679: Exercise ~ [UPDATE1]

A spiritual exercise for the more advanced amongst you.

~AM has spent considerable time with a Higher Order Being/Guide who’s the pregenitor HOB who brought horses to earth a loooong time ago. (Horses and cats and all that.) Anyway, every being is an example of SOURCE love, and all different kinds of beings have all different kinds of SOURCE manifestations and expressions…

…and lots and lots of those are not found on earth.

This post is, right now, bringing a new aspect of LOVE to you and all those on earth just by reading this post and looking at the above picture. This will be the first step in a larger presence. If you’d like to do more…

What To Do

  • G+P+C.
  • Go deep into meditation, until you have command over the various parts of your ‘energy self.’
  • Ask for an Angel to come to you and help you in the following. Once you feel the Angel’s proximity (closeness)…
  • Locate your light body’s main energy nexus, formerly your heart chakra. (Those who’ve been doing their energy work don’t have chakras anymore, you have a light body; that light body still has various centers, just less of them. Of these, your heart nexus is the biggest.)
  • ‘See’ your glowing white heart nexus in your mind. It might spin one way or another, or not at all. If it’s spinning, pause the spin for a moment. It helps to see this heart nexus like a circular saw blade, like this:
  • You probably see your heart nexus oriented vertically, so use your mind to shift the nexus 90 degrees horizontally — that is, perpendicular to your spine. This heart nexus is the ENDPOINT of your SOURCE connection. You are actually upside-down, ‘suspended beneath’ ONE (which is what that “hanged man” tarot card really means). So, ONE kinda looks like this…
Friends and anemones.

…though this image does not show ONE’s connection to SOURCE. Basically, the above is kinda at the end of a gynormous SOURCE tentacle. Each Extension is basically Its Own Tentacle. Sounds weirder than it is.

Close up:

(THIS is what inspired the musical, “Hair.” No, really.)
  • Ok, your heart nexus is at the tip of one of those hairs. The nexus SOURCE energy then uses your DNA codes (which you somehow remember on your spirit side) to act as a set of instructions to project your ‘body’ into the Illusion. (The above is not the best illustration, as you are one of 5-12 energy beings connected at a greater nexus point (aka, your omata soul group), and then those larger points are connected to OTHER larger points on and on, all the way back to ONE.)
  • Imagine your heart nexus grow and expand out, radially… kinda like you have a giant glowing circular saw blade radiating out from your chest. Grow it out about two feet all around you.
  • Now, PUSH this ‘energy saw’ towards your back, so more of the ‘blade’ is sticking out your back (horizontally) than your front.
  • Expand the energy MORE.
  • Now, direct the energy emanations from your back out to the sides, at 9 and 3 o’clock, then two more at 10 and 2 o’clock, and two more at 8 and 4. Look familiar?

(These can be any color, but are typically white.)
  • Again, note that this is an ADVANCED exercise, so not everyone will be able to do it.
  • After you’ve achieved this… go out into the world and see how you feel, what you can do. You have to maintain a high LOVE frequency to achieve and maintain it. They really make you feel different when you move, so… go for a walk. It’s quite amazing.
  • These SOURCE emanations — aka, WINGS — have many facets (as does SOURCE, but SOURCE is infinite). The wings are both hard and soft; can shield, caress, deflect, redirect… whatever you can think of. Flight however will be tough in 3d/4d/5d, because your body is so dense, but… it’s a start. They don’t FLAP, btw; they hold steady.
  • NOTE: THIS EXERCISE DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN ANGEL. Not even close. Angels are a separate SOURCE Extension. Changing a human to an Angel over is a SOURCE thing, not a YOU thing. Trying to do such a thing — thinking you’re an Angel — might even smack a little of PRIDE, and that’s as bad as it gets.

But Wait, There’s More

Note that the heart nexus is also a PORTAL to… everywhere. You can go into it and go… anywhere. You often do, every night when you dream. This is how you can go so many places. It’s also the way back to ONE, and back to SOURCE. This is why so many religions and spiritual teachings say to “go within.” The real you is literally within you.

That’s it. Give it some practice.

Archangel: “Fear not, for I bring you tidings of great joy…”


Folks… we didn’t give you this exercise to turn you into Angels and have you go save everyone. SOURCE does both those things, not us, not you. While we can’t tell you what to do, there is that old adage/song: “Fools rush in…” though Angels aren’t afraid of anything. The above is just an exercise to get you moving in the right direction, not a call to save the universe. SOURCE is in charge of making humans into Angels — and this action is extremely rare — but you can still get some valuable practice in with this exercise.

Also… we ask you NOT to try to save, or do any work toward saving Mr. Nasty, or any of The Fallen. This, in their eyes, is very bad form, and…. well, it invites trouble. And this is not a group you want to make trouble with. So… word to the wise, save yourselves and leave everything and everyone else to SOURCE.