682: Message ~ [UPDATE2]


As reported in a recent CAT Update, lots of CATs reported waking several times in the night feeling SOURCE modifying time and space for our locality (our earth/sun vicinity). Felt very much like time was being SLOWED and modified, again and again. Each CAT wondered and later wrote the same thing: Is The SHIFT starting? Or progressing? This seems very much the case. While this was happening, CATs had visions of the sky lightening (going white) on one side in the night, coming from behind trees. We’ve of course seen this many times before; it could be how our minds interpret SOURCE getting close to us.

After (some) CATs went back to sleep, several reported dreams about shopping for… special occasion/celebration dinner rolls?

Each of us had our own kind. Lots of us over the past four months have been having dreams/visions about us attending some kind of celebration… and one is apparently imminent.

Then, in ~AM and the M’s meditation this morning…


FYI, Gabriel is the Archangel of Good News. His name means, “Messenger of God.”

Well, in today’s morning CAT meditation, The Archangels made it a point to literally POINT to Archangel Gabriel, who took to the air like this:

We each then got SOURCE downloads.

We were instructed to tell everyone that EVERYONE needs to meditate today, if only for five minutes, to receive your respective downloads. Some will have big ones, some little, some in-between. For those who meditate every day, it will probably be a small download. For those who never meditate, it could take time.

We were also give some numbers… a specific time, actually… but there’s no way we’re going to mention what that was. However, we strongly recommend that everyone in the world be internet-free after reading this. Take the day and night off. Turn off your WIFI and meditate and just be. We don’t know what’s to happen, but the AAs are literally pointing something out to us, so… pay attention. It might be subtle, it might be cosmic.

Ok, now we’re hungry for rolls.


Ugh. CATs are gobsmacked with this energy, feeling it in heart and neck, ears and head. Nausea. Pressure. Without knowing what other CATs were doing, half the CATs made fancy dinners tonight thinking this was our last meal, the energy is so bad, and we wanted to give our families one last dinner-hurrah… that we can’t eat because we’re too nauseous. The energy is of course not showing up on meters. And lots of people out and about aren’t feeling a thing, while we’re feeling like we’re gonna die. At this point, we’re ready to just get it over with. SOURCE, take us now…


Sorry, it seems that AA Gabriel’s announcement was not for all. It is for those chosen for a new role, a new level of training. Who will aspire to this new training? Don’t tell us, connect with Brother J and your Angels and make your requests.

~AM got his wish!