659: Meterage, etc. ~ [U11]

All kinds of interesting things happening, close up and far away.


First the mundane. We have a good-sized CME inbound…

…which means fresh programming. Then there’s the fact that three months ago one CAT wrote on the CAT calendar: “And then everything changed…” across the period from 4/23 to 4/26. And that CME is looking to hit around that time, Monday-ish… AND there’s also a full moon, AND a supermoon at the same time. At current estimate, the CME will hit a few hours before the moon activity.

Then there’s this energy today, which is making lots of CATs really tired… and tingly…


Go outside into this energy and take a deep breath… major tingles from the ground up. Highly recommended. Then we have the “sun stuff” happening in May… are we there yet? Actually, we ARE getting closer to something, given the M’s activities. More on that in a moment.

Next, we wondered… is the Groundhog Day thing finally over? We were getting a lighter feeling, quite different from the previous feeling that we were living the same day over and over again, energywise, illustrated by those white lines on the far left of the SR meter…

…which are now gone as of 4/20. Might be something, might be nothing.



…seems we’re in a timeline jump right now:

Jump started around noon PDT (20:00 UTC).


Jardinier Jim in WA pointed out that his shadow looked odd, so we checked our own… and we are definitely seeing something unusual: shadows doubled and tripled (look at your shadow’s edge). Guides informed us that it’s the shadows of our multiple selves along with our energy (we didn’t want to use the word aura) that we’re seeing. Pretty interesting.


And now our least favorite subject, this side of the cabal. Several unicorns and others have been saying the same things over and over again the past few months: “trust the plan”; “sit back and watch the show”; “the light has won,” “there’s nothing left to do,” “congratulations you lucky human,” etc. Anything that sounds too good to be true, that fails to encourage you to get off your butt and work, is hopium crap designed to keep you stuck right where you are.

We’ll say it again: turn that stuff off and work on yourselves, focus on your own inner journeys; MEDITATE; go within… as THAT’S where the New World is. You gotta strive for it, make it happen yourself. No deus ex machina is going to save you. SOURCE wants us to help ourselves evolve UP and help fix things, help be an active part of the solution and not a passive observer of the problem. Once you take that step, magic things will happen — for those who strive toward SOURCE. Everyone else… well, we try not to think about it. All you have to do is TRY. Hard. And again. And again. Be persistent.


Healing Update

And now the bittersweet.

~AM and other M’s have been working overtime healing people, healing the earth, and lots of other things. The more we try to do, the more we can do. ~AM is best at this so far; he can heal the micro (people and animals) and the macro (larger things, like bases and regions and planets). On a whim, he healed the entire earth-moon system of the AI (Ego) contamination… and the subsequent SURGE IN POSITIVITY FROM BEYOND afterward was staggering. Seems those ETs and HOBs “outside/above” our system (in The Illusion) were waiting for one of us — just one — to do this, so… something seriously good changed for the better. Again, somehow. Free-will exercised, and all that. We’re in totally new territory here, so we do’t have words for everything.

And while our healings are working surprisingly well for the most part, we have noticed that those being healed benefit most when our healings align with their free will. Specifically, this means that we can’t heal people of the vx they used their free will to take… so far. We have only tried to heal a few people (without their knowledge/permission, at the behest of their loved ones) so, best we could manage was to remove inflammation; alas, once an actual virus shows up, the vx’d person’s system has been modified to not sense it — not notice the incoming virus — leaving the vx’d wide open to attack. This was of course the reason why the cabal wanted everyone to do it: to kill us. (You may recall people using the phrase “kill shot” some years ago; this is what they were talking about, not the sun).

That said, if people who’ve been vx’d contact us and ASK US to heal them… well, that’s free will in the OTHER direction. We might be able to heal those people… but we won’t know till this occurs. And even then, it might be too late. We should tell you that we expect some people to die. We had hoped this de facto split would take place in another way, but this appears to be it for now — unless The Split happens soon. We can’t really see anything past May, too much light.


If you haven’t already done the healing meditation (Post 658), it is most important for you to at least attempt it. You’re not here to watch.

More as we find it.


Ok, it was just a little jump:

And we don’t know about you, but it looks like the sun speaks arabic:


FYI, the above CME/flare took two hours being ‘birthed,’ so we might be getting a big download. It will probably be here on Monday 8:30-10:00 am PDT. Will it be a tired or an exhilarating Monday?


THIS is interesting:

This was at the same time:


This is interesting, from a few days ago:

Look strange to you? It’s actually a ZAP from some ETs, an accident in energy delivery (we see them being surprised). Yup, ETs make mistakes, too. How do you think Mars wound up the way it did? The earth in a different place? The asteroid belt created from an exploded planet? Yet another in a long string of ET-oopses — all Illusory, of course. Then again, many of you were originally from MARS, so long ago… in the dream…

Btw, when you wake up from a dream, do you let it bother you, or do you just… let it go?


For those who were feeling a little odd for part of yesterday:

For those who feel like that all the time:


Did You Know: SpaceX’s fake “rocket” is actually CG lifted directly from…


Factually, like much of Amazon and other tech companies now, Musk’s entire enterprise — Tesla, SpaceX, Boring, etc. — exists as a massive moneylaundering operation. This too shall pass.


Hmm. “Build Back[wards, You] Better.” Lives Without Light, Stuck in Matter.


Some interesting energy, of late:


Sorry, we had this on the whiteboard but it got smudged and had to look at a pic of the board (long story). Anyway, one person wrote in asking about having unusual menstrual symptoms, while another asked about proximity to those who took the vx causing OTHER women to have menstrual issues and miscarriages. The first woman was being affected by the energy AND someone who was vx’d, but in terms of miscarriages and menstrual issues, seems some those affected catch a viral load from the vx’d person and it goes right to the placenta/that region. There is actually a very good reason NOT to have vx’d people mix with any woman who’s pregnant. This was no doubt planned. PLEASE NOTE: In cases of miscarriage (regular and vx-related), the tyke’s spirit simply detaches and waits for the next chance at the life, so a baby is never technically ‘lost,’ just delayed. In cases of advanced babies coming in (which is most of them, now), the mother’s body has to be able to handle the increased vibration, and in some cases she’s just not ready at that time. It’s nothing to blame yourself or others for. When you’re ready, it’ll happen.

In other non-essential news… at the moment (4/27 @ 11 pm), some CATs are conking out because of something energy related, while others have not been sleeping well because of lots of dream-missions. Are we there, yet?

Oh, and there’s another little CME headed this way:


Someone asked about HRC. One site is reporting that she was hanged on Monday. Sorry, that’s another form of hopeium. The only ones saving us are us.


None of us have seen this before.

Last night was pretty rough, btw.