and to really stay in the heart listen to our intuition. I really like Laura Whitworth, Blossom and Alison Coe too. Aren’t they all saying the same thing more or less, just in different ways: Keep your vibration high, listen to your heart, meditate as much as possible and keep an eye on what is happening without getting sucked into or pulled down by the fear….And focus on the world your really want to be in.

        Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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    3. Every One has their own experience/perception. So, You Are best, following Your gut/heart feeling. Peace.

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      1. No not the Ego in my case, I left the Ego a long time ago, no, there is something weird with her, at least I am sensing that myself, I will not speak for others, but I can not pinpoint exactly what ?

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  20. I am happy to have the comments back but I must also say I came to appreciate not having them for a time because it better allowed us to trust our own selves and our journey. I came to my own conclusion that this is indeed a personal journey before you all posted which helped me to realize how helpful the comment hiatus was to learning to trust ourselves again. I missed you all though and am especially grateful to connect back again.

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  21. Grand rising All! Embracing the Sun, carrying a high vibration out into the world, and hanging with some trees and animals sounds about right. Was quite a day yesterday, started off cool, hit 81 in late afternoon, then was super windy in the evening.

    Pretty sure a tree spoke to me on the brief Nature hike, not the first time that has happened. Having some lucid dreams, meditating on the messages within. Cat guerrillas, all in. Reminds me of when I used to go for a late night snack and see my Nala (❤️🕊) camped out on top of the fridge, lol. Always wondered how she got up there, and would only do so at night. One Love All. 🙏🏽❤️🌞

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  22. Amanita: I agree with you on the comments comment. Har! I found that the vacation away from them was exactly as you said. Altho I thoroughly enjoy the community feeling that the comments engenders, I found it very refreshing to break myself from the habit of checking out every comment on almost an hourly basis. How freeing it is to have moved away from that. As I told the CATs, I appreciated what they did. So, bottom line, I’m probably going to restrain myself from posting as many comments. (We’ll see) It’s much more satisfying to be sitting in the spring actually BEing with SOURCE. (Also the birdie-birds) Big hugs all around J

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  23. my take on guerilla

    they use bullets and fear, we use rainbowkitties who are too cute to not make hearts melt of the beauty

    who can resits such cutness

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  24. Yes!!! So happy to be back and welcome Spring and CAT’s, M’s, commentators and All to whatever the future weeks, months…….will bring! Love the Spiritual Guerrilla, meditate, mantricate everything idea and I started yesterday at the local big box store.

    I do have to say I stayed off the Black Ice recently when around close family (son, daughter and spouses) who don’t share my same views on quite a few topics that we discuss here at SOC and the time spent was much more pleasant; not having to play defense all the time encouraged a more positive attitude/outlook for all.

    J your garden planting and flowers sound fabulous and I’m sure a sight to behold…waves of beautiful blue irises! It is a beautiful blue sunny sky day here in semi So Cal…… off to plant my six pack of lettuce, dianthus and sunflower seeds!

    Much Love to All!

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  25. Can I ask, when doing the sword meditation, is it normal to get pain in the back and shoulders?

    Other than that it’s a wonderful meditation, took me a few times to really get into it as I was distracted by Elsie, she often makes quite a lot of noise whilst settling down to sleep!

    Did it this evening after getting her into bed and felt a surge of light run through me. I simultaneously saw bright light going through me and also saw what looked like beautiful tall tree also with light flooding down through it to beneath into the earth, the tree was surrounded my some of my Omata animal friends.


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  26. Today’s waking dream:

    I saw a familiar female walking towards me, with a few others. When she got to me I saw an artificial-feeling blue light glowing inside of each them, and when I attempted to interact with her it was as if she didn’t even notice me. I put out my hand as if to catch her waist, and it passed right through her body as she turned translucent and continued on.

    Quizzically, I decided to follow them to see where they were heading. One of these “people” then “malfunctioned” (i.e. died, but it felt robotic) and upon hitting the ground a control unit fell out of them that I knew contained the source of the artifical light. I retrieved it before one of the others looked back to try to find it themselves.
    I continued to follow them, and they went on to a place to speak to others. When I got there, another female came up to me and seemed more convinced to accept whatever it was that was welcoming this into the body. It felt like a result of a vaccine, though the control unit was about the size of my hand (could simply be dream scale adjusting it to work better).

    I then saw a familiar male that I trusted, and I used his phone to give him a message about what I’d retrieved – I put it in airplane mode and typed out the note, and told him to delete the text before rejoining the network – since I knew they’d be able to hear or see the message otherwise.
    The message was that I’d retrieved one of the control units and it was currently powered down and with me. I intended to bring it back to my lab and turn it back on while within a Faraday cage so I could do testing on it without it being spotted.


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