685: Buckle Up ~ [UPDATE12]

Be advised. Adventure ahead.

FYI, FIVE Archangels came to some CATs in dreams last night, all together.

They made a point of showing that they’d ’touched down’ together, walking in step, in a row — this was after everything around them outside looked ‘hosed down,’ like it had just rained hard. We aren’t sure if that means weather, energy, or if it was an internal metaphor. Or if it’s a level we’ve reached. The names of the Archangels aren’t important in this notice.

They basically told us to “buckle up”… for an adventure. They made a point of using the word, “adventure.” They were a little vague about the length of time it would take. It wasn’t too long, but it was in the double digits; not sure if that meant hours or days. Could be a day. Could be two weeks.

We’re not sure what the “adventure” aspect will be, but the bucklage was clear. It’s nothing to be afraid of, certainly. It might even be exciting. We laughed, we cried, we were on the edge of our seats.

Finally, the ride is about to start. Keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle and… no smoking please.


Btw… just as a reminder… if someone lands in your backyard, or backs up to your house in a lorry, and says, “Hurry! Get it! It’s an emergency!” what are you going to do? You are going to coolly assess the situation and ask questions. Watch their eyes. Trust your gut. Ask their name, where they’re from. Ask for some ID if they’re human, but don’t trust official ID if something doesn’t feel right. Human intuition is very good, but people have been conditioned to distrust it. Many many humans have been taken advantage of during these kinds of “adventure” situations (and lots of other fear-based situations, ahem) over the past zillion years. Don’t be an easy mark. Be alert for subtle cues. See how your dog feels about any strangers. Not saying anything untoward is going to happen, but it pays to stay calm and be smart. And never trust the MSM, an elected politician, or anyone in a Krampus suit.


Don’t forget: “Adventure” can be a thought.

Your own thoughts can be a bigger adventure than anything you’ve ever experienced in the “real world.”

All expressions of LOVE are maximal. All expressions of LOVE go to INFINITY instantaneously.


Good update from Saratoga.


We just felt “the 7000” kick in. 7000 rpm. This is a blissful vibrational state that Carroll Shelby wrote about that occurs when you’re racing a car at 7000 rpm.

There’s a point at 7,000 RPM where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless. It just disappears. All that’s left, a body moving through space and time. 7,000 RPM, that’s where you meet it. You feel it coming. It creeps up near you, and it asks you a question. The only question that really matters. Who are you?

Carroll Shelby


Turns out that “7000 RPM” thing was recorded right here:

And what is that? It’s a SOURCE Reality Anchor!



A triple.


Another jump:

For the record, we aren’t looking at much of anything at the moment. So much garbage info out there. We’ve unsubscribed from everything and only glance at info sites every other day. No twabber, facebook, telegram, any of that crap.

We saw the door/portal to the NE this morning, so that’s enough adventure for one day.


Could just be some of the CATs but we had a Mr. Nasty incursion last night, the first in some time. It’s difficult to say if it was the L faction (which is fallen-based) or the S faction (which is reptoid/EGO based). Either way it was no big deal, just required a reset G+P+C. It’s possible that this was part of a larger push to secure more zombies before the inevitable SHIFT.

We also had a couple kinda earth-facing CMEs:

That lower one involves a region that put this out a week ago:


That wasn’t earth-facing, but it’s barrel is swinging around in our direction.

This was also interesting, from an SR meter in an Italian cave (where “Pipistrello” the Italian batman lives; what’s the Italianate of “Bruce Wayne”? Bruno Appian?):

Note how the previous jump grounded out, while the next one went completely UP. Guess where?


CME inbound, due around 7/30:


Very strange night and morning. We won’t go into what we’re experiencing… ’cause we can’t: it’s inexplicable. We appear to either be in a timeline jump or an energy whoopdedoo of some sort… maybe both. The below first SR graph jumps at 1:30 am PDT. Big bucklage for today:

Muon meters (and some CATs who mentioned previous discombobulation) indicate we already had a big jump:

In another Russian SR meter (cousin to the SR one everyone notes), it’s showing the jump as short:

If we had to guess we’d say that we’re close to what some have termed “the singularity,” but that’s from our inner CAT meters; none of the 3d meters will accurately tell what’s going on; they’re shown more for the sake of novelty or curiosity, to give you some idea that what you’re feeling can be quantified… which it can’t.


Hooboy. Buckle up the buckles on your buckles. What’s coming is NOT the big thing — there will be another. Some of you who thought you’d expanded ARE IN FOR A SURPRISE. Burrito Grande.

Btw, the recent “UFO vids” of the thing over Colombia and another on the East Coast were both fakes. So annoying.

Oh, and ~AM is becoming quite well versed in INFINITY. He says it’s because the math is easier.

(Please… no rice in burritos.)


Timeline touchdown. Again.

Or is it still going?

And a double CME:

End of the month should be fun.

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