662: The Kitchen Sink ~ [UPDATE5]

All kinds of stuff is happening.


~AM is singlehandedly wrecking Halloween. He is unapologetic about it.

Sorry, ghost-hunters/-busters, your days of exploiting the ghosts of Gettysburg and others who died under tragic circumstances are over (at least at mass-death sites). The Archangels echoed ~AM’s statement at a CAT meeting a few weeks ago, that people had exploited the dead (ghosts) long enough. So, while our solar upgrades were being done, “The Seven” (~AM, five AAs, and Brother J) went forth to heal every country, the whole planet inside and out… and then worked on healing every mass-haunted site on earth we could identify. Here’s a short list:

  • Gettysburg
  • Antietam
  • Passchendaele
  • Verdun
  • The Somme
  • Ypres
  • Mons
  • Cold Harbor
  • The Alamo
  • Chickamauga
  • Valley Forge
  • Chalmette
  • Stalingrad
  • Dresden
  • Culloden
  • Little Bighorn
  • Towton (War of the Roses)
  • The Colosseum in Rome (most concentrated killing ground on earth)
  • The Stanley Park Hotel and
  • All of Estes Park, CO
  • Stoney Creek, Ontario
  • Gallipoli
  • The Black Bamboo Valley (in China)
  • Hiroshima
  • Nagasaki
  • Korea
  • D-Day Beaches
  • Cambodia
  • ALL the London Plague Pits (from the 1660s, horrible manipulation)
  • All Nazi death camps
  • All of Stalin’s death camps (200+, to the tune of 20M+)
  • …so many more.

It was a sobering task. The earth is one giant haunted graveyard. But… this seemed to start something, some kind of chain reaction. It seems to be happening even now.

And, as was reported, many of these troops and ghosts came to ~AM’s house… for a day or two (they even occupied the town!), but Guides have been coming in nonstop and helping everyone on their way… well, most everyone. LOTS of spirits are hanging around, so it’s ultra-haunted at CAT houses. (~AM’s and some other M houses are PACKED with spirits who are… well, they’re sorta in tourist mode. Considering what they’ve been through, we’re not harrassing anyone, but the poltergeist activity has jumped a whole order of magnitude!) The spirits will eventually move on (to be replaced by others, we get a steady stream). As we wrote this up, some spirit STOMPED in the other room. Our dogs and cats are rather freaked out/terrified, but it can’t be helped. Because of the way CATs have set up their dwellings, we get spirits and ETs 24/7 like it’s Grand Central Station. You get used to it. Still, the upheaval caused by this is interesting… and biblical? We try not to use that word, but when the word fits….

HT Sessions

After meditation and discussions, ~AM realized that what he and the AAs are doing isn’t exactly “healing,” per se. As Lisa Gawlas (by way of Spirit) correctly pointed out to ~AM and other CATs, if a person is made of glass, “healing” is the act of putting the broken pieces back together exactly the way they were before. But ~AM isn’t doing that. He’s taking the broken pieces and re-assembling them into a MOSAIC, a SOURCE-charged… something… that’s entirely new — and better: a multi-upgrade in body, mind, and spirit, courtesy of SOURCE. ~AM realized that what’s happening is very much like the old alchemical ‘turning lead into gold’ paradigm. What few realize is that real alchemy was never about changing lead into gold, it was about spiritual transformation, turning leaden spirit into golden spiritual reality. In light of this, ~AM is now calling what he does “Healing Transmutation,” or HT sessions.

He’s since learned that HT sessions can benefit from BOOSTER sessions, after the fact.

And now…


After the ghost release (from mass-haunted sites), ~AM and the AAs then did HT sessions on everyone on earth — twice. (They had to bring SOURCE in for this; SOURCE is asked to help with the bigger/tougher jobs). Since we’re venturing into the boderline unbelievable/amazing, we can also tell you that ~AM removed AI (aka, The Ego) from this locality, along with the pesky (bad) extradimensional beings (it’s hard to explain) who were causing problems. Other M’s verified this. We also asked the SuperFriends to augment the Alaska HAARP facility (again) so it’s is now down. The LHC is also down.

And now… we don’t know what’s happening. We DO know that what ~AM did advanced everyone — and we mean everyone — closer to The SHIFT. But we’re in an upgrade patch right now and none of us can see anything… so there. Besides the upgrades, everyone was bookended by CME incursions early this morning and later this evening:

Morning of 5/18.
Early morning of 5/19.

Ack, upgrades upgrades upgrades. What else is new?

Oh, check out the latest from Saratoga Ocean, if you haven’t seen it. Note the parallels.

[Special Note: Those Students of The Course are very well prepared for everything that is happening/that is to happen. This curriculum by Brother J (and SOURCE) is actually new to HOBs and ETs the omniverse over, so whatever you learn and can put into practice in your life will serve you in incredible ways later on. And no, we make no money from anything we do, report, or suggest… though some have suggested that ~AM ask for donations for HT booster sessions.]

And now…


FYI, some CATs are currently blocked from seeing because of upgrades. This post has changed several times the past few days, as we’re trying to get insight into something that ~AM and some of the CATs glimpsed. We’ve been seeing Archangel Gabriel, in gold and white, flying horizontally, parallel to the earth, along with another (darker?) being on the other side of him that we couldn’t see. AA Gabriel then said, “Time to choose.”

The next day, some of us saw Brother J in the same way, expanding huge across the sky, parallel to the ground.

You don’t have to be Fellini to figure this one out.

Then we saw Lisa G’s post today.

AND… we heard this during a CAT coffee break, yesterday:

Actually, we heard the Looney Tunes version, with Bugs saying, “Bon voyage-y!” Go go go!

Onward and upward.

AA Gabriel and Brother J are on the move.


Ok, looks like the “time to choose” message was only for ~AM and one of the M’s.

And… The Seven are trying a new experiment. Fingers crossed…


That new experiment is a 100% success.

Also, our system issues have been resolved. We couldn’t post the past few days.


Two good-sized earth-facing CMEs — one of them a double:


And another:

And this:

This is all pretty mild — BUT, it occurred right after something else happened, which is hugely interesting. More on that… if it happens again. We all literally have to MAKE this happen, like living in your own movie that you’re writing as you live it. This is how the Illusion works, this is how manifestation works, manifesting the Illusion, but at a nearly unconscious level.


FYI, those recent quakes in China were 10 km specials:

Underground bases going boom. We’re being kept from seeing whose bases for our own safety.