686: Buckle Up 2 ~ [UPDATE10]

Like it’s ever gonna stop.

Last night was a big energy night for some CATs. Huge energy, many breakthroughs, expansions… and today, we are (as ~AM said) “2d dishrags.”

Some of the M’s asked ONE for a musical cue to go with the next week and they heard… The Eagles (ugh): “Take it to the limit….”

This was just a little upgrade. The Big Upgrade is next.

Fig. A — Before and during upgrade
Fig. B. — After upgrade

Fig. C — Before

Fig. D — After


One meter is showing jump…

…but nearly all the CATs are feeling it, so…


Another little jump, and another CME:


CAT dreams for 7-30-21:

  1. Reality outside a window was tuned to a dead channel (basically, programming’s gonna change). Perhaps this is what Saratoga meant in her latest video about not engaging in the programming.

2. A TV test pattern with Capt America as one of the symbols (we don’t remember all the symbols we saw, but some were backwards). Could be one of the “coming channels.” (Justice is an STS thing.)

3. CATs made fresh tomato soup for people (?) at some roadside diner (we love tomato soup). (This is a STO message.) You typically feed people soup when it’s an emergency and you have to feed a lot of people. Then again, some of us might just be craving tomato bisque. Note: Some people chose not to eat the soup.

4. Over this, CATs heard two songs:

“Baby What a Big Surprise” by Chicago…

…and CCR’s “Fortunate Son” from the late ’60s:

…especially the line, “I ain’t no senator’s son…”. You can draw your own conclusions.

We are 10 days into the “Adventure” window CATs saw. It’ll last a week or two longer. Or… that’s when it starts?


NOTES for 7-30-21

  • Some people/CATs are feeling grumpy or irascible today — while others awoke ready to go, in getting-things-done mode. We know you’re tired of hearing it (our families just roll their eyes), but… it’s the energy.
  • Last night’s CAT dreams (above) support that something might. finally. be. happening. Those feeling feisty are feeling the zeitgeist building to “CrossOver.” Big CME programming changes are inbound today and tomorrow… and maybe the next day… if we don’t get a gynormous one. This is the little change before The Big Change.
  • In the above dreams, one is clearly the Justice thing, which is STS (Service to Self) in a way, while making soup for others is STO (Service to Others). Which lane to pick? (In the dream, some people chose not to eat the soup.)
  • Speaking of tomorrowland-big, one of the M’s had a gynormous hexagonal ship over their house yesterday, the size of the Superdome. Why? TOURISTS. (It was a SLOW ship, which is the ET equivalent of the family roadtrip stationwagon from the ‘70s. Using portals is the ET equivalent of flying; going to the airport, traveling light. BIG ships are heavy roadtrip vehicles, traveling heavy, getting lots of souvenirs, packing the car with pillows and ice chests. The SuperFriends here are a huge draw, you have no idea. Archangels are like rockstars you rarely ever see, but SuperFriends are a once-in-your-entire-string-of-lifetimes thing, beyond unusual.
  • Please note that that rumor/report of a huge meteorite striking the Pacific Ocean in the future is just fomenting-fear crap. This will not happen. SOURCE and Gaia and our HOBs and AAs (and SO MANY ETs) will not let anything major happen to this place till after The SHIFT. Is The SHIFT The Event? We don’t know.
  • If you’re on the fence and thinking of getting The Shot… note that doing so severs your SOURCE connection. It is literally a choice for Fear over Love and will give you millions of years of extra very bad lifetimes. It’s not called The Low Road for nothing. After The SHIFT… well, you won’t want to be on 3d earth. After Gaia’s spirit transitions to the NE, this existing earth is dissociate, like the cells of a dead body. Once the spirit is gone, there’s nothing there to hold things together; everything turns to goo and falls apart.


Da-da printed a picture of the Enterprise and re-wrote some “Baby What a Big Surprise” lyrics, changing it to… “Baby it’s the Enterprise! Right between your very eyes! Oh OH Woah OH!”


You may or may not have noticed, but the ‘Groundhog Day’ SOURCE-energy thing has been turned off the past day or so. Time is now moving forward naturally. There are also lots of microjumps happening, as people decide what they want and don’t want to experience. Alas, the separation between people has become a gulf. Sadly, this appears to be unavoidable.

Also, looks like that CME energy is either just starting to hit — or it missed us and has cleared the slate for OTHER (cosmic) energy to be able to reach us. Out like a lion, in like a different lion.


Happy August 1st. Big energy night for some CATs last night. We had some (rather rude) HOB lookiloos last night, popping out of highly energetic portals; one of them tried to experimentally “hit” ~AM, but it just bounced off his shielding. Interestingly, they showed up during a quasi-jump/energy event, as per below:

This is also puzzling: The wind speeds are relatively boring in the N. Hemisphere…

…but in the S. Hemisphere:

Also, something the CATs have been talking about needs to be addressed.

Someone wrote in and asked us about the validity of the whole “Lion’s Gate” thing, and one CAT chalked it up to a pagan/astrological holdover… and while that may generally be true, that window is usu. an energetic one, for whatever reason. We compared notes and not only do most of us regularly experience more “things” during this time, we almost always have 10X visitors, so it must be known as a big energy time here by ETs and HOBs, hence the more frequent visits.

Oh and FYI, M’s reported that Archangels looked “big” and “huge” in morning meditations, heads the size of thunderheads. They were also very busy. ~AM asked what was what and was told they were prepping for The SHIFT. And then some of us wondered about the Lion’s Gate thing… and then we remembered Lisa G. being all hot and bothered about this time of year… so… there.


This is a little strange. CATs are reporting a scent on the wind… like jasmine + cinnamon… and something else. We were walking around trying to figure out of something was blooming, but there was nothing. AAs tell us this is air from the New Earth we’re smelling. Absolutely incredible, blue skies…


Something is hitting as of this writing (10:30 am PDT 8/2). Some CATs reporting light headaches.

Note that ~AM was told by AAs… to experience more of the New Earth, start living as if you live there already. This includes what you eat and drink, as well as mindset. So… tea, not coffee (for now, sorry), and smaller lighter meals, no alcohol — and certainly no illicit substances. Basically, you ‘do the job to get the job.’ We are talking to ourselves, too.


CAT MUTINY! Ok, ok… coffee is back on the menu, jeez.

Note that for every coffee or tea drink, you should drink an equal amount of clean water. Coffee and tea are diuretics, and rob you of moisture long-term.