663: Natural + Supernatural

There’s no other way to describe it: Something is finally happening…

…but first…

Jumps, CMEs, etc.

A little jump/energy weirdness today:

And some (more) CMEs:

Looks like a bunch of CMEs are gonna hit sometime around the 26th to the 28th. They might combine… and do something really interesting.

But most interesting…

The Time of Miracles is Here

We are here to tell you with great authority that the time of miracles is here.

We have been called upon to do things we didn’t think we could do — we didn’t think ANYONE could do — and 99% of them are working out (unless we run up against free-will, life contracts, SOURCE timing, or special exceptions). We can’t talk about specifics, but it’s been flat-out amazing. We “The Seven”(~AM, AAs, Brother J) are doing at the moment is not communicatable at the moment, but… to see large patches of ‘reality’ changing… well, it’s unreal. Regular people exhibiting incredible powers — powers attributable to SOURCE, o’course — well, it makes you want to cry with joy… unless the really weird happens, then it’s just super interesting.

~AM cleared a Japanese battlefield from the 1600s of spirits trapped there and… now he has poltergeists. It should come as no surprise that the spirits from different cultures will react with great variety to suddenly being transported to a totally different (gaijin!) place, that is until Guides get their attention and set things straight. Suffice to say that we need to invent a whole new set of rules for doing what we’re doing. (We’re guessing that Japan’s Obon festival of the dead will be wild this year, as will Halloween in the rest of the world… if we make it that far.) Our spook meters were pegged: Covers being ripped off you in the middle of the night; knocks and bonks and stomps; hot wind; cold wind; levitations… the whole nine yards. Not scary to us. We just went, “Wow!” Lol. We are so going to miss this when it’s over.

You yourself might notice things happening pretty soon now in your own “reality” — if they aren’t happening already. Politicians and military and intelligence types are freaking out because of what’s happening to them, inside and outside, and in their dreams. And then there’s that inability to REMEMBER certain people and things… weird, huh?

And then there’s Mr Nasty. ~AM did a kind of ‘thank you’ session for all the Angels everywhere… again… and forgot about The Fallen… again. And they were even MORE unhappy than last time with what is to all Angels as A SOURCE REMINDER. Team Dark doesn’t like that very much, shown via the gust of hot wind that zipped through ~AM’s house right afterward, followed by TWO heavy door slams — the same door, ahem. ~AM was just trying to be inclusive. Still, it’s interesting to note that EVERYONE has a SOURCE connection, even those who don’t want it and actively try to cut themselves off from it. Literally all are your spiritual SOURCE brothers. (Except for The Ego/AI, which isn’t technically real.)

Anyway, keep your eyes open. Amazingness is everywhere. Remember: If you encounter absolute stillness and silence, that’s SOURCE. Say hi — and give gratitude. Energy ‘hugs’ work, too.

This is AA Gabriel, btw… though we see him as male. Angels can appear any way they want.

Note: This is how Angels really look…

…with bright energy often instead of a face, though that can happen, too. And they don’t really have wings so much as they have… emanations… of SOURCE energy… radiating out from an energy focus. It’s quite fascinating.

They can also look like this…

…but rarely like this:

Salmon treats, assemble!