681: MORE Jumps, etc. ~ [UPDATE1]

Had to start a new post, but it’s the same as the past post: grumpy!

More jumps and a CME:

So what else is new?

[Someone’s gonna lose a finger.]


Something DEFINITELY happened last night — and is indeed still happening:

Alas, this is the only meter we’ve found so far that shows what we felt/are feeling.

Lots of CATs reported waking several times in the night, feeling SOURCE modifying time for our locality. Felt very much like time was being SLOOWED again and again. Each CAT wondered and wrote the same thing: Is The SHIFT starting? Or progressing. Seems very much the case. While this was happening, CATs had visions of the sky lightening (going white) on one side in the night, coming from behind trees. We’ve of course seen this many times before. It could be how our minds interpret SOURCE getting close to us.

After (some) CATs went back to sleep, several reported dreams about shopping for… celebration dinner rolls? As usual, it will take time to sort this out.