664: Lisa Gawlas ~ [UPDATE4]

We are sad to report that Lisa Gawlas transitioned yesterday.

We’d say that she will be missed… because she will, but… she’s already speaking to some of us. Unless that’s not her, that happens sometimes. Sorry to make it weird. Lisa is speaking to us from… a month in the future? [shrug] One of the Superfriends said: “Time is weird in Ghost Land.”

She’s apparently going to be one of ~AM’s Guides, now?… we don’t know about that. Unless we misunderstood what he said. [Which we did. <CAT Eds.] More as we figure it out.

CATs are confused.


Some spirit asked us to run this pic:

Tired of running faster and faster around the same track?


One of the CATs sent us this latest from Allison Coe. We’re doing this tomorrow.

What a weird day.


Ok, things have changed a little. ~AM is going to do the following for EVERYONE WHO WANTS THIS for tomorrow, so if you do want it, all you have to do is go into meditation and think that you want it, too. Here’s what he’s doing:

One supersession with SOURCE, saying basically that we, and those of a like mind, are done with the old world and we are ready to move on — with those who also want to move on — and we’d like SOURCE to help us do that as soon as is possible. 

If this is something you’d like ~AM to do for you too, just decide that’s what you want, close your eyes and meditate on it sometime tomorrow, 5/26. We have no idea what the result will be. You can also do it the Allison Coe way, too.


Ok, now we’re confused. M3 says that Lisa Gawlas ISN’T dead. Timeline jump?? Meanwhile, in UPDATE3…