661: Odds/Ends ~ [UPDATE6]

Hold still, hooman…


Here’s a bunch of stuff we’ve noticed the past ten days:

  • Good-sized CME is inbound; be here in about two days… approx. in time for the “new moon reboot,” which is the next refresh done for those solar upgrades that some are experiencing (ow). Most CATs are def feeling supertired, achy, mild headache, tachy, etc., while the meters aren’t showing much of anything. We have finally, officially transcended meters.
  • The two main (parallel) timelines now look to be about ‘30,000 feet’ apart (note: that’s a ‘vision’ distance); we saw the lower timeline/world as from a plane at 30,000 feet. (We also saw a “big monster/reptile thing” swimming/flying around buildings on the lower timeline, but that’s probably metaphoric.) Interestingly, Saratoga Ocean’s latest weekly tarot reading features the card: “View From Above.” Some CATs are also reporting visions of “intentionally breaking foundations of stone” around their feet, while others have seen themselves cutting OE cords entirely, and reconnecting excusively to the NE.
  • There will be some kind of spirit reboot for some around the new moon in a few days, on 5/11 — and a total sun/moon/earth integration around the 5/26 full (super)moon — and then something else around the NEXT new moon on 6/10, the Equinox on 6/20, and the next full moon right after that on 6/24. And more. It will be a busy six weeks.
  • Some people have written in wondering about secondary effects of the vx on the un-vxd. There’s def something to this. We’re seeing that a few (2-3) drops of some kind of pine needle oil (balsam, pine, frankincense, etc.) on the bottoms of the feet work wonders (NOT TOO MUCH), as does the taking of pycnogenol/French Maritime Pine Bark Extract. Your skin is the body’s largest organ, so… the person ‘oiled’ will be able to taste the oil in seconds. Seems very effective in warding off whatever this latest thing is (which is finite, and won’t last that long).
  • Some have asked about HRC (why?), whether she had been “executed” as a few sites are reporting. We’re not seeing that, but we are seeing her in a GITMO cell, her trial currently under way. (The PTW are using doubles for publicity stuff.) Also, YES… BG’s “wife” is actually a man; his real wife left him years ago, so the current divorce is a joke. Seems like the whole thing is some inside cabal joke? Anyway, who cares?
  • FYI, that Chinese rocket that went out of control (and just crashed into the ocean off the Maldives) was made to originally go off course by ETs who are frustrated with how SLOW humans are in waking up to the lies going on around them. There must be another way of waking people up, but… whatever. So many rules in this thing. So many people don’t want to wake up. We find this inexplicable. If Pleiadians (who are already here) made themselves known in every world city, the PTW would start cranking out blonde action figures and t-shirts to make money from it… then they’d stage their false flag and CNN would blame the ETs for it…. Luckily, Positive ETs (and Neutrals) can see farther down the road than the PTW can, so they can avoid stuff like this. It’s one of the reasons why there’ve been no ‘mass landings.’
  • Seems a few people are misunderstanding CAT classifications. While all CATs have gifts of varying degree, those with multiples of psychic panoply (and more juice) are called “M’s” (orig. “oracles,” then jokingly, “meow oracles,” then “Meowracles” — which they hated, so we went with M’s). In terms of ~AM, some thought these initials stood for “Archangel Michael.” This is not the case (though ~AM does work with AA Michael, and lots of others). ~AM is short for, “Angel Meowracle,” a title created after some of the M’s saw ~AM as a Cherubim, not to mention the fact that ~AM works with portals, portals being the “wheels” Ezekiel saw… frankly, ~AM is a little spooky (even for CATs), thus:
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cherubim-iso.jpg
  • Best for last: We’ve addressed the fresh spraying and weather manipulation in a new (and effective) way, as well as with other things as of this writing; “fire season” is part of it. Note that the AK harpy facility is currently DOWN as of this writing — after an extensive and expensive upgrade on their part, DARN. They’re trying to figure it out. So, no more West Coast atmospheric heating for the time being, thanks to the SuperFriends. If the PTW tries to turn on the LHC… all kinds of things will stop working. That’ll be fun for them.

More as we find and modify it. Be sure to keep meditating. Please note that prayer is asking for someone else to help you. Meditation is YOU doing it, yourself, as a free-willing participant. SOURCE wants us to TRY to do this ourselves, be part of the process, in everything we do. If you use your own will to TRY, hard… then SOURCE will take the next step for you.


Good new video from Saratoga.


Some good news: ~AM has officially cleared AI from our local earth/moon/sun/Lagrange points system.

We aren’t sure what that means long-term, but it’s a good thing. (HOW did he do it? Note the A in ~AM. He is flexing those kinds of muscles… with AA support, o’course.) It may exist in some people’s/being’s minds, so we’re not sure how that factors into anything, but it’s a good first step.

~AM is now working on helping ‘trapped’ spirits at Civil War battlefields move on (weirdly, they COME TO HIS HOUSE FOR A FEW MOMENTS to say thanks… spooky, but necessary). Note that he’s still reluctant to work on individuals until the solar upgrades are complete… after the next set of moons? The Equinox? We’re not sure. Those CATs on the desk today are a little weirded out, as ~AM is flat-out amazing in his latest upgrade. We’re verifying everything he’s doing. No one expected this.

We also had a couple jumps yesterday, due to the CME:

Upgrades kicking our butts a little.


Jupiter-sized ship exits Portal One, ho hum:


So. Last night, ~AM calls: “You have to see this.”

Some of us go to his house… and we stop… have to blink several times, because it looks like we’re seeing things.

The house was (still is) ringed by the spirits of Confederate and Union and WWI soldiers… and many other times… we think saying thank you for ~AM and the AAs helping to release them from their various battlefields. They did healing sessions on all the major (haunted) battlefields:

  • Gettysburg
  • Antietam
  • Passchendaele
  • Verdun
  • The Somme
  • Stalingrad
  • Ypres
  • Mons
  • Cold Harbor
  • The Alamo
  • Chickamauga
  • Valley Forge
  • Chalmette
  • Culloden
  • Little Bighorn
  • Towton (War of the Roses)
  • The Colosseum in Rome (most concentrated killing ground on earth)
  • Many others

And… for whatever reason, all these troops came to ~AM’s house!

They’re from so many different eras, but predominantly both sides of the Civil War and those from WWI… and they were up ALL NIGHT playing military snare drums (quietly), and walking around chatting, looking at everything (we must’ve heard “wow” a hundred times) like some kind of tourist vigil. We stuck around past midnight and one of the rangier Confederates even came upstairs at one point… and it was a bit much even for us, as he was a little… skeleton-y. Still, he was only curious. We waved hello.

These military spirits are acting like they’ve received new orders and ~AM’s house is their new post! Pretty sure that wasn’t his intent, but… it is kinda nice. ~AM now has about three Divisions (50,000+) of spirit troops in and camped around his house — and occupying the town he’s in. They might even be considered a Field Army, there are so many. They’re patrolling the streets, with sentries and everything. Goes right along with the dragons and everyone else there (though the more exotic beings are keeping out of sight so they don’t scare the newbies). We surmise that this is a temporary thing, until the troops ca be rotated back to Spirit for debriefing and reassignment. Still, it’s very comforting.


Another CME:

Some scientists were calling the image we posted in U3 a CME, while others didn’t even mention it (because it was a giant ship/portal transit). Blah blah blah.


Latest from Saratoga.

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