652: Meterage ~ [UPDATE13]

A little activity.


Things are UP, energywise:

And these STEREO waves were WAY UP this morning…

…and now they’re quite heavy:

Some blammage.


We aren’t sure yet, but we might’ve just had a jump:


Looks like Rome is getting hammered with energy, or there’s an extremely noisy EM object near the receiver:

There are other activity indicators:


The more we look at that Roman electric meter, the more we think it’s interference from some nearby electrical device, or the antenna got bumped, or the equipment is malfunctioning. We’re getting an “electric fan too close to a wire” feeling for that meter:

Also 50 Hz is the Italian powerline frequency, with 100 being the harmonic, and each 25 Hz band is lit… looks like the signature of a power tool or crane or generator being used nearby.


More activity — or inactivity:

Some CATs are reporting heart chakra ouchies.

Some of the above meters look kinda timeline-jumpy to us, but in a new way (a complex way). More on that later.

(Note that we show you external meters in the hope that you’re doing your INNER (meditation) work, too. The illusory external sometimes shows surprising internal correlation… and illustrates Ascension pain.


Well… as usual, this looks like a timeline jump…

…but we haven’t corroborated it with any other sites, yet.

Also, this happened…

…however, this stuff matters less and less. We’re on an INTERNAL journey now, so the external seems to be merely a distraction.

Also, Lisa Gawlas is now either seeing what’s going to happen (as are some others we trust), or they’re being manipulated into seeing this. We’ll believe… whatever… when we see it. (We’re in the middle of upgrades and missions, so we can’t see anything except upgrades and missions.) We ask Guides what’s happening and they shrug, say, “Wait and see.” STP and all that.

Basically, keep meditating and growing and going UP till something happens. Basically… go THAT WAY, really fast… and if something gets in your way… TURN.

Oh… we tried this in meditation today and it worked really well. Imagine grabbing you and yours and stepping on…

…an escalator going UP. See if that helps.


BIG ship exited Portal One earlier today:

Note its shields.


Other side of the jump:


Da-da (Our founder) just posted on the Saratoga Ocean channel, on her latest video (which is excellent). Da-da’s comment should look familiar:

We could all take a page from Brother J’s book, “A Course in Miracles” (acim.org) and use the following mantra on everyone we know, or can see, or have seen, or with anyone you’ve had past experience with who you can see in your mind’s eye. Think of them, or look at them and say (silently): “You are perfect immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” This actually creates a miracle every time you use it, healing minds without people even realizing they’re healing. All minds are YOUR mind, since you are a part of ONE. Try it.

~ A Man Called Da-da

These 14 words could break the Ascension deadlock going on on this planet. Perhaps we should dedicate the rest of the week to performing the mantra — and esp, encouraging others to use it, too.


We’re currently in another jump…

Started at 5:30 am PDT, or 12:30 pm UT.

…or Tomsk is.


Whoa, this was def a timeline jump:


Finally got to the other end of that jump…

…and some fireworks:


FYI, some of you may have felt dizzy or weird during this… whatever it was… last Thursday:

More than just a jump.