660: May Offering ~ ** PAUSED **

** NOTE: This feature is paused until further notice. Please see note below.


Hi, folks. ~AM has asked everyone to stop asking for experimental ‘healing’ for the time being, for two reasons:

  1. He discovered that it’s not technically healing he’s doing, as “healing” means putting people back together the way they were before. (Now we understand what Lisa Gawlas was talking about in terms of this.) ~AM isn’t putting people back together the way they were before, he’s… well, he doesn’t know what to call it… augmenting them back together, but even that isn’t the right term. (They are quite frankly miracles, but ~AM would never call them that, and we’re going to et in trouble for using that word.) This is why some people aren’t experiencing any changes, while others are experiencing incredible changes… some people aren’t spiritually ready for what he’s doing. (Not that anyone has come to harm, far from it.) ~AM said he ‘has to do some work before he can do any more work,’ as he wants to understand exactly what he’s doing so he doesn’t misrepresent it. That’s one reason to stop this experiment for the time being. The other…
  2. He (like lots of CATs, and a lot of you) just started undergoing a serious multi-level SOLAR upgrade that increases the amount of energy going into him by a factor of… well, a lot. Numbers make no sense in this case. It’s like INFINITY. Suffice to say that if ~AM ‘worked’ on you right now and the sun suddenly had a sudden swell of energy… well, you he might accidentally injure you. (He might blow you up!)

So, bottom line: he’s taking a break.

Thanks to everyone for their patience. Those who wrote in are at the top of the list for when/if things start up again.

“~AM BLEW UP my daughter’s hair and it changed color three times — AND NOW SHE WANTS MORE!”

< ~AM Hair Volumizer ACTIVATED. >

“Was on my way to the prom, now ma life’s ruined.”

“~AM turned me into East Rutherford, NJ.”

“~AM, I will get you for this!”

“Mooommm! ~AM made this weird cat come out of my BACK!”