680: Meterage, Jumps ~ [UPDATE6]

Energy is ramping as we continue to expand…

This just started. Some CATs are feeling it in their throats, some are slightly feverish, some are taking to their beds. Be sure to BREATHE through it.

We had a little jump earlier:

More later.

Are we done, yet?


Latest from Saratoga. No surprise.


Btw… since some of you have your vision opening up… if you see any ET ships over your house, or over where you are, you can say hello, but say NO THANKS to any ET rides. Remain calm. Act natural. Find your light. PROJECT so the people in the back row can hear you.

And if someone says, “Stay safe,” respond with either, “Live at your own risk,” or “Dance like no one’s watching.” “Screw that” also covers it.


Another set of jumps, making CATs tired and headachey…

…the result of a sun zap (and other things…

…but we’re not grumpy at all, no-o.

The good news is that Autumn is only a few months away…

…unless you’re in the S. Hemisphere, where it’s almost Spring…

…which looks surprisingly similar inside the cup. Hopefully we will experience this on a completely separate timeline… on a whole other planet — called JAVA, where we will all be Javanarians, face East every morning, sip our coffee and say, “GOD, I needed that.”


CATs are getting asked about what to do when so many people around you are vaxxed and pressuring you to become one of them. Note that your spiritual life is PERFECT if you’re having trouble with a world that wants to separate you from all things spiritual!

A few tidbits we now use when people ask us if we’re vaxxed:

1. We ask if they’ve had an abortion. Or if they have a social disease. Or are on psych meds. (Indignant, they say it’s none of our business and we say, “Right!”)

2. We remind people that: Compliance is not strength. Obediance is not noble. My body my choice.

Also, be sure to meditate and rise above all this at least twice a day. In-between those times, put your thoughts into something that brings you joy. Ignore everything else.

Note that we had some more jumps and energy in the night:

Last night lots of CATs and others spoke of having that “coming-and-going/two-places-at-once” feeling, as well as headaches and nausea. Better today… so far.


So. Double X-ray flare today:

This resulted in… not exactly a timeline jump, but… something similar:

When we asked what this meant, Guides and Angels said…

…Sorting Hat.

Oh, and there’s a giant 3D cat in Tokyo. Boo.


Another sorting jump:

Also, our email is being messed with again, so… for those we were talking to, now everyon gets to know: we’re seeing a rift slice through the current timeline, with the one side that we were on pushed UP the right creating a mountain range, if you understand the meaning. Sorta like this:

We saw this in quick-motion, so it will happen faster than the regular normal or slow motion… we think. We hope it’s soon. This world has become unbearable to watch.