678: [Perk/WHOOSH] ~ [UPDATE3]


…is brewing, but we don’t know what. We can FEEL it.

ALL CATs were slammed on Monday/Tuesday with energy, and we just felt/saw another wave (from a CME) recently come through, around 11:00 am PDT (19:00 UTC). There was also one around 4:00 am PDT (12:00 UTC).

Here’s that painful one from Monday:

What next? When? No idea. At least we know WHY, and from WHOM!


There’s a good (short) newsletter from Sophia Love that’s just out which contains value and not predictions. To paraphrase:

Watchwords, moving forward: Freedom, Collaboration, Unity.

Questions to ask: Does it unify? Does it separate?


Don’t forget: The difference between one timeline and another is the above words and… meditation.


Many CATs were awakened last night around 1 or 2 am PDT (on 7/1) by the sound/feeling of…

– – – – > SOURCE <– – – –

…WHOOSHING into our reality like the tide. If you were outside when it happened, it probably would’ve been even more dramatic. Totally amazing experience. We’re expecting It again tonight. (“It” because SOURCE is neither male, nor female, but both.)