683: Find Your Light

Enter the CAT’s theater of metaphor, center stage.

In the theater, the director will tell you to find your light while onstage. It’s a literal spotlight that is projected onto the stage for you so the audience can see you. You can close your eyes and feel the heat of the light on your face, see it through your eyelids.

Strut and fret!

We ask you now to find that light within. The light projected into you FROM YOU, from what was formerly your heart chakra.

Find your light, then shine it OUT so others can use it to find their own. No words or proselyzing are necessary.

See yourself within this Light of Yourself — and see everything else in that SOURCE light.

When you activate this light in meditation, call it what it is: Infinite SOURCE Light. “Infinite SOURCE Light ON.” All expressions of Love are MAXIMAL, so when you do this, your projected energy immediately goes to INFINITY. You then bring SOURCE to your reality, and the reality of others who strut and fret upon the stage…