684: Jumps, Meterage ~ [UPDATE10]

Energy is getting stronger.

Jumps and Such

Last seven days have been rough. There were more energy jumps and energy today, hooray…

…and an earth-facing CME…

…but what else is new?

The Choice

We don’t mean to be melodramatic, but your future depends on your choice between Love, or Fear. The shot and Justice and all that crap is FEAR. SOURCE and the Archangels and HOBs and such are LOVE. There’s no middleground. If you choose Love, you have nothing to worry about, or be afraid of. So… if you’ve made the choice for SOURCE, then let the rest of the crap go. Don’t look at it. It serves no purpose. Otherwise, there’s nothing to do. It’s all done. SOURCE is giving the stragglers time to make their choice.

WHEN will this end? There was this latest from Blossom… which sounded pre-endy, but like we didn’t know any of those specifics. It’s part of the CAT mission. And no we won’t talk about the structures, in any way. We must be close to something if ONE is bringing it up. We’re also not going to talk about timing. Put your faith in SOURCE and leave it at that. If you see something that UNIFIES… great, read it, watch it, know it learn it live it. If you see/hear something that SEPARATES… turn it off. Walk away.

Believe it or not, it’s almost Fall… in more ways than one.




More jumps and energy:


Don’t ask us why, but some CATs awoke this morning with THIS song in their heads. (Some of us used to work at Disneyland, long ago.) We aren’t sure if this means we’re boarding said train, or… well, some CATs used to call this ride the “PeopleRemover,” so perhaps that’s going to happen next? OR we’re using this to kill time, like we used to do in the park? Your guess is as good as your guess.

On the ‘definitely good-news’ side, ~AM has expanded his omata concept to include ALL Extensions. It’s a mindboggling pre-Event gift from SOURCE. Such is the value of meditation, among other things.




Bucklage. Lots of Wave-X-laced CME energy inbound, some of it earth-facing — and strong:


Several CATs awoke around 6:00 am PDT this morning feeling the energy, acutely. Some described it as having to work to climb UP to the highest timeline, considering the missions in the lower regions they’d been doing. At some point we won’t be able ot do lower level work… ’cause we won’t be able to get back.

Anyway, there was a very big, very fast CME very early this morning:

The halo IV event happened at 5:12 UTC (9:12 pm PDT). At its rate of travel, it will be here in approx. 21 hours, or 1 UTC (6:00 pm PDT). We felt it when it initially happened (must be a portal thing), so we’re guessing we’re gonna feel it early this evening.

It should be noted that there was already incoming CME energy, so… this latest (big) burst will probably speed all that Wave X energy here all that much faster. Might be a TTYB moment this afternoon.

Here’s what it looked like yesterday:

Check out the timelapse from yesterday.

This was today’s.

There was also either a related or an unrelated energy burst from all portals early this morning at 4:00 am PDT (that’s what initially woke us up):

And a little jump last night around 1:30 am PDT:


It is the CATs’ strongest group recommendation that you go into meditation at least twice a day and VIBRATE UP as high as you can. The highest timeline will take effort and directed will to reach and remain at. Wishful thinking will not get you anywhere except a seat at the cabal’s table.

We were also told years ago that The Event would happen before any of those who were unvaxxed would be forced to get the shot. We doubt that’s changed. Have faith in SOURCE. These sure feel like the Final Days.


(Btw, U7 was Johnny Sokko’s code name, btw.)

Another jump, and the edges of new energy:


Wave X energy near-total swamp-out:


FYI, we saw the latest from Blossom and that ‘fire the grid’ thing. We saw that back in 2007 and we thought the same thing we think now: Don’t limit yourself. In any way. In the ‘grid’ meditation, the gist was to limit your energy to one small hex grid (which seemed a little weird)… but why limit yourself? Since you are an INFINITE ALL-POWERFUL BEING (you’re small but mighty), you can do much more than that. You can participate in this latest meditation (which is tomorrow?), but don’t play within the lines: Fire the whole grid yourself. Turn yourself up to 11. Expand out and fire grids in infinite directions, in other Dimensions, other universes. Go crazy. Light it up. Join things into a new geometry that goes beyond infinity. You cannot be limited by anything except your own imaginations.

The meditation timing of this is interesting, considering that we already did this last week — in a totally different CAT way. We imagined six points — two triangles superimposed, six points — with a 7th point in the center. This is how those giant crystals are set in the earth. So… light ’em up.


Four CATs awoke with this song in their heads. Again. We have no idea why.